Weird tales december1936565Leader: Rick Rathbone
His Best Friend: Fritz Goldstein, with his loyal savage Mundabi of the Masai
His Closest Companion: the ever-present Machenda Mahunda Gurun ‘Billy Fish’

The schemes of terrible cults and servants of the Mythos reach beyond the likes of New York, Shanghai and London. They seek age old secrets in the forgotten ruins of antiquity to bring forth their blasphemous false gods. To oppose them on such arduous ventures it to combine physical and mental fortitude unmatched; unwavering tenacity to time and again trek weeks or more through jungle, across desert, into the deep underground, often unaware of what dangers they race toward; peerless knowledge and intelligence to piece together clues of the mysteries of ages past; finally, the tools slay any foe.
There are but two that anyone with knowledge of the forbidden would select to face such trials, and dare be so brazen as to hope for success: Rathbone and Goldstein.


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