Arc of Vlaktos Stone

Slab found in desert outside Hollwoodland


1d4, to see which of the 4 beings you contact. Can gain forbidden lore but loose, with those other than Nodens, A LOT of sanity.

Used with a spell that will raise the ‘corpse city’, earth’s supreme horror.
You need certain things: the spell itself “Raise the Corpse City”; the R’lyeh DIsc; understand the infernal geometry of the arc of vlaktos.


Marble like rock
3′ × 4′
Seemless. Like no rock we’ve seen before
Lots of markings.
In the center, a geometric shape.

Dog tried to break through with a sledge; The sledge shatters, and he was thrown back against the wall. Some force smashed him in the face, bloodied.
Nothing different seen through the Varnstein Lense goggles.
In the middle of the stone is a geometric design.
This is not Aklo, or any known language.

The central pattern seems to swirl and shift; it can suck a persons mind to attention, then who knows where.

Dong: Felt myself being drawin into it, slipping away. Had a vision of a vast island, with cyclopean ruins. A huge vault, doors closed and sealed by 7 seals.” The Corpse City, R’yleh, we assume. Rick does a rubbing of the central design. Looking, shows it to Dong, and no impact at all. Comparing it to the design, it is suddenly different. Rick does another. Comparing, they are different, subtely. Non euclidean geometry.
Each rubbing will be different. You must have the the whole.
Wilhelm starts to sketch it by hand. As he goes along, he notices what he drew moments before has already altered. He corrects as he goes. After about an hour, he compares, and it is completely different. Like a head full of tentacles. He realizes the shifting was fooling him, he had no idea what he was drawing until the end.

Arc of Vlaktos Stone

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