The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Tomb of Rehotep Day 3

April 13, 1890

Tarr is losing strength every day, and inquires into how many days straight he might be doing this.
Spalding “Just suck it up, Tarr.”
Feather “There’ll be time to rest when we head home.”
Sebastian laughingly “You going to make him do it until he can’t move.” No comment.

Everyone now healed up, and before 7am we’re entering the tomb. The Riders watch at the Temple of Osiris, half the Theban diggers and all of Sala’s men wait outside the tomb in case needed. Half of Sebastian’s redcoats including their leader guard Wadjet’s temple while the rest wait on the ledge in case we need their help.

All is how we left it. We search all the iron-mummy coffins, finding nothing, nor anything of value on the wall inscriptions. Into the next room, we investigate the alcoves and find the treasure is genuine. Rick finds no secret doors anywhere.
Spalding points out the sceen had Rehotep’s cartouche on it. We should pass the figurines out.
Mundabi “This can’t be Rehotep. There’s no pool.”
Rick “Right, that cartouche is bullshit. This could be Utat Nabu. I’m worried about him enough as it is.”
Rick opens the door of the screen, and a breeze blows out. A voice from all around curses us for finding “my final resting place” as if it’s Rehotep.
The vault is of dry blood-red granite. The lid is mortared shut, probably a ton or so too. Breaking out the spikes and hammers we get 8 Sala-men at at time, Sala yelling out the rhythm, to work on the mortar. After about an hour is is cracked, and we slide the lid off. A sarcophagus of wood is inside, covered with writings of mindless evil and a likeness of Rehotep, plus the warning this is the last resting place of Rehotep. Do not open or he shall slay you.
Rick “Can’t be, we haven’t even encountered Utat Nabu.”
Fritz “Remember the one line in the first hall abou lying to tell the truth or something?”
Sebastian “Maybe its lies.”
Rick doesn’t believe so, believing the coptic outside to be truth.
Sala’s diggers pry open the inner coffin. There is indeed a mummy there, and before we can even react it gets the diggers neck with his crook-21. He amazingly makes his threshold save and falls back screaming (good thing we used Sala’s experienced men rather than the normal Theban diggers). The monster hits again-5/6 before we can attack. He also opens his mouth releasing as swarm of beetles!
To our advantage the creature is still seated.
Rick figuring it may be the vampire “Dowse him with oil!” and lights a torch as Spalding fires-miss. Billy swings Kholan’s sword-18, then Friday, Mundabi and Feather each dump a flask of oil over the thing. Fritz hits with his enchanted wolfwere khopesh-15. The diggers retreat and Rick lights the bastard up-14, turns out it’s vulnerable for fire plus it burns up the beetles. He stands up in the coffin aflame. The thing hits Fritz with the crook-11, as more beetles flood out of his mouth into the fure upon him and burn up. Mundabi stabs him-17, Fritz hits-14, Billy-miss, Feather shoots but does not beat DR. Hobbes hurls oil but misses, but Friday-5 and Spalding-4 both hit. The original flasks still burning, it falls destroyed as it screams “Curse you, you have destroyed the Set-Rehotep!” We played that battle perfectly.
Rick “Bullshit. Nice trick.”
Withing the sarcophagus we find the sceptar of Set! Another of the evil phylacteries.
After Rick checks around it for a secret door, we bring more Sala-men in to pound up the granite to check underneath the coffin to be sure. Rick then checks the screen and the floor in this room. The walls are plastered and Rick pokes some test holes around the room looking for a hollow but it’s futile. He hates destroying the wall art. The diggers find nothing at all. They begin to remove the treasure from the alcoves afterward.
Moving to the iron-mummy room we again find no secret doors anywhere.
Rick “This isn’t good.” He really doesn’t want to ruin the walls.
Rick then checks out the recesses in the entrance hall with the carved door/gate in each while the diggers are working. The gap isn’t really a gap, it’s just a relief of a door, and he can find no trigger. Soon as he touches the ‘door’ itself, it becomes almost transparent. On the other side is revealed a horrible burning vista. He immediately takes his hands off. He walks to the other and checks it, the same thing temporarily appears but a different vista of ice and cold. Certainly neither is a place we ever wish to go.
Out of the first recess walks a terrible serpent-demon of some kind. Fritz, in the hall with Rick, drops it with the .50. 2 more follow the first as Rick gets to the entrance to the rest of the tomb and yells urgently for Billy. Looks like Rick opened the gates or drew their attention. Oops!
Fritz fires again-DEAD. He feels a breath on his shoulder, and turns to see a furry demon creature that has come throught the ice land portal. Rick yells again as Billy arrives in a rush, almost running into the serpent demon as it’s walking toward us. Billy hits, using Kholan’s and kukri-Dead. Rick hits the fur demon-10 with his revolver. The fur demon growling menacingly hits Fritz-8. Fritz pulls his khopesh and hits-13. Rick fires again at Fritz’s-8. Mundabi leaps into the hall and moves to help Fritz. Billy moves to the fire gate, and is able to see the scene Rick saw. Another furry steps out and they both attack Fritz-miss/11 ignoring Mundabi.
2 more lizards come through portal but can’t attack yet.
h4. Insert rest of battle 4:49:10 pg13

There’s some good solid ribbing of Rick for starting all of this. We are beat up enough that we mostly rest the remainder of the day. But we need to start marathoning it all day long. The demons all spontaneously wither/burn away until there is practically nothing left of them but particles.
Sebastian insists we have to tear down all the plaster in the last room. Rick hates to do so again but knows we must. When we do we find the continuation of the tomb on the back wall. Double door open to a steep stairway going down into the dank bowels of the tomb……..

Not one to sit around and do nothing, Rick spends the rest of the day along with Hobbes and Sala’s men cataloguing, photographing and removing treasure. All treasure in the tomb that is removed, according to Rick’s rules, has recorded precisely where it was found, with what other treasures, and is photographed.


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