The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Assault on Gray Dragon Island

Saturday, Oct 4 1890: Gray Dragon Island Attack

Wilhelm and Rick have been helping Hsuen study the 7 cryptical books.

We approach island. We loose our 6 longships of 20 troops each. Ho’s yacht and the Dark Mistress are docked on the pier. 1 ship to each, full of us, ninja’s, Brady, the Iluminati men, the Flying Squad and Fairburn, and 4 us marines.
The others land on the island, those men will hold the beach in case we are found out; then return to the ships to bring the second wave.
The fight quickly turns general on Ho’s junk but we win handily.

On the Mistress: RC and Phat encounter a hulking humanoid beast and is taken down fast, but RC and Simon finish it off.
The handle of the door to below feels fleshy to Simon. Below, at least another 12 or 15 of the same hulking killers we just fought lying in bunks. They do not know we are here yet.
We close the door and get off. Below decks is certainly a portal, to a larger place than the ship is itself!!

1 townsfolk wandered down to the beach, dispatched by royal marines. He has the Innsmouth look!! The whole town presumably does.
Simon wants to set charges at the waterline and sink it. He and Rick get to it.
By the time the Ho junk battle is over they are done.
The 2nd wave, full of New China, were attacked by deep ones. 2 entire boats of men were lost. The others have landed.
The townsfolk are starting to come out of their houses here and there.
The Marshal and his rangers are watching the beach with Chum (who wields a steam powered hand gattling gun) and the 11 green gang enforcers as the deep ones attack. After a volley by our men it, melee joins. We lose 1 green gang enforcer.
Our marines begin to volley into the town when enough targets are visible now that more are awakened by the gunfire.
Schuyler lets loose with the gattling gun.
Hobbes has been filming the entire thing from the far left of the beach with his night lense of his own invention.
The fanatic Brady trained commies have rushed to the forefront of the volley, and take the brunt of the return fire from the monstrous population. 11 are killed.
The town attacks like fanatics, but the marines with the comies and the gattling kill them to a man.
In the large building, we find several cages full of women. Sex toys. Ugh. We rescue them carefully.
Not long after the fight is engaged, the dymamite is set off on the Dark Mistress.
Tentacles lash out everywhere. Corpses floating in the water dissolve in the blood, the dead scream and wail as they do. Souls of the pirates of the yacht being devoured. The portal collapses, the ship is in tatters, a huge glowing rip in space opens and its sucked through. Bishop stands on teh edge of the boat, in his original form, screaming “I’ll return!! From the bowels of hell even, I shall be back!!!” and sucked through he is!!!

Not knowing if all the deep ones are dead or not, we keep the women in the village in a defensible spot with a detatchment of men, along with the downed Phat. The rest of us continue into the jungle.
A clear path leads to a cave opening in the volcano.
2 ranks of PC’s take the lead; followed by a third of the us marnines, then Slaughter and Rangers; ninjas and fairburn plus flying squad; the chinese commies and the green gang separated by the brit marines, who also have the rest of the PC’s with them; a third of the us marines; Jap marines; Iluminati; a third of the us marines.

Flaming oil spews from a booby trap just ahead. RC, Billy and Simon jump out of the way. The next 3 Chung, Paul and Schuyler do the same. The next 3 ranks of US marnines, 1 in each rank fail to escape in time. 2 get out before burning too badly. 1 is stuck, too much in pain to escape. He burns in agony falling dead moments later. It continues down the ranks. 1 Ranger is burned some, as is 1 ninja but not bad; It reaches the flying squad, a couple are noticably burned.
It then hits Brady’s men. 3 of them die. Then it is too thin and everyone gets out of the way.
We press on to the cave entrance.
A Hound of Tindalos, a dog that looks like its been turned inside out, attacks Brady’s Chinese.
Brady quickly responds to help his men. Then Chum right after. A few more of the New China die in the fight before Brady and Chum kill it.

Finally we reach the cave, a fetid odor emanated from it.
We walk into a large central room with a huge futuristic rocket at the middle. A large statue of the Bloated Women. About 50 men milling about, most with rifles.
A pool of water on each side of the missile, one boiling hot. A moat of magma surrounds the missile. 6 scaffolding sections reach over the moat to the missile. One has a tower to the tip of the rocket. Also a pile of boxes.
3 doorways lead out of the room at the far half.
Brady’s men volunteer to attack first. They will charge. The US Marines will provide supporting fire. We will go around the flanks to get to the other areas.
Hobbes will film from the entrance.

We order our charge. The Chinese first get their attention and charge right into them. The US Marines provice cover fire for them next and put a mean hurtin’ on the enemy.
Simon “Schuyler, why haven’t you ever told us about these men?”
“I never needed to call upon them until now.”
The PC groups then begin filing in and through the room.

The flying squad go for the storage are with Jeremy. They find small, 4 cigar shaped tanks with backstraps attached to a welding gun (at full power can do 2d10 damage at 5’ away).

Simon takes Chung goes down the right wall to the doorway there and the Bloated Women statue. Wilhelm joins him. Texans and Japanese Marines as well and Taro, and 5 Iluminati. They find more captive women, who say they are being kept for the Bloated statue to come alive and have its way with them. Wilhelm says the Eye needs to be set atop the volcano.

Rick will go for the rocket with Billy and Schuyler. The Green Gang will go also to keep everyone off of his crew and help him get up to the rocket itself. They reach it and fire into the rafters as Billy starts to climb up. 4 come down and attack Schuyler with blowtorches. He engages them with a few of the Green Gang as Rick and the rest follow Billy upward.
2 green gang are killed in the assault.

Paul and RC go down the left wall. The ninjas join them. Royal Marines too, and 5 Iluminati. RC busts open the doors.
Passing the boiling pool, a group of deep ones attack but the marines slaughter them. There stands Sir Aubrey Penhew at a worktable. There sits something that obviously goes into the nose of the rocket, lots of complicated electical equipment. Parts of the missile! Probably the exploding parts.
Penhue “Leave my stronghold, in the name of Nyarlathotep. In the name of Cthulhu! Cthulhu Ftagn! My will must be obeyed!”
We rush forward as he raises his hands to cast!! One mighty hit from RC cripples the old man DEAD!!
RC then scalps him and adds it to his set with anarchist.

The final room is full of Egyptian treasures worth riches!! We start getting this stuff to our boats asap.

A small room behind is done up like an egyptian burial chamber: Penhue’s future death chamber.

The marines help finish off the men on the scaffolding.

Rick sets the rest of the TNT charges on the missile, especially on the inside.
All the stuff in Penhue’s room we haul out to take with us, not knowing what part explodes nor how to properly destroy it.
While this is going on, men are supervised to get all the Egyptian artifacts to our boats.

In the supply stuff, we find an long reel of detonator wire. We can now set the charge off far enough away from the place that the person doing it will not be in danger.

In the midst of this, the place starts to shake and rumble. A Shaggoth explodes from the bubbling pool atop 3 of Brady’s men standing there, killing them all!
It then lashes out as everyone of our men flee i panic, killing more!!!

Someone needs to hold it in order for us to get away.
Suddenly, a phantom, a spirit, appears, assaulting the Shaggoth. It turns and bellows “Flee you fools! Flee.”
That gives us the first moment we need to rush to the passage out.
It catches up quick, RIck, Billy and Simon hold the hall door as the others get out. It would have killed Billy, but RC leaps in front of the blow taking the shot (card) but for minimum damage(card)!!!

We all turn and run up the tunnel. Hobbes pushes the plunger down.

We rush for the boats!!! Everyone!!! The island is shaking violently!!
Rick and Schuyler have to pilot Ho Phong’s junk out to get all of our people out.

As we get away, the island sinks into the sea.


Oct 4 through 9

Lots of rest, study, Wilhelm fixing Billy’s pathos of lying. Margo is given all the Egyptian artifacts we got from Penhew and the warehouse, to ship them to the British Museum.

Oct 10

We board Santos’s steamer for Darwin, with short stop in Hong Kong to drop of Ho’s daughter. Brady is with Rick and Billy all the way to Kenya.
Rick talks with Esteban about the Inv. clues about cult activity on the south pacific, tells him what Pena is doing, and asks him to poke around to his own contacts, as he has the opportunity, as he works the ocean here to South America concerning any strange activity that may be of interest to us.
Rick talks to Wilhelm about an idea he has concerning these dreamlands the MH have been to. If time runs slower there, so days there are only hours or so here, it is an invaluable place to take the time to study forbidden tomes and do lengthy research.
“It would be nice to have a reliable way there anytime we wish.”
Wilhelm mentions the wine given them on the train “that vineyard is worth looking into.”
Wang Phat says once we are back, he will try to look into it, he will not be accompanying the MH to Hauptman.


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