Selections de Livre D' Ivon


2d10 days
DC 24
plus 2 Mythos

2 spells:
contact Nodens
Ebon’s Wheel of Mist


Passed on to Explorers by Investigators

Archaic French. Expert can date mid to late 15th century. In eliptical and dydactic manner. Writes of sorcerers in a Hyperborea with stress on Ebon and his association with Suthoqua, furry toad like deity, patron of sorcerers; white worm that brought Hyperborea low in an icy apocalypse.

Book worn from negligence of past owners. Looks to be torn from a binding. Illuminated with hideous drawings and symbol of wizard Ebon.
Commentary on Book of Ebon, a sorcerer by Gaspar du Nord of Averoigne in south central France.
Obscures meanings in allegory and vaguery. Daunting and frustrating.
Other powerful entities like Nodens the great hunter, and a race of bipedal snakes of great magic.
Vast subterranean kingdoms at center of earth.
Specific instructions to conceal caster from sight of any creature using the magic of The Black Man, Lord of Knight, Thousand Faced God.

Selections de Livre D' Ivon

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