The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Hong Kong, Carlyle Found

September 10

The ship reaches Hong Kong 1 day late. We know Elias was here so we need to check into that while we are here. When we get off the ship, Wang Chung meet us. A man named Ali Card then introduces himself as we finish getting our luggage, he was contacted by Jonah Kensington. When Elias was here “I was his guide and helped him navigate the city.” He can take us to the hotel where he stayed.
Rick “Sounds like a good start.” The Peak Hotel is past its prime. We ask the manager about Elias, says he was nearly throw out. Loosing his grip, never checked out, pace around a lot. Other customers complained. He says the belongings he left, we can have. Rick settles his debt with the hotel. Manager says he remembers no visitors but for Card and a professor from Hong Kong Univ but does not remember his name. Englishman.
All Elias left were shabby clothes and a notebook. Blank but for first couple pages (see Johnny handwritten handout).
We ask Card if Elias saw anyone in particular while here, he says not that he can recall. He did visit a Squire Godfrey at Univ, antiquities and classics. Elias also attacked by thugs he claimed were agents of the Bloated Woman.
Chung says the Yellow Lily is a bar where many expatriots hang out, seedy bar.
We get started in the morning.

Rick knows of Carter, but he is supposedly lost in ’Dream Lands".

September 11

Card says they did not go the Walled City, but spent a lot of time on Hong Kong island, several sanitariums, and Kowloon.
Jeremy and Chung visit the Yellow Lilly. The bartender does not recall Elias nor Randolph Carter.
Chung works the regulars, but they do not claim to know Elias either.

Rick goes to the university with Billy to speak to Godfrey.
The sec is an extremely busy man, he does all the work in the department. Rick knows this ‘university’ to be a piece of crap. Its quite new, faculty not up to par, second rate.
The squire agrees to see us for a few minutes.
Godfrey gets up at our entrance, 80 yrs old and feeble, shaky.
He is ‘enchanted and charmed’ to meet such a famous archaeologist. He pours it on thick and long. He is extremely longwinded every time he speaks. He orders tea for us. He allows Rick free access to the library. Rick says he’ll have many books and papers sent.
He orders scones for us. And he goes on and on and on.
He agrees.
One of his areas of study is the Cult of the Bloated Woman. He says they died out hundreds of years ago and are unknown by the average person. Elias took many notes and was seeking a specific connection he was positive exhisted but did not find tween Bloated and Bloody Tongue.
After a week or so, Elias was not the same man; his notes rampant and roughly scrawled. He feels it could not have been anything in the library. Elias insisted he was being followed by a dark unknown, a crawling chaos. Told stories of blood curdling events.
He says out of here, he was frequenting insane asylums, but not sure which ones.
Sometimes the secretary was of some assistance in finding books but not much.
He believes the cult was despicable, but studies it only out of historical significance.

After a couple days research, all roads lead to Shanghai through veiled messages and supposed activity in Shanghai. Nothing that would have caused him to go downhill mentally.

Afte breaking up this first day’s end, Chung follows Ali Card. He goes to the Yellow Lily straight from us, talks to several people. They go separate ways. He goes home after that.
We all become convinced we are being spied upon over the coming days.

Wilhelm leads up the asylum search. He was looking for someone named Randolph Carter. Ali leads him to 3 he recalls, but none have a Randolph Carter.
But, after failing that, asked for another name with same initials.
Roger Carlyle?
“Yes, that was it!” Never heard of him either.

Sept. 12

Ali Card does not show up.
Chung leads a few of us there. No answer so we enter and find him dead, stabbed repeatedly and left to bleed out. His hands are folded at his chest almost as if praying. We pry them open but nothing is in them. Jeremy marks how they are folded.
Also a note in Chinese: Unbelievers, go home or die.

A young englishman arrives asking “What’s all this then?”
We explain.
He is Lt. Fairburn of the constabulary. An anonymous tip came in saying that some white men had killed a Mohammaden but “it was obviously a setup. My guess would be it came from the killer”.
He wants to know or movements and actions here. Rick says he’s doing some research at the university, Wilhelm at the asylums.
He lets us go.
Claims to know nothing of Elias.

Jeremy and Chung, in evening, going back to the Lily. A rough guy bumps into him “We would like you to come with us roundeye” he draws a dagger “Now”.
Chung had lagged behind. 2 other come up to Jeremy’s rear with daggers drawn.
Jeremy “Look, I’ll give you all my money.”
Chung edges closer into striking distance.
They motion to stab Jeremy as he tries to talk then out of it. They start thinking maybe he’s not the right guy. They start talking amont themselves in Chinese. The debate turns to killing him anyway, just in case, but one insists it probably isn’t him They assume he can’t understand them, and the leader finally gives in, deciding to take him back to their secret HQ.
Jeremy agrees, Chung tails them to a slum tenament on a dead end ally. The door opens to 3 knocks and the let him inside. Chung slithers inside right past the guard in the dark hallway.
We pass a dining room with 2 guys eating rice.
They take him through another door “Enter in the name of the Bloated Woman”. 2 wait outside the door.
A guy behind yells to take him out and kill him, but Jeremy convinces themthat he will act as a spy on their side.
But, then they turn to killing him for knowing the HQ location. They say the man they are looking for is a false sailor that looks much like Jeremy.
The door opens and they escort Jeremy out.
Want slips out soon enough.

Sept 13

Wilhelm finds Randolph Carter in another sanitarium! The Yeung Wo Nursing Home, a quite fine establishment actually.
Simon is with him.
They won’t let Wilhelm see him, though. He’s insane, in a passive vegetative state. Sometimes, though, he gets aggressive.
They want a bribe. Wilhelm greases their palms.
They take Wilhelm to the garden. Carter kind of lurches around, stopping any who enter “What is the pass word?” They say something and he lets them pass. They hear the last say hotep. They say the same and he lets them into the garden.
Simon keeps watch while Wilhelm tries to connect with Carter. This is certainly Roger Carlyle!!!
Mainly he babbles upon nonsense. In Wilhelm’s trained opinion, he is hopelessly insane.
“Egypt, that’s where I did it! How could i forget!” He starts whining and drooling. “I removed the eye! What was I thinking!” We entered the pyramid, and then were all then walking amongst the ancients in the time of the Pharaohs." He was there to greet us and showed us everything. He showed us so much, seduced us with powers and promise." The master talks to him, still his master, whispering in his dreams. THE BLACK PHARAOH!!
He says he’s still chosen no choice, they unlocked the door and it will open soon, and the time of man will be over! All my fault because “I removed the eye!” M’Wuru left them in Kenya when they killed all the innocent men of the expedition, but none are dead from the expedition. They are gone, each doing the thing they must do for the master, but for “Brady of course HA!” The amulet from his mother protects him from the Black Man, Brady saved him from “blessed death”. He visits Carlyle still to check that he is ok. Hypatia is gone, gonna have a baby of the Dark Pharaoh. R’yleh will rise, the demon sultan will appear and man will die. Next year.

Reporting later, Rick thinks its an eye of horus or something similar on the bent pyramid.
He seems safe there, so we leave him be.
They head back. 3 men confront them on the street and 2 more behind them. Daggers drawn.
Leader “This time we know we have the right men.”
Simon “I don’t wanna kill you, and you don’t wanna be dead.”
They attack.
Simon cleans house.

That night, we go for the Bloated Woman HQ.
We slaughter them, they were obviously a small and young cell. They had nothing of importance at all, but a statue of the Bloated Woman we destroy.

Sept. 14

Sail for Shanghai. 3 Day trip. By the time we get to Shangai Wilhelm has read the Revelations of Glaaki. Rick has finished Africa’s Dark Sects and Life as a God.


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