Calendar of the Bloody Tongue

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It’s a book, of vellum. Trying to cut a small corner off for chemical analysis, the scissors break. It will not burn either!! Writing is proto historic, not Aklo! Rick is making the call: Stygian
Looks to be a 12 month calendar, covering 10 years but not our modern calendar.
The writings are unknowable.

Captured cultist in Harvard said:
Will “When is the next ritual, if you know? Is it regular?”
“Yeah, but not regular. Regular but not regular. I think they got their own calendar. They do it sort of every week, but week by their calendar.”
Will “Have you ever seen it?”
“I can’t tell you much. Lots of funny lines, funny symbols. Makunga say that calendar from before the days of ancient Egypt, when black men ruled the world.”
Will “Ruled the world?”
“That’s what he say. Days of dark Stygia. Before Egypt. There was the black empire.” This is a word Wilkerson used, in his Hyborean Age theory.
Will “And that’s supposedly their calendar. So as far as this calendar goes, they sacrifice weekly?”
“They meet weekly, sacrifices maybe 10 times a year, maybe 12. No, not 12.”
Will “Is there 10 months in that year?
“Don’t know. Last year there was 11, this year to be 10. I ask Makunga once. He say this calendar from different world.”
Will “You said it was from earth, before Egypt.”
“They got it from the other place. Stupid name, formuhat. A city there, Sunojer.”

Rick/Wilkerson research: rumor of great library in the stars; The cultist reference of Formalmat is an actual star, one of brightest star in the sky about 25 light years from earth; the library is from a world around there then, we must assume.
Rick: every month of the calendar is of a differing length; appear in different order for each year. It is more of a universal calendar. He matches the symbols to determine the order of the months and how many there are in each year. It is very chaotic.
On the reverse, are lines of text. They are actually a chart. Crossreferencing them together give a symbol; the symbols are numbers. The chart shows how many days are in that month. The obverse tells the order of the months.
There is a way of figuring out what year one is currently in. But it seems to use non euclidean math.
Other writings are gibberish.
If we can figure out the start day for this year, we can move forward. We get WIlhelm in on it, since it may involve mythos considering the library. Westinghouse gets involved with the math.
We figure out a month that a millenial day must be in June 1893!! It is a likely day the cultists are going for something huge!!!
Rick thinks to match this June 17 with a special marking on the calender, and it is the calendrical leap year day; and to check all new moons are marked on calendar; indeed they corespond as important dates!!!!
So even though this calendar is otherworldly, it has Earthly New Moons as important dates. Interesting.
It gives us the millenial
We need to find more information from elsewhere.

(maybe 30684).

Calendar of the Bloody Tongue

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