Pnakotic Manuscript

1 volume


1d4 initial sanity, 1d8 complete
plus 2 forbidden lore
2d8 days
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Passed on to Explorers by Investigators.

Found in Carlysle’s safe.

Author and translator unknown.
Author claims it is of prehistoric or pre human origin.
This and the tome Pnakotica are the same. Originals was Greek papyri from time of Christ, has oracular and mythical meanings from a set of indecipherable runes and hieroglyphics from Ultima Thule. Interpretations of it became parts of western magical tradition. Sinde 1485 many have added further texts, steles, and inscriptions to the Pnakotic corpus. There is no complete set of the manuscripts. So there’s lots of material that goes by this name.
Some can be found in most top university collections.
In Late Middle English, a bit of a challenge so Linguistics roll. Each success takes away part of negative to then read the book fully.
10″ × 12.5″
Peculiar pentagram on title page
as translated from Greek
Typeset archaic English, 1496 but binding more recent. Plates appear cut from book.
Annotated by Roger Carlyle!! Decrease as you go through book. Appears to be translation. Originals at fall of Constantinople, greek tranlatins of even older documents obtained the Pnakotic scrolls from a refugee. Helped by another unknown greek scholar.
Fabulous kingdoms and civilization pre man and not of this earth.
Tells of legendary figures and inhuman deities, a City of Pnakotis, and flying barrel shaped beings; Ancient city of Iram, into western desert from Muscat 8 days. Fabled city of 1000 pillars, once home of dark sorcery.
Book claims to be a compilation of texts from a civilization called Lomar. Mention of an ‘eldar script’ some of it was translated from.
Passage describing fall of ‘eldar ones’ whose fragments of cities exist in Australia and Antarctica.
Tells of last great king of Aquilonia, but not by name.

Pnakotic Manuscript

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