Weird tales december1936565Leader: Rick Rathbone
His Best Friend: Fritz Goldstein, with his loyal savage Mundabi of the Masai
His Closest Companion: the ever-present Machenda Mahunda Gurun ‘Billy Fish’

The schemes of terrible cults and servants of the Mythos reach beyond the likes of New York, London and Cairo. They seek age old secrets in forgotten ruins of antiquity to bring forth their blasphemous false gods. Most who would oppose them lack the combined physical and mental fortitude to beat the cults to such ends. Such heroes would require unmatched endurance and unwavering tenacity to time and again trek weeks or more through jungle, desert, tundra. Often unaware of what dangers they race toward. They must possess the knowledge and intelligence needed to piece together clues of the mysteries of ages past. There are two, and two alone, that all with the knowledge of the forbidden would select to face such trials, and dare be so brazen as to hope for success. Warrington and Geste may be warriors elite, Westinghouse brilliant, Percy impetuous, and Washington and Logan deadly as sin, but while Archimedes Brown himself once admitted to a trusted friend that he has no idea how many will fall to death or madness and “we all may indeed fail our world in the end”, he followed with this:
“All the others, great men as they are, may against the worst weaken in the face of the horrors, even for a second, and come to their ends because of it. Or their minds may over time succumb to the beings and despicable scenes they witness. But of all those whom I have found to work toward these ends of ours, defending the world against total domination or destruction, there are only two whom I am most confident will achieve true victory for their part. Who I know will never ever falter no matter how dire the circumstance: Rathbone and Goldstein.
“Like no others, they seem unaffected by the horrors, as if they believe they will win against all odds and any enemy, while at the same time never taking it for granted. They are each an individual of powerful personality, but whose ego is commanded by, not in command of, their intellect and instinct. Knowing their worth but never hindered by the quality. That is a very rare state of mind, granting them that certainty within them that there is always a way, and so they will never quit thinking, never cease acting…
“They have something, Dong. That intangible. That indefinable thing that the greatestSharps1
heroes of ages past had which drags victory from what is a moment of certain defeat for any other man alive. They have IT my buddhist friend. IT.
“All my other Chosen Men fight our foes because they feel they must. But these two? They fight because they desire nothing else. And against such forces! Astonishing!”
“They are madmen!” replied Dong.
“Perhaps, in a sense, but they are God’s madmen…our madmen.”Sharps2

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