Wooden Mask

from Juju House


Wood is no wood from earth. Same wood as of the mask from the King in Yellow Mask. Nor is it from Mars nor Venus. Rick recognizes the workmanship of the Congo natives, where the lost city of G’Harne is supposed to be.
This has huge magical power. Cultists all over the world would kill for this. It is an Artifact. In Necronomicon: find a reference to a ‘mask of the gods’; ‘The Mask of Hayama’. ‘Mask of the Four Gods’. References to Nodens, Azathoth, Yog, and Shub. It has something to do with becoming knowledgable or aware of them.
Through the Varnstein lenses, it looks like heat rising from it, like the waves in the air in the desert.
When Wilhelm donned it, envelopes his face; at first he screams and panics, trying to pull it off. Begins jerking and seizing.

He gains 2 sanity. Sees image of an enormous white haired, long bearded warrior carrying a spear. Noden! Speaks to Wilhelm, but he remembers little of the words. Feels a great sense of fear and well being, for his favorite race is humanity. Whispers in his ear begin to explain secrets of the universe which he does not recall either. This works as a plus 4 w/o reducing his maximum sanity. Also, plus 25% chance to call Nodens if he ever tries to summon him.
Chance to contact any of the 4, and getting the other 3 could very likely drive one insane.
Using this will raise the chance of contacting any of the 4 gods a lot via a contact spell.
If any cults come to know we possess, they will come after us in droves.


Wooden Mask

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