Mundabi the Masai


Tough 3/Strong 4/Fast
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 15+
Str 20
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 15
Com 8
Occupation: Primitive (Track and Arch. Wpn prof)
Talents: Fire Res; Remain Conscious; Might; Mighty Will; Melee Smash 1; Strengthened Body;Melee Smash 2; Hardened Body
Instead of Fireamrs) Imp Dam Threshold
1) Great Fortitude; Run; Skill Focus: intim.
2)Wpn Focus: Spear; T2: Endurance
3)Death From Above
4)Power Attack; S2: Wpn Focus: Simi
5)Power Lunge
7) Bloodhound; S2) Wpn Focus; orinko
Sanity:42 (55)
Wealth: 10
Reputation: 1
Languages: English 2
Affiliations: Adventurer’s Club
Weapons: Spear, Simi, orinko, javelins


A young adult Masia, Mundabi had taken work as a local guide for white hunters and travelers in exchange for supplies for his tribe, like many other tribesman have done. Most recently he worked for the big game hunter Fritz Goldstein, becoming such friends with him that he accompanied Fritz back to London so as to be inducted as a member of the Adventurers Club. He became quite a sensation in Fritz’s home town as one would imagine, the locals seeing him as a novelty rather than a primitive to be mocked and scathed. In the more uppity London he created more gasps than ooh’s and ah’s.

Mundabi the Masai

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