Copper Bowl

Juju House


Passed on to Explorers by Investigators. Wilkerson has studied this for some time now, and all his notes on the script is included to assist Rick.

Writing in unknown to us alltogether. Could be of Wilkerson’s Hyborean Age, he and Richard’s ’Proto History".

This was given to Wilkerson at first opportunity.
It has an almost greasy feel to it. Jon thinks it may be something called ‘Copper from Above’ he has heard of. Has do to with sending dreams to people. ELIAS and THE CARLYLE PARTY’S DREAMS!!!
Must have been M’Wuru’s!


Etched w/ unrecognizable runes and signs!! Wilkerson and Rick know this is Aklo!!! That means this was made to do a magic spell. We think it has something to do with TIME and a WINDOW perhaps. A mark we know as meaning RITUAL as in arcane ritual. The metal, though copper, is much tougher. Rick’s parents say they’ve seen this before: the aboriginals in Australia had a small statue they said had mystical power. It was roughly the shape of a pregnant woman. Referred to the metal as Copper from Above. THis bowl is of the same metal.

Copper Bowl

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