William Calvin Watterson-Hobbes

Rick's 'Sidekick' and personal photographer


Smart Hero 2/Dedicated 4/Fast 1Steampunk-camera_1_.jpg

Str 12
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 16
Wis 14 (4th)
Cha 10
Com 10
Luck 17

Talents: Savant (craft: visual arts);

F)Personal Firearms
1) Look Harmless
1) Improved Initiative

Languages: German 2; French 2; Arabic 1;
Wealth: +2

Bess Coin(20): negate damage


Hobbes, or Hobbie as he is sometimes called by some friends, is a professional photographer and one of the earliest experts and advocates of the new cinematograph technology.
He works mostly for universities during academic pursuits like archaeological digs and anthropological expeditions, and is a member of the Royal Geographic Society and the Adventurer’s Club. Through the Adventurer’s Club he first met Richard Rathbone, and at his side experienced the arcane/supernatural for the first time only a few years ago fighting gargoyle-like creatures and a mummy in an Egyptian tomb at Memphis. That his first reaction was not to fear, but instead get a picture, proved to Rathbone this was a man to be at his side. Luckily Hobbes took to looking up to Rick’s natural charisma and heroism.
Hobbes’ photos are sought after by publications both academic and popular.

steampunkcameratripod_1_.jpgHe hopes to get a cinematograph recording of a large set-piece battle someday, and invent a motornized cranking mechanism for the movie camera so that the ‘cinematographer’ is more free while recording.

William Calvin Watterson-Hobbes

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