The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Shanghai Investigation and Gathering Allies

Sept. 17, Arrive Shanghai

Rick has to use a contact to smuggle our weapons and tobacco in, as there are none allowed through customs.
He says he has another contact here he knows about for certain that should be helpful: Sir Edmund Hart, the Charge de Affairs here, with connections to US, Confederate, and Tx forces, and a personal connection with Fairburn.

At the docks, a lowly Chinese laborer sits, Chain SMoking on the dock. Rick recognizes him, not Chinese but Japanese and in disguise; they were temporary allies in Nepal once, named Eiji Takagawa a member of Black Dragon Society (Jap secret service). Rick and Billy go up and say high in Chinese, “What’s his honorable white man needs?” Rick asks if he knows where the guest house is Chung has planned for us. He says can’t get there from here, go away white man. This lets him know where we are staying. Rick scoffs at him for not being able to give directions to a superior, kicks some mud in his face and walks away.
Think opening sequences at the bay of Enter the Dragon, but older.
Chung gives us a low down:
Marine base here.
Shanghai Municipal Police, run by Fairburn (Later, historically, inventor of modern commando knife fighting)
French concession has own police force and detectives, hundreds. Including auxiliary 500 Russian mercs. And Special Brigade, based of Fairburns unit, tall northerc Chinese numbering 200.
Japanese have 250 martial artists to protect Japanese interests.
US has a us marshal and half a dozen deputies. They are the only ones who can do anything w/o consulting SMP.
Each of Texas and Confederates have Ranger, Marshal, respectively.
There are 3 sectors: British; French;Internation. All cop parties can operate in international section.

Schuyler goes to check in at the Embassy Occult Secret Services cell. Consulate is Harry Furthman, young Minnestan. More interested in chics than statesmanship.
Schuyler finds out the city has a riot squad, one of the world’s first swat like team. Could come in handy. 78 in number. 20% english, 15% sieks, rest Chinese; all trained by Fairburn. Their training house is right near Brit embassy. Well equipped, even steam powered armored care called ‘bloody mary’.
The marshal’s have a rivalry with the secret services, so it takes some serious work but finally Schuyler gets the marshal at his disposal.

Paul goes to check in at the British Embassy for the group of us. Clive Chesney heads British Naval Intel. He works with Edmund some, but not crazy about him. Prefers things done above board and proper, unlike Edmund and Rick.

Chung takes us to a place he knows we can get rooms, we do not know the length of our stay. Preferably a western run hotel. Chung found out where Elias stayed, the Jin Jiang Guest House. That’s our place then.
A cheap hostel on Black Slipper lane, one of many allies in the south market district Nantao. A throng of markets, temples and shipping houses all very close together. The lane itself is only 4’ wide. Westerners welcome but not common.
Windows are barred on outside! All signage is bilingual.
Rick, Billy, Chung, and Simon enter the hostel. Jeremy decides to take a walk around the neighborhood to get the lay of the land, Wilhelm.
It has 6 apartments, 2 on each floor. Wide entrance hall. Small mallet Rick rings a small bell next to door reading ‘manager’. Door opens quickly, and a beautiful, delicate Chinese woman comes out with tiny steps, teetering a bit on her culterally bound feat. Fan in one hand, cigarette holder in the other.
Rick interest is peaked. She speaks English. 2 open apartments, perhaps up to 4 in each.
We pay for a few nights up front.
She says one needs cleaned still.
Its here we bring up why we chose here, Jakcson Elias. She says he paid in advance for a month and stayed 2 weeks.
Rick “Is the room he stayed in one those open?”
Yes, no one has stayed in it since he’s been here.
No need to clean it, Billy says. We’ll take it as is.
We finish paperwork, Rick lays on the charm.
Rick is really laying the flirting on, she invites Rick into her office for a drink and talk about Elias. Rick accepts. Her apartment is plush, flamboyant, she’s very wealthy even though her place would not make it look as such.
Billy et al take our bags up to the third floor rooms. Both are identical. Each has 1 electric lamp in outer room, inner bedroom lit by oil lamps. 2 cots to each room are brought in. No plumbing, chamber pot instead.
Community shower in courtyard. Breakfasts cooked on premises.

She serves tea to her and Rick. She is a wealth of knowledge of the city social life. Her husband died a few year ago. Knows nicect bars, clubs, goes to all embassy functions. Just a well known personality so she gets in to places.
At the word of Elias death sends her into emotions, very distraut. Rick gentlemanly pours her Brandy and sooths her.
Stumbling Tiger Bar: ‘she recommended several good bars, but he went to that and Black Lotus, very dangerous, and Hell’s Kithcen in French Quarter.
Ho Phong: good pious man, at all big events, well connected; unfortunate his wife, now dead, turned out to be a cheat and whore, connected to underworld and boxers; rumored also involved in Green Gang (secret society, huge criminal org like mafia, true power in city; there is even a whole section of the cops who are a gang of theirs; cop corruption rampant); She had fallen in love with her chauffeur and tried to run with him after strealing lots of money from Ho Phong; captured by the Green Gang they say; body turned up soon after and looked like took her days to die; horrific nature of it drew daughter insane, she is kept locked up at home by Ho Phong. She tells Rick where his mansion (aka fortress) is, as well the HQ for the business. His yacht is the Luxuriant Goddess. Has warehouses all over Asia.
Says rumors an ancient Cult of Bloated Woman is back and at war with Green Gang; way worse befalls those on their bad side. Speaking of that, Phong’s wife could have been taken out by Bloated Woman actually.
She recognizes the dark mistress, here at least 3 or 4 times a year. She does not know Aubrey Penhue. She recognizes Brady! He stayed here! Right after Elias left, came looking for him. He left message for Elias if he returned: “Come to chum’s place”. She doesn’t know what that means, he said Elias would know.

Rick goes upstairs and searches the room.
In spatoon is a piece of crinkled old paper!! It’s in English, but his mind was obviously going by this time. Its his notes on Order of Bloated Woman!! He thought it was of great import, connected to Black Pharaoh. Talks about the war vs Green Gang; worship/led by a beautiful woman with a fan that is seemingly at odds with the Bloated Epitath idea; it says they have a HQ here, either Hell’s Kitchen or Black Lotus but he wasn’t sure.

We spend the rest of the day getting a detailed lay of land, where all important places are. Rick goes to see Sir Edmund, who warns Rick not to get too involved in politics here, nor Green Gang. They have to many connetions. Different story if we want to take out a supposed rival, if so talk to Fast Eddie. Hangs at Hell’s Kitchen. Handled Opium for Big Ears Du. He is an enterprising lt. for them; face of Green Gang.
He has never heard of Bloated Woman. Dark Mistress arrived yesterday! Logged in as owned by Penhue Foundation.
Black Lotus has worst rep. Hell’s Kitchen is where everyone goes. If that’s the center of a cult, they are masking it well. Very nice place, huge dance floor. Upper crust even. Orchestral band.
Ask about Lo Ping: he says he has 2 goals, live forever and make Chine number 1 power on earth, embodiment of the Yellow Peril. Lo Ping has an HQ here, though has not been here for years. Operates also out of Limehouse in London, and various Chinatowns around the world.

Jeremy and Wang Phat go to Imports of Theo’s girlfriend in NY, with letter of introduction and instructions to assist us in any way possible. The office is run by Margo Lao Chang, also half Chinese. She is fully cooperative with the instructions. Looks more English than Chinese, 5’9" for one thing. She’s not impressdy by Jeremy personally. She can sneak us out easily if needed.
SHe also has the gattling gun that was sent from Quin’s imports in London and smuggled in. It will remain here until needed.
She says Phong is well established businessman in town; she knows he is up to no good; skirts law constantly; shipments that are secret come and go constantly; investigators getting too close tend to disappear and are found worse than just dead. For sure, he’s responsible for his wife’s death she believes firmly. Elias did stop in, but nothing she could tell him. Jack Brady, never heard of him.
They leave. Has connections and agent all around. Heard of Dark Mistress?
Black Lotus all art deco, but darkly lit place. Band plays more slow and sensuous music. Big impression of skullduggery. Owned by Big Ears Du.

Message from Eiji is delivered later today, says meet at Hell’s Kitchen. House band considered best in the city.

Sept. 18

Stumbling Tiger: Rick/Wilhelm/Jeremy. Single floor establishment; Single room, separate toilet. Large, dark and dirty. Terrible lighting. Smells old and damp too. Even though its mid afternoon its half filled. All Chinese. Man behind bar is Eurasion mix, Chinese and something else. Wilhelm gets an immediate feel of tuberculosis.
Fergus Chum, Scotch/Chinese. Rick orders a glass of scotch, Islay region. Excellant actually. He has relatives that supply him. Speaks ok English. We drink a couple, ease into a repore with him.
Wilhelm sees no evidence anywhere of Mythos.
We finally show the matchbook and bring up Elias. He repeats several times he has never seen him, nor heard of him. Nor Brady, until pressed a little more. Brady saves this guys life once in a brawl; but hasn’t seen him in a long time.
Does not know where he was staying, he spent a lot of time here. Keeps saying he thinks he left Shanghai.
He talks for 5 silver dollars Jack went to Rangoon in Burma, to a Charlie Gray, selling guns he thinks, along the coast “plenty long time, month, two months, who knows”.
He and Rick almost fight over whether he’s telling the truth.

Rick goes to talk to Edmund about Charlie Gray. He says there is indeed a Charlie Gray limited, believed they do run illegal arms.
Rick wires this Charlie Gray if he knows a Jack Brady, mutual friend told me he was here.

Replies Brady worked for him several months last year, then took rifles to a Santos in Nicaragua or Guatemale, now in South America.
Add in from Nairobi Brady friend: saw Brady in Hong Kong, and he had a friend at the asylum.

Rick goes back to bar and talks to Chum again. Chum comes clean. Brady travels under assumed names, went to South America couple months ago to trade with a man named Santos; to then travel to NY to find the detectives he heard were looking for him and investigating Roger’s death. He heard from Roger’s sister.
What!?!? She was in contact with him!?!? Grrrr!!
He says the Bloated Woman Cult is all over China, not just here. He confirms our suspicion that Ho Phong is the head at least her. HIs fortress estate is impossible to break in to.
Hell’s Kitchen is what it seems to be, where Green and Red Gangs to business, neutral ground.
Black Lotus is a den of squallor. Any sexual perversion, drug, etc can be acquired.
Owned by Big Ear Du. Brady thought he was in on the cult, Chum is not so sure. He thinks the cult operates out of there but not sure about Du. If he betrayed the Green Gang to the cult, he’d be dead.
He knows nothing of the thin, fan wielding woman. May have been a mistake in the translation. He does not know what Elias translated that from but it wasn’t from the Several Cryptical Books of Hsan, the primary bible of the Bloated Woman. Its too old, the translation says led by surely, worship makes no sense. If not, all we know is wrong.
Concerning the boat and Penhue: comes here often, crew depraved and degenerate; cult operated; operates out of Gray Dragon Island. Owner of boat is Alfred Penhurst. Rick shows him the portrait, its Penhue!! Every few weeks, junks sail to the island, crowned by a volcanic peak. Ho Phong’s private yacht visits it often too. Sailors will never dock there, even in an emergency. 2 groups of scout boats sent there by Brady, both never seen again.
We go out of the back room and into the bar to find a body lying dead, the place is empty. Knife wound, multiple in the side and back. Has makeup on his face. He’s a European! Chum says he came in right after we did, the first time and this time.
Uh oh.
The bartender is in the street just hanging out. He says that he noticed that a Jap came in to the bar, this dead guy had come to bar trying to get close enough to listen at the store room. This Jap curtly says for all to get out. Everyone took off, then he must have killed this guy. The bartender doesn’t even know how the Jap got out, never saw him leave.
We look for him, and the bathroom window is broken outwards.
Chum’s jig may be up.
He knows nothing about where we are staying, and Elias liked her quite a bit. He never said why he chose that place, if it wasn’t random.

Back to hotel to meetup.
Knock at our door, the maid says there is a man downstairs to see Rick and Paul. We go downstairs.
It’s a man with big bushy eyebrows, huge black bushy beard, big belly.
It’s a disguise.
“Come, let us drink together!” to a local drinking establishment in a Russian accent, a terrible one.
We join him at a place close by. He bears a message from a friend he says “You don’t know what you are doing. The forces here are very precariously balanced, the fate of the world is so. You must stop screwing around, wait, you will be contacted when its time for you to play your part.”
Rick “By whom.”
“A friend.”
‘We should trust you why?"
’You have no reason to trust me." Who the friend is, he can not say.Rick feels he has seen him somewhere before. Its Esteban Santos. He leaves.
Brady must be here, it was all a ruse.
Billy, who obviously tailed us here, follows him but loses him in the throngs.
Back to the hotel.
Notice in the paper “The Stars Are Right” in handout, concerning Master Lung and to contact him.
Wilhelm goes to see Master Lung with Simon, Wang Phat.
Rick goes to Hell’s Kitchen to meet Eija, with Billy, Schuyler, Paul, and Jeremy.
Wang Chung keeps a vigil on the Black Lotus all night.

Its close to Ho Phong’s warehouse. Lung answers the door, small but affable man. Acts very scared.
We go inside, tell him we want to talk about this stars aligning thing. He beckons us further inside to the secdnd room office. Lots of tiger tails make a screen to walk through.
He gasps as Wilhelm walks through the tails.
He tells us to sit. We do, and he reacts frightfully.
“Look, you see this charming brass armlet here. It has a very pleasing texture, why don’t you touch it.”
Wilhelm second guesses doing so, considering his previous reactions.
“I must ask you gentleman, touth it or leave.”
WIlhelm does and he gasps again. He pulls down a sword made of strung together coins, which he shakes at us and chants. Then he screams, leaping back, grabbing hot coals via tongs and puts them inside his slippers, burning them apart.
SImon “This some kind of ritual, Wilhelm?”
Wilhelm is as lost as Simon and Wang are.
He falls upon his knees “Fine, take me to the underworld you damn demon!”
Wilhelm “I’m from Amsterdam.”
Wang “We are not demons.”
He says today is the day, the demon comes to take me away to hell. He has prepared the tiger tails, the cursed amulet, the sword of coins, the brazier of burning slippers, every trick he has to force the demons away. He doesn’t believe it.
Simon says he’s Christian.
This guy is nuts that he is about to die.
Chung says “Its the cat.”
Simon draws his sword and walks back to the front door.
The cat springs 2 more arms and grows to 10’ tall right in the alley beside the house!! Dog like head, horned, dripping fanged muzzle, pincer claws.
“Out of my way, priest, I have a soul to collect.” Simon walks right to it and the battle begins.
Wilhelm arrives then, hurling holy water. Lung runs out from behind him with the coin sword!! Its a mystical wpn, doing 2d20 to such a creature.
Wang Phat then joins in as well.
This demon is a badass but we best him and he fades away with “The next time the stars are right, I’ll be back”.

He was rude to a customer, Ho Phong, who said he’d die via a demon each time the stars are right. Accused him of being a lowlife eater of dogs. He gives us his greatest treasure for saving his life: (not the blade, it a one use per preparation thing) the chalice from the palace of the ancient emperor of China; if filled with holy water, then drank it will revive if totally drank. All fatigue heals completely. 1/day. Must utter the simple chant first.
He’s going to flee to Peking now.
Concerning Bloated Woman: many of there victims will have no arms, its part of their ritual to do that and let them bleed to death. They use razor sharp sickles.
Often they have a symbol tatooed on them, which he shows us.
Back to the hotel.

Hell’s Kitchen:
Hobbes and RC come as well. He took a picture of the dead European pre and post disguise.
We invite Chum, and he will join us. Wang Chung secretly watches over him until he gets there.
Its a jumpin place, great music indeed.
Rick makes contact with Eija, as a Japanese gentleman in tophat. He asks why I’m here, he says Bloated Woman is code name for Phong’s smuggling ops. He is confident thats all it means, he’s working against Japanese interests, and they plan on making a move soon, burn warehouses to the ground simultaneously, 5 of the 10.
He repeats what we’ve heard multiple time: his home is impossible to break in to. Rick lays on with the details. Eija’s respose “Wow”. He knows not of the island even.
He says his superior Cpt is in charge of investigating it. Several operatives have landed on the island but never heard from ahead.
He says Japan is ready to go to war with Russia, over islands to the north.
A lead female singer comes on, Greta von Stumpf
Rick “She’s fine to look at, and listen to.”
Eija is interested in her too, Rick will totally back down for him. He would love to introduce Rick to her.
She’s known for the fan she carries. Not another one!
A disturbance on the dance floor now, a little leprechaun looking guy is being yelled at by a marine, who he then punches and flattens, over a girl.
Rick “I didn’t expect to see a fight in here”. The bouncers close in fast, drag the marine out but the shorty convinces them he’s not trouble.
He then approaches and greets us and sits down of his own accord.
Orders another round “put it on his tab”.
Paul sits down now.
Rick “Excuse me, sir?”
“I know who you are. And the kind of business you’re in.” He accuses Rick of stealing from every tomb in every country.
His business if moving things, and he’s the man if we need it. He’s Pat Devlin, of Dublin.
This is his current base of ops. He then brings his beautiful ‘girlfriend’ Rose over (obviously a lady of the night) then sends her away.
After a few more minutes, his other girlfriend Iris walks by, then Daisy. He has 6 live in girlfriends.
After a couple bottles, he offers some strong advice, and yells across to Dr. Hong, and a withered old man comes over “Ah, my friend Patrick, you called.” Gambler and owner of a bric a brak store. That;s why he figured I’d be of interest. Has books of Taoist and Buddhist ancient secret knowledge etc etc.
Rick “Sounds great, leave me your card.”
He passes it.
Hong asks if we’d like an introduction to Fast Eddie, he’s important to know if your planning on smuggling artifacts out of China. That’s what they figure Rick is doing here. He points out 2 members of the Chinese Secret Police to make sure Rick is not planning on stealing any artifacts out of China.
Rick “How do I know you’re not setting me up?”
“Even if I speak of the mirror?”
Rick “What mirror?”
“I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for someone else” and he leaves the table.
Pat “Obviously I mistook your intention, excuse me” for inviting the Dr. over.
Rick “What mirror?”
Slightly irregular ovular, encased in carved jade of swirling characters in an unknown alphabet.
The Star Mirror.
Rick has heard of it. Also called the Murder Mirror, dating to Cimmerian times. Lost in China hundreds of years ago. He can put us on the right track for a price, Hong was just an intermediary, Pat doesn’t like to deal directly. He hates us F’ing English. He wants $1000, then another $1000 upon delivery or $10000 if he can get it for us. A contest.
No, Rick gives him 2000 up front. He says fine, but don’t blame him if someone else beats him to us.
Emile de Briac is missing, a priest and amateur archaeologist; he has the item. Find him and you find the item. He sent a letter to Pat, they knew each other and he knew Pat can move things. It details a potential trove of Old One terror!!! He destroyed all he could, but the mirror would not break via any attempts. St. Pantelon Mission Hospital in the French Quarter is where he asks Pat to come.
BS, this letter was not addressed to Patrick. It was intercepted before it left for France. His friends he sent to check the hospital ended up dead in a terrible manor. Dried up mummified, found near the hospital. This was 2 weeks ago. He’s been waiting for someone to sell the info to in order to make some profit.
Rick “All right, have another drink.”

Fast Eddie loves to rub shoulders with the famous, and when Paul talks to him he asks to be introduced to Rick so Paul does so. We talk for a while with him.

Eija recognizes the guy knifed, Russian secret service. His guess is he was killed by another secret service.

Sept. 19

The Riot Squad ask us to cop station, specifically Rick and Paul. They take Wilhelm with them and all our evidence.
We are sent to Fairburn’s office. A man we were seen with was found dead, Eija!!
The case is strange. They take us to the scene, we send for Wilhelm before we leave the station. He shows up with RC and Billy.
His bed at his room is disheveled, he lies there nude. Look of extreme horror on his face; coroner feels he was smothered. There are strange welts as if multeple appendiges grasped him. He has a bite of something in his mouth: a big almost foamy piece of fatty tissue. Like animal fat, actually, but spongier.Sucker marks along his chin. It grabbed him by the face and he bit a piece of it off. Under his fingernails is more of the fatty substance, as if he were clawing at it.
Wilhelm recalls the Necronomicon, and pulls out a passage on the Bloated Woman Avatar. It describes how an attack by it would leave just these markings. He was having sex with it!!!
The Singer with the fan!!
This is horrible.

We send Jeremy, Simon, and Chung to check on who Eija was seen with last night after talking to Rick, if any neighbors saw him come home with anyone, etc. Soon, a child runs up to them with a note, that if you want to find out what happened last night, go to a certain place. They do so, leading to a tenament building. The apartment we want is on the 3rd floor. Its full of Japanese, mostly looking like beggars but awfly well fed judging by their builds.
Simon knocks on the door and is greeted by a gruff “come in.”
Inside is a guy who looks like a typical laborer, but a bit better dressed like a foreman or the like. He invites us to sit on the mats, a woman enters with a tray moving with the supple guile of a panther, dispenses sake to us all.
“Thank you for coming” in Chinese then turns to English since Simon can’t understand otherwise.
Wang “We received your note.”
He pulls a lever on the floor and the walls all turn around. Behind them are 8 ninja!!
“Let’s begin by, as the Americans like to say, putting our cards on the table. You have 1 chance in 5 of leaving this building alive” and that’s only if our answers to his querries are to his liking.
First, he wants to truly know who we are. We tell the truth.
He ID’s himself as Cpt. Asogi Tato, of Imperial Naval Intel.
He wants to know why we murdered his operative Eija. One of his main agents of the last 3 years and “I am not happy that he is dead!” He demands to know why we are here. We tell him that was Rick’s friend and that we are here to destroy the Cult of the Bloated Woman. That they killed Eija.
He thinks we are also here for ‘the weapon’. What weapon?
We only want any weapon there so that they don’t have it, if there is a weapon.
He says they have a weapon that can rend the sky and destroy entire cities.
“Then why are you secretly training an assault force of over 200 men in a warehouse, that are planning a raid of the island”. We have no idea about this.
He mentions some high tech stuff being sent to Gray Dragon Island. They now of Dark Mistress and want to know its connection.
After a discussion he realizes we are not quite who he thought we were.
He gives us the address of where Brady is training his men.
We advise him to team up with others when the time comes, we will ask again when a meeting to set up a joint operation is ready.
He agrees to hear us out when that time comes but promises nothing; to send him messages to this address, and we may leave alive but followed.

We leave to meet back with the rest of the team.
So, they believe the cult us building a high tech weapon, not some dark magical ritual. Wow, that’s news to us, and not good news.
This makes us think of Look to the Future. He mentioned Radium and Liquid Oxygen. Hmm.

Back at Fairburn:

Paul lays it on thick.
Rick rolls out the chain of evidence as an impromptu presentation concerning the Carlysle Expedition, Penhue, The Bloody Tongue in NY, and the chain of evidence leading here. He won’t believe the world is going to end, but he could believe the murderous danger involved; then Paul’s final words together convinces him, but does not advise telling the other police since there is a corruption. But we might want to let the gangsters know.
Rick says we need to make this a joint operation if we can get some other players at the table. Fairburn recommends the Green Gang. He will contact Sir Edmund to begin coordinating meetings.

Then to Sir Edmund, who is all in with whatever Rick needs to do, will assist with all his influence in setting up a meeting of the minds, starting immediately.

Once Jeremy et al return, we make a list:
The Marshal; Green Gang via Fast Eddie and Big Ears Du; Japs; Fairburn’s Flying Squad; New China Commandos (Brady’s men).
To meet Du = Rick
Schuyler to Marshal
Chung back to the Japanese
Paul to convince Brady to join and not go lone gunman on this.

During afternoon, Rick, Hobbes and Billy go to museum to do some digging and for Rick to introduce himself.
Wilhelm to newspaper archives with Jeremy to translate, plus RC for muscle. It takes all day to go through the records. He finds 3 things important, all relatively recent:
1) 8 weeks ago: Seaman’s club damaged; destroyed late one night on river side; no injuries; blamed on seapage under foundation; drunk men reported monsters in river preceding collapse. We figure Deep Ones.
2) 3 monks found dead 2 weeks ago in pavillion fire via overturned brazier; all 3 respected scholars of Chinese heritage. Fire lept in uncanny fashion! Fire Vampires! European seen leaving vicinity. (Penhue?)
3) Violent incident on Lantern St. number 88, 2 nights before we arrived. One a female resident; violently slain; even the locals taken aback by the cruelty; one ID’d killer as giant bat.

As Jeremy and crew leave the library in the evening, 3 men approach them and demand they come with them in Chinese while taking attack stances.
RC readies to fight, but Jeremy says lets follow them first.
They lead us to a well guarded house. Inside, 2 huge white apes, and an old Chinese man Lin Tang Yoo. He orders the apes to retreat. He has questions for us. He is a collector of ancient texts. Claims to be the most powerful man in China. A gorgeous woman in sheer silk sits on the floor next to him.
He says an agent of ours has stolen something from him that he wants back. Jack Brady stole the 7 cryptical books. Everybody thinks we are in league with Brady. Wilhelm demands we don’t know Brady personally, nor is he an agent of ours.
He pulls a lever after a short conversation. A sheet of hard plastic drops, separating him from us. His 3 martial artists spring to us and he demands we give him the 7 books!
RC readies to defend his charges.
They attack. RC drops 2 immediately. The 3rd is better and lasts a few round longer.

LIn “I will fill that room with poison gas unless you give me the book!”
Jeremy “We don’t have any books!”
RC “We are trying to find this Brady ourselves.”
“Then let us trade information.”
Brady’s girlfriend is Choy Mae Ling. She disappeared a few days ago. Has a whorehouse with no name, just 88 Lantern St.
That’s the violent incident where the giant bat attacked!! The cult has her.
He brings up a carved eye, says we want it badly. He will give it to us if we give him the books. He confirms that the attack is when she and Brady both vanished.
Either the cult took them both, or since then they’ve stuck to the training facility.

At museum:
Mr. Mao sees Rick almost immediately. He supplies names of 34 Shanghai scholars who could help us with info, and addresses for 21 of them. Concerning the cult and mirror in total.

Chung leads Rick around, starting with the addresses. We start at 10am. We find the first in half an hour. He is of no value.
Takes Chang much longer to find the next guy. Mu Hsuen’s house. He refuses to see us until Rick mentions Bloated Women. He says there is no physical form Bloated Woman. If Eija’s arms weren’t removed, it was not the cult. Only a fraction of the victims have been found, typically cut off arms and allow to bleed to death. The order wants to summon their goddess to earth. The first step is a poisoning or rupburing of the sky.
The tech weapon.
Over the next year, the world will become tainted by evil entities, the stars will shift, then the pantheon of the Bloated Woman will rise upon the earth. They speak the names of the 4: Cthulhu, Nyogtha, Yogsathoth; Azathoth. Only way to stop them is with ancient knowledge hidden in a book. He will try to find out, but never come to his house again. Go to the main post office and leave a message for Mr. Pheng Wu Pei in general delivery.
Rick “Then what do you think killed Eija?”
He can not tell, but does sound like an avatar of the Bloated Woman.
Nyarlathotep is behind all of this.
After the rupturing of the sky, then the birth of the prince of darkness. “But the key to it all is Egypt! Leave this place and go to Egypt! Find the ward, power the ward, use the ward.” That’s it.
He is the important guy.

This evening, Paul and RC and Simon go to the training grounds and Brady.
Rick goes to check on the mirror with Billy and Hobbes. At the hotel, an Englisman beckons us into the archaeologist his apartment.
The man is of Shanghai municipal police, been staking out the scene of the crime. Found murdered! Here in the apartment.
de Briac was killed. Blood all drained out, sucker marks all over body. Different from Eija. He offers he and Rick to join forces.
Rick says he got a letter saying to come and see him at the hospital. The officer has no authority there though. Father Duvie is the head, and the officer is sure he knows something. He offers to show us the body. A patrolman is called to take us. A very detail oriented patrolman, writing down all we say and our full names and descriptions.
The body is worse than we though, desacated shell and look of screaming horror on its mummified face.
Hobbes “Poor dead bastard.”
Rick thinks a few moments, into his forbidden lore knowledge and believes it was a Star Vampire. Its tittering, how it is invisible unless sucking blood.
Search of apartment finds nothing.

To hospital:
Rick sees chief medical officer Deuvie. He is very overworked, we have to wait over an hour. The arch was a friend of yours, he was administrator here. He suddenly moved out and died in his apartment. The medical officer says he was an occult hunter! Rick says “I am as well, and I’m here with a bunch of friends.”
Witness was sleeping when a guest came and said heard terrible screams. That’s when cops were called. Rick talks to that person, but they moved out. Name was Singh. She says ask the cop because Singh is a patrolman. The investigator says Singh disappeared night of the murder, hasn’t been seen since. Funny, man matching him recently assassinated 4 Fingers Cheng, a Green Gangster but escaped. Found with all blood drained from his body. Cheng was a mobster, office above Black Lotus. Body guards say Singh came to see him, screams heard, 4 Fingers dead and Singh missing.
He told Deuvie about the mirror. “He had done something” the mirror made or allowed him to do it outside the village. He told a story of being accosted at a waterfall outside of Woo Sing (2 hour drive) then turned paile. Would not say what he did.
One night, Deuvie heard a scratching noise on roof of hospital, above the arch quarters. The next day is when he moved into the hotel where he died.
He kept everything in his mind, never wrote any knowledge down so no one else would be harmed. “All else I know is confession”.
He warns us to be very careful, was thinking of harming himself. Tell us to be very careful.
Rick searches his old quarters. Finds nothing.
Deuvie admits one last thing, de Braic asked him an odd question “If you discovered you had the means to kill anyone at the meerest though, what would you do…”

Now pretty late night.
Rick, Jerem, Billy and Hobbes find Fast Eddie and Du at Black Lotus.
Lots of talks about 4 Fingers death 2 days previous. Was a Lt. of Du.
Lots of whispering: Fatty Tang killed today, also drained of blood.
Du is very upset, his girlfriend is singing at the moment.
Its easy for Rick to talk to Du.
Eija was Du’s connection in Japanese Secret Service, so he’s not happy to hear about his death.
He agrees to meeting, will inform his Triad brethren as well.
Du and Rick have a great talk, he knows Brady fights Real Evil! Cosmic Evil! Not gangs and such.
That leads into the real details we need to speak of. He thinks Brady was killed in the bat attack.
This leads to talk of Singh being innocent. They drive Rick to slums, informants take them to a few hours dead body. Its Singh. Desecated like the other 2. Informants saw him with Wrong Eye Ling, a low level informant trying to be an assassin for anyone who will take him. They were drining in this tavern, then left into alley. THen, Wrong Eye struck Singh, taking something from him. Couldn’t tell what, then said something and SIngh screamed and ran but a creature appeared out of the sky. Started just as tentacles, then a huge red beast. Then sucked him dry.
Rick “How do you find Wrong Eye to hire him?” He has an office above a tailor shop, its known.
So, Du is a go on the meeting of the minds.

Sept. 20

Clive Chesney from Brit navy intel, and Harry Furthman from US State Dept. send for Paul and Schuyler, respectively.
Clive: Says Paul owes his country loyalty, they know about the mirror and that you are going to get it. It can not be destroyed, most importantly keep it out of the grasp of England’s enemies like France or US. They trust no one else with something else this powerful. Paul agrees.
Furthman: happy Schuyler is here. They say something like this mirror can only be entrusted to US hands. If Paul hands it over to US, it will shine well on Schuyler and they will pay $10000

Paul returns to 3 more invites. French Embassy, Paul ignores that one. As well as Italians. Germans too, whom Paul does go and speak to. He speaks to Georg of German Secret Services. He insists the mirror is very important.Theodore Mexner of military intel will be looking for it, will offer much money. DO NOT GIVE IT TO HIM, says Georg. “Germany can not be trusted with the mirror! It should be destroyed or sent to a democracy.” Wow, surprising reaction! ‘There are forces in Germany that are operateing beyond the ken of normal human beings. Forces that are waiting for the stars to be right. We in the Abvar work against these forces."
All the intelligence groups have informants in Big Ears Du’s gang. His people are being assassinated by it, the mirror allows you to summon the star vampire that follows your instructions and kill whoever you want.
Now the assassin has it.
We send word to Rick about where the mirror is.

We arrange the meeting for tonight, taking properly signed/delivered notes to all involved.

To investigate the news stories goes Jeremy, Chung, Phat
1) Seaman’s Club: a drunk confirms giant frog like men. Caved the wall in to get into a room above. The American staying in there got out, haven’t seen him since. Name of John Smith but it was Brady!
2) Fire: a moving ball of flame that chased down the 3 priests, and almost got the American they were talking to. They ID the Brady photo too!
3) The madame takes money to talk: its a block away from the Stumbling Tiger Bar. We are shown the murder room. Cleaned but dried blood splatter still on ceiling from giant bat attack. 2 bodies found, Ms. Wong and Chin Chao. They weren’t even supposd to be in this room though, the girl who lived there was sold to another house day before, Mae Ling, because she had been hiding her American lover, Brady, in her room.

So they think Brady is dead, perhaps. They send us to 140 Lantern St., where she was sold to.
A man runs it. He wants to know where she is, she disappeared yesterday! He’s pissed. He does not recognize Brady at all. He offers Jeremy 5 Mexican Silver Dollars to bring her back. Mae Ling’s best friend is the one in hospital after witnessing the bat. Magenta Joy.
We go to talk to her.
She’s afraid of monster coming for her. Jeremy and Chung calm her down, and she confirms it was a monstrous bat who attacked. She’s glad Ling wasn’t there. She has no idea where they went, but said John stayed at the house of a friend named Mu.
Mu Hsuen!
Back to report.

At New China: we go to recruit them for the meeting, training troops. They insist they are a martial arts school. A crumbled piece of paper lies on ground. Jeremy reads it “Min my man, have to go underground to finish the work.” Its Brady telling him to get the army ready, he’ll contact him soon.
This guy’s an idiot, he and all his men are at home waiting for Jack to send word to strike. They are students, cops, teachers, bureaocrats, all believe in great cause of communism. Jack just convinced them to fight evil. “We strike, strike!”
He keeps trying to get Chung to fight. Finally Chung KO’s him in one Cobra punch.
He wakes up in a few minutes.

Whole gang goes to Hsuen’s house to find Brady.
After Rick produces the letter of intro from Erica to tell Brady we are working with her knowledge, he finally gives in and leads us to Brady.
Rick “Jack Brady, I presume.”
He voluntarily talks before we even asks anything.
See Jack Brady’s Statement.
M’Wuru disappeared tween Egypt and Nairobi.
He does not know where the robe is.
The drum was taken into Kenya with the safari.
We explain Gavigan et al.
His girlfriend is at another whorehouse, got sold. He’s planning on rescuing her in next day or 2. Uh oh, he does not know she ‘escaped’.
Brady “Ho Phong must have her.”
He says Ho the leader of the Bloated Woman. He wants to break into Phong’s with us.
He also says we need to look out for LIn Tang, the old guy. Brady stole the 7 cryptical books from him! There was a seal on Gray Dragon Island, stolen. The eyeball Lin Tang showed us.
He explains ritual to use the eye written in the 7 cryptical books, Hsuen will ready it and show us how to do it so we can reseal the pyramid in Egypt!

Big meeting at night. They totally believe in Ho Phong’s guilt, but he’s far too powerful to raid.
Chu Min even shows up with the commies. They insist to go in first. Even if before Brady contacts them. We tell him that if he hears from Brady, send him to meet with us.
Green Gang says he’s one of their biggest customers, but he must go if he’s with Bloated Woman.
Outsiders have to take him out, meaning us. Slaughter might go along for that.
In the meantime, we need to get the mirror while we plan.

Simon thinks we should use the mirror to kill Ho Phong once we have it in our possession.

Sept. 21

We hear that Wrong Eye likes to hang out at the Black Lotus.
To his office go the Monster Hunters with Wang Phat.

Meanwhile, a knock at the door in Spanish “Senior Warrington, or Senior Rathbone?”
It’s Ferdinand de Plaza, the Mexican Consul. Hands over his card “My master has sent instructions that we would appreciate it if you give us this mirror.”
Somebody talked.
They offer “something infinitely more valuable” than anyting the other countries can offer. 100 Mexican Silver Dollars; AND our life. And he smiles, his teeth come to points.
Rick literally laughs.
He is some kind of creature of some sort.
Rick says he’d never give something valuable to dirtiest of dirty Mexicans rather than the British, or even the Americans.
His nails come to talon points as he reaches to shake hands.
He makes a sudden lunge, Rick is ready and dodges.
He says “good day gentlemen, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again.”
After he leaves, there is a creek outside the door. We smell cigar smoke, and refried beans. Then it vanishes as fast as it came.
Rick burns his card as well and throws the ashes out the window.

MH are led through the streets by Chung. It’s a building with multiple shops like herbalist, feminine exports selling brides, etc.
On 3rd floor is his office. Simon leads the way inside to the waiting area. Table has stack of stationary and such. A female secretary, maybe early 20’s, sits at the desk.
She eyes Simon up big time.
Simon is no flirt, but smiles genially and asks to see her boss.
“What country are you from, big boy?”
“England originally.”
“You like Chinese girls?”
She definitely likes him. Her name is Celia Woo.
He asks to talk to Chi Mu Ling. She says she hasn’t seen him during business hours for days, but assumes he’s been here at night cause stuff is moved and such.
He gets her to spill: she has worked here for 2 years, thought working in an office would give her the opportunity to meet a European, American, maybe even Russian and get out of this hell hole. Mr. Yusuki Ashidi was here looking for Wrong Eye yesterday; also a Mexican man, no gentleman, very scary.
Wrong Eye belongs to a Green Gang faction trying to expand but Big Ears checks them all the time; now is trying to now use his business to start his pest extermination to build clients.
Does business with Little Moscow in the French Quarter; hangs out at the Volga Tea Room.
She has not been paid lately, nor has the landlord. She thinks maybe he’s skipping out on all this cause something else is going on.
She asks Simon out on a date, she likes movies. He says movie and dinner at 7pm tonight. She will meet him her outside the office.
Chung recommends a good theater and eatery later.
She even lets us inside his office. We find little paperwork but for extermination contracts, as a euphamism for assassination. Then a hidden panel in his desk, with leather straps that held firearms. No wpns now though.
She says if he returns, she will immediately let Simon know.
The contracts have been fulfilled already. No one we know. He’s trying to muscle in on the action, using the Murder Mirror to further his career.
She does not have his home address.

Off to the Volga Tea Room. 1 person is out of place, it’s Ashida. Serving girl brings out English New years Crackers. Inside each is a tiny instrument toy.
We approach and talk quickly, but he is guarded, Classified info and all. Wrong Eye walks in, sees us all, turns and runs!!
We all take off. Ashida and Phat are in the lead. Wilhelm and Jeremy fast fall behind.
As we go by 3 lepers, they throw off their robes and reveal themselves as Mexican NInjas!! Hurling Shurikens at RC/Simon/Paul. One of them was lacking in them and Schuyler is target by none (card).
RC knows Mexican Ninjas, so stops to kill them all. The others all contiue on.
Wilhelm and Jeremy stop and help RC, opening fire. Jeremy drops the first that RC has cut almost to shreds.
RC then double crits DEAD.
Wilhelm crits the last DEAD.
We rush after the rest.

The others are met by a Mexican Ninja after Wrong Eye rounds a bend.
Phat spots him, but is met by an other Mexican.
The others follow.
Phat quickly kicks him 16 then 16 again!. It takes a few rounds, and its a quality fight against an great opponent, but Phat kills him in the end.
We lose both Wrong Eye and Ashida.
A street urchin comes up within half hour of our search, with a note for ‘the big Englishman’ from Celia. “He’s here” it reads. At the office.
Paul has passed out from the poison on the shuriken.
Phat takes Paul back to the hotel.
The rest make for the office of the enemy.,

We find Wrong Eye going through papers, Celia lies on the floor neck broken!
Wrong Eye draws his blade as Simon strides right up to him.
Schuyler “Where’s the mirror, Wrong Eye!”
“I sold it to the Japanese” with a sneer.
He and Simon go at it. Its another great one on one fight, Simon crits, the foe gets 2 attacks, there are a few rounds of deft blocks and parrying even where both miss. Simon even gets into light wounds before he beheads him with another crit.
We search anyway but the mirror is indeed gone. We do find 1000 silver dollars, given to Rick for his expenses on Murder Mirro info originally.

It’s a known fact Japanese want to kill Big Nosed Du, he’s Ashida’s likely target.
Jeremy thinks we wait for him to target Du.
Back to our hotel.
We are sitting and strategizing when there is a knock at the door.
RC answers it. There are 4 Japanese real ninjas in the hall with Ashida!
He demands the mirror!?!?! We say we thought he bought it.
Wilhelm “You’d better come inside.”
He says, after we lost them, he tried to intercept him but Ashida was stopped by 2 Mexican Ninjas too. The very idea he finds an insult. He killed them both. He knows how bad the idea was now to have sent all those Japanese to Deathless Santa Anna.
He thinks the Mexicans were able to acquire it.
They are probably at their consulate. We are going to have to break into it, independently.
If it makes it back to Mexico, who knows who could be targeted by Santa Anna. The US President? Houston? The Queen?
Schuyler wants to get in and put an end to this tonight.
Everyone is all in.

Tonight, we break in. Ashida and 4 ninjas go along. They will kill the guards on the outside and sweep the ground floor.
We will enter through another floor to get to the mirror.
Schuyler gets to a 2nd floor window then drops a rope. Eveyryone else starts climbing up and in as the ninjas start whooping arse downstairs. We can hear the big fight going on.
We don’t have to find Fernandez, the light in the room goes on as SImon is getting into the room.
He holds the mirror up, holds it at Schuyler, and says “kill”. 2 star vampires come out of the mirror. They immediately vanish, invisible.
He then turns into what Wilhelm will call a tumor fiend.
Simon readies for the Star Vamps, and they both attack Schuyler. They both hit and drain str via blood, become visible as the blood flows through them.
Simon strikes at one of them. Schuyer raises his elephant gun in pain and fires at the tumor fiend that was Fernandez and hits with 2 barrels.
The fiend attacks Simon, starting with its gaze then charges.
Billy climbs into the window. One Star vamps go after each of Billy and Schuyler. Billy goes after the tumor fiend; Schuyler draws his scimitar and attacks the star vamp swith Simon. The Fiend stays after Simon, gazing him but missing with 2 physical attacks.
RC enters the window but misses a vamp.
SImon kills the badly wounded star v, then cleaves the other one. The last hits Simon 3 times!
RC crits the last Star vamp DEAD then his cleave hits Tumor.
Simon now turns to the tumor fiend too and hits DEAD.

He falls to the ground, his skin starts to split and a gaseos sound emits. Noxious fumes, visible, start spreading throughout the room. As we leave, tumorous growths start appearing on any wood and other organic material in the room. Schuyler grabs the mirror on the way out. Schuyler closes the window on the way out.
We all make it out unscathed!!
The ninjas lose a couple of guys before they realize what is filling the building and flee as well, meeting us outside.
He wants the mirror at first. After a discussion, and assurances and an oath from the Templar that he shall never use it nor allow anyone near him to do so; and that our aim is to find a way to destroy it forever.
He wants to send one of his ninjas along to help guard it.
They are already in on the attack vs Ho Phong and the Island.

Sept 22

Rick sees Edmund. He will help us more with the invasion, he can provide support like boats, and good word to all our factions. But, more solid proof will make it much easier for him.
Jeremy goes to the Phong’s warehouse as a business man Paul Simon, looking to export to London and other ports, with the Wang’s and ninja’s as his business associates and retinue.
It’s partly built over the water on the pier. Windows 7’ off grown, iron grills covering.
Ho is busy, but we see his assistant Chu Loo Sin. The Wang’s stay with Jeremy, the ninjas wait in reception. Sin looks young for such a high position. Low, maybe barely mid, 20’s. Gangly, glasses; immaculately cared for cheap suit; clean shaven.
Chung brings up getting a tour for security concerns. They ablige.
We get a full layout of the place.

Schuyler and one of the ninja go into the water looking for a lower way inside. They find a trapdoor in the floor, network of braces easily grabbed, to pull self up. Underneath us there are several bodies down there, weighted down. Dried blood on some of the beams. One of the ninjas leaps up, grabs a beam, screams and falls into the water, multiple fingers cut off by razor blades.
We get him out of the water. Schuyler sends a grapple up to the beams and climbs up while the other ninja takes the wounded one away. There is slight give to it, held by a bolt. He uses a small acid spray gadget to cut it and get inside. He climbs inside to a storeroom. He sees frieses from ruins, statues, paintings of mythos themes!! And dried blood all over, acts as a torture room too.
He comes out of this storeroom into the lit warehouse room, hearing voices on the far side. He closes the trap door and hides among the boxes.
There are 3 pairs of guards walking around. 2 always in the far corner. The other 4 walking around. As one passes he goes to the door and unlocks it with is automated lock picker. He starts to open one side and it begins to creak. He quickly says he there are mythos items in the storeroom. He starts oiling a runner but hears a noise behind him, seeing a guy who came out of a guard room sneaking up on him. A big hulking Chinaman. He pulls the door open to reveal Simon Geste.
The guard yells a warning as Simon strides up to him. The man draws a saber. The other guards are heading our way. The Wangs and the Ashida’s super ninjas move in, hiding to spring upon the pairs of guards. They spot the ninja only.
Simon begins one on one combat.
The guards arrive a pair at a time, one of our 3 each takes a pair. Wang Chung hypnotizes one and engages the other. Phat takes his 2 out first, then helps Chung finish off his 2, then its 3 on one vs the last of the master ninja’s pair as he yells “For the Bloated Woman” then is killed.

Rick and Billy have moved into the storeroom led by Schuyler. Red Cloud and Paul move to the hall leading to the main entrance to block anyone else from arriving.

Meanwhile, Simon and the big man size each other up for a few moments before the chinaman begins the duel. Simon has control from the beginning, and in the ends ends it with a mighty swing that beheads him.

No noise from upstairs, which Paul and RC find empty.

Rick finds about a few dozen mythos items in the room. All repulsive and disturbing. There are also about 30 of genuine archaeology treasure: mostly ancient Chinese, but also some Jap, Indian, African, Polynesian, some unidentifiable to most but Rick thinks perhaps proto historic!! The mythos related stuff will be destroyed. The rest we take.
Also crates marked AP = Aubrey Penhew. One has very light metal that look like fins; another a device of some sort with several concentric frames, spindle in the middle housing a heavy disc.
A box to go to a Herbert West, Miskatonic Medical School. Inside we find a mason jar glowing green, full of a syrupy thick green flowing liquid.
We take all this weird stuff, too. Westinghouse will be wired about Herbert West.
Many of the artifacts are disturbing, light mythos related or otherwise repulsive. All the artifacts not such, Rick will give to the local museum he promised to help out. Otherwise, Ashida is given the more local stuff, Rick will take the African and Indian back to London.

After we get the stuff out onto a few carts the ninja get, we start a fire where the drunk guys were drinking.

Sept. 23

Early morning: Ho Phong house infiltration.
In the old city. Gates and wall toped by iron points, barbed wire, etc. Roof is steep and slippery. No building on either side w/in 20’.
From a nearby taller building, we see the large and small courtyards in the complex, plus a large out door pool area.
Outer wall is 13’ high. Inner building walls are 10’ high.
The front doors go directly to the large open courtyard. In the small courtyard, a man and a woman are having sex.
2 front doors, one into the house another right to the main couryard.
2 sit by the pool in leisure chairs. A basket full of raw meat from which they periodically throw a piece in, including a human leg. Something in the pool with tentacles eats them!
A westerner sits there, with Ho Phong himself, thanking Ho for his hospitality but “As soon as he gets hold of the book, I have to get back. My agents have already arrived at Easter Island for the rising.”
Ho replies “You feel confident she is going to tell you where to find it.”
He says something like how a few more openings to heaven should do it.
Ho “I’ve always wondered how long someone can survive there, so I think we should continue.”
They talk of not wanting just the book, but Brady’s heart in “my hand.”
Ho “That can be arranged, once she tells us where he is.”
Ah, they have his girl. The ‘Gates of Heaven’ must be a name for a torture device.
The Wang’s will tell us that its a box, separating the body into a bunch of closed sections. They dump man eating rats into a piece at a time. So, she’s has already been partially eaten.
Jeremy “Well, that’s unfortunate.”
Ho invites the man to the ‘House of the White Petal Blossoms’ (a supposed secret sex palace for the wealthy, specializing in young girls) and they leave.
We sneak away. A savage wind starts to blow. We get low as it swirls around the 2 of us. One of the tiles cracks as if something walked upon it.
Schuyler “Let’s get out of here.”
We feel a presence beside each of us. Some sort of invisible guardians!
They smack us hart, and we leap from the roof, landing with terrible thuds.
The rest of the group ‘oooh that had to have hurt".
Looking up the air shimmers in 2 faint humanoid forms 10’ tall. They do not pass the wall though.
Wilhelm calls them invisible guardians, summoned from another plane of existance and guard to the death. They seek death, because it sends them back to their own plane, but must fulfill their guardianship duty. This makes them very mean tempered.
Rick tells the ninjas prepare powder eggshell grenades.
Being mean and opposed to being enslaved, they likely won’t report us being there.

Schuyler insists on bringing the gattling gun.
Simon thinks we should kock, open the door, and just punch the first guy in the face. No one will expect that kind of a frontal attack.
Chung knocks on the door. A middle aged man answers in nightgown and slippers. Chung strikes his throat DEAD.
A long hall stretches the length of the house. In we go. We put his body in his small room here.
We take the first right to an area of 13 doors, leaving RC and a ninja to watch the hall. Its full of about 25 servants. Noncombatants.
Some say “Masters you must leave, this house is not guarded by mortal men.”
Back in the hall, a man comes our a door making his way here. Once he gets to the corner, RC clubs him. He somehow stays up and blows a whistle that makes no sound. It takes us a few round to kill this tough guy.
A strong wind blows down the corridor. The party retreats into the large courtyard room.
Simon and Billy are both attacked by 2, then Rick is as well!
2 ninja’s and Rick throw powder. 1 on each are visible.
Others join in as powder bombs start hitting home. Hobbes flashes a picture from the rear.
These guys are very tough, and hit hard, can’t be crit’d and no threshold. Phat has to retreat during the battle but its a hard fought win.

All the servants are tied and gagged, put in the storage room. We continue up the main hall. Door left into a large luxurious sitting room, empty. To the left, double doors to a huge dining hall. One door leads out.
Next a great library of a few thousands of books!!
Next a bedroom. A hall goes left across from it. The bed is huge, and a few jade mythos statuettes. Empty. Wilhelm takes them to destroy later.
Next room, bedroom, beautiful young woman sits there, basket in front of her full of worms, slugs et al. She is humming while she eats them.
Simon “You, crazy women.” She doesn’t even acknowledge him. It must be Ho’s daughter, Ho Su. Hopelessly insane.
Simon wants to take her with us as hostage. In case Ho really loves her still. Wang Phat is assigned to keep her under control.
We are now in the pool are. We keep our distance. We find a Buddha room, but a slight ring around its neck. A seem. A full turn and a half of the head by Rick reveals a secrat hatch in the floor going down.
We turn around, and find business cards in one room of Carl Stanford!!! He was the western man!!
The rest of this floor is empty.

Downward we go are about to go, but we hear Brady, low in sanity and w/o much restraint, toss TNT sticks into the pool.
Billy and Simon, at the bottom, stop and just stare up at the ceiling.
W/o looking up, Rick pulls Billy back. RC then does the same to Simon.
Sanity checks for both, and Billy drops 17!! He starts just screaming at the top of his lungs. We gag him, and it takes a minute and a half for Rick to snap him out of it. But he is left very paranoid but for toward Rick, who is the only person who has a chance to keep him focused.
They do not remember what they saw on the ceiling.
All Simon can say is “Crawling”.
Now we know not to look upward when we enter.
Paul, Simon and Rick continue on to a door. There is a small tiny lever beside the door.
Back at the main group, we yell back and they find one as well.
Simon pulls it. There’s a grinding noise and a snap up at the ceiling. Whatever was above is covered up.
Everyone comes through.
Billy is hesitant at Simon calling him forward, but Rick says its ok. In the room is an 8’ stature of Nyarlathotep and the Bloated Woman, bronze like alien material. Small altar at the front, ashes of burnt victims. Teek cabinet with gold door with carvings of strange beings in an alien language.
Rick searches the cabinet, finds a poison needle trap. Simon cleaves it open. 5 sealed 1oz vials; Small flower press to draw out their essence. What is stuck to it looks nasty. We take samples. Rick says its a poison in the vials, powerful, judging by what plant it is. Contact poison. Books as well.
Also a jar of greenish powder.
Black and yellow silk robe, we burn this
Torture and needles, sickles. We destroy these.

We also find Brady’s woman in the torture box, Brady freeks, busts her free smashing the rats that he can. Her feet and thighs are horribly bitten and scarred. But she’s not crippled. She is unable to talk right now, screamed herself mute.
Rick copies the writing on the cabinet.

We take the 10 books. 5 of particular mythos value:
Selections de L’ivre D’ivon, French
True Magic by Theophilus Wenn, in English
Goddess of the Black Fan, in Classical Chinese
R’yleh Text Commentary in Classical Chinese including sketch map of R’yleh with 5 spells
Tale of Priest Quan, in Classical Chinese: poetry, spells, mainly story of priest of the Bloated Women

Finally, Choi can talk. She says they talked freely around her. Stanford is the head of the Silver Twilight, all over the world. They are working with an undead Baron to create “The Day of the Beast” when teh crawling chaos will come forward and the world will bow. ANother plan is to rise a Cthulhu in the middle of the Pacific. Neither is what Ho is up to. All work in conjuction. All are to working together, but not happening at the same time, and bring the End of Days.
She comfirms Gray Dragon Island is one of the places, too.
Ho and Stanford both left on Ho’s yacht, she thinks to the island, with some of their cultists. Stanford is here for the 7 cryptical books.
Rick “Brady, is this book in any danger?”
“No, I have it safe. It can’t fall into any of their hands. I have a friend, the curator at the Shanghai museum. He is my friend, and has hidden the book.” He knows not where, for its safety.
She says the powder is called Tyuk, made from the Blue Petals of the Ineffable Path. They were going to give her some bfore her next torture. Keeps the user completely aware.
They also just realized today that Brady hid the 7 cryptical books with Hsuen.

We send guards tonight. Paul, Simon, RC, Paul, Wang Chung. We find 8 thugs standing around a tied and beaten up Hsuen “Where’s the book!” They wield Jo Sticks, sickles and unarmed variously.
As we approach to fight, 8 more enter the door behind us!!
2 have pistols!
We wipe them out with ease.
Hsuen is saved!

Sept 24

Rick, Hobbes and Brady have a meeting of minds, showing them all Choi, who details all she heard at Ho’s. That is enough for Edmund, the Royal Marines will be at our disposal!
He then does the same with the Green Gang leadership.
The Jap navy will be indisposed, due to possible war with Russia. They do have a small zeppelin Asogi could get, max 6 passenger. 127 mpg. 2 crew. Made by Mistubishi.
If we use brit ships, Japs will likely help. If we use US, Japanese won’t. So we can have any 2 of the three.
USMC has good troops, Brady may have connections. But no landing crafts that we can use.
We will likely have to land on the dock w/o usable landing craft. No maps of the island coast are available.
It will take the govt’s a week or 2 to gather all troops and prepare. We will use Brit ships so that the Japanese and Americans will both go. Plus the Texas Marshal and dep’s.

We have to go to Lin Tang Yu for the Eye, we need the eye, who runs a slavery op, drugs, very powerful. Has lots of minions. Jeremy cases the house with the ninjas. Rick starts gathering info with Wang Chung.
Jeremy goes to visit him with Wang Phat. Place is full of half naked slave girls. 2 others are waiting to meet him in ill fitting western suits. Americans, eastern seaboard for sure. Bob Lewis, trunk salesman, and his associate Lou Abbot. They are here on a sales call, a cold call, door to door. Jeremy warns them that this Lin is not exactly friendly but they are sure of themselves.
Jeremy gets a sense of power from one of them, something is not right about either. Phat notices that when they are in his peripherals, they briefly appear to be amorphous. Staring right at Bob, he feels a probing of his mind, then the contact is lost. Bob then to Phat “Bob Lewis, good to meet ya.”
A few moments later, Lin calls for Jeremy “Yes, so what can I do for you today?”
Jeremy begins his art. He has 2 women sitting at his feet, and his 2 trained apes.
What Jeremy picks up from him:
He has books of Mythos
Kept informed by his hundreds of operatives on Nyarlathotep
Knows Ho is high priest
Knows Stansford came aboard Dark Mistress!
Knows of the cults!
Whispered in darkest places that a powerful machine is being built on the island, now does not believe it due to lack of current evidence
Raised his apes from infants; has a connection to Congo Cult of White Gorilla
His brother is a notorious warlord with 10000 men
He’s a degenerate, has his womens’ vocal cords severed
Does not want trouble with Bloated Woman
He’s evil, and refuses to help us even with all he knows

Lou Abbot enters with Bob unnoticed “So where is the eye of light and darkness, where do you keep it?”
Lin “In my safe room?”
He’s wammied, they command him to get it “right now”.
Lin stands up, walks through a curtain and returns with 4 other henchmen, then to Jeremy “What did you do to me?” Accuses him of hypnotizing.
He says those harmless trunk salesmen couldn’t have done it. Jeremy smacks Lou who falls over backwards. Bob picks him up.
They go into a ridiculous routine. Bob says to Jeremy “We’ll meet again” a mist rises and vanishes, they are gone.
Phat “We just saved you from them.”
He offers the eye if we return the book.
Jeremy “What book?”
“The 7 books.”
Jeremy agrees. Now we know where the eye is hidden. He leaves.

The 7 Books is a long yellowed scroll on rollers of bone of some kind. Rick ID’s it as a monster, probably a Chinese Dragon he recognizes from ancient treatises! So, they existed at some point. Wilhelm says close in look, its the rib of a nightgaunt.
Rick “Good call, old man!”
Its tube is of more recent instruction. Rick says the tube is from around 1800. The paper from at least 200 bc, likely older. It has ancient and obscure symbols of an even older source it must have been copied from called Tachuan, the Tchau Tchau speak it, a Hyborean language!
Also old TIbetan, Indian Brahmi.
Lots of astrological looking wheels and charts.
Its the most confusingly written thing we have ever seen.
Many lifetimes could be spent studying this and never finish.
Sounds like this needs to be in Archimedes’ possession.

Rick goes to the dancer’s house to pay respect for the passing of her boyfriend. She says he came to her house, left in middle of the night to go home. Then she heard he was dead the next day.
Dearly wants to find out what happened, too.

Rick goes to talk to Eija’s boss. He only knows that he was beginning to investigate a cult.
We go to his former abode. Landlady says he returned to appartment with a short and slim young Chinese girl.

Rick returns to our place, where he finds Paul was visited by a short, slim Chinese woman who wanted him to come to a meeting tonight. Some kind of a ritual, and for come to know the fate of your friend you must follow in his footsteps.

We follow Paul through the slums, following the direction, in the Chinese quarter. Making RC stay outside, they lead him inside to a subterraenean chamber, the Chinese woman who visited standing on the altar completely nude.
Maybe a hundred people of different cultures stand about, though still mainly Chinese. 1/3 female.
A long drawn out ritual of chanting begins.
People start having sex, or scratching at themselves, etc. A feint smoke or fog is floating to the altar, absorbed into the woman, as if it is eminating from the crowd.
This reminds him of that he heard happened with Look to the Future in America.

After a safe while, we break in up top.
Simon and RC take out the 2 guards just inside. We follow the dark hallway into the earth, hearing chanting ahead. We peak in the door and see the scene.

2 or 3 people at the front who were young adults now are aging fast.
We start filing in.
Several men are whipping people randomly.
Hobbes is just outside the door, film camera rolling.
The Wangs go into the crowd with Rick, RC.
Jeremy is taking note of the chant itself and gesturing in case later copying is needed. Simon and Schuyler raise their elephant guns.
She says "Lord Warrington, come forth to meet the Great Old Ones! Lord Warrington, come forth! He is grabbed ay a few of the cult leaders and they start dragging him forward.
“Now, the dread Lady shall copulate!”
One of them blocks Chung then Fist of Yogsothoth’s him! Chung strikes back, the man’s arms turn into snakes, but Chung takes him down.
We are mingling in, the woman starts to shimmer and change.
Its sanity all around, d6/d20. Schuyler drops 13 and feints! Billy drops 18 and has a screaming fit!!
Simon fires and hits, both barrels. RC charges to help Paul.
Jeremy moves to protect the downed Schuyler if necessary.
Rick rushes forward past Billy down the left side.
Phat engages, they close in on him and RC, plus 1 on Rick.
The bloated woman avatar moves to Paul and kills 6 surrounding worshipers then 2 of the 3 on RC, but misses Paul!!
Rick lights a wick hanging out of her satchel and yells for Paul and RC to run!! RC weaves through the crowd out of the way.
Paul turns around wildly barrels through worshipers.
Simon hits with Schuyler’s gun 36!!
Rick tosses his TNT bag of 5 × 4packs wired together expertly. It’s a massive explosion, killing everyone within 30’ around her and blowing her to bits. Apparently she was vulnerable to concussion damage!!
Hobbes “My god that was amazing!! Wait until you guys see this!”
Phat and RC are just caught in the periphery of the blast.
Burnt, disgusting bits of alien fat splatters the room and those within.
Only 2 of the cultists survive the blast. Simon intercepts their attempt to flee and cuts them to ribbons, then begins purging the room, RC and the Wangs with him. Its no contest. A couple rick men offer thousands of dollars, but get no quarter.
Rick picks the screaming Billy up over his shoulder and he and Hobbes get him out, Jeremy and Wilhelm get Schuyler out.
Simon says a prayer for all their souls and burns the building down.

Until the attack:

Billy has become an indefinite pathological liar.

Wilhelm starts intensive therapy on Billy up to the Island attack. Billy was down to a 6 sanity. After gaining from our victory, he gets a couple sanity back as well. After the first week, he cures Billy of his paranoia he has had.
After the next week, the lying is still there.
Rick spends plenty of time with our landlord.

The Wang’s, the night before the raid, sneak in with Ashida and his super ninja’s and procure the eye of light and darkness!

10 Iluminati men from Peking arrive after Rick’s wire about the raid. They have an infiltrator and 9 heavies.

Ho’s insane daughter, we will take with us when we leave and drop her at the same asylum in Hong Kong that keeps Carlyle.


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