The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Expedition to Huston and the Lost City

October 27

Disembark on our expedition. Jack Bo has 10 bottles of gin packed up. 1 day to Dingo Falls. Rocks are red colored, quite striking in pattern. 3 deep caves above the 15’ wide pool.
Slattery’s are 2 miles east.
Old Fella says the water is drinkable, after a ritual which he knows it.
Simon “A heathen ritual? I’ll drink from my cantene thanks.”
He pours a gourde full of water onto some straw, seaping into a bowl. He then gives it to us to drink. He’s simply straining the dung out of it.
Rick takes a huge gulp.
Simon can’t believe he just did that. Jerem goes right for it. Everyone else follows suit.

The 2 other aborigine assistants set up camp with Big Fella.

Rick, Jack Bo, Simon and Billy enter one of the cave.
J Bo “I do wish I had a flask.” Rick hands him one, he pours it full of Gin.
We wade across the pool to below the 1st cave. Billy has to climb up, then he drops a rope for the other 3.
Torches lit, Rick turns on his headlamp. Passage goes virtually straight down. Rick calls for a 2nd rope just to be sure of distance. Rick goes down first into a cavity. The slide.
Back up, then into second cave next to it. Seems the same. Rick goes down first. He hears movement immediately.
The floor is moving. Snakes!! He jumps back upward the rope, and looks down to see what they are. Venemous!! They are known to congregate like this. He sees no other paths out, so climbs up.
Next cave same initial setup. Rick climbs down, more carefully this time. He lands, seeing something clumped up on the floor. No other exits. It’s a body, bones. Clothes scorched and burned. The feet have no boots nor shoes. He starts to check it out, and we hear a horrifying scream from outside at the camp from Ginger.
The other 3 look out to see a spectral figure floating toward out campsite.
Old swagman with big beard. As it gets closer it beckons and points to the cave we are in. As it gets closer to camp it bursts into the flaming apparition, whereupon GInger screams and flees into the desert. RC runs after him.
Our 4 aborigine fall to their knees and begin to chant, trying to send it back to the dreamtime.
Rick finds nothign at all of value on the body. The hands are clenched beside the head like burned alive. Climbs back up.
The ghost partially fades and sparks go from it into one of the natives, who races to the fire and with bare hands throws the fire around and starts to throw himself on the fire to put it out. Brady runs to him and pulls him back.
Jck Bo has jumped down into the water and is racing to help the natives.

Hobbes and Schuyler put the fire out. The native stiffens, falls, and sparks leave him upward into the sky.
The spirit has disappeared away. Few minutes later it has returned, its Buckley!! Feet are bare. It points back to the cave. It can’t speak. Points off into the distance to the Slattery house.
Rick “We’re going to kill them Buckley, kill them all.”

We pack up fighting gear and make for the Slattery’s: Paul, Rick, Billy, Simon, Jack Bo, Red Cloud. Its a tin house. Open hole windows with closed shutters.
We encounter a pack of their dogs outside, Jack Bo tries to wammy them. They surround him. He turns to Simon with a thumbs up. They all charge him, 20 of them.
Simon leaps to his aid, Rick tells Billy to make for the front door and follows him. RC wades into the dogs as well. Paul follows Rick and Billy.
The door opens and Vern Slattery is standing there. Bleery eyed, bad beer in one hand “Whats going on out here, what you doing with my dogs! Dogs rip him apart.”

Paul shoots him, Rick slugs him in the jaw. Rick punches him for 17 KO’d. Billy walks past him into the house.
Rick “What did you do to Buckley!” calling into the house.
RC and Simon make mince meat of the dingos in the meantime.
Jack Bo “I thought it would bloody work.”
Simon “Maybe next time.”
His clothes are ripped to pieces.

In the house, the shack has 4 rooms, littered with filth, smells horific. These people lived in squalor.
An older one, bear of a man, comes out of one of the rooms “What you doin to our dogs, my pa”.
Another appears almost at the same time, early 20’s, vacant eyes like a moron.
he blows a single long eery note with the harmonica as Billy moves to him.
The other walks to Billy "
Rick enters “What did you do to Buckley, out there in the desert? The guy you burned to death?”
Rick looks for Buckley’s boots, but they are not in plain sight.
“I’m looking for a pair of boots” and he starts looking.
“What did you do to my da?”
“Knocked him cold.”
The dad comes to at teh door “Thieves, murderers, thieves, murderers, run boys!!”
The young moron “Yeag, get out of my house, now.” like a simpleton.
Rick keeps looking, into his room first. He blocks the door. Rick shoves him aside. He hears a whimper.
Paul blocks the door, as Billy protects Rick.
In the room is an old pallet set up like a table. Under is a dog with a litter of 8 puppies. Couple dead. Staked onto the table, couple have their legs broken, one burned alive, eyes poked out of one.
He cries for Rick to leave his pets alone. Paul fires a wide warning shot by him into the wall.
Rick searches.
He blows the harmonica again “don’t hurt my pets, I’m not done with ’em yet, they got lots more fun.” Billy goes for the harmonica and takes it off of him. On it is the name Buckley. Billy tells Rick, who remembers that harmonica. The punk wails for it and fails. Billy slugs him. He huddles into a corner crying.
The older son “Don’t treat my brother like that.” Paul shoots him in the leg.
He rushes Paul as the rest of our group is getting to the front door.
Paul “RC stop this crazy man.” This scum wants a fist fight. RC is just going to kill him, but Simon steps up to fight him hand to hand.
Rick tells Billy to drag the dad inside. Rick takes the dumb kid into the dog room and starts talking calmly to the moron kid.

Simon knocks him out.

Vern tells Paul his dumb son was born this way, touched in the head.

The son keeps telling Rick his da gave him the harmonica. He knows nothing of new boots.

Vern insists they gave Buckley food and water and 2 pounds for it, he needed food and water.
Rick searches Vern’s room
Under the bed are Buckley’s boots. Vern says he found those.
Rick “Tie them up.”
We take them all to Dingo falls with us.
“Fine, I’ll tell ya the trooth. I tried to protect him cause he’s my son. It was Joco (moron). The other son confirms. Joco went out after Buckley had stopped by, dit that too him and came back with his stuff.
They say Joco told them he did all this.
They refuse to go back to the Falls.
Simon “We can take you anywhere we want to take you.”

We drag them back to the Falls.
The ghost appears. Frank and Joco did not suspect.
Vern finally yells his admittance to guilt “get him away from me”. He wanted his stuff so killed him. Ghost sends the sparks into him. Vern struggles to escape the bonds.
Rick feels the ghost wants the harmonica and possibly the boots back with the corpse, and buried properly.
Wilhelm thinks it wants revenge, bones to be buried properly in a Christian grave yard. if we let it kill Vern, Vern may haunt this place.

So, we need to take them back to town. We take anything of use from the house: a good canteen, rifle and ammo.

Oct 28

Back to town. Turn in the family and report.

Oct 29

We give our depositions. Vern is arrested. Jacko will be sent to Port Hedland to a sanitarium. They have nothing on Frank, and he has no where to go. Their mine is played out. He’s not a murderer like his dad nor insane like his brother.
Jeremy “You could probably make a life for youself here.” He has a good rifle and canteen. He wants us to hire him to go along.
Paul is willing to take that chance.
He realizes his brother is going to be taken care of better now than before, and his dad was a murderer afterall.
Paul gets assurances the kid will be taken care of properly, leaves his card “I’ll be checking in.”
Wilhelm leaves his business card to follow the kid as well.

We give Buckley a proper burial here in town. y

Frank gets med attention for his lt leg wound; we get him haircut, cleanshaven, and bathed thoroughly. Rick warns him, we do not live in filth. That does not happen around us.

Jack Bo isn’t to keen on this idea.

Oct 30

They assure us Vern will hang.
Back to Dingo Falls.
Ghost is gone.

Oct 31-Nov 9

Move on to Lake George: 10 day ride.
Guard shifts during travel:
Billy/Frank Slattery/Phat/Schuyler
Mundabi/Dodge/Big Fella/Paul
Simon/Jack Bo/Brady/Old Fella

On day 2, a sandstorm appears in the distance. Luckily there is a large outcrop just nearby with an overhang to hide under. It does the job perfectly. We camp there that night, it blows all night and most of the day. Takes us a couple hours to dig out.

Next day, camel in the distance, man riding it. We investigate. Old man with long whiskers.
Rick “Old man, you’re a long way out by yourself.”
He’s a prospector, we can call him Kip. “Strange things happening” he advises us to turn around.
He’s on the way to Mekathara. Schuyler says its on the other side of the desert.
“Sometimes the ground shakes, very local. Out in the middle of the desert. Abo’s are vanishing, sometimes entire family groups.” He’s seen bat swarms from horizon to horizon almost, huge shapeless terrifying things. This all happening about halfway tween Ural and Sahara Wells.
Schuyler “What’s up there?”
“Nothing, just desert.” and all the troubles.
We rides away.

Couple days later, we come to a ravine with good water and shelter area so camp above o the edge. Then, the pitter patter of rain.
The ravine runs faster as the water pours down.
In the morning, 6 Ago’s are outside our camp, just staring. Old Fella come forward to talk to them. They want food and bacca (tobacco).
We give them some smoke and invite them to breakfast. Their leader sits with Rick, Simon and Paul.
They are clearing out of this whole part of the desert. Disappearances are far and wide in the region.
He calls the problems Nugnut, the Great Bat.
We menion all the stuff Kip metioned, the guy says bat swarms very bad. They draw a trackway we say to watch out for. Those marks have been seen at many disappearances. Some others are found dead, skin stripped from one side like from a terrible wind, while the other side is dried like a mummy.
Draw a symbol which all members of the bat cult have on them, we have seen it before, they stylized eye from China. The Bat has come in the form of a white man. Most who see him, if not cultists, are dead or missing.
We figure Huston.
They bow to him, those that don’t are running away.
They don’t know of the tall, emaciated trive, but Rick isn’t buying it.
Rick offers more bacca to take with them for the info. They say they wanna leave now.
Old Fella says its concerning the dream lands, we wouldn’t understand.
Old Fella “That tribe, not from around here. Mimi’s, men from the dreamtime.” No Fella’s know why. “You see the mimi’s you run. You make mimi’s mad, they eat your face.”
Rick “Not the first thing that’s tried to eat my face.”
He says his boomerang not hurt mimi fellas, neither do guns. Nothing hurt them, but magic.

Travelling on, we see smoke behind us from horizon to horizon. 2 hours before, we had left sandy desert and entered scrub. There’s a brushfire behind us closing in.
Schuyler “Let’s pick up the pace!”
Wilhelm and his camel take some heat damage before we get out of it. Grace takes a bit of smoke in, Phat as well. Billy’s camel is caught and killed!! Slattery’s camel is killed too, and he is burned and lots of smoke.

We otherwise make it out and continue on.

Late morning day before we arrive, one of the Abo’s screams and falls to the ground. Snakebite! Death Adder.
He dies a few hours later, bad bite.

Nov 11

Closing in on the lake, going through an area of rock, person steps out from cover. More humanoid than human. Tall, deathly skinny, long fingers.
Simon asks who he is, the thing says nothing. Draws itself.
Jeremy “Do you folow the bat god?”
Draws the sign then crosses it off.
Dodge “Where are you from?” Draws as leeping person and a small cloud above his head.
Rick “Why are you here in this world?” Draws an arrow pointing toward us.
Jeremy “He’s here to guide us.”
Rick “Where are you to guide us to?” Draws lots of people looking like our party, him in front but crosses it out. Not guiding us. Draws a person, a mimi, hand shaking or exchanging something.
Schuyler “Do you have something to give us?”
Crosses it out.
Rick "Here in friendship?’ Another X. Then draws a creature maybe, a blob with tendrils. Yith? Draws several mimi’s with limbs disconnected, ripped to pieces. Then several people with guns shooting at this thing.
Rick “We are here to kill this thing?” Draws a circle around it. His people are where we are going.
Hobbes “Where is this creature, up there?” Draws arrow pointing to us, then away to a door like a gate.
Motions for us to follow him.
We need a kill team to go through the gate to kill the monster. The rest will continue to make camp at the lake ahead.
Big and Old Fella want at least one of them to come. Simon wants Old Fella.
It will be Billy, Rc, Simon, Old Fella, Wilhelm, Schuyler to go with the mimi.

He opens the portal into a cavern with about 15 of the dream mimis. 2 step aside and motion to strange tubes leaning there and for us to pick them up. There are 6 so we each grab one. They have a thin line along them almost like a sighting. Some kind of gun?
Old Fella hits a button on one end and a bolt of electricity comes out and hits him.

One of them runs his hands down the rock on a wall and the glowing portal opens. We gather from them this portal will stay open for our return.
We go through.
We stand in a circular chamber going up like a well. Light of day above. We stand on a circular walkway along the wall. At bottom is an portal that opens like an Iris. The huge monster floats up through the gap. Wilhelm looks at it and says that’s the ‘birds’ that make the tracks drawn in the sand for us before.
They do go incorporeal at times at least briefly.
As it rises, we unleash. Its impossible by its reaction to judge how badly we injured it but all but Old Fella hit.
Wilhelm is taken down in one hit, Old Fella is nailed with 8 wound pts. He drops to first aid Wilhelm.
Another volley must have hurt him bad now, he looses far less attacks than previous!
Billy and RC hit and it explodes in terrible sickly green goo that covers us all.

We return through the portal, evidence of our success all over us, carrying Wilhelm out. They get across to us their thanks, and that if we are in dream worlds and meet them, we could be friends.

We meet the others at the lake and camp.

Nov 12

We rest at the lake for today.

Nov 13

Another day of full rest.

Next few day

Its a day to each of the next 3 wells in succession.

Nov 16

Arrive at Ural Well, last stop before onto Sahara Well. More like a brackish pool. Lots of room for snakes and spiders that can kill. We keep our camp a safe distance away. The water will need to be boiled first. Luckily, we have men like Rick Schuyler, the Fellas, and Jack Bo to keep us perfectly safe from the environment.
Rick has us get water boiling immediately and pretty constantly to keep a stock in case of trouble and to take plenty with us as this is that last waterhole before our destination.

Nov 17

We move on and come across a cattle trail going along our path in 3 hours north leading to a road going the right direction also. We are on it for 4 hours until we see something in the distance. The terrain is now look like it the McWirre photos but not the huge blocks yet. Its a rocky outcrop with an old habitation under it, just a couple of shacks or so. As we close in we see at least a dozen tents all damaged or left long ago. Crates lying about, broken open. The shack says ‘exposives’ and another has some mechanics atop it. Also an old steam truck.
Seem to be a small mining camp or prospectors. The front of the truck is flat like stepped on by a giant. 2 dead men, skeletons, crushed inside. Human remains are still scattered about. All with broken bones.
Ginger “I’d say it’s abos.”
Wilhelm never heard of abos crushing half of a car.
Ginger thinks they dropped a boulder on it. When it went where?"
“Back on the cliff?” Then he notices ‘proof’, a couple of the skeletons are abos and not crushed. Both have a club nearby with small sharp teeth along it, bats! Cultists! The puncture wounds. Unfortunately for Ginger the Doc confirms these have been here much less time than the others. Its a separate incident.

Rick first check the explosives shack: the boxes are there but empty. Schuyler and Simon check out the truck. The men inside have dried and brittle remains of miners clothes.
Paul and RC and Wilhelm start checking the tents with Jack Bo. Something big definitely came down upon the truck. We immediately started worrying about a huge monster.
One tent is sewn back together. Inside are remains of someone living here more recently. They may still be around even. Just beyond the tents we hear a bubbling sound. At the rock wall there is a dark stain, small hole only size of a large nail. Out of it jets water, having carved a small basin in the ground and into a crack in the ground. Geologically impossible, its not seeking its own level. None of us want to taste it. Its clear, odorless. We start searching for a tunnel and way to the top.
Schuyler starts seeing tracks around camp, of one or more polyps!
The crates are either mining equipment and such or empty food supplies and such.
Rick checks the other building. The stuff on top is a winch, inside is a steam engine. There is a hole in the floor about 10’ diameter into the earth. There is an elevator car to go down using a good steel cable. There are controls in the elevator and here.
Platform can fit maybe 3.
On the sides of the tunnel are marks of drilling, they artificially cut this out. No journal or work notes anywhere. In the remains of a fire drum outside, still with papers and binders more recent than the attack.
The engine is empty but we can use all the crates outside as fuel.

Simon wants himself, Billy and RC to go down first. Schuyler operates the controls with Rick.
As we descend, we see the depth marked on the walls with our lanterns. It stops hard to a halt at 300’. We open the gate and step out. Its full of rubble like a cave in. It should keep going farther down. We lift the elevator and its rubble underneath down an obviously deeper hole.
Back up we go.
Whatever they were drilling with is gone. We find a lot of broken and warn casing but no bit.
We mount up and continue on.
Simon thinks that if we run out the cable, we might be able to see by the wear how far it was usually strung out. Schuyler starts letting it run.
We hear dingo howls, and see some nearby. They have an odd look to them, then we hear a whistle and the dash off the ridge they were on.
Rick sends Billy to the ridge to take a look over. RC volunteers to go with him. Simon joins them.
The tracks to down the hill to a mass of tracks, including human footprints. They go off toward over another ridge and down.
Simon feels this is a red herring.
RC and Billy want to follow anyway, so Simon goes not wanting to be responsible for their deaths.
Below they see the man, scraggly and worn, surrounded by maybe 30 dingo; wears bigboy shoes and, nothing else, at all.
He yells “Get ye back, Satan spawn, be gone be bone or my friends shall rend you!!”
Simon “Call off your dogs wild man!” standing in the middle of a small circle of stones “You can’t trust me in my circle of protection!”
Simon tries to settle him down and with Billy’s help they temporarily settle him down. He calls them down but warns us to not cross the circle of protection.
He dances around singing “I’m Jeremy yes I am” and on. He calls himself a survivor of the death camp “I’ve been here for millenium!! Or days, or years. A long time.” He’s mad as a hatter.
He insists he can’t be hurt within the circle and encourages us to throw a rock at him. Billy hits him and “See, I am completely protected.”
Simon asks him to come back to camp. When he tells him we have beef, he agrees.
Simon asks how he gets the dingo to follow him, “Its a long story”.
He goes right for the water basin first and drinks.
Wilhelm is looking at one of the dingo when it suddenly vanishes from sight. Jeremy calls for it to come back and it appears again.
We gather around and start talking.
He and the rest were hired by Carver to dig for gold. When his money ran out, they stopped working until the supply trucks came. He was mad, started making all kinds of crazy hand gestures. Then he disappeared for a while, and returned with a crazed look i his eyes insisting there was another way that god has shown him and told them all to leave if they wished. They asked for wages spent waiting, even threatening him with picks. Carver swore, a cruel look came over him, and told they he’d speed them on their way. Carver walked into the desert talking to himself.
That night, couple of the men caught Jeremy cheating at cards. THey almost killed him but he lost them in the desert. As he snuch back to camp he saw Carver appear atop the outcrop. Pointed down and a great winked thing with long talons came from the sky and killed everyone. When the guns were useless the men squealed like dying animals.
Jake and Pixy tried to truck but it squished them flat. Eddy was still screaming after torn into 3 pieces. So, Jeremy wandered off away from it all and laid down to die. He slept for days. When he woke the dingos were them but they are magic not real. If he does’t pay attention they go away. But, they can kill, and help feed him.
He has lived off sardines otherwise, the cartons of them kept replenishing themselves. He woke up one day soon after and suddenly there was water from the hole.
There was a cave in below, they were lower than that and had almost reached a city, Carver said. That’s when they knew they weren’t here for gold.
When he sleeps he goes to another world. When there he can make anything happen that he wants. He’s a sultan there.
Is all this stuff coming from there? He thinks he brought the tall abos too.
He doesn’t think its dreamtime or the Abos could have stopped it.
There are evil normal abos who have tried to kill him but his dogs protect him. These abos are evil, terrible. Sometimes he catches some and tortures them, this stops their worship of the bat but can drive them mad.
This guy’s a powerful natural dreamer but insane. He is really happy that we give him food, now he can dream more into this world anytime he wants.

Simon gives him some new clothes. The abos don’t come by anymore. The polyp has returned once in a while, he only ever sees one. The abos live halfway to Sahara wells. He won’t come with us. He feels safe enough here.
He says Carver took the second truck along with the dynamite, toward the evil abos.
We camp here tonight.
Schuyler “good luck, Jeremy”. After an odd pause he bursts “and to you!”
Simon “Quite.”
As Jeremy falls asleep, the dingo mostly disappear one by one as he sleeps in his circle of stones.
We return to the camp to sleep.

Nov 18

We move on early, hearing his dingo’s howls in the distance.
Along the top of a sandy ridge, with another to each side. Suddenly, 20 abos appear on each other ridge taunting and screaming at us.
Our weakest get under the wagons in time as we draw weapons. They hurl war boomerangs at us.
We start firing back, each having to steady their camels as well.
Billy dismounts and runs for one of the lines as does Phat. Simon charges on the camel.
Hobbes skillfully settles his camera and snaps a pic as they are partway across. RC moves mounted as well and fires his bow along the way. Rick, Schuyler and Paul all kill one right off.
RC and Simon begin cleaving away on their side, Billy and Phat the other side.
They have half their number in reinforcements as well.
Hobbes is getting good shots of the melee’s.
Paul after terrible shooting with his new enlisted man rifle he thought would be a good idea, throws it to the ground in contempt “To hell with this damnable thing!” and goes back to his sidearm.
It takes a bit but we are victorious with only light damage. We capture one alive. 59 others dead.
Simon’s intimidation does nothing to get him to open up. Rick and Jeremy try to trick him into opening up via usual cultist overconfidence but he has an almost childlike naivete to him, it goes no where. So, we figure Wilhelm can figure something else out. Wilhelm realizes these guys understand so little, he is not insane. He is very trusting, so perhaps gifts like to a child may open him up. And flattery.
We give him some bacca, which gets him drooling. We lay on some flattery on his gentle nature and their strong fighting vs us.
He says those men are now in a better place with the bat god.
White fella says “father of all bats returning to the world”. Not sure when though, he has to touch certain stones when its time. The stones the glow.
Rick “Where are they?”
“In the big hole in the ground, in the cave.”
Rick “How many people are in you tribe.”
“Now, not too many.”
Hobbes “What got you worshipping this white guys ideas?”
“He big white fella, he juju man, bring powerful magic.”
Carver gives them captives for “flesh, and sex”.
He says we follow this road to field of strange stone, there is the big hole “Many go in and few come out”. White fella sometimes there, other times he go away, others he dreams big dreams.
Huston controls the polyps, he feeds captives to them.
Them? plural? ugh.
There are stairs to a great cave which goes on forever. Inside are ferocious creatures one should not disturb. Loud noises equals get yourself eaten. Beyond description, this guy hears. But they ruins minds.
In another part lives the white fella and many captives. In another part is a being who knows everything but nothing “about us”; free but captive of Huston. He has heard white fella talking of a city and its surely there.
The polyps do not live together in one place.
Something might live in the city, he says.
Jeremy thinks he’s telling the truth as he knows it. Wilhelm says his childlike nature is dependent on rumor and such, they have likely been told much to supplement the lives they have been given to keep them in line.
Simon, while we are talking, comes up behind him and slays him quick as can be. Just as he’s describing how the best eatin’ is a female you have had your way with first.

We continue on.

About an hour later we can hear a put put noise from afar. Louder as we close in. Ahead we see the stone formations, and with them comes a sense of foreboding and terror. The sand is packed more as we get there by lots of movement. Garbage is strewn about, Rick is horrified that such a previously pristine archaeological site has been desecrated. They have defecated and urinated anywhere they pleased.
We send Billy and RC to scout the area closer before we move inside.
We find a low square of sandbags about 4’ high, poles a few higher to a roof. Under it is a steam generator, the sound we heard. A white mean with a bolt action is walking on sentry duty, and an African, tatooed all over his arms and small pigtail (sailor), keeps the boiler running.
Its lit by a string of lightbulbs. In the center of the area is the hole, and cables from the generator run downward.
This area is huge. Its about a good 50 yards from the nearest considerable cover to the generator. The guard isn’t paying much attention, surely presuming no one would possibly have any reason to be here.
We wait until dark.

Jeremy, RC and Billy will sneak across the open area in the dark. As they are about to start, 2 guys come out of the hole, obviously coming up a steps. Another white thug and a young woman, looks like a teenager, he is prodding and slapping with a thick stick. One of the disappearances?
She takes a loose shif off and the guard starts kissing and going for her.
The slavemaster then goes back down into the tunnel.
Rick now joins the sneak party, there needs to be a gentleman there now. The African is watching. Then he joins in.

There is enough coal in the generator for hours.
We come in low, using the sandbags as cover. Then RC come in behind them, using the African as cover from the other. Rick will then come over the sandbags to get the girl out.
Each are killed with one shot.
Rick checks on the girl, hand over mouth so she doesn’t scream in shock.
She knows very little. Her name is Carrie Norquist. She has been raped many times, but a lot of the girls have had much worse done to them “I’ve been lucky considering.” She confirms there is a multi level city down there, spreads out for miles. More like a dungeon though, not a huge open area with buildings. No way it was created for humans. She has never seen it.
When we go in, its one path for a long ways. When we get to the first spot where other halls branch off, they call that the bunkhouse. Where most of the white men sleep. Then slave quarters not far from there. Other than keeping the natives and whites happy, they say we are used ultimately for sacrifices deeper within, obscene rituals. They also traffic many out to sell for money around the word.
Wow, this makes us even happier to stop this nonsense.
The generator here runs the lights downward. The blacks are corrupted sailors brought here to keep the generators going. Another is at the bottom, and more as we go, all to light the complex.
A group pic is taken by Hobbes of us all.
Rick has everyone get their caving attire on, for the constant cool temperature. Hobbes takes another group pic.

Mrs. Hays insists on going, she has been here to this city when it was new, in her visions. She feels the mental block put on her may weaken as we go and she xp it first hand. Dodge insists he is going down as well, this is a massive archaeological find.

Bryce will get a triage area ready. The 2 guides, the Fellas and Muldoon will stay here keeping camp. Phat remains as a guard.
All the PC’s otherwise will descend, as well as Jack Brady

We descend. The hole is 300’, steps wooden. A string of lightbulbs down both sides. At the bottom is another generator. This one lights the caverns, the top the step lights and backs this one up.
The side passages, judging by the untrod earth, seem totally undisturbed and no lighting is mounted down them.

Soon it opens up into the city, oddly, slightly unsettling shaped buildings all with closed doors. Ground stones of octagonal shapes.

Buildings are mazes of rooms, lots of old alien art and artifacts depicting the Great Race. Sizes are huge.

Lots of symbols in the city’s structures; rubble throughout from buildings and the ceiling.

Rick takes good looks at the stuff as we go and we pause several times for photographs of the city and writings, etc.

We pass a second generator then to a wide thoroughfare dimly lit by lights on the right side, into the distance as far as we can see. On the right we come across a door which RC finds regular trackes leading to and from, human, then a second close by.

The door is stone, and locked, piece of the door chipped away and human lock installed.
No windows. We hear a click from the adjacent building door. We take cover between buildings. , RC, Paul, Simon and Billy to that side for the ambush. 2 men exit the building, a girl with them, captive, naked and bound. Taking her to our building.
Our guys jump them. RC and Billy kill each with 1 blow.
The girl is about to scream, but Paul gives her a quick slap and hush and she quiets.
Rick “They’ll have the keys on them.”
We get the keys and enter ours first. A man sits at a desk with a shogun “About time you, gasp!”
Billy rushes upon him, beheading.
Schuyler takes the shotgun and ammo. 8 rounds.
Upstairs we sneak, they have made it into one big living area, fire in the middle. Electric hotplates in the corner for cooking. 20ish present now.
2 slave girls as well, servicing a couple guys.
Ungentlemanly behavior.
Rick “I demand you slaughter them all without mercy.”

Paul, Simon, RC and Billy slaughter them, Rick moving right for the girls killing 1 cultist. 2 remain at the end, each holding a girl hostage to be let go. We allow them to leave in order to get the women. Unfortunately for them, when they get downstairs Schuyler kills one and they take the other prisoner, KO’d.
We find another 6 girls in a side room, in a pen.
They had 2 of the electric rifles! Billy took a rough shot from one but he and Simon each killed the shooters immediately after their first shots on each.

We get the cultist to tell us everything he knows, he obviously hasn’t gone full crazy yet. He draws us a map of what he knows. Following the road ahead leads to a. passage to the right that leads to unknown; another further to right leads to Huston’s HQ and then the excavation for artifacts (where they found the electric rifles).
Further forward is a place they call the Great Plaza, where he has never been.

We get the women and prisoner up top with the Doctor and camp.

The prisoner says the unknown first right turn was cleared at first. As far as he has seen no one has been there, but they were all told never to go there again.

Nov 19

We descend.

Afternoon, a warparty of the evil koori are seen appoaching the camp from the desert by Phat!!! Slattery and Muldoon fire then they charge in and hurl spears with atlatls. Next, Phat and Big Fella charge as the other 2 keep firing. For the animal handler, Muldoon makes a fine showing. Fella takes a bit of a beating.
Slattery takes the scalps and slashes their eyes so they are blind in the afterlife.
Old fella is very proud of his son.


Rick and Simon agree, check the forbidden tunnel first.
Takes about an hour to get to the turn, hour and a half to a blockage up the tunnel.
Rick climbs to the top to see if can uncover enough to see in the other side. It’s 10’ to the other side, he climbs back down and sets a few charges, enough that we can easily clear it to about a third of its height to easily walk over.
He blows it perfectly. Its still rough across but we all make it safely. 2 hours later we come to a huge hole at the meeting of a Y intersection, its lit here for the first time since the rubble. Generator must be down one side or the other. We check by listen, there is one down both sides. Lights also circle to top of the pit. 200’ diameter. It reeks, nausious, and emanates sound of cries and wailing, some like baby. It’s 60’ deep.
He slaps down his night vision lenses, Yikes!!! Bulbous and hideous forms, appendaged, move all about the bottom of the pit! Most horribly, they all look originally human. These damnable cultists!! This is terrible, Rick and Wilhelm agree these can only be some ruined progeny of a mythos creature or avatar of an Old One.
He also feels they are almost defenseless. Simon volunteers to go in and test the waters. He kills them all, only 6 sanity the worse.
We go left first. 1 hour later we come to what looks like a plaza. A ring of standing stones 100’ across in the middle on a raised mound 300’ across. The stones seem to wobble slightly as we get closer.
Simon “Something is alive under the hill.”
We get to it, and it is rippling slightly. The surface throbs and pulses. Simon stabs it, no reaction but oozing black.
Jeremy “It think that ring on top is probably a feeding area.”
RC “Like its maw.”
Looking closer at its base, Rick sees that its form continues under the floor. This is only a piece of a larger creature. Through his binos, he sees what may be Aklo on a stone so decides to go up. An unpronouncable name, perhaps Ozmerovul, under which is ‘The Titan Horror’. He feels his feet start to somewhat sink in so he returns.
The wound is healing, Simon has to clean his sword fast as it is starting to corrode it. Its acidic ooze.
Rick repeats the writing. Wilhelm knows of it, in his deep knowledge, but virtually nothing is known. Its prehistoric, long pre antedeluvian. In far far past it was betrayed by love they say, and put to sleep.
RC “Love?”
Wilhelm “That’s what they say.”

We continue on another hour to the generator. As with all of them, there are boxes of parts and tools, and a large stock of fuel (couple hundred gallons at each). Rick calls for tea time.

2 hrs on, another big plaza half a mile across, building all around the perimeter. One has doors looking 100’ high adn half that wide. No lights here but floor glows reddish, opaque stone that glows. Looking closely at ones hand, it looks ever so slightly transluscent.
The glowing concerns us.
To our right we see another exit, lighted. We skirt the perimeter to that. Voices and a whistling ahead, human. Jack Bo starts whistling along but Rick stops him fast. He wants to check it out but we all say no, Billy, Jeremy and RC go to investigate.
Quickly they see brighter light ahead. Billy knows it, carbide head lamps, 2 of them. Also a rare burned out light that then comes on.
Jeremy “Repair crew ahead.”
Tech and a guard with a rifle.
RC recommends cutting the line to draw them to us. Jeremy says if they don’t return, others may thing there’s trouble.
Then a voice calls out “Cooie mates!!” from far behind us and Jack Bo starts whistling waltzing Matilda. The enemy yells ’who’s there?"
“Just me, working from the other side. Just one of your mates.”
His ruse continues “Yeah, I’m one of those scum cultits just like you.” The tech was walking forward to investigate and confronts Jack Bo who jabs him in the chest. The guard fires his electric rifle but misses and hits the tech DEAD. Jeremy fires his electric rifle at the guard in return. RC misses with an arrow, but Billy uses his superior speed to charge him. He misses Billy and drops dead.
We make camp here for the night. Rick has us up by 5, breakfasted and moving by 6.

We go up the far side of the plaza and hear noise ahead, 3 hours later. Jack Bo volunteers to go ahead again. But we send the same 3 again. He keeps insisting, then getting into a short discussion that must admit the white race is superior but “specimens like yourself (Billy)” have souls too. We’re mates."
Billy is ok with he and Jack Bo going ahead.
Billy “Let me ask my boss first” and turns to Rick, who shakes his head.
Jack bo to Billy “Pull out that pig sticker” and pulls his huge hunting knife, they clang kukri and knife. Billy cuts Jack Bo’s palm and his “Now we’re ready for him.”
Then a voice ahead yelling. Jack Bo “Me and the Indian be blood brothers.” All the mining sounds stop, then start up again.
The 2 of them go forward and find voodoo zombie workers mining, 2 overseers with wire whips to get their attention. They are clearing a pile of rubble to get through. White man, aborigine, blacks. Many still have remnants of sailor’s clothing.
Jack Bo “Should we kill them or go back and report.”
Billy says report to the boss. Jack recommends he stay and keep watch but Billy drags him back.
He pulls out a cantee of ‘best brandy’ and passes it around, then refills it with another bottle from his pack which is full of brandy not food.
Dodge “Where’s the food?”
“When ya got best brandy, you don’t need food.”
Rick says the if we kill the overseer’s the zombies will stand like automotons until given orders.
Jeremy “That’s when its Wilhelm’s job.”
Jack Bo, Billy, RC and Simon attack and make short work of them.
Simon “Wilhelm, see if you can free the zombies from their torturous state.”
He fails.
We let them stay there for now, ordering them to lie down and rest.
It curves right about 30 degrees angle another 3 miles, then another 3 miles to a generator whre it keeps going straight, and another path cuts back and right diagonally from which we hear sounds. We stop for lunch.
Hours travel, to a lit room of crates and parts. We go through it all. Both earth and alien designs. Mostly electric supplies but much is completely unknown to our technology level. Door goes into a second room, 40’ across. Within is a black control board, high tech, with lights and gauges, elecricity coils, etc. Looks still in construction though. There is a day bed here. A headset resting there connects to the control board. Also operating table with same kind of headset, and restraints.
Rick “Transferring minds?”
RC “Absorbing thoughts, power?”
Archway opens into another room, circular, 50’ across. Long high bench holds many alien artifacts and instruments. Including a piece of control board.
Rick walks in first, getting for 23 elec and thrown backward. Something moves in there, and steps out of a shadowy corner. Simon feels something pushing at the edges of his mind.
It’s a Yith!
He resists, and it turns to Jack Bo “Hey the blighter is talking to me.” It’s nake is kakakatack, or kkkkkatk, or kkkkkakttk. “He says I’m an idiot.”
RC “Truer words were never spoken by man nor Yith.”
Rick “Better tell him to talk to me or Wilhelm.”
Jack concentrates, Wilhelm steps up and its name is something like kkkkktck. I can see all. Turn off the force field and let me out."
Wilhelm denies.
“Listen small minded mammal, flip the switch. On the wall you will see 2 scissor switches. Open the switches so I may leave this abode.
Jack can still hear it and moves for the switch, Rick and Billy block him.
“I am a chief researcher for the great race, 2644 of your years old.”
Wilhelm questions him. Its area of study is broad. A spell called time trap can pull a physical body into a different time period. Dr. Huston pulled me here from the past. He needs to get to the library to find the spell to send him back. We ask for his tech, he says no. THen to allie with us while we are here in full, he says no.
He knows where there are 4 fully charged lightning guns, he will only take one. 2nd, he can rewire the mind controller to reverse the effect of the miners. 3rd, tell us what he knows of Huston’s plans. Lastly, telepathically contact us a single person for 1 hour he can impart 1d6 points of various knowedge skills.
He will allie with us in the meantime, but won’t explain any tech.
We let him out.

We camp here as he rewires the control board. He is being forced to work for Huston, only comes once a week or so. We likely have a few days. At our mention of stopping their plans in China, it says Huston has another radium bomb! And a gate that will gate it into the sky where it needs to go without a rocket. Originally we knew the future, the bomb went off and Nyarlathotep ruled and the world was destroyed. But then it went cloudy. I figure that’s cause this bomb is what did it. He wants out of here before that happens.
His HQ is 6 miles up from where we cut down here!! He maps the place out for us! The library is at the lower levels.
He has maybe 60 cultists and 40 zombie miners. Though some cultists have disappeard recently. He’s talking about the ones we killed.

He can do 4 of the info transfers by morning. Jeremy learns Kiowa, Simon gains a plus 6 in arcane lore; Rick learns Stygian; Wilhelm gains plus 2 forbidden lore and a piece of info: the Father of all Bats, a avatar of Nyarlathotep, is incredibly powerful. Light destroys it!!!

Nov 20

We leave first thing in the morning, 6AM.
The women and miners are sent back to go up top to our camp.
After about 4 miles, we begin to hear an infernal piping sound. The sound of the flying polup!!
Rick “Lightning guns ready!”
Hays “Its a flying polup, I’ve seen them in my dreams!” It appears above us, phasing in and out of corporeality!
It comes down at the back of our party with RC and Brady, unleashing a cyclone of air.
All but Billy, Rick, Wilhelm and Simon are caught in it and battered severely.
Hays “Cross the bolts!”
Schuyler “Brady, cross with me!” Dodge joins them.
Jereme backs up a bit and crosses with Mrs. Hays, joined by Billy.
Wilhelm and Simon together.
Hays is screaming something in the Great race language.
Hobbes moves forward to Rocka and Paul.
Hays drops over dead!!
It remains corporeal for that attack, and we drop it dead with all guns firing!!
Dodge is hurt.
The sanity loss is terrible for Brady, who flees in panic back the way we came.
Billy has a hallucination for 7 rounds, thinking faceless and mostrous creatures are attacking him from all sides. We all back away, thankfully its over fast.
Billy begins suffering from megalomania x3 months; Brady from bolemia x5 months.

Once we gather Brady, we continue foward. Billy feels he slayed them all. We need to send them back. Billy will fight it, we know. Rick whispers to Jeremy to trick him into being needed up top, scout the perimeter for interlopers. Billy freaks out, and intimidates Jeremy down. Rick has to step in now, making Billy focus with their friendship and complete trust in one another. He convinces Billy to go, then barely to leave Kholan’s sword with us.

They head off together forced marching and reaching top camp in 9 hours. They pass the miners and women on the way. Phat reads the note Rick gave to give to him, explaining the situation. Billy insists on going out on patrol. Brady insists on going with them. Phat will have to join them to try and keep them out of trouble. They come to a small village of aborigines. Billy is preparing to attack thinking they are bad, Phat and Brady have to settle him down.
An old fella comes out asking if we are from the hole, worship ‘makes squid face with hands’. Phat says ‘no’, grabs stick and makes squid face, then rock and points to us, and crushes the stick with the rock.
Then another native runs up yelling a warning “koori, koori” its an attack by the evil natives!
9 warriors ready to meet the cultist tribe’s assault. We join them. We drop men as fast to faster than they can fill in gaps with waves. The last 2 run, but Billy chases them down and finishes them. Their warparty flees.
Phat goes and bring us the Fellas to talk in depth with them. He stays with the tribe as well. Billy and Brady go back to our camp.
Night in the village, celebration of victory. The shaman they claim can see through time and space, comes to Old Fella “the dingo of death comes to take you.”
Phat “What is this dingo of death?”
“An evil creature the bat sends to its enemies” our party is to be hunted by them. We must go and warn them. Old Fella goes right to Phat.
How do we fight it? You run from it, he says. Occasionally over the centuries warriors have encountered it and always loose.
Old Fella says it lives in distant past and future, travels through time to kill its prey and will not leave until it accomplishes its hunt. The Bat is the master of it.
Phat makes for the camp fast, taking the Fellas with him.

On the way, Big Fella hears something stalking us, maybe hundred yards.
As we move on, he says we must face it one at a time, champion to champion.
We make it back safely. Periodically, we hear something lurking.
Old Fella and Big Fella start a ritual, and pile the corners of the perimeter with rocks and bricks to make the room into a circle rather than a square. The native bearers join in musically to the ritual.
They say the dingo of death hate this music. It only comes to strike at night, if they can keep it at bay all night we will be ok until the next night.
One more corner, we start on it. Smoke begins to come out of the corner though and forms into a living thing! We weren’t fast enough!
It’s hideous. Dripping red puss onto the ground which sizzles and smokes.
Billy’s mind is hit again, babbling incoherently for 2 rounds and hindering his attacking.
Brady also, but his is a long term 100 hours: sexual attraction to the deformed and monstrous, and attraction to monsters.
A voice in everyone’s head “Phat Wang, I come f….!” Wang reacts instantly.
All others feel a compulsion to not step in!
The women and miners rush from the pavillion. After 2nd round, Brady and Billy break the enchantment and join.
It is quickly vaporized.

Old Fella “You have to understand, they will keep coming until you appease the bat god.”

Back to the caves below:

The lights we follow intersect with another set. We close in on the intersection, 2 guards. 10 or so zombie miners as well. We group at the side of the tunnel sans lights.
RC carries Kholan’s Sword.
Rick, RC and Jeremy sneak up. RC disembowels his.
One of the zombies stops and looks for a moment, then turns and moves down the tunnel.
In the intersection is a 3 story wooden building. No one visible. There are lights on all 3 floors.
A ramp goes to 2nd and one to the 3rd floor.
We rush forward to and against the walls. Sliding doors around the building go inside.
First floor is one large room full of boxes and mining equipment, gasoline drums, generators, etc.
No noise above. We all get inisde. We find several piles of rags on floor, 10 people sleeping on the piles. Zombified miners.
In a locker which Jeremy picks we find 148 sticks TNT with fuses and caps!
Crate with 3 lightning guns.
Dodge warns 2 guys walking this way. We hide.
Jack Bo and Simon move to choke them out. They both succeed, Jack gives the guy a monster noogie. Tie them up.
Rick “Where’s Huston.” They ask to be allowed to go with us. Allen is one, they plea to take them out of here. They plea, Dr. Huston has lost his mind. He says he’s down the tunnel the miners walked down.
“Our men have been disappearing, no one has come from the entrance in 2 days. Things falling apart.” They aren’t repenting, they are just sorry its not working out since we arrived.
To Rick with an insane twinke in his eye “Can I fondle your tool, I likes the tip best.”
They’re insane.
It soon becomes obvious they are hopelessly insane.

2nd floor: a sad wailing coming from it, of dozens of people. Inside are 7 large cages jammed full of 40 or 50 people, all nude. It stinks horribly, not sanitation. A majority are aboriginal, but some blacks and whites. Some are insane, many are not. THey say Huston uses them in various experiments; sets them loose and they are hunted; one is reserved for breeding women with summoned creatures. 1 woman is in labor right now. Wilhelm rushes to help, but the stomach bursts open! A green reptilian thing bursts forth! RC rushes forward and crushes it. There are 7 more actively pregnant now. We get them all out of the cages, the sane assist the crazies. We will have to try c sections by the Dr. above for the others pregnant.
They will stay here on the 1st and, if safe, 3rd floors.

3rd floor: large room with bed, kitchen, desc, metal great race tomes, other books and gear. Older man with white hair sits at the desk. Neatly groomed, pale skin, kakis. He rises,his face is welcoming.
“Ah visitors, i have so few visitors.” Welcomes us in for tea or coffee. A beautiful blonde in kaki bush skirted outfit steps into view with pith helmet; long braided hair. We sit around.
It’s Huston!!!
We all get tea/coffee.
“So, are you the gentlemen from Grey Dragon Island?”
Rick “Yes.”
He knows exactly what we did on teh island “you’ve been quite a bit of trouble, but he pursuit of godhood is very difficlut and sometimes, things happen, you know.”
He is quite calm and professional about this, madly so.
He says wes topped gray dragon cause it was too easy to get to. We can’t get here, its too deep in Australia and secluded.
We can’t stop Kenya,its deep in the country, surrounded by hostile natives.
He talks liek we aren’t in Australia.
He says he spoke to the bat god, not entirely what he expected. Death is 1000 times preferable.
But, godhood is still in his future as a pharaoh. So long as we don’t know where the portal is, we can’t stop it.
He has dreams often of us, the avengers, coming. He thinks this is that. He won’t even tell the dream selves where the portal is.
“I have died in my dreams many times, what comes after death, that’s the terrifying part.”
He calls for Karyn to bring dinner.
Rick gets him to squeel/brag its in Tibet, the Plateau of Leng, or perhaps Europe at the Black Castle.
Rick “Is that Hauptman’s castle?”
“Or perhaps” and he goes on and on. So, no squeel really.
He explains more of his theories while only he eats dinner, about humanity, return of Great Old Ones, etc blah blah blah. It is set to go through the portal on its own.
He says we may all start to worship him now.
Points to Simon “You you religious fool, may worship at my feet.” Simon walks up to him, stoops, and splits his gullet wide open. Karyn screams, falls covering her eyes. Looks up, like willing herself to die. Simon grabs her by the hair to gut her.
Rick calls to wait, hold it “Can you tell us what he couldn’t, where is the portal and the explosive.” She says we must stop the birth of the son of Nyarlathotep in Kenya. In the meantime, destroy the bomb before it goes through the dimensional door at the Purple Dome Temple down the other passage from here. Its a couple days at least.
She collapses dead.
KKKKKtak wants us to give him the miners to clear the rubble to the lower levels then he’ll send them back. We say no way, he hasn’t finished the whole deal yet.
He knows what’s at the dome: guardians of the bat god. He does not want to go.
There are terrible batcreatures with spikey wings that drain ones attributes once wrapped around you. ‘Wish the Father of All Bats does not come to stop you’.
We get all the TNT and a bunch of gasoline into wheelbarrows and small carts to take with us, and spotlights amongs the equipment with generators.

Simon kills the insane guards downstairs.

We sleep here for the night. We say our prayers to the lord tonight.

At night, 4 cultists from the dig ahead show up, we kill them w/o issue.

Nov 21

Morning, we finish off the last 6 guards at the rubble ahead and return with the zombified men.

About 2pm we get to the Dome.
4000’ across, the purple dome itself is 2000’ across!! Perfect hemisphere, 1000’ high at the top. 4 archways inside at equal intervals. All lit by purplish glow. The inside is astounding, a smaller dome 500’across, 250’ high. On side we enter is sandy dirt. Half eaten femur sticking out, human skull, 3’ high stone block dragged in recently set up like an altar, bloody, behind it a 30’ tall statue of Nyar, with several other Old Ones!! Behind them is the glowing inner dome. Hanging from the ceiling is a chain suspending, directly above the pulsating dome, is a pulsating crate stamped with “Danger, Radium bomb”.
So, at the appointed time it will release and drop into the dome portal. We see the bat things hanging from teh ceiling. Chanting from the other side of the smaller dome getting closer. Voices speaking the dark language.

We rush to hide behind the large statues to see what we are up against. We see between 60 to 75 cultists, the real cult. The others were just thugs driven at least somewhat mad. All are in robes and bat masks.
On teathers they lead 5 naked women, all hands tied to yokes heading our way to the altar. They see Simon, sitting on the altar, eating an apple.
They arrive, total silence at Simon’s presence.
“I’m here to exterminate your cult, and eat this apple. I’m almost done with this apple. Nice cult party you have going on, but I just can’t allow you to sacrifice these poor girls.”
One of them drops to her knees “Please save us.”
Hobbes starts filming from their far right statue.
SImon gives thema chanct to walk away if they offer their leaders to his judgement and the women. There are 5 leader types in front, and 5 others trailing at the rear.
One of the cultists pulls a dagger “Die fool!” He points to Simon"Kill them!"
Schuyler, Jeremy fire elephent gun rounds; TNT throws are Rick, Jack Bo, Brady, Dodge, Wilhelm. Phat and RC charge. Paul fires and moves in. The dynamite kills 12!!
Several of the bats leave their roost.
Simon lunges off the altar at the central leader DEAD!
They are shocked and we get the initiative!
The battle then becomes general.
Cultists start pairing off 2 to a girl to pin and slaughter them!
Schuyler, Wilhelm, Rick, Dodge and Jeremy bring the lt guns to bear vs the woman killers trying to save them.
We mow them down, all 4 other women are soon free and rush for safety to our lines. 10 men in reserve with the rear 5 specials now join in the fight with their few remaining allies.

In city:
Rick, Paul, Billy, Hobbes, Geste, RC, Schuyler, Hays, Dodge, Jeremy, Jack Bo, Hays.
148 sticks:

mad Ginger Muldoon
Jack Bo
Professor Dodge
Mrs. hays
Old and Big Fella
Dr. Victor Grace
2 aborigine guides
Carrie Norquist


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