Life as a God


1d6 initial sanity/1d6 complete
1 forbidden lore
and clues for later on in the campaign
1d4 weeks


Passed on to Explorers by Investigators.

Found in Carlysle’s safe. Starts in 1805, author became a minor priest of the brotherhood of the black pharaoh. Bound in human skin.
Narrate’s all manor of unspeakable acts for the Pharaoh of Darkness (murder, sacrifices, rapes, mutilations, all of which mention short single spiked clubs). WItnessed and taken part by author.
mentions the Dark Pharaoh’s throne room. One quote about it in particular:
“It’s angles were magnificent and most strange. By their hideous beauty I was enraptured and enthralled, and I thought myself of the daylight fools who had judged the housing of this room as mistaken. I laughed for the glory they missed. When the 6 lights lit, and the great word said, then He came, in all the grace and splendor of the higher planes, and I longed to sever my veins so my life would flow into his being and make me part of a god!”
A quote “see handout”.
About 160 pages
By Mongomery Compton
Text sloppy and erratic
Suspect written in blood
Spine separating, poor job
Purports to be diary of Compton, British explorer/artist. Dispatched to Egypt in 1801 and wouned badly in battle.
Inducted in secretive cult from ancient times worshiping Black Pharaoh, forgotten ruler of Egypt. Sometimes callen Nivrin Ka/Nephrin Ka.
Took worship back to England with him in 1805. Put in asylum by authorities where he wrote this book.
Symbols of group are spiked club and inverted ankh.
More research can be done on this and him.
MONC (masks of Nyar. companion) pg 132. Lots of info to read for the reading character here.

Life as a God

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