The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

The Black Wind Calls
Final Battle with the Bloody Tongue

Feb 3 to 9th

We are equipped to leave. Endicot will join us, bringing Silent Joe along with him.

We leave it up to Brady whether or not Nails goes. Brady says no way is he going with us to the mountain.
2 shots suddenly ring out, targeting Rick!! Rick ducks for cover. Billy and Fritz spot the sniper! Billy fires back, missing. Spalding and Lovejoy are still trying to see the sniper as Fritz’s .50 goes off. We see a puff of red mist and splatter. When we find the body, it has a large whole in the head.
Rick with his classic British stiff upper lip “Well that was, somewhat annoying. Let’s move out.”

7 days to the village

On 2nd day, crossing as stream Fritz spots a hippo coming toward us! He fires the .50. It bites a bearer and lifts him up! The bearer is screaming in its maw! Fritz hits again! The bearer goes limp DEAD. Fritz fires again DEAD as Spalding hits as well.
On last day, hours from the village, a dark cloud in the distance.
Fritz “Not a cloud.”
Mundabi “Smoke, prairie fire.”
Fritz “Coming our way.”
Soon enough, the mules smell the smoke and get antsy.
Rick starts to spy forward with his binos, and sees a ton of animals fleeing the scene.

We send our bearers and the soldiers to start our own fire as a fire break, to burn an area clear of growth. We use fire arrows to start the fire from a distance, the animals are too close now for any of us to risk doing it personally.
Rick sets a line of tnt ahead of us to turn off any smaller animals hopefully.
We line up to take out any charging animals making it through. 1st is a water buffalo. Fritz and Spalding drop it.
A group of gazelles come at us, Rick’s tnt goes off and they fork around us! Perfect!
Next, a group of 6!! One a lion, stops in front, looks at Rick and Fritz and runs off around us; 2 elephants; a boar; rhino; water buffalo.
The Masai bring down the boar, Rick and half the soldiers take down the water buffalo. The other soldiers and Brady bring down the Rhino with Spalding.
Fritz brings an elephant down by himself!

At village on 9th:
Disappearances have gotten worse, they tie the feet of their women and kids together at night.
A tangible force is felt in the area. Like a spiritual black wind, as if pushing us physically away but pulling one mentally toward it.

We tie together the feet of our bearers.
We sleep here.

February 10

We find a bearer dead in place this morning, staring up with open horrified eyes! The villagers say it has happened only to a couple kids before.
One of the masai’s faces are battered and bruised. They won’t tell us what happened. Until Mundabi steps in. He woke up in the middle of the night and tried to go to the mountain, the others beat him down for being a weakling.

Depart for the Mt. Should arrive evening tomorrow.
Through a pass to the corrupt ground of the massacre. The area still full of almost unnatural underbrush; the area stinks, ground oddly squishy. Nothing grows. Earth itself is as if foreign. Like from not earth.

We find other people moving around us, we have to be cautious. All moving toward the mountain. We see the dark conical mountain rising from the plain. On the slopes, a dark forest grows not matching the surrounding flora at all.
Old B “A dark god holds sway here.”

February 11

Dusk, we set up a camp safe distance under cover and scout the mountain to find the back entrance.
Hundreds of people just hanging out on the the mt, uncaring, waiting for something. Huge crowd in a clearing at the top. 70% natives, others from all over. Lots of Indians too.
Think Conan the Barbarian.

Bundari says we are doing good moving to far side of Mt.
Through woods on other side, we run into a large patrol of 32 cultits. They spot us! Melee engages.

The Masai drop theirs weaker cultists like bad habits; the soldiers take care of business too, though more slowly but taking less damage. Silent Joe protects Old B in the rear as we charge.
It turns into a series of 1 on 1 fights for us though. Hobbes kills his first man by himself!! Go Hobbes! Friday finishes his too, quicker than Hobbes. Both weak cultists.
Rick, more appropriately the Sword of Akhmallah, kills a weaker with 1 cut.
Brady’s is a knock down drag out brawl but he brutally knives his to death; Nuyn obliterates hers w/o taking a hit in a matter of seconds. The Bear Jew makes short work of his foe as well; 1 hit finishes Mundabi’s; Ezetimbe drops his in a few rounds; Bromhead wins his quite easily; Endicot beats his down; Lovejoy barely takes his man down, going into medium wnd damage; Spalding is a nickel and dime affair before he kills his man.
Billy glides forward, bringing himself face to face with the leader. Several rounds Billy cuts him to shreds having taken some damage.

Not much further up, a narrow trail leads up a sheer rock face but no opening.
After a short search, Rick finds the “quite pathetically concealed” cavern easily, a natural lava tube. The rock is not entirely unexpectedly fleshy. Inside there is a steep drop off, below a dull lava like glow. Its a narrow ledge to skirt by it, but we latch up a rope and piton set to get everyone across safe.
Once a few people are over, Billy and Nuyn scout stealthily ahead. It soon starts smelling like rotting meat. It widens into a large room, within which are 2 large stacks of bones. 1 right inside the entrance, another to its right. Coming from around the wall to the right, is a lot of moaing.
Billy cuts around the right wall where it quicky opens south, housing a large cage of prisoners. Some insane, others not. Billy opens the cage and a white man leaps out upon him.
Nuyn stalked ahead around the first bone pile and looks beyone, there sits M’Wuru’s throne, but the place is empty. Going forward, she hears chanting further on a passage behind the throne.
The white man calls Billy a cultist and becomes threatening. Billy goes for a grapple, holds him, and explains he’s not a cultist, that he’s here with many British to save them and destroy the cult.
The rest of us are coming into the room, Fritz recognizes the white man as Fighting Fred Felton!! The fighting parson, a well known African explorer missionary with a military bent. He’s mad with indignation and righteous belief. Rick has heard of him and met him back in England once or twice. We begin getting the prisoners out, the bearers take them back to the rope and start getting them across the lava.
Fred warns the guards will be coming any time now to take them to the birthing ceremony for the son of Nyarlathotep!! Eeh gads. We’ve barely made it!!
Hobbes takes some film and pics while we are getting them out, documenting it all. He takes a set up shot of the hall leading to the ceremony, and sound recording of the chanting.
Fred, even in his state, insists on fighting the cult with us but we can tell he’ll never make it. They’ve ruffed him up pretty bad recently, likely to keep him from being able to put up much of a fight when they come for them all. We indulge him for now.
Ezemimbe goes outside, returning with a surprise for the cult: his lion animal companion Sesekuan.

We head up the mile long rough tunnel to the temple. Not far up, Fred about passes out. We have to leave him there to pick up on the way out.
Rick and Billy go ahead once we are closing in to get a look. Rick finds a secret panel. They go through until they see the enemy lair. 12 other paths lead out of the large ritual room.
Large room, row of 6 pillars of tentacle motif writhing grotesquely upward. At far end at opening of large entrance that slants downward out of view. From it we hear the sound of many people gathered.
Rick notices the columns seem to faintly writhe!
Men and women are secured to the columns, the poor souls swaying with the writhing of the columns. Motifs about of old forgotten cultures abound.
Blueish altar stone 3×3×7′ in the middle, 3 of the columns on each side. Piles of bones, remnant sacrfices, between the 2 far columns.
The temple is irregular. A fungis glows the room with dim brown light. Jagged and bulbous intrusions everywhere. Light is dim, easy for the 2 of us to hide. So we venture in further. A swarm of cultist guards stands at to of the stairway leading down at the fare end of the room. Just down and past them stands M’Wuru admiring the sight below with M’Wuru.

On the far side of the columns to our right are 3 pits. One of venemous snakes, one of 6" long driver ants, one of many many rats! Just beyond them, semi circle of steps which lead to the pathetic and damnable Hypatia Masters. Somehow, her face is still beautiful, but atop a mass of disgust and flesh. Her body is a transllucent yellow membrane within which can be seen 2 eyes glowing.
Her voice sings like that of a girl, of school songs and becoming the bride to a god. Its a terrible sight.
Further to the other end we creep.
A rough swoosing from outside, a crowd of people! From down the steps from M’Wuru. Thousands and thousands!!!! of worshippers to honor the birth to come. From multiple places of Asia and Europe. M’Wuru announces “tonight is the night!!!!”
Her voice echoes into the plain. From his knowledge of Aklo, he peaces it together her sermon as hailing Nyar the Son several times over, each time with a varying title. He thinks it might also be related to the serpent men tongue.
All the thousands below then tear their clothes off and a despicable orgy begins.
The day sky grows darker. Lightning flashes starting far away but coming closer every moment. The black wind blows! All through the temple.
Some of the revelers grab prisoners among them and hack them to pieces or tear apart with hands and teeth. There are dozens or more prisoners among them, we now see. Some children.
A Shantak flies into the crowd, takes a worshipper into the air and drops him. Then 5 others arrive and do the same.
We start moving back to get the rest of the men, more quickly now.
Suddenly noise from one of the front side caverns as a naken woman tied to a pillar whispers for help.
We hide and 10 guards come out dragging prisoners whom they begin to throw into the pits just as we make it back and get the others organized and moving in.
Eyes grow brighter in Hypatia’s belly, her songs end and she begins to scream. A bolt of lt hits the pillar behind M’Wuru Guard and the top explodes.
3 prisoners are thrown into each pit. The guards watching them suffer.
Hobbes goes down the middle and starts his film camera from the cover of the central altar, first catching the guards looking unnervingly sexually into the pit deaths. The Maasai and Brits go down our right, opposite side from Hypatia, to get ready to engage the Guard.
Rick oils up some fuses into gunpowder barrels behind rear altar to our left.
Fritz with Friday and Mundabi go down the center, passing Hobbes, and wait at the far right pillar. When the Maasai and Brits attrace the Guard, they will go for the kill of M’Wuru.

Nuyn sneaks up on the nearest 2 at the ant pit, kocking them both in. She then charges the next pit, kicking 2 more into the rats! The last 6 rush up the room to her as Brady engages at her side.
They clean house. Rick and Doc G bring the barrel bombs to the pits as Billy moves to Hypatia to end her miserable existence.
He strikes as they light and lower them in. Her head explodes, spraying all over the place with bloody puss fragments. The membrane ruptures and the partially formed spawn of Nyarlathotep, tentacles straining for Billy, slithers for him. He attacks! It grows with pulses as it battles.
When Brady saw it plop out, he rushes for it, payback for his friend Carlyle! He crits, ripping and gouging it with his bare hands. Followedy by Wang.
It bellows its first word “BRRAAAAADDYYYYYY!” and a crimson tentacle and ray from its eye miss him! 7 claws at the end of the other tentacles claw at him desperately as Brady goes into a berserk rage. A collection of maws then bite him as well! He grabs a maw bit into him and rips it wide open, double crits!!
The eye ray misses Brady again, but the crimson tongue hits home for 6. A few claws hit him but Nuyn takes the worst one herself (card).

The bombs blow, eliminating the ant and rat threats.
Brady leaps upon it and tears it open via one of Billy’s gashes, it falls limp. The sky breaks open. Dozens of bolts of lt. strike all around and on the mt.

Nyarlathotep appears 10’ tall, he bends over and picks up the remains of his son. Gives one baleful look and is gone, the body with him.

M’Wuru screams!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Noooooo! NNOOOOOOO!!

The task force with Endicot, Lovejoy and Spalding fire into her Guard’s rear, the Masai ready to absorb the rush. The guard turn and rush into the Maasai who have one column to their left. The brits concentrate fire on their exposed right flank. Soon enough there are too many and the Maasai are in a desparate fight, their right surrounded but the Brits firing in support.

The cultists in revel below panic and begin fleeing in grouips in all directions.
Brady turns still in a rage and charges across the room for the fight. Followed by Nuyn.

Bundari and Ocuma are now passing Hobbes who caught it all! He turns his camera to the main battle now. He has Silent Joe turn on the flood lights.
The Shantak turn and fly into the fray as well.
The task force volley into the Guard.
Dr. Grace starts freeing prisoners tied to the columns, noticing the writhing himself. Rick runs to Hobbes and gets the lay of the land.

M’Wuru summons a Dark Young who erupts from the ground forward of the altar as Fritz, Friday and Mundabi move around the pillar toward M’Wuru.
The task force concentrates fire on the right wing where the Guard are wrapping around to flank and envelope.
Old Bundari begins to try to dismiss the Shantak. One attacks Silent Joe and claws him!
Another flies back vs Rick who has Billy next to him now near Hobbes and the altar, who cuts as it flies by
Rick yells for Old Bundari to loose the lizard on the Dark Young. The lizard grows to a massive size and a titanic battle erupts, spilling away from us and through the huge pile of bones at the far center of the colonade.

Fritz gets to w/in sight of M’Wuru. She has her hands up in supplication to her god. She is about to speak and cast a spell, likely and attempt to escape now, when Fritz looses the big .50 and Mundabi charges her in her shock at the appearance of us 3. Mundabi CRIT skewers her as Fritz hits too but the bitch stays up! Fritz’ shot cuts across her throat silencing her (card).
She sends a Fist of Yog Sothoth to Mundabi 32!
Fritz fires again hitting, and Mundabi’s rushes her heedlessly crit DEAD!!! M’Wuru is no more!!

They turn to help the Maasai, but more than a dozen Guard have left the main fight and surround them and Friday.

3 more shantak show up! Now 5 total! One attacks Dr. Grace!! "Richard, Richard I say!
Rick “Billy, go save the Dr.”
But then he other lands to attack Billy and Rick.
Old Bundari is accosted as is Ocuma, and Silent Joe!
Silent Joe takes a crit DEAD!!! Endicot will blame himself for the rest of his life now.
Hobbes “Fritz, we need support!!” but he’s too busy with his own foes.

The Guard are fully around the Maasai right but instead of some charging the Brits they are bent on destroying the Masai.
Old B is finding it diffucult to dismiss the Shantak, has not succeeded yet!
Rick and Billy KILL their Shantak!! The one originally attacking Grace now lands and misses Rick! They are determined to kill RIck it seems!
Another attacks the DR. though. Then Fritz et all are attacked by the other 2.
Old Bundari fails yet again!
Hobbes “You’re bloody useless man!!”

Grace runs to take cover to the ground tween Rick and Billy. They both hit multiple times DEAD! Another dives and hits Rick.

Finally Old B dismisses a Shantak!

One of the Masai goes down, others are badly wounded so Bromhead leads the charge!!
The fight is brutal with the Guard, the toughest battle the Explorers have ever been in vs large numbers.
Brady’s rage has been uncontrollable to the point he has no feel of the damage having been done to him. He finally drops dead with dead cultists all around him, his fists and arms covered in blood. Satisfaction on his face.
More Masai fall.
Rick and Billy drop another Shantak!!
Friday bleeds his own blood!!
Old B dismisses the Shantak above Fritz!

Billy with Rick behind him run for the Masai fight.
Then the lion drops as well!
Friday stumbles out of the fight with 0 pts left.
Bromhead drops!!!
More Masai falling!
Rick arrives, Grace just behind him.
Only 3 Masai still standing.
The first Brit drops! Another coup de grace’s him DEAD.
The last 3 Masai fall fighting bravely and fiercely!
Grace starts stabilizing outlying Masai who dropped early.
The brits fight on with the heroes.
2 brits are dropped then, 1 killed outright. 5 standing now.

Mundabi finishes the last 2 with he and Fritz, who moves into the Brit fight.
Finally we clean house on the remnants and VICTORY.
But as expected, a costly one.

3 dead Masai, the rest down
2 dead Brits, 2 others down, others wounded.
Bromhead at 0.
Brady and Silent Joe dead

The lizard defeated the Dark Young, but just barely. It returns to Old B in its small lizard form once the danger is over.

We make a camp outside. There are many unable to be moved right now. Dr. Grace has his hands full.

This has been by far the most challenging battle of the entire campaign thus far, for any of the 5 groups.

Feb 12

Rest for the wounded.
Rick and Hobbes have a busy day, recording the inside of the mt. Especially the carvings and writings on the walls.

The dead from the revel are buried at the foot of the Mt. where they perished.
Fritz goes to the village with Friday and Mundabi to recruit men to help get the dead Masai and Brits back to Nairobi and then home. We will pay for the transport of the bodies of the Brits back to England.
Silent Joe’s body is taken with them.

Feb 13

Fritz et all arrive at the native village.
Silent Joe is buried at the village.

More rest for the wounded at the mt. and recording by Rick and Hobbes.

Spalding and Endicot are able to shoot enough game to feed everyone.

Earthquakes, cyclones, forests erupting in firestorms plague the area as a reaction to the son’s destruction for days on end. In the coming weeks and months, charity balls are held to relieve the villagers. The storms are considered unfortunated and unconnected.

Feb 14

Rest, waiting for Fritz.

Feb 15

Fritz and villagers arrive, evening. Villagers having turned out in droves to help and honor the victorious living and even moreso the dead:
Pvt John Miller
Pvt Archibald Jones
Jack Brady
Silent Joe

We get packed up to leave in the morning.

Feb 16

Arrive village late and stay the night with all dead and wounded.

Feb 17

A full day rest at village. Rick going over much on walls and Cthaat Aq.
Rick and Fritz give final thanks and friendly words to the beloved and brave Masai. W/o them all would have been for naught. They are the heroes as much as we are.

Feb 18 to 27

We start for Nairobi. The Maasai will be taken care of here, Grace has made a good start of their recovery. We say goodbye to Old B, who will stay with the Masai. Ezetimbe will return with us to give news to Masai tribes.
The Brits are coming with us, too.
Its slower moving with the wounded and dead.
Arrive Nairobi on 27th to great drama, rescued prisoners and dead in tow. Rick wires to Mombassa for passage on a ship to Egypt soon.
Word is officially given to Montgomery about the end of the Bloody Tongue at the Mt. Word will be in the paper tomorrow and spread to the tribes quickly.

Feb 28

News of the battle with the cult and the survivors on the way has lit the city up. An armed escort will be sent to bring the survivors back and get their story. One man came back with us, insisting on making it at our side: Fred. He and other capable survivors give a first hand account of our actions to all that will listen to prove our story.
We are touted as local heroes, and our rep among the Masai and other tribes grows even more than it already was.
Paperwork to do with officials.

Rick wires Cairo for Galloway. Everything is ok at the The Well.
We start preparing to leave.

Through March 3

More official work and rest up for a ship ride.
By evening, Fritz heads for the lodge with Endicot, Friday and Mundabi. W/o Silent Joe, there is no one to manage the place. He is planning on getting matters settled there before catching up with Rick. A suitable manager must be found to replace poor Silent Joe.

At the lodge, a neighboring farmer is waiting for him, named Cecil Blackburn, 36 yrs old. He assumes we’ve heard about what happened, house attacked by leopard 2 weeks ago! Killed wife and carried off daughters!! Our news was so huge, we never heard about it. Kids are 9 and 12. Only person who at house and survived was Hasid. But saw nothing.
Mundabi “Nothing?” That’s what he says.
Hasid runs the ranch; speaks a few local African lang’s and great at persuasion.Family does not live with him, has seed ghouls and knows supernatural exist; wife and family live in Somalia; gets time to see them 1 week a month. Blackburn never inivited them here. Hassid needed the money though, its a great job.
Blackburn owns a coffee plantation, but real passion is as a great white hunter; handsome, thick stache and sideburns. Friends with Endicot. Been here 7 years, since was in his late 20’s. He’s selling his farm though now that his wife is dead; wants his kids back and is leaving.

He, some locals, and a contingent of the King’s African Rifles led by a Lt. Douglas McCray tracked the attack force from property to Serengeti Masai territory. Found the kid’s shredded clothes; found a leopard and shot it ‘the culprit’. The Lt. is sure the matter is finished.

March 4

Fritz makes straight for Nairobi early, and catches Rick still in town. They both remember the claw weapon glove from Juju House, NYC, shown to them by the Investigators.
Rick says there is a tale in Africa’s Dark Sects of Nigel, hiding in a tree about a leopard ceremony. 2 ritual attendees were transformed into leopards. Anioto, leopard men of eastern congo, has spread to west and central africa. Their attacks in Congo have become more frequent.
Rick speaks with the Lt. And hates him after mere seconds. He’ll be useless. Has few if any redeeming qualities. He follows up with Montgomery, to get a rescue party together. He will personally lead 10 soldiers. Montgomery says McCray likes to end issues too quickly. Been here a year and hates it, can’t wait to leave. He has no concern for helping us, feels the matter is settled.
Fritz at the paper is shown a report, last october: man arrested in Nairobi dressed in leopard skin and steel claws, claimed flesh eating cult membership. Deported north, never seen again.

Rick Contacts Bast, considering the leopard connection. She gives her blessing to kill so long as we kill no real leopards.

Tomorrow Rick will go back to Nairobi. He will makes right for Cairo and The Well. Rick is taking off with with Billy, Nuyn, Lovejoy. Bromhead et al as well.
The rest will stay with Fritz. Ezetimbe insists on joining us, sans lion which is recuperating north with the masai.

By night, Fritz et al are back at the lodge.

March 5 to 7 (see next log for Cairo during this time, before Fritz catches up)

Rick et al train to Mombassa on the 5th. On the 7th, they are on a ship to Cairo. The soldiers will recuperate in Mombassa for a while.

It’s a 3 day trek to Serengetti area. Gyuku explains now he had been betrothed to a woman he does not love; but the elders said if he can destroy the leopard cult, he can have his choice instead. So, now he may marry the actual love of his life.
In camp, we see a Masai warrior standing in the distance. Mundabi, Ezetimbe and Friday go to meet him. He is Gyuku, he only speaks Masai. Sent by tribe to bring Blackburn and all with him to his village, days travel. We will follow him there the next morning.

March 8

At village, less kids than expected cause of leopard men. Killed some but mainly stole them!
Udu the chief says this is the second of the times of terrible troubles; 2 years ago forced south by building of ‘iron serpent’ railroad. Many died.
If we help them get rid of the leopard men, they’ll help us get the daughters back. L men have been in this land for long time, never with power of Mangu, their current leader. 2 evil gods called the Fish and the Frog. Steals kids, fills heads with evil magic to make them become slaves.
Let’s do it! 5 warriors are sent with Gyuku to aid us. Blackburn now shows us 2 fetis left at his house. Udu accuses him of having them first, he refuses to let them go until he finds his daughters. Seem to have some power over him.
He shows us. First is Tsathagua. Second is Cthulhu!!
Their claw gloves are save found at Juju House in NYC.

There is a group of hunters to the south. They are 2 days south, and he feels potentially recruitable.

March 9 to 10

We’re off for the hunters. 9th uneventful, but the 10th:
Strange smell that strengthens as we go. Dozen vulchers. It’s the hunting party.
Flies prevalent. Safari camp in partial tatters. All hunting rifles snapped in 2, uses casing all over. Fire still warm. Spattered blood everywhere, no bodies! Definite battle and deaths as we examine seen. Find cufflink, lady’s hat, torn bible pages.
3 white men and 1 women, dozen guides/servants.
Attack by men and leopards, lions, jackals, and dogs in a coordinated attack.
The defenders certainly killed some of their attackers.

As we leave, 2 leopards are spotted, watching us. Gyuku thinks they acts a bit unnatural, like more intelligent.
We come across a woman’s torn clothes. Our trackers think she was savagely and repeatedly raped. The gentlemen in the group are ready to kill even more now. Soon enough, we find her body hanging from a joshua tree, skinned. Heart and liver taken from her torso.

Moving on we stop to camp at a spring now fowled by dead bodies of animals. Also, a white man impaled. Still barely alive, dies w/in minutes w/o being able to speak. SPear up his anus and out his back.
We bury his body properly. Gyuku takes the spear, it will be the spear he uses to slay them all!
We hear hyena and jackals first, then their voices become human words ‘tonight you die, tonight you die’.
Fritz and Mundabi tell everyone not to attack any real cats they see. The will not hurt us. That also means any cats who do come to fight are lycanthropes.
We get in defensive position. Mundabi gets with all the masai; at their flanks are Fritz and Endicot on one side; Spalding, Blackburn on the other. The soldiers close the circle between them. Hasid and Friday are in the middle.

First wave is of normal jackals, immediately followed by hyenas.
On the masai front, only 3 jackals survive the charge before the hyena hit. Ezetimbe takes a crit. A werelion then attacks behind them with 10 leopard men.
Mundabi goes right for the massive werelion! His skill is no match for Mundabi, but he’s huge and strong and tough.
The masai crush the hyena too, but the culstist leopard men start doing some damage.
The werelion misses, tragically so for him, for Mundabi’s agile riposte runs him through right to left through his torso. By now 3 leopard warr’s are dead, and Mundabi immediately kills 1.
Then we finish them off, Mundabi the final 3 single handedly. It’s a fine show by the masai, though 1 is out of fat and another has 1 wound pt. They pull to the center.

The same number of jackals and hyena and leopard warr’s attacks the PC’s and other NPC’s. Fritz’s repeater drops an animal for every shot. Its a massacre between him and Endicot. Then a wereleopard engages Fritz and Endicot.
The battle is fierce, Endicot is staggered!! But at that point, Fritz finishes the last leopard warrior leaving only the wereleopard.
Endicot pulls back with Friday and Hasid.

Spalding and Blackburn are spared a lycanthrope attack, fortunately! Each drop a jackal on the first shot!
Once the leopard men arrive, all 5 of them attack Blackburn! The hyena left all turn to Spalding in turn.
Blackburn “Have at you!!”
Its more of a struggle for the 2 of them, still. No one is the Bear Jew. Spalding is down to 1 hyena when Blackburn has 4 leopard warr’s left still.
At this point, Fritz has begun battling the wereleopard.

Montgomery’s men are furious, like the other gentlemen, at the treatment of the woman and they fight like devils! 5 of the initial jackals die. Only 3 hyena left when the leopard men attack! They are massacring them! Volley after volley!
Then what must be the champion or leader engages, a wereleopard but much larger! Incredibly tough!! At that point though, only 1 leopard warrior is alive!

Now Spalding kills their last hyena. Blackburn is then wounded by the leopard men.

The soldiers have 2 men engaged with the massive leader, the others firing in support! One is taken to 1 wnd left, he is replaced by another!!
“The blighter got me!” as he retreats.

Fritz has pulled the enchanted khopesh from the Gorge pylon, bypassing its DR. His first 2 cuts shred deep, but it keeps fighting.

At this point, the Masai side is cleared! The warriors with Ezetimbe assist Blackburn and Spalding. Its over fast. Mundabi and Gyuku rush to engage the giant leopard vs the brits. The brits unload into it to great effect even considering the DR!
Fritz slays his wereleopard!!
He then charges the lead champion side by side with Mundabi and Gyuku. They drop him together immediately!

We find their camp nearby. We find the now completely insane fiance of the skinned woman, partially skinned himself, begging us to end his suffering with a bullet in his head.
Blackburn’s 2 daughters are ok, and the dozen or so missing Masai children!

Too late to move, we have to stay at our camp here.

March 11 to 12

Rick et al arrive Port Said on 11th; train to Cairo.

Fritz et al back to nearby village. We have to carry Endicot back. Stay the night of the 12th.

March 13 to 16

Travel to Lodge, Masai bearing Endicot. On the way back, Blackburn confirms he’s leaving. Hasid volunteers to take Silent Joe’s spot with Endicot so a man of capability can run the business. Fritz tells him to move his family up as well, they are welcome.

March 17

Back to Nairobi. Endicot parts with “If you ever need somebody to shoot somebody, look me up gents.”

March 18 through 20

Train to and stay in Mombassa.

March 21 to 25

Fritz, Friday, Mundabi and Spalding voyage to Port Said, arriving 25th; in Cairo by evening.

Cast of Characters

Dr. Grace
Van Heuvelin
Bromhead et al


Col. Endicot
Gyuku and 5 masai
Montgomery and 10 soldiers

The Trail to the Black Wind

January 23

Arrive Mombassa

Dry season, April to June is the heavy rain season. Mid Dec to March is dry, rainless season.
Jan clear hot days and warm nights. Great safari time
Feb grass grazed down, water thinning. Still good safari time
arabic style like decorated balconies and minnerets. Famous merchant city, former slave center. 30000 people. african, arabic, portugues, brit, indian ways of life.
on coral island just offshore. Railway causeway and ferries connect to continent.

We arrive. Bromhead is waiting, in disguise. He say he has 8 newly recruited, since Gorge, occult task force in the city, all top men and good shots with their rifles, mostly formed from India and Africa thanks to O’ Lockland.
We head for the hotel. On way we meet a beggar asking for alms. It’s Sebastian! He’s been here underground to assist as well. He says very little going on here. He has investigated Singh closely. We can break into office if we want, but seems legit business man. We have to check to be sure.
Rick is about to ask if the Salvatore’s made contact, if they are here.
Yes! “Thanks for sending THEM” with a big shit faced grin on him.
Rick “Don’t pull that on me, sir. Those are my ladies.”
Still smiling “They’ve been working ‘under’ me for weeks. Hahaha.” BS of course, he’s being good ol’ Sebastian. He keeps trying to get Rick to share them, but Rick will have none of that.

Singh is in India for the next 3 weeks to see family. Greedy, mean and nasty man, but no hint of cult about him says Sebastian.

We check into our wonderful hotel.

Night: break in, Sebastian has a key copy.

Several servants are asleep in their rooms so its stealth time.
We search diligently.
On his office desk is a statuette of the Bloody Tongue. Its among other normal African statuettes about the room. Could mean nothing.
Sebastian cracks his safe. L20, but couple hundred dollars, Egyptian pounds, and rupees.
Bowl of sugar on each shelf of the safe, just a desecant.
Examining his ledger: Rick examines it closely, and is comfortable its of little value. Shipments to Ho Phong, Penhue, several from Shakti to those places; and Silas in NY, and Randolph in Australia; to and from 20 to 30 other normal unsuspicious locations. Also imports and exports of Tandor Singh in Nairobi. Sebastian says he has a brother, so it’s likely. They are listed as casks and brick of tea.
Sebastian says been shipping for the enemy for 4 years. He has had this job much longer than that. Also letters back and forth Sebastian looks into while Rick checks for secret doors.
1 letter from “cousin” Tandor Singh from little over 4 years ago, recommending he add to his business to be go between for a clearing house: its all addresses of the cultists.
So, one cousin a cultist, using the other to funnel merchandise out.
Rick meanwhile finds no secret passages of any sort.
This guy may be clean, and a dupe.

January 24

We start getting our affairs ready to go. Visit a few Brit officials for prentations sake.

Knock on our hotel door that night. Its the Salvatores with ‘that’ look on their faces.
Rick “Everybody out. Give me 8 hours.”
Afterward, they tell us they have found no more in Mombasa, at least not in the upper crust, but Nairobi is for sure cult central. Disappearances, including whites. General sense of ominousness.

January 25

We are all out and about. In groups of:
Rick/Billy; Fritz/Mundabi; Hobbes/Friday/Spalding/Nuyn

In the bazaar, Hobbes taking pics while the others are shopping. Friday feels a hand fondling his purse. Friday, grabs for his purse and cries out “thief!”.
The culprit stabs Friday w/ knife 6, then turns and runs!
Friday draws and stabs back. The man runs down an alley. We give chase, Hobbes the last to respond with eye in the camera.
Later, he’ll see in the background of his next to last pick is the thief in the act of drawing his knife.
Suddenly we realize we’ve walked into a trap!
The thief ahead “rise Bloody Tongue!” and pulls out a spiked club. Behind us, 5 others with the same weapon. The thief walks toward us. 4 others come from cover at his sides.
Hobbes into the air “No cult activity here, huh Sebastian?”
Nuyn “Spalding, you want me to take the front or back?”
Sebastian “Front.”
Hobbes starts yelling for help. All but Nuyn fire a volley, she moves forward like a wind and hits the front leader, taking his club right off of him!
The 1 sister of the 7 Deadly Wangs starts cleaning house, dropping the leader and another as the gunfire each drops 1. The rear guard surprisingly stay put. Hmm.
Once the leader goes down, the rear charge in. Noooo!
Another attacks from cover at the rear. Hobbes has gone full defense, taking up 2 men at the start.
Wang finishes off the front, turning to see 3 of the 5 in the rear left, Spalding doing most of the work back there. Her first rush kills Hobbes’s last foe.
Then Spalding finishes the job.
We take off up the alley and away.
Report to Rick and Fritz soon as we see them.

Rick “Thank god for Wing Chun, eh Spalding? Thank you as always, Nuyn.”

Sense is that the bloody tongue activity here is low, street level. Nothing higher up. That’s why the Salvatore’s and Sebastian found nothing. If Sebastian had been here longer, he may have found something.

January 26 thru 27

Bromhead and force go ahead of us over these days, piecemeal, with Sebastian and Lovejoy, to make our greeting with Cpt. Montgomery.

On the train to Nairobi. Wood burning locomotive, coal tinder. Flat car, no sun protection, for freight and blacks. Mundabi and Friday have to ride on that car.
Mail and freight car.
Third class row seating brown car. Wang and Billy are here, better off blacks can ride here, but we keep our 2 on the open car in case of cultists.
Dining car, brown are allowed on one third.
1st class white care with compartment seating. Rick Fritz and Spalding to a room.
Rear most car for whites and browns able to afford, esp Indians.

January 28

18 hour journey by train

Coming out of dense bush to the wide plains. Farms and exotic animal life much in evidence.
Gentle rolling land but for sporadic ravines.
Line climbs steadilly.
Kilimanjaro seen many miles distant. More great mts far to north.

Dusk, we are about 3 hours out from Nairobi. Ahead, a glow behind the train. 2 spots in the sky, getting larger and nearer. The news gets around. Fritz and Rick see via their Zeiss Glasses a form of flame: fire vamprires! 2 of them!!
Rick “Spalding, Fritz, get your big rifles ready!”
As they close in, people start to get panicked.

On the black car 4 bloody tongues attack with their clubs! Yelling a battle cry, it warns us! They charge us, 2 on each. Mundabi sets his spear and his charger is impaled badly DEAD!! The other misses badly, spikes getting stuck momentarily in the wood framing. He then starts laying into the other.
Friday attacks 10, and is hit twice by the enemy, and hits for 5. The biggest then fumbles his wpn vs Friday. Friday drops his weaker foe with a crit!
Mundabi then moves to the badly wounded Friday and disarms the toughest, who draws a dagger and turns it on Mundabi innstead! The other charges Mundabi again.
Mundabi takes a few shots but cuts down the leader, then the last as well.

The fire vamps reach the train, from the side making for the white car! Soon as we know they are coming, Rick and Hobbes gather others to get fire buckets ready. 2 buckets, ashtrays with sand; toilet room pitchers with 1 gallon in each bath; 40 gallons ready in galley car. Hundreds in locomotive.
We get the buckets and sand ready first. We give them to braver passengers to use against fire spots while we 2 go for more.
Fritz and Spalding fire, combining to burst one DEAD. It explodes like fireworks.
The 2nd smashes through the window, attacking Spalding. Its lash of flame misses him, but the car starts to catch.
Rick attacks with Akmallah, Fritz with his enchanted khopesh.
Rick and Fritz cut it down easily!
The car is saved from burning up, as well.


We stay at Muthaiga club. It’s for whites, and natives aren’t aloud in at all unless they are valet and the like of a white man. It’ll be the safest place. On outskirts of white town.
Nairobi has 3 sections: white town, brown town, black town

We get in late, met by Bromhead, Lovejoy and Sebastian. They have gotten Corydon and Montgomery warmed up to our arrival. Bromhead says the men are staying at Hampton House, and that the port loving proprietor is a good guy to talk to about people in the city.

January 29

On veranda having breakfast. Paper has story of fire on the train. In gossip section, “the famous and gallant Fritz Goldstein has come back to town”.
Endicot comes to see us. Says talk to Sam Mariga about Old Bundari, he’s known to have connections with Johnstone Kenyatta (early 20’s). Old Bundari is part of their organization. The Masai and Boyoba could find nothing.
Neville Germaine: barrister, grandson of sir Wade Germain; lives in town. Wade supposedly found city of white guerillas. Family spent a lot of time in the Congo.
Dr. Horace Starret: founded hospital and mission school in black town, knows all about African disease, venomous animals, etc. Had dealings with Carlyle Expedition as well. Did medical examination of corpses.

Fritz to paper to have Natalie look up paper archives. Nuyn goes to back him up.
Friday and Mundabi and Billy to Mariga, better blacks talk to him than imperious whites.
Rick to Montgomery with Bromhead then Corydon with Sebastian.
Spalding to Germaine with Lovejoy.


Great Grandfather’s book: Observations on Several Parts of Africa: gray city of white apes ruled by a white god. Rick, Fritz and Spalding have all read it. Sir Robert Germain also managed to kill himself by dousing self in oil and lighting, and destroying mummy brought back from Congo supposedly the mummy of this White God, all after he examined it once back in England.
Son Robert Jr. continued to explore, looking for the city. Feeling it had some connection to his familly. A man named Sam Seaton described the city to him, then Robert blew the guy’s brains out. Returned to home and killed self and sons to end the line. Neville though survived, wounded, determined to never marry. Now 38, lived here 5 years. He’s in court when we arrive, back in hour or 2. Servants allow us to wait. He arrives, offering us scotch and cigars. We sit to talk on his beautiful garden veranda.
We ask about what he knows about the Carlyle Expedition. Knew them quite well. If we are going into the back country, he can provide all kinds of info and hirelings. Did so for Carlyle Expedition.
They hired far more men than needed, figured they were bringing something out they weren’t going in with. He knows cultists killed them! “Everything points to it.” He knows the white’s bodies were never seen, but taken away to city of white guerillas. Bumption insists he saw the whites’ bodies at first arrival, then they were gone later.
Jr. here is really obsessed with the White Guerilla idea.
If planning on investigating, he’d be more than happy to go with us “into the heart of the Congo”. When we tell him we have different info, he’s not interested.
We tell him we are here with Rathbone and Goldstein. He’s very keen on Fritz going into the Congo for the White Guerilla city, wants to meet him.
He must know the truth and “must destroy the cult”. We tell him don’t go w/o asking Fritz.
Back to Club. Finding Peter Roxby waiting to talk to some of us. Long time transient from Australia, big game hunter, known lion and cat hunter among others. Knows we are heading north, its all around town, and wants to know if we need a guide. We don’t need one, Fritz is a guide. He is interested cause he hasn’t gone north much at all. Once he did, and bought a small statue from a Nandi tribesman now in a museum. Local deity called Black Wind or Bloody Tongue. Made him feel very uncomfortable so donated it.
Spalding “That was a good move.”
We’ll let him know once we talk to Fritz. This guy lives in the most sumptuous apartment at Muthaiga.
We invite him to join us anytime we’re drinking in the bar.

Nairobi Star:
Natalie is very happy to see Fritz.
The expedition stayed at Hampton House! Report came from Mariga, heard of many dead near his village so he reported it; they were strange unhealthy lot, Hypatia in particular sick, unavailable in mornings; Carlyle and his man disappeared; Aubrey dealt even at Hampton with Tandor Singh; Huston aloof.
The 2 spend the afternoon together, Wang always watching. They return to her office and talk. Fritz notices the room getting a bit brighter from light coming via window. He gets up to look and a fire vamp smashes through the window! Wang enters the room immediately.
It swoops past Natalie, and her clothes light!!
Nuyn “Take that thing down, I’ll put her out!” Carpet on floor she throws over top of her and starts patting furiously.
Fritz draws his revolver to no effect, he tosses it and goes to work with his repeater. A crit destroys it after it misses a swipe to Nuyn.
Natalie is burned on shoulder and upper arm, we race to Nairobi State Hospital.
“Looks like our buggy ride to the waterfall isn’t going to happen, Mr. Goldstein.” She had planned an afternoon picnic with Fritzy.

Sam Mariga:

Very friendly guy. Knows nothing new about Carlyle Exp. We tell him we are looking into it and the Mt of the Black Wind. We need to talk to Kenyatta.
Mundabi “What about Old Bundari?”
He says he’s been to the mountain in younger more adventurous days. Could easily guide us there. It was dangerous but he did get out alive, “best not spoken of”. Go to Mariana st. in black town. “Take a white man to show your seriousness.”


Was looking forward to meeting Fritz, and Forbes (we gather he’s in love with her). He has Bumption brought in, describes the massacre. Bodies were not rotten, animals wouldn’t touch them. Indeed thought saw white body parts, including head of Hypatia. Once body parts all gathered and examined, no whites.
Rick invites him to dinner at the club to meet Fritz.
Rick then swears him to Imperial secrecy, Sebastian and Bromhead present, and details our thwarting of the cult elsewhere and our plan to finish it at the Mt.
Opinions on:
Roger: good man, hang out often, play cards and such; career politician
Starret: odd duck; anglican minister, and medical dr; runs the place in black town; spent lots of time in wild trudging around with his bible; never takes guns nor bearers, but has gone with several expeditions; as he’s doc for gov’t house, he’s also the coroner; “let’s be honest, the man is not one of us” spends way too much time and likes natives; never comes to the club; turns down all offers of civilized meeting and conversation.
Did he secretly dispose of the white bodies? Hmm.


Bad business, he calls the massacre. He wrote the report and oversaw investigation. He only saw remains once in the morgue, before coroner saw them: It was 3 days before he came to look at them. He saw no white parts. He recalls Elias being here. Says it was unseasonably cool, which he believes kept bodies from decaying on site. Kept here on ice, soon as taken out of ice began to decompose. Why animals didn’t eat them? He has no idea.
How were guilty found out? Patrol sent to local village, they started interrogating chief, working way down. Beat the snot out of several. Finally admitted to who did it, who protested innocence. He gives us the location of the tribe, a bit further toward Mt. than tribe Fritz stopped at.

Rick to Starret:

Into Black Town; buildings are dilapidated. Bit of a scots accent. We tell him we are going into the back country. Happy to provide us with medicines.
Knew Carlyle Exp, purchased medical supplies from him. Hypatia donated to work of the church in return. “Extremely upsetting to hear about massacre” he was delivering medicine to a village at the time. “Corpses were torn to pieces, disgusting”. Is bewildered by the freshness of the bodies. Cooler temps? Laughable. He believes supernatural evil is the only conclusion.
Rick brings up the white body part discrepancy. He thinks Bumption imagined it. He is sure nothing untoward happened those 3 days before he got here. Local attendants re iced periodically. He calls for Benson, the lead attendant here and morgue. He was present at the time. Benson seems legitimately disgusted by the affair, but insists nothing suspicious happened, then “the funny thing was teh parts were stacked up in a pile, then next day it looked like someone had tossed them around”!
Starret is taken aback!!
Benson just didn’t think it was any thing important, though that’s the same day the lock was broken, wouldn’t lock, had be be replaced.
Starret exasperated “You can go Benson” then to us “I owe you an apology. Evidently the devil’s hand reaches further than I thought.”
Rick “Further than you know, wraps around the whole world.”
He’ll be going out among Masai soon to preach. Fluently speaks several different local lang’s. Does not usually hire out for an expedition Dr. The Carlyle exp tried hard to get him, but he wouldn’t. Huston especially tried “We really would love to have a man of God along.”

Brady at hotel bar:

man enters, scruffy, shaking hands, unshaven mess. Hands trembling as he drinks, sees Brady and turns white at the sight!
Walks to him “Brass, Brass my boy! I haven’t see you since Hong Kong!” It’s Nails Nelson! He’s a soldier of fortune. Sneaky, some repair skill. Alcoholic.
They are acquaintances.
“What are you doing here?” Knows Brady must be up to something. Brady says he’d better keep his mouth shut about this. He wants Brady to give an old pal a chance.
“What kind of chance?” He wants to go along, “come on, I’ll be useful”. Been doing a little of this, a little of that. Looking for opportunity to make a pile of $. He leans forward, breath stinks terrible, whispers “You’re headed north aren’t ya” They say in the north there’s treasure gallor, and death but “not for blokes like us. We can handle anything.” Carries a .303 Lee Enfield, good shape.
“If you can keep your trap shut, I might let you in on it.” Brady gives him a couple drinks then some money for opium, he leaves.
Brady “Where can I find you?” Gives address, in Brown Town.

Meet up back at hotel and swap stories.

To Black Town and Kenyatta: Rick, Fritz, Mundabi, Friday. Billy tales us.
Kukuyu Central Assoc, devoted to getting black membership in the local gov’t.
Civilized black man in a suit greets us. Few minutes he Kenyatta meets us.
We mention the Mt. of the Black Wind. He takes us into a private room, and wants to know exactly what we are doing here. Rick lays it out. He has lots of questions.
Much of what we described he can’t understand. Elias seemed doomed to him, but “your destinies are unfinished”. He says we should see someone.
Rick “Old Bundari.”
“How do you know that name.” We explain. A man of his outiside will lead us, 6’6" Masai. We follow him as instructed. He watches always for people following us. He leads us in circles and such.
He has spotted Billy, we explain. We call Billy up, and informs that 2 others are following that the tall man missed. Blacks.
More evasive maneuvers.
Mundabi “Let’s lead them into a trap.”
Rick “Lead us somewhere we can dispose of them.”
He says leaving dead bodies would be inconvenient. But if we could leave them Ko’d would be fine.
He leads us to a perfect spot where Billy can circle back around to deal with them.
Rick “After, stay nearby. When they come to, follow them.”
Each pulls a cult spiked club from under their long draping shirts. He ko’s both and drags them off to the side.
On the rest of us go, to the yellow door he told us to go in to, so in we go. Inside is a top notch steam car! He has us get in and we drive away, out of Nairobi. Fritz and Rick keep a sharp eye out.
We arrive at village of Boyovu, his closely guarded home. A grouping of huts.
Our tall driver tells us to stay here, kids gawking at us, and speaks with an effeminate young man for 15 minutes before finally motioning for us.
The man speaks to us like he’s annoyed at our presence. We state our reasons for being here. He warns us to stay away from the Bloody Tongue.
Rick “We’re here to do the opposite. To stamp it out.”
“That’s impossible” a terrible god inhabits it. He speaks of an eye of light and darkness! That it can seal the Mt!!
Rick “I know how to create the sign!”
He mentions knowing of the seal in Egypt broken years ago; we tell him we closed the one in Egypt. This surprises him.
Bundari exists in more than one reality at this point, this man is his guardian. We must wait for his spirit to draw back to his body “It may take hours.” We agree. We’ll miss dinner.

Bunari’s house inside is like a snail’s shell, circling to the central room. Passage walls decorated with many masks, fetishes, etc.
In the center, arcane symbols arranged all around. Rick Id’s warding symbols to keep magic and monsters out; some to do with outer gods and old ones.
The small old man Bundari sits, utterly still. An assistant periodically unfolds a leg to massage it. Face scarred by a large X pattern.
No talking at all. THough Ocomu offers peanuts, plantain, and milk.

7 hours later, into the night; suddenly his body comes alive with a start and he looks at each of us one by one, penetratingly as if to our very souls. Then his eyes glaze over. He speaks through Ocomu the assistant.
His scar pulsates red with the blood underneath.
“Your mission is perilous, and the times desparate. SHould I tell you pleasant things or the truth?”
Rick “The Truth.”
He describes the trouble of the Bloody Tongue on the land. Other whites were taken and killed in place of the expedition members. Many of us, the Brotherhood, pray to Nagai, a god of Mt. Kenya to stave off evil. Those who stand in the dark and night to ward off evil that would eat mankind. “You must hurry!” Ocomu can help with arrangements.
Bundari has gifts!
Have Sam lead us to the Mt. “for he is one of us”.
They ask if we can create an Eye of Light and Dark.
Rick says he has the spell but not how to carve the eye. Bundari and Ocomu converse telepathically.
Ocomu “No, No! You must not risk yourself!”
Via Ocomu, Bundari says he can carve it and show us where so long as we can do the spell.
Ocomu protests again. He goes limp
Bundari speaks himself now, that now is the time to strike at the evil in its home.
He calls to Ocomu to rise, who wakes furious "WHat have you done! If you allow harm to come to Bundari the human race dies.
Ocomu regrets ever allowing us inside!
Bundari has Ocomu bring a chest. Inside is the flywisk!! It’s good for 2 things: if held and any spell is cast at you allowing a save, you get a plus 6. 2nd, if allows no save, you still get a plus 6 save! Also, allows one a plus 5 to find out evil, such as SM, find secret doors, etc.
Then he has Ocumu “bring her here”. A cage, with warty reptile inside; 3 horns on forehead.
His friend which is not what she seems. Feed her daily with flies, and she will protect you. Open the cage and free her when needed. Bugs hate this thing, and stay far away. If we don’t feed her, bad things will happen.
Finally, he says return day before we leave to prepare and “we will come with you”.
Ocomu protests. He’s too full of his own importance.

Those in Nairobi make apologies for us to Roger.

January 30

Back to Nairobi and our very concerned friends.

Fritz immediately contacts Roger to apologize and sets dinner for tonight. Then he, Rick, Endicot and Spalding start gathering expedition supplies, starting at Dalton and Sons trading post. Dalton is in nursing home in Nairobi, Jonathon the current owner is one of the 3 sons. He manages.

Natalie is out of hospital recovering. She’ll join us for dinner.

Billy yesterday followed the 2 thugs to a good sized house, for the Black sector. They knocked in a certain pattern. 1 man on each side peered out to look at them, then fade back into shadows. A grotesquely fat black man let them in, wearing a red turban. He watches. 2 hours later, a black man and an Indian do the same knock. The 2 men peer out like before and they are let in by the same man this time holding a larger version of the cult’s spiked club!
As evening goes on, several people left, others enter.
Billy is put back on casing it, with Sebastian in disguise.

Tandor’s tea house is cased by Nuyn and Friday.

Bromhead pulls his men from the hotel and sets up a camp near the Club.

Mundabi goes to gather his brother and a band of 10 warriors.

Rick sees Montgomery but he can’t get involved so officially.

Dinner with Natalie and Roger. Montgomery comes too, with his niece Elizabeth (19). He says Tandor imports tea, and exports it too, as Brown Town’s best tea seller. Live behind his shop. So far as anyone here knows until we drop the info, he’s only in tea.

We watch his house the next couple days and ask around. Most who come in and out wear red turbans or head bands. At 2 and 7 he goes to a cafe for food. Talks to other merchants.
Front door opens to store front. Side door is for deliveries.
Sebastian in disguise with Nuyn do some checking, with Nails’ help.
Wed nights he goes to a friend’s house for chess until about midnight. An Indian.
Billy recognizes, he says Singh enter the thug’s house!!

Jan 31

More watching Singh and preparing. Same number of men always leave and enter the house, so not really sure how many are in there in total.

Its Saturday, and Fritz can not shop nor make any business transactions. So Spalding and Endicot take over the outfitting with Dalton and Son. Jon says he has been waiting for ivory from Gala territory, north, asks if Fritz can stop and look into the missing goods. Fritz agrees

Mundabi arrives tonight. His men are just outside of town, out of sight.

Feb 1

Same number of people enter and exit the house.

About hour after they arrive, 2 thugs arrive with a cloaked figure between them. Looks like a possible captive.

At tea house, all of the guards have left, no longer there. 4 new men show up, no red headdress and unknown before. Then 2 others, also no red, with a cloaked 3rd they are flanking like a prisoner. They are let in by one of the new 4 at the side door. Friday runs to inform us of the new development. The 4 PC’s, Brady and Hobbes make for The tea house.
Rick gets us in the side door. Rick looks in with his darkvision lenses. Nothing. He steps inside carefully. Friday stays outside to watch our back.
A hall goes right to front store. We are entering at corner of store room. Down the hall is a curtain. Door to left near end of hallway. Rick turns down the hall as Fritz enters just inside.
A noise like a sceatering across the floor.
Rick turns headlamp on, turns and sheds the light into the store room.
Fritz steps inside. Wang enters, lighting a lantern. Rick douses his, turns to watch the front.
Slight sceetering, no id yet.
Mundabi inside now.
Still no noise.
Rick moves slightly more up, waving Brady with him.
Hobbes at the doorway as Fritz, Nuyn and Mundabi move in a bit more. Wang and Fritz spot a thin rope glistens in the light, hanging in front of them. Mundabi grazes it, sticks to his arm. Rope covered with glue. He pulls back and a fine, sticky net fall on him. He struggles a moment, tighter. He stops almost panicked.
Hobbes moves in to try to cut Mundabi free and gets a small hole cut in it before the knife is stuck in it and useless.
Nuyn spots 2 more net traps hanging down. Still no sceetering noise.
A boom, boom, boom of a drum. A 3 syllable chant, repeating. From below the floor, toward the front of the building. Fritz comes to cut Mundabi free with his hunting knife.
Rick looks through the curtain. Clear.
Door in hall is locked. Rick opens it. He with Brady opens the door. Bedroom. Hindu religious prints on the walls, Shiva statuette. Rick starts searching but quickly feels its too slow, someone is about to be sacrificed. He makes a pass through the bedroom, then into the storeroom hoping to get lucky. Bingo! A barrel in the middle of the storeroom seems out of place. Under a staircase toward front, cut into the bedrock.
Rick “Let’s go, now.”
A soft squealing, like the muffled voice of a woman. Rick leads the way down, Mundabi is free enough to move, but some net still attached.
6 cultists plus a high priest at the head. A girl secured down, nude, its Elizabeth Montgomery!! Prepared to be flayed alive! They wear insignia none of us have seen before. As we skulk in, Rick gets a glimpse of an idol and ID’s it: an Indian cult, supposedly crushes during Mutiny, Cult of the Small Crawler. Actually popular among higher stationed Indians. Its servants that it sends to guard its worshipers are huge spiders.
That’s what was scuttling around up top.
Hobbes, in the rear, excuses himself by Brady and Mundabi.
The High Priest is Tandor Singh! He throws back his robe unveiling a great erection, ready to start the vile rape ritual.
No British man could possibly stand for this nonsense.
We rush for the fight.
2 huge spiders leap out, through the air on webs, over Mundabi and Brady!
Brady is missed by 1, thanks to his amulet. Mundabi is badly missed.
Rick, Nuyn, Hobbes move into the cultists.
Rick “Fritz, kill those blasted spiders!”
Rick grapples the leader from behind. The other pick up their pointy daggers to attack and 3 on each of Hobby and Nuyn.
They are apparently thinking about the long game. They start cutting at her clothes like to cut them from her. The first one cuts a gash and her shirt is fully open at the front.
Rick’s first view of them ever!
Wang goes to work on the dog who freed her bosoms; Hobby goes full defense; Rick puts the hurt on Tandor.
Both spiders go for but miss Mundabi! He stabs back, but they have good DR!
Fritz engages with his magic khopesh.
Nuyn wipes all all 3 in one round!! She looks down at Rick on the floor “Oh Rick”.
Hobbes is very content with total defense.
The spiders are badasses, still going.
Hobbes takes a dagger crit!
Fritz now takes down one spider!!
Nuyn kills one on Hobbes.
Fritz and Brady both hit a spider but they are tough foes.
Rick is frustrating Tandor like crazy, who cries out for might from his god in desperation.
Mundabi fumbles, then recovers well hitting with 2 powerful thrusts, then 2 more!
Nuyn takes down another of Hobbes’s.
Hobbes withdraws leaving Nuyn with the last cultist.
Brady and Fritz bring down the last spider.
Mundabi moves into the room by Hobbes.
Rick got the better of Tandor for a while, but Tandor then turned it around for a stretch.

Hobbes looks around for key to Elizabeth’s cuffs, but none around. He covers her with his jacket.
Rick then pulls out of the grapple, Mundabi waiting stabs but misses. Wang however snaps his neck sideways with a kick to the side of the head.

Rick finds the cuffs on Singh, frees Elizabeth.

Search of the room:

We destroy the stone idol and other acoutremants.
14 incense cones: ID’d later by Bundari: light one grants visions, adding 1% to inhalers Forbidden Lore d3/d10 sanity. Up to 20 people at a time in an enclosed room.

Elizabeth, with a 10 wis, is at 46 sanity. Very broken up but longterm, ok.

Chest in the room, Hindi version of the Cthaat Aquadingen. Copy of a middle english version, or possibly medieval latin. A Forbidden Tome!!

We get Elizabeth dressed and home safely. They know she did not come home from an outing with friends, but are shocked at what has happened.

Having seen Bloody Tongue going to see Singh earlier, now with the kidnapping, we talk to Montgomery and there will be an official raid into the cult thug house!!

Rick and Nuyn get right to studying the forbidden tome.

Feb 2

Rick and Nuyn use Rick’s own rescources and the local library to look into the Cthaat Aq. Rick is unsure what Cthaat may mean, but Aquadingen may mean people of the water (see adventure for further details).

Rick and Nuyn skim the book. This appears to be a relatively newer translation, and an unknown one of this tome! This deals in greater detail than any other book about R’yleh and raisings from the ocean. This book may a catalyst for the entire conspiracy, where the cult found out about the Ark of Vlaktos and the R’yleh Disc, etc. Includes catalogue of Deep Ones cities!!! Also mention of Atlantis, pre Hyborean Age!

Late morning, Montgomery’s raid on the Bloody Tongue house. Fritz, Billy, Mundabi, Nuyn, Brady, Friday and Hobbes accompany them. Montgomery personally leads the raid.
Sgt Bumption is in charge of the first wave. He pounds on the door, orders it to open up in the name of the Queen! it opens. He steps in, pistol at the ready. Clubs come down on him from both sides. The soldiers fire a volley into the door and race inside. Lots of shooting. 15 men enter before we go in. Fritz and Friday are next inside, with Mundabi. Bumption lies on the ground, head split open. 2 dead cultists bullet ridden. Fritz goes down a hall, screaming ahead. Down a stairway. Pass 3 dead cultists and 2 dead askary, 1 via a multispear trap is hanging their yelling in pain. Hobbes stops to help the guy’s friend free him from the trap.
Fritz leads the rest into an anti chamber, 2 large open doors lead in. A statue of the Bloody Tongue!!! Last 10 askari charge into the room, cultist rushes out a doorway on the other side. We follow. Just after the askari enter, a wall starts sliding down. Fritz is able to jam it just in time with his gun. Brady then holds it up, we start to enter.
We enter a cavern with lots of mushrooms growing in it.
The cultist turns, his body is covered entirely in cloth. The askari start to scream, clawing at their own faces. Their faces boil, the boils burst, they writhe around.
Brady starts yelling for the askari to get out. 7 rush out themselves. Mundabi runs in and pulls one to safety, followed by Billy and Fritz! We are able to cover ourselves enough and get the 3 men out. Whew. 1 man dies a few minutes later.
We hear shooting outside now, lots. Fritz says it all gov’t issue rifles.
Cultists are trying to escape out the other 2 exits above. There is enough material for 3 of us to safely cover up and follow the cultist. Fritz, Mundabi, and Billy.
Its a nest of caverns. Mundabi and Billy track him to a fork, where he took a passage going up, then Billy notices he turned and started stepping only on stones to backtrack.
Then, a rumble from behind. A huge rounded boulder is coming at us!
Mundabi “Run!” He makes a break for it. We all outrun it to the bottom, it crashes into the wall. Now we take the straight path at the fork and we find him. It’s a dummy to lure us into a pit trap. We push a stone nearby onto the area to test it, and a section collapes under the weight.
We all make the jump and continue. Billy draw cuts the dummy on his way past with his sword. Sand starts to leak out. We continue to an opening to outside. It opens into a shack in blacktown. The wrappings and head dress are tossed aside. We look outside, and see an Indian wearing a turban running.
We chase, he leaps over a cart and trips onto the other side!! Mundabi rushes ahead, leaps over it and atop him! Knees first onto his back. Mundabi brawls him, though he wields one of the cult clubs, and really roughs the guy up badly. He casts a spell, and burst into flames!! He grabs Mundabi doing fire damage, but Mundabi dodges his grapple and he burns to death.
Back at the house, we find all sorts of cult paraphernalia but nothing special. And a large Chikote pit, but no Chikote.

Tomorrow we leave for the Mt.
Sebastian’s work is done, he will not accompany us.

Under the Sphinx

January 9

We sleep in rather late then right back down below the sphinx. Rick takes only Nuyn, Billy and Mundabi for we need to be inconspicious getting inside, to search the perimeter of the main room for other ways in. We find a tunnel that becomes fleshy as it gets to a door into the huge room, to our original entrance’s right and at other end. The leadup tunnel having sloped uward, this door opens onto a processional walkway 30’ above the main floor, supported by stone pillars, ending at platform with 2 thrones upon it. We see many of the beast people in the central main area.
We go back out around the back side, finding no other ways inside. We run into some cultists while we are at a dead end. They are talking about throwing a poor girl into a leech pit. Its a patrol of 6 men. They move away from us, luckily. We then wrap back around to the main tunnel. That patrol is now coming behind us, and one ahead. We evade and head back for home.
With luck we avoid any more patrols. We will have to be wary of them when entering.

We consolidate all our research into the important points:

  1. Fire, acid, bullets, explosives, spells the mummy is immune to, can’t even unwrap it. This is before its even animate.
  2. A shrivelling spell for at least 10 points destroyes the crown. Kafore knows it.
  3. Add space mead to water, put necklace in it and it will disolve. Otherwise indestructible
  4. With a sacred enchanted knife such as that used to summon dimensional shambler, can use it to cut up the girdle of Netocris. We have one from Gavigan!
  5. If you can contact Nodens, he will give the person a dagger weapon capable of destroying the mummy with a deep stab into its left eye causing it to crumble to dust which should then be widely dispersed.
  6. Then we find an easier way though one we do not want to use: they need Broadmoor to bring the spirit back to the mummy; kill her during the time while she is summoning and the spirit of Netocris will be lost forever
  7. Ritual will go on about 30min prior to Broadmoor’s trance. Perhaps 30 to 60 min for her to make contact. 12 minutes after she makes contact until the spirit gets into the body (the time we would have to kill her to eliminate Netocris’ spirit), at which point they will cut her throat.
  8. Another 5 minutes after, the Great Sphinx aspect of Nyar will be summoned. It will place a single paw on the throne besider hers from which they will rule.
  9. All begins at midnight

Rick knows Contact Nodens from a spell scroll!! He donning the Mask of Hayama, Nuyn and Kafore cast it successfully. Nodens appears, we explain the situation. He says he is aware, and hates Nitocris. Rick rolls a natural 20 on the persuasion! He gives us the dagger and Rick mentions our meeting with Nyar and he may have done something to Rick’s sisters. Nodens says he knows what he did. In about a month, he may receive word that his sisters have gone crazy, i.e. lesbians. That’s his punishment to Rick.
Later, he’ll find they start to develope a sextual attraction to Rick himself!
Nodens can not cancel this, unfortunately.
Rick gains the max 10 forbidden ranks from the mask!

Sala arrives as well with 7 of his best men. We impress the lethality of the situation upon them, they are in to the death.

Attacking from the main entrance will be Fritz and Spalding, who will use the mass of pillars just inide to fire from cover. Friday will be with Fritz, and Hobbes will start his camera on autu filming then fight as well. The arabs will come in with them. Rick will lead Sala and his 6 men, Billy, Nyun through the raised entrance. We’ll drop down on ropes into the dark and hit the altar area from the rear. Rick reiterates to all, he wants Winfield if possible captured alive. All he did to all of those women, payback is to be had for that. But, if it means he escapes or dies, he dies.

We go to enter at the secret one near the Menkhare pyramid. Opening up the entrance, we spot a gang of guards down there. Then we hear 2 others approaching. Billy and Wang jump 2 robed cultists outside the entrance, Mundabi and Nuyn slay them instantly. Billy and Mundabi don the robes and slaughter the guards. One wore a red robe, and he was a deadly foe sapping Mundabi of all of his reserve. We take all the robes.
We hit a small cave in along the way that wasn’t here before. We decide to turn around and go a longer way, passing through another fleshy area that is pulsating in and out a little. We turn around to the cave in to dig through. Luckily, Sala and his men are professionals at this.
We get to the point to split up. Rick, Nuyn, Brady and Billy will go with Fritz and enter in robes first, to try to take positions among the enemy. Mundabi recommends Sala not be alone at the rear and takes it upon himself to go with them. Billy and Rick enter first to scout the scene from the group of pillars just inside the entrance.
Mundabi et al pass a small point with blood dripping from the ceiling on their way down. Rick and Fritz et al get to the main door w/o incident.
Entering we hear screams. Broadmoor stands eyes open as if lost in space. Flanking her are Gardner and Sprecht, tied up so that hands are behing their back and heads are arched back, ready to be slit. Each of them has a cultist with a curved blade behind them. That scumbag Winfied in priestly garb stands with them. Upon the high altar before them, steep stepway ascending it, is the sarcophagus of Netocris. There stands Clive and 2 priests, as well as Omar Shakti!! Tween the altar and Winfield et al are about a dozen priests and 30 beastmen!
Tween us and the main entrance are a horde of cultists spanning the center of the room. Around the assumed leech pool are many more beastmen as well. Within them at this pool are 100 prisoners in a mass at the near side to us. Tween us and Fritz’s position, with cultists around it, is a stairway leading downward into the deep, a red glow emanating from its depths. 6 nude female prisoners hang from scaffolding by their wrists, 3 on each side of the altar’s raised platform. With them are Crimson red robed elite guard with wicked swords in hand such as that which Mundabi battled.
The positive, there is no one on the outside of the inner row of pillars, and its plenty dark.
One or 2 at a time, a captive is being thrown into a leech pool periodically. This pool is at about the center of the gathering area. One captive is half dunked into the pool, then brought up for a moment before being pushed under. The leeches are the size of a man’s fist, its nasty. Even a couple kids are taken off into a raft to the middle to be dropped in.
There are hundreds and hundreds of cultists in this room. This entire attack is a deadly risk, but absolutely necessary.
They return, detail the scene, and set the plan. All say a prayer as appropriate to them.
Hobbes and Spalding are given 2 of the futuristic automatic rifles from Look to the Future, 1 full magazine each.
Rick, Billy and Nuyn enter in robes, making their way altar area. 2 squads of 4 arabs take posistions among the cultists center. Brady enters with us, but stops by the beasmen at the pool. Brady and each arab in the inner units are given a 4 pack of tnt to start things off with, pre wired together by Rick with a short wick. Their and Rick’s tossing these into the crowd will start things off. When the tnd is thrown, everyone else starts firing.
The remaining arabs are split into 3 groups. One will attack straight ahead to screen Fritz and Spalding. The other 2 will sneak left and right in the large dark areas, respectively, and attack the flanks of the pool area. They will volley first, then engage in melee as the situation calls. Their attack with Brady is to save as many of the prisoners at the pool as possible.
In the rear, Sala resolves to volley into the red robed elites, happy Mundabi chose to join him. If they charge us though Sala’s men will be in a dire situation.
Hobbes starts his camera on his auto, with low light lense.

The TNT initial assault drops about 40 men! Brady hits a group of beastmen killing 6.
The sacrificial captives at the pool begin to resist heavily as the cultists try to start throwing them in. During the battle, many will be thrown in, but they will take many cultists and beastmen with them into the pool! Our initial volleys ring out dropping more.

The elites turn and charge Sala’s position! Mundabi waits for them to approach then leaps wildly among them spear and shield first, knocking 3 down the steps but going along with them. That leaves only 3 reaching Sala’s men thank God. Sala’s men backpeddle once for a final volley before they must engage, concentrating all fire on the 3 attacking them. Mundabi leaps up unleashing fury upon his 3 below them.
3 of Sala’s men are then slain in the battle.
They then take two down, then Sala crit DEAD the last “You killed my men!” Mundabi brings one low one of his 2, having another badly wounded; then Sala’s men pick up their rifles and fire in support, dropping that one. Mundabi, still untouched by the enemy in his fury, finally takes a cut but cripples the final elite, then leapin back clear and Sala’s men riddle him.

Jack Brady leaps to the head of the pool to save victims from the leeches. He yells at them to flee. They do, to into the dark of our right flank. The 3 arab groups charge the cultist horde.
Nuyn and Billy are rushes from all sides by hordes of cultists, no matter how many they kill they are held in position.
A priest at each hanging woman is turns and holds a burning torch under their feet!
Hobbes moves forward around the pillars to his right to find a shooting lane now that the arabs with he and Fritz are engaged in front of them, passing some the fleeing pool victims on the way. He calls to them to get into the dark. He’s loving this future autimatic rifle.
Fritz has put a bullet into Shakti, but then misses with a second shot.
Spalding now puts his elephant gun into action. He and Fritz fire all the way across the room to help the hanging women, each dropping one on opposite sides. Rick, further to the left side and less surrounded than Nuyn and Billy, ducks and weaves, diving through the mass of cultists, rushing right at a burner priest and crits DEAD with the sword of Akhmallah. The other stands up to confront him.
The other 2 priests on the other side stop too, and all the priest start casting. For a moment, Rick and Mundabi think their intenstines are falling out but both realize its only an illusion. Rick then takes a fist of Yog but saves. Mundabi takes the full brunt of another 22. Shakti and the 2 priests up at the altar are gone suddenly, leaving Clive wondering what happened, bewildered “No, take me with you!”
Winfield starts making his way up to the alter desparately, but stumbles landing prone at the bottom!
Rick yells out for him.
Men begin pouring through our front line toward Fritz and Friday and Spalding now. Rick is surrounded by Beastmen.
Mundabi charges into the priests at the women to his left, near Winfield and opposite Rick’s side. Sala and men fire from their height into the cultist mass in support of Billy and Nuyn.
Hobbes gets a firing lane and lays into 6 of them turning from fleeing prisoners to move for Brady.
Winfield gets up and gets to the top, opening a trap door on the opposite side of the altar from Clive, through which Shakti must have gone. The other priests move to follow. Seeing that, the cultists begin rushing to and out the Fritz entrance, then en masse. All Fritz, Friday and Spalding can do is get out of the way, firing into them as they rush out in a crazed panic. The beastmen follow the priests up and through the hatch.
Brady is about to get trampled. He turns to them, pistol and fighting knife in hand to cut as many as he can before they trample him to death, then just in time sees the notices the boat in the pool and leaps into it’s safety! Cultists splash into the pool, knocked over in the chaos around him. Clive escapes as well via the hatch. We cut or shoot down a lot more as they flee, and at the bottleneck up the steps.
Friday grabs Hobbes camera in the nick of time as Hobbes finishes his clip. He really enjoys this rifle.

Rick cuts free the 3 women on his side yelling for Billy to free the other 3 before anyone else; he assures the 3 with him everything will be fine now; Mundabi rushes up to inspect the hatch to keep it open in case they try to close and lock it, which they had no time to do. The sarcophagus is empty. He waits for the bottom to clear then goes in to tail them to their destination, calling to Fritz in Masai what he is doing. Fritz quickly tells Nuyn to tail Mundabi as far back as she can to make it easier us to keep on his tail. Rick throws her a bag of chalk to mark her way.
After quickly ordering the sheik’s men to consolidate the prisoners and get them to the surface safely, as well as Sala’s dead 3, Rick drags everyone as fast as possible w/o a rest up to the hatch. Sala insists on joining us, he and his other 4 are out for blood. Rick has Spalding give his future rifle to Sala. It has 2 bursts left in the clip. Friday says he saw Shakti go through the trap door with Nitocris’ mummy.
Billy rushes up and down as well.

50 total pool victims are saved from the original number Rick and Billy saw. That’s about half. They start mingling into the center as we are gathering to go downward. Rick yells from atop in arabic they are all safe now and to follow our arabs to safety just before we descend.

The tunnel goes deep into the ground, seemingly cut like the burrow of a worm as Mundabi descends. Only about 3’ wide at first, then widens soon to about 12’. He is met by 5 culsists and 4 ghuls as a rear guard.
They swarm Mundabi, he drops 2 as they surround him. One of the cultists with a huge axe almost cuts Mundabi’s arm off at teh shoulder, that’ll leave a mark.
Nuyn rushes right by to follow the enemy. The cave turns to finished stonework made from teh original burrow. She hears noise those she chases, then it cuts off. Then a large thump, perhaps a door. In an alcove she also hears noise from behind the wall. Secret door!!

Mundabi finishes off the last so Billy can move on.
She finds the door almost immediately! She sees them just disappearing down a corridor! She chalks it and follows, as they slam a door behind them. She hears no lock.
She opens and is met by 3 stitched up bodies, put together like jigsaw puzzles, a constante gibbering caterwall from their mouths. Their fingers are made with cutting instruments.
2 passages out.
She engages, Billy arriving the next round and they finish them off fast. Billy hears noise of people from 1, Nuyn from the other. Mundabi arrives. Billy takes his side, Mundabi and Nuyn the other.
Mun and Wang come to a T, so they split up. Wang reaches a dead end with 6 ghuls awaiting her. Mundabi enters a room with the priests carrying the coffin and Omar and Winfield!! 10 cultists stand to stop Mundabi!!
Omar “Hurry, hurry!!”
They drop the casket and keep running.
Winfield “Damn cowards” and fires round after round after them, Shakti fries one of them with magic! They run off down the only exit, unable to carry the coffin fast enough with just the 2 of them. 6 of the cultists start to pick up the coffen, the other 4 stop for Mundabi.
Wang finishes hers off, then makes for Mundabi.
He is beset by the 4 cultists. He makes mincemeat of them before the other 6 have even started.
He slaughters 2 and they drop the coffin. The mummy tumbles out. One attacks as the other 3 flee. Mundabi guts him then pursues, catching them. They turn to attack at a T. He kills 2 with haste. The last misses before dying.
He hears voices from the right so follow carefully to a room with a curtain. 3 of the stitches creatures stand guard. A voice is talking from behind the curtain.

Billy enters a meeting room with some pews. A pool at its center, bubbling. Its full of 15 cultists wielding axes, they charge him!! He stands awaiting their swarm.
He cuts them to bloody ribbons in a few rounds. Hears sound from left of 2 passages out. He follows, finding several cells with 10 Egyptians begging to be saved now “They want to turn us into hideous monsters!” He grabs keys on the wall and begins to free them.

Here, Rick et all reach the room the other 3 split up. Here, Nuyn comes running around from her Ghul fight “This way to Mundabi, Billy went the other way back at the last room.”

Mundaby, bleeding his own blood, cuts them down, rushes and cuts down the curtain. 2 more of the stitch things, much larger and stronger.
The big one speaks primitively, revealing “The Master escaped because of us” their noise led Mundabi this way.
Their arms drag on the floor, double elbowed. Rather than knives and saws, one’s hands are tentacled from the wrist! Mundabi withdraws from the room! The other has axes for each arm. Down the hall He meets with the others, the stitchers on his tail. He points the way Omar went.

Billy tells the prisoners to wait in the room he split from the other 2, then follows more passages.
He comes to a room of bones covering the walls in shapes and patterns, mushrooms growing around the room. He can go right or left. He takes the left leading back

They reach Mundabi coming back from the stitches chasing him. Spalding, Sala and his men volley into stitches so the rest can move for Omar and Winfield. Rick sends Hobbes and Friday back to take the mummy back upstairs and bust up the coffin.

Once engaged in melee, none of their weapons do any damage “Fall back!” The retreat back toward us. Sala yells “They’re invulnerable!” Sala and Spalding keep them in position, maneuver out of the way as the other 4 fall back and fire rifles.

Rick/Fritz et all enter into a room splashed with blood and gore, sand a deep crimson, the smell of blood. 8 of the regular stitch creatures move for us. 2 other paths out.
We fire but for Mundabi and Wang who engage. It’s short work.

Billy gets to a cross path, hearing fighting from one side and sobbing from the other. He moves for the fight, entering as we finish the fight just above. Rick sends Wang and Brady to check out the sobbing, the rest continue. One wall is a line of cages. First has a slender arab women, naked, sobbing in a fetal position. The next is open, drag markes leading through a curtain across the room. 2 male prisoners in the other 2. One curled up rocking, the other pacing and mumbling crazy. 2 women in the last.
We check behind the curtain.
Its lit with electricity by a running generator, 2 large lights. A man is bound to a wooden table, gagged. Already he’s been cut open. One hand is gone, and a man is in the process of attaching an axe to it! Much of one arm muscle is off, a huge bicep muscle sits nearby to replace it. Facing us, he sees us. 2 stitch creatures, the big ones, are here also.
A machine is processing his blood out then back in. Probably how he is still alive somehow.
Brady fires DEAD!!
We retreat from the stitchers.
Nuyn has Brady pop them a couple times to lead them out of the room. They aren’t fast enough to catch us but we lead them out past the cells for the main group.

Spalding et al have to withdraw quickly anyway.
They meet Wang and Brady with their’s chasing them as well!

The main group, just the 4 PC’s, enters another room, appearing to be a dead end. Altar and 8 cultists praying at it.
Rick “Billy, kill them all.” as he and Fritz fire. Mundabi and Billy slaughter them.
Rick starts seaching for where they went, finding a secret door quickly as the others rush in, stitchers following. A volley is fired.
The secret door opens in front of Rick, a big cultist standing there glowering intimidatingly; muscles bulging. He swings a great axe at Rick.
Rick “Billy, you’re going to have to deal with the stitches.” He intercepts the 4 of them. Frits assists, with the magic khopesh. They drop one immediately.
2 of them get to Sala’s men, Wang and Mundabi even in their bad shape intercept to save Sala’s men. They fire to assist them.
Brady enters to give Wang’s another target, attracting all the attacks!
Rick cuts the big man twice, Akhmalag’s blade making swiss cheese of his iron curaiss.
These things are formidable.
Fritz takes a crit from he and Billy’s remaining foe and another hit! Mundabi crits his 3 times before its brought it low.
Wang brings hers down first!!!
Rick cuts the big man in half with the help of the Bess coin. Then springs through the door. Billy and Fritz finish their’s last together as Wang sprints after Rick.
Then the rest follow on her footsteps, Billy wasting no time and catches her.
Rick enters a meeting room to stairs going up as Mundabi’s is shot down.
Rick rushes up, it opens into the caverns above at a secret door. He walks out and its familiar, close to the entrace we used today: they went out the exit we entered today! The nomads may have see him, they must be nearby the top hiding the prisoners. He rushes for it, soon hearing the rest following behind. Billy quickly catches up to him, Nuyn not far behind, Mundabi staying with the slower Sala and his men behind her.

Billy rushes heedlessly out the top first, then Rick. They see no one in the dark desert around them.
Rick calls out to the Sheik’s son.

Nuyn arrives.
They say all got to surface safely

The rest gather above. Wang reminds us his place is like a fortress. We can’t possibly assault it ourselves if that’s where they fled.

Billy and Mundabi get to tracking only if need be to see what directiont they went. Sala and men are sent back to Cairo to inform Wassif of what happened. We have film proof. Esp of the rescued who can testify. Whatever influence he has as a British Agent, we want a force at Omar’s compound asap, like leaving before moring.
He has to have more than a few things to gather, if that’s where he fled. Maybe we can catch them before they get out. Mudabi, badly wounded, is sent to tell Nigel to get us help at his plantation.
We follow north to his house, but their trail goes north, probably to Alexandria. We get some camels and head north, getting on a train at a small stop north by daylight. Train to Alexandria. We wait for Nigel, take mounts, and go for Alexandria.
Once there, we find he boarded a ship called the Dark Mistress!!! Noooooooo!!!!!! With Clive and Winfield, too!!!!

In Alexandria we catch someone watching us, a cultist of Shakti. Billy gets him to spill his guts both figuratively then literally. They went to Kenya!!

Nigel gets to the plantation and secures it.

Hobbes and Friday get to the top with Nitocris and meet up with the nomads!! They and a squad of nomads then get Nitocris to Cafore and the museum. Immediately upon reaching the museum, Kafore destroys the mummy of Nitocris; the dagger is taken back by Nodens as we were told would be done before the night is done.

The masses rescued are taken back to the Sheik by our nomad allies for safe keeping. We’ll get them to their homes asap.

January 10, 1891

By morning, the Alexandria group has figured out they missed Shakti et al.
We get a train back to Cairo and rest some. Mundabi still needs it. Question is, why is the Bloody Tongue picking up the Nitocris agent Shakti? The cults here must be working together, or at least these 2.

In the coming days, vigils are held for Sala’s fallen. Any family they may have will be taken care of.

We’ll get the crazy among the rescued to Dr. Campell at Allbrook Asylum in England. He’ll need more funding if this keeps up.

January 11

Search of Shakti’s:
His servants surrendered quickly, but for members of the staff who are part of the cult.
The servants inside let us right in “The master of the house” the major domo “will see you.”

We come to an old white man at a table. He greets us in German. Hans Driebeck, invites us to have a seat and tea. He calls for a Maria, attractive and sexy but eyes of a lunatic, serving mint tea and “the last of the sweet honey cakes”.
He “predicts the future”: you are going to Kenya, and their you and Omar shall meet again. And there, as he has done to so many others, he will eat your heart."
We tell them its over for them, the authorities know everything.
He explains how people still want to cling to it at the end “Since this is the last civilized meal he’s ever going to have, I’d appreciate it if you kept it pleasant.” He knows there is no escape from this. Shakti ordered him to stay, as his job was to care for his house even up to the end. He suspects we will make it out, but many of the Brits will.
“Keep in mind, Omar is the most powerful enemy you’ve ever had.”
The meal is served. Best lamb was saved for just such this occasion, they have been on short rations the last few days.
Fritz asks his personal story: born 1750; went to university as young man, grew interested in archaeology and Egypt; learned arabic; came to Egypt, and met Shakti “the most fascinating gentleman” who intro’d him to Nyarlathotep, the true prophet of the one true god The Demon Sultan.
He says we have agrivated Omar more than we know, that he’ll likely skin us alive.
His life is longer thanks to Shakti. He called it eternal, but its just much slower. He feels 70, but wants more “I’m going to miss sex.”
He says Shakti is immortal, 3000 years old! He’s a minor god in the mythos. During the Dark Pharaoh’s rule over 3000 yrs ago, Omar was his grand vizier/spokesman. Many powerful enemies of his have died horrible deaths. Cunning and ruthless.
He talks a bit bitter about being told to stay here. Rick tries to play on that but he’s too gone.
Billy asks about Maria, he calls her in and gestures to Billy. She immediately goes to him and fondles. She licks a wound on Billy “Are you a great slayer of men!?”
Billy “I kill men by the score.”
“Then you are my beloved.”
He appreciates us coming and warns us of one thing: if we should win and kill Omar, Nyar will just raise him again. He’s done it many times before. This Nitokris plan goes back before he and Omar met. Us ruining it quite upsets Shakti, to say the least.
He calls for a large white cat, Shakti’s. Fritz mentions our relationship with Bast. He asks the cat if it wants to stay or go. Apparently, the cat says it will go.
Then the good wine comes out “A toast, to good friends and better enemies.” We toast, Fritz more wholeheartedly than Rick.
Billy asks for a goon to escort us out.

The dinner breaks and we leave, the goon leading. He steps out the door with us, Nuyn and Mundabi waiting. Maria and the cat are sent back toward the gate. Billy turns and cuts the goon down as Rick yells attack to the guards. Inside the door are 2 men with spears Wang and Billy attack as guns start firing from both sides.
The company brought a loomis gun and it starts firing!
Billy cuts both down. In we go, Mundabi watching the rear.
The German awaits us in the dining room and Billy goes right for him. And cuts him to ribbons.

The Brits have already charged in behind us and are taking the house. 7 dead. 9 wounded. Billy binds his wounds.
Nuyn “Why?” He has too much info, and nothing will piss Omar off more than his servant not fulfilling his final command.

We search the place once the brits are done clearing it.
Basically, everything confirms shipments from Randolph to Ho Phong, stuff like that we already know. Notes confirm he’s the high priest of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. There are other names which the Brits can now round up! Including Frenchmen and a few in the Brit consulate.

When the German realizes he’s still alive, he says to Billy “Billy Fish, beware Hetep! Omar Shakti’s revenge.” He then passes out.

Tonight, Billy gets one roll in the hay with Maria. She sits on the edge of the cot, petting the cat “Good Hetep, good Hetep.”
Billy “What did you say?”
“His name is Hetep” then a tongue shoots out of the cat, extending unnaturally and wraps around Maria!! She screams terribly!! It grows in size quickly changing form to a demon creature!! Flames spouting from it! It grabs her with its talon hands and licks her, taking the skin off with it!! It’s large enough to dishevel the tent, and it casts it aside as Billy gets up and prepares to fight, nude. It torments the girl as Billy is getting Kholan’s Blade then hurls her to the ground crushing her.
Hearing the sound, we rush for Billy after grabbing weapons. We get there as the girl is being tossed aside and Billy comes out from the tattered burning tent for battle.
Soldiers come but Fritz yells “Stay out of this!” Hobbes is setting up the film camera and starts filming asap on the 2nd round, just in time to catch Fritz getting crit’s.
Fritz, Rick, Mundabi and Nuyn all engage with Billy.
TheBear Jew takes the brunt of the attacks. Nuyn and Mundabi can do nothing vs its DR but create another targed, Rick with Akmallah being the only real help. Billy does most of the damage and draws the first real blood then he and Rick cut it down. Its remains turn into a small mummified cat.
A voice speaks in our heads of Bast “That is no cat of mine.” Big sigh of relief.

Jan 12 thru 16

Rest and recoup

Will a piece of jewelry with an elder sign help Rick’s sisters?

  • Dr. Henry Clive, 58, skilled arch.; kindly man from what people say
  • Martin Windfield: vindictive, tall, smug; well connected son of parliament minister. Always with riding cropp and revolver.
  • Agatha Broadmoor: medium, contacts the dead via trance; 67 and very British; her reason is that she had a vision th great evil of Netocris was going to rise adn she wanted to stop it. Had a vision the mummy was Netocris! Been trying her best to find it, Clive asking the questions. She does not remember what she says while in her trance. So, they’re using her for their own purposes the dupe.
  • James Gardner: short, stoug, good anthropologist; Rick has skimmed his 3 books, none well written; has theory that there is huge underground maze under giza sphinx, found writings that he believes mentioned it; has searched but not found; Since mummy disappeared, carries a pistol everywhere; does dream research and arcane studies. We think he knows something horrible is going on vaguely, the big picture, but none of the details (opposite of Cafore).
  • Johannes Sprech: German, carries pistol and fighting knife; very smart; can sight read hieroglyphs, only person in camp who can do that; 39 but famous occultist too; seeks magical artifacts to rescue Germany from its present agony. Excersises a lot, very physically fit, very strong.
Cairo Carlyle Investigation

We pick up Fritz, Spalding, Mundabi and Friday along the way. Fritz says he found out Erica Carlyle and her weasily friend took a small expedition north toward the Mt. of the Black Winds while he was heading back. He just missed her.

Brady joins us, he’s with us til the end.
Rick kept reading forbidden tomes on the voyage.
Billy’s last temp sanity issue was fixed by Wilhelm on the trek back from the lost city.

Dec 31

Arrive Port Said. Wire Nuyn to meet us at Grand Continental Hotel. Send letter to Kafour that we have arrived, to meet us for late dinner tonight at our hotel.

Train to Cairo.

Rick has a seat in the smoking car with Fritz. We meet a distinguished looking Egyptian fellow named Omar Shakti. Offers each an expensive cigar, which we take. He has a large white fluffy cat he pets.
Rick “Beautiful cat.”
“Hetep and I are very pleased to meet you” he speaks English very well. Waiter Chinese, and he speaks to that guy fluently in Chinese. He orders us all mint tea and honey cakes.
We say we are going to do work at museum. He knows of Richard, who knows of him by rep as well. He has a huge cotton plantation in the delta not far north of Cairo, and numerous other ventures including in Egyptian antiquities and archaeologic circles. Quite a successful man.
They engage in small talk, including lots on local digs and history.
His major philanthropic works are in helping the poor. He has close ties with Penhew Foundation though, “for all right thinking Egyptians should respect our past”.
We talk about the Gavigan fire news, Penhue going downhill now. He is breaking ties to it, he says. No new news about Clive’s lost mummy. He figures probably in some private collectors home.

Cairo, same day

Wang Nuyn meets us at hotel. Faraz’s shop was set aflame by a hideous demon 5 or 6 years ago. He was horribly burned but survived and moved his shop in Khan el Khalali. She has the street. She found the shop easily there, a curio and antiquity shop. He lives in the rear of the crowded store. She snuck in, finding nothing of occult nor mythos related in shop. He is scared badly, old burns presumably from his shop fire. Extremely devout muslim, respected in a pitiful way in area. Goes to Fishawi’s coffee shop every day after closing, glasss of mint tea, then to El Hussein mosque for evening prayers.

There have been no attempts on Kafor’s life. He left temporarily for a troubled dig at Memphis yeserday. A Clive dig. He moved his dig 5 months ago, why she has no idea.

She can find no trace of Bessert. But, Gerard knows of him. He wants to lunch the next day.
She says we should talkt o Nigel Wassif, proprietor of the prestigious Cairo Bulletin.
Rick has met him at functions before. Office is just across street from hotel. He’s a rumor monger. Cuts a precise, gentlemanly figure. He covers the bit to do’s best, not the down and dirty.
So, we letter him to meet us for late dinner instead of Kafour. We can’t believe he’d be so foolish as to go to Clive’s dig.

Nigel is pleased to see Rick in a more private setting. Rick gets the feeling something is off about this guy. Some questions seem not so much for a gossip column but subtle probing.
He says Clive found something that he’s keeping to himself, that led thim to Memphis. He has a bad feeling about members of that group. Especially Martin Winfield, smug bastard. Hates him. Rick met him once at University and hated him because he’s a sadistic brute “I think he’s an insane psycopath”. Rick knows he was involved in a hushed scandal involving butchered street walkers. Several ladies of higher social standing he had affairs with, whom he practically crippled with a riding cropp whip. He’s the assistant archaeologist under Clive.
Rick “I met this scum once and wanted to bash his brains in.”
“The man’s not a true Englishman.”
Rick comes cleaner about his suspiciouns about Clive’s operations. Once again, he finds Nigel’s questions to be a little too on the mark. Rick calls him on it, asks him to come out with what he wants to say. Nigel backs off. Rick calls out the Cult of the Black Pharaoh, and Najir.
Nigel thinks Clive is clean and Winfield is behind it; Clive is a dupe. Rick looks around, half dozen people in this coffee shop “We need more private surroundings.”
“Come to my office tomorrow, and we can discuss some of this.”
We depart.
Fritz worries he’s about to die so puts Nuyn on following him.
He goes straight home, back out into a street meeting a teenager. Says something to him who then leaves. Half hour later Nigel leaves, to Ezbekia Gardens park. There, another man arrives, European but covered well with dark coat and slouched hat. They talk for a few minutes then part back. She sticks with Nigel, who goes home for the night.

January 1

We start recruiting a local guide named Hakim. A 12 year old sneaks up and tries to steal Rick’s wallet. But, he’s not very good at it.
Rick “What’s your name?”
Makhmoud. He was trying to return my wallet he ‘found it’.
Rick “It’s a good thing a guy like you is around.” He has to support his 6 sisters. No ma, no papa."
Hakim claims he’s a liar and a thief “I can find anything in the city.”
Mak “You do not you faker”. Hakim smacks him in the face.
Rick helps Mak up “you’re my boy”. Rick gives him Hakim a coin but he won’t go away. Rick “Mundabi, chase him away.”

We start for Najir. Mundabi notices Hakim following us. We split up, 2 and 2, to meet 4 blocks up.
He and 4 guys confront Rick Billy in an alley, pulling out long daggers. Hakim “Hand over your money gentlemen and we won’t slit your throats”.
Billy “This is not the first time a stupid man has drawn a blade on me. Usually they are much larger blades and much larger men.”
He demands our money “and now, I’m going to carve my initials on your forehead”.
Billy “I’ll even give you the first thrust.”
The bully walks up. The other 3 follow, knives at the ready.
One in arabic ‘we should kill these fools’ other ‘if they hand over the money we’‘ll carve them up a bit" another "I think I’ll takek the thumbs off the big ugly one".
the first “I think I’ll kill the little one”.
Billy says do whatever you want to do with me, but don’t cut my friend. Hakim moves to carve into Billy’s forehead. Billy Fish quickdraws his gurka knife, eviscerates him in an instant. Hakim catches his guts, trying to stuff them back in for a few seconds before falling over dead. The other 3 flee as fast as they can.
Billy asks to chase, Rick says forget them.
We meet the others.

Rick and Fritz go in Najir’s shop, who attentively comes out of the back “How may I help you.”
Rick “Fritz, close the door and lock it” to Fritz as they enter.
Rick gets tween him and the back room. Rick shows him the letter to Roger immediately. He flips out, demanding we leave immediately.
“Have you come from the Brotherhood, have you come to finish the job?!”
“No, we want to destroy the brotherhood.”
He peas himself.
He’s a tough nut to crack.
Rick tries to settle him. He pulls out a revolver and points it at Rick, then his own head.
Rick tell him we have already killed Penhue and Huston.
That changes things. He wants enough money to go away from here. L100.
He wants us to meet him at the mosque, with the cash, at lunchtime. He can disappear with family there, near Khartoum.
Rick says we have no guarantees he’ll live to that time, if he is that concerned. We agree to meet him. Rick has to go to a local contact to raise the quick money. The rest of us stay with him, and will meet Rick at the mosque.

He leads us there now, to a small room.
Rick meets them there with L100. Sends word to Gerard we will be late for lunch.
He says Carlyle sought info about Black Ph. Najir gave them a scroll showing secret room into a pyramid, and a bust of the black ph. The save of Gavigan’s in the Foundation. A small drum with odd symbols, strange circlet with zircon supossedly the crown fo the black ph. Sold them to Carlyle’s agent William Besert, a Frenchman. Then the fire came, glowing ball of fire like alive. He knows not where Bessert is.
L10 more he says there is rumors they were involved in theft of Clive’s mummy, and they want an item in Mosque of Ibn Tulun. What or why, he has no idea.
Rick “Where did you get all of these artifacts”
“I stole them from the house of a rich man.”
Rick “Omar Shakti?”
Yes! He’s rumored to be involved in some way with the Brotherhood. With them or an enemy. Rumored wizard as well.
Billy says he should wear Billy’s clothes, so he returns to our hotel to get into his disguise, then leaves immediately.

We meet Gerard. Tells of of his daughter, sent back home to Paris. He thanks us profusely, saying there is no amount that could ever pay us back. He gives us Besart’s address in the Red Ally!
Mahkmoud knows where that is.
One member of Clive’s dig was fired for unknown reason 4 months ago, Janwilllen Van Heuvelen. 39, archaeologist and alcoholic. Still in Cairo, broke, can’t afford passage. He gives us a roster of Clive’s dig:

  • Dr. Henry Clive, 58, skilled arch.; kindly man from what people say;
  • Martin Windfield: vindictive, tall, smug; well connected son of parliament minister. Always with riding cropp and revolver.
  • Agatha Broadmoor: medium, contacts the dead via trance; 67 and very British; her reason is that she had a vision th great evil of Netocris was going to rise adn she wanted to stop it. Had a vision the mummy was Netocris! Been trying her best to find it, Clive asking the questions. She does not remember what she says while in her trance. So, they’re using her for their own purposes the dupe.
  • James Gardner: short, stoug, good anthropologist; Rick has skimmed his 3 books, none well written; has theory that there is huge underground maze under giza sphinx, found writings that he believes mentioned it; has searched but not found; Since mummy disappeared, carries a pistol everywhere; does dream research and arcane studies. We think he knows something horrible is going on vaguely, the big picture, but none of the details (opposite of Kafore).
  • Johannes Sprech: German, carries pistol and fighting knife; very smart; can sight read hieroglyphs, only person in camp who can do that; 39 but famous occultist too; seeks magical artifacts to rescue Germany from its present agony. Excersises a lot, very physically fit, very strong.

He has our papers to allow us exploration of Giza and Dashur.
Lastly, he can give us a letter that he hopes we never use cause it would likely get him in trouble. It gives us a one time diplomatic immunity via French. At worst, he’d be sent back to France in disgrace. He would consider that a fair trade for his daughter. This guy might be our biggest fan ever.

That evening, we meet with Nigel in his office:
Photo of the Carlyle expedition together after dinner at Turf Club. All look very healthy still.
Then, gives all data from society news sections. They went to Saqqara then Dashur, investigating 3rd dynasty stuff including Black Pharaoh mentions.
Rick “That’s Nephren Ka’s time.”
Rumors they made an astonishing find. Especially Red, Bent and a demolished pyramid.
Then they went to Mombasa, for Carlyle fell reportedly ill, to go on vacation Kenya safari. Hypatia still looks ok in photos. In background is a calender of May, in another on a desk in may. The photos showed not until late July. Nigel says he recalls she fell ill in June and was still so when they left for Kenya. They were kept everyone away from sights at all costs. Also made only 1 publically known appearance out in the latter stages, with Shakti at his house!
So, Hypatia was impregnated here, perhaps.
M’ Wuru in no pics at all.
Calls Brotherhood a shame of Egypt. Operate all over.
He knows no Warren Besart.

Nuyn follows him, where he goes to the British gov’t building! One room lights up, where he talks to a uniformed man. Secret agent?

January 2

Morning we are visited by Nigel. Rick gives him a sublte British Secret Services sign, and he returns it back! The Queen is a relative of his actually! He’s an llegitimate son of an Egyptian noble who died at his birth, and Brit royalty from his father. He will say no more. Only Col. Saunders at embassy knows he an agent of the Queen.
The Service wants us to back off. Egypt is on verge of revolt, they don’t want that pot stirred. They think Brotherhood might be behind the independence movement. We can’t do that.
If we get into big trouble with Egyptian officials, the Service may not be able to help.
“Beware Omar Shakti” if he’s not part of brotherhood, he’s playing his own deep game.
He leaves.

Mahkmoud takes us to Besart’s place, but its a clothing shop run by an Aboud.

We tell him we look for Besart, he says never heard of him.
We leave where we are staying with him.
He keeps glancing nervously at door to back room.
An odor comes from back room, hashish.
He wanders to door, then runs out of door yelling we are trying to rob him. People gather!
We leave at his insistance. Mahkmoud tells crowd this is ridiculous, like rich Europeans would rob this humble shop. Mak dodges a blow from the shopkeeper. He grabs the keepers robes, knocks him over. The crowd laughs and disperses.
Mak says he wants to go wherever we go, event to England. We force our way into back room. Tiny, fowl room.
Besart smokes hashish on a bed. We call in Jack Brady.
Rick “We found Roger Carlyle” as Warren looks up and recognizes Brady.
Warren gouges his face to blood.
Brady “And Najir.”
Warren wails an emotional agony. Then cries.
He wants hashish or opium. Rick collects some money from Fritz and himself, and sends Makhmoud to fetch some “I can do this, sahib”, returning in less then an hour with a supply.
He says a lawyer contacted him to be purchasing agent for Roger. Bought the stuff from Najir then smuggled them to Penhue Foundation.
When expedition came, he arranged everything. Their main stop was Dashur at Bent pyramid. Brady returned, told Warren about them vanishing there. The 2 drank together, not knowing what to do.

See Handout Besart’s Statement.

He tells us how to find the mother and digger.
Off we go to the Mosque first.

This M’Wuru started all this, way back in the beginning, in NY. We can’t wait to giver her what she deserves. Everyone who crosses their path is ruined.

Takes few hours to walk there.

Rick and Fritz walk in through the walled court. Oldest mosque in the city.
We meet Ali bin Houda, teaches geometry. This guy says the Nazir is who we want to talk to but he’s in contemplation. We tell the attendant the Brotherhood of the Black Ph is going to try to steal something from this mosque. We are immediately permitted to see him.
He says we needn’t fear, the mosque has nothing they would want. It’s not the mosque we seek.
They recently assaulted the mosque to steal a holy relic, the girdle. But they are sure they would fail again. It’s quite the debate, but Rick gets him to show us his defenses.
“Come along, come along, let me show you.” into his office "It’s well hidden. Behind a wooden door is a solid iron door, locked and chained. Through that he leads us down the steps sideways, back pressed to the wall to avoid a blade trap, to a corridor guarded by 2 strong young sentries. Corridor carved out of solid bedrock to a maxim machine gun with 2 men at it. Steps down deeper to another iron door. Inside, is a large steel safe.
“The girdle is inside the safe.” There is a side door to a very smelly latrine.
6 old men stand around it, the true guardians. Each spends a few hours per day on surface. The leader, Nasim Efty, 90, is always present. Has not seen day for years.
They would all be dead but for their zeal.
All thieves in the attempt died in the mosque.
Efty has the Sword of Akhmala, powerful magic blade. He swings it with skilled precision and cuts an iron bar w/o a mark upon it.
One of greatest heirlooms of Islam.
The girdle is that of Netocris, will allow her to come back to life.
Collectively “None shall pass.”

He leads us back upwards to the surface.
Rick “What about magic infiltration?”
They have a few defenses up their sleeves.
Billy shows him Kholan’s sword, he’s quite impressed.
We tell him if anything happens, let us know.
Rick puts a local street contact on the job of casing the mosque full time.
Mak heads off to find Van Heuvelin.

To mom and digger:
few hours up Nile, we hire a boat
We find Nyiti and Unba with a little effort of asking around.
Unba answers the door. His right side of body is badly damaged. He has trouble speaking.
His mom does not like visitors.
After a minute, we get inside. Bottom half of her face, and both hands are burned away to stumps. She’s mad, but quietly so.
He says “The fire came, but it couldn’t find it.”
Rick “Like a living fire?”
“We’ve fought them before.”
A light of reason comes to her eyes briefly.
He says “Mom, are they the ones?”
She starts to frantically point to a corner of the room.
RIck “Take us over there, kid.”
Floor is stone bricks layed out. Couple have no mortor between them. Rick bends down to find a basket painted with a red symbol. Anc Egyptian symbol of protection. Inside is a 7″×9″ slab of white stone, broken from larger piece. Half the Eye of Light and Darkness!!!
Rick “Where’s the other half, kid?”
“Brass, brass, brass….” Huh?
The light of reason goes out of her eyes forever.
“You go now, I take care of my mother, we can die now.”
Picture on a table of a photo of him and his mom, both young and beautiful and strong.

Brass Brady!!
Back to talk to Brady, he says its in Giza, he buried it!
Tonight then, under cover of dark.

Tonight, we dig up the other half.

January 3

Mak returns in morning too, found Van Heuvelin on the street of moths, one of poorest sections of the city.
The tailer in front of his room is shoeing away several cats as we walk in.
Rick “Easy on the cats, sir.” He has no idea why they are giving him so much trouble lately.
The tailor says Van doesn’t drink much, has no money to even pay rent. He runs errands for the room. When he does have cash, he does drink.

His room stinks of body odor. Invites Rick and Fritz in immediately. Its a broken mess in here.
He’s shaky from alcohol withdrawals. Happy to talk with other Europeans. Hoping we are here about and expedition.
He wants a drink to calm him, Rick says “what you need is no more drink at all, then maybe you’d be worth hiring.”

We take him out for dinner. He wants a drink, but gets black coffee, Turkish style.
After some arch talk (self taught, no university), we get into Clive expedition. Guards disappeard along with the mummy. The scrolls found in the tomb were in very good shape and legible, but quickly taken away by Clive.
“I believe this is Nitocris, whoever that is. It was on the scroll I briefly saw.”
He has no idea what happened to any of them, then he was fired over expenses. He loved working with so many smart men and women. Thinks Clive is a great man, really fired for drinking. Martin Winfield ‘was a good friend’. Also loves Sprech, whose knowledge of hieroglyphs blows Van Heuvelin away. Also liked Broadmoor, but ’she’s crazy’ for all her occult theories. Did a reading and told Van Heuvelin he has a good soul and a good heart, unlike others ‘around here’.
He throws a spoon at a cat. Winfield told him how to find a secret temple that would make him famous “He did it out of selfless friendship” beneath Cairo. There in a hidden temple, found the black rites of Luveh-keraph. Far as he can tell, a high priest of a god of bats, or porcupines “I’m not sure which”. He’s been translating them. He draws the hieroglyph.
Rick “Bast not bats you fool.” He badly mistranslated.
Ever since then the “damn cats” have been everywhere.
“Fine, come back I’ll show you.”
He figures another week to translate the scrolls.
He hands them over “But I get credit too, we share credit”.
Rick lays them out. 10 fragile scrolls, difficult to site read. Luveh was a Bast high priest.
He has done half of it, much is faulty due in part to his constant drunken state no doubt. Wrongly ID’s Sehbet as Apep, and evil serpent god. Its actually the croc god.
3 spells translated out of 7, none of them will work translating bast as bats or porcupines.
Rick thinks he might be salvagable after all.
A cat at the window scratches Van H back fiercely when he sits back.
The temple had a statue of Bast, under it he found these scrolls. He was then cursed.

Rick wants to learn the spell to summon Bast, call her at the temple, ask her if he can have the scrolls for now using our Bast friendship as the in, then return them to her choice of either here or Ama at the Gorge of Osiris.
Van H agrees. We tell him he’s done at this place, to stay in our rooms at the Grand. Rick sends for Dr. Bryce who’s in town to stay with him non stop to dry him out. Rick gets to work learning the spell.

Hobbes and Fritz go down to the lobby for drinks. A woman enters, lithe and sensual Egyptian woman, lighter skin so maybe half.
She comes to us, soft spoken, asks to sit with us. Very nice, but aloof. Name is Neris, looking for a friend of hers that she heard we might know. Van Heuvelin.
Fritz says we know him, recently met, but “we aren’t our brother’s keeper”. She thanks us, and gets up to leave.
Fritz “Wait a second, have you contact information we could give him?”
Hobbes “Is it something important, why are you looking for him?”
Just a friend, has a possession of hers he needs returned, “between me and him”.

Upstairs, we report. Billy “Looks like I’m staying up all night.”
Nuyn “I can take half.”
Rick is up half the night anyway.
Couple hours after everyone else has turned in, Billy hears a prowler outside our 3rd floor window. He sees a huge cat going down the fire escape, perhaps a panther! It disappears into the shadows of Cairo.
It does not return after a minute.
Van H does not have a good night of drying out.

Jan 4

Van H is in bad shape. Down to breakfast, lots of black coffee for him today. Seconds later, Rick’s pal watching the temple rushes in as Rick picks up the paper reads a headline: “Tragedy at the Mosque of Tulun”.
He hands it to Fritz “Read it to me, I don’t even want to see it.”
We leave Nuyn and Brady here with the Dr. and Van H.
We head out.

Upstairs, they find part of the room trashed. Rick, luckily, had the scrolls hidden elsewhere. Van H’s cot has huge claw marks, ripping it to pieces. The big feline. Van H faints. They rush down and catch us as we leave. None of them are protected from Bast, so Hobbes and Spalding stay as well.

Fritz and Mundabi hit the hospital to talk to Zehavi. Fritz prays over him for a minute, he opens his eyes “Tentacles, tentacles!”
Rick and Billy to temple, where he meet a bunch of ‘wish we had listened to you’ scholars. They take us down the secret tunnel to the room. It’s like an earchquake hit but only here. The 6 deaths from the paper were the 6 guards. A trail of mucus leads to the hole in the floor. Something burrowed up from below, stole the girdle, and killed everything. The building above crumbled from the shaking. The room has blood all around. Remains have been removed. Hole is too small for a Shaggoth, unless it only reached through with some tendrils. Rick feels it was likely a Cthonian, a wormlike being with tentacles out it’s frontal maw. Leaves such fetid secretions behind. It could certainly cause the localized quake as it passed through the earth below. They are beloved of Nyarlathotep, particular to the city of G’Harne. The magic sword is still here! They want us to take it, it is useless to them now. Those left are only scholars who knew no details of these secrets.
Rick will take it, at least for now.

Now, to the hospital. Fritz has been unable to get any more from him.
Rick sends a letter to Gerard, asking if he knows a good alienist in Cairo.

Back at hotel:
Neris arrives at the room.
She wants to talk to Hobbes in private outside. He goes to the other room, fails a will save, and she starts to undress, and he is all in. They go to it, best he’s ever had. He resists falling under her sway. She is a follower of Bast, and chose him for he is a beloved of Bast.
He tells her our plan, but she hates Ama. She says we may keep it while in Egypt, but do not take it to Ama. They are not friends.
“If you betray me, you shall be cursed” she shifts into a panther before his eyes, and gently scratches the side of his chest.
Hobbes “Got the point.”
She asks to do it again, so he has another quicky, then she leaves.

The others return, and Hobbes reports all that happened. A note awaits Rick, Kafour is back, wants to have dinner tonight. We send positive response and dinner is set for tonight at our hotel.
We check the calendar, to check for the next New Moon which seems so important to the cult. It’s the 10th!
We have lunch.

Another visitor, Gerard himself!
He has with him an old man, pointy bearded “Dr. Ludwig, a skilled Austrian alienist”, willing to go to hospital.
To hospital immediately. He wakes up, grabbing Rick’s arm powerfully, with a desparate face and voice “I should have given it to you; the cthonian, from G’harne, evil! It took it!” Looking at the ruby can drain sanity, and randomly changes shape and color “Its like nothing from this world” it can raise Netocris if her body has been found.
“Find her and the other pieces” his heart gives out.
What other pieces! Gah!

Early dinner with Kafour.
Kafoure meets us graciously with Salah (from Raiders) like hug to Rick “Ah, my friend, wellcome back.” We spill everything. He does too, that he has not unconsiderable wizardly powers, and will show us THE Al Azif! Will take us into the vault.
Cafore knows the other pieces: necklace and crown of Netocris. Both are completely unknown of place. He doesn’t think the cult has them, lost for centuries.
Rick “What if one was buried with her?”
Cafore “That could be.”
Hobbes “And, they moved the dig to Memphis.”
Kafour “After they found her mummy.”
Rick “Exactly.”
All are sure Winfield is scum cultist, but feels the rest are dupes.
Rick says he figures it’s the New Moon. Kafour confirms the ritual has to take place then.
Kafour: she is needed to bring back perhaps, Nephren Ka, or Dark Pharaoh, or one and the same, he’s not certain. But its bad.
Only 5 whites at the dig he says, those that we know. Every time Winfield has come to Cairo, a prostitute has been found dead, whipped to death. We figure, his riding crop.
He had put magical protections on himself, and got a general feeling of dread. He got a bad feeling from the diggers, we’ll know what he means when we see them.
Rick goes over the ritual with him, so he can assist summoning Bast.
So, they likely have found all that they need now, and are ready to perform the resurrection of Nitocris.

He takes Rick to secret room in library where they research the true Al Azif, we confirm to bring Nitocris back will certainly happen at New Moon, in the Temple of the Sphinx, underneath it.
Kafour will get access all of our Tomes, will be researching with all his spare time from here on out.

January 5

Van H is ok enough to lead us to the Bast temple, while Hobbes gets ready for our trip, getting camels from Zakir’s/Sala’s business. Kafour joins us.
He takes us into the sewers, finding it easily starging in an ally. Closer we get, more cats we see. Its a dome shaped, lots of nooks, shining cat eyes visible all around. 7’ tall statue on a throne is certainly of Bast. There is a woman here as well, in front of it. She turns startled and horrified. In arabic, she asks us our business. Rick tells her the truth. She knows nothing about it. Her cat is missing, came to pray to Bast for her cat to be returned or see that its soul is at rest.
Rick “We may be the help Bast sent for you, wait outside if you want.” She agrees.
Van H is exhausted and terrified, on the floor shaking.
Rick and Cafore begin casting the spell.
Fritz is against this pagan ritual, but Billy will lend his power to the casting, as does Nuyn and Brady.

Neris “What is it you wish, friend of cats?” from behind us. Its Neris, but now as an avatar of Bast. “I Bast, love all my followers. Their petty squabbles mean nothing to me, or bring me amusement.”
Rick lays out his deal, to take it personally to the safety of Ama at the Gorge.
Bast “Do not take too long.”
We tell her about the missing cat “Look in the ally of Mak Tor.”
The light leaves her eyes, and Neris almost falls over and awakens. “Milady of the Cats has spoken”. She will not stop us, but she is not happy. We have no friend in her.

Back outside to talk to the Bast follower about her cat. Swarms of cats on our way out are rubbing our legs so much it is difficult to walk properly.

The girl knows the ally, and takes us there immediately. At the end we find a dead cat. It’s hers. Someone stabbed it. We ask around, see if anyone saw anything.
A local gangster has thugs in the neighborhood, and told our girl at her small jewelry stand to give them protection money. She refused so they killed her cat. Problem is, killing a cat isn’t a crime. But Bast would expect punishment. He hangs out at a local coffee house.
Rick and Fritz go inside, he sits at a table with a cup of turkish coffee and hooka. Thin man, vile features, long stache. With 2 other guys, one very fat, and couple guards behind him.
Fritz volunteers to go talk to him. He tells him he needs to make restitution to Bast. Mob boss says to go away or you might just disappear. Fritz subtely threatens him.
Fritz then threatens his life back more bluntly.
He snaps his fingers and his thugs move for Fritz.
The Bear Jew stands up, revealing his great frame. The Boss signals for a few others, who begin to close in from other tables.
Rick subtely trips one but he dodges. Rick gets up and blocks he and a partner, apologizing to delay them. They aren’t fooled and they start swinging but. 3 of the 7 reach him, plus the 2 already there, go at Fritz. Mundabi enters the front door, Billy behind but reaches Rick like greased lightning right between Rick, who calmly steps back, and the accosters, tumbling by the 2 guys blocking Billy and Munbabi.
Frits ko’s one with a chair, breaking in into 2 pieces which he continues wielding.

Rick leans agains the bar with his whiskey, happy to watch the coming destruction.
Mundabi and Friday engage the 2 door guard. With only 2 left on Fritz, in moments, the Boss calls a halt “What is it you want, exactly.”
Fritz ups the ante, he has to grovel at the girls knees plus financial restitution.
He refuses to grovel so Fritz hits one of his thugs with a chairleg.
Al Hakim bows to no man.
Fritz hits the other for 10. He moves to call for help at the door, and Nuyn stands there to silence him.
Rick says that if he tries anything to us or the girl ever, he’ll have to deal with “him” pointing to Billy.
He agrees immediately.
Fritz “And it better be sincere.”

In the street as we escort her home, a cat runs up, kitten in its mouth, dropping it at her feet then runs off.
Rick “Good show, Bast, good show.”

Meet Hobbes at rallying point at edge of town. He has Sala and half dozen of his digger/former military, plus 2 cases of dynamite (40 total), camels for everyone from Zakir.
Around dinner time, we arrive at the dig leaving Sala’s men out in the town with Nuyn, Brady, Kafour. We are met by a guard “this is a closed dig, sahib”. Rick shows his papers and invitation from Clive himself.
They have a structure they have uncovered and are digging up. The diggers look at us with animated hatred, like they wish we were dead. Guards all look like they are ready to pull the trigger. We count about 30 diggers, 20 guards.

Clive meets Rick with a half dainty grip, Winfield with an overly purposeful extra squeeze. They set dinner out for us under a canvas tarp. We meet Sprech.
Rick offers his respect for his ability to sight read hieroglyphs, as Rick can. They want to go over some writings today or tomorrow. He’s wiry but strong, offers Rick to join him just before dawn for excercise and a run,he’s an enthusiest. Rick agrees.
We are to stay the night. Tomorrow they will give us a proper tour. He and Rick have much in common, but as we talk we do find some problems. He gravitates toward Fritz as well, since he’s German. Sprech tells Fritz he looks for occult artifacts to help put Germany as a lead nation, and he’s fairly racist; duty of whites to rule the world. On the plus, some mythos comes up in converstion, and he considers it incredibly evil, and that Germany and England should share the hegemony over the earth. We get the feeling he’d side with the secret service we met in Shanghai. We can see in his eyes this big picture of danger terrifies him.
First thing he mentions is his dream research, he has been able to enter via a trance, where his dreams are real. If he is really going to dreamlands, he does not know it’s real. In them, he met creatures giving him warning about things going on in our world; and a faceless blood red tongue “Sometimes i really wish I were back in England; but my research, there’s a reason I’m here”. He is sure he is right about those tunnels under the sphinx; pulled a piece from here and there, put the clues together over time. Rick mentions the Cult of the Bloody Tongue connection to his dreams, but never heard of them.
Rick “Why are you at Memphis with Clive.” Offered enough money he couldn’t resist, and “quiet frankly, you don’t quit this dig” as in only the dig quits you. Martin he says would not take kindly to him leaving.

Everyone is armed all the time, but for Agatha.

Agatha says she can sense we aren’t here for reasons we say we are; but about Nitocris. She says quietly “she will rise again, if she’s not stopped; I’m here to stop them, they don’t know”. Had a vision that Netocris was coming and she would have a hand in stopping her by helping someone, but did not see who.

Winfield and us do not interact much, only pumps for information. Fritz tells him, not lying about himself, we were hunting in Africa and Rick could’t help stopping in Egypt on the way back to England.

Tonight, Nuyn skulks to the periphery of the camp, looking about. She hears a chanting outside the camp. She investigates: Clive and Winfield wearing robes and head dresses, surrounded by 20 of the guards and diggers, all chanting out in the desert away from camp earshot, in a circle. Suddenly a form appears in the sky above them. She recognizes it as a Hunting Horror, incredibly dangerous, unstoppable being. One thing Rick knows its vulnerable to thanks to his Tome reading = Light. She races back to the camp, finding the tent we are in, and sneaks inside. She has literally saved all of our lives!

Hobbes starts setting up his lighting to defend. We have to be careful of its roar also, Rick says. Rick starts burning candles, and we mold earplugs out of the wax!! We get 11 sets!! Billy and Mundabi run pair to Agatha, Gardner, Sprech as well. Everyone is covered.
The wax saves the day, without it, it may have killed Hobbes and Nuyn would have been in terrible shape. The light chases it away after the roar.

The other workers and guards who were left and sleeping close enough are all dead. Nuyn skulks back out of camp, but stays in the shadows keeping watch on our tents.

Clive and Winfield come running up, Winfield “My God, did you see that thing!”
Rick “Only briefly.”
Winfield “What was it?”
Hobbes “You tell me!”
Clive “Tomorrow we are going to have to report the deaths of our diggers.”

Agatha to Rick “I believe Mr. Winfield was responsible for that.” We tell her Clive was as well.
Agatha “What are we going to do?”
Billy “Kill them, brutally.”
No one sleeps the rest of the night.

Winfield and Clive to into a tent together. Nuyn sleeps over to listen in.
Winfield wonders how they knew to use light. Clive says we must get them to stay one more night, then we’ll do it. They discuss they must be careful, have to keep Gardner and Sprech safe. Otherwise they will face the wrath of Nyarlathotep.
They say Agatha has served her purpose, let the bitch die. Why Nyarlathotep wants the 2 men, they can only guess.
They were just told to bring them.
Mention ‘now that we found the last item, the crown, and sent it to Shakti our part in it is done, and soon she will be at her full power, and the stage set for the return of Nyarlathotep and take our rightful places as lords of the world’.
‘Where do you think the ritual will be held? Not our concern, it was only getting the items to the cult. And destroy those in our midst.’
Clive “Perhaps tomorrow night, I’ll bring the ghouls. Or just shrivel them, or call Nyarlathotep to come and eat them?”
Winfield in almost a panic “No No, are you crazy!?” at the foolish idea of summoning Nyar.
They know they are to take the other men back to the sphinx to the rest of the cult.
“What about that Chinese bitch?” They saw Nuyn at some point out in the dark.
Clive “I don’t know.”
Winfield does, he will cast a dominate on her “and she’ll wish she were never born.”
Winfield takes his leave with “Nitra is waiting for me, I’m sure she’s waiting for another lesson.”
Nuyn sneaks to his tent, finding a tied up Egyptian girl, maybe 20. Nuyn frees her and takes her off into the desert to circle back to town.

She hears Winfield’s scream, yelling for guards to find her. But she is safely away.

January 6

Take our leave this morning with Agatha, telling Clive he has so much on his hands we are only a distraction. He allows us to leave without issue, get to Cairo.
We supply up and leave for Dashur with our papers from Gerard to finish the Carlyle business here. Brady in tow as well as Van Heuvelin, Kafour.
We get a team of digger/guards from Sala in case we need them.
Concerning Besart’s statement about the collapsed pyramid, Brady says that is what sent them all to the others. Rick gives the spell to Kafoure to learn.
Out in desert in daytime to collaped pyramid first.

Climbing the collapsed pyramid, there is evidence that a large clawed creature did appear atop the structure. Suddenly, from the rubble 6 arrows fired upon us!
They yell a cry of “Cthulhu someting unintelligible”.
Hobbes grabs the stunned Van Heuvelen and hits the deck.
Billy goes right for them as Rick draws his revolver and fires.
Hobbes and VH fire in as well.
We kill them w/o issue.
Searching we find nothing else.

Now, to Bent Pyramid, guards watch the main entrance. Brady says there is as secret entrance on other side.
Rick shows them our papers and they allow us freedom. We circle round to the secret entrance. It is blocked by a wooden slat barricade but they easily swivel aside. There is a pulpable sense of dread. It even makes Rick pause, takinga moment to gather his willpower to break the barrier.
Billy and Mundabi enter, but Fritz can’t bring himself to do it. The 3 of us enter. Nuyn insists on joining and she makes it inside. Kafour wants to, but we insist on securing it first. We get 2 of Sala’s men watching for the guards coming in case they are cultists.

Passage goes straight a ways first. All is silent. When Rick estimates we are in about the center we get to an empty chamber with 2 thick columns. The column on the right has a secret door to 20 steps leading up inside the massive column! Up we go to a ramp, up that to a platform, from there several more ramps continue upward to what appears to be a rooom at the capstone. Across one side, 5’ pillars with alien gems embedded atop; A throne chair of obsidian, jewel encrusted, on a raised dais opposite the pillars.
Rick “No one sit in the chair.”
Rick recalls Life As A God, and this is the room!
Rick starts examining the room. Behind the throne, glyphs part mythos part Egyptian. Its Aklo. Foretell impending birth of Nyar’s kid at the Mt. of the Black Wind. No date, but soon. Another prophesy that vast destruction heralds the birth. But that part has a scrawled line through it.
To the left, a large star chart and a depiction of the solar system. Rick has Billy run to get Kafoure. He is blocked but then overcomes his fear. Hobbes refuses to enter.
Kafoure recognizes lots of stars on the chart. Lots of it are incomprehensible to normal humans! Could grant Mythos!!
Rick makes a good rubbing of it.
On other wall, a hemispheric map of Eurasia, Africa and WEstpacific. No cities or nations shown. A triangle marks the 3 points of the cult: Mt. of Black Wind, Shanghai, Australia. Inlaid ebony band marks the arc of the eclipse. A line is carved through the whole thing defacing it.
The gems do not easily pop out. The throne and pedastles are not made of earthly materials!
Suddenly one of the gems bursts into a cold flame. Then the 2nd one lights, and so on.
Rick “Into the hall”.
As the 6th lights, Billy and Mundabi rush into the hall; Rick, Kafour and Nuyn are still there and the entrance becomes blocked with a wall of rock that appears out of no where. Then another down the ramp blocks Billy and Mundabi exiting. Then, mythos ghouls rise out of the stone like spirits until they are up, where they become solid and the 12 charge.
Mundabi sets his spear vs their charge in 2 hands. Billy moves up for a position in front for combat reflexes. 6 rush past him, the other 6 hit Billy.
They make utter mincemeat out of them.

Inside, the air shimmers around the throne. Rick walks up to it and as he expected, Nyar appears in Black Pharoah countenance and evil, the avatar Westinghouse talked to.
Flanking him are 2 hunting horrors that we can sense in a way, but not truly see. They are part here and part another dimension.
There is silence, none including him speaks.
Rick “I expected I might meet you here.”
“I am the crawling chaos, you thought to see me here because of the thoughts I implanted in your dreams” and on “You think you came here on your own, no, I lead you here every step of the way”.
R “Why?”
“The eons are long, and my ways are unknowable” he laments the universe without humans to play with, but the end shall come; claiming he was once as we are now.
Rick “What was your name then?”
“Do not question the living god.” Calls us foolish for defying the gods we thwart, we should return home and await the inevitable as we are less than dust.
Rick “Dust that has stopped this conspiracy so far.”
“Youi think you have done that?” He waves his hand and the prophesies vanish from the walls “There will be new prophesies, for I am the herald of the gods”.
He says he obeys their wishes.
Rick “If we didn’t stop them, who did?” He claims all is as he puppet masters. He decides how best to uphold their needs and decrees. Its beyond our understanding.
He points to Nuyn “You child, come.” Rick steps in front of her. He waves his hand side and Rick stumbles back. Nuyn steps closer and he enfolds her in his arms and she’d gone.
He says she is receiving my blessing, she’ll be back.
Rick “I’ll wreck this place.” He waves his hand and she lies on the floor by the pedastles KO’d.
Rick “Why did you block us in here and appear?”
“Are you going home to give up your efforts?”
“That’s my boy, You and your comrades have provided more sport than I have had for a thousand years. But you do need punished. Who do you love most in this world?”
He can read Rick’s mind, he knows. He waves his hands “Look you now at the fate of those who came before you”. The now blank wall is filled with images of Carlyle’s group in Egypt. Hunting Horrors in scores descend, ghouls rise, among others. Carnage is unspeakable, they all die.
He claims that is what happened, as if Brady and Carlyle really Brady and Carlyle?
Kafoure “Yet coming from you it is very well a deceipt itself.”
Then the bodies torn to pieces return, bow to worship him, and it vanishes.
Claims truth and reality is what he says it is “and what are you, a lowly worm” we all become grubs and fall to the ground.
He calls Rick’s grub self to him and whispers to him ‘you think when you die your god will take you, or there is oblivion; let me tell you the truth: this is the form youw ill take and you will spend eternity gnawing on teh inards of a dead god; we’ll wish for nothingness, which will never happen; you mind will awaken to the reality over and over; my fate is worse than yours’.
Then he brings us all back.
Then he says ‘They slew all of my toys. Oh well’ waves his hand and outside 12 more come up.
Billy’s left arm snaps! Inside we hear Billy scream.
Rick “What’s happening to them?”
“Making it a fair fight.” then “I like you, let me give you one more chance for adventure” now where the pic was is an archway leading to ancient Egypt!!
Rick steps up to it “So that’s where they went?” Yes he confirms. It’s the time of the dark pharoah “Rick my son, come back and I will make you the lord of all egypt” he will be his vizier. Rick steps back “No thanks.”
Then offers it to Kafoure ‘you will find the answer to every secret of Egypt you would wish to learn".
Rick tells him don’t, you’ll be trapped.
Nyar says this meeting is over. He begins to fade while he asks for us not to put the seal on the Red Pyramid, he enjoys his travel through space and time, then he winks. Wtf. The halls open up again.
Everything in here disappears! Billy and Mundabi have slaughtered the ghouls.
Billy’s arm is really broken! We do still have the rubbing.
Soon as we walk out of the room, it solidifies into rock, and follows us out blocking the whole hallway. The entrance is as though never there. Billy’s arm snaps back into perfect place.

Now to the Red Pyramid, late night.
Sala’s men pull the 2 pieces with the Eye of Light and Dark to the top and put them in position.
All 10 of us join into the spell ritual, Rick the caster taught by Hsuen in Shanghai, with the sword of Akmallah. The blood needed is given by one of Sala’s diggers.
The diggers put the block with they eye into place.
The chant goes for hours.
Its Rick, Hobbes, Mundabi, Fritz, Billy, Spalding, Friday, VH, Brady, Kafour.
Nuyn still has not woken up.
We camp here.

January 7

Rest in a nearby settlement because of con damage from spell.
Rick goes back to Cairo first thing in the morning to do some research with Kafour.
Also, Rick rides into the desert to see the sheik whose son we saved from the vampire when last we were in Cairo, hoping to get assistance of his warriors for the debt he promised us!! He greets Rick mush as Gerard often does and is ecstatic to offer his assistance when Rick explains the situation to a certain extent.
Warriors numbering 8,8,3,1,13 (his own family) are sent, respectively!!
All 3rd lvl, but for one 6th (his son), 2 x5th, 5x 4th.

January 8

Everybody back to Cairo. Some of us get some medical assistance for those most effected by the spells con damage. Rest up. Rick wires, asking if his sisters are ok. So far, so good.

Nuyn wakes up today. She does not quite remember, but vague dreams of Nyarlat violating her vaguely.
She now has minus 2 to fight mythos monsters; but plus 4 to def vs them and mythos cultists.
Scar like a burn on the upper side of each breast. In Aklo is says ‘beloved of Nyarlathotep’.
This must have been a worse godly avatar of him than Westinghouse et al met, he got out of his conversation unscathed. Big joke about Nyar liking Westinghouse better
Hobbes "Big smarty pants, ‘oooh look at me I’m a super genius, even Nyar loves my brain’ ".

After breakfast, Rick and Sala, with a few of his men, go out to the Gaza plateau with Fritz, VH to look for secret entrances.
One of Sala’s men find a hole in the ground about 300 yards south of the stelae nearby; had a cover on it then hidden under the sand. So far as Rick knows, should not be here. We cover it up like nothing happened and keep looking elsewhere around.
Rick finds another about 300 yards north of the stele, identical to the other and hidden the same way. Then, on other side of plateau by pyramid of Menkare, find ancient stone slab connected to a tunnel!!
3 unknown entrances!!

Tonight we sneak into the tunnel south of the sphinx about 1am.
The 4 PC’s, Brady, Nuyn, Hobbes.
We drop a torch first, landing and rolls away west a moment before coming torest. We can still see its light. About 50’ down.
The walls are slimy, its barely large enough for a man to go down. Few handholds.
Rick “Lower me down.” Fritz anchors. At the bottom it bends to the west/left; crawl size only. Human bones, garbage, trash and a couple rats. Opens into a ramp shortly. Once there, everybody comes down. Cave, not worked. Some cut, some seem to have been roughly hacked Angles of place constantly change, widens and narrows and rises and drops often. There is an organic feel to much as if a creature may have cut it out of the earth. The slime is sporadic rather than constant.
Sala and a squad of his workers wait up top.

The complex branches and turn a lot. Difficult to accurately map so we mark all branches carefully in order, and the routes we take.
We come to hear strange sounds, often from all around. A mabacre breathy chuckle.
Then a chasm forces us back. Then a walkway of jet black roses along the sides, which we reverse from as well.
Everything is a dead end but the roses so we take it. At an intersection, 2 creatures stand there, both semi nude one with head of a bull, one an ibis. They were ready and grab Rick together! Start to drag him away. He struggles as they try to put a knife to his throat. Fritz goes for the assister; as does Mundabi from behind with his spear.
Rick wiggles out from his grasp. The assisting bear one goes after Fritz as the ibis attacks Rick as he goes full defense.
Mundabi brings Fritz’s down, who moves on to the Ibis DEAD. We dump them in the dead end closest behind us.

We continue on, now North. 4th in line, Billy steps on a rough rock patch those ahead missed completely and falls into a pit!! Spraining his ankle. Rick has to be lowered down to tie him off to be pulled up.
Still north, it narrows and rises some to an almost crawl space to the other side. Billy slips down the other side bashing his knee and tearing his pants.
Further the passage slopes steeply upward. Rick takes only Mundabi and Fritz up first. Its an easily climb, then continues north. We come from the west side of a Y and go up the stem to a 4 way.
Straight is as we are in now. East and west is 10’ tall worked stone. Still no carvings. First Rick thinks this could go to a presumed entrance at the sphinx, which we didn’t find. If there is one, this hall westward should go to where we need to go. But if there isn’t one, this may go to where we need to go. We take the east toward the sphinx first. West may be toward the 3rd surface entrance away from the sphinx.
We come to a chamber, centered by a stone pillar going up into the darkness. Steps are cut into it winding upward. We search, no other exits. Up we go, far, to a door. By the floor, opened recently. Hear nothing. It opens into total darkness through granite now, not what we previously have been in. 10’ up to another door that drops forward like a drawbridge, also stone.
We hear a strange wailing sound, like a wind.
Rick pulls the lever. Total darkness but for sky above!!! Desert ahead! In far distance are the pyramids!! We are coming out of the stele right at the sphynx! Rick’s first idea was right, it’s the main entrance we could not find. Back down the main hall quickly down the main corridor back west. Suddenly as we go a powerful wind gust hits us for a few moments.
Loathsome images come to cover the walls, manyed variations of part men, part animals doing terrible acts. At one point Billy starts seeing the walls as if they are breathing in and out, it takes a minute for him to gather himself.
Comes to a much more open and navigable worked halls. Then voices in arabic somewhere nearby! One says of a rumor there are intruders in the tunnels!
Now it gets rougher, a shadow seems to be first following then ahead then gone.
Mundabi slips and falls into a green moss that glows, we periodically have seen, and it will not come off.
Now back into worked stone, turning west. Drips coming from ceiling, red like blood.
Goes to a rock end we can move, comes right out at entrance on far end of plateau.
We turn back, though morning is approaching fast. Quick when we can do so safely, then take a south turn we should have taken right to the entrance we missed by some 20 or 30 feet! Geeyah!
But, found it!!
No sound at all. Open double doors, 15’ wide and 30’ tall! Nuyn enters first carefully into a huge room, steps down into it. Littered with pillars. Only a few torches light it, so lots of dark but has a dark flickery shadow unnatural glow of the shiny rock architecture. She sneaks partway odwn. There are a bumch of the children of the sphinx in here, probably more she can’t see. Floor is shiny and looks potentially slippery. Can’t see the roof at all. If someone is talking, we hear none of it.
It feels like another dimension has invaded our world in here.
An eerie green glow somewhere down the middle of the room, seems to eminate from out of the floor.

Time to get out of here. Back to hotel and rest up.

Agatha has been kidnapped!! They must need her powers for the ritual afterall.

The City of the Great Race

Nov 19

We descend.

Afternoon, a warparty of the evil koori are seen appoaching the camp from the desert by Phat!!! Slattery and Muldoon fire then they charge in and hurl spears with atlatls. Next, Phat and Big Fella charge as the other 2 keep firing. For the animal handler, Muldoon makes a fine showing. Fella takes a bit of a beating.
Slattery takes the scalps and slashes their eyes so they are blind in the afterlife.
Old fella is very proud of his son.


Rick and Simon agree, check the forbidden tunnel first.
Takes about an hour to get to the turn, hour and a half to a blockage up the tunnel.
Rick climbs to the top to see if can uncover enough to see in the other side. It’s 10’ to the other side, he climbs back down and sets a few charges, enough that we can easily clear it to about a third of its height to easily walk over.
He blows it perfectly. Its still rough across but we all make it safely. 2 hours later we come to a huge hole at the meeting of a Y intersection, its lit here for the first time since the rubble. Generator must be down one side or the other. We check by listen, there is one down both sides. Lights also circle to top of the pit. 200’ diameter. It reeks, nausious, and emanates sound of cries and wailing, some like baby. It’s 60’ deep.
He slaps down his night vision lenses, Yikes!!! Bulbous and hideous forms, appendaged, move all about the bottom of the pit! Most horribly, they all look originally human. These damnable cultists!! This is terrible, Rick and Wilhelm agree these can only be some ruined progeny of a mythos creature or avatar of an Old One.
He also feels they are almost defenseless. Simon volunteers to go in and test the waters. He kills them all, only 6 sanity the worse.
We go left first. 1 hour later we come to what looks like a plaza. A ring of standing stones 100’ across in the middle on a raised mound 300’ across. The stones seem to wobble slightly as we get closer.
Simon “Something is alive under the hill.”
We get to it, and it is rippling slightly. The surface throbs and pulses. Simon stabs it, no reaction but oozing black.
Jeremy “It think that ring on top is probably a feeding area.”
RC “Like its maw.”
Looking closer at its base, Rick sees that its form continues under the floor. This is only a piece of a larger creature. Through his binos, he sees what may be Aklo on a stone so decides to go up. An unpronouncable name, perhaps Ozmerovul, under which is ‘The Titan Horror’. He feels his feet start to somewhat sink in so he returns.
The wound is healing, Simon has to clean his sword fast as it is starting to corrode it. Its acidic ooze.
Rick repeats the writing. Wilhelm knows of it, in his deep knowledge, but virtually nothing is known. Its prehistoric, long pre antedeluvian. In far far past it was betrayed by love they say, and put to sleep.
RC “Love?”
Wilhelm “That’s what they say.”

We continue on another hour to the generator. As with all of them, there are boxes of parts and tools, and a large stock of fuel (couple hundred gallons at each). Rick calls for tea time.

2 hrs on, another big plaza half a mile across, building all around the perimeter. One has doors looking 100’ high adn half that wide. No lights here but floor glows reddish, opaque stone that glows. Looking closely at ones hand, it looks ever so slightly transluscent.
The glowing concerns us.
To our right we see another exit, lighted. We skirt the perimeter to that. Voices and a whistling ahead, human. Jack Bo starts whistling along but Rick stops him fast. He wants to check it out but we all say no, Billy, Jeremy and RC go to investigate.
Quickly they see brighter light ahead. Billy knows it, carbide head lamps, 2 of them. Also a rare burned out light that then comes on.
Jeremy “Repair crew ahead.”
Tech and a guard with a rifle.
RC recommends cutting the line to draw them to us. Jeremy says if they don’t return, others may thing there’s trouble.
Then a voice calls out “Cooie mates!!” from far behind us and Jack Bo starts whistling waltzing Matilda. The enemy yells ’who’s there?"
“Just me, working from the other side. Just one of your mates.”
His ruse continues “Yeah, I’m one of those scum cultits just like you.” The tech was walking forward to investigate and confronts Jack Bo who jabs him in the chest. The guard fires his electric rifle but misses and hits the tech DEAD. Jeremy fires his electric rifle at the guard in return. RC misses with an arrow, but Billy uses his superior speed to charge him. He misses Billy and drops dead.
We make camp here for the night. Rick has us up by 5, breakfasted and moving by 6.

We go up the far side of the plaza and hear noise ahead, 3 hours later. Jack Bo volunteers to go ahead again. But we send the same 3 again. He keeps insisting, then getting into a short discussion that must admit the white race is superior but “specimens like yourself (Billy)” have souls too. We’re mates."
Billy is ok with he and Jack Bo going ahead.
Billy “Let me ask my boss first” and turns to Rick, who shakes his head.
Jack bo to Billy “Pull out that pig sticker” and pulls his huge hunting knife, they clang kukri and knife. Billy cuts Jack Bo’s palm and his “Now we’re ready for him.”
Then a voice ahead yelling. Jack Bo “Me and the Indian be blood brothers.” All the mining sounds stop, then start up again.
The 2 of them go forward and find voodoo zombie workers mining, 2 overseers with wire whips to get their attention. They are clearing a pile of rubble to get through. White man, aborigine, blacks. Many still have remnants of sailor’s clothing.
Jack Bo “Should we kill them or go back and report.”
Billy says report to the boss. Jack recommends he stay and keep watch but Billy drags him back.
He pulls out a cantee of ‘best brandy’ and passes it around, then refills it with another bottle from his pack which is full of brandy not food.
Dodge “Where’s the food?”
“When ya got best brandy, you don’t need food.”
Rick says the if we kill the overseer’s the zombies will stand like automotons until given orders.
Jeremy “That’s when its Wilhelm’s job.”
Jack Bo, Billy, RC and Simon attack and make short work of them.
Simon “Wilhelm, see if you can free the zombies from their torturous state.”
He fails.
We let them stay there for now, ordering them to lie down and rest.
It curves right about 30 degrees angle another 3 miles, then another 3 miles to a generator whre it keeps going straight, and another path cuts back and right diagonally from which we hear sounds. We stop for lunch.
Hours travel, to a lit room of crates and parts. We go through it all. Both earth and alien designs. Mostly electric supplies but much is completely unknown to our technology level. Door goes into a second room, 40’ across. Within is a black control board, high tech, with lights and gauges, elecricity coils, etc. Looks still in construction though. There is a day bed here. A headset resting there connects to the control board. Also operating table with same kind of headset, and restraints.
Rick “Transferring minds?”
RC “Absorbing thoughts, power?”
Archway opens into another room, circular, 50’ across. Long high bench holds many alien artifacts and instruments. Including a piece of control board.
Rick walks in first, getting for 23 elec and thrown backward. Something moves in there, and steps out of a shadowy corner. Simon feels something pushing at the edges of his mind.
It’s a Yith!
He resists, and it turns to Jack Bo “Hey the blighter is talking to me.” It’s nake is kakakatack, or kkkkkatk, or kkkkkakttk. “He says I’m an idiot.”
RC “Truer words were never spoken by man nor Yith.”
Rick “Better tell him to talk to me or Wilhelm.”
Jack concentrates, Wilhelm steps up and its name is something like kkkkktck. I can see all. Turn off the force field and let me out."
Wilhelm denies.
“Listen small minded mammal, flip the switch. On the wall you will see 2 scissor switches. Open the switches so I may leave this abode.
Jack can still hear it and moves for the switch, Rick and Billy block him.
“I am a chief researcher for the great race, 2644 of your years old.”
Wilhelm questions him. Its area of study is broad. A spell called time trap can pull a physical body into a different time period. Dr. Huston pulled me here from the past. He needs to get to the library to find the spell to send him back, for his attempts from here have failed. We ask for his tech, he says no. Then to allie with us while we are here in full, he says no he will not risk himself unless necessary.
It takes some back and forth with Rick and Wilhelm and Simon, but in the end we make a deal to help him get to the library in return for some boons he slowly offers as we haggle. He knows where there are 4 fully charged lightning guns, he will only take one. 2nd, he can rewire the mind controller to reverse the effect of the miners. 3rd, tell us what he knows of Huston’s plans. Lastly, he can telepathically contact a single person at a time and in a few hours or less impart knowedge in various skills and other such things. This is tedious, and he will only do it to a few of us. He will not explain any of his races tech.
We let him out, deal is made.

We camp here as he rewires the control board. He is being forced to work for Huston, only comes once a week or so. We likely have a few days. At our mention of stopping their plans in China, it says Huston has another radium bomb! And a gate that will gate it into the sky where it needs to go without a rocket. Originally we knew the future, the bomb went off and Nyarlathotep ruled and the world was destroyed. But then it went cloudy. I figure that’s cause this bomb is what did it. He wants out of here before that happens.
His HQ is 6 miles up from where we cut down here!! He maps the place out for us! The library is at the lower levels. He wants freed badly.
He has maybe 60 cultists and 40 zombie miners. Though some cultists have disappeard recently. He’s talking about the ones we killed.

He does 4 of the info transfers by morning. He is able to meld with RC and pick up some basic Kiowa which he imparts to Jeremy (he thinks being able to communicate w/o enemies knowing what we are saying could be valuable; RC will teach him further); Simon gains a plus 2 in arcane lore; Rick learns the basics of the Yithian script; Wilhelm gains plus 2 forbidden lore and an important piece of info: the Father of all Bats, a avatar of Nyarlathotep, is incredibly powerful; but Light destroys it!!! Hopefully we won’t need this.

Nov 20

We leave first thing in the morning, 6AM.
The women and miners are sent back to go up top to our camp.
After about 4 miles, we begin to hear an infernal piping sound. The sound of the flying polup!!
Rick “Lightning guns ready!”
Hays “Its a flying polup, I’ve seen them in my dreams!” It appears above us, phasing in and out of corporeality!
It comes down at the back of our party with RC and Brady, unleashing a cyclone of air.
All but Billy, Rick, Wilhelm and Simon are caught in it and battered severely.
Hays “Cross the bolts!”
Schuyler “Brady, cross with me!” Dodge joins them.
Jereme backs up a bit and crosses with Mrs. Hays, joined by Billy.
Wilhelm and Simon together.
Hays is screaming something in the Great race language.
Hobbes moves forward to Rocka and Paul.
Hays drops over dead!!
It remains corporeal for that attack, and we drop it dead with all guns firing!!
Dodge is hurt.
The sanity loss is terrible for Brady, who flees in panic back the way we came.
Billy has a hallucination for 7 rounds, thinking faceless and mostrous creatures are attacking him from all sides. We all back away, thankfully its over fast.
Billy begins suffering from megalomania x3 months; Brady from bolemia x5 months.

Once we gather Brady, we continue foward. Billy feels he slayed them all. We need to send them back. Billy will fight it, we know. Rick whispers to Jeremy to trick him into being needed up top, scout the perimeter for interlopers. Billy freaks out, and intimidates Jeremy down. Rick has to step in now, making Billy focus with their friendship and complete trust in one another. He convinces Billy to go, then barely to leave Kholan’s sword with us.

They head off together forced marching and reaching top camp in 9 hours. They pass the miners and women on the way. Phat reads the note Rick gave to give to him, explaining the situation. Billy insists on going out on patrol. Brady insists on going with them. Phat will have to join them to try and keep them out of trouble. They come to a small village of aborigines. Billy is preparing to attack thinking they are bad, Phat and Brady have to settle him down.
An old fella comes out asking if we are from the hole, worship ‘makes squid face with hands’. Phat says ‘no’, grabs stick and makes squid face, then rock and points to us, and crushes the stick with the rock.
Then another native runs up yelling a warning “koori, koori” its an attack by the evil natives!
9 warriors ready to meet the cultist tribe’s assault. We join them. We drop men as fast to faster than they can fill in gaps with waves. The last 2 run, but Billy chases them down and finishes them. Their warparty flees.
Phat goes and bring us the Fellas to talk in depth with them. He stays with the tribe as well. Billy and Brady go back to our camp.
Night in the village, celebration of victory. The shaman they claim can see through time and space, comes to Old Fella “the dingo of death comes to take you.”
Phat “What is this dingo of death?”
“An evil creature the bat sends to its enemies” our party is to be hunted by them. We must go and warn them. Old Fella goes right to Phat.
How do we fight it? You run from it, he says. Occasionally over the centuries warriors have encountered it and always loose.
Old Fella says it lives in distant past and future, travels through time to kill its prey and will not leave until it accomplishes its hunt. The Bat is the master of it.
Phat makes for the camp fast, taking the Fellas with him.

On the way, Big Fella hears something stalking us, maybe hundred yards.
As we move on, he says we must face it one at a time, champion to champion.
We make it back safely. Periodically, we hear something lurking.
Old Fella and Big Fella start a ritual, and pile the corners of the perimeter with rocks and bricks to make the room into a circle rather than a square. The native bearers join in musically to the ritual.
They say the dingo of death hate this music. It only comes to strike at night, if they can keep it at bay all night we will be ok until the next night.
One more corner, we start on it. Smoke begins to come out of the corner though and forms into a living thing! We weren’t fast enough!
It’s hideous. Dripping red puss onto the ground which sizzles and smokes.
Billy’s mind is hit again, babbling incoherently for 2 rounds and hindering his attacking.
Brady also, but his is a long term 100 hours: sexual attraction to the deformed and monstrous, and attraction to monsters.
A voice in everyone’s head “Phat Wang, I come f….!” Wang reacts instantly.
All others feel a compulsion to not step in!
The women and miners rush from the pavillion. After 2nd round, Brady and Billy break the enchantment and join.
It is quickly vaporized.

Old Fella “You have to understand, they will keep coming until you appease the bat god.”

Back to the caves below:

The lights we follow intersect with another set. We close in on the intersection, 2 guards. 10 or so zombie miners as well. We group at the side of the tunnel sans lights.
RC carries Kholan’s Sword.
Rick, RC and Jeremy sneak up. RC disembowels his.
One of the zombies stops and looks for a moment, then turns and moves down the tunnel.
In the intersection is a 3 story wooden building. No one visible. There are lights on all 3 floors.
A ramp goes to 2nd and one to the 3rd floor.
We rush forward to and against the walls. Sliding doors around the building go inside.
First floor is one large room full of boxes and mining equipment, gasoline drums, generators, etc.
No noise above. We all get inisde. We find several piles of rags on floor, 10 people sleeping on the piles. Zombified miners.
In a locker which Jeremy picks we find 148 sticks TNT with fuses and caps!
Crate with 3 lightning guns.
Dodge warns 2 guys walking this way. We hide.
Jack Bo and Simon move to choke them out. They both succeed, Jack gives the guy a monster noogie. Tie them up.
Rick “Where’s Huston.” They ask to be allowed to go with us. Allen is one, they plea to take them out of here. They plea, Dr. Huston has lost his mind. He says he’s down the tunnel the miners walked down.
“Our men have been disappearing, no one has come from the entrance in 2 days. Things falling apart.” They aren’t repenting, they are just sorry its not working out since we arrived.
To Rick with an insane twinke in his eye “Can I fondle your tool, I likes the tip best.”
They’re insane.
It soon becomes obvious they are hopelessly insane.

2nd floor: a sad wailing coming from it, of dozens of people. Inside are 7 large cages jammed full of 40 or 50 people, all nude. It stinks horribly, not sanitation. A majority are aboriginal, but some blacks and whites. Some are insane, many are not. THey say Huston uses them in various experiments; sets them loose and they are hunted; one is reserved for breeding women with summoned creatures. 1 woman is in labor right now. Wilhelm rushes to help, but the stomach bursts open! A green reptilian thing bursts forth! RC rushes forward and crushes it. There are 7 more actively pregnant now. We get them all out of the cages, the sane assist the crazies. We will have to try c sections by the Dr. above for the others pregnant.
They will stay here on the 1st and, if safe, 3rd floors.

3rd floor: large room with bed, kitchen, desc, metal great race tomes, other books and gear. Older man with white hair sits at the desk. Neatly groomed, pale skin, kakis. He rises,his face is welcoming.
“Ah visitors, i have so few visitors.” Welcomes us in for tea or coffee. A beautiful blonde in kaki bush skirted outfit steps into view with pith helmet; long braided hair. We sit around.
It’s Huston!!!
We all get tea/coffee.
“So, are you the gentlemen from Grey Dragon Island?”
Rick “Yes.”
He knows exactly what we did on teh island “you’ve been quite a bit of trouble, but he pursuit of godhood is very difficlut and sometimes, things happen, you know.”
He is quite calm and professional about this, madly so.
He says wes topped gray dragon cause it was too easy to get to. We can’t get here, its too deep in Australia and secluded.
We can’t stop Kenya,its deep in the country, surrounded by hostile natives.
He talks liek we aren’t in Australia.
He says he spoke to the bat god, not entirely what he expected. Death is 1000 times preferable.
But, godhood is still in his future as a pharaoh. So long as we don’t know where the portal is, we can’t stop it.
He has dreams often of us, the avengers, coming. He thinks this is that. He won’t even tell the dream selves where the portal is.
“I have died in my dreams many times, what comes after death, that’s the terrifying part.”
He calls for Karyn to bring dinner.
Rick gets him to squeel/brag its in Tibet, the Plateau of Leng, or perhaps Europe at the Black Castle.
Rick “Is that Hauptman’s castle?”
“Or perhaps” and he goes on and on. So, no squeel really.
He explains more of his theories while only he eats dinner, about humanity, return of Great Old Ones, etc blah blah blah. It is set to go through the portal on its own.
He says we may all start to worship him now.
Points to Simon “You you religious fool, may worship at my feet.” Simon walks up to him, stoops, and splits his gullet wide open. Karyn screams, falls covering her eyes. Looks up, like willing herself to die. Simon grabs her by the hair to gut her.
Rick calls to wait, hold it “Can you tell us what he couldn’t, where is the portal and the explosive.” She says we must stop the birth of the son of Nyarlathotep in Kenya. In the meantime, destroy the bomb before it goes through the dimensional door at the Purple Dome Temple down the other passage from here. Its a couple days at least.
She collapses dead.
KKKKKtak wants us to give him the miners to clear the rubble to the lower levels then he’ll send them back. We say no way, he hasn’t finished the whole deal yet.
He knows what’s at the dome: guardians of the bat god. He does not want to go.
There are terrible batcreatures with spikey wings that drain ones attributes once wrapped around you. ‘Wish the Father of All Bats does not come to stop you’.
We get all the TNT and a bunch of gasoline into wheelbarrows and small carts to take with us, and spotlights amongs the equipment with generators.

Simon kills the insane guards downstairs.

We sleep here for the night. We say our prayers to the lord tonight.

As we are consolidating rescuees and such, 4 cultists from the dig ahead show up, we kill them w/o issue.

Next, we finish off the last 6 guards at the rubble ahead and return with the zombified men.

We lunch before continuing to the dome.
About 2pm we get to the Dome.
4000’ across, the purple dome itself is 2000’ across!! Perfect hemisphere, 1000’ high at the top. 4 archways inside at equal intervals. All lit by purplish glow. The inside is astounding, a smaller dome 500’across, 250’ high. On side we enter is sandy dirt. Half eaten femur sticking out, human skull, 3’ high stone block dragged in recently set up like an altar, bloody, behind it a 30’ tall statue of Nyar, with several other Old Ones!! Behind them is the glowing inner dome. Hanging from the ceiling is a chain suspending, directly above the pulsating dome, is a pulsating crate stamped with “Danger, Radium bomb”.
So, at the appointed time it will release and drop into the dome portal. We see the bat things hanging from teh ceiling. Chanting from the other side of the smaller dome getting closer. Voices speaking the dark language.

We rush to hide behind the large statues to see what we are up against. We see between 60 to 75 cultists, the real cult. The others were just thugs driven at least somewhat mad. All are in robes and bat masks.
On teathers they lead 5 naked women, all hands tied to yokes heading our way to the altar. They see Simon, sitting on the altar, eating an apple.
They arrive, total silence at Simon’s presence.
“I’m here to exterminate your cult, and eat this apple. I’m almost done with this apple. Nice cult party you have going on, but I just can’t allow you to sacrifice these poor girls.”
One of them drops to her knees “Please save us.”
Hobbes starts filming from their far right statue.
SImon gives thema chanct to walk away if they offer their leaders to his judgement and the women. There are 5 leader types in front, and 5 others trailing at the rear.
One of the cultists pulls a dagger “Die fool!” He points to Simon"Kill them!"
Schuyler, Jeremy fire elephent gun rounds; TNT throws are Rick, Jack Bo, Brady, Dodge, Wilhelm. Phat and RC charge. Paul fires and moves in. The dynamite kills 12!!
Several of the bats leave their roost.
Simon lunges off the altar at the central leader DEAD!
They are shocked and we get the initiative!
The battle then becomes general.
Cultists start pairing off 2 to a girl to pin and slaughter them!
Schuyler, Wilhelm, Rick, Dodge and Jeremy bring the lt guns to bear vs the woman killers trying to save them.
We mow them down, all 4 other women are soon free and rush for safety to our lines. 10 men in reserve charge into us, with the rear 5 skulk closer but stay out, their few remaining allies.
The bats are swarming, they could attack at any moment!
We kill several more, then the main 5 move to the already surrouned Simon, 2 more getting in. Schuyler puts a bullet in the brain of one trying to cast a spell on Geste.
More bats enter the fray as Simon clears his area; Wilhelm and a girl with Hobby evade, but Jack Bo is grappled. It drains a point from your best stat! 4 alone miss Schuyler. 3 casters try to mind blast Simon insane! We drop more freeing up Paul and Phat and RC, Schuyler ruins another mind blasters shot on Simon.
Schuyler and Jeremy and Wilhelm begin firing on bats with the electric rifles. The field almost clear but for 2 cultists and 1 caster vs Phat and RC.
Hobbes starts protecting the women, then begins using Simon’s electric rifle.
Last cultists down, we strategically withdraw to the entry nearby to plan. There are too many.

We know they wake up slowly.
Rick “What if we could set it off in here?”
Simon thinks we should consider just climbing up to the chain and release.
We calculate the climb difficulty, and Rick thinks he and Simon can pull it off.

Our alien friend says the bomb can be reset at the bomb itselt, a timer. Also, it will not detonate by concussion, so dropping it to the floor should be safe and potentially wreck it anyway.
Rick “Maybe there’s a mechanism to shut off the gate field.”
RC, Wilhelm and Rick sneak in. Rick searches the altar. The top lifts up! Inside is a network of connected grooves, curving slightly downward from a bowl at each end. Makes us dizzy looking at the grooves. In the center is a space that a stone or ornament of some kind would fit in.
We search the priest bodies, and the high priest has an amulet with a relief that fits the pattern.
We return and ask Kkkkkktk who is getting annoyed at us by now.
On the altar, there are holes and grooves to bring blood into the bowls.
We can’t trust this. It may set it off, turn it on, open the portal and drop it, who knows.
Simon “How about we say &%#^ it, turn it on, and run. I’m willing to take that risk.”
Perhaps littering the room with gasoline and smoke/burning them out.
Phat suggests we think in it as we get to the library below with Kkkkktk.

We decide to sneak around the perimeter looking for more controls. RC and Hobbes one way, Jeremy and Schuyler the other. Either side has a box on the wall acoss from one another about a third of the way to the far side. Inside is a wheel! We turn them counterclockwise.

Rick looks through is binos to the bomb. The hook at the ceiling begin turns and angles over slightly. One side makes it turn around at the ceiling bolt, the other tilts it slightly.

We continue on. After another third, another box! It tilts it forward and back, but not enough to drop it.

We get one person on each wheel and start turning randomly each. One clicks at the end. Another does multiple rapid clicks as it gets to the end. The third clicks once at the end like the first.
Then we figure out they all rapid click at the end of the clockwise. So we all go the other way to the single click at the end. It gyrates as we turn it. The chain is right on the verge of falling. The forward and back starts turning his wheel, soon as it starts clicking it releases fast in reverse letting the bomb fall!! It goes through the portal and gone!! The bats start waking up, we flee for your lives!!

Paul and RC are at the far wall, unfortunately for them. The closer 2 pairs, Jeremy/Schuyler and Rick/Jack Bo escape just in time. Paul/RC are still coming when the first of the bats arrive. Wilhelm and Phat are ready to slam the doors shut. The rest of us get inside and fire electric rifles, trying to take heat off of them. All but Simon, standing ready to melee. We concentrate fire on a couple at a time and kill a few!
RC and Paul are really pushing it. Paul almost stumbles once!
We kill 2 more bats, helped by Hobbes and Dodge crits!
They swarm Simon, he swinging powerfully.
We kill a couple more!
Phat “Simon, I must help you!”
Simon “No, stay back, I handle this onslaught!”
Bats fall, Simon is gang attacked, Paul and RC are finally attacked by 2. RC is hit but avoids the grapple. 3 fly over us and attack Wilhelm and Phat.
Phat “Get behind me, get behind me!” he battles all 3.
Paul and RC are flying, but Paul finally slows down. RC slows as well, refusing to leave him. Jeremy and Rick crits kill one each, as Hobbes did before!!
3 rifles have now emptied on us!!
They continue attacking, Paul and RC almost here as we drop several more!
Hobbes lightning streams flashing everywhere “I wish I wwere filming this!”
Rick moves next to Simon, who is beginning to waver, to suck up some attacks.
At last, RC and Paul arrive!! RC right to Simon’s side opposite Rathbone.

We begin our strategic withdraw on the defensive into the hallway. Phat clears the hallway. All withdraw out!! Wilhelm closes the door. We killed 21 bats!!

Complete Victory is ours!

Our side of the bargain complete, Kakakaktak wants to get down to the library. We take the rest of the day, using Penhew’s car, to ferry stuff and people up and back to base camp as needed. Kakakatak finishes any other boons for us as well.

We camp at Huston’s HQ

Nov 21 turu 25

We take move bright and early, Rick pushing us hard for the almost 10 miles to the turn down. We cover it in a mere 2 hours including blasting 2 rubble piles clear.

Discover library quickly relative to the size of the city thanks to kakakatak, and Rick and Dodge’s’ natural ability to educated guess well with it’s knowledge, and some Rick luck. We start doing our own searching and general research here, for it’s a trove of info, and massive. Anyone with ranks in a knowledge of sciences, history, arch, forbidden lore, arcane lore could gain a permanent bonus by studying here for a while. Potential languages as well. Coule be a trove of Pre History and Proto History as well! And Mythos Cosmology!

Nov 26 thru Dec 13

We are up top and make our way back to Cuncudgerie. Its a far less eventful trip back. Rick pushes us again though, as is his style “We’ll have plenty of time to rest on ship”, but expertly never enough for anyone to crash. Muldoon picked some superior camels for us, for sure.

Dec 14

Rest for MH. Rick and Billy are tireless, organizing and wiring ahead for first ship to Egypt. Its in 2 days. We leave here tomorrow. He wires Westinghouse to speak to Erica Carlyle, asking for funding to be wired to Mombassa contact for trek to Mt. of the Black Winds. Send response to Port hedland, care of Robert Mackenzie.

Dec 15

In Port Hedland. Terrible word from Westinghouse, Erika went to Kenya and has not returned!!
Rick wires Nuyn that we are on our way. Also Gerard to find out what he can from his end about Clive and Carlyle’s stay.

Dec 16

Rick and Billy move immediately, ship to Port Said. During trip, Rick reads the G’Harne Fragments sixteenmo. Before leaving, wires his condolences to Adventurer’s Club for missing gala.

Dec 22

MH board for London.

Expedition to Huston and the Lost City

October 27

Disembark on our expedition. Jack Bo has 10 bottles of gin packed up. 1 day to Dingo Falls. Rocks are red colored, quite striking in pattern. 3 deep caves above the 15’ wide pool.
Slattery’s are 2 miles east.
Old Fella says the water is drinkable, after a ritual which he knows it.
Simon “A heathen ritual? I’ll drink from my cantene thanks.”
He pours a gourde full of water onto some straw, seaping into a bowl. He then gives it to us to drink. He’s simply straining the dung out of it.
Rick takes a huge gulp.
Simon can’t believe he just did that. Jerem goes right for it. Everyone else follows suit.

The 2 other aborigine assistants set up camp with Big Fella.

Rick, Jack Bo, Simon and Billy enter one of the cave.
J Bo “I do wish I had a flask.” Rick hands him one, he pours it full of Gin.
We wade across the pool to below the 1st cave. Billy has to climb up, then he drops a rope for the other 3.
Torches lit, Rick turns on his headlamp. Passage goes virtually straight down. Rick calls for a 2nd rope just to be sure of distance. Rick goes down first into a cavity. The slide.
Back up, then into second cave next to it. Seems the same. Rick goes down first. He hears movement immediately.
The floor is moving. Snakes!! He jumps back upward the rope, and looks down to see what they are. Venemous!! They are known to congregate like this. He sees no other paths out, so climbs up.
Next cave same initial setup. Rick climbs down, more carefully this time. He lands, seeing something clumped up on the floor. No other exits. It’s a body, bones. Clothes scorched and burned. The feet have no boots nor shoes. He starts to check it out, and we hear a horrifying scream from outside at the camp from Ginger.
The other 3 look out to see a spectral figure floating toward out campsite.
Old swagman with big beard. As it gets closer it beckons and points to the cave we are in. As it gets closer to camp it bursts into the flaming apparition, whereupon GInger screams and flees into the desert. RC runs after him.
Our 4 aborigine fall to their knees and begin to chant, trying to send it back to the dreamtime.
Rick finds nothign at all of value on the body. The hands are clenched beside the head like burned alive. Climbs back up.
The ghost partially fades and sparks go from it into one of the natives, who races to the fire and with bare hands throws the fire around and starts to throw himself on the fire to put it out. Brady runs to him and pulls him back.
Jck Bo has jumped down into the water and is racing to help the natives.

Hobbes and Schuyler put the fire out. The native stiffens, falls, and sparks leave him upward into the sky.
The spirit has disappeared away. Few minutes later it has returned, its Buckley!! Feet are bare. It points back to the cave. It can’t speak. Points off into the distance to the Slattery house.
Rick “We’re going to kill them Buckley, kill them all.”

We pack up fighting gear and make for the Slattery’s: Paul, Rick, Billy, Simon, Jack Bo, Red Cloud. Its a tin house. Open hole windows with closed shutters.
We encounter a pack of their dogs outside, Jack Bo tries to wammy them. They surround him. He turns to Simon with a thumbs up. They all charge him, 20 of them.
Simon leaps to his aid, Rick tells Billy to make for the front door and follows him. RC wades into the dogs as well. Paul follows Rick and Billy.
The door opens and Vern Slattery is standing there. Bleery eyed, bad beer in one hand “Whats going on out here, what you doing with my dogs! Dogs rip him apart.”

Paul shoots him, Rick slugs him in the jaw. Rick punches him for 17 KO’d. Billy walks past him into the house.
Rick “What did you do to Buckley!” calling into the house.
RC and Simon make mince meat of the dingos in the meantime.
Jack Bo “I thought it would bloody work.”
Simon “Maybe next time.”
His clothes are ripped to pieces.

In the house, the shack has 4 rooms, littered with filth, smells horific. These people lived in squalor.
An older one, bear of a man, comes out of one of the rooms “What you doin to our dogs, my pa”.
Another appears almost at the same time, early 20’s, vacant eyes like a moron.
he blows a single long eery note with the harmonica as Billy moves to him.
The other walks to Billy "
Rick enters “What did you do to Buckley, out there in the desert? The guy you burned to death?”
Rick looks for Buckley’s boots, but they are not in plain sight.
“I’m looking for a pair of boots” and he starts looking.
“What did you do to my da?”
“Knocked him cold.”
The dad comes to at teh door “Thieves, murderers, thieves, murderers, run boys!!”
The young moron “Yeag, get out of my house, now.” like a simpleton.
Rick keeps looking, into his room first. He blocks the door. Rick shoves him aside. He hears a whimper.
Paul blocks the door, as Billy protects Rick.
In the room is an old pallet set up like a table. Under is a dog with a litter of 8 puppies. Couple dead. Staked onto the table, couple have their legs broken, one burned alive, eyes poked out of one.
He cries for Rick to leave his pets alone. Paul fires a wide warning shot by him into the wall.
Rick searches.
He blows the harmonica again “don’t hurt my pets, I’m not done with ’em yet, they got lots more fun.” Billy goes for the harmonica and takes it off of him. On it is the name Buckley. Billy tells Rick, who remembers that harmonica. The punk wails for it and fails. Billy slugs him. He huddles into a corner crying.
The older son “Don’t treat my brother like that.” Paul shoots him in the leg.
He rushes Paul as the rest of our group is getting to the front door.
Paul “RC stop this crazy man.” This scum wants a fist fight. RC is just going to kill him, but Simon steps up to fight him hand to hand.
Rick tells Billy to drag the dad inside. Rick takes the dumb kid into the dog room and starts talking calmly to the moron kid.

Simon knocks him out.

Vern tells Paul his dumb son was born this way, touched in the head.

The son keeps telling Rick his da gave him the harmonica. He knows nothing of new boots.

Vern insists they gave Buckley food and water and 2 pounds for it, he needed food and water.
Rick searches Vern’s room
Under the bed are Buckley’s boots. Vern says he found those.
Rick “Tie them up.”
We take them all to Dingo falls with us.
“Fine, I’ll tell ya the trooth. I tried to protect him cause he’s my son. It was Joco (moron). The other son confirms. Joco went out after Buckley had stopped by, dit that too him and came back with his stuff.
They say Joco told them he did all this.
They refuse to go back to the Falls.
Simon “We can take you anywhere we want to take you.”

We drag them back to the Falls.
The ghost appears. Frank and Joco did not suspect.
Vern finally yells his admittance to guilt “get him away from me”. He wanted his stuff so killed him. Ghost sends the sparks into him. Vern struggles to escape the bonds.
Rick feels the ghost wants the harmonica and possibly the boots back with the corpse, and buried properly.
Wilhelm thinks it wants revenge, bones to be buried properly in a Christian grave yard. if we let it kill Vern, Vern may haunt this place.

So, we need to take them back to town. We take anything of use from the house: a good canteen, rifle and ammo.

Oct 28

Back to town. Turn in the family and report.

Oct 29

We give our depositions. Vern is arrested. Jacko will be sent to Port Hedland to a sanitarium. They have nothing on Frank, and he has no where to go. Their mine is played out. He’s not a murderer like his dad nor insane like his brother.
Jeremy “You could probably make a life for youself here.” He has a good rifle and canteen. He wants us to hire him to go along.
Paul is willing to take that chance.
He realizes his brother is going to be taken care of better now than before, and his dad was a murderer afterall.
Paul gets assurances the kid will be taken care of properly, leaves his card “I’ll be checking in.”
Wilhelm leaves his business card to follow the kid as well.

We give Buckley a proper burial here in town. y

Frank gets med attention for his lt leg wound; we get him haircut, cleanshaven, and bathed thoroughly. Rick warns him, we do not live in filth. That does not happen around us.

Jack Bo isn’t to keen on this idea.

Oct 30

They assure us Vern will hang.
Back to Dingo Falls.
Ghost is gone.

Oct 31-Nov 9

Move on to Lake George: 10 day ride.
Guard shifts during travel:
Billy/Frank Slattery/Phat/Schuyler
Mundabi/Dodge/Big Fella/Paul
Simon/Jack Bo/Brady/Old Fella

On day 2, a sandstorm appears in the distance. Luckily there is a large outcrop just nearby with an overhang to hide under. It does the job perfectly. We camp there that night, it blows all night and most of the day. Takes us a couple hours to dig out.

Next day, camel in the distance, man riding it. We investigate. Old man with long whiskers.
Rick “Old man, you’re a long way out by yourself.”
He’s a prospector, we can call him Kip. “Strange things happening” he advises us to turn around.
He’s on the way to Mekathara. Schuyler says its on the other side of the desert.
“Sometimes the ground shakes, very local. Out in the middle of the desert. Abo’s are vanishing, sometimes entire family groups.” He’s seen bat swarms from horizon to horizon almost, huge shapeless terrifying things. This all happening about halfway tween Ural and Sahara Wells.
Schuyler “What’s up there?”
“Nothing, just desert.” and all the troubles.
We rides away.

Couple days later, we come to a ravine with good water and shelter area so camp above o the edge. Then, the pitter patter of rain.
The ravine runs faster as the water pours down.
In the morning, 6 Ago’s are outside our camp, just staring. Old Fella come forward to talk to them. They want food and bacca (tobacco).
We give them some smoke and invite them to breakfast. Their leader sits with Rick, Simon and Paul.
They are clearing out of this whole part of the desert. Disappearances are far and wide in the region.
He calls the problems Nugnut, the Great Bat.
We menion all the stuff Kip metioned, the guy says bat swarms very bad. They draw a trackway we say to watch out for. Those marks have been seen at many disappearances. Some others are found dead, skin stripped from one side like from a terrible wind, while the other side is dried like a mummy.
Draw a symbol which all members of the bat cult have on them, we have seen it before, they stylized eye from China. The Bat has come in the form of a white man. Most who see him, if not cultists, are dead or missing.
We figure Huston.
They bow to him, those that don’t are running away.
They don’t know of the tall, emaciated trive, but Rick isn’t buying it.
Rick offers more bacca to take with them for the info. They say they wanna leave now.
Old Fella says its concerning the dream lands, we wouldn’t understand.
Old Fella “That tribe, not from around here. Mimi’s, men from the dreamtime.” No Fella’s know why. “You see the mimi’s you run. You make mimi’s mad, they eat your face.”
Rick “Not the first thing that’s tried to eat my face.”
He says his boomerang not hurt mimi fellas, neither do guns. Nothing hurt them, but magic.

Travelling on, we see smoke behind us from horizon to horizon. 2 hours before, we had left sandy desert and entered scrub. There’s a brushfire behind us closing in.
Schuyler “Let’s pick up the pace!”
Wilhelm and his camel take some heat damage before we get out of it. Grace takes a bit of smoke in, Phat as well. Billy’s camel is caught and killed!! Slattery’s camel is killed too, and he is burned and lots of smoke.

We otherwise make it out and continue on.

Late morning day before we arrive, one of the Abo’s screams and falls to the ground. Snakebite! Death Adder.
He dies a few hours later, bad bite.

Nov 11

Closing in on the lake, going through an area of rock, person steps out from cover. More humanoid than human. Tall, deathly skinny, long fingers.
Simon asks who he is, the thing says nothing. Draws itself.
Jeremy “Do you folow the bat god?”
Draws the sign then crosses it off.
Dodge “Where are you from?” Draws as leeping person and a small cloud above his head.
Rick “Why are you here in this world?” Draws an arrow pointing toward us.
Jeremy “He’s here to guide us.”
Rick “Where are you to guide us to?” Draws lots of people looking like our party, him in front but crosses it out. Not guiding us. Draws a person, a mimi, hand shaking or exchanging something.
Schuyler “Do you have something to give us?”
Crosses it out.
Rick "Here in friendship?’ Another X. Then draws a creature maybe, a blob with tendrils. Yith? Draws several mimi’s with limbs disconnected, ripped to pieces. Then several people with guns shooting at this thing.
Rick “We are here to kill this thing?” Draws a circle around it. His people are where we are going.
Hobbes “Where is this creature, up there?” Draws arrow pointing to us, then away to a door like a gate.
Motions for us to follow him.
We need a kill team to go through the gate to kill the monster. The rest will continue to make camp at the lake ahead.
Big and Old Fella want at least one of them to come. Simon wants Old Fella.
It will be Billy, Rc, Simon, Old Fella, Wilhelm, Schuyler to go with the mimi.

He opens the portal into a cavern with about 15 of the dream mimis. 2 step aside and motion to strange tubes leaning there and for us to pick them up. There are 6 so we each grab one. They have a thin line along them almost like a sighting. Some kind of gun?
Old Fella hits a button on one end and a bolt of electricity comes out and hits him.

One of them runs his hands down the rock on a wall and the glowing portal opens. We gather from them this portal will stay open for our return.
We go through.
We stand in a circular chamber going up like a well. Light of day above. We stand on a circular walkway along the wall. At bottom is an portal that opens like an Iris. The huge monster floats up through the gap. Wilhelm looks at it and says that’s the ‘birds’ that make the tracks drawn in the sand for us before.
They do go incorporeal at times at least briefly.
As it rises, we unleash. Its impossible by its reaction to judge how badly we injured it but all but Old Fella hit.
Wilhelm is taken down in one hit, Old Fella is nailed with 8 wound pts. He drops to first aid Wilhelm.
Another volley must have hurt him bad now, he looses far less attacks than previous!
Billy and RC hit and it explodes in terrible sickly green goo that covers us all.

We return through the portal, evidence of our success all over us, carrying Wilhelm out. They get across to us their thanks, and that if we are in dream worlds and meet them, we could be friends.

We meet the others at the lake and camp.

Nov 12

We rest at the lake for today.

Nov 13

Another day of full rest.

Next few day

Its a day to each of the next 3 wells in succession.

Nov 16

Arrive at Ural Well, last stop before onto Sahara Well. More like a brackish pool. Lots of room for snakes and spiders that can kill. We keep our camp a safe distance away. The water will need to be boiled first. Luckily, we have men like Rick Schuyler, the Fellas, and Jack Bo to keep us perfectly safe from the environment.
Rick has us get water boiling immediately and pretty constantly to keep a stock in case of trouble and to take plenty with us as this is that last waterhole before our destination.

Nov 17

We move on and come across a cattle trail going along our path in 3 hours north leading to a road going the right direction also. We are on it for 4 hours until we see something in the distance. The terrain is now look like it the McWirre photos but not the huge blocks yet. Its a rocky outcrop with an old habitation under it, just a couple of shacks or so. As we close in we see at least a dozen tents all damaged or left long ago. Crates lying about, broken open. The shack says ‘exposives’ and another has some mechanics atop it. Also an old steam truck.
Seem to be a small mining camp or prospectors. The front of the truck is flat like stepped on by a giant. 2 dead men, skeletons, crushed inside. Human remains are still scattered about. All with broken bones.
Ginger “I’d say it’s abos.”
Wilhelm never heard of abos crushing half of a car.
Ginger thinks they dropped a boulder on it. When it went where?"
“Back on the cliff?” Then he notices ‘proof’, a couple of the skeletons are abos and not crushed. Both have a club nearby with small sharp teeth along it, bats! Cultists! The puncture wounds. Unfortunately for Ginger the Doc confirms these have been here much less time than the others. Its a separate incident.

Rick first check the explosives shack: the boxes are there but empty. Schuyler and Simon check out the truck. The men inside have dried and brittle remains of miners clothes.
Paul and RC and Wilhelm start checking the tents with Jack Bo. Something big definitely came down upon the truck. We immediately started worrying about a huge monster.
One tent is sewn back together. Inside are remains of someone living here more recently. They may still be around even. Just beyond the tents we hear a bubbling sound. At the rock wall there is a dark stain, small hole only size of a large nail. Out of it jets water, having carved a small basin in the ground and into a crack in the ground. Geologically impossible, its not seeking its own level. None of us want to taste it. Its clear, odorless. We start searching for a tunnel and way to the top.
Schuyler starts seeing tracks around camp, of one or more polyps!
The crates are either mining equipment and such or empty food supplies and such.
Rick checks the other building. The stuff on top is a winch, inside is a steam engine. There is a hole in the floor about 10’ diameter into the earth. There is an elevator car to go down using a good steel cable. There are controls in the elevator and here.
Platform can fit maybe 3.
On the sides of the tunnel are marks of drilling, they artificially cut this out. No journal or work notes anywhere. In the remains of a fire drum outside, still with papers and binders more recent than the attack.
The engine is empty but we can use all the crates outside as fuel.

Simon wants himself, Billy and RC to go down first. Schuyler operates the controls with Rick.
As we descend, we see the depth marked on the walls with our lanterns. It stops hard to a halt at 300’. We open the gate and step out. Its full of rubble like a cave in. It should keep going farther down. We lift the elevator and its rubble underneath down an obviously deeper hole.
Back up we go.
Whatever they were drilling with is gone. We find a lot of broken and warn casing but no bit.
We mount up and continue on.
Simon thinks that if we run out the cable, we might be able to see by the wear how far it was usually strung out. Schuyler starts letting it run.
We hear dingo howls, and see some nearby. They have an odd look to them, then we hear a whistle and the dash off the ridge they were on.
Rick sends Billy to the ridge to take a look over. RC volunteers to go with him. Simon joins them.
The tracks to down the hill to a mass of tracks, including human footprints. They go off toward over another ridge and down.
Simon feels this is a red herring.
RC and Billy want to follow anyway, so Simon goes not wanting to be responsible for their deaths.
Below they see the man, scraggly and worn, surrounded by maybe 30 dingo; wears bigboy shoes and, nothing else, at all.
He yells “Get ye back, Satan spawn, be gone be bone or my friends shall rend you!!”
Simon “Call off your dogs wild man!” standing in the middle of a small circle of stones “You can’t trust me in my circle of protection!”
Simon tries to settle him down and with Billy’s help they temporarily settle him down. He calls them down but warns us to not cross the circle of protection.
He dances around singing “I’m Jeremy yes I am” and on. He calls himself a survivor of the death camp “I’ve been here for millenium!! Or days, or years. A long time.” He’s mad as a hatter.
He insists he can’t be hurt within the circle and encourages us to throw a rock at him. Billy hits him and “See, I am completely protected.”
Simon asks him to come back to camp. When he tells him we have beef, he agrees.
Simon asks how he gets the dingo to follow him, “Its a long story”.
He goes right for the water basin first and drinks.
Wilhelm is looking at one of the dingo when it suddenly vanishes from sight. Jeremy calls for it to come back and it appears again.
We gather around and start talking.
He and the rest were hired by Carver to dig for gold. When his money ran out, they stopped working until the supply trucks came. He was mad, started making all kinds of crazy hand gestures. Then he disappeared for a while, and returned with a crazed look i his eyes insisting there was another way that god has shown him and told them all to leave if they wished. They asked for wages spent waiting, even threatening him with picks. Carver swore, a cruel look came over him, and told they he’d speed them on their way. Carver walked into the desert talking to himself.
That night, couple of the men caught Jeremy cheating at cards. THey almost killed him but he lost them in the desert. As he snuch back to camp he saw Carver appear atop the outcrop. Pointed down and a great winked thing with long talons came from the sky and killed everyone. When the guns were useless the men squealed like dying animals.
Jake and Pixy tried to truck but it squished them flat. Eddy was still screaming after torn into 3 pieces. So, Jeremy wandered off away from it all and laid down to die. He slept for days. When he woke the dingos were them but they are magic not real. If he does’t pay attention they go away. But, they can kill, and help feed him.
He has lived off sardines otherwise, the cartons of them kept replenishing themselves. He woke up one day soon after and suddenly there was water from the hole.
There was a cave in below, they were lower than that and had almost reached a city, Carver said. That’s when they knew they weren’t here for gold.
When he sleeps he goes to another world. When there he can make anything happen that he wants. He’s a sultan there.
Is all this stuff coming from there? He thinks he brought the tall abos too.
He doesn’t think its dreamtime or the Abos could have stopped it.
There are evil normal abos who have tried to kill him but his dogs protect him. These abos are evil, terrible. Sometimes he catches some and tortures them, this stops their worship of the bat but can drive them mad.
This guy’s a powerful natural dreamer but insane. He is really happy that we give him food, now he can dream more into this world anytime he wants.

Simon gives him some new clothes. The abos don’t come by anymore. The polyp has returned once in a while, he only ever sees one. The abos live halfway to Sahara wells. He won’t come with us. He feels safe enough here.
He says Carver took the second truck along with the dynamite, toward the evil abos.
We camp here tonight.
Schuyler “good luck, Jeremy”. After an odd pause he bursts “and to you!”
Simon “Quite.”
As Jeremy falls asleep, the dingo mostly disappear one by one as he sleeps in his circle of stones.
We return to the camp to sleep.

Nov 18

We move on early, hearing his dingo’s howls in the distance.
Along the top of a sandy ridge, with another to each side. Suddenly, 20 abos appear on each other ridge taunting and screaming at us.
Our weakest get under the wagons in time as we draw weapons. They hurl war boomerangs at us.
We start firing back, each having to steady their camels as well.
Billy dismounts and runs for one of the lines as does Phat. Simon charges on the camel.
Hobbes skillfully settles his camera and snaps a pic as they are partway across. RC moves mounted as well and fires his bow along the way. Rick, Schuyler and Paul all kill one right off.
RC and Simon begin cleaving away on their side, Billy and Phat the other side.
They have half their number in reinforcements as well.
Hobbes is getting good shots of the melee’s.
Paul after terrible shooting with his new enlisted man rifle he thought would be a good idea, throws it to the ground in contempt “To hell with this damnable thing!” and goes back to his sidearm.
It takes a bit but we are victorious with only light damage. We capture one alive. 59 others dead.
Simon’s intimidation does nothing to get him to open up. Rick and Jeremy try to trick him into opening up via usual cultist overconfidence but he has an almost childlike naivete to him, it goes no where. So, we figure Wilhelm can figure something else out. Wilhelm realizes these guys understand so little, he is not insane. He is very trusting, so perhaps gifts like to a child may open him up. And flattery.
We give him some bacca, which gets him drooling. We lay on some flattery on his gentle nature and their strong fighting vs us.
He says those men are now in a better place with the bat god.
White fella says “father of all bats returning to the world”. Not sure when though, he has to touch certain stones when its time. The stones the glow.
Rick “Where are they?”
“In the big hole in the ground, in the cave.”
Rick “How many people are in you tribe.”
“Now, not too many.”
Hobbes “What got you worshipping this white guys ideas?”
“He big white fella, he juju man, bring powerful magic.”
Carver gives them captives for “flesh, and sex”.
He says we follow this road to field of strange stone, there is the big hole “Many go in and few come out”. White fella sometimes there, other times he go away, others he dreams big dreams.
Huston controls the polyps, he feeds captives to them.
Them? plural? ugh.
There are stairs to a great cave which goes on forever. Inside are ferocious creatures one should not disturb. Loud noises equals get yourself eaten. Beyond description, this guy hears. But they ruins minds.
In another part lives the white fella and many captives. In another part is a being who knows everything but nothing “about us”; free but captive of Huston. He has heard white fella talking of a city and its surely there.
The polyps do not live together in one place.
Something might live in the city, he says.
Jeremy thinks he’s telling the truth as he knows it. Wilhelm says his childlike nature is dependent on rumor and such, they have likely been told much to supplement the lives they have been given to keep them in line.
Simon, while we are talking, comes up behind him and slays him quick as can be. Just as he’s describing how the best eatin’ is a female you have had your way with first.

We continue on.

About an hour later we can hear a put put noise from afar. Louder as we close in. Ahead we see the stone formations, and with them comes a sense of foreboding and terror. The sand is packed more as we get there by lots of movement. Garbage is strewn about, Rick is horrified that such a previously pristine archaeological site has been desecrated. They have defecated and urinated anywhere they pleased.
We send Billy and RC to scout the area closer before we move inside.
We find a low square of sandbags about 4’ high, poles a few higher to a roof. Under it is a steam generator, the sound we heard. A white mean with a bolt action is walking on sentry duty, and an African, tatooed all over his arms and small pigtail (sailor), keeps the boiler running.
Its lit by a string of lightbulbs. In the center of the area is the hole, and cables from the generator run downward.
This area is huge. Its about a good 50 yards from the nearest considerable cover to the generator. The guard isn’t paying much attention, surely presuming no one would possibly have any reason to be here.
We wait until dark.

Jeremy, RC and Billy will sneak across the open area in the dark. As they are about to start, 2 guys come out of the hole, obviously coming up a steps. Another white thug and a young woman, looks like a teenager, he is prodding and slapping with a thick stick. One of the disappearances?
She takes a loose shif off and the guard starts kissing and going for her.
The slavemaster then goes back down into the tunnel.
Rick now joins the sneak party, there needs to be a gentleman there now. The African is watching. Then he joins in.

There is enough coal in the generator for hours.
We come in low, using the sandbags as cover. Then RC come in behind them, using the African as cover from the other. Rick will then come over the sandbags to get the girl out.
Each are killed with one shot.
Rick checks on the girl, hand over mouth so she doesn’t scream in shock.
She knows very little. Her name is Carrie Norquist. She has been raped many times, but a lot of the girls have had much worse done to them “I’ve been lucky considering.” She confirms there is a multi level city down there, spreads out for miles. More like a dungeon though, not a huge open area with buildings. No way it was created for humans. She has never seen it.
When we go in, its one path for a long ways. When we get to the first spot where other halls branch off, they call that the bunkhouse. Where most of the white men sleep. Then slave quarters not far from there. Other than keeping the natives and whites happy, they say we are used ultimately for sacrifices deeper within, obscene rituals. They also traffic many out to sell for money around the word.
Wow, this makes us even happier to stop this nonsense.
The generator here runs the lights downward. The blacks are corrupted sailors brought here to keep the generators going. Another is at the bottom, and more as we go, all to light the complex.
A group pic is taken by Hobbes of us all.
Rick has everyone get their caving attire on, for the constant cool temperature. Hobbes takes another group pic.

Mrs. Hays insists on going, she has been here to this city when it was new, in her visions. She feels the mental block put on her may weaken as we go and she xp it first hand. Dodge insists he is going down as well, this is a massive archaeological find.

Bryce will get a triage area ready. The 2 guides, the Fellas and Muldoon will stay here keeping camp. Phat remains as a guard.
All the PC’s otherwise will descend, as well as Jack Brady

We descend. The hole is 300’, steps wooden. A string of lightbulbs down both sides. At the bottom is another generator. This one lights the caverns, the top the step lights and backs this one up.
The side passages, judging by the untrod earth, seem totally undisturbed and no lighting is mounted down them.

Soon it opens up into the city, oddly, slightly unsettling shaped buildings all with closed doors. Ground stones of octagonal shapes.

Buildings are mazes of rooms, lots of old alien art and artifacts depicting the Great Race. Sizes are huge.

Lots of symbols in the city’s structures; rubble throughout from buildings and the ceiling.

Rick takes good looks at the stuff as we go and we pause several times for photographs of the city and writings, etc.

We pass a second generator then to a wide thoroughfare dimly lit by lights on the right side, into the distance as far as we can see. On the right we come across a door which RC finds regular trackes leading to and from, human, then a second close by.

The door is stone, and locked, piece of the door chipped away and human lock installed.
No windows. We hear a click from the adjacent building door. We take cover between buildings. , RC, Paul, Simon and Billy to that side for the ambush. 2 men exit the building, a girl with them, captive, naked and bound. Taking her to our building.
Our guys jump them. RC and Billy kill each with 1 blow.
The girl is about to scream, but Paul gives her a quick slap and hush and she quiets.
Rick “They’ll have the keys on them.”
We get the keys and enter ours first. A man sits at a desk with a shogun “About time you, gasp!”
Billy rushes upon him, beheading.
Schuyler takes the shotgun and ammo. 8 rounds.
Upstairs we sneak, they have made it into one big living area, fire in the middle. Electric hotplates in the corner for cooking. 20ish present now.
2 slave girls as well, servicing a couple guys.
Ungentlemanly behavior.
Rick “I demand you slaughter them all without mercy.”

Paul, Simon, RC and Billy slaughter them, Rick moving right for the girls killing 1 cultist. 2 remain at the end, each holding a girl hostage to be let go. We allow them to leave in order to get the women. Unfortunately for them, when they get downstairs Schuyler kills one and they take the other prisoner, KO’d.
We find another 6 girls in a side room, in a pen.
They had 2 of the electric rifles! Billy took a rough shot from one but he and Simon each killed the shooters immediately after their first shots on each.

We get the cultist to tell us everything he knows, he obviously hasn’t gone full crazy yet. He draws us a map of what he knows. Following the road ahead leads to a passage to the left that leads to unknown, it was cleared at first but far as he knows no one has gone down for a long time, they were all told never to go there again; another further to left leads to Huston’s HQ and then the excavation for artifacts (where they found the electric rifles).
Further forward is a place they call the Great Plaza, where he has never been.

We get the women and prisoner up top with the Doctor and camp.

Nairobi: Scouting the Black Wind

Back in Nairobi

Now we get started on our info gathering mission. The Mt. is through Masai territory, it will take several days north travel to get there. Half dozen bearers and camp servants, couple pack animals. Fritz debates whether or not to take the Col., and hence Silent Joe.
Mundabi “A cook would be nice.”
Fritz “You’re just tired of eating kosher.”
Fritz decides to invite them, and they agree.
The Col. will bring all his guns. He says we need to talk to the natives.
Mundabi “That’s our plan.”
Few weeks prior to eclipse we head north.

Forbes has become sweet on Fritz. Or at least a bit more obvious than before. After we let the Carlyle expd drop in convo with her a couple times, she gets us some info:
a pic of the exp hanging with Dr. Starret and Neville Germain with Aubrey (looking too young) and Hypatia (looking pregnant!!) Carlyle was barely seen. A man named Singh, local tea dealer was seen there a lot speaking with them.
She recalls Jackson Elias as rude but genius.
Says also talk to Roger Corydon (gov’t house) and cpt. Montgomery of the African Rifles. Former oversaw investigation of Carlyle Massacre; the Cpt in Bumtion’s commanding officer.
Only person who saw the bodies other than Mariga and isn’t either dead or nus or gone is Sgt Bumtion of local constabulary. Since, a couple of the black members of patrol have gone crazy, a couple died via accidents. The 2 white guys were later transferred back to England. There names? She recalls the commander Lt. Mark Selkirk and Sgt O’Grady. Might be serving elsewhere now for all we know. It was a year or so later as part of a normal shift change.
Sam Mariga, gardener at train station, was the first to lead the authorities to the massacre. Was in Nodovu, his family village, and returned here to inform.

Since we are not trying to seem inquisitive, we will take the plains path.

There are 2 routes: one 4 to 7 days through mts. to Nadovu village. 1 day south of massacre sight, 3 to the mt. Plains route takes 2 to 5 days. We would be more easily spotted but faster.

It takes us 4 days. Nothing strange happens and we reach the village. We both have a funny feeling that if we came back this way again, it won’t be so easy. Knowing these lands, we feel the sense of danger or something wrong the further north we go.
Then we have a dream the same night,and in each others’. Both dream we sit in an ornate garish room, almost palacial. A throne pulsates almost as fi alive. Here and there, we make out writhing forms upon and in it, angry or melancholy. Suddenly a person sits there out of no where. Nyarlathotep, in the form of the Bloody Tongue before morphing into the Dark Pharaoh.
He speaks: Reminicses a bit, its been eons since he’s enjoyed playing the game so much as with us. But now I must speak like a parent, as much as I have enjoyed our brief time togethrer you need to know if you should do anything to harm my child you will regret it for all eternity.
He reaches out unnaturally far away to us, touches the sides of our faces. We feel a burning sensation.
The dream ends.
Both of us show the physical evidence of the dream burn.

At village we say nothing about the Mt. yet nor Nyarlathotep.

Local news:
Over a dozen people have disappeared in past few weeks, in the hands of the cult. So, the cult is openly known, they are terrified of it. They have fought back a few times but lost every time.
Few days ago, freshly killed elephants found few hours east of village. Torn to shreds by no natural animal. Carcasses shunned by all predators and scavengersl, weeping puss. A huge flying thing has been seen in the sky
The great magician of Swara village, no longer allowed to be named, stood vs M’Wuru. She cursed him. All his hair fell out, went blind, babbles like a child Its a day travel to Mt. Kenya to see him. Now only the drooling reckage of a once mighty man.

We know him personally, this is a crushing blow. But it was very like him to have rebelled.

We stay in the area for a good week hunting, make it look real.

On 3rd day, 2 people come staggering toward us. White man and women!!! We rush out to help. Erica Carlyle and Joe Corry!!!
Horrifyingly, Joe’s eyes are gone, burned out it looks, turned molten in their sockets and poured out of his skull leaving burn streaks down his cheeks; lots of sanity gone.
Erica has also suffered a sanity hit.
Both are bloodied from exposure and their travel. Otherwise ok.

We get them back to the camp then the village. Get them comfortable, food and water.

Erica is more in love with Joe now than before, he’s too afraid he’ll be a burden and wants nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, we travel to see the crazy old man. Indeed, a drooling wreckage. Fritz sits before him, focusing his gaze on him ans speaks to him for a minute. Slowly he draws the man’s attention and his eyes open wide.
Then “Is that you?”
F “It is.”
“Go, flee, this land is cursed. The black wind will cover it all. The day of darkness is coming.”
M “You must know is better than that old man.”
He went to speak to M’Wuru, to stop the death. Cultists gather from all over north Africa to gather for the great ceremony. She met him, looked into his eyes and brougth them into a psychic connection. He could read her mind for a few moments with his power. It was so vile it destroyed him. She didn’t offensively to this to him, it happened for self preservation, now he babbles because he’s trapped in the horror of the sights now in his mind.
The Col. takes Ms. Cruthers out, pulls the shells out, carves crosses into their tip, annoints them with holy water,and reloads. Looking more than satisfied.
“Never killed a woman before, but it sounds like this one needs some killing.”
He knows another huge thing was planned, timed with some great darkening of the sun. But its been cancelled.
Ha!! Rick et al succeeded!!
The cultists all over the wold have been given a group of names, people who must die.
“You my friend were one of those names.”
All 3 groups here on earth are marked men, including some of our friends.
But they feel all is not lost if the child is born. That’s the big ritual here to come
Insert Date

F “Having seen within her, did you see any weakness we could exploit?”
He is beginning to slip away. He struggles to remain.

Find the back door!!
Seek Old Bundari
Use the Ebony Handled Flywisk
Bring Who Is Not What She Seems
Only Netocris reborn is powerful enough to stop M’Wuru_

He slips back to madness.

Friday knows of this Old Bundari as the greatest white magic sorcerer in all Africa. He has heard the name; hidden somewhere in Kenya supposedly.

So, nothing to bust up during the eclipse. Excellent.

We return to the village.
Erica says they went to the place of the massacre. There is a big circle where nothing grows in the midst of rich foliage.
The went north toward the Mt. Cultists surrounded and attacked. Took the group tothe foot of the Mt where they ripped all their boys apart. They decided to teach the 2 a lesson and send them on their way to stop any other white men from intefering. Her touch only did this to Joe.
She joked abotu doing the same to Erica but commented “It would be a shame to destroy such beauty” then kissed her, with tongue. Then set them free.

We will get them to London and put them with the good asylum there.

Erica can get money to keep the lodge going well, jump start it after the ghoul problems. She finally admits she didn’t trust us to do it, thought her and Joe would be more effective. She had never met any of us, after all.

Fritz hopes we can get some magic to fix the old man.

Australia: Darwin, Port Hedland, Cuncudgerie

Arthur MacWhirr led expedition into interior years ago, prior to Carlyle exp. Took pics; eventually had to return.
David Dodge, Cowles and McKenzie all believe he found something.

Rick has wired Smith back and forth. He is sending Dodge to meet us in Darwin with “something we have to see”
McKenzie is lead prof in Port Hedland, guy every expedition goes through. Hedland is the place every expedition starts.
Mckenzie, Rick knows personally.

We take a small steamer to Darwin. Schuyler pays our way with Occult Sp. Services $.

Uneventful trip to Darwin. This is where the lead of Randolph Shipping takes us.

Oct 16

Arrive, Darwin.
Population of a few thousand, still biggest in over 1000 miles. Racially diverse. David Dodge meets us, dressed in expedition fatigues with hat, one side strapped up. SLeeves rolled, up, arms freckled like Cowles said.
He and Rick shake hands enthusiastically.
He has taken liberty to get us rooms at Bertram’s Outback Inn.
Rick “Sounds very local.”
“It is.”
We get a group pic, taken by Hobbes, before heading into the city.
We get settled in. He hands us the bundle sent by Cowles. WIlhelm takes it and unwraps. A 4×6 pocket diary, in pencil, MacWhirr’s diary.
They did indeed make it back, the pics did survive. Rick has seen the pics before, at Arkham. Ancient rocks glyphs, illegible picture quality, written upon them.

MacWhirr died a few years later under mysterious circumstances.
Rick remembers hearing about all of this when he was younger, as his parents prequented this area in their studies.
Mackenzie might know where they went. He always thought there was “something going on out there” in the desert.
None have tried to follow in his footsteps.
So, we need to look into Randolph Shipping, and gather general rumors and such.

Oct 17

Jeremy gets to work on the streets, asking about what the locals know about the desert.
He hears some of the Koori’s have ‘gone off the reservation’ as the Americans say. Bodies found over the last few years. Natives and others, found by drovers and caravans. Seemed to have a disease, coveredy by hundreds of tiny puncture wounds. Trail of such findinds mostly leads west of here.
“Talk to old Jenkins.” He lives in an old shack by the harbor. “Tell him that you want to talk to One Ear, he’ll like that.” Jeremy can tell he’s funnin’ him, this guy isn’t going to like being called One Ear. They insist he hates being called Jenkins. As Jeremy leaves, they get a good giggle out of the joke.

Jeremy visits him next. “Who the hell is it?!”
He’s a mean old bastard, 5’ 6" maybe, thin. Looks wirey strong though. Carries a walking stick that can easily double as a shillelagh. He raps Jeremy in the forehead, right off “Get off my property you bloody bastard, before I ram this stick right up your arse.”
Jeremy refuses to leave, and Jenkins gets so upset he’s dancing in frustratipn. He has one ear ripped off, and a big claw mark on that side of his head.
Jeremy gets into the desert problems.
“Who wants to know? Nevermind I don’t care, I’m not telling you nothin’”
Jeremy goes right for the truth, we are here to look into the issue.
“Well, don’t.”
We know there are evils living in the desert, and plan to put a stop to it.
“Oh, you mean you’re taking an army regiment?”
He says 10 or so guys go out looking for trouble, adn it will certainly find you.
“We don’t shy away for trouble. Can you give us any iformation?”
“You got any Gin?”
He finally invites Jeremy inside.
A friend of his, Chuck, has seen the Bat god. He says its not a disease, its the bat. A bunch of the Koori worship it, the worship is spreading. They say a white man leads the Bat Cult. A new Koori tale talks of a city in the desert, a great old man called Buddai sleeps with his head in his arms snorring beneath the city. The koori believe one day soon he will rise and devour the world.
Phat "I hope there’s not a gate to Ryleh in there.
Johnny Bigbush is the koori who told him that story, he works here in town for Randolph Shipping.
He didn’t tell how he heard the story.
They say visions of the city and the sleeping man come in dreams.
Johnny said Buddhi is dead, but alive.
All the gin is gone “I’m going to bed so get the &%#^ out.”
Jeremy tells him the men at the bar insisted he be called One Ear.
“Those bloody bastards!! You know I might have some information for you, stop back tomorrow. I have to fetch it. But, a pint ain’t enough.”
“I will get you whatever you want.”
“I want a quart of Gin.”
“That is certainly doable sir.”
Jeremy returns to the hotel.
We talk about going to Randolph, but this might be a place we just want to break into.
Jeremy, Rick, Schuyler, and Billy go to the area Randolph is in to get the lay of the land and take look.
Its on the coast, an allie from the front street goes to the loading dock. Large doors in front and back. Half dozen aborigine’s working.
Jeremy and Rick go in to ask for Johnny Bigbush. Boxes are piled everywhere. One room is an office, big fat man sits at the desk. He gets up slowly and greets Jeremy gruffly. Nose is bright red, bleery eyed, half drunk and smells like an alcoholic.
Rick says we are looking for Johnny, we have a mutual friend.
“Johnny ain’t here. He had a big mouth adn was a bad worker. Fired him couple weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, he’s gone. Think he went down south, maybe to his clan.” He’s wishy washy about it, could be dead.
Rick “You know where his residence was in town?”
Somewhere in Koori’s town, the native slum. A native with strange piercing eyes joins the fat man. “Now Billy here, is my boy. Billy takes care of problems. You’re not a problem are ya?”
Rick “No.”
“Billy, show them how you take care of problems.”
He reveals 3 knives under his shirt.
Fat “Ya know, people who ask funny questions tend to disappear in this town.”
Rick “Good thing we aren’t asking funny questions.”
He thinks there’s something sneaky and, something too polite.
Rick “I am British.”
Jeremy begins antagonizing him for his tough words. HIs Billy isn’t too quick on the uptake though “You mess with Toddy Randolph, your messin’ with the badass.”
Jeremy “Oh this is your shipping company, I’m surprised its still in business.”
“$^&*#^ off!”
Schuyler and Jeremy see a crate ready to go out labelled Penhue Foundatin London, with sign of the sandbat on it.
“Get out of my warehouse, now!!”
Jeremy “Ok fat man.”
Fatman pulls out a blackjack, then calls “Boys” and more workers come as we leave.

Rick and Billy go to the slums and find Johnny’s home. They find half dozen boys living there. Rick speaks to them in their native tongue. He has not been here for a while. Johnny told wild stories, out of the desert they thing, about an evil creature under the sand sleeping. “Saw something though, crate he was carrying at work broke open when he dropped it. WHatever was inside scared him a lot. Not quite himself after that.”
That’s it.

Jeremy and Phat keep and eye on the warehouse, all the boys leave that night.

Soon after, Fat and Billy leave for a pub down the street, through the dark back beach way. Phat keeps watch outside. Everyone else goes in.
We make our way under the dock, Wilhelm stumbles on a hand stricking out of the sand. We uncover the body of Johnny Big Bush.
We get in easily.
Inside the Penhue crate is a wooden idol, 3’ tall, Koori made covered in geometricl ines. Its Cthulhu’s bust. A card says Koori made statue of Buddhi. Bingo.
In teh desk we find the ledger, lots of shipments legit. Here and there is one with the sign of the bat next to it. To Phong in Shanghai, Penhue. Lates to Penhue is marked as 2 crates, so we search for the other.
Others to Mortimer Wycroft in Cuncudgerie! By coastal boat to Port Headland then inland to Cuncudgerie.
The second crate is found. Inside is a device of some sort. Its like it shimmers in and out of existence a bot. Rods, wheels, mirrors and an eye tube. 2’ high, 1’ x1’. Letter with it says it appears to be short term survey device employed by the aliens. Rick takes a look through it then sits back, falling into a coma like state. Wilhelm checks him out, can’t tell anything. Its as if his spirit is free of his body, and he’s shivering, swooshing through infinity. Suddenly, a pop. He is looking through other eyes, disorienting, can see in all directions at once. Very confusing. He looks down upon his new Yithian body. Finally, he wills himself back into his body with another Pop. 0 sanity losss after a brain shattering trip!! He still falls to the floor, taking a few minutes to recover.
We recall the investigators’ tale of a similar to fate of a man they know. Not good.
We are taking this thing and the statue and close the crates back up. Simon wants to put something else in there. We put rock/sand in the crates first.

Oct 18

Jeremy takes Rick, Wilhelm and Simon, with the gin, to One Ear.
No answer, Jeremy opens the door. There is blood everywhere, Jenkins is nailed to the wall.
Billy gets the poor man down. Rick and Jeremy start searching. Simon stands guard.
The remains of the stuff he was going to give us is in the fire.
Rick finds a list, well hidden, he had made of places. Directions in order of place. Starting at Cuncudgere and ending at Sahara Well.

Wilhelm says his death was long and painful. The bat symbol was carved in his chest. The knives holding his hands up are from Fat Man’s Billy.

Jeremy thinks we should kill them all at Rudolph’s. Simon concurs, wants to go immediately.
Schuyler figures if the rest other than he and Billy are cultists they’ll attack. If not, they’ll scatter.
Then we’ll burn the building down.

Rick and Schuyler go around back to cover the rear. Billy, Simon, RC, Jeremy and Phat walk through the front door.
Fat man is in the back of the warehouse, back to us. In front of him are half a dozen or so french postcards. He’s pleasuring himself.
His Billy “Eh, bossman, bossman!”
“Just a minute, I’ll be right there, I;m coming.”
In several moments he comes up to us. Words are thrown back and forth, Jeremy says he made a big mistake, shouldn’t have messed with Jenkins.
Fat’s Billy pulls his last remainign knives "I think old man Jenkins ‘borrowed’ a couple of my knives.
He calls all the rest of his men forward, carrying clubs with nails. Similar to the cult in Shanghai. Fat’s Billy picks one up as well. Rick and Schuyler see the men in view inside head to the front. They close in on the back door.
Simon “Ok boys, let’s clean this up.”
RC lets out his war whoop and the melee commences.
Billy Fish goes right for their Billy, Simon takes Rudolph. RC goes up the middle into the masses, while Phat and Paul attack their flanks.
At an opportune moment, Jeremy flanks fat man and stabs him with one of the knives left on Jenkins. He took both.
Billy slays evil Billy as RC has cleared them iddle and Phat their left flank.
Only one villain left at each flank. Then fat goes down adn Paul and Phat finish the last 2.

Now a full search of all the crates. Jeremy sets it up to look like an accident when we burn the house down.
Nothing else of importance is found in the search but for some ores that need worked. Rick takes that, in case it has alien metals. Jeremy does take a set of silver dinnerware.

Oct 19

A coastal boat leaves tomorrow for Port Headland. Dodge joins us.

Oct 20

Leave on the boat.
3 day trip

Oct 22

Arrive Port Headland.
Go to home of Robert Makenzie.
Makenzie “Rathbone, you were just a young whippersnapper when last we saw one another my boy.” He insists we all stay at his place.
Rick gives him much appreciated thanks.

Tonight we dine with him on prawns and whitefish with potatoes.
Then sherry and charoots. He asks what’s going on.
He says Arthur was absolutely convinced something was out there. He says Arthur’s notes are gone. Couple years ago, an American visited asking about the notes. He leant them to him, a Mr. Houston, went inland on expedition and never returned. We show him the Carlyle expedition pic, and he ID"s Huston.
Makenzie promises to supply us with the equipment we need, just stay here a day or 2 to get organized.
The place is 2 floors, pull wrap around porch on both floors. Easy to get into for cultist.
We definitely need guard teams.

First shift: Rick and Billy below, Brady and Wilhelm on 2nd floor.
Brady sees a person holding something, on the other side of the street in the shadows, watching the house. He stomps to signal. Rick stays put, assuming Billy will respond. Billy goes over and whispers up, Brady signals downward to him about the spy.

Billy hops the porch and walks toward him. The man walks away, Billy calls for him to stop.
“What is it mate?”
“I am wondering why you are looking at my building. What is your intent?”
“I just stopped for a minute to have a smoke. Look, mate, I know you wangers think you own the street but you don’t.”
“You let me tell you, there are noooo wangers in this house. I did not seea cig being lit, nor a prostitute nor alcohol.”
Now he says he stopped, realized he didn’t have a cigarette, so continued on.
Billy asks his name, he says Lester Mitchell. Long Lastin’ Lester. Billy lets him go, but then shadows him to a bar a block and a half down the street. He sits with 4 other men and talk a bit. With a last swig, they take their leave, running to Billy wanting to know why he was lookign in their window. Billy remains silent. One pulls out a sap. Another rises his 2 hamhock fists.
Billy remains silent. They invite him in for a drink. Still no response.
“You deaf?”
“You dumb?”
“You disrespecting your betters?”
“Hey, hoo rah!”
The rest of the bar comes out, and a few others nearby. Crowd of 20 drunks in the street now.
Again they ask him to come in for a drink. He then agrees and enters with them.
Bartender pours him a big beer. One of them gives Billy a “cheers, drink up my lad.”

Brady had informed Rick of Billy going down the street.
“Oh bloody hell.”
Rick and Brady start down the street.
They check the 3 bars on the row. The 3rs says a foreign man left with 2 others and a bucket of beer a short time ago, further down the street.
Otherwise, nothing.

Oct 23

Dawn, we are up. We are quite concerned. About 10am there is a crash, a vase shatters. A rock was thrown through the window with a note attached. Symbol of the sandbat on it. They have Billy, if we want him backthen pack up, leave, and do not return._ If you agree, one of you come to the town square at noon. You will be approached._

Noon, Rick is in the square. He says name Lester. Jeremy’s plan is to stick to us like glue. The others try to stay at a distance behind Jeremy.
Rick follows him to a bar and out the back door, down an alley, up a street, and so on.
Into a bar called the beared clam, the 2nd bar we visited last night. Through 2 doors to steps going down and he says “After you gent.”
Down are 3 rough looking characters, 2 are sailors. They grab Rick by both arms “Ok, now we got someone worth trading for.”
Billy is there, tied up. He was given drugged beer.
“All that crap about leaving,that’s not what’s going on here. An expedition the size of yours must have a lot of money.” They want 2000 dollars for Rick’s release, they’ll throw Billy in for free.
Another guy says he’ll head up to send the ransom.
One of the others calls Rick really dumb, having walked right into this trap.
Billy has slipped his bonds, and has been waiting for the right moment, figuring Rick would show up somehow at some point. He has been dishonored by being captured, he must redeem himself.
Rick “This is a trap all right. I have you right where I want you.”
This is just a gang of ruffians and thugs looking for a pay off.
The other 2 come down a few minutes later saying they sent word for the $ to be delivered tonight.
Rick is just keeping them busy talking to them. Billy leaps up, and in surprise 3 of them. Rick starts throwing punches. Billy starts wields a nearby chair. Both of them knock one out quick.
Billy takes down his second, then Rick finishes his last off. Right after, Billy takes the last down.
Billy looks for gold teeth. Finding none, Billy kicks the hell out of them. The head man he compound fractures his arm.
Gurka payback.

The law is called in and they are turned over.

Materials gathered.

Oct 24

Gathering materials.

Tents, shoes, clothes all appropriate. We got ammo and TNT in china prior to leaving. Proper rain gear as its the rainy season.
Gin, scotch, brandy, cigars, tea. Plenty of water and trail food.

Oct 25

8 hour trip there on the freight train on the evening train. We arrive 4pm.
Concudgere is a mining town, bustling even in the afternoon. 2 aborigines stand there awaiting Rick. He greet them heartily and warmly, the Bobby’s. Old Fella Bobby and Big Fella Bobby, father (old and wise) and son (big for a native, strong). Saw us in the dreamtime, knew we were coming. Been waiting here for 2 days.
Rick “Well I’m glad you’re here. Care to go on a trip?”
“That’s why we’re here, we go to the evil place. Spirits say we go, but not come back. Many not come back from this one.”
They tell Rick the old place he used to stay with his fam is burned down.

No morgue here, no library. There is a telegraph to Port Headland.

Rick is talkig to the head master and takes a punch to the side of the head. He sees stars for a moment. ALmost knocks him down.
Rick “That can only be one person.” Only medium size white man, but well muscled. Billy is about to cut him in half but Rick stops thim.
“Hello mate, home is the hunter, home from the hills.”
Rick “I was hoping you’d be here.”
“Haven’t found my pile yet, but that doesn’t meen I’m not looking.” The Bobby’s told him I was coming. Rick introduces him Bruce “Jack” Baugh.
He looks at Simon “Whoa, you’re a tall drink of water. Let’s be friends mate.”
Simon “I cand o that. If you’r e a friend of Rick’s you mujst know what you are doing.” They shake, he starts trying to crush Simon’s hand. Simon doesn’t even react.
“Well, that didn’t work out like I expected it to.” and gives Geste a meaty slap on the shoulder.
People call him Jack Bo.
Jack is a great guy to have arund but his practical jokes are inappropriate. Not bright nor wise though, but a good man, bit heavy just a tad. Rick warns Simon he’s going to be the butt of a bad joke that would otherwise piss him off. Jack is a good shot, not a great shot, not as good as he thinks. Great survivalist in the outback. He always thinks he can to the Dundee thing on animals but it NEVER EVER works.
Jack has some bad news. Steinmetz broke his leg in 3 places rounding up my animals, he was going to be my animal handler.
Rick “He’s still alive?”
“Yeah, its the weirdest thing. When you pull his pantleg up, there’s bones sticking out!”
“Why are you pulling up his pantleg?”
“Cause its a rile.”
Plus, the wagon is a piece of crap, the burrows haven’t been found, the camels haven’t been rounded up cause of the leg.
He thinks he can find a good animal handler, but not quite as good as Steinmetz. Hes at the Grand, biggest saloon. We’ll have to convince him to go, he’s trying to “drink away the ’frighftul (he says this sarcasticaly) things he saw in the desert.” Just recently. Name of Mad Ginger Muldoon, he’s Irish.
Deadfella Man owns the store, that’s what the natives call him. Skin is white, frame skeletal, etc. Name is really Mortimer Wycroft.
The receiver of Rudolph’s crates!!
Jack Bo “Don’t be put off by his look, he’s a good guy.”
Rick “You think everybody’s a good guy.”
Jack “There’s another guy I want you to meet, ‘cept ylyou cant cause he’s not here.” John Carver, does surveys and exploratory diggings along the stock route but he’s out there right now. Spends more time there than here.
Schuyler “Has it started raining yet?”
Jack “No, 3 weeks out maybe. If we hurry we can maybe beat it.”

He takes us to Hays boarding house once we get transportation there for our gear. Ran by Mrs. Hays. Late 30’s; a bit plump; extremely weird, acts like a victorian widow mostly, but takes a keen interest in local politics and in legends of local desert; bought place18 months ago; feels to some like she’s just biding her time until something.

We eat dinner at the boarding house, beef is the main dish. Coffee afterwards. As we are talking plans, she gets more and more interested to the point of staring intently at us as we talk back and forth.
Rick asks why the interest. She responds with clouded mind, she doesn’t know, can’t remember. Wilhelm takes lead now.
One day she was home cooking dinner, in England, the next minute I was wearing a black dress, I was in mourning, my husband had died.
“I missed 5 years. I was making dinner, it was 1883, then it was 1888. People say I had a breakdown and eventurally recovered.” Stayed married but spent all time at museum and library, then started to travel. Husband died, had been in mourning 3 months when she woke up. He was a successful business man in textiles. She sold the factory adn used the $ to keep travelling. So, came to Sydney first but felt it wasn’;t where she needed to be “I need to go out there” pointing to desert “I think I need to go with you.”
Simon is against her going. If she’s possessed by Yith, it could come out at the wrong moment.
The talk breaks up.

Jack Bo “Hey, you didn’t tell me you knew Carver.”
Rick is baffled, until he realizes its the Carlyle exp portrait he sees. He is pointing to Huston.

Jack takes Rick and Billy to see Muldoon. He says ‘any friend of Jack’s is a friend of mine’ and buys us a round. We hang for the evening with him. He laments there are not enough women to go around any more.
He keeps trying to get a girl named Bessie, but she keeps shooting him down. Pretty soon he’s going to fall off the barstool.
We bring up his horrible xp, and he practically leaps up out of the chair.
We tell him we;re heading out there and want to know what we are in for.

His tale: 4 nights ago he was in the desert, at Dingo Falls. Its a water hole, not ea falls. There’s a ghost there. I first came here 10 year ago. Went out 4 nights ago, 2nd person ever to go there on purpose, first was old Bill Buckley.
Rick kew him, like an older brother when he was here as a child. Good drinker, great harmonica player. Really nice one with his name scratched on it.
He though there was gold there. Everybody knows…..
Jack Bo interrupts to tell this part, he’s dead. Went out and never came back, body not recovered since no one goes there. He gives Rick his condolences.
So, at Dingo falls: now all I can do is drink to keep away the horror; Normally if you’re out that way for the night you go to Slattery’s waystation; I didn’t cause I don’t like them, old drunk man and his 2 crazy sons, they’re pederasts! So at the falls he made camp. Fell asleep and was woken up by a bright light. Was horrible, not human, form of a man glowing white and red, flesch falling off the bones, whites of the eyes cooking in the skull, mouth wide open, like he was on fire inside. I fought it for hours with a stick!! Then I ran off w/o even my belongings. Then the sun rose, I went back, got my gear, and left.

We thank him for relaying his tale and ask him to go, being the best animal handler in town.
We offer the silver dinnerware, worth some 40 pounds.
He sits back, rubbing his hands together. He heartily insists he is not the kind of man to turn down such a profit.
Rick buys his last round “We will see you tomorrow.” As we get up he leans back, chugging it, falls straight backward to the floor.
Hobbes “We’d better get you home friend.” He asks a Maggie O’ Toole if he can stay at her place.
Jack Bo takes him in for the night.

Jeremy is out to gather info on

  • People seeing more snakes than ever, lots of snake bites.
  • Near Dingo Falls, don’t go to Slattery’s, they are thieves and butt*$^#@@.
  • MacWirre expedition and general rumors. He had come through, claimed found big blocks of stone out in the desert. Had to have been telling th truth, he bought drinks for the whole pub.
  • American bloke too, took about 2 dozen out into bush. Had them dig 30’ deep tunnel then sent them off to Darwin to collect pay. None ever returned.
  • Now Carver is digging mine shafts out there, same American as that one!! His outfitting all done by Wycroft, none of it done on the coast both times.
    They’re “thick as thieves”. Speaking of Wycroft, over 20 men killed in a mine cave in or the like, all disappeared. One was Derby Dave the welshman. Used to work for Wycroft.
  • On the drover’s stock route, swear bears or something as big, no bears here, was killing beef. About same area as mine cave in, past DIngo Falls toward Sahara Well.
  • 3 huge birds way out in the desert.
  • Odd tribe of emmaciated aborigines, very tall though, in Sahara Well area
  • There were 2 other outfitters in town, one burned down the other blew up. Wycroft has a half track truck he takes out on expeditions, sometimes gone days or weaks. Schuyler remembers those guys. Good men the owners were. Wycroft’s is an old building on outskirts. He and his Abos live there.

Oct 26

Up bright and early.
Muldoon is in no shape to work until afternoon.
Ginger is in a terrible hangover state, moaning mercilessly. Staggering around groaning away.
We leave.He is yelling “Christ, Jesus help me!”
RIck yells to him over our shoulders “NOon, Muldoon, Noon!!”
“What time ist it?”

Most don’t like Wycroft. The Bobby’s say about him and his allied aborigines: Old Fella has seed Deadfella Man in dreamtime, he killed his friend Jackie Major. When I woke up, he was really dead. He’s powerful Juju Man.
Says to watch out for his Abos, they know more than they say. Speak a speaka and don’t you forget it.

Billy and RC guard our gear today.

Rick goes to Wycroft’s with Schuyler, Brady, Jeremy and Wilhelm.
We buy what else we need, mostly smaller stuff. His Abos have lots of tatoos. Arms are a swirl w/in which is the sign of the bat. He gives us a really good deal on a case of white wine. The bottles are capped by a crude wax blob.
Rick assumes poisoned or drugged.
Couple spiked clubs lying about.
He spends most of his time staring into space, his mind is very much gone. Like he barely recognizes the world around him. His boys do most of the work.
Rick tells Wilhelm to try to get anything out of him he can while Rick and Jeremy and Brady shop and keep the men busy.
When he’s in the desert, he visits his friend Huston “among the stones”. Discovering things. “If I could I’d stay there all the time, but I’m not allowed. Somebody has to be here as an agent, in charge. Some day, its going to be like this” makes a hand motion like switching minds with Wilhelm “and i’ll dwell forever with the great race!!” He loves them.
One of the boys comes over him adn says something to him. He replies “I’m not saying anythign I shouldn’t.”
“When I go there, its a religious xp. You go down into the depths of the earth and there you are amongst, their things, their pictures, everything that they were. Then we find secrets” he gives a short winy giggle at that.
They won’t let him have the tatoos.
Jeremy walks over “I don’t think they think you’re good enough.”
He scratches down his face in frustration “I’m good enough. Every time I come back, a little piece of me is gone. And now there’s nothing left. I must go back. I leave in 2 days. I’ll learn the secrets” the giggle again “Then when we set off the bomb, we don’t need no rocket, we got a doorway. Then we’lll set off the bomb. Its even bigger than the one in Shanghai. Oh yes, that radium bomb was nothing compared to this one. The Great Ones were, the Great Ones are, The Great Ones will be!! Cthulhu Ftagn! And Nyarlathotep will come forward and rule all!” They say they have everything we…….he drops over dead wth a momentary gasp. Behind him one of his boys cut his throat in one swipe down to the spine.
The other 2 in the shop hurl war boomerangs, poisoned, at Wilhlem and Jeremy. Jeremy squeels. Rick and Brady immediately hear it and see what’s happening. One hits Wilhelm, the other skims Jeremy’s shirt at the shoulder.
RIck draws his revolver crit DEAD on the throat slitter!
Jeremy fires his derringer, Wilhelm his revolver, Jack Brady attacks with is knife.
The 2 attack Brady with clubs.
Rick takes out another then Jack finishes off the last one with 2 gut stabs.

We gather what we want from the store and search the place. Find 60 Aussie pound ($300), shotgun, well thumbed book “Wonderous Intelligences” by 17 the century Englishsman John Woodville. 1st and only editon worth 500 aussie pounds.

Wilhelm checks the wine. There is a tiny puncture in each cork like a syringe.
Wycroft’s truck we heard he took into the desert full of stuff is missing.

We inform the authorities they went nuts and attacked us all, killing Wycroft.

Jack and Mulhoon have dragged themselves out and have indeed began organizing the expedition. Rick spends the rest of the day with them gathering stuff.

Rick and Wilhelm go through Woodville’s book tonight. Once had an ornate spine with a diamond shape.
Numerous woodcut illustrations of low quality. Testimony of Woodville’s dream visions and prophecies, esp his torture by demons; lots of sexual practices portrayed to protect one from such an assault; concludes with a prophecy of the devils downfall by shapeless and terrible angelic beings and the end of humanity from Ryleh!! Bringing about the downfall of abominable humanity.
Author claims his posession by a demon in his younger days. Interrogated in this world.
It describes his mind swapping by a Yith. It travelled widely then.
It predicts the rise of Ryleh and the Beast striding forth upon the earth.

Dodge says there used to be a book in Melbourne library that mentioned Ryleh, the Ponape Scriptures. Disappeared a few years ago. Had been loaned to a John Scott of Boston and never returned.
Scott, from the Silver Twilight! Investigators never found that book, so where is it?

Assault on Gray Dragon Island

Saturday, Oct 4 1890: Gray Dragon Island Attack

Wilhelm and Rick have been helping Hsuen study the 7 cryptical books.

We approach island. We loose our 6 longships of 20 troops each. Ho’s yacht and the Dark Mistress are docked on the pier. 1 ship to each, full of us, ninja’s, Brady, the Iluminati men, the Flying Squad and Fairburn, and 4 us marines.
The others land on the island, those men will hold the beach in case we are found out; then return to the ships to bring the second wave.
The fight quickly turns general on Ho’s junk but we win handily.

On the Mistress: RC and Phat encounter a hulking humanoid beast and is taken down fast, but RC and Simon finish it off.
The handle of the door to below feels fleshy to Simon. Below, at least another 12 or 15 of the same hulking killers we just fought lying in bunks. They do not know we are here yet.
We close the door and get off. Below decks is certainly a portal, to a larger place than the ship is itself!!

1 townsfolk wandered down to the beach, dispatched by royal marines. He has the Innsmouth look!! The whole town presumably does.
Simon wants to set charges at the waterline and sink it. He and Rick get to it.
By the time the Ho junk battle is over they are done.
The 2nd wave, full of New China, were attacked by deep ones. 2 entire boats of men were lost. The others have landed.
The townsfolk are starting to come out of their houses here and there.
The Marshal and his rangers are watching the beach with Chum (who wields a steam powered hand gattling gun) and the 11 green gang enforcers as the deep ones attack. After a volley by our men it, melee joins. We lose 1 green gang enforcer.
Our marines begin to volley into the town when enough targets are visible now that more are awakened by the gunfire.
Schuyler lets loose with the gattling gun.
Hobbes has been filming the entire thing from the far left of the beach with his night lense of his own invention.
The fanatic Brady trained commies have rushed to the forefront of the volley, and take the brunt of the return fire from the monstrous population. 11 are killed.
The town attacks like fanatics, but the marines with the comies and the gattling kill them to a man.
In the large building, we find several cages full of women. Sex toys. Ugh. We rescue them carefully.
Not long after the fight is engaged, the dymamite is set off on the Dark Mistress.
Tentacles lash out everywhere. Corpses floating in the water dissolve in the blood, the dead scream and wail as they do. Souls of the pirates of the yacht being devoured. The portal collapses, the ship is in tatters, a huge glowing rip in space opens and its sucked through. Bishop stands on teh edge of the boat, in his original form, screaming “I’ll return!! From the bowels of hell even, I shall be back!!!” and sucked through he is!!!

Not knowing if all the deep ones are dead or not, we keep the women in the village in a defensible spot with a detatchment of men, along with the downed Phat. The rest of us continue into the jungle.
A clear path leads to a cave opening in the volcano.
2 ranks of PC’s take the lead; followed by a third of the us marnines, then Slaughter and Rangers; ninjas and fairburn plus flying squad; the chinese commies and the green gang separated by the brit marines, who also have the rest of the PC’s with them; a third of the us marines; Jap marines; Iluminati; a third of the us marines.

Flaming oil spews from a booby trap just ahead. RC, Billy and Simon jump out of the way. The next 3 Chung, Paul and Schuyler do the same. The next 3 ranks of US marnines, 1 in each rank fail to escape in time. 2 get out before burning too badly. 1 is stuck, too much in pain to escape. He burns in agony falling dead moments later. It continues down the ranks. 1 Ranger is burned some, as is 1 ninja but not bad; It reaches the flying squad, a couple are noticably burned.
It then hits Brady’s men. 3 of them die. Then it is too thin and everyone gets out of the way.
We press on to the cave entrance.
A Hound of Tindalos, a dog that looks like its been turned inside out, attacks Brady’s Chinese.
Brady quickly responds to help his men. Then Chum right after. A few more of the New China die in the fight before Brady and Chum kill it.

Finally we reach the cave, a fetid odor emanated from it.
We walk into a large central room with a huge futuristic rocket at the middle. A large statue of the Bloated Women. About 50 men milling about, most with rifles.
A pool of water on each side of the missile, one boiling hot. A moat of magma surrounds the missile. 6 scaffolding sections reach over the moat to the missile. One has a tower to the tip of the rocket. Also a pile of boxes.
3 doorways lead out of the room at the far half.
Brady’s men volunteer to attack first. They will charge. The US Marines will provide supporting fire. We will go around the flanks to get to the other areas.
Hobbes will film from the entrance.

We order our charge. The Chinese first get their attention and charge right into them. The US Marines provice cover fire for them next and put a mean hurtin’ on the enemy.
Simon “Schuyler, why haven’t you ever told us about these men?”
“I never needed to call upon them until now.”
The PC groups then begin filing in and through the room.

The flying squad go for the storage are with Jeremy. They find small, 4 cigar shaped tanks with backstraps attached to a welding gun (at full power can do 2d10 damage at 5’ away).

Simon takes Chung goes down the right wall to the doorway there and the Bloated Women statue. Wilhelm joins him. Texans and Japanese Marines as well and Taro, and 5 Iluminati. They find more captive women, who say they are being kept for the Bloated statue to come alive and have its way with them. Wilhelm says the Eye needs to be set atop the volcano.

Rick will go for the rocket with Billy and Schuyler. The Green Gang will go also to keep everyone off of his crew and help him get up to the rocket itself. They reach it and fire into the rafters as Billy starts to climb up. 4 come down and attack Schuyler with blowtorches. He engages them with a few of the Green Gang as Rick and the rest follow Billy upward.
2 green gang are killed in the assault.

Paul and RC go down the left wall. The ninjas join them. Royal Marines too, and 5 Iluminati. RC busts open the doors.
Passing the boiling pool, a group of deep ones attack but the marines slaughter them. There stands Sir Aubrey Penhew at a worktable. There sits something that obviously goes into the nose of the rocket, lots of complicated electical equipment. Parts of the missile! Probably the exploding parts.
Penhue “Leave my stronghold, in the name of Nyarlathotep. In the name of Cthulhu! Cthulhu Ftagn! My will must be obeyed!”
We rush forward as he raises his hands to cast!! One mighty hit from RC cripples the old man DEAD!!
RC then scalps him and adds it to his set with anarchist.

The final room is full of Egyptian treasures worth riches!! We start getting this stuff to our boats asap.

A small room behind is done up like an egyptian burial chamber: Penhue’s future death chamber.

The marines help finish off the men on the scaffolding.

Rick sets the rest of the TNT charges on the missile, especially on the inside.
All the stuff in Penhue’s room we haul out to take with us, not knowing what part explodes nor how to properly destroy it.
While this is going on, men are supervised to get all the Egyptian artifacts to our boats.

In the supply stuff, we find an long reel of detonator wire. We can now set the charge off far enough away from the place that the person doing it will not be in danger.

In the midst of this, the place starts to shake and rumble. A Shaggoth explodes from the bubbling pool atop 3 of Brady’s men standing there, killing them all!
It then lashes out as everyone of our men flee i panic, killing more!!!

Someone needs to hold it in order for us to get away.
Suddenly, a phantom, a spirit, appears, assaulting the Shaggoth. It turns and bellows “Flee you fools! Flee.”
That gives us the first moment we need to rush to the passage out.
It catches up quick, RIck, Billy and Simon hold the hall door as the others get out. It would have killed Billy, but RC leaps in front of the blow taking the shot (card) but for minimum damage(card)!!!

We all turn and run up the tunnel. Hobbes pushes the plunger down.

We rush for the boats!!! Everyone!!! The island is shaking violently!!
Rick and Schuyler have to pilot Ho Phong’s junk out to get all of our people out.

As we get away, the island sinks into the sea.


Oct 4 through 9

Lots of rest, study, Wilhelm fixing Billy’s pathos of lying. Margo is given all the Egyptian artifacts we got from Penhew and the warehouse, to ship them to the British Museum.

Oct 10

We board Santos’s steamer for Darwin, with short stop in Hong Kong to drop of Ho’s daughter. Brady is with Rick and Billy all the way to Kenya.
Rick talks with Esteban about the Inv. clues about cult activity on the south pacific, tells him what Pena is doing, and asks him to poke around to his own contacts, as he has the opportunity, as he works the ocean here to South America concerning any strange activity that may be of interest to us.
Rick talks to Wilhelm about an idea he has concerning these dreamlands the MH have been to. If time runs slower there, so days there are only hours or so here, it is an invaluable place to take the time to study forbidden tomes and do lengthy research.
“It would be nice to have a reliable way there anytime we wish.”
Wilhelm mentions the wine given them on the train “that vineyard is worth looking into.”
Wang Phat says once we are back, he will try to look into it, he will not be accompanying the MH to Hauptman.

Shanghai Investigation and Gathering Allies

Sept. 17, Arrive Shanghai

Rick has to use a contact to smuggle our weapons and tobacco in, as there are none allowed through customs.
He says he has another contact here he knows about for certain that should be helpful: Sir Edmund Hart, the Charge de Affairs here, with connections to US, Confederate, and Tx forces, and a personal connection with Fairburn.

At the docks, a lowly Chinese laborer sits, Chain SMoking on the dock. Rick recognizes him, not Chinese but Japanese and in disguise; they were temporary allies in Nepal once, named Eiji Takagawa a member of Black Dragon Society (Jap secret service). Rick and Billy go up and say high in Chinese, “What’s his honorable white man needs?” Rick asks if he knows where the guest house is Chung has planned for us. He says can’t get there from here, go away white man. This lets him know where we are staying. Rick scoffs at him for not being able to give directions to a superior, kicks some mud in his face and walks away.
Think opening sequences at the bay of Enter the Dragon, but older.
Chung gives us a low down:
Marine base here.
Shanghai Municipal Police, run by Fairburn (Later, historically, inventor of modern commando knife fighting)
French concession has own police force and detectives, hundreds. Including auxiliary 500 Russian mercs. And Special Brigade, based of Fairburns unit, tall northerc Chinese numbering 200.
Japanese have 250 martial artists to protect Japanese interests.
US has a us marshal and half a dozen deputies. They are the only ones who can do anything w/o consulting SMP.
Each of Texas and Confederates have Ranger, Marshal, respectively.
There are 3 sectors: British; French;Internation. All cop parties can operate in international section.

Schuyler goes to check in at the Embassy Occult Secret Services cell. Consulate is Harry Furthman, young Minnestan. More interested in chics than statesmanship.
Schuyler finds out the city has a riot squad, one of the world’s first swat like team. Could come in handy. 78 in number. 20% english, 15% sieks, rest Chinese; all trained by Fairburn. Their training house is right near Brit embassy. Well equipped, even steam powered armored care called ‘bloody mary’.
The marshal’s have a rivalry with the secret services, so it takes some serious work but finally Schuyler gets the marshal at his disposal.

Paul goes to check in at the British Embassy for the group of us. Clive Chesney heads British Naval Intel. He works with Edmund some, but not crazy about him. Prefers things done above board and proper, unlike Edmund and Rick.

Chung takes us to a place he knows we can get rooms, we do not know the length of our stay. Preferably a western run hotel. Chung found out where Elias stayed, the Jin Jiang Guest House. That’s our place then.
A cheap hostel on Black Slipper lane, one of many allies in the south market district Nantao. A throng of markets, temples and shipping houses all very close together. The lane itself is only 4’ wide. Westerners welcome but not common.
Windows are barred on outside! All signage is bilingual.
Rick, Billy, Chung, and Simon enter the hostel. Jeremy decides to take a walk around the neighborhood to get the lay of the land, Wilhelm.
It has 6 apartments, 2 on each floor. Wide entrance hall. Small mallet Rick rings a small bell next to door reading ‘manager’. Door opens quickly, and a beautiful, delicate Chinese woman comes out with tiny steps, teetering a bit on her culterally bound feat. Fan in one hand, cigarette holder in the other.
Rick interest is peaked. She speaks English. 2 open apartments, perhaps up to 4 in each.
We pay for a few nights up front.
She says one needs cleaned still.
Its here we bring up why we chose here, Jakcson Elias. She says he paid in advance for a month and stayed 2 weeks.
Rick “Is the room he stayed in one those open?”
Yes, no one has stayed in it since he’s been here.
No need to clean it, Billy says. We’ll take it as is.
We finish paperwork, Rick lays on the charm.
Rick is really laying the flirting on, she invites Rick into her office for a drink and talk about Elias. Rick accepts. Her apartment is plush, flamboyant, she’s very wealthy even though her place would not make it look as such.
Billy et al take our bags up to the third floor rooms. Both are identical. Each has 1 electric lamp in outer room, inner bedroom lit by oil lamps. 2 cots to each room are brought in. No plumbing, chamber pot instead.
Community shower in courtyard. Breakfasts cooked on premises.

She serves tea to her and Rick. She is a wealth of knowledge of the city social life. Her husband died a few year ago. Knows nicect bars, clubs, goes to all embassy functions. Just a well known personality so she gets in to places.
At the word of Elias death sends her into emotions, very distraut. Rick gentlemanly pours her Brandy and sooths her.
Stumbling Tiger Bar: ‘she recommended several good bars, but he went to that and Black Lotus, very dangerous, and Hell’s Kithcen in French Quarter.
Ho Phong: good pious man, at all big events, well connected; unfortunate his wife, now dead, turned out to be a cheat and whore, connected to underworld and boxers; rumored also involved in Green Gang (secret society, huge criminal org like mafia, true power in city; there is even a whole section of the cops who are a gang of theirs; cop corruption rampant); She had fallen in love with her chauffeur and tried to run with him after strealing lots of money from Ho Phong; captured by the Green Gang they say; body turned up soon after and looked like took her days to die; horrific nature of it drew daughter insane, she is kept locked up at home by Ho Phong. She tells Rick where his mansion (aka fortress) is, as well the HQ for the business. His yacht is the Luxuriant Goddess. Has warehouses all over Asia.
Says rumors an ancient Cult of Bloated Woman is back and at war with Green Gang; way worse befalls those on their bad side. Speaking of that, Phong’s wife could have been taken out by Bloated Woman actually.
She recognizes the dark mistress, here at least 3 or 4 times a year. She does not know Aubrey Penhue. She recognizes Brady! He stayed here! Right after Elias left, came looking for him. He left message for Elias if he returned: “Come to chum’s place”. She doesn’t know what that means, he said Elias would know.

Rick goes upstairs and searches the room.
In spatoon is a piece of crinkled old paper!! It’s in English, but his mind was obviously going by this time. Its his notes on Order of Bloated Woman!! He thought it was of great import, connected to Black Pharaoh. Talks about the war vs Green Gang; worship/led by a beautiful woman with a fan that is seemingly at odds with the Bloated Epitath idea; it says they have a HQ here, either Hell’s Kitchen or Black Lotus but he wasn’t sure.

We spend the rest of the day getting a detailed lay of land, where all important places are. Rick goes to see Sir Edmund, who warns Rick not to get too involved in politics here, nor Green Gang. They have to many connetions. Different story if we want to take out a supposed rival, if so talk to Fast Eddie. Hangs at Hell’s Kitchen. Handled Opium for Big Ears Du. He is an enterprising lt. for them; face of Green Gang.
He has never heard of Bloated Woman. Dark Mistress arrived yesterday! Logged in as owned by Penhue Foundation.
Black Lotus has worst rep. Hell’s Kitchen is where everyone goes. If that’s the center of a cult, they are masking it well. Very nice place, huge dance floor. Upper crust even. Orchestral band.
Ask about Lo Ping: he says he has 2 goals, live forever and make Chine number 1 power on earth, embodiment of the Yellow Peril. Lo Ping has an HQ here, though has not been here for years. Operates also out of Limehouse in London, and various Chinatowns around the world.

Jeremy and Wang Phat go to Imports of Theo’s girlfriend in NY, with letter of introduction and instructions to assist us in any way possible. The office is run by Margo Lao Chang, also half Chinese. She is fully cooperative with the instructions. Looks more English than Chinese, 5’9" for one thing. She’s not impressdy by Jeremy personally. She can sneak us out easily if needed.
SHe also has the gattling gun that was sent from Quin’s imports in London and smuggled in. It will remain here until needed.
She says Phong is well established businessman in town; she knows he is up to no good; skirts law constantly; shipments that are secret come and go constantly; investigators getting too close tend to disappear and are found worse than just dead. For sure, he’s responsible for his wife’s death she believes firmly. Elias did stop in, but nothing she could tell him. Jack Brady, never heard of him.
They leave. Has connections and agent all around. Heard of Dark Mistress?
Black Lotus all art deco, but darkly lit place. Band plays more slow and sensuous music. Big impression of skullduggery. Owned by Big Ears Du.

Message from Eiji is delivered later today, says meet at Hell’s Kitchen. House band considered best in the city.

Sept. 18

Stumbling Tiger: Rick/Wilhelm/Jeremy. Single floor establishment; Single room, separate toilet. Large, dark and dirty. Terrible lighting. Smells old and damp too. Even though its mid afternoon its half filled. All Chinese. Man behind bar is Eurasion mix, Chinese and something else. Wilhelm gets an immediate feel of tuberculosis.
Fergus Chum, Scotch/Chinese. Rick orders a glass of scotch, Islay region. Excellant actually. He has relatives that supply him. Speaks ok English. We drink a couple, ease into a repore with him.
Wilhelm sees no evidence anywhere of Mythos.
We finally show the matchbook and bring up Elias. He repeats several times he has never seen him, nor heard of him. Nor Brady, until pressed a little more. Brady saves this guys life once in a brawl; but hasn’t seen him in a long time.
Does not know where he was staying, he spent a lot of time here. Keeps saying he thinks he left Shanghai.
He talks for 5 silver dollars Jack went to Rangoon in Burma, to a Charlie Gray, selling guns he thinks, along the coast “plenty long time, month, two months, who knows”.
He and Rick almost fight over whether he’s telling the truth.

Rick goes to talk to Edmund about Charlie Gray. He says there is indeed a Charlie Gray limited, believed they do run illegal arms.
Rick wires this Charlie Gray if he knows a Jack Brady, mutual friend told me he was here.

Replies Brady worked for him several months last year, then took rifles to a Santos in Nicaragua or Guatemale, now in South America.
Add in from Nairobi Brady friend: saw Brady in Hong Kong, and he had a friend at the asylum.

Rick goes back to bar and talks to Chum again. Chum comes clean. Brady travels under assumed names, went to South America couple months ago to trade with a man named Santos; to then travel to NY to find the detectives he heard were looking for him and investigating Roger’s death. He heard from Roger’s sister.
What!?!? She was in contact with him!?!? Grrrr!!
He says the Bloated Woman Cult is all over China, not just here. He confirms our suspicion that Ho Phong is the head at least her. HIs fortress estate is impossible to break in to.
Hell’s Kitchen is what it seems to be, where Green and Red Gangs to business, neutral ground.
Black Lotus is a den of squallor. Any sexual perversion, drug, etc can be acquired.
Owned by Big Ear Du. Brady thought he was in on the cult, Chum is not so sure. He thinks the cult operates out of there but not sure about Du. If he betrayed the Green Gang to the cult, he’d be dead.
He knows nothing of the thin, fan wielding woman. May have been a mistake in the translation. He does not know what Elias translated that from but it wasn’t from the Several Cryptical Books of Hsan, the primary bible of the Bloated Woman. Its too old, the translation says led by surely, worship makes no sense. If not, all we know is wrong.
Concerning the boat and Penhue: comes here often, crew depraved and degenerate; cult operated; operates out of Gray Dragon Island. Owner of boat is Alfred Penhurst. Rick shows him the portrait, its Penhue!! Every few weeks, junks sail to the island, crowned by a volcanic peak. Ho Phong’s private yacht visits it often too. Sailors will never dock there, even in an emergency. 2 groups of scout boats sent there by Brady, both never seen again.
We go out of the back room and into the bar to find a body lying dead, the place is empty. Knife wound, multiple in the side and back. Has makeup on his face. He’s a European! Chum says he came in right after we did, the first time and this time.
Uh oh.
The bartender is in the street just hanging out. He says that he noticed that a Jap came in to the bar, this dead guy had come to bar trying to get close enough to listen at the store room. This Jap curtly says for all to get out. Everyone took off, then he must have killed this guy. The bartender doesn’t even know how the Jap got out, never saw him leave.
We look for him, and the bathroom window is broken outwards.
Chum’s jig may be up.
He knows nothing about where we are staying, and Elias liked her quite a bit. He never said why he chose that place, if it wasn’t random.

Back to hotel to meetup.
Knock at our door, the maid says there is a man downstairs to see Rick and Paul. We go downstairs.
It’s a man with big bushy eyebrows, huge black bushy beard, big belly.
It’s a disguise.
“Come, let us drink together!” to a local drinking establishment in a Russian accent, a terrible one.
We join him at a place close by. He bears a message from a friend he says “You don’t know what you are doing. The forces here are very precariously balanced, the fate of the world is so. You must stop screwing around, wait, you will be contacted when its time for you to play your part.”
Rick “By whom.”
“A friend.”
‘We should trust you why?"
’You have no reason to trust me." Who the friend is, he can not say.Rick feels he has seen him somewhere before. Its Esteban Santos. He leaves.
Brady must be here, it was all a ruse.
Billy, who obviously tailed us here, follows him but loses him in the throngs.
Back to the hotel.
Notice in the paper “The Stars Are Right” in handout, concerning Master Lung and to contact him.
Wilhelm goes to see Master Lung with Simon, Wang Phat.
Rick goes to Hell’s Kitchen to meet Eija, with Billy, Schuyler, Paul, and Jeremy.
Wang Chung keeps a vigil on the Black Lotus all night.

Its close to Ho Phong’s warehouse. Lung answers the door, small but affable man. Acts very scared.
We go inside, tell him we want to talk about this stars aligning thing. He beckons us further inside to the secdnd room office. Lots of tiger tails make a screen to walk through.
He gasps as Wilhelm walks through the tails.
He tells us to sit. We do, and he reacts frightfully.
“Look, you see this charming brass armlet here. It has a very pleasing texture, why don’t you touch it.”
Wilhelm second guesses doing so, considering his previous reactions.
“I must ask you gentleman, touth it or leave.”
WIlhelm does and he gasps again. He pulls down a sword made of strung together coins, which he shakes at us and chants. Then he screams, leaping back, grabbing hot coals via tongs and puts them inside his slippers, burning them apart.
SImon “This some kind of ritual, Wilhelm?”
Wilhelm is as lost as Simon and Wang are.
He falls upon his knees “Fine, take me to the underworld you damn demon!”
Wilhelm “I’m from Amsterdam.”
Wang “We are not demons.”
He says today is the day, the demon comes to take me away to hell. He has prepared the tiger tails, the cursed amulet, the sword of coins, the brazier of burning slippers, every trick he has to force the demons away. He doesn’t believe it.
Simon says he’s Christian.
This guy is nuts that he is about to die.
Chung says “Its the cat.”
Simon draws his sword and walks back to the front door.
The cat springs 2 more arms and grows to 10’ tall right in the alley beside the house!! Dog like head, horned, dripping fanged muzzle, pincer claws.
“Out of my way, priest, I have a soul to collect.” Simon walks right to it and the battle begins.
Wilhelm arrives then, hurling holy water. Lung runs out from behind him with the coin sword!! Its a mystical wpn, doing 2d20 to such a creature.
Wang Phat then joins in as well.
This demon is a badass but we best him and he fades away with “The next time the stars are right, I’ll be back”.

He was rude to a customer, Ho Phong, who said he’d die via a demon each time the stars are right. Accused him of being a lowlife eater of dogs. He gives us his greatest treasure for saving his life: (not the blade, it a one use per preparation thing) the chalice from the palace of the ancient emperor of China; if filled with holy water, then drank it will revive if totally drank. All fatigue heals completely. 1/day. Must utter the simple chant first.
He’s going to flee to Peking now.
Concerning Bloated Woman: many of there victims will have no arms, its part of their ritual to do that and let them bleed to death. They use razor sharp sickles.
Often they have a symbol tatooed on them, which he shows us.
Back to the hotel.

Hell’s Kitchen:
Hobbes and RC come as well. He took a picture of the dead European pre and post disguise.
We invite Chum, and he will join us. Wang Chung secretly watches over him until he gets there.
Its a jumpin place, great music indeed.
Rick makes contact with Eija, as a Japanese gentleman in tophat. He asks why I’m here, he says Bloated Woman is code name for Phong’s smuggling ops. He is confident thats all it means, he’s working against Japanese interests, and they plan on making a move soon, burn warehouses to the ground simultaneously, 5 of the 10.
He repeats what we’ve heard multiple time: his home is impossible to break in to. Rick lays on with the details. Eija’s respose “Wow”. He knows not of the island even.
He says his superior Cpt is in charge of investigating it. Several operatives have landed on the island but never heard from ahead.
He says Japan is ready to go to war with Russia, over islands to the north.
A lead female singer comes on, Greta von Stumpf
Rick “She’s fine to look at, and listen to.”
Eija is interested in her too, Rick will totally back down for him. He would love to introduce Rick to her.
She’s known for the fan she carries. Not another one!
A disturbance on the dance floor now, a little leprechaun looking guy is being yelled at by a marine, who he then punches and flattens, over a girl.
Rick “I didn’t expect to see a fight in here”. The bouncers close in fast, drag the marine out but the shorty convinces them he’s not trouble.
He then approaches and greets us and sits down of his own accord.
Orders another round “put it on his tab”.
Paul sits down now.
Rick “Excuse me, sir?”
“I know who you are. And the kind of business you’re in.” He accuses Rick of stealing from every tomb in every country.
His business if moving things, and he’s the man if we need it. He’s Pat Devlin, of Dublin.
This is his current base of ops. He then brings his beautiful ‘girlfriend’ Rose over (obviously a lady of the night) then sends her away.
After a few more minutes, his other girlfriend Iris walks by, then Daisy. He has 6 live in girlfriends.
After a couple bottles, he offers some strong advice, and yells across to Dr. Hong, and a withered old man comes over “Ah, my friend Patrick, you called.” Gambler and owner of a bric a brak store. That;s why he figured I’d be of interest. Has books of Taoist and Buddhist ancient secret knowledge etc etc.
Rick “Sounds great, leave me your card.”
He passes it.
Hong asks if we’d like an introduction to Fast Eddie, he’s important to know if your planning on smuggling artifacts out of China. That’s what they figure Rick is doing here. He points out 2 members of the Chinese Secret Police to make sure Rick is not planning on stealing any artifacts out of China.
Rick “How do I know you’re not setting me up?”
“Even if I speak of the mirror?”
Rick “What mirror?”
“I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else” and he leaves the table.
Pat “Obviously I mistook your intention, excuse me” for inviting the Dr. over.
Rick “What mirror?”
Slightly irregular ovular, encased in carved jade of swirling characters in an unknown alphabet.
The Star Mirror.
Rick has heard of it. Also called the Murder Mirror, dating to Cimmerian times. Lost in China hundreds of years ago. He can put us on the right track for a price, Hong was just an intermediary, Pat doesn’t like to deal directly. He hates us F’ing English. He wants $1000, then another $1000 upon delivery or $10000 if he can get it for us. A contest.
No, Rick gives him 2000 up front. He says fine, but don’t blame him if someone else beats him to us.
Emile de Briac is missing, a priest and amateur archaeologist; he has the item. Find him and you find the item. He sent a letter to Pat, they knew each other and he knew Pat can move things. It details a potential trove of Old One terror!!! He destroyed all he could, but the mirror would not break via any attempts. St. Pantelon Mission Hospital in the French Quarter is where he asks Pat to come.
BS, this letter was not addressed to Patrick. It was intercepted before it left for France. His friends he sent to check the hospital ended up dead in a terrible manor. Dried up mummified, found near the hospital. This was 2 weeks ago. He’s been waiting for someone to sell the info to in order to make some profit.
Rick “All right, have another drink.”

Fast Eddie loves to rub shoulders with the famous, and when Paul talks to him he asks to be introduced to Rick so Paul does so. We talk for a while with him.

Eija recognizes the guy knifed, Russian secret service. His guess is he was killed by another secret service.

Sept. 19

The Riot Squad ask us to cop station, specifically Rick and Paul. They take Wilhelm with them and all our evidence.
We are sent to Fairburn’s office. A man we were seen with was found dead, Eija!!
The case is strange. They take us to the scene, we send for Wilhelm before we leave the station. He shows up with RC and Billy.
His bed at his room is disheveled, he lies there nude. Look of extreme horror on his face; coroner feels he was smothered. There are strange welts as if multeple appendiges grasped him. He has a bite of something in his mouth: a big almost foamy piece of fatty tissue. Like animal fat, actually, but spongier.Sucker marks along his chin. It grabbed him by the face and he bit a piece of it off. Under his fingernails is more of the fatty substance, as if he were clawing at it.
Wilhelm recalls the Necronomicon, and pulls out a passage on the Bloated Woman Avatar. It describes how an attack by it would leave just these markings. He was having sex with it!!!
The Singer with the fan!!
This is horrible.

We send Jeremy, Simon, and Chung to check on who Eija was seen with last night after talking to Rick, if any neighbors saw him come home with anyone, etc. Soon, a child runs up to them with a note, that if you want to find out what happened last night, go to a certain place. They do so, leading to a tenament building. The apartment we want is on the 3rd floor. Its full of Japanese, mostly looking like beggars but awfly well fed judging by their builds.
Simon knocks on the door and is greeted by a gruff “come in.”
Inside is a guy who looks like a typical laborer, but a bit better dressed like a foreman or the like. He invites us to sit on the mats, a woman enters with a tray moving with the supple guile of a panther, dispenses sake to us all.
“Thank you for coming” in Chinese then turns to English since Simon can’t understand otherwise.
Wang “We received your note.”
He pulls a lever on the floor and the walls all turn around. Behind them are 8 ninja!!
“Let’s begin by, as the Americans like to say, putting our cards on the table. You have 1 chance in 5 of leaving this building alive” and that’s only if our answers to his querries are to his liking.
First, he wants to truly know who we are. We tell the truth.
He ID’s himself as Cpt. Asogi Tato, of Imperial Naval Intel.
He wants to know why we murdered his operative Eija. One of his main agents of the last 3 years and “I am not happy that he is dead!” He demands to know why we are here. We tell him that was Rick’s friend and that we are here to destroy the Cult of the Bloated Woman. That they killed Eija.
He thinks we are also here for ‘the weapon’. What weapon?
We only want any weapon there so that they don’t have it, if there is a weapon.
He says they have a weapon that can rend the sky and destroy entire cities.
“Then why are you secretly training an assault force of over 200 men in a warehouse, that are planning a raid of the island”. We have no idea about this.
He mentions some high tech stuff being sent to Gray Dragon Island. They now of Dark Mistress and want to know its connection.
After a discussion he realizes we are not quite who he thought we were.
He gives us the address of where Brady is training his men.
We advise him to team up with others when the time comes, we will ask again when a meeting to set up a joint operation is ready.
He agrees to hear us out when that time comes but promises nothing; to send him messages to this address, and we may leave alive but followed.

We leave to meet back with the rest of the team.
So, they believe the cult us building a high tech weapon, not some dark magical ritual. Wow, that’s news to us, and not good news.
This makes us think of Look to the Future. He mentioned Radium and Liquid Oxygen. Hmm.

Back at Fairburn:

Paul lays it on thick.
Rick rolls out the chain of evidence as an impromptu presentation concerning the Carlysle Expedition, Penhue, The Bloody Tongue in NY, and the chain of evidence leading here. He won’t believe the world is going to end, but he could believe the murderous danger involved; then Paul’s final words together convinces him, but does not advise telling the other police since there is a corruption. But we might want to let the gangsters know.
Rick says we need to make this a joint operation if we can get some other players at the table. Fairburn recommends the Green Gang. He will contact Sir Edmund to begin coordinating meetings.

Then to Sir Edmund, who is all in with whatever Rick needs to do, will assist with all his influence in setting up a meeting of the minds, starting immediately.

Once Jeremy et al return, we make a list:
The Marshal; Green Gang via Fast Eddie and Big Ears Du; Japs; Fairburn’s Flying Squad; New China Commandos (Brady’s men).
To meet Du = Rick
Schuyler to Marshal
Chung back to the Japanese
Paul to convince Brady to join and not go lone gunman on this.

During afternoon, Rick, Hobbes and Billy go to museum to do some digging and for Rick to introduce himself.
Wilhelm to newspaper archives with Jeremy to translate, plus RC for muscle. It takes all day to go through the records. He finds 3 things important, all relatively recent:
1) 8 weeks ago: Seaman’s club damaged; destroyed late one night on river side; no injuries; blamed on seapage under foundation; drunk men reported monsters in river preceding collapse. We figure Deep Ones.
2) 3 monks found dead 2 weeks ago in pavillion fire via overturned brazier; all 3 respected scholars of Chinese heritage. Fire lept in uncanny fashion! Fire Vampires! European seen leaving vicinity. (Penhue?)
3) Violent incident on Lantern St. number 88, 2 nights before we arrived. One a female resident; violently slain; even the locals taken aback by the cruelty; one ID’d killer as giant bat.

As Jeremy and crew leave the library in the evening, 3 men approach them and demand they come with them in Chinese while taking attack stances.
RC readies to fight, but Jeremy says lets follow them first.
They lead us to a well guarded house. Inside, 2 huge white apes, and an old Chinese man Lin Tang Yoo. He orders the apes to retreat. He has questions for us. He is a collector of ancient texts. Claims to be the most powerful man in China. A gorgeous woman in sheer silk sits on the floor next to him.
He says an agent of ours has stolen something from him that he wants back. Jack Brady stole the 7 cryptical books. Everybody thinks we are in league with Brady. Wilhelm demands we don’t know Brady personally, nor is he an agent of ours.
He pulls a lever after a short conversation. A sheet of hard plastic drops, separating him from us. His 3 martial artists spring to us and he demands we give him the 7 books!
RC readies to defend his charges.
They attack. RC drops 2 immediately. The 3rd is better and lasts a few round longer.

LIn “I will fill that room with poison gas unless you give me the book!”
Jeremy “We don’t have any books!”
RC “We are trying to find this Brady ourselves.”
“Then let us trade information.”
Brady’s girlfriend is Choy Mae Ling. She disappeared a few days ago. Has a whorehouse with no name, just 88 Lantern St.
That’s the violent incident where the giant bat attacked!! The cult has her.
He brings up a carved eye, says we want it badly. He will give it to us if we give him the books. He confirms that the attack is when she and Brady both vanished.
Either the cult took them both, or since then they’ve stuck to the training facility.

At museum:
Mr. Mao sees Rick almost immediately. He supplies names of 34 Shanghai scholars who could help us with info, and addresses for 21 of them. Concerning the cult and mirror in total.

Chung leads Rick around, starting with the addresses. We start at 10am. We find the first in half an hour. He is of no value.
Takes Chang much longer to find the next guy. Mu Hsuen’s house. He refuses to see us until Rick mentions Bloated Women. He says there is no physical form Bloated Woman. If Eija’s arms weren’t removed, it was not the cult. Only a fraction of the victims have been found, typically cut off arms and allow to bleed to death. The order wants to summon their goddess to earth. The first step is a poisoning or rupburing of the sky.
The tech weapon.
Over the next year, the world will become tainted by evil entities, the stars will shift, then the pantheon of the Bloated Woman will rise upon the earth. They speak the names of the 4: Cthulhu, Nyogtha, Yogsathoth; Azathoth. Only way to stop them is with ancient knowledge hidden in a book. He will try to find out, but never come to his house again. Go to the main post office and leave a message for Mr. Pheng Wu Pei in general delivery.
Rick “Then what do you think killed Eija?”
He can not tell, but does sound like an avatar of the Bloated Woman.
Nyarlathotep is behind all of this.
After the rupturing of the sky, then the birth of the prince of darkness. “But the key to it all is Egypt! Leave this place and go to Egypt! Find the ward, power the ward, use the ward.” That’s it.
He is the important guy.

This evening, Paul and RC and Simon go to the training grounds and Brady.
Rick goes to check on the mirror with Billy and Hobbes. At the hotel, an Englisman beckons us into the archaeologist his apartment.
The man is of Shanghai municipal police, been staking out the scene of the crime. Found murdered! Here in the apartment.
de Briac was killed. Blood all drained out, sucker marks all over body. Different from Eija. He offers he and Rick to join forces.
Rick says he got a letter saying to come and see him at the hospital. The officer has no authority there though. Father Duvie is the head, and the officer is sure he knows something. He offers to show us the body. A patrolman is called to take us. A very detail oriented patrolman, writing down all we say and our full names and descriptions.
The body is worse than we though, desacated shell and look of screaming horror on its mummified face.
Hobbes “Poor dead bastard.”
Rick thinks a few moments, into his forbidden lore knowledge and believes it was a Star Vampire. Its tittering, how it is invisible unless sucking blood.
Search of apartment finds nothing.

To hospital:
Rick sees chief medical officer Deuvie. He is very overworked, we have to wait over an hour. The arch was a friend of yours, he was administrator here. He suddenly moved out and died in his apartment. The medical officer says he was an occult hunter! Rick says “I am as well, and I’m here with a bunch of friends.”
Witness was sleeping when a guest came and said heard terrible screams. That’s when cops were called. Rick talks to that person, but they moved out. Name was Singh. She says ask the cop because Singh is a patrolman. The investigator says Singh disappeared night of the murder, hasn’t been seen since. Funny, man matching him recently assassinated 4 Fingers Cheng, a Green Gangster but escaped. Found with all blood drained from his body. Cheng was a mobster, office above Black Lotus. Body guards say Singh came to see him, screams heard, 4 Fingers dead and Singh missing.
He told Deuvie about the mirror. “He had done something” the mirror made or allowed him to do it outside the village. He told a story of being accosted at a waterfall outside of Woo Sing (2 hour drive) then turned paile. Would not say what he did.
One night, Deuvie heard a scratching noise on roof of hospital, above the arch quarters. The next day is when he moved into the hotel where he died.
He kept everything in his mind, never wrote any knowledge down so no one else would be harmed. “All else I know is confession”.
He warns us to be very careful, was thinking of harming himself. Tell us to be very careful.
Rick searches his old quarters. Finds nothing.
Deuvie admits one last thing, de Braic asked him an odd question “If you discovered you had the means to kill anyone at the meerest though, what would you do…”

Now pretty late night.
Rick, Jerem, Billy and Hobbes find Fast Eddie and Du at Black Lotus.
Lots of talks about 4 Fingers death 2 days previous. Was a Lt. of Du.
Lots of whispering: Fatty Tang killed today, also drained of blood.
Du is very upset, his girlfriend is singing at the moment.
Its easy for Rick to talk to Du.
Eija was Du’s connection in Japanese Secret Service, so he’s not happy to hear about his death.
He agrees to meeting, will inform his Triad brethren as well.
Du and Rick have a great talk, he knows Brady fights Real Evil! Cosmic Evil! Not gangs and such.
That leads into the real details we need to speak of. He thinks Brady was killed in the bat attack.
This leads to talk of Singh being innocent. They drive Rick to slums, informants take them to a few hours dead body. Its Singh. Desecated like the other 2. Informants saw him with Wrong Eye Ling, a low level informant trying to be an assassin for anyone who will take him. They were drining in this tavern, then left into alley. THen, Wrong Eye struck Singh, taking something from him. Couldn’t tell what, then said something and SIngh screamed and ran but a creature appeared out of the sky. Started just as tentacles, then a huge red beast. Then sucked him dry.
Rick “How do you find Wrong Eye to hire him?” He has an office above a tailor shop, its known.
So, Du is a go on the meeting of the minds.

Sept. 20

Clive Chesney from Brit navy intel, and Harry Furthman from US State Dept. send for Paul and Schuyler, respectively.
Clive: Says Paul owes his country loyalty, they know about the mirror and that you are going to get it. It can not be destroyed, most importantly keep it out of the grasp of England’s enemies like France or US. They trust no one else with something else this powerful. Paul agrees.
Furthman: happy Schuyler is here. They say something like this mirror can only be entrusted to US hands. If Paul hands it over to US, it will shine well on Schuyler and they will pay $10000

Paul returns to 3 more invites. French Embassy, Paul ignores that one. As well as Italians. Germans too, whom Paul does go and speak to. He speaks to Georg of German Secret Services. He insists the mirror is very important.Theodore Mexner of military intel will be looking for it, will offer much money. DO NOT GIVE IT TO HIM, says Georg. “Germany can not be trusted with the mirror! It should be destroyed or sent to a democracy.” Wow, surprising reaction! ‘There are forces in Germany that are operateing beyond the ken of normal human beings. Forces that are waiting for the stars to be right. We in the Abvar work against these forces."
All the intelligence groups have informants in Big Ears Du’s gang. His people are being assassinated by it, the mirror allows you to summon the star vampire that follows your instructions and kill whoever you want.
Now the assassin has it.
We send word to Rick about where the mirror is.

We arrange the meeting for tonight, taking properly signed/delivered notes to all involved.

To investigate the news stories goes Jeremy, Chung, Phat
1) Seaman’s Club: a drunk confirms giant frog like men. Caved the wall in to get into a room above. The American staying in there got out, haven’t seen him since. Name of John Smith but it was Brady!
2) Fire: a moving ball of flame that chased down the 3 priests, and almost got the American they were talking to. They ID the Brady photo too!
3) The madame takes money to talk: its a block away from the Stumbling Tiger Bar. We are shown the murder room. Cleaned but dried blood splatter still on ceiling from giant bat attack. 2 bodies found, Ms. Wong and Chin Chao. They weren’t even supposd to be in this room though, the girl who lived there was sold to another house day before, Mae Ling, because she had been hiding her American lover, Brady, in her room.

So they think Brady is dead, perhaps. They send us to 140 Lantern St., where she was sold to.
A man runs it. He wants to know where she is, she disappeared yesterday! He’s pissed. He does not recognize Brady at all. He offers Jeremy 5 Mexican Silver Dollars to bring her back. Mae Ling’s best friend is the one in hospital after witnessing the bat. Magenta Joy.
We go to talk to her.
She’s afraid of monster coming for her. Jeremy and Chung calm her down, and she confirms it was a monstrous bat who attacked. She’s glad Ling wasn’t there. She has no idea where they went, but said John stayed at the house of a friend named Mu.
Mu Hsuen!
Back to report.

At New China: we go to recruit them for the meeting, training troops. They insist they are a martial arts school. A crumbled piece of paper lies on ground. Jeremy reads it “Min my man, have to go underground to finish the work.” Its Brady telling him to get the army ready, he’ll contact him soon.
This guy’s an idiot, he and all his men are at home waiting for Jack to send word to strike. They are students, cops, teachers, bureaocrats, all believe in great cause of communism. Jack just convinced them to fight evil. “We strike, strike!”
He keeps trying to get Chung to fight. Finally Chung KO’s him in one Cobra punch.
He wakes up in a few minutes.

Whole gang goes to Hsuen’s house to find Brady.
After Rick produces the letter of intro from Erica to tell Brady we are working with her knowledge, he finally gives in and leads us to Brady.
Rick “Jack Brady, I presume.”
He voluntarily talks before we even asks anything.
See Jack Brady’s Statement.
M’Wuru disappeared tween Egypt and Nairobi.
He does not know where the robe is.
The drum was taken into Kenya with the safari.
We explain Gavigan et al.
His girlfriend is at another whorehouse, got sold. He’s planning on rescuing her in next day or 2. Uh oh, he does not know she ‘escaped’.
Brady “Ho Phong must have her.”
He says Ho the leader of the Bloated Woman. He wants to break into Phong’s with us.
He also says we need to look out for LIn Tang, the old guy. Brady stole the 7 cryptical books from him! There was a seal on Gray Dragon Island, stolen. The eyeball Lin Tang showed us.
He explains ritual to use the eye written in the 7 cryptical books, Hsuen will ready it and show us how to do it so we can reseal the pyramid in Egypt!

Big meeting at night. They totally believe in Ho Phong’s guilt, but he’s far too powerful to raid.
Chu Min even shows up with the commies. They insist to go in first. Even if before Brady contacts them. We tell him that if he hears from Brady, send him to meet with us.
Green Gang says he’s one of their biggest customers, but he must go if he’s with Bloated Woman.
Outsiders have to take him out, meaning us. Slaughter might go along for that.
In the meantime, we need to get the mirror while we plan.

Simon thinks we should use the mirror to kill Ho Phong once we have it in our possession.

Sept. 21

We hear that Wrong Eye likes to hang out at the Black Lotus.
To his office go the Monster Hunters with Wang Phat.

Meanwhile, a knock at the door in Spanish “Senior Warrington, or Senior Rathbone?”
It’s Ferdinand de Plaza, the Mexican Consul. Hands over his card “My master has sent instructions that we would appreciate it if you give us this mirror.”
Somebody talked.
They offer “something infinitely more valuable” than anyting the other countries can offer. 100 Mexican Silver Dollars; AND our life. And he smiles, his teeth come to points.
Rick literally laughs.
He is some kind of creature of some sort.
Rick says he’d never give something valuable to dirtiest of dirty Mexicans rather than the British, or even the Americans.
His nails come to talon points as he reaches to shake hands.
He makes a sudden lunge, Rick is ready and dodges.
He says “good day gentlemen, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again.”
After he leaves, there is a creek outside the door. We smell cigar smoke, and refried beans. Then it vanishes as fast as it came.
Rick burns his card as well and throws the ashes out the window.

MH are led through the streets by Chung. It’s a building with multiple shops like herbalist, feminine exports selling brides, etc.
On 3rd floor is his office. Simon leads the way inside to the waiting area. Table has stack of stationary and such. A female secretary, maybe early 20’s, sits at the desk.
She eyes Simon up big time.
Simon is no flirt, but smiles genially and asks to see her boss.
“What country are you from, big boy?”
“England originally.”
“You like Chinese girls?”
She definitely likes him. Her name is Celia Woo.
He asks to talk to Chi Mu Ling. She says she hasn’t seen him during business hours for days, but assumes he’s been here at night cause stuff is moved and such.
He gets her to spill: she has worked here for 2 years, thought working in an office would give her the opportunity to meet a European, American, maybe even Russian and get out of this hell hole. Mr. Yusuki Ashidi was here looking for Wrong Eye yesterday; also a Mexican man, no gentleman, very scary.
Wrong Eye belongs to a Green Gang faction trying to expand but Big Ears checks them all the time; now is trying to now use his business to start his pest extermination to build clients.
Does business with Little Moscow in the French Quarter; hangs out at the Volga Tea Room.
She has not been paid lately, nor has the landlord. She thinks maybe he’s skipping out on all this cause something else is going on.
She asks Simon out on a date, she likes movies. He says movie and dinner at 7pm tonight. She will meet him her outside the office.
Chung recommends a good theater and eatery later.
She even lets us inside his office. We find little paperwork but for extermination contracts, as a euphamism for assassination. Then a hidden panel in his desk, with leather straps that held firearms. No wpns now though.
She says if he returns, she will immediately let Simon know.
The contracts have been fulfilled already. No one we know. He’s trying to muscle in on the action, using the Murder Mirror to further his career.
She does not have his home address.

Off to the Volga Tea Room. 1 person is out of place, it’s Ashida. Serving girl brings out English New years Crackers. Inside each is a tiny instrument toy.
We approach and talk quickly, but he is guarded, Classified info and all. Wrong Eye walks in, sees us all, turns and runs!!
We all take off. Ashida and Phat are in the lead. Wilhelm and Jeremy fast fall behind.
As we go by 3 lepers, they throw off their robes and reveal themselves as Mexican NInjas!! Hurling Shurikens at RC/Simon/Paul. One of them was lacking in them and Schuyler is target by none (card).
RC knows Mexican Ninjas, so stops to kill them all. The others all contiue on.
Wilhelm and Jeremy stop and help RC, opening fire. Jeremy drops the first that RC has cut almost to shreds.
RC then double crits DEAD.
Wilhelm crits the last DEAD.
We rush after the rest.

The others are met by a Mexican Ninja after Wrong Eye rounds a bend.
Phat spots him, but is met by an other Mexican.
The others follow.
Phat quickly kicks him 16 then 16 again!. It takes a few rounds, and its a quality fight against an great opponent, but Phat kills him in the end.
We lose both Wrong Eye and Ashida.
A street urchin comes up within half hour of our search, with a note for ‘the big Englishman’ from Celia. “He’s here” it reads. At the office.
Paul has passed out from the poison on the shuriken.
Phat takes Paul back to the hotel.
The rest make for the office of the enemy.,

We find Wrong Eye going through papers, Celia lies on the floor neck broken!
Wrong Eye draws his blade as Simon strides right up to him.
Schuyler “Where’s the mirror, Wrong Eye!”
“I sold it to the Japanese” with a sneer.
He and Simon go at it. Its another great one on one fight, Simon crits, the foe gets 2 attacks, there are a few rounds of deft blocks and parrying even where both miss. Simon even gets into light wounds before he beheads him with another crit.
We search anyway but the mirror is indeed gone. We do find 1000 silver dollars, given to Rick for his expenses on Murder Mirro info originally.

It’s a known fact Japanese want to kill Big Nosed Du, he’s Ashida’s likely target.
Jeremy thinks we wait for him to target Du.
Back to our hotel.
We are sitting and strategizing when there is a knock at the door.
RC answers it. There are 4 Japanese real ninjas in the hall with Ashida!
He demands the mirror!?!?! We say we thought he bought it.
Wilhelm “You’d better come inside.”
He says, after we lost them, he tried to intercept him but Ashida was stopped by 2 Mexican Ninjas too. The very idea he finds an insult. He killed them both. He knows how bad the idea was now to have sent all those Japanese to Deathless Santa Anna.
He thinks the Mexicans were able to acquire it.
They are probably at their consulate. We are going to have to break into it, independently.
If it makes it back to Mexico, who knows who could be targeted by Santa Anna. The US President? Houston? The Queen?
Schuyler wants to get in and put an end to this tonight.
Everyone is all in.

Tonight, we break in. Ashida and 4 ninjas go along. They will kill the guards on the outside and sweep the ground floor.
We will enter through another floor to get to the mirror.
Schuyler gets to a 2nd floor window then drops a rope. Eveyryone else starts climbing up and in as the ninjas start whooping arse downstairs. We can hear the big fight going on.
We don’t have to find Fernandez, the light in the room goes on as SImon is getting into the room.
He holds the mirror up, holds it at Schuyler, and says “kill”. 2 star vampires come out of the mirror. They immediately vanish, invisible.
He then turns into what Wilhelm will call a tumor fiend.
Simon readies for the Star Vamps, and they both attack Schuyler. They both hit and drain str via blood, become visible as the blood flows through them.
Simon strikes at one of them. Schuyer raises his elephant gun in pain and fires at the tumor fiend that was Fernandez and hits with 2 barrels.
The fiend attacks Simon, starting with its gaze then charges.
Billy climbs into the window. One Star vamps go after each of Billy and Schuyler. Billy goes after the tumor fiend; Schuyler draws his scimitar and attacks the star vamp swith Simon. The Fiend stays after Simon, gazing him but missing with 2 physical attacks.
RC enters the window but misses a vamp.
SImon kills the badly wounded star v, then cleaves the other one. The last hits Simon 3 times!
RC crits the last Star vamp DEAD then his cleave hits Tumor.
Simon now turns to the tumor fiend too and hits DEAD.

He falls to the ground, his skin starts to split and a gaseos sound emits. Noxious fumes, visible, start spreading throughout the room. As we leave, tumorous growths start appearing on any wood and other organic material in the room. Schuyler grabs the mirror on the way out. Schuyler closes the window on the way out.
We all make it out unscathed!!
The ninjas lose a couple of guys before they realize what is filling the building and flee as well, meeting us outside.
He wants the mirror at first. After a discussion, and assurances and an oath from the Templar that he shall never use it nor allow anyone near him to do so; and that our aim is to find a way to destroy it forever.
He wants to send one of his ninjas along to help guard it.
They are already in on the attack vs Ho Phong and the Island.

Sept 22

Rick sees Edmund. He will help us more with the invasion, he can provide support like boats, and good word to all our factions. But, more solid proof will make it much easier for him.
Jeremy goes to the Phong’s warehouse as a business man Paul Simon, looking to export to London and other ports, with the Wang’s and ninja’s as his business associates and retinue.
It’s partly built over the water on the pier. Windows 7’ off grown, iron grills covering.
Ho is busy, but we see his assistant Chu Loo Sin. The Wang’s stay with Jeremy, the ninjas wait in reception. Sin looks young for such a high position. Low, maybe barely mid, 20’s. Gangly, glasses; immaculately cared for cheap suit; clean shaven.
Chung brings up getting a tour for security concerns. They ablige.
We get a full layout of the place.

Schuyler and one of the ninja go into the water looking for a lower way inside. They find a trapdoor in the floor, network of braces easily grabbed, to pull self up. Underneath us there are several bodies down there, weighted down. Dried blood on some of the beams. One of the ninjas leaps up, grabs a beam, screams and falls into the water, multiple fingers cut off by razor blades.
We get him out of the water. Schuyler sends a grapple up to the beams and climbs up while the other ninja takes the wounded one away. There is slight give to it, held by a bolt. He uses a small acid spray gadget to cut it and get inside. He climbs inside to a storeroom. He sees frieses from ruins, statues, paintings of mythos themes!! And dried blood all over, acts as a torture room too.
He comes out of this storeroom into the lit warehouse room, hearing voices on the far side. He closes the trap door and hides among the boxes.
There are 3 pairs of guards walking around. 2 always in the far corner. The other 4 walking around. As one passes he goes to the door and unlocks it with is automated lock picker. He starts to open one side and it begins to creak. He quickly says he there are mythos items in the storeroom. He starts oiling a runner but hears a noise behind him, seeing a guy who came out of a guard room sneaking up on him. A big hulking Chinaman. He pulls the door open to reveal Simon Geste.
The guard yells a warning as Simon strides up to him. The man draws a saber. The other guards are heading our way. The Wangs and the Ashida’s super ninjas move in, hiding to spring upon the pairs of guards. They spot the ninja only.
Simon begins one on one combat.
The guards arrive a pair at a time, one of our 3 each takes a pair. Wang Chung hypnotizes one and engages the other. Phat takes his 2 out first, then helps Chung finish off his 2, then its 3 on one vs the last of the master ninja’s pair as he yells “For the Bloated Woman” then is killed.

Rick and Billy have moved into the storeroom led by Schuyler. Red Cloud and Paul move to the hall leading to the main entrance to block anyone else from arriving.

Meanwhile, Simon and the big man size each other up for a few moments before the chinaman begins the duel. Simon has control from the beginning, and in the ends ends it with a mighty swing that beheads him.

No noise from upstairs, which Paul and RC find empty.

Rick finds about a few dozen mythos items in the room. All repulsive and disturbing. There are also about 30 of genuine archaeology treasure: mostly ancient Chinese, but also some Jap, Indian, African, Polynesian, some unidentifiable to most but Rick thinks perhaps proto historic!! The mythos related stuff will be destroyed. The rest we take.
Also crates marked AP = Aubrey Penhew. One has very light metal that look like fins; another a device of some sort with several concentric frames, spindle in the middle housing a heavy disc.
A box to go to a Herbert West, Miskatonic Medical School. Inside we find a mason jar glowing green, full of a syrupy thick green flowing liquid.
We take all this weird stuff, too. Westinghouse will be wired about Herbert West.
Many of the artifacts are disturbing, light mythos related or otherwise repulsive. All the artifacts not such, Rick will give to the local museum he promised to help out. Otherwise, Ashida is given the more local stuff, Rick will take the African and Indian back to London.

After we get the stuff out onto a few carts the ninja get, we start a fire where the drunk guys were drinking.

Sept. 23

Early morning: Ho Phong house infiltration.
In the old city. Gates and wall toped by iron points, barbed wire, etc. Roof is steep and slippery. No building on either side w/in 20’.
From a nearby taller building, we see the large and small courtyards in the complex, plus a large out door pool area.
Outer wall is 13’ high. Inner building walls are 10’ high.
The front doors go directly to the large open courtyard. In the small courtyard, a man and a woman are having sex.
2 front doors, one into the house another right to the main couryard.
2 sit by the pool in leisure chairs. A basket full of raw meat from which they periodically throw a piece in, including a human leg. Something in the pool with tentacles eats them!
A westerner sits there, with Ho Phong himself, thanking Ho for his hospitality but “As soon as he gets hold of the book, I have to get back. My agents have already arrived at Easter Island for the rising.”
Ho replies “You feel confident she is going to tell you where to find it.”
He says something like how a few more openings to heaven should do it.
Ho “I’ve always wondered how long someone can survive there, so I think we should continue.”
They talk of not wanting just the book, but Brady’s heart in “my hand.”
Ho “That can be arranged, once she tells us where he is.”
Ah, they have his girl. The ‘Gates of Heaven’ must be a name for a torture device.
The Wang’s will tell us that its a box, separating the body into a bunch of closed sections. They dump man eating rats into a piece at a time. So, she’s has already been partially eaten.
Jeremy “Well, that’s unfortunate.”
Ho invites the man to the ‘House of the White Petal Blossoms’ (a supposed secret sex palace for the wealthy, specializing in young girls) and they leave.
We sneak away. A savage wind starts to blow. We get low as it swirls around the 2 of us. One of the tiles cracks as if something walked upon it.
Schuyler “Let’s get out of here.”
We feel a presence beside each of us. Some sort of invisible guardians!
They smack us hart, and we leap from the roof, landing with terrible thuds.
The rest of the group ‘oooh that had to have hurt".
Looking up the air shimmers in 2 faint humanoid forms 10’ tall. They do not pass the wall though.
Wilhelm calls them invisible guardians, summoned from another plane of existance and guard to the death. They seek death, because it sends them back to their own plane, but must fulfill their guardianship duty. This makes them very mean tempered.
Rick tells the ninjas prepare powder eggshell grenades.
Being mean and opposed to being enslaved, they likely won’t report us being there.

Schuyler insists on bringing the gattling gun.
Simon thinks we should kock, open the door, and just punch the first guy in the face. No one will expect that kind of a frontal attack.
Chung knocks on the door. A middle aged man answers in nightgown and slippers. Chung strikes his throat DEAD.
A long hall stretches the length of the house. In we go. We put his body in his small room here.
We take the first right to an area of 13 doors, leaving RC and a ninja to watch the hall. Its full of about 25 servants. Noncombatants.
Some say “Masters you must leave, this house is not guarded by mortal men.”
Back in the hall, a man comes our a door making his way here. Once he gets to the corner, RC clubs him. He somehow stays up and blows a whistle that makes no sound. It takes us a few round to kill this tough guy.
A strong wind blows down the corridor. The party retreats into the large courtyard room.
Simon and Billy are both attacked by 2, then Rick is as well!
2 ninja’s and Rick throw powder. 1 on each are visible.
Others join in as powder bombs start hitting home. Hobbes flashes a picture from the rear.
These guys are very tough, and hit hard, can’t be crit’d and no threshold. Phat has to retreat during the battle but its a hard fought win.

All the servants are tied and gagged, put in the storage room. We continue up the main hall. Door left into a large luxurious sitting room, empty. To the left, double doors to a huge dining hall. One door leads out.
Next a great library of a few thousands of books!!
Next a bedroom. A hall goes left across from it. The bed is huge, and a few jade mythos statuettes. Empty. Wilhelm takes them to destroy later.
Next room, bedroom, beautiful young woman sits there, basket in front of her full of worms, slugs et al. She is humming while she eats them.
Simon “You, crazy women.” She doesn’t even acknowledge him. It must be Ho’s daughter, Ho Su. Hopelessly insane.
Simon wants to take her with us as hostage. In case Ho really loves her still. Wang Phat is assigned to keep her under control.
We are now in the pool are. We keep our distance. We find a Buddha room, but a slight ring around its neck. A seem. A full turn and a half of the head by Rick reveals a secrat hatch in the floor going down.
We turn around, and find business cards in one room of Carl Stanford!!! He was the western man!!
The rest of this floor is empty.

Downward we go are about to go, but we hear Brady, low in sanity and w/o much restraint, toss TNT sticks into the pool.
Billy and Simon, at the bottom, stop and just stare up at the ceiling.
W/o looking up, Rick pulls Billy back. RC then does the same to Simon.
Sanity checks for both, and Billy drops 17!! He starts just screaming at the top of his lungs. We gag him, and it takes a minute and a half for Rick to snap him out of it. But he is left very paranoid but for toward Rick, who is the only person who has a chance to keep him focused.
They do not remember what they saw on the ceiling.
All Simon can say is “Crawling”.
Now we know not to look upward when we enter.
Paul, Simon and Rick continue on to a door. There is a small tiny lever beside the door.
Back at the main group, we yell back and they find one as well.
Simon pulls it. There’s a grinding noise and a snap up at the ceiling. Whatever was above is covered up.
Everyone comes through.
Billy is hesitant at Simon calling him forward, but Rick says its ok. In the room is an 8’ stature of Nyarlathotep and the Bloated Woman, bronze like alien material. Small altar at the front, ashes of burnt victims. Teek cabinet with gold door with carvings of strange beings in an alien language.
Rick searches the cabinet, finds a poison needle trap. Simon cleaves it open. 5 sealed 1oz vials; Small flower press to draw out their essence. What is stuck to it looks nasty. We take samples. Rick says its a poison in the vials, powerful, judging by what plant it is. Contact poison. Books as well.
Also a jar of greenish powder.
Black and yellow silk robe, we burn this
Torture and needles, sickles. We destroy these.

We also find Brady’s woman in the torture box, Brady freeks, busts her free smashing the rats that he can. Her feet and thighs are horribly bitten and scarred. But she’s not crippled. She is unable to talk right now, screamed herself mute.
Rick copies the writing on the cabinet.

We take the 10 books. 5 of particular mythos value:
Selections de L’ivre D’ivon, French
True Magic by Theophilus Wenn, in English
Goddess of the Black Fan, in Classical Chinese
R’yleh Text Commentary in Classical Chinese including sketch map of R’yleh with 5 spells
Tale of Priest Quan, in Classical Chinese: poetry, spells, mainly story of priest of the Bloated Women

Finally, Choi can talk. She says they talked freely around her. Stanford is the head of the Silver Twilight, all over the world. They are working with an undead Baron to create “The Day of the Beast” when teh crawling chaos will come forward and the world will bow. ANother plan is to rise a Cthulhu in the middle of the Pacific. Neither is what Ho is up to. All work in conjuction. All are to working together, but not happening at the same time, and bring the End of Days.
She comfirms Gray Dragon Island is one of the places, too.
Ho and Stanford both left on Ho’s yacht, she thinks to the island, with some of their cultists. Stanford is here for the 7 cryptical books.
Rick “Brady, is this book in any danger?”
“No, I have it safe. It can’t fall into any of their hands. I have a friend, the curator at the Shanghai museum. He is my friend, and has hidden the book.” He knows not where, for its safety.
She says the powder is called Tyuk, made from the Blue Petals of the Ineffable Path. They were going to give her some bfore her next torture. Keeps the user completely aware.
They also just realized today that Brady hid the 7 cryptical books with Hsuen.

We send guards tonight. Paul, Simon, RC, Paul, Wang Chung. We find 8 thugs standing around a tied and beaten up Hsuen “Where’s the book!” They wield Jo Sticks, sickles and unarmed variously.
As we approach to fight, 8 more enter the door behind us!!
2 have pistols!
We wipe them out with ease.
Hsuen is saved!

Sept 24

Rick, Hobbes and Brady have a meeting of minds, showing them all Choi, who details all she heard at Ho’s. That is enough for Edmund, the Royal Marines will be at our disposal!
He then does the same with the Green Gang leadership.
The Jap navy will be indisposed, due to possible war with Russia. They do have a small zeppelin Asogi could get, max 6 passenger. 127 mpg. 2 crew. Made by Mistubishi.
If we use brit ships, Japs will likely help. If we use US, Japanese won’t. So we can have any 2 of the three.
USMC has good troops, Brady may have connections. But no landing crafts that we can use.
We will likely have to land on the dock w/o usable landing craft. No maps of the island coast are available.
It will take the govt’s a week or 2 to gather all troops and prepare. We will use Brit ships so that the Japanese and Americans will both go. Plus the Texas Marshal and dep’s.

We have to go to Lin Tang Yu for the Eye, we need the eye, who runs a slavery op, drugs, very powerful. Has lots of minions. Jeremy cases the house with the ninjas. Rick starts gathering info with Wang Chung.
Jeremy goes to visit him with Wang Phat. Place is full of half naked slave girls. 2 others are waiting to meet him in ill fitting western suits. Americans, eastern seaboard for sure. Bob Lewis, trunk salesman, and his associate Lou Abbot. They are here on a sales call, a cold call, door to door. Jeremy warns them that this Lin is not exactly friendly but they are sure of themselves.
Jeremy gets a sense of power from one of them, something is not right about either. Phat notices that when they are in his peripherals, they briefly appear to be amorphous. Staring right at Bob, he feels a probing of his mind, then the contact is lost. Bob then to Phat “Bob Lewis, good to meet ya.”
A few moments later, Lin calls for Jeremy “Yes, so what can I do for you today?”
Jeremy begins his art. He has 2 women sitting at his feet, and his 2 trained apes.
What Jeremy picks up from him:
He has books of Mythos
Kept informed by his hundreds of operatives on Nyarlathotep
Knows Ho is high priest
Knows Stansford came aboard Dark Mistress!
Knows of the cults!
Whispered in darkest places that a powerful machine is being built on the island, now does not believe it due to lack of current evidence
Raised his apes from infants; has a connection to Congo Cult of White Gorilla
His brother is a notorious warlord with 10000 men
He’s a degenerate, has his womens’ vocal cords severed
Does not want trouble with Bloated Woman
He’s evil, and refuses to help us even with all he knows

Lou Abbot enters with Bob unnoticed “So where is the eye of light and darkness, where do you keep it?”
Lin “In my safe room?”
He’s wammied, they command him to get it “right now”.
Lin stands up, walks through a curtain and returns with 4 other henchmen, then to Jeremy “What did you do to me?” Accuses him of hypnotizing.
He says those harmless trunk salesmen couldn’t have done it. Jeremy smacks Lou who falls over backwards. Bob picks him up.
They go into a ridiculous routine. Bob says to Jeremy “We’ll meet again” a mist rises and vanishes, they are gone.
Phat “We just saved you from them.”
He offers the eye if we return the book.
Jeremy “What book?”
“The 7 books.”
Jeremy agrees. Now we know where the eye is hidden. He leaves.

The 7 Books is a long yellowed scroll on rollers of bone of some kind. Rick ID’s it as a monster, probably a Chinese Dragon he recognizes from ancient treatises! So, they existed at some point. Wilhelm says close in look, its the rib of a nightgaunt.
Rick “Good call, old man!”
Its tube is of more recent instruction. Rick says the tube is from around 1800. The paper from at least 200 bc, likely older. It has ancient and obscure symbols of an even older source it must have been copied from called Tachuan, the Tchau Tchau speak it, a Hyborean language!
Also old TIbetan, Indian Brahmi.
Lots of astrological looking wheels and charts.
Its the most confusingly written thing we have ever seen.
Many lifetimes could be spent studying this and never finish.
Sounds like this needs to be in Archimedes’ possession.

Rick goes to the dancer’s house to pay respect for the passing of her boyfriend. She says he came to her house, left in middle of the night to go home. Then she heard he was dead the next day.
Dearly wants to find out what happened, too.

Rick goes to talk to Eija’s boss. He only knows that he was beginning to investigate a cult.
We go to his former abode. Landlady says he returned to appartment with a short and slim young Chinese girl.

Rick returns to our place, where he finds Paul was visited by a short, slim Chinese woman who wanted him to come to a meeting tonight. Some kind of a ritual, and for come to know the fate of your friend you must follow in his footsteps.

We follow Paul through the slums, following the direction, in the Chinese quarter. Making RC stay outside, they lead him inside to a subterraenean chamber, the Chinese woman who visited standing on the altar completely nude.
Maybe a hundred people of different cultures stand about, though still mainly Chinese. 1/3 female.
A long drawn out ritual of chanting begins.
People start having sex, or scratching at themselves, etc. A feint smoke or fog is floating to the altar, absorbed into the woman, as if it is eminating from the crowd.
This reminds him of that he heard happened with Look to the Future in America.

After a safe while, we break in up top.
Simon and RC take out the 2 guards just inside. We follow the dark hallway into the earth, hearing chanting ahead. We peak in the door and see the scene.

2 or 3 people at the front who were young adults now are aging fast.
We start filing in.
Several men are whipping people randomly.
Hobbes is just outside the door, film camera rolling.
The Wangs go into the crowd with Rick, RC.
Jeremy is taking note of the chant itself and gesturing in case later copying is needed. Simon and Schuyler raise their elephant guns.
She says "Lord Warrington, come forth to meet the Great Old Ones! Lord Warrington, come forth! He is grabbed ay a few of the cult leaders and they start dragging him forward.
“Now, the dread Lady shall copulate!”
One of them blocks Chung then Fist of Yogsothoth’s him! Chung strikes back, the man’s arms turn into snakes, but Chung takes him down.
We are mingling in, the woman starts to shimmer and change.
Its sanity all around, d6/d20. Schuyler drops 13 and feints! Billy drops 18 and has a screaming fit!!
Simon fires and hits, both barrels. RC charges to help Paul.
Jeremy moves to protect the downed Schuyler if necessary.
Rick rushes forward past Billy down the left side.
Phat engages, they close in on him and RC, plus 1 on Rick.
The bloated woman avatar moves to Paul and kills 6 surrounding worshipers then 2 of the 3 on RC, but misses Paul!!
Rick lights a wick hanging out of her satchel and yells for Paul and RC to run!! RC weaves through the crowd out of the way.
Paul turns around wildly barrels through worshipers.
Simon hits with Schuyler’s gun 36!!
Rick tosses his TNT bag of 5 × 4packs wired together expertly. It’s a massive explosion, killing everyone within 30’ around her and blowing her to bits. Apparently she was vulnerable to concussion damage!!
Hobbes “My god that was amazing!! Wait until you guys see this!”
Phat and RC are just caught in the periphery of the blast.
Burnt, disgusting bits of alien fat splatters the room and those within.
Only 2 of the cultists survive the blast. Simon intercepts their attempt to flee and cuts them to ribbons, then begins purging the room, RC and the Wangs with him. Its no contest. A couple rick men offer thousands of dollars, but get no quarter.
Rick picks the screaming Billy up over his shoulder and he and Hobbes get him out, Jeremy and Wilhelm get Schuyler out.
Simon says a prayer for all their souls and burns the building down.

Until the attack:

Billy has become an indefinite pathological liar.

Wilhelm starts intensive therapy on Billy up to the Island attack. Billy was down to a 6 sanity. After gaining from our victory, he gets a couple sanity back as well. After the first week, he cures Billy of his paranoia he has had.
After the next week, the lying is still there.
Rick spends plenty of time with our landlord.

The Wang’s, the night before the raid, sneak in with Ashida and his super ninja’s and procure the eye of light and darkness!

10 Iluminati men from Peking arrive after Rick’s wire about the raid. They have an infiltrator and 9 heavies.

Ho’s insane daughter, we will take with us when we leave and drop her at the same asylum in Hong Kong that keeps Carlyle.


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