The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Voyage to Shangai

Frit, Spalding, Mundaby, Friday have already departed for Kenya.

The group to China board the steamship to Shangai, via the Suez Canal..

Roster Room Number
Rick C10
Billy C10
Simon Coach 20
Jeremy Coach 16
Paul C11
Wilhelm Coach Deluxe 18
Red Cloud C11
Jeremy Coach 16
Hobbes C10
Schuyler Coach Deluxe 18

Captain is Conrad Veck

1st night:
At dinner
Rick and Paul are seated with Earnest Blowfly and WIlly Throckmorton. As WIlly likes to say “second cousin to the inventor” (conveyor and torpedoes).

Hobbes and Billy are seated with Jese Nigerlater and Lady Corinthia Broughton. She has wide dark eyeshadow and straight cut hair that make her look to be emulating ancient Egypt.

Phyllis Tophevy is a full figured blonde. She is escorted by a cigar smoking, big bulbous red nosed and boller hat named Charlie Ledbottom, walking right up to Paul and introducing himself at our table.
We stand as gentlemen. He puts his arm roughly around Paul’s shoulder “Good to meet you, you can’t cheat an honest man.” He says indubidoubly a lot. He calls dinner tubesteak though its German cuisine.
Meanwhile, Rick tkes this opportunity and gives Phyllis ‘the look’ and they talk, discuss meeting.
Charlie gives Paul his wallet, saying he found it on othe floor. HE asks for a game of billiards, Rick nods ‘please do’. Paul, like a good chap, agrees. Charlie requests a small wager.
Lady Corinthia finds it thrilling to meet such exotic types as Billy and RC. They relate her tales of action. RC reminds her it was us that saved the Queen in the tunnel. She asks Billy who his master is, and she exclaims when she finds out its Rick as she also calls herself an archaeologist, and that she is out to prove a theory of her own. She want to meet Rick; her theory is she believes the inhabitants of Shangai are not CHinese at all, but descendants of ancient Egyptians from Akhenaten’s time who sailed away and set up a colony. Why? Because they were always sailing hither and yon. SHe’s sure she’ll find ancient hieroglyphics all over China none have ever found.
She calls out to “Dr. Rathbone” she has lots of things to tell you. He says he should be there tonight some time.
The captain announces that Carol Warbler, famous vaudville performer, will give a show at 8pm tonight.
Phyllis is very polite.

Later that night, Paul plays his billiards and wins every game. No wagering yet. Paul figures he’s a scammer, setting him up. In the following nights, they make low wagers and he still loses. Several more moderate bets, and both win some. Paul refuses to go any highter. He continues to lose more than win to entice Paul to raise the bets.

2nd night, Phyllis is seated with Rick but Charlie is with Paul. Paul warns Rick, figuring they are part of a scam together. She is very polite but no more than that, but she rubs RIck’s leg often with her foot. Her right hand starts ‘manipulating’. Her destination is Egypt.
Rick can’t get a private meeting with her while the billiards are going on, but she is teasing him a lot like that and more (including manual ahem at a show one night). One night Rick is talking to the Cpt, she sneaks up, crouching behind the lounge chair Rick is standing behind and (ahem) while he is talking to the Cpt.!! So Rick’s style.

Rick to Jeremy later “It’s good she’s getting off in Egypt (considering Nuyn may be joining us)”.
Jeremy “Meanwhile, you’re getting off over the Mediterranean”. Ba dump, chee.

One day, Jeremy is walking down the hall in coach and he finds a body lying in the hall. Its one of the black gang. Back of his head struck a deadly blow.
Jeremy reports it. Lots of murmuring in the crew about the murder.

Someone broke into Wilhelm’s room once. They ruffled through everything, and then obviously tried to replace it where it was, but he is very particular and knew it was shuffled through. The door was locked at the time.

Wilhelm succeeds in reading People of the Monolith

Arrive Egypt:
Phyllis and Charles depart.
Nuyn reports all is safe with the professor. Phat joins us for our voyage. Nuyn remains in vigil.

Halfway through the Indian Ocean, Blowfly does not show up for dinner. He is found dead in his room. Throat cut so deep it nearly severed his spine.
Rick offers our services; he and Wilhelm search the room
We find several books about forbidden lore, though they are not Forbidden Tomes. He wears a Talisman as well. Also, a translation in his handwriting from a book titled The Cthaat Aquadingen (handout). The actual book is not in his collection.
We find a smear of coal dust on the side of the bed where his body lies, as well as fingerprints of coal dust.
We do not know anything of the scant references in the translation. This will take some research. We wil start with the tomes we have on the ship. Rick has brought a 36" squared chest full of a small library on history and the arcane. He will begin to consult that.

We are on full defense mode and deep study. All of Wilhelm’s academic material is
Dinners are subdued, people are nervous. All suspect one of the black gang. They are searched. Jeremy and Paul join them.

4 hours after murder:

Meanwhile, Rick and Hobbes are in the lounge. Throckmorton is talking to Hobbes, gives a shudder, and his head turns completely around, staring at Rick and growls “There is no hope, there is not joy, there is no victory. Apholos will eat your soul” to Rick. He then choaks and his throat bulges out and a huge slug plops out of his mouth.
Rick “Heavenly God”. The girl Carol Warbler Rick was talking with faints. Billy goes for the slug. He pulls a table cloth off the table, Rick of course gets the fainted lady out of danger. It crawls toward Rick as he moves. Billy wraps and bundles it up with a tablecloth.
Everyone is horrified.
We notice its getting dark out, too early. Out the porthole a huge dark cload floats on the water, rolling toward the ship.
Rick “Wilhelm, what is it?”
He does not know.

Meantime, below:
2 sailors are with us, armed, as well as the first officer. We go to bunkroom and take the 16 member black gang out. The chief engineer head man is sure none of them had anything to do with it.
Simon is also arrives now, expecting trouble.
The mate gives the engineer a sidearm. They order the black gang against the wall. Paul positions himself behind the mate, Simon the engineer. Schuyler waits off to the side with Jeremy. They want us to watch them while they search.
No. Jeremy and the 2 sailors and Paul. Simon and Schuyler stay here with the mate.
The black gang insists they found nothing.

In the sea chests, we find medallions in about half the trunks, with a strange symbol on it.
We make note of whose trunks they are.
Then, a bloody knife in one of those trunks. We make note of whose. The knife has coal dust on the handle.

Note: None of the mate nor sailors have suspicious coal dust on their hands.

The sea is getting rough. The cloud is engulfing the ship.
LIght is showing through only briefly, then everyone aboard gets dizzy for a moment and the sun streak across to the horizon and disappears. All are scared crapless.
The cpt arms all of hsi men he can, and declares that all 1st class passengers to do the same who can. WE are way ahead of him.
The ship is rocking roughly. Sea is rough. Sea sickness begins.
1st officer wants to lock the black gang in one of the boiler rooms.
The cpt shuts the engines down but for enough to point into the waves and wind. The instuments are going haywire.

Wilhelm starts researching and quickly finds it in People of the Monolith. Abholis, what the guy actually said to Rick, was formed from the tears and bile of Cthulhu. Yuck.
Rick says we all need to stay in groups, so all are in the bar and lounge.

We take the medallions and knife.

Rick sees the mark of the dark pharaoh is what is on the medallions. Rick says we need to be on the watch for deep ones.

A 2nd class passenger stands looking out the window.

Those from below are back up. Schuyler goes out to decks to look over the sides with but the steward returns as he leaves with bottles. Red streaks line his face, blood. Dripping from his face. His eyes are gone like having been plucked out. His own fingers are covered in blood.
Schuyler “What happened?”
“Now, I won’t have to see it.”
“What I saw, what you will see.”
He turns as if he can see out the window, drops the tray and scream “No! I can still see it” suddenly races forward and bashes his head off the wall so hard he falls dead.

Schuyler continues on his with RC and Paul.
Most of the women have fainted.
Rick and SImon follows his path to the store room the blood starts half way there on his return.
Nothing to see.

On deck, we and some armed sailors are on deck. Suddenly, tentacles rise and grab, taking one sailor. They writhe blindly all around. Over the edge, we see only the tentacles go in. 10 of them.
We order the sailors off the deck.
Another tentacle burst forth, taking another sailor as they ran for below, us following.

A steerage passenger starts to smoke from his skin, and bursts into flames. We quickly put him out but he dies with a shiver. The 2 dead bodies are stored away. His eyes are lookig
Rick “Maybe there is something aboard causing this.” He goes to deck and looks over for himself, sees 2 bodies in teh water floating. ITs the 2 sailors who were yanked over. Not a mark on them but dead for sure.
This is fake! he thinks.
He runs down to check the dead bodies. The head bashed guy still has his eyes, looking straight up at him. The burnt sailor is also dead, without a mark. Maybe the illusion was so powerful he had a heart attack.

He shows everyone his eyes are still there, but none believe him.
Wilhelm comes and looks, but he sees the truth.
The 2 guys up on deck actually jumped overboard.
Rick tells Wilhelm to hypnotize everyone, group style, to a concentration level, set aside all around us and look again.
About half of them see the truth.
We use that half to convince the other half, leaving only a few poor souls who gladly get locked up in their rooms.
Rick tells the Captain to hit the engines. WHen he calls down, he hears screams over the mic. We rush down. The officer stands there, firing, frantically reloading, adn firieng up in the air. They are fighting a phantom battle.
One is about to back into the furnace as he retreats from a unreal terror. He gets his arm in just before we save him.
We start one at a time trying to stop them. One man claws his own face, one hits himself repeatedly with coal. Once we get a few onto the truth, we stop the rest. Amazingly, none are dead.
We must have ordered the call down just at the start of the ‘fight’.

They say they saw horrible gargoyle things flyhing at them, trying to order them to kill their oficer and passengers. When they refused, the things attacked.

Simon asks about the talismans. They all insist they have never seen them before. And we trust them.
It was a frame job.
Engineer “Someone on this boat is bad.”

Lady Corinthian walks to Rick aside. She has a theory: while I was in London, she saw a man who looked just like the statue of the great high priest of the 16th dynasty. Same guy we know of as a mummy!! She saw the same man here on the boat! He’s in 2nd class! He’s behind it. She says he’s called the Father of Mummies in the ancient texts. Same as we found out.
She leads us down to find him, and shows us his room.
She knocks.
Rick opens the door. Inside, he sees a mummy which lunges after him. Rick stands firm and grabs him. Its not super strong at all, though it is trying to get at him.
It leaps up, throws its legs around his waste, and starts squeezing.
Rick “Clear the head, Billy!”
He grabs the head wrappings and starts peeling. There are red swathes on its face underneath from the bandages pulling off.
We wrestle him down to the ground. Billy ties him up. The idiot is screaming he is the father of mummies.
Billy sees his hands coated in blood, but does not believe it. Shakes his head in disbelief, but still sees the same. He was never bandaged, Billy was peeling his face off.
The man comes out of it, and screams “Aahhh, my face!”
Wilhelm medics him.
He looks nothing like the mummy, she insists she saw it though.

Morning comes and the fog has dissapated. When teh captain takes bearings, we are in the middle of the Pacific! We refuse to trust the readings.
Schuyler takes his own reading, getting the same. If its accurate, we are close to our destination. If not, we may be heading the wrong way.
The 2nd officer pulls his gun “Cpt Veck! Quick come with me and see God” and shoots himself in the head DEAD.
No more drinking for anyone.
Rick asks Wilhelm to check the food and drink.
Rick begins searching top to bottom.

In the lounge, Paul notices a white powder on the floor and the chair beside the one he sits in. The one the steward was sitting in before he left for drinks.
Looking around, he and Jeremy find spots of it all over the place.
About an hour later, Wilhelm says he was able to get, from the wine and liquor, some kind of a substance he can not identify. Something is there.
We have all been poisoned. A terrible hallucinogen.

We start looking in other rooms for the powder. Everything in that room is thrown overboard.
A storm is in the distance, coming toward us.
Just as the storm hits, there is an explosion out of the side of the ship. It lists.
The captain yells “She’s going down! Get to the lifeboats!”
We protest she’s not going down.
The crew were in the crews lounce, and the crew are the ones freaking out. 2 lifeboats are lowering. We stop them at their own protests.
We find no dust anywhere else.
We implore them to trust us. None of this is real.
We get the group we convinced before to help convince them to at least trust us. Eventually we bring them out of it.

By 1pm, it is much more calm.
Still, we seem to be in the Pacific way ahead of where we should be.
With a spyglass, we see an island nearby.
We don;t believe it. Though Rick still sees it, he does not believe it. For Paul and Simon, they see it, then don’t, then do. Then a black basalt pillar rising from the island 1000’ in the air, then the tower goes away but the island is real. All in about 5 seconds.

Wilhelm arrives. The water supply has been tainted with the powder. There is an emergency desalination, but it has been destroyed. There is the water in the pool.

We decide to make for the island.

Lifeboats go once we are close enough: Rick, Billy, 2nd officer Mahmoud al Hamachi, and Paul, 5 sailors. We take storage units for water, making sure they’re pristine.

Upon beeching, we start looking for water. We walk the perimeter of the island, looking for a warterway meeting the ocean.
A wild boar exits the jungle.
RIck “Food! Billy!”
He kills it post haste. He starts to butcher it, but its…..wrong inside.
Looking at the trees, they are soft and pulpy though it looks regular. It is easily ripped apart. It smells awful.
Rick “Any water is probably nasty too. Let’s get off of here.”
Hepicks up the sand, which appears perfectly normal, but the grass near the sand is goofy though not as bad as the trees, which were not as goofy as the pig. This is like some sort of domain, artificially created.

We take off. By 10’ out, the boat will go no further.
The 2nd mate pulls the gun out and fires straight ahead. The bullet hits far away. Same with a rock.
Perhaps only what touched the island can’t leave.
One of the sailors jumps in. Its like there is an invisible wall he can’t get through.
He climbs back in.
Paul “The next person who has an idea and doesn’t clear it through us, is getting shot.”
The 2nd mate yells “ahoy the ship.”
They yell back and forth what is happening.
Paul almost shoots him in the foot.
Mahmoud wonders stupid theories, like maybe it only effects 13 men.

We row around the island to a watercourse coming out about quarter mile around.

The captain tells Simon to send another boat to find out what is going on. Simon says do not send a boat. He says “I’m the captain.”
Simon “This isn’t about power plays. Trust them. Rick Rathbone and Paul Warrington are out there. They’ll figure it out.”
The sites have been taken again, now we are right where we should be.

Rick tries the water, tastes cool and fresh.
We fill up the containers. While that is happening, Rick is going inland with Billy for a look around while Paul commands the water fillup.
We find rock formtions with no evidence of aging, again as if created and remain as is.
No signs of erosion.
Come to a spring that flows to the watercourse. At one point it unaturally flows up a hill then down.

At shore, water being pumped into the vessels.
A tentacle rises from the shore, swiping at one of the sailors. An ugly octopoid beast is dragging itself onto shore with its 8 tentacles.
They kill it, after it wounds Mahmoud and a few sailors. It’s real, and melting in its death.

Suddenly, Rick sees something right beside him for an instant then its gone. Like a person torn apart and reassembled wrong, just hideous.
No sound. Then the foliage moves as if something were moving away from him.
“Wait, who are you? Is there any way I can help you?” It turns and says something in forbidden language including R’yleh and Cthulhu.
Repeating Cthulhu ftagn several times.
Rick “Do you know how I can get off the island?”
Suddenly something slams into Rick.
Rick isists to it he means no harm. It says it does, that we will all suffer, then die."
He sees foliage moving in various positions.
Rick drops his Varnstein lenses into place, Billy sees this and puts his goggles on.
“I see you.” They all look somewhat different, and start to walk away.
The leader repeats its threat “as did I”.
Rick “I’ll happily relieve your suffering if there is a way, if you can tell me how to get off the island.” He sees a glint off in the jungle. Once they are away, we move to it finding a small 2 man zeppelin, crashed.
Ruth Copeland, the famous aviatrix! She departed Africa across the Indian Ocean and was never seen again.
Rick searches it. Finds a small book taped under the pilot seat. Starts with aerononautical stuf. Then more of the story, about a friend Clive Lewiston (classicist and studyer of occult texts at Miskatonic, he has met him many times) asking her to drop a parcel into the middle of the ocean, far from landfal. A tome. He mentions knowing too much about ‘Cthulhu Cult"! She then got bad dreams preflight. Worse dreams night before departure.
Rick knows of this Firenze Tome, was lost since the 100 years war.
Let’s find this book. Only little food and water, a pistol and ammo. We eat and drink, Rick figures we need the energy since its up to us to figure this all out.
We find both bodies as well still strapped in. Impossible to find a cause of crash, it all in bad shape.
Billy finds tracks, we follow. The tracks came from, and left toward, the center of the island.
As we go, Billy sees a strangely shaped crucifix lying on the ground. He show sit to Rick, who picks it up to look at it. It’s small neclace sized.
Billy sees Rick standing there in a stuper. Rick however sees himself as Clive Lewiston, going through a slum, Rick’s not sure where, reeking of urine. He kicks a door open, pistol in each hand, into a loft like room. Half dozen man stand around a newborn baby. Both pistols fire until empty all dead. He grabs the child, and sees a terrible book he can’t grab. He takes off his crucifix, sets it on the book, and picks it up.
Then, all is fog. As it clears, Rick is Clive again but now moving through a catacomb in Italy. Arrive at a door into a vault, inside is an old man in priest cossack. He groans Lewiston in Italian “They got the book, you must stop them before they summon Abholos” then throw the ocean in the book. He dies.
Fog again, it lifts and he’s in Italy, Medieval. Burning small village all around. Rick surveys with his 1000 eyes. He sees the warped people all around, but falling apart without fear to fuel them. The being he is becomes dormant, a thing the ape creatures around can not tell. He, Abholos, becomes the book!!!

Rick snaps out of it, and sees the basalt pillar now in the middle of the island. As does Billy now. As does those on the beach. In all of our heads we here “Come our tasty morsels.”

At the beach, the invisible mutants attack, killing one sailor who then explodes. Then all the pieces come back together wrong, he stands and disappears. The ship has circumnavigated the island, crossing a Japanese freighter shipwrecked on the island. Likely the source of the mutants on the island.
The boat stops off the shore at the watercourse. Rick and Billy arrive at shore and report. We fire a signal flare for backup, knowing we have a terrible beast to confront. Simon standing a vigilant watch sees it. Within minutes he is getting into a boat with Red Cloud, Wilhelm and Hobbes plus 4 crew to row the vessel; eaving Schuyler, Phat and Jeremy to keep an eye on things on the ship.
Simon dons the other set of Varnstein goggles.
The strike force walks toward the obsidian pillar, a face within the top of it disgustingly human face laughing deeply.
Rick takes them to the plane first, then from there Billy follows the trail as before, inland. one of the mutants comes into view straight in our path, ethereal. but Billy sees it with the goggles.
Rick kicks his into place, seeing 2 more. Simon 2 more on the other flank, none from the other side, none from behind either.
Billy moves toward Rick’s 2, as Simon moves forward to the 2 on the other flank, RC to the lone in front.
Hobbes puts his tripod in the ground and starts filming, with the original cameral Varnstein lens.
RC picks up their position with his hearing.
RC crits but they have no threshold. Paul moves to back him up, WIlhelm to Simon.
The face “My minions will feed well tonight” then wails!
After a round, we see more now coming out of the woods, including behind.
Rick uses TNT on the rear gang, RC kills and charges the rear.
By now they all show themselves.
5 more are approaching the front. Simon and WIlhelm finish off their 2 then Simon move to assist Billy and Rick at the front. Wilhelm fires into the rear.
Hobbes sees 6 more coming from the right!! “Look out Wilhelm!”
Hobbes sets his camera on auto and brings his rifle into action.
Soon enough, 3 more come in for Paul as we drop them.
Hobbes turns to run the camera again before its over.

Hobbes got some super footage.
Rick “Fine fighting, gents.”

We rest a bit and continue on to a cave entrance. Rick, Geste and Billy lead the way, Wilhelm and Hobbes next, Paul and RC guarding the rear.
Suddenly everything shimmers
We enter and quickly encounter a terrible mass staring at us from ahead, multiple tendrils at its front, the Firenze Tome lying on the floor before it. It’s insect like eyes pulsate continuously; it tentacles have steel tipped tendrils! Sanity check all around.
Hobbes has his darklens ready in the camera and starts filming.
The face on the tower welcomes us to its lair.
Simon moves right for it crit 42 and Paul moves up and fires; RC watches the rear; it hits Billy and misses Simon;
Billy moves in and attacks.
Rick moves in, sets his crucifix neclace on the book, and picks it up. It begins squirming in his hands.
It attacks him but misses twice. He retreats to RC as Billy and Geste attack. He lights a stick in his satchel, drops the book inside, and throws the whole pack down the hallway. It attacks him from 40’ away 14/12.
Its tentacles reach past, grab the satchel, and pull it back. The pack blows inside it. it releases a belching sound. A small black spot within starts growing, it yells a maddening angry bellow, and gets sucked into the dimension from whence it came.

Forcefield is gone, we escape back to the ship.

The ship stops in India, where we have to stay a week for the ship to reprovision and an investigation that leads no where.
We continue on the voyage.

2nd day out from India, a steward is found dead in the crew quarters, found by another crewmember; Wilhelm and Rick examine the body. No wound to be found. Then we notice a tiny hole at the base of the skull; a clear fluid remains.
We speak to the Cpt. in private. Rick persuades the Cpt. to let us cut him open. Wilhelm says a needle was driven into his spinal cord. His educated guess is that the fluid is spinal fluid, removed from him.
Hobbes takes phots as he ded of the other bodies. They all had the needle mark!
After an argument, Rick convinces the cpt to let us do a surprise search of all cabins. Meanwhile, his cabin was carefully searched by Paul and Wilhelm. They find nothing nothing but gay pornography.
Jeremy says everyone needs called to the main deck for an announcement by the Cpt.
Paul keeps everyone informed and settled down on the deck, Simon is in charge of no one getting down below while we search.

A Chinese member of the black gang, Woo Hu, has leather case hidden under his bunk. Inside is a syringe with some residue in it. Wilhelm examines but its just opium. Hoo claims there is an evil demon on this ship, many more will die. He has seen it in his opium dreams. An evil dark man; he’s one of the passengers. He envelopes his victims like a cloud and they are dead. “One of you will be the next to die.”

We find absolutely nothing. Next, we search the cargo hold. We find a dry withered husk of what seems to have been a male human.
Rick “I have a feeling this is who was taken over by our foe.”
He and Wilhelm go over some possible suspects from their knowledge, and Wilhelm comes upon the best possibility: The Thaquatic Master. A creature linked to the old one Athaqua. It is drawn to the ‘thought essence’ of intelligent creatures. To feed, it eats their identity and their spinal fluid. Or, sometimes, it will allow itself to be absorbed into their body but it eventually will become a husk and abandon them, and feed off of other people. In its normal form it is a small creature made of proto matter and enters through orifices.
There is a possibility, since it isn’t human, we can catch the person it is in doing things awkwardly.
This is a unique creature as well.
We place our group with all parties, at all meals and such, watching for people acting strangely and awkwardly.
We think to check for defacation by all passengers and such, but Wilhelm says the body it is in acts biologicaly normal.
It is however, very strong.

The third officer falls down a flight of stairs, only bruised up. He claims he slipped. Then, there is a knock on the door. A steward. There is a problem with a Mr. Pinkerton in 2nd class. He is acting strange, he seems confused about everything. We go and check him out and talk to a few people who know him. He is a sales rep for an oil company; in his 50’s. He is seated in the lounge, staring around. His eyes follow a candle.
No hole in neck, but a rash on his back and shoulders, which comes from it absorbing into someone. He points at Rick “The devil was inside me, and he laughed at me.”
Rick “Where did he go?”
“He left.” Just now, a little while ago, because his skin is rough and dry on his chest. He was wasting away. It left before it got too obvious. He says it hurts him.
We try to make him as comfortable as can be, he is dying. We take him out. Geste insists on putting him out of his misery and does so. We’ll tell the crew he died later on.
Inside the man’s mouth, Wilhelm sees a proboscus in the tongue, left behind. This is the one who has been feeding on people.
We show the Cpt. We use the rash stuff as the cover for examinations. Wilhelm will examine each person privately.

We set the trap.
Schuyler recommends, knowing that the body is fully susceptible, having a syringe ready full of morphine.
We get through all the passengers, nothing. Through the entire crew, beginning with officers; Cpt. first. After short conversation, the captain reaches to pat him on the back and grabs at him!! Wilhelm feels the invasion of his memories.
We spring the trap.
Geste “:A ha I knew it would be the cpt!” He and RC, hiding behind a drapery, spring upon the fiend. WIlhelm pulls his syringe of morphine and stabs at it and plunges it in!
The probuscus comes out just short of Wilhelm as the body falls. A fog begins lifting from the body.
RC goes right through it, Simon does as well. It misses SImon. RC runs to the door and calls for Billy and his Sword of Kholan while Simon continues battling it, hitting it hard. It partially diseminates briefly before coming together and trying to enter Simon. He resists, it swirls around his head. The first officer arrives, seeing the battle waging. Simon defends himself from it until Billy arrives a few moments later. Billy arrives! He slays it!
WIlhelm OD’d the Cpt on the morphine. Oops. He doesn’t have Atwater’s skill. He dies about an hour later. The first officer takes over the ship, fudging the log to explain the situation.

The ship reaches Hong Kong. We know Elias was here so we need to check into that while we are here. When we get off the ship, Wang Chung meet us. A man named Ali Card then introduces himself as we finish getting our luggage, he was contacted by Jonah Kensington. When Elias was here “I was his guide and helped him navigate the city.” He can take us to the hotel where he stayed.
Rick “Sounds like a good start.” The Peak Hotel is past its prime. We ask the manager about Elias, says he was nearly throw out. Loosing his grip, never checked out, pace around a lot. Other customers complained. He says the belongings he left, we can have. Rick settles his debt with the hotel. Manager says he remembers no visitors but for Card and a professor from Hong Kong Univ but does not remember his name. Englishman.
All Elias left were shabby clothes and a notebook. Blank but for first couple pages (see Johnny handwritten handout).
We ask Card if Elias saw anyone in particular while here, he says not that he can recall. He did visit a Squire Godfrey at Univ, antiquities and classics. Elias also attacked by thugs he claimed were agents of the Bloated Woman.
Chung says the Yellow Lily is a bar where many expatriots hang out, seedy bar.
We get started in the morning.

Rick knows of Carter, but he is supposedly lost in ’Dream Lands".

Next Day

Card says they did not go the Walled City, but spent a lot of time on Hong Kong island, several sanitariums, and Kowloon.
Jeremy and Chung visit the Yellow Lilly. The bartender does not recall Elias nor Randolph Carter.
Chung works the regulars, but they do not claim to know Elias either.

Rick goes to the university with Billy to speak to Godfrey.
The sec is an extremely busy man, he does all the work in the department. Rick knows this ‘university’ to be a piece of crap. Its quite new, faculty not up to par, second rate.
The squire agrees to see us for a few minutes.
Godfrey gets up at our entrance, 80 yrs old and feeble, shaky.
He is ‘enchanted and charmed’ to meet such a famous archaeologist. He pours it on thick and long. He is extremely longwinded every time he speaks. He orders tea for us. He allows Rick free access to the library. Rick says he’ll have many books and papers sent.
He orders scones for us. And he goes on and on and on.
He agrees.
One of his areas of study is the Cult of the Bloated Woman. He says they died out hundreds of years ago and are unknown by the average person. Elias took many notes and was seeking a specific connection he was positive exhisted but did not find tween Bloated and Bloody Tongue.
After a week or so, Elias was not the same man; his notes rampant and roughly scrawled. He feels it could not have been anything in the library. Elias insisted he was being followed by a dark unknown, a crawling chaos. Told stories of blood curdling events.
He says out of here, he was frequenting insane asylums, but not sure which ones.
Sometimes the secretary was of some assistance in finding books but not much.
He believes the cult was despicable, but studies it only out of historical significance.

After a couple days research, all roads lead to Shanghai through veiled messages and supposed activity in Shanghai. Nothing that would have caused him to go downhill mentally.

Afte breaking up this first day’s end, Chung follows Ali Card. He goes to the Yellow Lily straight from us, talks to several people. They go separate ways. He goes home after that.
We all become convinced we are being spied upon over the coming days.

Wilhelm leads up the asylum search. He was looking for someone named Randolph Carter. Ali leads him to 3 he recalls, but none have a Randolph Carter.
But, after failing that, asked for another name with same initials.
Roger Carlyle?
“Yes, that was it!” Never heard of him either.

Next Day

Ali Card does not show up.
Chung leads a few of us there. No answer so we enter and find him dead, stabbed repeatedly and left to bleed out. His hands are folded at his chest almost as if praying. We pry them open but nothing is in them. Jeremy marks how they are folded.
Also a note in Chinese: Unbelievers, go home or die.

A young englishman arrives asking “What’s all this then?”
We explain.
He is Lt. Fairburn of the constabulary. An anonymous tip came in saying that some white men had killed a Mohammaden but “it was obviously a setup. My guess would be it came from the killer”.
He wants to know or movements and actions here. Rick says he’s doing some research at the university, Wilhelm at the asylums.
He lets us go.
Claims to know nothing of Elias.

Jeremy and Chung, in evening, going back to the Lily. A rough guy bumps into him “We would like you to come with us roundeye” he draws a dagger “Now”.
Chung had lagged behind. 2 other come up to Jeremy’s rear with daggers drawn.
Jeremy “Look, I’ll give you all my money.”
Chung edges closer into striking distance.
They motion to stab Jeremy as he tries to talk then out of it. They start thinking maybe he’s not the right guy. They start talking amont themselves in Chinese. The debate turns to killing him anyway, just in case, but one insists it probably isn’t him They assume he can’t understand them, and the leader finally gives in, deciding to take him back to their secret HQ.
Jeremy agrees, Chung tails them to a slum tenament on a dead end ally. The door opens to 3 knocks and the let him inside. Chung slithers inside right past the guard in the dark hallway.
We pass a dining room with 2 guys eating rice.
They take him through another door “Enter in the name of the Bloated Woman”. 2 wait outside the door.
A guy behind yells to take him out and kill him, but Jeremy convinces themthat he will act as a spy on their side.
But, then they turn to killing him for knowing the HQ location. They say the man they are looking for is a false sailor that looks much like Jeremy.
The door opens and they escort Jeremy out.
Want slips out soon enough.

3 days later

Wilhelm finds Randolph Carter in another sanitarium! The Yeung Wo Nursing Home, a quite fine establishment actually.
Simon is with him.
They won’t let Wilhelm see him, though. He’s insane, in a passive vegetative state. Sometimes, though, he gets aggressive.
They want a bribe. Wilhelm greases their palms.
They take Wilhelm to the garden. Carter kind of lurches around, stopping any who enter “What is the pass word?” They say something and he lets them pass. They hear the last say hotep. They say the same and he lets them into the garden.
Simon keeps watch while Wilhelm tries to connect with Carter. This is certainly Roger Carlyle!!!
Mainly he babbles upon nonsense. In Wilhelm’s trained opinion, he is hopelessly insane.
“Egypt, that’s where I did it! How could i forget!” He starts whining and drooling. “I removed the eye! What was I thinking!” We entered the pyramid, and then were all then walking amongst the ancients in the time of the Pharaohs." He was there to greet us and showed us everything. He showed us so much, seduced us with powers and promise." The master talks to him, still his master, whispering in his dreams. THE BLACK PHARAOH!!
He says he’s still chosen no choice, they unlocked the door and it will open soon, and the time of man will be over! All my fault because “I removed the eye!” M’Wuru left them in Kenya when they killed all the innocent men of the expedition, but none are dead from the expedition. They are gone, each doing the thing they must do for the master, but for “Brady of course HA!” The amulet from his mother protects him from the Black Man, Brady saved him from “blessed death”. He visits Carlyle still to check that he is ok. Hypatia is gone, gonna have a baby of the Dark Pharaoh. R’yleh will rise, the demon sultan will appear and man will die. Next year.

Reporting later, Rick thinks its an eye of horus or something similar on the bent pyramid.
He seems safe there, so we leave him be.
They head back. 3 men confront them on the street and 2 more behind them. Daggers drawn.
Leader “This time we know we have the right men.”
Simon “I don’t wanna kill you, and you don’t wanna be dead.”
They attack.
Simon cleans house.

That night, we go for the Bloated Woman HQ.
We slaughter them, they were obviously a small and young cell. They had nothing of importance at all, but a statue of the Bloated Woman we destroy.

Next Day

Sail for Shanghai.

By the time we get to Shangai he has read the Revelations of Glaaki. Rick has finished Africa’s Dark Sects and Life as a God.

London Return from Gorge of Osiris!

May 26, Sunday

Rick, Billy, Hobbes, et al arrive London. Great fanfair upon arrival!!

Cheetham meets Rick, informs him Wilkerson will arrive in a few days ready for work. Westinghouse and Atwater will be with him!

Business will occupy much of Rick’s daytime activities in the coming weeks:
He will immediately gets to work on post-archaeological expedition administration and logging and media meetings, including preliminary set up for the future of the Gorge site and Somerfield being Chief Archaeologist in charge.
He also needs to prepare a full presentation on the Gorge for the Iluminati w/in a couple weeks, both in London and Paris. As well as an abridged version at Adventurer’s Club gala this Christmas, if he can attend.
He also needs to begin researching the forbidden tomes brought from NY for him to read.

The girl from the Desert Temple of Set is to be put in a quality asylum by Rick and paid for by the Rathbone family.
At his house, Wagstaff greets him with the gift from Covington of detonite!! This makes Rick very, very happy.
Rick has also brought back samples and seeds of the plant needed to make the paste, from Bast Valley. These are forwarded immediately to Rick’s family in Liverpool, by Wagstaff. His sisters, being skilled horticulturalists as their primary hobby and keeping quality garden and greenhouses, will attempt to raise and reproduce them under the proper environment. Otherwise, we’ll have to get shipments from the Gorge when need be.
Afu will learn many different skills, such as driving from Rick and Schuyler; piloting from Rick/Fritz’s airship pilot friend who Rick calls to London as a contact; Wang Dong will be instructing him in Kung Fu as well.
Heba becomes Rick’s constant companion during his work days. She is very bright, and shall become his personal student. She also joins Rick and Wilkerson in the evenings.

May 28

Wilkerson, Westinghouse, Atwater arrive here in London. They stay at Rick’s house tonight.
Rick has called his parents here as well to meet us here tomorrow, assuming their naturalist and anthropologist expertise could come into play, especially concerning Australia.

May 29/30

Rick still very busy, but he and WIlkerson have begun looking at the Juju Calendar.
Hobbes begins developeming an printing of pics and film stocks.
Westinghouse and Atwater visit Paul’s flats in London.
See MH Adventure Log for adventure.

May 30 (night) through June 1

First chance, all gather at Rick’s house.
Rick, Hobbes, Billy, all the MH, Westinghouse and Atwater, plus Wang Dong and Archimedes.
Begin by meeting of minds in general, trading of stories back and forth concerning all each party has done thus far since Archie entered our lives.

Atwater has brought specific measurements of Canary’s hands, with the idea that perhaps in the future Covington can create new hands for him.

Upon hearing all of Baron H Conspiracy info, Rathbone will wire Juan Pena immediately to look into any cult activity off of Chile, in relation to the island mentioned in one of the enemy letters.

Jeremy shares his xp looking into Blue Pyramid.

Rick and Wilhelm then begin to look over the Juju house artifacts:
We start with the Copper, burnished bowl. Etched w/ unrecognizable runes and signs!! Wilkerson and Rick know this is Aklo!!! That means this was made to do a magic spell. We think it has something to do with TIME and a WINDOW perhaps. A mark we know as meaning RITUAL as in arcane ritual. The metal, though copper, is much tougher. Rick’s parents say they’ve seen this before: the aboriginals in Australia had a small statue they said had mystical power. It was roughly the shape of a pregnant woman. Referred to the metal as Copper from Above. THis bowl is of the same metal.
Lion Claws: Mudabi says they come from the north of the Masai areas. Occasionally people are kidnapped and taken north. Stories say they are sacrificed to a dark god. The warrior kidnappers often wear them as weapons. Rick figures probably ritualistic as well. Reputed to have magic powers, but seem totally normal but for the fact that the claws scratches even metal. No idea what it may be.
Wooden Mask: Rathbones know the wood is no wood from earth. Same wood is of the mask from the King in Yellow sign. Couple of contacts from colleges say it is not from Mars nor Venus. Rick recognizes the workmanship of the Congo natives. That’s where the lost city of G’Harne is supposed to be. Wilhelm picks it up, master of Forbidden Lore, and holds it as if doing a reading. “This has huge magical power. Cultists all over the world would kill for this. It is an Artifact. Open the Necronomicon. Find a reference to a mask of the gods.” Through the Varnstein lenses, it looks like heat rising from it, like the waves in the air in the desert. Wilhelm looked first, then Rick, Archie, Dong, Hobbes, Paul.
Wang Dong and Archie find it an hour later ‘The Mask of Hayama’. ‘Mask of the Four Gods’. References to Nodens, Azathoth, Yog, and Shub. It has something to do with becoming knowledgable or aware of them.
Rick “So, reading this might be like reading the greatest Mythos Tome ever.”
Wilhelm decides to don it. It envelopes his face. Agt fires, he screams and panics, trying to pull it off. Begins jerking and seizing.
Atwater tries to rush to assist, but Rick holds him back “Give him a moment, good Atwater.”
He gains 2 sanity. Sees image of an enormous white haired, long bearded warrior carrying a spear. Noden! Speaks to Wilhelm, but he remembers little of the words. Feels a great sense of fear and well being, for his favorite race is humanity. Whispers in his ear begin to explain secrets of the universe which he does not recall either. This works as a plus 4 w/o reducing his maximum sanity. Also, plus 25% chance to call Nodens if he ever tries to summon him.
Rick says there is a rumor that the god Nodens was once a human, who became powerful enough that he ascended to a godhood. Rick says there is likely a chance to contact any of the 4, and getting the other 3 could very likely drive one insane.
Using this will raise the chance of contacting any of the 4 gods a lot via a contact spell.
Westinghouse makes the point that all who know we have this is dead, but if any cult does come to know, they will come after us in droves.
Headband: made of another unrecognizable gray metal, very hard; Wilhelm has a flash already, Nodens told him of it. Perfect for Cassandra.
Egyptian Scepter: Carved African Scepter, Hieroglyps “Nyambe, thy power mine”. RIck perks up immediately “This is not a mythos relic. It is an arcane artifact. Nyambe is the supreme god of west and south Africa.” God of humanity, but no one knows if he actually exists like evil calls demons for real. Like he’s from a neutral cosmology. However, this scepter supposedly lets on call on him. Gives 10 magic points for 1 hour. Each pt negates a loss of ability score point from casting forbidden magic. If using mundane arcane, gives 10 magic pts.
Rick “Tarr should take this.”
Calendar: It’s a book, of vellum. Trying to cut a small corner off for chemical analysis, the scissors break. It will not burn either!! Writing is proto historic, not Aklo! Rick is making the call: Stygian.
Now, the Vishak Fragments and the Arc of Vlaktos.
VF: Rick: Vishakhapatnam Fragment, more properly, series of 6 brass plates in Sanskrit. Related to Vajrayana Buddhism. VF is a Tantric text; there are 3 roots to enlightenment and one of Vajaryana. Initially 2 methods. Perfections (become self perfect) and Mantras (way of using the vocalization). In Vajrayana, you are bringing forth your inherent godhood so that in future incarnations you will become the Buddha. These VF explain you can achieve life as a god in this incarnation by supressing your innate Buddha spirit, and embracing the Blackness of ultimate evil. This includes the tantric rituals of sex, pain, and death. What follows is a series of unspeakable rituals of torture and sacrifice, extremes of sex beyond the pale. Periodically when you are involved in certain things, such as sex, you will have to make will save to not perform some of these acts. The tantric sex side allows great sexual capability. All w/in is lies and subversion the Varjaryana practitioner. One eventually achieves only sanity and servitudt to the great old ones.
Arc: As Rick, Dong, Archie, and Wilhelm study it, the central pattern seems to swirl and shift. Rick “Turn him around”. He resists. Rick covers the slab up with a blanket. Dong comes out of it.
Dong “Felt myself being drawin into it, slipping away. Had a vision of a vast island, with cyclopean ruins. A huge vault, doors closed and sealed by 7 seals.” The Corpse City, R’yleh, we assume. Rick does a rubbing of the central design. Looking, shows it to Dong, and no impact at all. Comparing it to the design, it is suddenly different. Rick does another. Comparing, they are different, subtely. Rick “Non euclidean geometry.”
Archie “do it again”. This one is subtely different as well. He takes the 3, puts them all together and up to a light one atop the next. Suddenly there is a flash, all 3 pages are burnt.
Each rubbing will be different. You must have the the whole.
Wilhelm starts to sketch it by hand. As he goes along, he notices what he drew moments before has already altered. He corrects as he goes. After about an hour, he compares, and it is completely different. Like a head full of tentacles. He realizes the shifting was fooling him, he had no idea what he was drawing until the end.
R’yleh Disc: Nothing new to learn. With the ritual and arc as we know, raises the island. Vice Versa, sinks it. Ritual spell alone has little chance of raising it, and no chance of sinking it.
Heart of Darkness: through goggles, all around it looks distorted. No one has ever heard of it before.
Archie says he must take it, suspects it is very dangerous, there are people who must be looking for it, and wants to study it.

Next, we all view the film reel from CA through the Varnstein Lenses. Hobbes plans to fly out via our pilot soon to talk to the creator, in order to duplicate them.
Wilhelm looks through them at all the Juju artifacts, (see Wooden Mask above), then sees something in the room. A cloud of mist in the shape of a bit stocky humanoid or bear on hind legs, beastial look. It is only observing it seems. He attempts communication, then we all know something is up.
Westinghouse tosses the other pair to Simon Geste immediately, who puts it on.
Wilheld describes it.
Simon says it seems to be spying on us. He draws its dagger and the thing stalks towards him, almost flowing.
Rick “Billy, Kholan’s! Wilhelm, give him your glasses.”
It attacks Simon with 2 attacks, hitting once crit 19 DEAD, entire arm going through it!!!!! Billy dons the goggles but too late.
it disipates into mist, for a few seconds we all see it as it does so.
Rick “That was a demonic creature called an Invisible Servant. Sent to spy on us.”
Schuyler “They’re already tracking us, damn cults are on us. Time to clean house in London.”
Rick to Westinghouse “Good thing you brought those Varnstein Lenses. You’re a genius, as usual.”
Westinghouse sees a brief flash up at the ceiling, and just sees a tiny creature appear out of the flash, winged humanoid and barbed tail and horns. He points it out immediately.
It says in English, surprisingly “OOOh its dead, its dead.” and disappears as it flaps across the ceiling.
Schuyler “Pathetcally tiny fiend!” It stops for a moment to insult him back; his shot hits the head, stunning the creature. His next shot misses. Surges 10, almost blown in half.
Wagstaff from upstairs “Dear god Sir, what’s has happened!!” he rushes into the room.

Rick mentions the idea of Paul going to China this winter, before Christman, to look into Roger’s friend who should be there hiding out. Paul says he and his men will surely do so if need be.

Much talk of what is to come: Carlyle, China, Egypt, Kenya, Hauptman, Monolith, etc.

Rick details what he wants to do next. He needs a month probably, full time job during the days, for Gorge administration and presentations to Museum, lectures, that kind of thing, quick prep for the 2 classes he is teaching at University College this semester, etc. The rest of his men, with the artifacts they are bringing back, should arrive in a w/in couple weeks or so. He has to give a full presentation to the Iluminati as well, possibly both here and Paris.
By day, Wilkerson will be working on Juju calendar first, then all Proto History Rick brought back, VF, Arc, all decipherment. Rick will join him in evenings, and reviews in mornings as well.
Rick wants Wilhelm and Atwater, in evenings at Rick’s house, to get right into disection of the undead mummies Rick brought back with him, several more will arrive with Somerfield et al. Also, Wilhelm and Archimedes need to do research, by day, on all the tomes brought back, Arc, VF, Last Theorum, Chaos Coefficient, Heart of Darkness, and the Juju artifacts. As well as the city library his personal library, Rick will get them full access to Museum, Cambridge, Oxford, and University College libraries, plus virtually anywhere else he may need to go to follow up. This should take quite some time.

Rick, Wilkerson, Wilhelm, and Atwater will station selves at Rick’s house. The MH, Westinghouse, and Billy at Paul’s to begin proper investigations of Carlyle, Delwin Kerwin, and the MH missing mummy.
Rick feels, and Simon and West. agree, that with hit killing the cultists who took it, it may have had no known allies here. By now, it has either gotten back to Egypt by its own guile, or has managed to, perhaps and terribly, reform itself into human looking guise. If so, and it is still here, there must be a purpose to it remaining so must be discovered or ruled out.
Rick will inspect the sarcophagus tomorrow, whether it is at Cantwell’s or museum by now.
Westinghouse will start by going through his memory and London papers in search of leads on the mummy, as Atwater scans the obituaries as well.
We are looking for how a mummy may become flesh: murders involving missing party, husks of men, as well as recent Egyptian emigrants in the news, and the like.
Hobbes will be busy developing for quite a while, now including camera and film from City of Lost Angels prison as well.
When Rick is finished with administration, he will get full time into assisting Wilkerson, and reading the forbidden tomes. Wilhelm must also read his.
It is even possible, with Rick’s airship pilot, that Rick and Wilkerson could make a week or 2 excursion to the gorge if the film and pics don’t come out well enouth

Heba will follow Rick everywhere he goes, becoming his personal admisistrative and research assistant. She is very smart, and Rick will teach her much in the coming months.
Afu also drives around with Rick a lot, leaning how to drive, and even pilot w/ Rick and his airship cpt friend who stays around for a while. Wang Dong takes him under his wing a bit as well, beginning to teach him how to defend himself even as a kid.

Rick starts thinking maybe Spalding Fritz should meet Spalding and go to Mombasa/Nairobi. Lead some safaris into the right area, do some vague checking around with the locals, w/o geting too close to the actual area or drawing enemy attention. If Spalding hasn’t left on the boat for London yet.

June 2

Rick back to work during day on administration for Gorge.
Billy stays at house much of the time to guard books et al.
Wilkerson gets to work on calendar et al today, Rick joining him by early evenings as planned after his work duties.

June 4

Airship pilot leaves with Hobbes, to drop him off in Boston to take a train to Hollywoodland accompanied by Wang Lo. He will meet the producer and cinematographer to learn how to duplicate the lenses. He takes all the equipment and film with him, so they know whether or not the goggles work.

Dinner at Rick’s with everyone:
Inform Barrington; show him more evidence. Paul, Rick, and West thouroughly convince him of the horror, minus supernatural. Even that they may all be involved.
Rick needs to check out this obelisk “Let’s go tonight, to obelisk. After Brandy and cigars, of course. Barrington, you should come as well.”

To obelisk, in central London, after dark, late.
Jeremy thinks to stop at a few local pubs first, Schuyler goes too. They say its just some Egyptian thing added to a war memorial.
They say its cursed. People who fall asleep on benches nearby overnight have nightmares, wake up disoriented, etc. Jocko passed out drunk one night at bottom of it, dead next morning, not mark on body. Face like he was horrified. Folks don’t feel right around it at night. Neighborood has done down, too. Tilesman house burned down, was across street from it. A few others as well. Steamcar blew up, newspaper man’s cart burned up. No known causes. Small fires too. Someone was stacking paper and woodchips beside houses, trying to burn them down. No one caught. Often pidgeons, dogs, cats tied up and thrown into the fires. Mileman’s horse, someone burned both sides of it while he was taking milk into an apartment. Heard horse scream and ran for it. Burnt so bad had to be put down, but man saw nothing. Cops figure a lunatic arsenist in the area. In winter, no snow accumulates on the obelisk. When it rains, its dry.

2AM arrive at obelisk:
Schuyler drives the carriage near the scene. Rick, Simon, Barrington, Westinhouse, Wilhelm, Billy, Paul rides on the roof.
Simon gets out first, and quickly.
He walks straight for the obelisk. Rick, Wilhelm, and Westinghouse follow.
All have headlamps.
21″ × 21″ and 11’ tall; 6’ high contemporary base it rests on.
Weathered but in tact. Bottom corner repaired with modern mortor, where Tilesman hit it. All 4 sides bear hieroglyphs.
Rick begins reading. Touching it, it feels at least 15 degrees warmer than air. Text all seems to be prayers to an obscure god Ka Thig Ra. Lord of Fire.
Westinghouse “Cthugha. Dear god.”
We show Barrington, so he sees the connection.
Westinghouse and Wilhelm suddenly lose 3 con, and Barrington 1, damage. White ghostly haze drifts from each of them to the obelisk.
Rick yells for them to get back to the carriage.
A glow from atop the obelisk point, a spark of flame. It drifts off and starts moving.
Westinghouse “Fire vampire! We need water. Normal weapons did nothing!”
It grows a bit larger, to about 2’ diameter.
Paul “Simon, it may b e up to you.”
Simon “I’ll show it what a holy warrior of god can do.”
We run to follow it.
Simon “Schuyler, take the carriage away.”
Schuyler takes off.
It passes into the pub, burning a whole as it does and catching it on fire. Some people that live upstairs, owner, starts to yell. Simon yells at it, draws his blade. It comes straight at him!!
Simon’s holy, arcane attack power shears through its DR as they battle. He strikes and it bursts as it lashes at him but misses. As he hits, it disipates.
Barrington is astouined. Says we need to do something about this obelisk.
Westinghouse, Paul and Wilhelm make for the fire to help, they put it out with minimal damage.
For now, we have to keep people away from it.
Barrington says he can try to get the area cordoned off for the time being.
We head back to Rick’s.
Rick read more. It says the servants from the lord of fire are trapped w/in; if you stand w/in the equivalent of 20’ maybe it can steel your essence to release the servants. Or if you want to release them all at once, break it.
Well, that ruins Simons idead of blowing it up. We must destroy it at some point, but prepared with plenty of water. Perhaps a submerged explosion.

Rick realizes, no way a fire vampire was leaving small animal offerings in fires.
Simon “Good God, you’re right.”
Westinghouse “A fine call, Richard. The obelisk must be corupting a nearby citizen. Jeremy and his street crew should get on this.”
Barrington says he and a few men will join Jeremy and his men in the search.

Barrington takes Westinghouse and Wilhelm to the station, showing them the full case files on the arsons. Visit a few scenes late into the night. They are up late, developing a profile of the arsonist together.

June 5

Rick’s visit to Penhue during his work da to see Gavigan. He remembers all the hooplah over the memorial and the obelisk. He has worked with Penhue people before, and met Gavigan several times.
3 floor building. He has been here before, so knows who to talk to and where to go. Rick is sent right into his office.
Rick uses the fact he has been gone for a while, talks of Somerfield and Rick’s expedition, but there is much news that is new to him. Brings up Elias death while Rick was gone, Clive mummy being stolen. Gaigan claims to have no idea, makes no sense about mummy being stolen. Mummy has not shown up since so likely in a private collection.
As far as Elias’ visit here, he came to talk of Carlyle expedition. One of worst tragedies he has ever been any part of. Carlyle obtained info from an African woman about a shadowy time in Egypt. She disapperaed w/ all the expeditions money!! They went to Kenya at Hypatia’s request, in the relatively cool of Kenyan uplands on photo safari. There they paid with their lives. Carlyle funded it.Turned out the BP whole thing was a hoax. No Black Pharaoh, no mysterious sorcerer, just made up just to get his money.
Gavigan says they never went anywhere near the bent or red pyramid. At Giza, found some secondary sight in the wastes west of Giza, right on the plateau. He shows Rick what was brought back over next several hours: noseless statues, broken pots and shards, etc. Rick can tell his Egyptology and archaeology is extremely accurate, but he is incredibly dull. So much that he is a total dupe. Artifacts are good pieces, but not big deal stuff. Rick mentions this, he says there are other pieces at Brit Museum, Cairo, or Louvre. There are things better for the public at those places. Nothing here of any more value than these, but he then glances downward as if to the basement below. Rick tingles, he slipped up. Things imporant are there, that no others should see.
Rick invites him to his presentation at the museum in the coming months.

At Rick’s later, with the others:
Akh Ma Lor, not Arabic, not ancient Egyptian. Wilhelm thinks the first book to reference is the big one, Necronomicon.
Dinner guest via Mahoney: Mahoney and Stephen Hughes visits Rick’s house. Atwater is there, as is Billy, Wilkerson and Wagstaff and his live in maid Mattie. He works for Mahoney; movie star handsom, spirtualist, seances, medium, like Paul Lemonde but not quite as good. Maybe even some smoke and mirrors. Heart in the right place, but huge expert in occultism and spiritualism. Believes in occult, to a degree.
Wagstaff answers the door to a young lady. He introduces her as Helen Coulston, about a personal matter.
Rick “Send her to the sitting room, I’ll be right in.”
Wagstaff has never seen her before, saw Rick from an office at Penhew.
She looks very nervous.
“Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Rathbone. You work at Penhew right?”
“I do.”
Came to Rick because hears of his exploits and archaeology skill. She’s her about her fiance, Paul McLean and archaeologist. Rick has met him. Most of his short career spent here, originally for British Museum. Was on a dig in Egypt, when came back got a job for Penhew last 2 years. Restoring artifacts. She is the librarian there since right after Carlyle Expedition. Has become quite knowledgable on archaeology and some ancient tomes in her work. She and Paul hit it off right away. Engaged 6 months ago. Paul disappeared about 2 weeks ago. They were going to meet for dinner, he was working late. She left to home to freshen up. He was finishing up, but was missing something. Went to basement to look for it.
Then, never came to dinner. Night guards say he did leave for dinner shortly after I left. Gavigan says he has moved heaven and earth to find him.
“Then I received a letter in the post a few days ago.” From Paul, written. Said not to try to find him. She gives over the letter. Says ‘can no longer be with you, my calling much more important. Opportunity to go to site in Asia that could make his fortune. Leaving today to go there.’ She gave it to an inspector. If he left, he did so under an assumed name. Shows Rick a love letter form him. The 2 look like the same. She insists it is not. A close look proves to. She insists he would never leave her like that.
“Will you help me?”
“I will, I’ll do whatever I can.”
She asks to leave Gavigan out of it. Though he has assured her she should forget Paul, but if he is in danger will put that person in danger too.
Rick assures her Gavigan will know nothing of the sort.
Rick gets her address.

Rick tells the others about what happened.
Steven “I sense that this is a case of kidnapping.”
Wilkerson “So you think he’s alive?”
Steven “It could go either way, but at this point I think yes, but he’s in danger.”
He also says it will have something to do with archaeology. What a genius, ugh.
Steven says he offers his assistance, Rick says “We’ll let you know.”

June 6

Rick and Billy, with Heba and Afu, visit Cantwell to inspect the sarcophagus of the missing mummy.
It was billed as the resting place of Kheperenseti, a minor functionary in temple of Amun Re in Luxor. So New Kingdom, post Akhenaten.
But, the priest part is a misiterpreted. It says enemy of Amun Re. Rick finds a reference to a being called Eater of Souls.
Rick “What else do you have recovered from this tomb? Or who has it?”
Cantwell “Not much.” Just a piece of the wall, the rubbing. And a copy of some of the hieroglyphs that were peeling away; and 2 jars. He inspects each.
One picture is of Set spearing Apep/Apophus. Re teaming with Set to battle vs Apep!
Rick knows there was an annual Banishing of Chaos write performed in New Kingdom, Rick knows. They would build an effigy of Apep and burn it to protect all from his evil for another year.
jars were empty.
Supposedly, Apophus and his priests can control snakes, but are also vulnerable to them.
He says they also stole the knife.
Rick “Um, what knife?”
“Oh, I didn’t mention that. Probably ritualistic. Stolen during the confusion.” Looked like a snake motif. Shows Rick a photo of it. He tried 3 different times, but each picture is very blurry, as if it was slightly jarred while the pic was taken.

June 7/8
Rick, accompanied by Lovejoy, Heba and Afu, visits Gregson’s family over the weekend, giving condolences and “my pleasure to bring his and Isabella’s remains back for proper burial”. He asks that they allow him to peruse all of Gregson’s academic work. They agree whole hearteldy with great thanks; that he may take whatever he wishes.

Return late afternoon of the 8th. Rick sends telegram to McLean’s fiance, asking her to inform Rick the next night a nightwatchman named Thomas Thatcher is working during which she can also work late, in order to get Rick inside. Thatcher and Rick know each other well.

Soon after, see MH entry for fog monster attack!

June 9

Rick back to job duties. He and Wilkerson still deciphering calendar.

June 10

Night, Penhue break in:
Schuyler drives us there in an unmarked Secret Service carriage, staying with the carriage.
Rick, Simon, Billy, Westinghouse.
We are let in through the loading dock by Rick’s contact Thatcher, shushing us to be very quiet.
Short Round watches outside.
We check Gavigan’s office too.
Basement is large, and L shaped. Elevator to loading dock. There is a small hole crawl space, and a coal bin full of coal, furnace.

Thatcher watches up top.
Westinghouse starts looking around.
Rick investigates the crawlspace “Billy, put hour goggles on. Make sure nothing is watching us.”
Jus as he is about to enter, sees a glint off his headlamp light. A razor blade is imbedded in the wood to slice any crawlers; and a rust collored paste.
He avoids that.
A few feet later, finds hooks in an upright that would have gouged him.
This place is full of booby traps. He calls each back to Billy, at the opening, in case Billy needs to follow.
After a couple more traps, it slopes downward. Probably a pressure trap, so he avoids it. He calls for Billy to follow.
IN the downward, the walls seem to start to ove a little (think hitchcock).
Billy is 5’ behind me. Rick smells something funny, sees a mist ahead. We are both getting slightly dizzy.
Billy “You better stay there.”
He doesn’t listen.
Now it goes back up again to a dead end. Still, full of traps. Anyone but Rick would be dead by now. No secret door. Seems like its a big trap.
Billy has hit a trap, into a pit housing a beast made of skeletons 20’ tall; horse like.
No secret hatch. Billy was just taken somewhere, like transported.
We come out filthy, covered with mold.
Billy combats the monster. He hits, then it misses him with 3 attacks. He hits twice, then it claws him 22.
Billy and the creature miss completely.
Billy hits 24!
Rick gets back to where Billy was. He is there, like in a trance, staring into nothing.
Rick cuts his arm and slaps him. Nothing. He yells “It’s an illusion!! Billy, don’t believe it!!”
Rick snaps him out of it, gaining 2d6 sanity.
It was some sort of dream monster, was not really happening.
Rick is able to map the tunnel system. He things there is a missing space next to Gavigan’s office upstairs, and down here under Gavigan’s office.
We find nothing at all here.
Up to Gavigan’s office.
His safe is open, housing 100 consecutive L5 notes.
Gest thinks to record the first and last numbers for future reference.
Westinghouse does the rounds. He finds no clues, but opens the closets into the hidden room.
It’s storage. Lots of gee gaws and stuff sitting around. Egyptian stuff, proto Sumerian. But also a huge sarcophagus. It’s fake, and won’t open.
Rick calls Westinghouse in, who finds a secret catch with his magnifying glass. He pushes on the eyes consecutively with a lockpick and the entire coffin moves to the side, revealing steps.
Rick “How did you now that was there?”
West “Elementary, my dear Rathbone. Atwater knows my methods.”
No light ahead, we descend.
Reading table with a tome open, passports, candles, changes of clothing, money, revolver with several rounds, and other emergency supplies.
Table with 6 chairs around it. Several wood crates, small art gallery in one corner.
Study area with comfortable chair and bookshelf.
Huge statue of Set!!
Rick looks at the tome and bookcase. Case has a lot of occult books, including:
Unknowns analysis of the G’Harne fragments!
Egyptian Magic, by Wallace Budge, just published.
The Caballa Unveiled, by Samuel McGregor Mathers
Isis Unveiled, by Helena Blavatsky (founder of Theosophism)
Clavicula Salomonis, original translation of the Key of Solomon: supposedly original written by demons under control of Solomon
The artwork are all from digs, sections of wall and such. One shows a stylized pic of Bayaki, Cthonians, Sand dwellers, Fire vampires lighting a city.
Wooden crates are all empty. 2 of them are still closed.
First says: Ho Phong Imports. 15 Kaoyang Rd, Shanghai China; ATTN; Honorable Ho Phong
We open it then reseal: corroded black statue of the bloated woman.
Second: Randolph Shipping Co. Port Darwin, northern territory, dominion of Australia. Personal to Mr. Randolph.
Inside: statue of a fat humanoid figure, head fringed in tentacles. It’s Cthulhu.

We take them, replacing them with other statues from the room just upstairs of like weight.
Rick volunteers to take them out, but Simon insists on getting one. Simon removes Cthulhu. All his stats are increased by 4!!
Rick removes the Bloated Woman.
We replace and close up the crates.

The open tome is “The Book of Dyzan”.
This is written in
Rick knows Dyzon from Wilkerson, a great sorcerer of Hyborea. The tome describes magic, creatures from teh mythos, much occult. The book survived through Stygia to Egypt into modern translations.
Westinghouse looks for clues and hidden doors.

Otherwise, no secret doors. Small stone jar with a red powder inside. He takes a couple samples. Also, a sandlewood box with 2 daggers (not the Cantwell dagger). They are beatiful and mastercraft. Super sharp.
Bunch of weird stuff on a shelf, like witchcraft reagents.

The stone Set statue comes to life. It smashes for Billy but misses.
Simon and Billy spring into action. Even vs Simon and Billy, the DR remains 10.
West and Billy start packing up the books. Rick calls the watchman and Afu down to help grab books so we can get bring the statues.
We are heading up half a minute later as Simon and Billy are still fighting, Afu meeting us to take some of the stuff.
Afu, Watchman, and West take to teh carriage and Rick returns to check on our fighters as they finish it off and it crumbles.
Simon burns the rest of the random books, so as to mask anything that was actually stolen. Good call.
Billy wants to leave grafite, Rick writes in chalk on the wall the same mispelled statement on Jews left during the Ripper murders.
We have to tie up and KO the night watchman Thatcher to make it look genuine. Simon clubs him out.

June 11

No report of theft to the police, as expected, by Penhue Foundation.
Lady of the night sends letter to Rick’;s house. Asking if we want to know what Gavigan is up to, meet me in Abney Park tonight at 11. Signed: a friend.

Schuyler and Afu again drive the unmarked carriage. Rick, Billy, Simon. Billy goes in ahead of time, about 10pm, skulking around looking for a trap or to spring his own if needed.
He finds no one. Around 10:30, he feels like somebody walked on his grave. Prickley feeling. He puts on the goggles. Gets on top of a central mausoleum for a birds eye view.
5 minutes before 11, he sees a middle class man, clerk type, but burly, enter and stop in the center, just below and infront of Billy.
Rick and Simon show up on schedule, and look around. Start walking down teh middle.
Billy checks via goggles every minute or so.
Rick and Simon get feeling of static electricity. We see the one man there, and walk towards him.
Schuyler pulls the carriage around. Tells Afu to stay with it, and he gets on the outer wall to look in and out.
Rick plays coy at first.
Penhue has the most audacious plans for Englnd. Fall of Christianity and Rise of Set Amun.
He got involved as a recruit, great and terrible brotherhood of Set Amun. Once
you enter there’s no leaving.
Billy dons the goggles. There is a bluish glow coming from all around the outer wall. Schuyler feels funny, same electrical feeling. SKin on head feels liek fingers running through it, hair sticking straight out. He jumps off wall, inside. Hair falls.
Billy now starting to feel it. Begins to skulk down.
RIck “Start talking.”
We see a faing glow, he sees it too. He says “And now, you will face the curse of Set Amun you fools!!!”
Billy hits him from behind crit DEAD.
Schuyler starts to close in, gun out. Door of a crypt toward the front opens, shambling out a couple crypts from the others. He yells a warning.
Simon turns to see the thing in plenty of time.
It shambles slowly forward as Simon is drawing his blade. Schuyler yells for Afu to bring the carriage around.
A second zomble comes out of another carriage.
Rick keeps an eye out around us, as does Billy.
Simon beheads it.
They keep coming, Simon keeps killing them.
Billy dons the goggles to look out.
Rick to Billy “He’s quite the show.”
Afu appears at the gate, after having a bit of trouble driving by himself for the first time.
2 come from the other side, Billy intercepts.
Rick checks the dead body, but as expected nothing on him.
Schuyler, searching his flank of the cemetary, finds nothing amiss.
Rick starts searching the other side, when he sees Schuyler signal from his side.
Schuyler sees Gest surrounded by soem 10 or so, Billy only 1 butg 5 more baring down. They are fine, so he check son Afu out front.
The glow is a force field, we can not get out!
Scores of them, at one point now 10 and 11 around Billy and Simon, respectively.
Rick finds no danger anywhere else, either.
They begin to come out of graves!!!
8 attack Schuyler, then 12.
Rick waits for an opening behind Billy andwhen he drops 2 to his rear he rushes past into the empty mausoleum in the center. As he enters, it seems as if his body is charges by a field, and his ears pop. He hears druming, tribal. The crypt is bigger on the inside, extending hundreds of feet.
Frog or toad like creatures, so inimmicable to humanity it almost makes him vomit, plus sanity check. Unless you’re insane, anyone would want to kill them. A terrible organ chimes in.
He knows this isn’t going to stop outside until this ritual is disrupted.
It is terrible.
At the front stands a high priest.
Some are human sized, some huge; all different colors.
Outside, more graves are opening!
Schuyler “There;s going to be too many!”
Rick pulls out a 4 wrap of dynamite, tossing it amidst the drummers.
Then, another wrap of 4 at the priest.
They blow. One drummer of 4goes down, the others injured; the hight priest is blown back but is still alive.
One of them, a 20’ tall one, is racing for Rick. Time to beat a hasty retreat out. Running out, he feels the heart crush spell, like the bitch of Set, almost get him as he leaves the temple and the rift at the doorway shuts behind him.
Outside, only a couple more rounds come out before they stop. The ritual has been stopped.
The field around the cemetary is gone!
Rick joins the fray, machete and dagger in hands.
There are still many to fight, Schuyler and Rick have to retreat, to a spot where 3 can get to them per round.
Finally, several rounds later, we retreat to the carriage.
Billy stays to watch, while the others race for fresh blood. Bring Paul, Westinghouse, and RC back to clean up the rest with Wang Dong.
Soon enough, a Bobby walks by. It’s Billy’s brother, Prakash (card)!
Rick gets to Iluminati in the meantime, who help clean up the mess, back into the mausoleums, before morning.
We finish them off this time with ease.

June 12

Rick sends a letter to Gavigan:
_Was visiting the grave of a family friend, ran into a man who said he worked for you, tring to detroy the British and bring terrible rule of some ridiculous god. Then tried to kill me. What is going on?Please respond. _

Gavigan response: invites Rick to visit him at the Foundation
Rick responds: I shall at my earliest convenience, will be in touch. My apologies for any inconvenience to you.

June 13/14

Lots of work this weekend with Wilkerson.

From Gavigan on 13th: invitation to a party at his house, the night of the New Moon! I can bring a guest. Billy will join me, as my man. My plus 1 will be Paul. Invites me up to spend a day hanging out talking archaeology and such.

June 15

Rick joins MH to Shipley’s. See MH log.

Evening at Rick’s: Lord Kelsey shows up to tell Rick that Salvatore sisters were here. They have ben investigating artifacts being smuggled around the world, mostly out of Egypt. They were investigaging as Sahid’s shop, went there finally one night and have not been seen since. 4 nights ago.
Rick “I can’ t believe they didn’t ask for help. They need a good spanking after this.”

Night: Rick and Billy break into Sayed’s shop with Simon and Schuyler. He lives upstairs. Schuyler gets us in through the back into a store room. Smell is overpowering with oriental spices.
We nothing at the door, until we are about to open it. Billy stops us, hearing the ceiling creak above, but above the shop. We move into the shop. Finds nothing.
Rick searches the back room for hidden passages. In the shop, Simon finds a manifest.
Rick looks at the manifest. Sees nothing fishy. Might need someone more proficient in business.
Up the steps we go. Simon and Billy lead the way.
A sigh from inside, and someone shifts in a chair perhaps. Light from under the door in that room.
Simon “ok, I’m doing in.” Simon hurls the door open. Across to the cadycorner end of the room, a man sits at a chair, table, and lamp reading a bood. It looks to be our man.
He jumps in shock, and the book he was holding falls to the floor. Simon strides across to him, wearing his Templar tunic “Where’re the girls?”
“What girls, what are you talking about?”
Simon “We know that 2 women came to your shop 4 nights ago, and have not been seen since. Where are they?”
He claims to have no idea. “And what do you mean by breaking into my apartment like thi…”
Simon smacks him, hard, very hard.
It hurts.
Simon “2 Italian sisters, came to your shop. To see you.”
“NO, NO! I’m telling yhou they never came here!”
“That’s the wrong answer.” Simon puts a hood over his head. The rest of us enter. He tries to push Simon away.
Rick into hallway. He and Billy start checking doors. Kitchen, bath, bedroom. The bedroom has manacles at each of the 4 corners.
Search of the living room he and Simon are in.
Simon ‘keeps him occupied’ and Rick searching. We find a lot of business stuff.
Rick in arab "So, who was in the manacles.
A click when Rick opens a drawer in the desk, opening a hidden drawer on the right side. Inside are 2 sandstone vials, capped. A black skullcap embroidered with inverted ankhs,. a black inverted ank on a chain, a folded bacak silk robe, a crumbing papyrus scroll, pair of scepters made of an unknown black metal (same as the unknown australian metal). Each is a foot long, one has a crook on teh end, the other an inverted ankh.
The symbol of the brotherhood of the black pharaoh.
He insists nothign is in the vials.
Simon “They you won’t mind if I dump it on your face.” Slaps him “What is it!”
Simon drags him into the bedroom, onto the manacles. Calls for teh scepter which Schuyler brings.
Simon “You want to be a sexual deviant, here you go!” and in him it goes.
Nothing else to find but a large oval mirror on the wall. The workmanship is ancient, but in perfect shape. From different angles, your image wavers.
Rick checks the vials. One has a syrupy red substance. The other a black powder flecked with odd crystals.
Simon puts a small drop of the syrup onto him. Puts a pinch of the powder on it. Nothing. He gives a couple random prayers to Dark Pharaoh.
Simon gives him a small dram of the syrup. No effect. Then a pinch of the powder. No effect.
We take all his stuff, including the record book. We cover the mirror first.
Simon slays him in his bed. Leaving him naked there as is, scepter up his ass.
He kills him by choking him with the blanket.
Back to Rick’s house.

The book he was reading was just a novel. Wilhelm, JEremy and Westinghouse looks at the manifest: he lists shipments out as well as in. 3 days previous, he shipped 2 coffin shaped crates to Gavigan’s house!! They were sent there, ko’d, for the ritual!
Is this the big one? The major ritual?
Rick examines the papyrus: Instructions for using the Mirror of Gal! Wilhelm hears this. The mirror of Gal is used as a weapon to destroy enemies, and to see far away. If you use Obra’an and draw an inverted ankh on the glass, and concentrate on a person, place or thing it will show you that. Range of 140 ‘unknown language’. To attack with hit, make the target visible, use Gabeshgal in the circle of the ankh, then there will be a battle of wills between you and he.
WIlhelm knows, though it does not say, that Obra’an is the syrup. The Gab is the sand.
We now have 13 doses of syrup, and 7 of the powder.
Rick envisions Francesca Salvator. Loses 1 sanity and 3 power. He sees them both together, chained to a wall in a dungeon room, nude. Dried blood on thighs, bruised a lot. He sees the edge of a person chained to either side of them as well.
Westinghouse checks on Bishop. He is a young man body, mid 20’s. Dressed fopishly. Walking down a street. It’s night time there also. He walks past a sandwich board, with an ad for a performance of an opera, written in English on the Strand. He’s in London.
Rick is flipping ape shite; wires Fritz in Munich to get here asap!!

June 16

Fritz and Mundabi arrive!!

Gavigan’s moor house area is scouted.
Half mile from the house is a huge stele. The island is surrounded by swamp on one side and sea on the other. A turnstile bridge to the island. When turned away, the island is shut off.
We have arranged a gang of small boats from surrounding area.
4 towns nearby to get boats. One is Ipswitch, where Jeremy and Rick know there have always been rumors of some sort of visitors from the sea.

Rick, Billy and Paul will be in the party. Jeremy is sneaking in, to be the signal to the outside with a hooded lantern.

One boat will strike the bridge controls: RC, the Templar, Mundabi, 4 cops including Mulverhill and Barrington, Westinghouse, Atwater, 1 soldier.

Another boat will go right to approach the house: Simon, and 9 soldiers

Coming across the bridge: Schuyler, Wilhelm, the rest of cops, Lovejoy, Prakash, Fritz

Rick, Billy and Paul arrive late afternoon, greetet by Egyptian butler.
Greeted by guards on this side of bridge, there is a phone they use to call ahead.
Stable boy takes our 3 horses to the stables.
Butler Sing greets us. All servants are Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, etc.
House has an unusual large amount of servants, about 20.
Gavigan drinks us warmly. Thanks Sing, Rick tells Gavigan of his new boy Afu.
He shows us around the grounds for a couple hours.
Stele is from Egypt (from Black Pharaoh era!).
The house has settled unevenly. If you pay attention, you can see it in the walls inside.
There are hieroglyphs Rick does not recognize, including a cartouche unknown to Rick. He mentions it.
Gavigan says he has never found anyone who knows what they mean. Rick asks to study it more closely some day. “Of course.”
Rick complements him on the obelisk donation.
Back to house for dinner and meet 4 other guests:

  • Lord and Lady Fitzcullen: aristocracy; landowners in northern England around Canterbury and other places. They live almost exclusively in their London house, they prefer the city hustle and bustle.
  • Manfred Artichoke: busines man, portly fellow; manfacturing interests in Bristol including part ownership in a shipyard;
  • Davey Archer: youngish captain in british army; recently back from India; gives couple colorful war stories and wog obsene practices, hidden temples to Kali; and other more evil gods. Rick has similar xp so commonality there.
    Gavigan says, about the party, they just like having a New Moon party every month. Many of his friends are into occult and all.

All have at least a working knowledge of Egyptology, but for Archer. He knows dark side of Indian religions.
After dinner, port and cigars, oddly lady fitzcullen stays and has both as well.
Lots of good conversation, with Billy being a Gurka. Archer is very interested in that.
Archer refers to Billy as Mr. Fish.
Discussion of English/whites being the finest race, Archer especially. Though he says Gurka are the closest.
Lady brings up ‘hearing of the savages having ’other qualities’. Her and the Lord joke about his, perhaps she already has, but he would be able to tell because of the ‘closeness of the run’.

Cards in the library next, Paul plays but Rick browses the library. Lots of lit, encyclopedae, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. One fine section of atlases and maps, including Belgian Congo, Himalayas, in other words a few places we have heard bad things about. His occult books are not out of the mainstream.
Rick finds that there is a secret door beside the fireplace in the library.

On the sly, Rick suggests to the Lady he has spent so much time among them he may have taken on some of their ‘better attributes’.
Bedtime, upstairs. Rick and flank Archer. Paul’s door being around corner is Paul
3rd floor is servants and Billy. The host is at the far end of the floor. Artichoke 2 doors from him across from Paul’s door. Lord and Lady across and one to the left of Rick.
Rick gets to stay awake late in the library, a last order of tea and port before they leave.
Sing stays up late with Rick until he goes to bed, so no opportunity for the secret door.
Billy is told to sneak down into Rick’s room.
Before he can, Lady Fitzcullen pays him a discreet visit in a sheer gown. Asks him to pay her a visit in her room.
Billy accepts. On way down, she is groping and all over him.
In the room, they get going. Then, a match lights in the corner. Lord “Don’t mind me, I like to watch”. He keeps going.
Rick sneaks out, and hears obvious sex in the Lady’s room. Rick hears her moaning voice and Billy in Gurka “Kali Ma”. Gives a new meaning to his battle cry.
He sneaks to Paul’s room. Down to the library they goes. At the out of place brick, he clicks a panel open. Inside are steps going down.
Grabbing a sconce, down they go to only a small room with table and cot, all covered with dust. Looks not touched for 100 years. It was a secret room during the Cromwell age for catholic priests to hide in.
Back up. Click the one on other side, another panel but light from inside this one. Steps going down to the light. Sneak down, hear voices. 2 or 3 gents with shotguns. 2 are at cards. Moans from beyond that. Then clanging on bars “shut up in there”. A man’s voice “Why am I here?”
A bang “You’ll find out why you’re here bloody well tomorrow night.”
Another “Boy, I hope I get to wield the club on that one.”
We know where the prisoners are.
One suggests they have a run at the women in there. ANother “You like the idea of being turned into slime? You don’t mess with the promise to Azathoth.”
“Maybe afterwards, we can have his leavings. The twins look pretty tasty. Those 2 dego’s are fine pieces.”
“Of all I’ve raped and sacrificed, I think those degos are the best.”
So they haven’t touched them. Must have been the shop owner.
Back up, but a click and the door to the library closes.
Up and listen into library. Nothing.
We wait about 10 then go through.
Back to bedrooms, nobody there the entire way.

Lady tells Billy he can call her Lady Ellei, considering how well they know each other now.
Lady Ellie “I can’t wait for tomorrow’s party.”
Billy inquires.
‘Seance, taro cards, all sort of sexual depravity’. She and Lord have never been here before. Such a fuss is made about it, its secret. Everyone thinks they are on the continent.
So, no one knows about this party but who is invited!
Many more coming tomorrow.
Lady “When it comes to enjoying the carnal pleasures I am a complete egalitarian. We certainly don’t want your tool wasted.”
They are promiscuous, but choosey. They offer any help to Billy any time he is in England. They’ll stand by him.
Then they bring up a delicate matter: they do not want Billy to think that they looked at this as a financial transaction. Only a sharing of pleasure. But, they have lots of money and are willing to share L100. He declines.
Lord takes off a pinky ring, gold with emerald, and offers it as a token of friendship. He takes it. They all go to bed.
She escorts Billy back up to bed, and gives him a final goodnight kiss.
Billy dubs his ring his ‘ring of protection’. He knocks on Rick’s door. He and Paul are there.
“Rick, guess what, guess what!!”
Rick “You look like you just got laid.”
“How’d you know?”
“I know that look.”
Bily “This must be how you feel all the time.”
They exchange experiences.

June 17

Breakfast. Bangers, black and white pudding, eggs, bread.
Archer “One of the problems with being a guest in a house like this, you never know when one of the guests is going to poke you nose where its not really, really wanted.”

Early evening: 2 carriages with unidentified important looking people, then soon.
About 20 people there soon enough.
Ouija board out in dining, lots of occult stuff like that. Lots of sexual innuendo alreay, a few bare breasts. One or 2 couples have disappeared together.
3 gentleman have taken one of the maids, laid over the kitchen table. She seems perfectly into this.
Party in full swing now.
Chime of a wine glass.
Gavigan, just wanting to let all know tonight is very special, largest of the year. This moon is of particular significance. The beginning of the ritual of the Akh Ma Lor. 3 truck truckloads of adherents are joining us. And here they are now". 3 steam trucks up, and about 50 people get out. Including a few tied up. Most are lower class, by far, and a lot of wogs. Wild eyed, crazy cultists.
Servants come through carrying black robes. THey all strip and put them on. Lord and Lady look confused. They try to join in but are stopped.
Gavigan “You’re gong to be the centerpieceof tonight> We need royal blood.”
Archer reveals himself as cpt ins of his majesties secret service. Suddenly 2 shotgun blasts from servants blow him to pieces.
Jeremy has easily snuck in among the crowd, and has made it upstairs.
Signals to outside it has begun.
Gavigan to Rick and Paul "You gentelman have 2 choices, join lady and lord Fitzcullen, or join us and have the time of your life. Though be aware, go with us and your life will never be the same. Your life is forfiet.
We join them.
We strip, no weapons, and put on our robes. Paul goes to buckle his sword on, and they try to stop him.
Paul “But I just don’t feel the same w/o it.” Gavigan “Ya know, you can keep it. It might come into handy later.”
Paul’s sabre is gone. Billy sleight of hands his 2 light kukris on.
Manfred gives Rick a sweaty smelly hug “Welcome to the fold!!” He kisses Rick right on the mouth. Ewww. Then the same to Paul.
Following this, as preps are being made, Billy is able to skulk upstairs, get Rick his 2 bundles of dynamite and his kukri.

Outside, we begin to approach by boat.
Lord and Lady are terrified. Lord tries to remain steady “Hold firm, my lady.” They bring out 2 x’s made of wood and fasten them to them, her screaming.
Gavigan “Shut the bitch up.” A cultist knocks a couple teeth out. Billy marks him in particular.
Gavigan “Bring forthe the sacrificial victims.” Half a dozen men, stripped naked. Hands tied behind them, ankle shackles; gagged, ropes around neck.
“Bring forth the clubs!!!”
We know what clubs.
People rush for the clubs.
“Those of you with the clubs, do not forget. Use the side away from teh spike first. All bones are to be broken first.
One of them is Paul McLean.
“Then bring forth the betrothed of the demon sultan!!”
The Savlatore’s are among them. Tied with a pole behind their backs and blindfolded.
Rope collars. They intentionally do dick stuff like walk them into walls.
The party begins slowly marching toward the stele.

The boats are already crossing.
Both are attacked by deep ones!!!
RC boat: Mundabi kills 2; WEst and Atw each one;
Simon: 1 dead; 1 soldier is pulled overboard.
The water turns red around the pulled in soldier as he is mauled by 3 deep ones.
Simon orders 3 to fire on them.
Mundabi kills 2 more, the cops another. By the end of this 2nd round, the deep ones vs RC boat are dead. There are only 4 left around Simon.
RC rowes for the shore and the bridge controls.
At the first shots, Fritz fires to the the big .50 across to the bridge controls. The others there fire across the moor river, hitting a few times for wounds.
Firing continues back and forth.
We finish them off!!
RC lands and West opens the bridge. Schuyler et al come hauling acros in the wagon.
Simon lands in the meantime.
Jeremy meets Simon.
They all race to the stele.
Paul develops a quick smar hero plan, knowing our reinforcements are on the way, while they prep the sacrifices and aren’t listenint to us.

The 6 total girls are now tied by the neck chains onto the ground around the stele.
The 12 guys are laid down on teh ground, and have begun beating them with the clubs. 2/man.
The chanting continues. Something crawls out, and is sliding down the stele for the women, to impregnate them or kill them in the process we presume!!!
3 giant vulture like terrors have arrived. The cultists are rushing to them, crawling and clawing at and over each other, to get to and it seems onto them. They must carry them away. To Azathoth. And these damnable fools are fighting for it.

Gavigan holds 2 scepters, just like we found at Tewfiq’s, which he performs the ritual duties with.
The birds each take a man with them.
Simon’s team arrives in sight, about 50’ from the left. He yells to his firing line “fire” as a shrill piping emanetes from the creature.
Simon charges in the cultists laying into one, forming a loose semicircle on the other side of the stella from Rick.
Paul steps beside fatman and Gavigan who regrets leaving Paul with his sword drawing his saber and strikes Gavigan, and takes one of the scepters out of his hand (card). Billy rushes through to the Lord and Lady and attacks the club wielding servants dropping one, disarms another (Card). The servant next to that guy attacks the disarmed one yelling insults at his ineptitude, wild in his eyes.
The fat man is getting fatter, morphing into something, body bulging out. Arms turning into tentacles! Clothes ripping apart.
The creature is coming down slowly, on all sides like a slimey mass.
The piping is terrible, we can feel it in the air, we make will every round or lose 1 sanity or 1d6 dam.
Gavigan puts a wammy on Paul, who stands paralyzed!
2 servants go after the women on Simon’s side, another charges Simon’s soldiers. Simon himself is surrounded by cultists!
Billy is engaged by 4, Rick 7.
A feint pop in the distance, the wagons are on the way, and the big .50 fires, Friz riding shotgun with Afu.
The shot misses Gavigan by a few feet.
RIck brawls to defend the sisters.
Simon’s soldiers volley the cultists charging them, while of them bayonet the servant who charged. Simon killed one with an AoO as they surrounded him, drops one now, cleaves on until another 2 die.
Fritz misses again; Billy fights back vs one of the leader servants.
Gavigan steals the scepter back from Paul retreats 30’, crossing the scepters on front of him. Paul comes out of it.
Fat man still changing, getting to a large creature.
A gang of cultists starts moving to meet Afu’s wagon.
The others continue attacking the soldiers and Simon.
The creature is getting lower.
The 2 cultists raping the captive women now attack Simon.
There is a rustling noise from the cultist side, to Simon’s left.
The wagons arrive, turning and the gattling gun fires into the gang of cultists; Fritz fires at the scepters Gaviganholds, and hits cracking the scepter!!
The cops, Lovejoy et al unload from the other wagon right next to Paul and the former fat man.
Soldiers still fighting; Paul hits tentacle fat man.
Billy drops 3!!
Simon and the solders attacked again by their enemies.
The other gang surrounds Prakash, who has lept from the gattling wagon to meet them, but for 3 who start to climb into the wagon.
Fat man finishes morphing.
A terrible tentacled creature comes from the dark to Simon’s left.
Our men on foot show up. Atwater and West make to loose the 2 women who have been raped.
2 cops fire at Schuyler’s wagon, one crits killing a climber. 3 cops hit the tentacle, one crit 52!! Love joy hits too crit DEAD!!
The cop casted on by Gavigan if freaked out, hiding in the wagon.
Simon kills 4.
Templar misses Gavigan, RC hits him 17. He has a field of some sort around him with the crosed items.
Schuyler hits the creature with the gattling gun, doing practically nothing.
Last 3 on Simon attack him.
2 of the creatures phallic tentacles attackthe 3 random women captives.
The new monster, lesser servitor of the outer gods, attacks Simon as well with a tentacle, teeth ridden mouths at the ends, misses!!
Gavigan pulls a ceremonial sword, looking not even usable in combat, and hits RC 15!
Atwater and West reactively try to block the phalus attacks on teh 2 women they ran to. We block both coming at each!
The other woman, undefended, starts screaming, then gurgling, as she is doubled mouth and, …..

Paul moves to the poor girl, goes to cut off the one in her mouth, surges .
The new soldier fires to help Prakash; Mulv misses and Barr fire at the cultist on Mundabi and servant DEAD, respectively. The 2 officer soldier fire on Simon’s cultists too.
2 SImon soldiers finally kill the servant who charged. 2 others still attacking the last cultist and kill him. 2 others fire upon Simon’s cultists.
Mundabi kills 2.
Lovejoy, remembering his lost love, rushes to the women w/ West and Atwater and begins cutting one free.
Fritz hits one on the wagon, Shuyler lifts his rifle and fires DEAD.
The 2 cops from the runners charge in to help Prakash; Rick still brawling.
Simon ignores the cultists and attacks the lesser monster.
Mundabi tosses Kholan’s blade near Billy’s feet.
RC hits Gavigan 16, Templar misses. The wagon cops reload shotguns.

Simon is hit by 1 tentacle; the 2 fighting each other because of the rage finally stop fighting; they do poorly this round otherwise, 2 of the Prakash cultists attack the 2 cops who rushed to help him.
Westinghouse and Atwater block both from each again!
ALl the SImon soldiers fire on SImon’s cultists killing 1; Mulverhill pulls his revolver and hits the former berserker and his buddy; the Templar misses Gavigan; Fritz pops Gavigan 27; Schuyler hits last cultist on wagon 20; Billy, the creature now in reach, picks up Kholan’s and makes a fury fueled swing at it crit 38; 2 of the wagon cops fire a servant on Billy hitting once with shotgun; Bunnington hits Mundabi cultsit; the runner soldier kills him; the berserk tarteg is killed by a wagon cop; last wagon cop misses the monster; both cops helping Prakash miss; RC hits Gavigan 16; Wilhelm with revolver crits Gavigan!; Paul cuts Lady free, she runs for the wagon.

The last 2 cultists on Simon charge his soldiers; another child of the creature comes out of the dark of the moor, to Rick’s left.
The creature lifts the woman Paul is trying to save up in the air with multiple tentacles, and completely has its way with her above us; Prakash is hit by all 3; the 2 cops are both missed; Schuyler is hit; Simon is thugged multiple times; Gavigan hits the Templar twice.
At the sight of the fate of the woman, one of the cops looking up has now lost too much sanity, rushing under the wagon and hiding for the duration.
Edit: the 2nd spawn is approaching from Simon’s side, not Rick’s.
Billy crits the creature again and Fritz hits as well 26!! Prakash still fighting kills 1; runner soldier fires to help Rick; Simon’s soldiers backpeddle and fire at the 2 cultists killing one; Atwater cuts one of the women free, Lovejoy finishes the other. The 2 women rush for the cop wagon; Paul cuts the Lord free, he starts crawling away, both legs broken; Mulverhill finishes off the berserker after 3 of 4 cops hit him.

Rick leaps out of his area, Mundabi rushes into his place, both taking AoO; Rick pulls a bundle on the move, lights it, surges to throw it into the mass; Simon hits the spawn 22; West fires his shotgun at SImon’s spawn DEAD!!! Schuyler hits wagon cultist again DEAD; Wilhelm says something to Gavigan in a forbidden tongue, which Gavigan reacts to as if cosmically insulted, drawing his attention. Templar hits him 15; RC misses; Mundabi kills 1; cop in the wagon gather his senses and fires but misses Gavigan;
Last cultsit vs soldiers misses; Prakash is missed twice; one of the soldiers is hit crit; 3 servants on Mundabi miss/miss/7; 1 on Paul misses; 1 on Billy misses; the new spawn moves to solders and misss one; another appears behind it.

Rick pulls out and lights another bundle as the 1st goes off. 5 sticks explode 42. Mundabi fight on; soldiers fire on; Simon charges the creature at the stele; Lovejoy orders the soldiers to reload and fire upon the new spawn. Westinghouse readies to fire on it as well, reloading; Lovejoy misses it; Mulverhill helps Mundabi with is revolver; Templar misses Gavigan; wagon cop misses Gavigan; Fritz helps Prakash DEAD; Mundabi attacks the servant leader DEAD!!! and cleaves another; Paul attacks the servants at him and Billy; RC hits Gavigan 19; Billy misses; Simon hits 18. We see that many of the creatures tentacles have been rooting into the ground since it reached the base; Schuyler misses a cultist on the cops.

Suddenly, rocks are pulled from the ground by its tentacles, hurling them around. First at the runner soldier standing alone tween the gattling wagon and the prisoner front killing him; then at a Simon soldier DEAD; then more at Mulverhill 13. 2 tentacles attack Billy Fish hitting once 26 KO’d!!!! Bashing him back in front of the cops where luckily Atwater stands. They human enemy does little to us, so few left. The spawn 2 attacks the soldiers hitting 5 of them killing 1, spawn 3 charges in upon the cops but misses; Gavigan attacks the Templar 11/7 DOWN.

Billy self stabalizes as Atwater pulls him back. Mulverhill is reloading his pistol.
Simon soldiers pull back and fire killing the last cultist there; the 2 officers hit the spawn once crit 25; Barrington, Lovejoy, West, and the cops fire at spawn 3 DEAD!!
Mulverhill fires in to help Mundabi hitting 10/10; Mundabi hits same; Prakash still fighting his last; RC hits Gavigan 16; Schuyler misses Gavigan; Rick tosses in the TNT and moves to the Salvatores; Simon hits the creature 19;

Paul and Mundabi are hit once; one gattling wagon cop is hit.
Gavigan hits RC 6.
The spawn goes after the Lt. who crit’d him, hitting several times putting him into wound.
The creature hits Paul KO’d. Simon is missed then hit 26 (card all damage healed). It then lashes out at 3 serants close to it all DEAD.

Rick picks up a dagger nearby and starts cutting the Salvatores free. Mundabi hits his last 19 DEAD. Rick cuts Francesca free and gives her the dagger. She turns to her sister.
RC hits Gavigan 17; Frits hits Gavigan 28 DEAD!!! Soldiers fire upon the spawn.
TNT does 30.
Schuyler hits a cultist fighting the cops twice DEAD. The cops wheel and join the soldiers in firing at the spawn. Mulver shoots the creature. Westinghouse hits the creature with Lovejoy; Simon hits it as well 18.
Cop in wagon jumps out toward the gattling wagon and crits the cultist on his friend DEAD. Prakash still fighting the last. Wilhelm has moved to Prakash and crits that guy 11 DEAD.
Atwater has Billy at the wagon.

The creature is dripping it version of blood. It is in bad shape. It begins to slide upward slowly, but grabs at Simon as it does but he evades miraculously and it fades up fast, into the portal.


RC scalps Gavigan, adding it to his collection.

After regrouping, we get to the house. There, Jeremy has already begun searching it. Westinghouse takes the lead searching high and low with many others. Atwater sees to the wounded.

Jeremy has secretly loaded his pockets with cash or items to easily pawn.

The secret room is piled with statuary, paintings, jewelry, etc.
Bust of what Westinghouse can ID as the Black Pharaoh, as does Rick from the relief in Khmet’s tomb.
Many pieces of jewelry with symbols of cult oriented stuf: sign of Cthugha, inverted Cult of Black Pharaoh ankhs. Good stuff for pretending to be a cultist.
Also, pair of twin scepters like those we got from Tewfiq.o
The shear quantity of this stuff allows the realization of the wealth and influence of the cult. The realization how much we have taken from them now, however, is heartening.
A letter about Elias being killed in NY, and about stopping Brady who is an obstacle to their great plan. It is unfinished, written to Penhue which means he lives!!!!
Big fat ledger: shipping notes; a key to destruction of the cult!!! 3 years of shipment entries, primarily to Ho Fong, Shanghai, Randolph Shipping (darwin, Australia), plus many others to Egypt, NY, Odessa, Calcutta, Tokyo, Rio de Jenaro, Hollywoodland; they are shipping a lot of statues and other things like that back and forth.
Chemistry lab, but not for chem, for arcane alchemy. Lots of reagents and such. Basically, fits into a steamer trunk, 200lbs; % chance to have needed item for rituals, spells, etc;
2x 1" long metal vials, stoppered. Wilhelm examines. Tiny little larva in each, dead or inanimate at first, after a minute or so of examining he feels it shifted position. It moves super slowly.
Scroll with it: in Frisian.

Over 100 books and scrolls, on black magic, occult, etc. Most are of no interest beyond our current knowledge. But for a collection of scrolls:
AA: fine linen scroll, Arabic, tied with red silk ribbon. Stylized and iluminated; excellent condition
AB: arabic, cracked, fire damaged; 15" across mounted on wax tablet; shaky hand written
AC: vellum scroll; arabic; 8" across tied with silk ribbon;
AD: papyrus scroll; arabic; 8" across, untied;
AE: same as AC
AF: badly decayed papyrus scroll; arabic
LA: fragments of a papyrus scroll; latin, pressed tween glass plates an mounted in a booklet
LB: worn vellum scroll, latin, tied with linen cord; 12" across; fragmetns of a lead seal on outside, image of a lion; West checks it out, 2 parts text, first a short introductin of the origin of the longer 2nd passage, about an abbot tried for a heresy; main text a prayer to the dark phar.; 2 spells in Latin with all instructions but does not say what they do.
LC: latin, parchment scrap, uneven 7 to 8"; tapers at one end due to a tear so incomplete;
LD: latin, 11" across, paper scroll untied
EA: Egypt. Hieratic scroll, papyrus; 10" mounted on wax board;19th dynasty, about 1200 bc Rick says. He skims it, and there is definitely a spell: prayer to call the bird of yellow Aztura. None of us have ever heard of it, but we may know it by another name; winged humanoid; astrological necessities in the rite involving star aldeberon; need to create a bone flute to summon it.
EB: papyrus scroll, hieratic, 10" across, tied with faded silk red ribbon; 1000bd, 21st dynasty Rick says; he skims, its in 2 parts first a prayer to Black Pharaoh, second a plea to him for his aid by sending a servant creature called to cobra of tahuti/the death that dwells by night. Must offer living human sacrifice.
FA: medieval french; brittle vellum scroll; 10" acrossl untied
FB: middle french, find parchment scroll, 15" across, illuminated, illustrated; tied with black silk ribbon laced with silver threads
OA: old english; brittle vellum scroll tied with strip of hide; 9" across;

June 18

The whole affair is covered up, since the evil can’t get out. The house caught on fire at the party.

The obelisk will be removed.

note: the mirror frame is 18 carrot gold
5 days studying the mirror itself. An inscription on it is in cuneiform
WIlhelm for a day researches its modern history: found by napolean scholars is Egypt. Next word is of it in Paris. Occultist during 2nd restoration, Colin de Plance. Said to have had Hebrew stamps upon it. No hebrew on it now, covered up.
Rick examines the frame itself and the writing. Westinghouse chem analyzes the mirror.
West says its speculum alloy. 100% sure, yet far more durable than normal. Traces of an unknown metal, black. We figure the star metal.
Wilhelm researches the frame now: gold frame depicts mishapen and demonic faces. High quality, unsettling almost shifting quality. From late 18th, early 19th France. Alloy probably Russian.
Language is Babylon Era Sumerian. Of considerablet importance. Fame comes from writing a paper on it!! First part ID’s the entity to whom mirror dedicated, but name chiseled out. Rick deciphers the 2 chemical names as well with arcane lore.

We now have full access to this items entry. All took 3 days with splitting of labor.
We get a metal crafter who pulls the gold off enough to see the hebrew underneath, on an iron band around the edge, a very dark iron alloyed with something else to be incredibly strong and brittle. Metallurgust cant ID it. It says that in Egyptian on top that it was a gift from pharaoh to king solomon. Hebrew says it was a gift from King Rehoboem to the pharaoh. Left Egypt for basically a generation, then was sent back. Also a mention of the Great Trove of Solomon, that this was part of it.
Rick and Wilhelm research the Trove. They find obscure references in primary sources to a magical trove Solomon had hidden away in Africa. He sent it to Africa via gold caravan at end of his life from Israel to Africa, sans mirror.
Wilhelm and West will cowrite the paper with Rick.

Rick wires his sisters, they have successfully planted both plant samples and they send it express. The paste can be made asap. Good thing Fritz is here, and we have a mummy to kill! Atwater draws Fritz blood. Wilhelm makes a 20 oz set of the paste.

Atwater begins the dissecting of Rick’s undead mummies, with Wilhelm and Westinghouse’s supervision.

We use mirror to see the mummy, Wilhelm sees nothing as it fogs over, but then sees it as a person in ancient Egypt!! We are seeing him back in time. So, if we go to the shop, i fit’s him, we know.

Takes Billy and Paul 13 days to heal up, at same time.

June 26

Rest of the men, Feather et al, arrive from Cairo with the main shipment.

July 7

Hobbes returns, now with the knowledge of making the Varnstein Lens. In his learning process, 1 lens was created for Rick’s field goggles. Paul LaMonde is with him, called over by Westinghouse at Paul’s request. We want to talk to Susana Bromwich about her dreams.

OVer the next few weeks, mummy disection is finished; Rick gets his brit occult services recruiter to get agents watching Ramessu and the royal; Schuyler
LaMonde reports that he has been having dreams again.
“The children will die, the children will die. Its the trail of the beast”.
Transcript of what he said: Fire, must get out of the house. Sent by the slithering snake. Must run, NO. The beast, its coming, its in the trees. London’s burning! Londons burning! Fetch the engines! Fire, Fire, FIRE FIRE!!! Pour on water!! Pour on water!!"

Perhaps a vision of what would have happened, had we not beaten Gavigan. He confirms this happened prior to us beating Gavigan.

The destruction of the obelisk is done with TNT into the North Sea. We are there in our buds air ship to watch the steam and spouting water as all the fire vampires die.

The meeting with Bromwich, WIlhelm and Lamonde head this; she agrees to the hypnosis by LaMonde:
She says crazy, Mythos like babble. The dreams have troubled her quite a bit. But for “The Beast is coming, as in the prophecy. Al Azif! I dream of a caslte, in the Balkans, where an undying master plans the end of the world.”; and she sees “The Rippers coming, and England will beed”.
Jack? Was he a ritual killer, part of all this?
“R’yley, rises!”
“One last chance, if all else fails, In San Francisco.”
“The true masters, Shk’ Ryth
Finally “Harbinger is coming.”
And she passes out.

Only Paul knows Shk ‘Ryth and he screams "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH The unspeakable word!!!! They live among us, those with powers of the mind beyond normal mortal men. ANd the agents of the Shk’Ryth take them away and burn out their minds in the furthurance of their plot. I dreamt of then but thougth it just ad ream, but now I know their agents come closer and closer to power their dread machine with my mind. All the others servet hem w/o knowing, wheels within wheels. Layer upon layer but at the center Shk’ Ryth."
No ones dreams are just dreams anymore.

The Salvatore Sisters are touch nuts to crack, but still very shaken up. They both stay with Rick a couple more weeks or so before leaving for Italy. Rick asks them, if possible, to get on the inside of Nairobi/Mombassa society and dig around for us.

Wires are sent via Iluminati to Wang Chug in Shangai that we shall be voyaging soon; arrangements are made for ship travel via Suez Canal. Also wire Nyun and Phat to meet us at Port Sahid with an update.

Rick hears that Garth Weder is the new acting curator at Cairo Museum, the former has taken time off after all that has happened but still stops in from time to time. Rick is friendly with him. He’s quite the player, and he and Rick have had many nights out on the town.

Nyun also reports of activity around the step pyramid. Supposed gatherings, chantings, etc.

The NY men go home. Spalding and Fritz go to Kenya with Mundabi and Friday to use leading hunting expeditions as a cover for poking around concerning the Bloody Tongue; Mt of the Black Winds, etc, amongst the natives.
Feather is going back with his commission, to return to India soon; Tarr of course at his side. We bid them a fond farewell with a large dinner out, which also includes Somerfield

We get Jeremy street crews and the the new occult squad to keep tabs on and peripherally look into Delwin Kerwin while we are gone.

By the time they depart, Rick has read the Investigators’ John Dee Necronomicon. They take it back to NY with them. He will be taking a few with him to read on the voyage.


Rick’s parents knowledge of Bat Cult legends? and the site Elias talks about?

Finish getting all details from proto history room, and one last secret door from hall of pleasures.

Also, an abridged Gorge at the Adventurer’s Club Gala, if he can be there in December.


They land at Mombass and go inland to Nairobi.
Bridge is blown about 20 miles short of Nairobi, no one knows by whom. Must ferry across, only 1 engine in service on far side for now.
The railway has almost reached Uganda at this point in our further steam tech’d world. Nairobi is already a major city here.
Postal service here only 2 deliveries a day tween 9 and 5.

Mundabi’s people live just to the south, Friday a little further away but to the north. Should be just near the Mt of the Black Wind area.

Muthaiga Club in Mombassa, Rick is a member having been introduced to it by during his first visit here led by Fritz. They have their own master polo team, a sport which Rick is a fiend at.

At Nairobi, Fritz has his outfit set up, but he allowed someone else to take it over since he knew he’d be gone for a while.

First, we stop at the Mathaiga Club. There is a polo match the next day. We get the cheaper rooms and eat.
We are introduced to a Mrs. Smyte-Forbes.
Her hair is in a bun, corset, whole shabang.
A local planter we know named Joe Philips, he introduces us to her. She’s the publisher of the Nairobi Star. The one newspaper in town.
Cliche great white hunter outfitted man with his elephant gun walks in “Mrs Smyth Forbes, I’d like to speak with you.”
“Col. Endicot, I have nothing to say to you.”
Seems he claims she’s ruining his business. SHe says she reports the facts only. He claims there is nothing unnatural going on at the lodge, beind in the bush if violent business “You just want to destroy me”.
We ask Philips whats goin gon here.
About 2 years ago he took over the hunting lodge Fritz left behind and has been runing it into the ground ever since. There have been several bloody murders at the lodge, now he can’t get any safaris. 5 deaths in all. 3 tourists and 2 servants, over the last 6 weeks.
Philips “You know very well its a rogue lion, all I have to do is find it and the deaths will stop.”
Mrs “Regardless, Col., you cant deny that there have been reports of strange small creatures in the area during the time of the murders” etc. She claims the possiblity of “supernatural answers”.
He cocks his gun “perchance its time for you to meet Mrs. Cruthers!”
She raps him with a stick she carries and ordrs that gun put down.
“You try my patience madam.”
“And you try mine with your stupidity.”
Several servants tell him to leave, they have to tackle the large, whiskey smelling man to th ground.
They scuffle, waiters rush to assist before they drag him out.
The manager “And dont come back Endicot you bastard. STay away from your betters!”

Fritz walks out to meet him and he’s damn glad to meet Fritz. He makes a point that he has nothing against the Hebrew Race. He says “our lodge is in great financial difficulty”.
Forbes first name is Natalie.
He is downright stupid.
He says he’d love to get to Mars and get some new blood. He asks Fritz to help hunt down the crazed lion who is causing the trouble.

Locals regard the Col. affectionalely; or loathe him if his ungainly wrath has effected them. He’s quick with his fists.
Fritz says if he ever goes to Mars, we know people to hang out with.
He returns to the lodge, asks if Fritz is staying at the lodge.
Fritz “Of course.”
All his guides are Masai “THere’s nobody bloody braver than a Masai.” Fritz agrees.
He will cancel our rooms here.

Meanwhile, Spalding talks to Natalie. She is somewhat of a spiritualist, thinking of joining the Spiritual Society for Women in Nairobi. Each disappeared while on safari, body found hundreds of yards away; savaged and partially eaten. They were taken out of camp quietly, something a lion couldn’t have done 5 times over. She has seen the corpses, the bite is a tiny bite, like a childs. But there are no pygmy tribes anywhere near here.
Varying safaris have seen little pygmy like things in the neighborhood of the lodge.
All dead were lead from the lodge by the Col.
All killed w/in a few miles of the lodge, which is out in the bush; SW of Nairobi 10 miles. By that point already, your in full bush. There are game trails and its near a water hole; and night platform a few miles away.

We stay here tonight and will leave for the lodge tomorrow.
Philips asks us out to see the city sights, we agree. He takes them to the most famous brothel in Nairobi.
Next door is a cut rate one for the savages.
Fritz and Lovejoy, with Friday and Mundabi, go nearby to drink. We have to find one that takes both races, there is an apartheid here unfortunately.
Fritz joins in on some gambling and starts out losing bad, then wins a little back, before losing more again. He starts pulling closer.
Spalding arrives now and joins in and whoops on them both. The other man quits and the game ends.

Next Morning

Spalding and Fritz rent horses. Natalie sends an employee, a reporter named Louise Talbot, 24; young bright and energetic. Her father is Clive, influential in the gov’t. Peolple thing falsely she got job cause of him. She works the harder for it. Natalie has been looking for a story for her to break out.
We arrive at the lodge.
The only servant left is Silent Joe, he cooks the meals. A thick thorn fence surrounds the property.
Joe has been here since Fritz, and is very happy to see him.
Not dumb, just seldom talks. He’s a Gala.
He warns Fritz though he is glad to see him, we should get outta hers “Small demons lurk here, I see them in the night”. Not every night but many. They hide around here somewhere. Just sneaking around.
Mundabi “Like maybe they search for something.”
They were seen starting about a year ago.
We start making a few snares to set about the place for tonight, they we’ll keep watch.

We ride out and check the platform and murders sites around it. In teh distance we see a burial ground of the Boyoyva tribe. A neighbor of the Masai, relatively degenerate. We ride to take a look. Nothing unusual but the 2 different footprings, and several of the graves are sunken in.
Lovejoy “Raided by these ghuls perhaps.”

Next Day

Problem with the reporter seems: we need to be careful what she sees, she’ll surely print EVERYTHING.
Mundabi’s snare is triggered, whatever it was has chewed its arm off to get away. A child like arm. It is African of color.
We follow the blood trail 100 yards further and find the body; bits of its own flesh still in the teeth. Muscles are well formed for a child and teeth started to grow into fangs.
She was heading toward the platform/burial direction.

We go out to set the snares then search around the area. We find tracks, small and naked, as well as hoof prints, small gazelle sized maybe only bipedal!! Fritz says they very much resemble ghul prints!!
We find 3 human bodies partially buried that we missed yesterday. Each partly eaten. All local tribesman from the Boyoba. All look like died recently of natural causes but have been dug up and eaten recently.
We dig up a couple of the sunken graves and sure enough a ghul tunnel leads to each.

Tonight, Fritz and Mundabi stay at the platform. About halfway through the night, they hear strange sounds at teh burial including primitive snarling and clicks etc.
We sneak over, and in the moonlight they see 2 ghuls, but slightly smaller than normal, and 6 of the kid things but some look more like ghouls than kids, squating in a circle. They teach the kids how to feed on torches.
All naked bur for one kid wearing a tattered blanket over its shoulder, a pattern of the Boyobas.
Fritz holds Mundabi back for a moment and communicates with them, as non intimidating as possible.
2 ghuls jump forward alarmed, the kids cowering behind.
They say they feast upon the dead; they search everywhere for food at night. THey do not hunt the Boyoba because they don’t eat their own people, and not often kill the living.
“We have many mouths to feed.”
The Boyoba are starving, it seems, and they throw out some of the kids because they can’t feed; they abandon girls only. So, the ghuls took them.
We now see they even have 2 or 3 babies.
They killed the 5, and admit it freely, to feed the babies.
They say there are many ghuls, in teh great ghul city of AL Ghul GHul beneath the savanah toward Kilamanjaro. They are not welcome there, for they eat not raise human babies.
Suddenly a scream, a voice meaps “oooh dinner”. Suddenly Louise Talbot comes running out of the darkness, behind her 2 pursuing ghuls who are ordered to stop by the others.
SHe calls this the story that’ll make my career.
Fritz demands none of this gets out.
The ghuls say she must die.
Fritz stops this whole thing, and asks to meet us back here tomorrow night, he’ll take care of this.
We go our separate ways.

Fritz talks to reporter, insisting she holds off, promising a good story in the end.
The Col. wants to know what the heck we are going to do.
Spalding says, if we’re not going to kill them, the only thing to do is use the safari as cover to leave them animal meat regularly.

Next Day

Tonight, we meet the ghuls and tell them our plan. There are 9 of them, no kids, ready to fight if necessary.
Absolutely no killing, population has to stop.
They only can’t agree on saving more babies, they will continue to do so. Its up to us to stop the exposure.

Next Day

Ride for Boyoba territory.
Arrive late tonight.
They say they need warriors to destroy the Masai.
They recently fought a war and got their buts kicked, and the Masai took all their herds so they are starving.
If we can get the herds back, they will stop abandoning the girls.

We stay here tonight.

Next Day

To Masai village, Mudabi’s home.

Triumphant Return to the Nile

May 12th, Morning

Approaching Thebes, we figue the main caravan may not even have made it yet. We send an Omar Rider, Walid Abu Hadba, in to check. He returns and reports they have not. We remain here, a few miles out, on the Farnoc Road. By mid day, our caravan comes into view!! It is quite a shock for Bromhead and his men, Sebastian, Zakir et al to see us waiting for them. It only grows the tales told in Africa about Rathbone and Goldstein.
Zakir “By Allah, there must be 2 of of you all!!”

The entire expedition, together, triumphantly enters Thebes!! Let the fame begin!
There is a wire waiting, from Archimedes, that materials await our return to Cairo.

We stay in Thebes a few days to prepare our travel down Nile with everything.
Wang Nyun is in Thebes waiting for us, and explains all that is awaiting Rick in London; and that she has left the Carlyle file w/ Somerfield in Cairo in case we arrived there first.

We contact the Sons of Re, informing them of our success, that the Temple protecting the Gorge is open and guarded by friends. They are overjoyed, and will certainly contact and join forces with Omar’s Riders at the Gorge!!

Rick wires ahead to London for Wilhelm:
If in London please remain if possible STOP Have mummies with which require your assistance STOP Ask Atwater NY for his presence if he can STOP

This is about the full mummies, of the undead sort, brought back for careful dissecting to see if we can find any weaknesses or information helpful in fighting them in the future linked to the herbs, types of linens, wraps, insides, spells, etc, on and inside of them. Could be a dead end but worth looking into.
Some of the remains of Sekhmet and Abu Re will be ground down, for Tarr to make more of the arcane paste.
Wire also sent to NY, for Atwater to join the dissection, and wait for travel instructions; and Westinghouse to assist Carlyle investigation.
Rick wires his solicitor to wire Rick and Fritz’s airship pilot friend, from Terror of the Mayan Bloodgod.

Word is sent ahead to Cairo about or arrival. Newspapers are go wild across the globe.

Rick wires to his solicitor in London to get Wilkerson over from Miskatonic asap for the summer, if he is willing, to assist with these translations of all the Proto History script Rick is bringing back himself. Wilkerson should be plenty enough excited to come post haste. Also, to have Westinghouse and Atwater in London soon.

A response arrives before we leave, confirming Atwater, Westinghouse willing; and Wilkerson will be coming asap.

Rick also asks around about Galloway and his dig: they know nothing in particular.
We say goodbye to Walid Abu Hadba; Rick asks him to be in Cairo with just a few men, if he can, during the first week from January. Connect to Zakir there. We may want a few extra men at our disposal during Carlyle investigation there.

On the trip downriver, get a wire that crossed downriver looking for us: pilot will be in Baltimore soon, shall pick up those in NY and make for London upon request!
Rick wires back, setting up travel times for those coming from America.

By May 20

We are in Cairo to great fanfair!! Lots of press. Newspapers around the world going crazy for information. Somerfield is there to meet us! He has the Carlyle case file from Investigators, left with him by Nyun in case we arrived in Cairo first. Rick gets started on reading it through while still here, and on trip home. His package tells him about some calendar, a scepter, copper bowl, tomes, etc. awaiting him in London. Wires Wilkerson again to come fast! Take semester sabbatical if possible.
Rick begins the usual post expedition processing of all the artifacts and such; he and Fritz deal with the press.
Much of the processing assisted by Somerfield, Sala, Zakir, and other contacts.

Rick tells Somerfield he would like him to be a major player at the Gorge when the archaeology starts, the official on site overseer. Only Iluminati men are to be permitted to know about the tombs past the temple secret door, and no flying vessels will be permitted past the oasis. That will be the staging point for all supplies. This will be a huge research and dig project. Rick will begin setting all of this up once back in London. He will give him a detailed report on all things related to the geography of the Gorge; the Bast Cult; dangers like the treasure with contact poison still remaining, blasted ghoul tunnel, unexplored portions; etc. The Iluminati will also get a full presentation once Rick is back in London.

Sala’s and Zakir’s businesses are about to grow based solely upon the Gorge! The 2 of them discuss combining into one multi front business!

Rick speaks to the Frenchman Gerard about his new job at his embassy. Rick wants to use a local gov’t official contact to get his duty at the embassy moved to the division dealing with antiquities/archaeology etc. This will give us a trusted contact in the future, positioned in the perfect place, should we ever need quick permits and passes w/o explanation, smuggling of sensitive items, info, etc…
First thing Rick wants him digging, pun intended, into: Clive’s dig.

Much of the story to cover up things: the deaths are blamed on clashes with violent bandits linked to those at Amarna. Omar’s men are hailed by us as saviors, but we tell everyone the Gorge is under their protection; and they will only deal with Rick or those acting in his stead. This will give Rick considerable leeway in who will work there, and goes a long way toward scaring off robbers.

We spend a few days here getting the processing and the shipping of artifacts secured via steamship to London w/in the next few weeks.
We inquire more about Galloway and Clive. Galloway’s dig is of the 14th Dynasty, at a sight 100 miles east of Cairo called the Valley of the Winds. No bad news from the dig, not more danger reported. From Clive’s dig at Giza and the great pyramid: While we were gone, a mummy was uncovered in a secret room, undiscovered, in the Great Pyramid. The person had been buried alive, in a sarcophagus and wrapped like a mummy. In a chamber under the pyramid. They think they have ID’d her.
Rick, Billy and Somerfield pay a visit to the Museum. The curator, Ismael, says Clive left for England already for more funds. The mummy was stolen “a catastrophe to him of untold proportions”. Tween Giza and here it was taken, because when the crate was opened at the museum it was gone! Investigation found nothing. Curator feels it will be in a private collection soon enough. Offers us o visit him at home or office any time. If we require a permit for a dig, his office will get it done “you my friend are considered to be one of the foremost of your generation”. Then a knock, and a short thin man enters. He says more and more artifacts are being places in his space, taking up too much room. He is Dr. Cafore, who blows off Rick’s introduction. Cafore works on Egyptian magic. Ismael thinks that, while his work is important, it is not as so as piecing together history. Cafore insists he has done so, but Ismael blows them off as myths and legend. Cafore predicted the mummy disappeared! They part with Ismael’s assurance that more room in the basement will be had. Ismael will assist with shipping asap.
We catch up to Cafore at his office. Office on top floor.
He shows us a tablet fragment ‘and it was then that Nephren Ka came to Egypt’. he says “This is what has confused us, caused so many of these inscriptions to be misread.” He compares that fragment to another “and the priest Nophru Ka led the people to Xois”. First one is surely 3rd Dynasty, but the 2nd is from teh 14th. People assume eash Ka is the same.
He pulls out his masterwork, “the occult history of Egypt”.
Somerfield requests some tea. When he runs out, we take a look at the papers. In there, are incantations as well. REAL SPELLS!! MYTHOS SPELLS!!
Cafore returns. He says they have been confused for each, throwing dates out of wack because of the name confusion. Galloway thinks he is looking for the earlier Nephren, but he is digging at the Nophru sight. They found the Well.
Cafore says: the earlier, Nephren Ka, came at the end of 3rd dynasty. Powerful sorcerer, bringing madness and death to his enemies. Could rip the heart from ones very chest. Came from an ancient city in Arabia called Irem, the City of Pillars. Same mentioned in Al Azif aka Necronomicon. He revived worship of a foul god of an ancient land knows as Stygia! The Black Pharaoh! Eventually Nephren Ka and BP became interchangable in minds of people and he bacame knows as Black Ph. War fought vs kingdom for many years. Sneferu arose finally, and with aid of Isis thwarted him and slew him. All record of him was removed from. But I have found fragments, mentions, mininterpretations, that lead him to understand. Secrets are w/in his book. Eventually will publish it. He takes a few powder sniffs. I believe the BP’s body still contained potent magic. They built a pyramid to contain his body, which collapsed, at Medum. So built another, the Bent Pyramid , which he now lies under and sleeps indefinitely. Digs there have found nothing, so perhaps I am wrong. Also at Dashur is the Red Pyramid, also supposedly built by Sneferu, I beilieve to guard and keep Nephrun Ka from rising from the dead. His followers survived, trying to bring him back. Succeeded during Akhenaten’s time. And 6th dynasty Nitokrcis, queen, failed, her body hidden w/in one of pyramids. With no record at all because prophecy said she could return and open way for Black Pharaoh, aka Nyarlathotep. Cafore has read Al Azif, a copy is here in the library. That prophecy says he will rise fingers and toes after the great good one. No one knows what that means. Followers of him claim 20 centuries after Jesus. That’s now! None would come here, I’m known as the crazy professor. He says he believes all of this, and the Great Old Ones. Claims to have watched the revels and sacrifices of their followers! Via spells. The places vary, only sometimes can he find them. The mummy that disappeard was Natokrix (as we immediately thought). She is the first key. Those he sees at the revels are all kinds of man, as well as likenesses of the old Egyptian gods!
2nd one, Nophru, worshipped the Black Pharaoh. Rick tells all he told the Investigators. I believe he came back in an attempt to bring BP back again. So Rick and this guy both feel Nophru was indeed Nephren. He claims there no way to stop it, it’s written in the stars. Agrees it is better to die attempting to stop it. He feels he can be the mind and us the physical behind the destruction of all of this!!
He says come back tomorrow and he will prepare some info!!
We leave. Rick is too afraid of losing this guy. He will stay late working, and let Billy, Mundabi, and Fritz in late. We will watch the place all night. Cafare works late too to copy his stuff for us, minus the spells he doesn’t want us to know about. Rick brings Hobbes instead to photograph.

Fritz and Mundabi on the roof below the dome; Feather and Spalding wathing a nice shadowy rear door; Billy outside the office wathing the approach(es); Hobbes and Rick in the room. Nyun patrolling the first floor, stealthily.
Gets to 1AM.
Mundabi “Bwana, I feeling some trouble.”
Fritz sees stars disappearing, and then reappearing. A flyer!! Fritz rises his rifle to fire, Mundabi says maybe best not to give our position yet. Fritz tracks it by the starlight. It’s getting closer. Flapping closer, a hybrid winged thing seemingly made up of crow, mole, buzzard, ant, and decomposed human all!! Sanity for Fritz. On other side of roof, he hears sound of something landing. He asks, Fritz says check it out.
He sees one about 20’ away as it sees him, and it lunges. He kills is with 2 stabs.
Fritz hits 15 before it sees him. It swoop sit as Fritz pulls his khopesh miss.
Mundabi scans his area, and sees 2 more land further out toward the edge.
The beast misses Fritzy.
They move in on Mundabi fast, flanking. One claws 6.
In a couple rounds all are dead on both sides.
No more close, but looks like there are more above.

Nyun goes outside to scout the perimeter. She hears a flapping, and one of the flying abominations swoops in at her, followed by 2 more. She deals with them.
2 more swoop on Mundabi, his set spear kills one instantly. One crits him for 14 before he finishes them off.
On Fritrz, 2 more. He gets a shot in before they hit him. He cuts them down in due time.
Feather and Spalding meet at the door, looking out see Nyun with the 3 dead around her. 6 more land by their door. They fire, as Nyun charges in.
After 1 shot, Feather charges in with his saber to help “Richard’s wog woman”. After 2 barrels, Spalding turns to his Webley.

Meanwhile, in the office.
In the corner of the room, a dark shadowy spot appears. Shuffling at us is a blashphemous ape/insect!! Head swaying loosely side to side, taloned, malignant!!! Rick “Billy Fish” revolver crits it, as it disappears and the bullet hits the wall behind.
It appears next to Rick as Billy enters swiftly. Rick dodges its grapple deftly.
Billy moves in. Rick yells for Cafore, do you have a spell to anchor it?! Or stun even?!
He can not, but he can send it to its native existence, however black that place must be. It is dismissed!!
No more attacks the rest of the night. Success!!
We finish photographing everything.
The attacking bayake disolve quickly.

Fritz and Mundabi will keep an eye on this guy.

Rick wants to take an airship back asap. Much study needs done. Zakir, with Somerfield, will finish all arrangements here. Nyun, Feather, Spalding, and Tarr volunteer to stay as well, to take the leisurely steamship ride back to London with the shipments of artifacts, equipment, etc. Of course, they will have Bromhead and his men as well.
Fritz, Friday and Mundabi will stay here to help see to the safety of all our artifacts, with Sala’s men and Bromhead, until they ship out. Then, they will return to Fritz’s home for a visit before moving on to London to meet up with Rick at a later date.
All rubbings, negatives, film and artifacts having to do with Mythos/ProtoHistory will come back with Rick’s and Billy’s luggage on the air ship. As do some of the major undead mummy remains. Several potted samples of the Bast valley plant necessary to make the past are with us as well. These are to be given to Rick’s mother and sister to start growing at the family estate if possible. Otherwise, we’ll have to start shipping it from the Gorge to London whenever possible.

May 24, Friday

Rick, Lovejoy, Hobbes, and Billy say goodbyes to Sala, Zakir and the others; board airship home, as does the female prisoner we rescued from the Desert Temple of Set.
Sebastian will find his own way home, via the Brits.

The Subterrainean Tunnels Revisited
True to his word as a gentleman, Rick honors his agreement to stop the mysterious murders in the valley of Bast

We spend April 29 resting and partying in celebration as well as pulling out and packing the last of the loot.
30 April is spent packing the remainder of the expedition and Zakir leads it out late that afternoon. Already provisioned from the oasis, he will drive hard, cutting the corner to Aartuat, then down the Farnoc road through Farnoc and to Thebes.

(It takes him 4 days to reach Aartuat, and 8 to reach Thebes).

Sebastian leaves with the expedition, saying that if he can procure and airship he will follow our path out to pick us up. We plan on crossing the desert ourselves, cutting the corner straight to Thebes from the oasis. Zakir and Rick calculate about 6 to 7 days for the party to return.

Bryce stays with us, as does Sala and his men, Tarr and Feather, and Spalding
We stay to finish our duty to the Bast cult.

Over those 2 days:
Rick goes to see the Bast cult and Ama. Ama says she must now show him what is on the walls heading to their sacred archives. It is a stairway going down, the middle of the steps worn from centuries of footsteps up and down. What they wish to show him is upon the walls, relief and writings they have never been able to pull meaning from. Rick gets to work and spends the morning working on it.
An assassin of Set killed the terrible priestess, not the Bast cult. However, the mightiest warrior of the sect, also her lover and personal bodyguard named Abu-Re, took there most devoted followers into those ancient passageways. For either 5 years or months, Rick is not sure,
(Rick found translation of the history of siege of Troy, turned out it lasted for 10 months not 10 year; have not brought that to public)
preparing the tomb. Body mummified in the embalming room we have already found, he killed anyone at temple who objected and tried to stop him, and created a ‘living mummy’. He bound mummies and lords of mummies to obey her. These he created from volunteers/chosen (unclear) to serve her in death as in life. Then a final step, the last of his followers mummified him so that he could serve her for all eternity. As the exited they set all the traps where they drank poison and died, leaving the temple abandoned until the current cult came closer to modern times.
Rick “Still, how to find her in there.”
Ama “There was a lowly scribe named Sinuay who had studied long and hard, and was touched by the gods so that he knew things. He lived at the same time, the only one left after the suicides. He left a treatise that told everything he knew which was unfortunately crumbled into dust long ago.”
Rick “So that’s useless.”
Ama “Except, part of it was copied by the priests of Osiris at the temple here at the gorge. They were returned when the origins of our sect took up residence here. I have a scroll that contains at least part of the information from Sinuay. But, it is written in hieratic which we do not know.”
Rick “I do, quite well.”
They bring the scroll from the archives and give it to Rick.
There are those who forsake all of eternity to exist amid the splendor of this life. Other bodies are preserved as husks to allow there ka to enter the afterlife. Other bodies are given the semblance of unlife through arcane rituals to move as if alive. Other bodies have unlife, a tiny portion of the spirit ka is left behind to animate the mummified bodies. These are Lords of Mummies, more powerful because the force is strong in them. But these bodies are prepared with mighty spells and the spirit ka is bound to it for all eternity. The mummies thus created are lords of the udnead. All of the lesser obey them. The ghoul, the walking dead, the wight, and the moving bones, and even lords of the mummies obey the LIving Mummy. For they have given the most to become the most powerful. And woe to you when the living mummy wakes from it’s long slumber. For then the earth will tremble in fear. For none can stop it unless these secrets be known. And therefore this message is left within the waiting place of such a one to help end its evil existance. Some of the mummies are ighty warriors, but others are weavers of mighty spells. Beware the magic of this creature, because they are not living weapons have little impact upon them. If you would make your weapons more effective you must coat your blades and arrows with a coating made form one part of those same leaves which gave the fiend life, crushed and mixed with 3 parts of dust from a destroyed mummy. To this mixture one must add blood from a living person of the race of slaves who worship the one god to make the paste.

Rick “Fritzy!”

The paste is only effective on weapons which penetrate the body of the Living Mummy. The bodies of mummies are brittle inside. Weapons most effective are weapons which pound its insides to dust. All but the most powerful of mummies fear fire, for it can consume them totally. I Sinewa the priest who has forsaken the gods of my people to worship one who is to come leave this statement: May the blessings of the sun god be with you.

Ama “What do you think.”
Rick “We have to make the paste with Rehotep’s dust and Fritz’s blood. That leaves where to find which leaves.”
Ama “Perhaps the pictures on the staircase.”
Rick Tarr double check it and sure enough, they are burning leaves at one point in the process. Rick and Tarr . Tarr recognizes them as an extinct Tana tree, gone for thousands of years."
Rick calls Ama and the priestesses.
Ama “Oh yes, we have plenty of those. Those are the sacred leaves.”
Ama allows Rick and Tarr to explore the corridors further, and Tarr comes across a relief of the making of the paste with hieroglyphs accompanying. Rick gets to work deciphering it, and its very mystical. A meeting of Rick, Tarr, Khansu (their arcane lore) and Fritz (his religious knowledge is helpful here) pieces together the proper ritual creation of the paste. It will require maybe 6 or 8 ounces of blood. Tarr still feels there must be a special way this needs to be done. Khansu says it is a ritual close to the Jewish god. For he is the god of life, and holds unlife to be unseen. The other gods tolerate it.
Fritz “If you’re going to do a blood sacrifice for Yaweh, there is a certain general prayer to go with it to shed that blood for God. We do need a bronze dagger, or even copper.” No problem there, we have such artifacts from all of the tomb loot.
1 oz will coat a blade, 1/10th for a bullet.
From the scribe’s information, we know to apply it to slashing and piercing weapons. So we want to make enough for Billy’s khopesh, Mundabi’s spear, and Rick’s khopesh and machete, and the rest for bullets.
So, Fritz says the prayer as he draws his blood into the bowl, Khansu mutters arcane words as he kneads the blood with the leaves and Rehotep dust into the paste. It creates 20 ounces of paste. That will cover the 4 melee weapons vs the priestess at least, then the rest in bullets and potential use in melee verses the mummy lords and lesser mummies.
Feather suggests we take a lot of the ammo breaking down bullets to create some primitive hand grenades. Sala’s men get to work, making 15 that do 2d6, but they weigh 1lb each.
While this is going on, Ama visits with a new find from Sinewa’s papers (see DM drawing): A crude drawing of the subterrainean passages! From it, Fritz and Rick decipher where they have been before. It seems we passed some potential secret doorways along the way which we need to find to reach wherever the undead lair is. Also, it has a tunnel to ghouls labelled (damn it); and one to ‘lizards and death’ (Hmm).
Rick, Fritz, Billy, Hobbes, Mundabi, Friday (carrying half the paste), Spalding,(with med. wounds), Tarr (carrying half the paste) and Feather, plus Sala and 4 of his men. Spalding, still hindered though he has healed from his heavy wounds quite quickly, refuses to stay behind.
We apply the paste to a bunch of bullets before we enter.

May 1

Bright and early, 5am, Rick leads the way in and down.
We take materials with us to make more paste if necessary.
By 6:00am we are 5 miles in, moving at a brisk pace to the pit room.
Note: Our general order in corridors is Rick in the front, Billy 10’ back and to a side, Fritz 5’ back and to his side, Friday 10’ behind Fritz; Tarr, Hobbes and Friday in the center; Mundabi, Feather and Spalding watching the rear with Sala and his men ahead of them.
Tarr after 6 miles “This is a good place for some breakfast.”
Rick “We eat on the move.” Fruits and vegetables from the Bast valley.
Tarr “Positively uncivilized!”
Rick “That’s the way we do things.”
Feather “But not unexpected from you, Rathbone. We understand you my good man, once you get moving it’s difficult to stop you.”
Mundabi “Rick is a man moving ever forward when things are happening. He’s not one to stop in Mombasa for a month for tea before he ventures into darkest Africa.”
Rick “I do still love my tea; and a drink and cigar.”
We continue to the circular room we visited before, with the pit in the center. Searching yields absolutely nothing.
Hobbes “That’s odd.”
Feather “What’s out next step.”
Rick “There has to be something. The hole.”
Secret stairwell going down.
Tarr “How did they ever excavate this so long ago.”
Rick leads the way, and decides to search the steps with a magnifying glass in detail. He notices that the stairs sound like there might be a cavity underneath.
“They move or shift in some way.”
On the right wall at the top steps he finds a faint crack. Looking closer he notices a hint of white, something stuck in the crack. He touches it.
“It’s soft, like material.” He is able to pull it out. “Ah! Linen mummy wrappings.” Now to find out how the wall opens. It does not push from. There are no handholds disguised as imperfections with which to pull, nor does it pivot on its center vertical or horizontal.
“There’s no hinge, so part of the wall must slide into itself. Help me push the extreme left, perhaps it will pivot.” Nothing. “Maybe on the side of the steps, near the floor. Something you can hit with your foot. And if it opens out, one would have to be on the top step to activate, because it would open across the next 2 steps.”
Sure enough, he finds a small projection!
Rick “YES!!”
He kicks it in and the wall pops out on the right, then slides into the wall on a slight angle toward the left on a slant all on its own.
Tarr “Amazing. A mechanism thousands of years old, at the push of a button. Arcane maybe.”
The opening is at an awkward position, raised from the steps but for the top one., yet off to the side of it. You would have to haul yourself up from the 2nd/3rd step, yet they seemed suspicious already.
Rick inspects further, and below the doorway a very small ledge is now projecting just an inch perhaps.
Rick “It must be a platform that slides out.” Along the side of the top step are tiny grooves, where such a ledge would slide through on its flank support. On the far side are small indentations now open, and tiny projections like pegs on the would be platform.
Feather “But why are the steps still hollow?”
Rick “The steps must be a trap. Drops you into a pit most likely.”
There is no obvious way too pull out the platform.
Tarr “Maybe something else around here changed, too.”
Pushing on the next step now, there is a slight give. Rick has Mundabi jam it hard with the butt of his spear and the steps collapse flat, making a slide into the depths. However, another tiny projection on the wall is new. Pushing that in releases the platform, but it only comes out 2/3 of the way before it malfunctions and grinds to a halt from age. Walking onto the platform, we stay close against the wall to keep the weight where there is the most support and round the corner into it.
Almost immediately in the cavity, by his carbide headlamp, Rick sees steps going down. He leads the way followed by Fritz, Feather and Spalding assisting Sala’s men in the rear.
Sinewa’s map is certainly not 100% accurate. Some things like the steps are marked only as if hallways. So some things may take a little figuring out.
The steps don’t go far, perhaps why they are not marked. It leads to a passage that goes about 4 miles where it turns right. Travelling for another hour and a half, now 11am. Getting close to tea.
Now turns left to stairs going up, and up and up and up for about a mile. A little rumbling in the ranks.
Rick “Just hold on men, there may be a room at the top.” At the top, to the left is a metal door with latch.
Hobbes “I don’t like that we are going toward the ghoul tunnel.”
Fritz listens at the door, nothing.
Rick “Everybody get back.” He is about to turn the latch when he stops and inspects the platform, seems fine. Now he pushes the door open into darkness, 2 eyes glaring in the light before he raises his lantern. It’s a huge cat, saber tooth, on a raised circular dais in the center of the circular room. It looks either fake or taxidermy. All around it along the edge of the dais are mummified cats, staring up at the big cat as if in awe. Door left and right, identical to the one through which we entered. We begin to enter. No writings on the dais, Rick has Fritz and Mundabi skirt the wall right, Billy with Rick along the left, making their way to the doors. The walls are plaster though. Spalding and Feather stand just inside the doorway.
Rick to those 2 “Keep you eyes on the cats. They may come to life.”
Rick orders a stop and complete quiet to listen, no noise. Rick moves to the dais, calling Tarr to meet him. Inspecting for writing and symbols, we find nothing, and nothing comes to unlife.
Spalding “Seems there’s nothing supernatural here for once.”
Calling Sala in, Rick orders him to start carefully peeling plaster while the rest of us stop for tea. Clearing the plaster reveals strange writings Rick and has never seen before as well as arcane symbols and writings. Also, among many things we don’t recognize are objects that look like space vehicles as well as a stylized and grandiose representation of a Pharaoh’s court, he wearing the crowns of upper and lower Egypt; but pharaoh has a tentacled face!
Sala, “Egypt was ruled by a tentacled pharaoh?”
Tarr “Not necessarily from what Rick is teaching me. There was no recorded pharaoh with tentacles certainly.”
So this is a mystery, like much all that is on these walls.
Although Rick “This could be Stygian, in any case Wilkerson at Miskatonic is going to love this place.”
Lots of pictures of lizard and snake like men. Also, perhaps a deity that is a huge snake, with arms that are snakes as well!
Rick “Some kind of super Set? A Stygian ruler?”
There is obviously no way to date these things currently, but Rick is certain that this also goes into the past far before ancient Egypt.
Tarr “It was surely covered by the Bast cult, but they didn’t write on it.”
Sala “Probably this Abu Re had much more important things to concern himself with at the time than art.”
Feather “Yet they must have felt that what was already here was wrong to leave in view.”
Hobbes gets pics of what we clean off.
After tea, Feather “If we’re worried about these cats coming to life we should destroy them.”
Fritz “I agree.”
Mundabi knocks one off the dais with its spear. As soon as it hits the ground, it starts to animate. At defense of 20 they are amazingly hard to hit, and Mundabi misses it. Then all begin to animate. Fritz fires at one-7 (after DR and half damage) but it is almost in pieces. Billy slashes one-8 DEAD. Spalding fires-4.
Sala retreats his men out the door we entered through.

Insert Battle pg 21 top 1:22:16

Through the left door into a room with no other exits. In the middle, a stone block with a sarcophagus atop. Everyone starts to enter, Rick inspects the center, the name of Horemheb inscribe. Underneath it says ‘Protector in death as in life of his priestess’.
Hobbes “That’s not his bodyguard.”
Fritz That was Abu…"
Rick “Abu Re.”
Mundabi “Nothing mentioned a Horemheb.”
Backtrack to the right room to get the lay of the land around us, which also easily opens to a small platform and steps going down.
Tarr “We should assume every mummy in here is undead.”
Feather “What’s the plan.”
Rick “We slide it open in opposite directions top and bottom, so it still rests on top. Be ready to fight. Dowse it in oil and light it. I’ll have the torch ready.”
Feather “I suggest dowsing it immediately rather than waiting to see if it comes to life.”
Sala and one of his men stand ready with the oil, Rick torch, Mundabi at the head and Fritz at the foot slide it open as Billy is ready with blade. The others stand back ready to fire. Peering in with torch, Rick sees the mummy, then its eyes open and the oil sprays. Rick drops the torch in and steps back as it ignites-8. The mummy leaps up to grab the lid and smash us with it! But it fails its str check and falls back into the coffin, the slab crashing back atop.
Rick “Stand back, watch it burn. As soon as it stands hit it!”
The pasted shells of Fritz-9 an 5 paste; Spalding-4 and 6 paste; Feathers bullet hits and does only 10paste. The paste now does 2d10 as it has build up! Billy fires rifle-3 and 17 paste.
The mummy picks up the slab again and tosses it at Tarr-10 and Feather-17 KO’d to negative 4. Mummy burns for 7 with a supernatural roar.
Spalding misses with his 2nd barrel as does Fritz. Billy’s shot hits-2 and 16 paste. Now all hits do 3d10. The fire does 6 more and it collapses destroyed. Tarr administers to Feather and he is able to get up with 1wp left. He now must continue on with heavy wounds!
The steps going down on the map are not these steps. We take the steps for now, goes 50’ and takes a right, now in the right direction.
Mundabi “This SInua’s map very crude indeed.”
As Rick reaches the bottom step, there is a clicking sound. Spalding, in the rear with Sala and his men ahead of him, tells Sala to stay.
“I hear something back here I’m going to check it out” and runs back into the circular room. Mundabi starts quickly making his way from the front to Spalding. Spalding sees a secred door has opened in the room and several mummies coming so he high tales it back, closing door behind him.
To Mundabi “We’re cut off and mummies heading this way.” They come back and report. Sala’s men line up at bottom ready to fire as soon as they see the first mummy. They are packing pasted rounds.

Insert Battle restart pg 21 45:38

We continue along corridor some 100 yards to another set of steps down 1/4 mile where the corridor continues 6 miles. We eat lunch on the move down this corridor. Now at least 1:30. T section, to left a passage, to right steps down. It looks like the steps, unmarked on map, should lead to ghouls.
Rick goes down a few steps and sniffs, smells like ghoul for sure. There is a x on the map at this intersection, which has meant a room thus far but no room here. We take the left passage. About 4 miles later turns left.
Rick pointing out the map to Fritz “Either we’re still in here and there is an unmarked passage going left, or we are at the marked left here and the straight path is the unmarked path.”
Hobbes “Great.”
2 more miles straight, to 2 miles of upward steps. We rest for a short bit before taking the steps.
The passage left is 20’ wide though, while the one we have been in is 10’. Rick steps in and the light immediately reveals a 10’ wide double door 15’ high, far sooner than the map indicated the tomb. Hieroglyphs are present, along with lots of relief. The excavation here is more primitive as you enter this wider passage, so the Bast cultists cut the existing older passage to be larger.
There was a seal on the door, which is broken.
Mundabi “Because it’s getting out. This mummy goes a long way each time it wants to get out of here.”
Spalding “It does only come out once a month or so.”
Hobbes “Even if t has another, secret way out behind here we are well into the canyon walls nonetheless.”
Rick translates the top The hall of pleasures. Upon the doors by the seal in large glyphs Thieves and villains beware, beyond lies death for those w ho would attempt to desecrate the living chambers of Sekhmet. These are the chambers in which she will dwell during her undeath.
Rick “We know there is still her and Abu Re, her bodyguard. And Sinua implied other lesser mummies. Be ready.”
Hobbes “Hopefully her and Abu Re are all that remains.”
Rick “The question is should we paste our weapons now? The melee weapons?”
Billy “Do you think we are truly near her?”
Rick “Looks like we are unless this is a trick, but the excavation of this hall is a bit much for a trick.”
We paste Kholan’s sword, Rick’s machete and khopesh, and Mundabi’s spear as well as more rounds.
Sala to his men “Be on guard men.”
The doors have handles, but checking closely Rick sees that the ground is dustless, traffic regular and recent says Billy. The right door has loosened over the years and scrapes the floor so leave it so as not to make too much noise. Mundabi pulls the left open, Rick standing with a bullseye lantern beside Billy at the ready. Fritz’s .50 trained behind them.
In the light we see what appears to be people as far as we can see.
Billy “Sahib!”
Rick pauses putting a hand up at Billy to stand ground “Bullocks.” He doesn’t believe it. Walking in, he can then see they are motionless statues, though very lifelike representations.
Rick “Everyone can breath.”
Billy “In my experience these always come to life. We should destroy them all.”
Rick “No, I think we’re all right.” He waves everyone in behind him, saying to fan out a little. Feeling a couple statues, Rick finds they are of plaster and terracotta, and the room is well lit not as lifelike as they seemed initially.
The room (see DM sketch) is quite large, wider than deep. The atmosphere of the scene is one of a great party and banquet of dancing girls, people drinking and eating, playing the game sennett, intimate moments on couches. The side walls recess into semicircular alcoves at their middle. In the center of the room is a large rug that was once of high quality, of cats and people living in harmony, flanked by fountains of Bast statues with only a trickle of water coming from them now. At the center of the far end off the room is a dais with a large statue of a great cat, highly lifelike. On the nearest part of the right wall is a closed doorway, still sealed. In each alcove are rows of warriors against the walls. The alcoves are otherwise full of the statues of cats and people playing together.
Fritz “Breaking it?”
Rick “Let’s check the statue yet.” Nothing strange about it, and a search reveals no secret doors.
Sala “You’ve had problems with stone statues coming to life before, Richard. Do we smash it?”
Billy “Yes?”
Rick “Yes?”
Fritz “Billy wants to destroy as much as possible down here, I think.”
Billy “I never trust these things now.”
Rick “If it is going to animate we aren’t going to be able to just break it. It will just animate once we hit it anyway. Best to leave it alone for now. Make sense?”
Billy is apprehensive.
On the right side Fritz sees that several statues are knocked over, especially in a few more crowded clusters. Rick comes over to see, and 7 in total are found. They have been knocked completely over. Rick starts to inspect them.Rick has a hunch there is a secret door at the top of the recess where there is a knocked over statue close to the wall.
Feather "Are we going to break the seal on this doorway and open it?
Rick “I’d like to check this wall out.”
Spalding “What makes you say that?”
Rick has followed the general path of the fallen statues from the entrance to the top of the alcove where there is a fallen statue right beside the wall. “I have a hunch there is a secret door right around here.”
Searching, he finds one! To the right of the statue on the ground. A sound of sliding and grinding gears as the wall pulls out a few inches then stops.
Rick exclaims in triumph!
Finding a catch in the wall, it pulls open revealing a corridor.
We refresh our drinking water at the fountains. Rick is still suspicious about the position of a couple of the fallen statues, being quite out of line to the entrance but decides to keep going for now.
2 miles and steps lead up to a dead end but of set stones.
Rick looking around “There are few dead ends. Only secret doorways and deathtraps. Everyone get back.” He searches, finding the dust well disturbed up to the dead end. Checking the end wall closer, finds grooves and false mortar in the shape of a square opening. He and Fritz push and a 4’ wide x 4 or 5’ square slides inward about 2" but then stops. At the top, he sees a crack into a likely cavity above. Checking the botton, there are ground out holes in the floor so as to life from the bottom. He figures it might be lighter than it looks but calls Billy and Mundabi to lift, Rick ready with light.
It’s not lighter, but it is counterweighted. We hear the clicking as they lift. Behind is a passage 8’ wide, 8’ high, 20’ long before opening into a room. We start moving in, Rick left Billy behind, Fritz right Mundabi behind. On the left, the floor starts giving way, splitting downthe middle. Rick and Billy jump right and barely make it. The pit is 4’ wide and 12’ long. Billy kneels at the floor and sees that at the 12’ mark, the dust is far more prevalent on ahead on the right side but clearer on the left ahead of the trap. So ahead of the trap, the other side of the hall falls in. You can go up the right side then must walk to left side to be safe.
Rick “Good spot, Billy. Direct everyone as they come in.”
Rick and Fritz lead the way into the room, trapezoid in shape, Mundabi next. There is a table against the left and right walls, and one in the middle, all running parallel to each other. They have loot on them! A bit past the middle table is a sarcophagus. Rick and Billy approach it. On the wall behind is a warning not to disturb the rest of Sekhmet, priestess of Bast. Friday and Sala’s men watch our rear just in case. The lid is not sealed, has definately been opened. Rick searches for secret doors, checking the floors for disturbances but finds nothing obvious, while the others watch the coffin. Tarr and Hobbes are just at the end of the corridor where the room opens, the others move into the room.
Fati of the sticky fingers, one of Sala’s 3rd lvl men here, passes Tarr trying to be inconspicuous.
Tarr “Hold on there, man.”
Hobbes moves to stop him as he picks up a statue off of the middle table “Fati, get back in line. Sala’s going to have you!”
Sala begins moving up the corridor, angrily. There’s a whipping coming. Sala is a professional, and does not suffer actions lightly. Hobbes grabs the statue and puts it back.
Rick “Put that back exactly where it was, Hobbey.”
Fati suddenly screams, clutching hand and arm (that which touched the statue) “Oh god, the curse of the old gods is on me! The curse of the mummy! AH EEEE!” falling to his knees in pain then onto his back.
Rick “Tarr see to him.”
Hobbes grabbing his arm, but not in such bad shape as Fati “What’s the matter with my arm?”
Contact poison.
Hobbes “Wash it off, wash it off!”
Rick “See to Hobbes first!”
Tarr dowses Hobbes’ hand and arm in water as Sala does the same to Fati. Hobbes take 2 str and 1 con damage, Fati 2 of each. Their right hands will be useless for a few hours as it will be swollen.
Mundabi “Maybe just what Fati needs to cure those sticky fingers.”
Sala to his men “Anyone else want to pick something?” then slaps him across face with a backhand “Now you learn boy!?”
Fati “But sir, I am crippled forever.”
Sala “Maybe, and you deserve it and worse!”
Fati “I can’t use my trigger finger.”
Sala “You had better hope you don’t have to shoot then.”
Tarr checks the statue, and the gold is missing where it was touched with wood underneath. Everything is the room is fake treasure. We set lighting up around the room.
We prepare to open sarcophagus. It is not sealed. We slide the lid as we did the last mummy, Fritz and Mundabi opening. There is more of the poison on the lid. Fritz’s gloves protect him and Mundabi saves but can feel minor pain from it. Tarr washes his hands off. After a minute, he starts to shiver a bit but shakes it off.
“I Mundabi the Masai will not be tainted by evil spirits of ancient Egypt.” Rick, who also has gloves, pushes with Fritz instead. Inside is a beautifully adorned mummy, without a deathmask. A couple seconds later, the eyes open. Feather unleashes a heap of oil onto her, Billy and Mundabi ready attacks as Tarr tosses the torch into the coffin and it lights-9. Fritz grabs his rifle, Spalding readies a shot.
She opens her mouth, followed by an inhuman roar.. The flaming mummy grabs the lid as she stands and picks it up. Billy’s AoO hits-8/7paste and his readied action-10/8 paste; Mundabi stabs-6/10 paste; Hobbes starts the cinematograph. She burns for 18 more and crumbles to death into the coffin.
Hobbes “There’s something happening here!” as the tables and sections of the floor directly underneath are raising. Underneath, in a cavity, we see 2 heads slowly raising underneath each. Hobbes grabs the camera and moves back into the corridor.
Rick “Grenades, now!”
From the point of view of the entrance, Rick moves to the middle and rolls one in-17/8, Billy follows and stands at the ready. Spalding rolls one to the left-5/11 and Feather the right-10/10. Mundabi readies to charge to the left as Fritz moves beside Feather.

Insert Battle pg 21 bottom 1:13:07

Sala brings all his men in, ordering them to touch nothing. We leave a couple men at a time to watch the corrider back.
Getting to evening now take a breather in this room and have tea. Rick begins searching for secret doors in the meantime while he sips, starts on the floor and wall behind her coffin. He then moves left.
Tarr approaches Rick “Rathbone, do you believe this was her?”
“I’m not so sure. It was too easy. I’m fairly certain she will be with Abu Re.”When he gets to the end of the first angled section section he finds one!
Feather to Rick “We’ve really been moving in here. You thing we should stop for an extended rest and enter that secret passage in the morning?”
Rick “My first thought is to keep moving unless anyone protests.”
Tarr to the PC’s “You are all walking alacrity.”
No one protests so after a rest we shut the secret door we entered. Checking this side of it, there are handholds on this side to pull it down, but only on this side.
Spalding “So someone had to be in here, alive and trapped, in order to close it.”
It comes down harder than up so Fritz and Mundabi do it, then has to push to click it in place.
A small platform before steps spiraling downward.
Feather “Are we taking everyone from here or leaving some behind?”
Rick “Everybody comes” but his question makes Rick think of “but we should take only an advanced group down the steps first.” Thanks Feather.
The 4 PC’s find a 10’ wide hall to the bottoom which turns to the right at about 30’ into darkness. We call everyone else to start down. About 100’ down it ends in a door, but half way down Rick notices an askew part of the wall. It is a secret door. We move to the actual door first. Here, Rick pauses, spidey sense tingling. He orders everyone else to back off.
Rick “I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about this.”
He sets down a lantern as well as turning on his headlamp. The door looks copper or bronze colored, hinged on this side at the right, handle on the left.
Rick “Looks like it opens out.” No writings around it nor in the hallway anywhere.
It just looks odd to Rick, so he pulls out the magnifying glass. Sala comes up and joins him at the door. They both notice, at the same time, that the ceiling has a groove running along all 3 sides of the ceiling all the way back to the secret door then crosses the hall. He runs down and gets a couple ment to boost him. So far as he can tell, nothing is holding the roof up.
Rick “There’s got to be something holding it.”
Sala “From above.”
Rick “Yes.”
Sala “There is surely something funny here, trapfinder.”
Probing and scraping the thin space between the door and wall he figures it out. The probing scraped the color off of the door, revealing bedrock beneath. Also, the door thin space between door and surrounding wall does not go all the way through but hits solid instead. The door is fake. The handle is a metal shaft though, and does go into the stone. No doubt the ceiling crushes all underneath as soon as one turns it.
Spalding watching “How does he know? How does he find these things?”
Billy matter of factly “Because he is Rick sahib.”
The secret door pushes in and slides to the side. Corridor 40’ to steps, but at 20’ there is an opening to the right.
Rick “This place is amazing. What possible use could this complex have originally been.”
Rick begins to wonder if we are on the wrong track. What if the Bast cult never came down here. They would have set off the trap if they did most likely.
Rick “I’d hate to keep going to nothing, but we can’t not find what we’re looking for.”
Tarr “Unless they made it.”
Sala “I assure you the craftsmanship here is of the Bast cult quality, not the masterful work of before.”
After this few minutes of thought and talk, we continue.
The opening 20’ down the hall leads to another passage with short flight of steps. At the bottom is a passage of short steps leading to a hall full of red sandstone rubble as far as we can see and a long corridor continuing past that hall. That leads to what is a trap. It splits straight and north but both turn toward each other at 20’ and meet. Rick smells a trap out, pressure plates just around each turn which drop blocks to trap anyone reaching the corner forever there.
Going back up the first steps there are stairs to the left and a straight corrider ending in a T. Atop the steps there is a dead end with centuries old pallets that was a rest area for diggers. The T goes right to steps down and the left turns at 10’ to steps down.
Hobbes “This place is absurd! We should capture Abu Re, imprison him in an Iluminati sub basement, and let him suffer for eternity.”
We go right, which then turns right to a dead end. There is an altar to Gast and real treasure! Rick notes that it must be checked for poison later. We go back to the other steps and it goes for a bit before a couple turns leads to steps into a large are with sleeping pallets and a table. Sitting there are 5 skeletons in priestly garb and one in priestess dressing, slumped onto the table, the food and drink they were eating in front of them. The hands of 2 are entwined.
Rick "They closed the area off, this is their last supper then they drank poison is my guess.
The final hall in this area leads to a room that is essentially a pit with a 3’ ledge skirting it all the way around, and a few stone bridges crossing it. On the opposite side is a corridor out. The 20’ pit is full of 5’ wooden spikes.
Rick "Would have been impossible to get anything heavy across here.
Sala confirms this is again Bast craftsmanship.
Tarr “They must have dug it out afterward.”
We decide to retreat now for an longer rest. It is very late into the night. We retreat to the octagon room, clearing the fake treasure and using table wood for small cooking fires. The rest passes uneventfully. Our rest is short however, only some 5 hours at most. Being in here so deep and so long has played with our bodies sense of time somewhat. That and Rick’s alacrity keeps us going.

May 2

We go straight to the pit room. Rick inspects this end of each bridge, checking underneath and stomping on the first couple feet. Seems solid. After considering risking a bridge or the ledge himself first, he thinks for a few moments.
Rick “Stakes are wood, probably weak.”
Tarr “Yes. What are you planning?”
Rick “I’d say, 5’ tall on average.” They are spaced extremely close together, tons of them.
Tarr “To anyone falling, almost certain death. You’d be implaled far down the shafts. Tips look barbed as well.”
Fritz “Spearheads look diamond shaped. 4 edges, all barbed too.”
Hobbes “Terrific.”
Tarr “More damage coming out than going in.”
Rick considers the possibility of the whole room being a trap, just to make people walk across in hopes enough fall to weaken numbers.
Tarr “So, what were you thinking?”
Rick “I’m thinking we have plenty of rubble in that passage back there. Let’s bring up enough small boulders up into this room to hurl them over the edge here until we bust up a patch just below big enough for a person. Then someone goes down and cuts us a path across.”
Sala forms everyone into a fire brigade line to bring boulders up efficiently. Fritz is lowered down with Mundabi’s orinoko club and crushes a path across.
Spalding “Now we can try to cross over the path.”
Rick “Don’t even have to.”
Feather “We walking across the bottom?”
Tarr “How are we going to secure a rope to the ceiling to lower us and climb back up?”
Rick “Don’t have to.” He gets a rope from Billy, ties it into a lasso, and whips it around the edge of the bridge, putting the end through the lasso and tightens it around the stone bridge. “We go down this. On the other side we’ll toss another up and over, secure it the same way, and climb out.”
Spalding “You want to figure out what the trap in here is?”
Rick “Not at this moment.”
We get across and up with no issues.

Corridor goes 40’ before turning north for 20’ to a 4 way. Straight is a door, left 20’ and turns north, right 40’ and turns north. Checking the 2 turns first, the left ends in 10’ at dead end with a sarcophagus there.
Rick “Odd.” As soon as he steps around the corner the lid is slid off and an angry mummy starts to climb out.
Rick “Billy, I need you!” as he backs to the corner. Billy appears instantly, Fritz not far behind.
Rick “No guns, no noise.”

Insert Battle bottom pg.21 2:57:00

Now the right passage, it turns a few times ending in another sarcophagus at a deadend. We leave that and turn back. As the group r everses, we hear a click and from the dead end another mummy begins to come out of the coffin and a secret door opens at what is now our front revealing 2 more! Mundabi, Spalding and Feather are at the front vs the secret door mummies; Billy, Rick and Fritz vs the coffin mummy.

Insert Battle bottom pg.21 3:06:15

Back to the straight corridor and the stone door. It pushes open into a large octagonal room, piled with treasure from the era of Sekhmet the priestess. There is a statue in the center of Abu Re, holding some kind of tube in his hands. We move in and around carefully, our lanterns casting an eerie glow about the room, the shadows of the treasures dancing along the walls as if monsters lurk around us.
Rick moves to the tube and looks through. There is a crosshairs in it, so Rick directs Hobbes to the spot on the wall and he marks it with chalk. Searching the spot close up with his glass, the mortar is fake and if you were to push the 4 stones tilt in.
Rick “This seems almost too easy.”
Rick gets Mundabi’s spear and pushes on the spot, opening a door right beside it. Rick peers into a hallway. Around us we hear a series of clicking, and from each wall a sliding spot of the wall opens with a mummy behind each!

Insert Battle; start of pg 22 octagon fight

We rest and make more paste, which we have run out of after this last fight. Through the secret door and shortly to a room, 1 exit at opposite end. A table sits in the middle, ancient artifacts on it from Sekhmet’s day including gold. The walls are plastered over again, Sekhmet age writings. Very likely more Proto History relief underneath!!
Rick starts peeling plaster off, and is immediately momentarily blinded by the flash of light from beneath.
Pyramid, the sphinx, people in Egyptian garb. Rick says the details are all wrong. Pyramid has big eye at the top of it. A head dress looks familiar, in an archive of Miskatonic, shown to him by Wilkerson who claimed it was a statuette from the Proto History, a priest of Stygia!! This priest is performing a sacrifice atop the pyramid. Thousands of years before Egypt.
We will clear this off on the way out.
Down another corridor to a metal door, latched. We open it into a 30′ × 30′ room, 2 other doors lead out. Room is empty. When the first couple of us step into another corridor a click and the door slams, the room begins to spin on a central axis, then stops. It splits the party. Serious trouble here!!
Mundabi and Spalding together are accosted by a mummy in armor leading a couple others.
Another group opens their door and gears grind again, things shift after all doors slam shut.
It takes almost a minute for Rick and Billy to straighten things out and realize how this is all working, making it to the mummy battle.

Insert Battle, pg 22. 0:43:00

Rick thinks this is a dead end as far as the Bast cult and Sekhmet. There is no way they built this, nor any way they would have brought their funerary procession this way. We get everyone together and backtrack.
The 3 mummies were guards under the Cpt of the Guard, came out of a secret room just to themselves, with treasures and their sarcophagi!
There must be some secret way we missed. Back in the treasure room Rick gets lucky, seeing something amiss with the floor underneath the table, the exact size of the table, leading to steps leading down into a rough hewed passage.
Down, straight, and up. We find the way around the spinning room. We leave the door leading to it alone. The Egyptians carved this out in order to bypass it.
Continuing on, no sound at all still, to a false door dead end. To its right, Rick quickly finds a secret door to a long corridor, one passage to right also down steps.
Tracking the disburbed dust and such, they pass multiple halls to another false door dead end. Again, secret door to its right.
Spears fire out at him, Rick hits the deck as the pass over his head. A block of ceiling drops on Fritz behind him, barely missing smashing his legs as he jumps.
Behind the secret door is solid rock. It was entirely a trap where Rick now is separated from the others.
The others take 20 to find a release catch. Eventually, after an hour, Hobbes finds it.
Tarr “I think the first secret door on the right of the false door was just to set us up for this one also on the right.”
Down real passage now to a stone door. Ahead, we find a Proto History door that had been ripped off. Then, a loud screeching sound like mechanical then momentarily a glow ahead of us in the room just beyond the torn open door.
The floor is covered with 10′ × 10′ stones in a checker board formation. Globes in the ceiling are glowing. The screech is now the hum of electricity. 10 copper points on one wall point across to 10 metal discs.
2 plaques, one in Aklo Rick does not know, another in Hieratic, a cryptic clue of the rooms workings.
Tarr is amazed at the technology. Repeating this is impossible for thousands of years ago. Using static to create electric bolts.
We get across quite easily actually, and through the door on the other end. The hum shuts down behind us.
Following a winding corridor to a door, scribed w/ Egyptian as the tomb of the high priest of Sekhmet. Bast is crossed out, and in its place…..SET!! She was a traitor, the tortuous witch. Worshipping Set in secret.
Within, beautiful ancient room from 800 years ago. This is it, the final confrontation.
We see 3 beautiful women before us.
The middle one, in lovely accented English “WElcome, I am Sekhmet. Welcome to my abode.”
We begin to enter, Rick and Billy leading the way. She points to delicious looking food and drink, beckoning us to sit and enjoy. She claims it has been the mummies, not she, who have been terrorizing the Bast cult. That she has indeed changed her allegiance to Set, and that is why Bast through her priestesses has sent us to destroy her. She has no control over the mummies out there. No one does. “These are my people”. Abu Re, she says, created them all to protect her. She calls him out, and a massive muscular Egyptian man joins us saying he had no idea they would begin attacking, that they care nothing for the people of the world, but also have no animosity toward them either.
She claims she tortured until Set showed her the error of my ways. Yeah, right!
She says Set has showed her that such a gift of causing pain should only be used to further the right cause.
She insists the we need not fight. Turned to worship Set after her internment by her love. He administered the poison to her, to bring her back, and see the great of the darkness of Set.
Rick “Then someday he will do evil.”
She actually confirms this. But tries to use the ‘a baby who will grow to be a monster is still only a babe". As if she is the baby. We don’t go for that.
Her flesh is cold to the touch as a mummy, no blood courses through her veins.
“Unlike lesser mummies, we can still feel pleasure and emotion.”
They have chosen the path of darkness.
Her “There is no persuading you? You choose to fight?”
Rick “All your mummies did was attract the wrong people, us, to enter here to destroy you.”
He admits that is his mistake.
They say they slept for hundreds of years before awaking. When? The time of the great war between men and evil has arrived. All the forces of darkness are being called for it. “Perhaps someday you and I will meet on the battlefield. But that day is not yet.”
She begs us to stay, feast one last night in peace, and then go.
She conjures out of thin air more fruit.
They are too powerful for us, she insists, her power beyond our comprehension. She calls Re Hotep a fool. She has no secrets stacked against him, no weaknesses. We can not win.
She asks for one last prayer “and then we fight”.
Fritz’s star of David around his neck begins to get hot. He pulls it out, and she and Abu Re hiss in fear “Get it out of our sight!”
She and Abu Re vanish, the illusion of the other 3 women does as well and the now rotted mummies attack.

Insert Battle 2:21:00 pg 22

Most of the mummies are burned up. Sekhmet and Abu Re Rick orders them alone readied to carry out. They will be great research on undead mummy creation and powerful dust for making more anti mummy paste.
We are very beat up. Sala failed a Threshold save to neg 1, couple people are down, few others just into would points. We spend the rest of the day and night resting here and eating their food/drink.

May 3

Another day of full rest. By evening though, everybody, even those injured, are just too eager to get out of here to stay here any longer.
We begin our march out. It will be straight through, with frequent short rests and a couple hours in each of the 2 main plaster rooms with the Proto History material underneath. We deplaster them completely, taking many rubbings and full pictures.

2nd room contains high and/or low Aklo! Johnny will give me a certain percentage depending on my roll. He has the translations. As we take it down further, Sala’s men get nervous as one wall glows slightly reddish. The scene is like a montage, which seems to waver at first. Stygia, other cultures architecture likely contemporaneous with it; Structures are falling in ruins, huge red orb in the sky, lots of flames, causing great destruction. Rick’s first thought is Cthugha. There is low Aklo script.
Looking closely at the scene causes Rick a sanity check which he makes. In the red, it becomes clearer. He begins to see outlines, like continents. It comes to look like an alien planet. A sound in his mind screams faintly in fear “The Red Eye of Azathoth!”
Clearing the last wall, Rick finds more script. He suspects it may be a cursive Aklo, like Hieratic is to Hieroglyphs. He breaks some of it down (Johnny has this file). Positive proof many of the gods of myth were real kings and princes and queens and such of Proto History! The numbers 11 and 56 may be there, and important. Still need a copy.
Fritz says that in Jewish Kabala numerology, these are not significant. But they share a mystic relationship. 5 and 6 add up to 11. The number of ways to express 11 in positive integers is 56. It’s an ‘abundant’ number. 56 is the eleventh abundant number.
Lots of pictures and rubbings taken including all the script!
Rick says he has heard of some formula, in arcanology, called the Last Theorum, that these numbers may have something to deal with. Understanding it drives one mad. Sounds apocalyptic. The key to understanding it lies in 2 specific numbers. If this is all true, we may have the 2 numbers!

About 20 hours later, we exit into the Bast valley!
We rest all through the remainder of May 4th and all of May 5.

May 6

Evening we move out, leaving the epic Gorge of Osiris behind. At least, for now. For without doubt Rick wants to return for the some of the full archaeological dig.
We are led across the desert by 3 Omar’s Riders, cutting the corner as planned to get to Thebes rather than following the caravan’s route south to Farnoc then East to Thebes.

We leave any few arcane rounds from Tarr, and extra paste we have, with Omar’s Riders.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 12

April 28

After 3 days of rest and Khansu performing the proper ceremonies, we make our move on the statue disguised serpent creature. Spalding and Feather still too wounded to join us. We pass out more magic bullets, and it’s a good thing we did. It has DR 12! Spalding loans his elephant gun to Sala who joins us with his men, the RC far too wounded.
The 9 evil objects are split between Khansu, Friday and Hobbes

Insert Battle at last session Restart

Mundabi lost 7 sanity in this fight, Hobbes 6. (what voice are we talking about at 1:27:?

At the back of the room we spring a trap, but Billy and Rick deftly spring back and avoid falling straight down. Hewn into the rock wall is a V shaped room. Rick finds a secret pivot in the floor leading to a 30’ drop. Carrying a torch Rick is lowered past beautifully colored reliefs the entire way down, but of dreadful scenes. Lovejoy now joins us for the final push.
There, is a room identical in shape ending in a large stone vault 5’ wide and high, the length of the 10’ east wall, sealed with silver salder.
Fritz lowers Billy down next as Rick begins a general search. There is loot too! Everyone gets down but for Friday bringing up the rear. As he tries to descend, he is blocked at the very top by an invisible field of force.
Rick “I think Rehotep only wants the worthy of sacrifice.”
Friday tosses his plus 10 AC statue down to us. Hobbes makes it through. The evil relics Friday carried are spit among Hobbes and Khansu.
We get the digging tools lowered to us and break the crypt open, but its empty.
Friday from above “Buana, the ceiling, the ceiling!” A triangular portion of the ceiling begins being driven down and smashes through the pivot. Before we could possibly get up the rope the top is sealed and rope cut. It’s now an emergency situation as the slab will crush the enire room.
Sebastian “I don’t think we can hope the vault stops it.”
Rick begins searching the vault in earnest, the others pounding on walls hoping to get lucky. Rick thinks he detects hollow wall. Fritz and Billy start trying to break through as Rick begins to search the walls around it. The vault pivots, dumping Fritz into darkness behind. A cavity! We quickly crawl in as the ceiling crushes all within the room. But, it does not seal us in for it is not as thick as the opening is tall We can climb atop the crushing ceiling to get out.

We are now in a hall ending in a dead end. On the end wall are relief carvings of 2 snaky demons. Pushing on the demons opens the hidden door into a room 30 × 30 × 30. A huge ornate door on the far wall is 20’ high and about 6’ wide. To the right, a 20’ wide alcove with 2 of the ugly green pillars in front of it. Incredible artwork covers the alcove which house a huge ornate coffin. As we stand and watch, the lid slides off effortlessly falling behind it. A 7’ tall muscular figure of Rehotep, recognizable from the relief, stands up in the coffin.
Rick “That door, the pool must be behind it.”
Rehotep “For ages I have waited for youcoming.” The 2 pillars begin to glow as he talks. “As you die, your souls will power my ascent.”
Rick “We are here with more knowledge than you realize.”
Rehotep “The items that you bring belong to me! Hand them over.”
Rick “Never.”
Rehotep “Then I and my minions will kill you.”
Rick “Let’s give it the ol’ British try.”
Rehotep calls “Utet Nabu! Bring your minions!”
The door opens quickly and the vampire stands there! It’s a tough spot. Beyond him we see what is surely the Pool of Eternity.
Rehotep “Keep these fools from the Pool of Eternity while I kill them one by one.”
Vampire turning to us “You fools believe you can kill him?”
Rick “We are here to destroy him utterly.”
Utep turning to Rehotep “Then die fool, and let me have my freedom!” He begins to turn to mist! He’s leaving! He has been trapped here for millenium and has freedom, but if Rehotep ascends he’ll go back to being his vampire lackey. He must not relish the thought and likes things how they are.
Rehotep with hatred to Utep “NO!!” then to us “Stop where you are! Any of you who move towards that door will die immediately.”
Rick “Bollocks!”
Utep suddenly ceases to mist and charges Rehotep (card)!

Billy’s first attack is with the frenzy of Khali herself(card).
Fritz’s first shot is crushing for Rehotep, lodging in his neck and (card) treated as continuous damage vs concentration checks.
An angel is surely above Fritz, as his gun is plus 2 for the fight (card).

Insert Battle 1st restart pg 14 bottom 1:00:00

Rehotep is destroyed. The rest of the day is spent resting and relishing victory.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 11

April 25

During the days of rest, seeing as Omar was somewhat ‘in the know’ about the arcane and supernatural, Rick asks Omar’s Riders to send most of their numbers out to find more of Omar’s tribe, the goal being to bring many back so as to guard the gorge from the evil nomads who had allied with the Rehotep priest. We assume we will be leaving soon, afterall. They agree wholeheatedly and depart.
Atmu is given a proper burial at the temple.

(see beginning of pg 14 bottom for Fritz’s love interest backstory!!)

Back into the tomb, straight to where we left off. It is all as we left it. Tarr is still making bullets interspersed with recuperation.
The Sgt and Lovejoy in charge of guarding camp. Lt Bromhead leads a squad of the 7 healthy Red Coats with us again.
Friday carries a 4 bundle of dynamite.
We recheck distribution of some of holy figurines:
Billy: plus 10 damage; can not be dominated
Rick: half damage
Friday: plus 10 AC
Feather: immunity energy drain
Khansu: nothing, we gamble that we can protect him

We check the doorways to the flanks first, plenty of lanterns lit. Billy, Rick, Sebastian, Hobbes to right; Fritz, Mundabi, Friday, Feather left; Redcoats in center of main room, Kansu with them; Spalding at rear.

Rick peers down passage, it goes furthur than can see. About 15’ there is an opening, about 50’ in there is an opening, and another at about 60 turning left. Fritz sees same but they all turn right. As we stand, Fritz sees a figure step out into the hall at almost the end of his light. Seems like a female wearing sheer, transluscent silk.
She cries out plaintively “Help me, save me!”
Fritz thinks ‘right, cause there are plenty of nude women in tombs trapped by ancient mummies’.
Then, at the opening 15’ in a huge 7’ tall figure emerges. Big and bulky, wrapped like a mummy, eyes glowing red.
It speaks in ancient Egyptian first, but Fritz can not understand.
Fritz in Hebrew “Who stands there?”
It responds in kind "Go back. Do not approach the brides of Rehotep.
A few more women step out behind it, and it turns its head and yells something sternly in Egyptian. The women scurry back from where they came.
Rick now sees women peering from the passages as well. Another huge mummy shows itself to him and says in ancient Egyptian “Do not molest the brides of Rehotep” before disappearing again.
Seemingly, they are not attacking. We decide to leave them be, we must be at full strength versus Rehotep. As we continue on some of the girls cry out too rescue them.
At the end of the main room, 3 steps lead to a raised end of the room 20’ deep and 60’ wide. Rick and Fritz slowly lead the way up. A rough hewn stone statue stands to each side of dark stone, probably basalt. They are not Rehotep nor Set, one is a hyena man, on the other a dog faced woman. Beyond them are 5 pillars, 2 larger than the other 3. They are reminiscent of those in the evil room we tore apart.
The male stature is of a gotesque gray basalt, with a somewhat deformed but muscular build. It is essentially like a werewolf, but hyena instead. It reeks of vileness to all who gaze upon it. The woman is a misshapen creature of the same stone. Herr face is as if it combines the worst features of women/baboon/canine. Truly beastial and of demonic appearance. The arms are a bit too long. They are truly horrific to look upon, likely demon creatures. Rick, after thinking for a moment, believes he recognizes the woman as a demon called Ghul, mother off the ghula. The man Gholl, the father of the ghula. Oddly, so far as Rick knows, they have nothing directly to do with Set.
We then detect a putrid stench, and see black passageways behind each statue from which it emanates. As we step slowly further up, our frontmost light reveals a huge statue behind the pillars of the otherworldly green stone. A serpent wound up, but 5 pairs of arachnoid legs, the top 2 of which end in pincer like hands. The head is that of a huge alligator at least 10 long and rests slightly open leaving its great fangs for all to see. The tail ends in the stinger of a scorpion.
Fritz to Rick “Look at that thing, past the head down at the body. Look carefully and keep your eyes in one place.”
It’s then Rick notices what Fritz did with great skill: the body very slightly expands and contrasts. It’s breathing though totally still otherwise!
Friday from behind whispers to Fritz “What are you going to do?”
Fritz “Nothing, unless Rick wants me to put a round into it.”
Rick gestures Spalding to the front with Fritz, hunting rifles at the ready. The RC form their firing line at the base of the steps.
Rick to the hunters at the top of the steps “Watch it for a second” and moves carefully toward the passage on the right.
Sebastian from behind “I’d bet the royal jewels that it will stay put, until the moment someone steps into its area behind those pillars.”
As he walks across, Rick can see a large statue of Set behind the snake, and the back of the room which is a long curved wall. The smell gets stronger as Rick moves closer, and now he recognizes it as ghouls the undead version. Then he hears movement.
To Fritz “Get ready, I smell ghoul. Watch that room to the left.”
Then the battlecry of a ghoul. Rick sees a horde of ghouls pouring toward him, and from we just begin to hear them further down. Billy prepares to spring into action after the first volley, planning to rush forward of our line to take advantage of his many AoO.
Feather to the RC “Do NOT wait until you see the whites of their eyes!”

Insert Battle pg 14 bottom from session start 1:05:50

A bad fight, most into wound point or negative, some RC killed.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 10

April 20

Knowing Khansu must make it to the end to perform the ritual, we leave him safely above. Very early in the morning, Rick enters the passage first. He makes the first turn, then another, to a long dark hall. Me calls the others forward as he continues. Far down it comes to a 10’ square plaform, stairs leading downward from it. Rick begins down the steps, Billy to his right and just behind. 10’ back follow Fritz and Mundabi, then 10’ from them Sebastian and Feather. On the platform gather Spalding, Hobbes and Friday ready to follow. Rick gets to the bottom to a room 30’ across, entering at a corner, darkness ahead. 4 statures of skeletons line each side of the room in Egyptian shields, armor and spears. He then hears a strange sound, like air at first, then perhaps water. Then he realized it sounds more like sand pouring within the walls.
Rick “That’s odd. I hear sand.”
Billy “Will we be filled in?”
Rick “No. it’s inside the walls of the stairway.” The wall feels and sound solid otherwise. Then a grinding sound above, stone on stone.
Rick “Everyone back up, go go go go go!” The 3 on the platform jump for the steps, all 3 safely making it as the sandstone ceiling above the 10’ platform drops quickly behind us. Rick assumes there was a slight trigger on the platform, and once several people crossed someone hit it. It must have realeased the sand in the walls as a counterweight let the ceiling drop. Now we’re trapped until Sala and his men can dig us out.
Feather “This is not good.”
Assuming we shall get help from above, as they surely heard it, we wait for word.
10 minutes after the trap fell we hear banging from the other side of picks. Then a sledge bangs out morse code:
“This is Lt Bromhead. What shall we do?”
Rick has Sebastian respond “We are here, safe so far. Figuring it out Wait for advisement.”
Bromhead “Would you like us to use dynamite?”
Rick “Tell him I think I have all that’s left.”
Bromhead “Should we use gunpowder? Will be slow going” (only a 5’ opening from their side).
We respond to get the diggers digging.
We can hear them pounding away.
We decide to continue on, having enough water and some rations. There are actually 6 statues to a side. At one point, the walls of the room slant outward slightly so it opens wider as it goes with pillars spaced periodically. (Johnny interjects here that we found the last evil item in coffin of vampire we destroyed). At this point the skeletal figures animate as automotons to attack! We see what looks like electricity running through their bodies.
Fritz “Throw water on them!”
Rick does so, splashing #1 with half his waterskin-6, but it seems to short out and is essentially held for 3 rounds. Feather does the same to #4-7 and 1 round. Spalding fires his elephant gun at their 27def-miss.
Rick “Brilliant Fritz!”
Hobbes hits #5 with water-10 and 1 rnd.
Rick “More water!”
Mundabi water hits #11-13 and 2rnd; Billy-13 to #8 and 4rnd;Fritz-14 and 1rnd to #12.
Rick is attacked by #2-miss/7; Hobbes attacked by #3-crit17/miss; #6 att’s Billy-miss/miss:#7 on Billy-7/miss;#9 on billy-miss/miss; #10 on Billy-miss/13.
Hobbes hurt and frantically empties his water #3-15 and 4rnd; Rick empties on #2-10 and 1rnd; Fritz fires his .50 at #12-17; Billy draws Kholan’s vs #8-27; Mundabi empties water on #10-7 and 1rnd; Feather empties water on #6-10 and 4rnd; Sebastian charges in and and sprays #4-9 and 3rnd; Spalding empties on #5-11 and 3rnd; Friday sprays #7-7 and 4rnd.

  1. attacks Billy-miss/miss; #12 attacks Fritz-6/miss. The rest are held.
    Sebastian empties water on #4 again-12 and 4 more rnds; Fridas moves and empties on #12-18 DESTROYED in a burst of sparks and a crash! Spalding empties on #5 again-11 and 2 more rnd; Billy hits #; Fritz shoots #11-15; Rick looks at #1 to see if there is any way to get at its insides while its paralyzed, but nothing so backs behind a pillar in the shadows and readies TNT; Billy hits #8-22 DESTROYED and cleaves #7-15.
  2. turns and moves in Rick’s direction but can’t spot him; #9 hits Billy-22 on 2 hits; #10 now attacks Billy-7/miss; #11 attacks Friday-10/7 into would points!
    Friday withdraws away. With Fritz just standing there aiming, Hobbes moves to him and easily takes his waterskin from his belt. Fritz fires at #11-22 DESTROYED; Billy hits #9-24; Spalding shoulders #5 to the ground; Feather hits #4 with revolver-8 ; Sebatian steps to the side and pulls his pistol and doubletaps #1 right to side of head-13; Rick, the skeleton just around the pillar now, reaches out and jams a 2stick of TNT into ribs at #2. He dives as it blows-16, but it also damages its mechanism and it stands still grinding.
  3. vs Sebastian-7; #9 on Billy-miss/miss; #10 on Billy-miss/miss.
    Rick comes up behind #1 and jams a stick into him-9 and 1rnd; Frits hits #10-23 as Billy hits it-22 DESTROYED; He cleaves #9 DESTROYED; Mundabi grabs Billy’s water and sprays #6-12 and 4rnd; Hobbes, with the last water dose, sprays #3-14 and 3rnd.
    All 7 left are grinding.
    Billy at #7-miss; Fritz shoots #6-12; Sebastian jams his gun into the hole in #1 and doubletaps-14; Mundabi sees that and wedges his spear into a whole in #5 jamming it around-18 DESTROYED; Spalding overrund #4 to the ground; Hobbes yanks #3 to the ground with the strap of his film bag.
  4. now moves to Sebastian-20; #7 on Billy-15 on 2 hits.
    Sebastian moves away to #2 and fires into the whole from the TNT-13 DESTROYED “Jolly good I got this one!” Spalding jams his elephant gun into #4-17 DESTROYED; Billy; Mundabi does the same spear jam attack to #3-10; Billy hits #7-21; Fritz fires and hits #7-20 DESTROYED. Rick moves behind Fritz. Hobbes gets the heck out of the way.
  5. attacks Sebastian-Well into wouldpoints now.
    Billy on #6-17 DESTROYED; Fritz shoots #1-miss; Spalding reloads; Mundabi charges #1 to try and save Sebastian-27 DESTROYED; Sebastian hits last-10 DESTROYED.
    Sebastian “I’m out for today, men” as he sits on the ground against the wall.
    Rick looks ahead and as the room continues further it is lined with sarcophagi!

We go back to trap, and hear Bromhead repeating “Please answer, please answer.”
He sends a report “At this rate, 2 days considering the slab”.
Feather reports “Sebastian hurt, all tired. No water.”
Rick “Ask him if they can tell how far the slab goes above the top of the entryway on their side?”
Response “An inch gap at best. Too small to see up. Do you want buckets of water spilled down side in hopes it will get to you?”
Rick “Tell him to chip away upward, you may find a cavity soon enough above the deadfall then come back down on our side from above us. Rather than cutting right through the solid block”
Bromhead “I will if you wish. If it is several feet up, or worse, it may take us much longer. It’s a risk.”
Rick examines his side and thinks it is not more than 3’ above on their side, but on our side barely above the top of the entry.
Rick “Tell him to do it.”
Feather taps “Do it.”
This cuts the time down considerably, and we will be out by the end of the day.
Bromhead “Brought several of arab riders inside as guards. What if vampire attacks? Concerned.”
Rick says respond “Give arabs enchanted shells Tarr has made thus far, just in case.”
It is a resounding success. Digging time reduced from the estimated 2 days to more like 6 hours. Bromhead posts his men and arabs as guards strategically back through tomb guarding diggers and entrance at the pit. Sala’s men guard camp, hired diggers digging us out with some of his men who have been sappers. He’s very scared of vampire’s potential attack.
Rick has Feather reiterate “Spread magic shells out among Riders. Do not hesitate to tell Riders to use them en mass on him. He will not be sure how many you have and will likely fall back against such numbers.”
The water is coming though well enough to help some. Finally, they start breaking through our side and we see the redcoat Sgt’s face peer through “We’re through sir” with a salute. Another few bashes as a big chunk falls.
Sgt “Is that you sir?”
Rick “It is, Sgt. Excellant job.”
He disappears and reappears a few seconds later “This might do you good sir” and squeezes through some skins, but they are full of gin.
Rick “Gin Sgt? Drinking on the job again I see.”
Sgt “Thought your men could do with a touch, sir!”
Rick “We could use some cigars.”
A few minutes later “Sir, could I have a moment of your time?”
Rick reaches up and pulls back a beautiful silver cigar case with ‘B upon it “Complements of Lt. Bromhead, sir” his family crest. They pass us some food as we wait. Finally a large hole is cleared. After the first 3 or 4 diggers pass through, Bromhead enters.
B “Well, glad to see you, sirs.”
Rick “We had quite the battle down here.”
B "I’m not crazy about being in charge of such a force when dealing with vampires."
Rick explains him we are going to need the redcoats down here as there may be heavy action just further on in the darkness. Sebastian insists on staying! Sala is left in charge of the rear guard.

We get plenty of light sources down, lanterns blazing for plenty of light. We recruit all 9 redcoats to join us now, plus the Lt and Sgt., and load them with magic shells with orders to use them at will if necessary. We make our way down the middle of the long room, 50’ wide at it’s end. About 50’ ahead we can make out a few steps to a platform perhaps, and dimly there is a large statue up there. About 30’ in there are entryways left and right. Once we get to about that point the sarcophagi burst open and we’re in for another terrible battle. 6 sarcophagi on each side = 6 mummies per side! The mummies emanated despair from their very beings so that even the stalwart British redcoats quaked. 3 of the 9 start paralyzed as the combat began. All using arcane bullets but Sebastian.

The redcoats form lines, 5 plus Sgt. left (3 are paralyzed) and 4 plus Bromhead right. They are packing 4 magic rounds each from Tarr. Left volley all hits-5/5/6;Right volleys on mummy7-7/5/4/6; Fritz with .50 hits M3-12; Friday rifle hits M3-16; Feather M6-5; Spalding with elephant gun on M8-7; Mundabi charges M12-9; Rick rifle M10-8.
The mummies lurch forward towards us. 3 get to Fritz, 2 can attacks-8/miss; 2 on Billy-miss/8; 1 on paralyzed RC4-miss; 1 on RC7-12; 1 on RC9-10; 2 on Rick-crit20/miss; 2 on Mundabi-8/miss; Sebastian pistol M8-3 “The normal bullets barely penetrate.”
Redcoats begin to open up and fall back 1 pace to fire: Sgt hits with AP M6-, his now 3 RC hit M6-10 total; Lt on M7-, his 5 hit 3 times M7-14 total; Mundabi hits-4; Fritz hits M3-14; Billy hits m4-13; Friday hits M3-5; Feather M6-2 “Take them down, men!”; Rick shoots M10-4; Spalding’s 2nd barrel on m8-9.
m1 on Sebastian-9; m2,3 on Fritz-miss/miss; 2 on Billy-miss/8; m6 on paral. RC4-miss; m7 hits RC7-11; 1 on RC9-8; Spalding hit-9, Rick hit-7, 2 on Mundabi-8/miss.
Our line has to spread more to avoid AoO. RC still concentrate volleyfire. Only RC4 paral now. m6 hit thrice-14 total DEAD; m7 hit thrice-12 DEAD but RC 9 hit with AoO-8; Sebastian steps back and fires 2 at m1-3; Billy hits m4-9; Fritz hits m3-8 and is missed with AoO; Mundabi hits m12-5; Rick moves and hits misses; Friday hits m3-4 DEAD; Spalding reloads. Feather hits m5-6.
m1,2 on Fritz-12/8; M4,5 on Billy-miss/7; m8 on m9-7 DOWN; m9 on Rick-9, m10 on Sebastian-12; 2 on Mundabi-miss/9.
The redcoats form a double line and reload but are out of magic, ready to all fire at 1; Mundabi hits m12-9; Sebastian doubletaps m10-10 and moves behind Mundabi; Spalding m8-7; Fritz hits m2-12; Friday misses; Billy m4-12; Feather shoots m4-5; Rick is trapped in spot and out of magic so total defenses.
Fritz hit by 2-20 total; 2 on billy-miss/11; m8 on Spalding-miss; m9,10 on Rick-miss; 2 on Mundabi-miss/8.
RC all unparal. and fire on m8-2/1/2/1/2; Sebastian doubletaps m10-4; Spalding hits m8-7; AoO on Frits misses as he hits m2-7; Friday m2-6; Feather m5-5; Billy hits m4-8.
2 on Fritz-18 total;2 on Billy-9/miss; m8 on Spalding-12; 2 on Rick-miss/12; 2 on Mundabi-21 total.
Sgt misses and Lt. hits-0; Rc on m8 again-1/3; Spalding reloads; Rick total def; Mundabi withdraws with 2 fat. left; Sebastian steps back and double taps m12-7; Fritz on m2 with last magic-11 but AoO hits-10; Friday m2-2; Feather last magic m2-5; Billy m4-8 DEAD, cleave m5-10.
m2,m2 on Fritz-miss/miss; 1 on Billy-miss; m8 on RC2-miss; 2 on Rick-miss; m12 moves to Rick, the other that was on Mundabi and Sebastian moves to the center.
Sebastian hits-6; Mundabi suddenly charges-miss; RC all fire at m8 with Friday now in their line but no magic-0/3 DEAD, m9-1; Friday m9-miss; Fritz draws khopesh m2-7; Billy hits-9; Feather fires m6-1; Bromhead “Keep plugging them men! You’ve taken 2 already you can do it again!”
2 on Fritz-21 total; Rick full def; m5 on Billy-11; m9 on RC-miss; m10,11 on Rick-miss; 1; Mundabi missed.
Sebastian reloads; Fritz m; Billy m; Spalding m9-4;Sgt and Lt miss; Friday m9-3; RC hit-6 total; Billy hits-5; Fritz m2-7 DEAD; Rick full def.
m1 on Fritz-miss; m5 Billy-8; m9 on RC-11; last 3 on Rick-miss/miss/8 (1 fat. left).
RC step back now and fire m9-2/2/3/1; Sgt and Lt hit-3/1; Friday m9-5; Spalding misses m9; Feather first aids downed RC; Fritz m1-6; Billy m5-6 DEAD; Sebastian m12-5 then steps up into fray to be another target; Hobbes runs up with Rick to give them a 2nd target; Mundabi charges again m12-5.
m1 on Fritz-7; m9 on RC-7; 2 on Rick-miss/miss, 1 on Mundabi-miss.
Fritz on m1-5; Billy moves to help Rick m10-7 ; Spalding reloads; Sgt and Lt-0; RC hit m9-5 total; Friday m9-3; Spalding reloads; Sebastian steps back doubletaps m12-8; Mundabi retreats.
m1 on Fritz-4; RC is hit-7 (4 wnd now) Bromhead to him “Private Jones, A. out of firing line!” (there’s a Robert Jones, too); 2 on Billy-miss/9; 1 on Rick-miss; Sebastian m12-3; Private Jones retreats; Lt hits-1; 3 RC hit-3/1/0; Spalding on same-4; Friday misses; Fritz m1-6; Billy m10-8; Feather misses; Rick total def.
m1 on Fritz-miss; m9 on RC-11; 2 on Billy-miss/12 (fat gone); 1 on Rick-7 (6 wnd now).
RC backstep m-1/1/4; Sgt and Lt hit-1/2 DEAD; Sebastian hits m 12 DEAD; Fritz m1-6, Billy m10-6 DEAD; Friday m11-1; Feather m1-2. Rick total def.; Mundabi charges again m11-6.
Bromhead yells for everyone to move back.
m1 Fritz-miss; Billy takes the hit meant for Rick-5 (just into wnd now).
We pull back toward entrance and ready attacks. Soldiers pull back and reload as mummies lurch for us. RC volley m1-1/0/2/3; Sebastian m11-?; Spalding m11-5; Feather-0.
1 on Rick still full def-miss; 1 on Billy-miss.
Fritz hits m1-8; Billy hits-13. Sebastian misses; RC hit m1-1/3/0/0; Feather m1-0; Friday m1-4; Fritz fires at m1-6; Mundabi m11-4.
m1 on Billy-7; last on Rick-0 (card).
Sebastian reloads; RC hit-2/2/4; Spalding m1-miss, Fritz hits m1-10 DEAD; Billy hits last DEAD.
Battle over.

It will take a few days of rest for everyone to be ready. By morning of 3rd day Rick is healed, by morning of 4th Billy is perfect.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 9

April 19

By morning, it is all gone, and all brick behind.
Rick “All that is left is the ceiling.”

Further questioning of vamp victims reveals than many know which gate they came through, so we can at least ID where on the earth they all go, but one: the one to the left in the skull room. Also, that a normal person passing through them is affected by sanity loss and some other sort of drain as well.
Khansu “It may lead to the rest of the tomb.”
From their kidnappings, it seems he has quite the network of aids, perhaps even other vampires, working for him. He throws a lot of parties and is quite wealthy.

The diggers begin at the corner to the left and across from entry, moving toward the crawlspace wall. Nearing the 2nd corner, a digger finds a hook screwed into the ceiling. A few feet further, he finds another. These are to the left of the crawlspace entry in the corner. That entire corner is cleared and there is a series of them. Rick thinks they were likely used to help secure ancient scaffolding, a clue that some construction not immediately obvious went on in that corner. Clearing some more of the ceiling to test, we find no more. They definately concentrated there on something other than plastering. Rick gets up with headlamp and mag glass but finds nothing suspicios about the ceiling, in fact it is solid bedrock sandstone, or walls of the corner from ceiling down. The hooks screw in about 18". Obviously, if scaffold was used whatever is there must be off the floor, so he orders the diggers to start breaking the 4 brick layers starting on the front wall at the ceiling.
5’ above the level of the crawl they break into a cavity!
Rick exclaims in triumph!
Clearing the brick further reveals a 5’ wide and tall passage that goes 10’ then turns!!
The day for many of us is spent resting and licking our wounds from the previous day.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 8

April 18

Rick has Hepfurah’s daughter, who he now finds out is skilled at sewing, start to work under the supervision of Tarr and Khansu at applying the proper arcane symbols to the blank robe that will be worn by Khansu for the rutual to destroy Rehotep’s relics.

Rick continues search of the pit walls. Sure enough, about halfway down the 40’ drop in midwall he finds a hidden, and opens an easily pushed, pivoting section of wall into a crawlspace!! If instead of skirting the corners, Billy had climbed down and up like the other pit, he may have pushed it open by accident on the climb up.
By after lunch, we are ready to continue on.
The space is 10’ wide and 5’ high. Rick with carbide headlamp on leads the way carefully, Billy behind and to his right. Fritz, Mundabi, Fride follow starting about 10’ behind; then the rest. The diggers and such stay up for now. Once the first room is secure we will begin to bring everyone else down. After about 70’ it narrows to 3’ high. Another 30’ on the roof tilts another 6" lower. Ahead it appears to end at a wall. So far, total silence. Roof tilts again and levels off to more like dragging ourselves along. It ends in a wall. About to investigate the apparent dead end, Rick hears a faint humming or buzzing sound. Almost like a horsefly, or flies. He calls Billy up who pulls out his kukri. Up from the floor of the tunnel rise several large scorpions, curiously winged and smelling of dead flies. They immediately fly for us aggressively. It’s a terrible situation for us, as we can barely defend ourselves or attack with much power.
h4. Insert Battle; pg 14, 6:15

We make it to the end. Near the end the walls, floor and ceiling turn into brick 4 lines long. Rick begins examing the bricks and finds that the bricks on the end do not feel like the floor. In fact it flakes off easily. It’s plaster perfectly painted to look as bricks. We try to start scraping but the leverage is too poor. Calling Fritz up, we come at it legs first and start kicking in usison with all our might.
Rick “1-2-3!” Nothing happens at first. After the second hit the deadeng breaks partially, now hanging quite loosely. About to hit it again, Rick stops the efforts. Instincts kick in, and he turns and examines the perimeter in detail with a mag glass. He does, in fact, find a trigger! He feels a latch at the bottom. He finds that the layer of brick sounds hollow to the tap, the disengagement of the latch likely causes the brick floor to shift into a ramp, sending all to about a 40’ fall, as he can now see, into the room.
First he recommends using poles from a distance, but Feather yells down the idea of tying someone off. Rick and Fritz secure Billy to a rope and brace themselves with it 10 back. Billy looses a final kick which finishes the job. The false-brick wall falls and the ramp drops sending Billy down as well. As he scales down, he is kicking some plaster free of the walls, seeing it is more brick behind it. Fritz and Rick lower Billy, now with a headlamp, down to the floor. Looking around, Billy sees that the room is 30’ a side with 50’ high ceilings. The entrance is 10’ below the ceiling. The entire room is plastered including the ceiling. Billy informs those above of the walls, so Rick busts plaster away below the opening, pounds 3 pitons into the mortar between the brick. After the depth of the first brick, it pounds into brick since the layers are offset. He attaches a rope to the triple-piton set-up so all can climb down safely. He starts to climb down.
An archway leads out of the room to his right, hieroglyphs above it. Billy yells up there is a light of some kind visible ahead. This room is utterly bare. When Rick reaches the bottom he and Billy look down with hall with lanterns. The passage goes straight, but also branches off left and right partway down.
Fritz now makes it down, and Mundabi comes next followed by Friday and Atmu. The 4 PC’s and Atmu start down the hall, Friday watching at the archway. Feather and the others start the decent, but Rick tells them to keep the diggers and redcoats above still so as not to clog the crawlway in case we need to leave.
They bypass the left and righ halls and continue straight to a room with pillars carved right from the bedrock floor to ceiling. On the other side of the room is a gigantic throne. Lit torches line the walls, which is worrisome. Looking in, at first they see nothing. After a few moments, Billy notices a shimmering about the throne like a desert haze. Rick however, sees a figure within the haze sitting on the throne. A huge, horned, muscled demonic figure, scorpion tailed, rings in one ear and nipple…totally still. Describing what he sees, he has Billy step in. Billy immediately sees it now (sanity checks all around as we enter the room: Billy loses the max 6), as do the others when they cross the threshold. The PC’s walk partway toward the throne as Atmu stands just inside the entrance. Then a deep rumbling voice speaks that all those in the first room can hear, itself causing sanity checks for them. It greets us arrogantly, saying Rehotep is a fiction frying in the demon’s domain.
Rick “Who are you?”
“I am Dispater. Demon of the lower abyss. I offer you to enter my service wheere you can be lords in hell. Give me your name that I may honor you.”
Rick “Oh no, we have dealt in the power of names already.”
Fritz, about to give his name, a little too trusty in his faith, is silenced by Mundabi’s hand over his mouth as Friday yells “Don’t give him your name, Fritz!”
“I am the father of darkness.”
Fritz “Why don’t you already know our names?”
“Do not question the ways of demons, and lords of the abyss. I ask you once more before you suffer my wrath. Tell me your names.”
Fritz “Why are you hear, have you been cast out? By God’s boot? How did that feel?”
“God may have the larger boot, but I have the larger c—k.”
Rick “You will not hear our names.”
After another round of insults and provocation from Fritz, testing the demon’s intentions, Rick asks “Do you simply talk or do you have power here?”
Nothing seems to antagonize the demon, which Fritz thinks is opposed to how he figures a demon should react. We begin to wonder about what we are actually seeing. We start approaching.
Billy “This demon is certainly a fake.” Atmu joins us.
The demon then stands up. It seems to begin to say, or possibly cast a spell, then hesitates in silence(card) as it stares down the Iron Jew. He now loses his temper “Who are you to try to resist the will of Dispater! Die mortal!” A bolt of electricity fires from his hands at Fritz. We see his fried, charred corpse hit the ground.
Rick “It’s not real!” afraid Mundabi is going to freak out. After a will save, we all see that it was an illusion and Fritz still stands unharmed. Dispater’s illusion disipates as well, revealing an Egyptian looking man in modern pants and a frock coat.
“So, you saw through my ruse. Leave now, reseal the tomb, or meet your fate.” He steps down carrying a gigantic mace, far too large for one of his size to wield though he does. “Who is the first to die?”
Rick “We will finish what we have begun. Is that you Utat Nabu?” He does not answer, but this seems likely it is Rehotep’s vampiric henchmen.
He attacks faster than we can react. Our line from left to right is Mundabi, Fritz, Atmu, Billy and Rick. He lunges 15’ straight at the Osiris Cultist Atmu as Mundabi yells for backup-15.
Insert Battle; pg 14 1:06:40 may12 entry(may be edited to 11th)

Atmu dies here.
Aside from Khansu, Fritz feels Atmu’s death particularly, having not trusted him for longer than anyone and fighting for him in the desert to the temple south.
His body disolves into mist and disappears into the walls behind the throne. The throne is set into the wall, so we have to bust it free which takes some time after Hobbes takes a good pic of it.
Rick finds and opens a secret door into a short 5’ hall which Rick, Fritz and Billy walk through into a long room lined all over with shelves of skulls. Likely his victims far back into history. Surely of many different cultures. At each side of the room is an archway construction set out from the wall. Probably portals/gates to somewhere; we know he uses them to get around the world. Rick thinks he hears a groan, maybe of pain, from somewhere though he can’t pinpoint it. Billy and Fritz standing watch, Rick starts checking the floor in the center of the room for a secret passage, that being where Rick was standing when he heard it. Mundabi stands just in the hallway. The other main characters are now in the throne room, the Sgt and redcoats guard the 2 halls we have not gone down yet.
Rick finds nothing, so they with Mundabi now begin removing skulls from directly across from the entrance. They quickly see 2 empty skull alcoves, separated by a skull, cobwebs filling the insides. Rick puts a rifle inside to clear it own, and it comes out covered in dangerouos spiders. He shakes them to the floor and they stomp them to death. Inside the hole is a latch. Reaching in, Rick pulls it and hears a clicking for a few moments but nothing happens. He does the same to the other whole and the wall, shelves and all, slides back and open into a room lit with a fireplace and torches. Furnished, including several coffins, and full of what are surely dead, partly alive, and living victims of the vampire.
Rick “Are there any British here, or even Germans?” as we walk in.
A German answers back in his native tongue just as several nude women run up to us “Save us! Save us from him!” A few others women stand in the room amongst the others.
Billy to Rick in his language “I don’t trust naked women in a vampire’s lair.”
A British man bravely cries out “Don’t trust them, they’re bloody vampires!” Of course, the Englishman has the guts to warn us ignoring his own safety. At that, the wives of death attack.
Rick to Billy “Save the Brit! Bloody vampires!”
Insert Battle; 1:52:55

Feather and Khansu start examining victims, Mundabi sent running for Doc Bryce. Bryce first heals Rick’s 2 wound points and Sebastian’s 2. There are also 4 gates in the lounge room!
Questioning the victims, they are from England, Germany, France, China, Egypt…. He is known in these lands and live quite a high live. His concubinens were evil surely, but in a state of slavery to him. Only he knows how to operate the gates. They recall feeling weak after being brought through the gates. They did not see him leave via a gate in the lounge, perhas a gate elsewhere leads to Rehotep’s final area. We start getting the vamp’s victims out, putting them on stretchers and pulling them out the crawl to take them to camp.
After these battles, we need to rest for the night. Rick, always looking ever forward, checks the 2 other halls with Feather, Fritz, Khansu and Spalding and they find 2 more gates. Rick stays late searching for secret doors, pulling all skulls and shelves off….
Rick “Wherever he went is where the passage should be, and he definately went into the skull room.”
Feather “He must have used a gate then.”
Rick “No, how could he have operated a gate in gaseous form.” To Khansu “Could he have?”
Khansu says probably not. Rick examines more of the floor in the skull room, and does finds a small area of holes deep into the sandstone. After putting diggers to work with picks, after 20 minutes it is abandoned. It is obviously solid rock, it could take months to dig to it even if a room is relatively close. But that was surely how he escaped. So where is the conventional way to the rest of the tomb complex?
So, Rick gets the diggers working in teams all night clearing the plaster from the walls of the first room as far as they can reach from the ground, after Hobbes gets pics. Fritz mentions checking the sandstone pillars, but nothing is found.
Sala reports nothing found, so Rick orders Sala’s men to set up an elevator platform or 2 with the block and tackle to clear plaster all the way to the ceiling.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 7

April 17,1890

We remove the screen and upon seeing the sarcophagus it practically blows open, doing minor shrapnel damage to all around. From it stands a huge demonic figure wielding a flaming sword, screaming at us “I am the Set-Rehotep and you shall answer for your temerity! DIE!”
It fires a bolt from its hand, exploding a small coffer of treasure which does more minor shrapnel damage. It then yells “Leave. LEAVE!”
Rick to Spalding “Give him a shot!”
Spalding hits, but the shell does nothing at all. The demon swings its blade at Rick 4 times. Each time it, it passes completely through him, feeling a terrible chill each time but doing no damage.
It then says “Return to me my sacred objects and I will let you live.”
Fritz “Those canopic jars could be the last of the phylacteries.”
Sebastian says “Try presenting your holy relics!”
All of us do so. He turns to Sebastian and says “Die fool!”
Rick quickly throws one of the 2 relics he now carries to Sebastian, who catches it just before the blade hits-31.
A rush from the relics comes over us, and we face them to the demon. Beams of force blast out from each.
Mundabi-10;Mundabi-15;Khansu-miss;Atmu-8;Sebastian-miss. With the relics, he can’t hurt us. And though we are damaging well, he is healing a bit.
It blows another coffer for shrapnel.
All of us now ready:
Mundabi-22 with his 2;Atmu-20 with his 2;Rick-17;Khansu-miss;Billy-18 with 2;Sebastian-4.
Another bolt blows up a coffer.
Rick hits-11;Mundabi-2;Atmu-18;Billy-20;Sebastian-miss;Khansu-8.
It falls destroyed, bursting into flame “You have destroyed the Set-Rehotep! Curse you forever!”
Billy “That’s the third time we heard that.”
Sebastian “I think the second.”
Searching his resting place, we find another of Rehotep’s phylacteries!

No where else to go, we search like crazy all morning and afternoon, finding nothing.
Feather “We’ve done everything we possibly can, but for the doors we think are traps.”
Partway through the day Fritz recommends checking the rooms ‘below’ again because of what the demon said, the loop/illusion area. He goes with Feather, Spalding and Sebastian do so while the search continues. They find many different rooms, but no one and nothing else. In every ‘room’ the door is where it should be.
We regroup outside on the ledge.
Fritz “The demon said go down below…”
Sebastian “…where you’ve never been. But where down below have we never been?”
Rick “The pit trap! At the intersection!”
Rick drops and finds nothing at the bottom. He gets strapped into a harness and starts a thourough search of the 4 sides. He gets 1 side done before its time to turn in, but finds nothing.


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