Zakir Goldtooth

A 'local contact' of Rick's in Egypt


Charismatic Ordinary 6

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 14(4th)
Cha 15

Occupation: Entrepreneur(Bluff,Dipl)
Feats: Renown;Heroic Sanity;Trustworthy; plus 1
Languages: English (2),French (2),Nandi(1)
Sanity: 75

Know(str) 7
Know(civ) 7
Prof 7
Persuasion 6
Bluff 7
Ride 2
Sense Mot. 7

BD 1
Rep: 7
Fat: 18


‘Loyal’ Zakir, as Rick calls him, is a native Egyptian who works in his country as a guide, dragoman, camp and caravan manager par excellance. Rick has used him on virtually all his digs and other work in and around Egypt. Rick insists he is the best in the business and thus far Zakir has lived up to that claim. Rick, Fritz, Billy and Mundabi would each trust the man with their life without hesitation. The epithet given him by Rick is spot on, and there is none other alive whom Zakir is more loyal to, or more willing to go out of his way to accomplish a task given him for, than Rick Rathbone.

Zakir Goldtooth

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