Machenda Mahunda Gurung "Billy Fish"

Gurkha Footsoldier....


Fast3/tough2/trusted sidekick 3
dob 5/30/1865 5’4" 160lbs black hair and brown eyes
str: 17
dex: 20
con: 16
int: 12
wis: 14
cha: 14

Occ: adventurer (arch.wpn; +1 climb/perception)
kholans sword: +3 bastard sword

Talents: Improved Inc Speed, Inc Speed, Wpn Fin: kukri, Mst. Fin: kukri, Remain Conscious, Rapid Precision; Creeping Reflexes
Feats: Natural swordsman; Dodge; Combat Reflexes; Power Attack; Mobility (Fst 2); Wpn Focus: kukri; 2 wpn. ft.; Fearful Battlecry; Toughness (tough2; Exotic: bastard; Fearsome Fort.; Iron Will

Trusted Sidekick:
Harm’s Way moved to 2nd
Second version at 6th vs reflex saves: cover Rick and auto fail reflex save and Rick auto makes it.
No transporter or keep current


“Billy Fish” so named by the Gurashav(englishmen) in his homeland served for a short period in her majesty’s royal colonial light infantry. after his discharge he met up with rick rathbone and the two found each other company highly desirable as it is full of fine women, heated combat, and plenty of opportunity to show each other the benefits of each others friendship and neither god, allah, kali nor lord cthulhu will stand between them.

the last thing his enemies hear is “jai mahakali ayo gorkhali!” (victory to the goddess mahakali, the gurkhas are coming!)

one has teeth filed down
one has name no one can pronounce, except Rick
One has PTSD but can not accept it, has no concept of it in Gurkha tradition.

Machenda Mahunda Gurung "Billy Fish"

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