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  • Richard Rathbone

    _Backstory:_Dr. Sir Richard Rathbone, born July 1, 1860, hails from a family of wealthy traders and philanthropists. His father Edgar is mostly retired, and a lifelong naturalist and philanthropist of Cambridge, while his mother Anna works as an …

  • Zakir Goldtooth

    'Loyal' Zakir, as Rick calls him, is a native Egyptian who works in his country as a guide, dragoman, camp and caravan manager par excellance. Rick has used him on virtually all his digs and other work in and around Egypt. Rick insists he is the best in …

  • Agent Sebastian

    Former thief, now British secret agent\ Also former naval officer, has a couple contacts there Quite the ladies man; known for his vivaciousness; sporting personality He and Rick get along very well;

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