Bishop, Nathan ‘Nate’: known by Somerfield; tried to steal jars on Nile, killed in the attempt; surprise extra sibling of Cassandra and Nathan; likely who poisoned Somerfield
Hesperus: steamship we took from England to Egypt for Gorge
Queen of the Nile: river boat we used to go from Cairo to Amarna


Bluker, Klaus: Berlin senior archaeologist; was going to Amarna; killed at Amarna by a deadfall tomb trap;
Fortiscue, Lord Edward: patron of Somerfield’s Amarn a dig. Wife Isabella, 8 year old son Charles; marriage was a scandal of London;
Fortiscue, Isabella: Lord Edward’s beautiful hispanic wife; channeled Nefertiti whom she is the spitting image of; former music hall singer; Iluminati; we believe Nefertiti in a past life; post hypnosis her link is gone forever
Omar the Great: old acquaintance of Rick, which is why we survived; bedouin leader; killed at Amarna by traitors; his people guarded the tombs; gave Rick an amulet of a sun symbol, hieroglyphs on the back read “sons of Re”;
Sanussi, Mohammed S.: worker for Somerfield who found the Nefertiti bust;


Aboud: man running place where Besert was hiding out;
Akhmed: half Italian animal handler we hired for Gorge; used by Rick previously; Hu now works for him
Bedouin Sheik: saved his son from ‘vampiric’ visitor; owes us his son’s life;
Besert, Warren: Carlyle agent who found Najir and his items; drowning his experiences in hashish; see hanout of his statement; gave us house of mother and digger kid;
Broadmoor, Agatha: medium, contacts the dead via trance; 67 and very British; her reason is that she had a vision th great evil of Netocris was going to rise adn she wanted to stop it. Had a vision the mummy was Netocris! Been trying her best to find it, Clive asking the questions. She does not remember what she says while in her trance. So, they’re using her for their own purposes the dupe.
Cairo Bulletin: paper sun by Wassif; prestigious; offices are across from Grand Contintental Hotel
Clive: 58; known as kindly man though Galloway always felt off about him, archaeologist funded by Penhue Foundation; digging at Giza; cultist to bring Netocris back to life;
Efty, Nasim: DEAD killed in the theft of the girdle 90; lead guard of girdle of Netocris at mosque of Ibn Tulun;
Galloway: archaeologist working west of Cairo in desert; digging at ‘The Well’; attempted poisoning of his dig members; Gave Rick medallion of Cult of Light found at his dig; like a proto Iluminati symbol;
Gardner, James: short, stoug, good anthropologist; Rick has skimmed his 3 books, none well written; has theory that there is huge underground maze under giza sphinx, found writings that he believes mentioned it; has searched but not found; Since mummy disappeared, carries a pistol everywhere; does dream research and arcane studies. We think he knows something horrible is going on vaguely, the big picture, but none of the details (opposite of Kafore).
Gerard: frenchman; daughter Marie saved from kidnappers in Cairo by us; junior officer at French embassy; feels forever indebted to us;
Goldtooth, Zakir: dragoman, caravan chief, general supervisor from Cairo; a major Rick contact;
Grand Continental: our typical hotel in Cairo; next to the nightlife and across from Cairo Bulletin
Hakim: DECEASED killed by Billy; street boy; tried to be our guide but treacherous, his 3 friends ran away
Ismael: curator of Cairo museum; admits to having stolen canopic jars for a mystery buyer and hiring Sayida, was tricked and set up by Khareem so we kept it quiet; Offers us to visit him at home or office any time. If we require a permit for a dig, his office will get it done “you my friend are considered to be one of the foremost of your generation"
Kafoure, Dr.: short thin man; at museum, top floor office, works in Egyptian Magik; Ismael thinks while his work is important, does not equal real history; but predicted Clive mummy theft!; well schooled on Nophru/Nephrun Ka; authored The Occult History of Egypt which contains real incantations; wizard;
Khareem, Setekh: leader of Amun cult who set up Ismael and Rashid, taking the latter’s place; as we closed in on the tomb, the heart beating fiercely, his own heart exploded in his chest;
Ludwig, Dr.:” alienist recruited for us by Gerard to help Zehavi;
quick thinking resourceful street kid; loyal Cairo guide and info gatherer; thinks we are great;
Mosque of Ibn Tulun: destroyed in theft of girdle; housed the sword of Akhmallah; housed girdle of Netocris; secret passages area brought low by cthonian to steal girdle
Najir, Faraz: ran shop where Carlyle procured his items; terribly frightened of brotherhood; once he talked, skipped town for good
Neris: follower or priestess of Bast who was after Van Heuvelen; slept with Hobbes;
Nyiti: DECEASED died at end of our visit, kept self alive only for our arrival; mother of digger kid Unba from Carlyle invest; terrible fire vamp burned; kept half of the eye of light and dark safe;
Omar, Sahid: antiquities dealer and owner of small shop in Cairo; Khareem palled around with him. Still needs investigating
Rashid: Somerfield’s dragoman who fell for Sayida; replaced by Khareem; innocent other than foolishness; got us out of pyramid alive
Salvatore, Marie and Francesca: Italian sisters and lovers of Rick; first met on Hesperus; agents of unknown party (Vatican?);
Sayida: DECEASED Cairo dancing girl hired to steal key to storage; used Rashid to do so; found dead at pyramid fight vs moron cultists;
Shakti, Omar: met on train from Said to Cairo; probable wizard; we suspect Bast worshipper, but could be good or evil if so, large fluffy white cat; fluent Mandarin; has a huge cotton plantation in delta not far north of Cairo, numerous other ventures; rich; philanthropic work for poor and antiquities; connected to Penhew Found;
Sprech, Johannes: German, carries pistol and fighting knife; very smart; can sight read hieroglyphs, only person in camp who can do that; 39 but famous occultist too; seeks magical artifacts to rescue Germany from its present agony. Excersises a lot, very physically fit, very strong; dream research, we think he is visiting the dreamlands voluntarily, though he knows not what he is really into; thinks there are unknown tunnels under sphinx;
Unba: digger kid; mother Nyiti dead now; kept half of the eye of light and dark safe; we set him up with job with Sala/Zakir; right side of body part crippled, can only speak out of left side of mouth;
Van Heuvelen, Janwillen: fired from Clive dig, alcoholic and broke; self taught average archaeologist; good man underneath it all; we saved him from serious Bast problem;
Volkman, Dieter: young German archaeology student; also tinkerer; murdered in Cairo by cult for one of the jars; tried to meet us but too late;
Wassif, Nigel: runs Cairo Bulletin; gentlemanly; secret agent for England; thought Winfield the master while Clive a dupe; relative of Queen (Illegitimate son of an Egyptian noble who died at his birth and a British royal blood); only Col. Sanders at embassy knows he’s an agent; feel Brotherhood may be behind an independence mvmt;
Windfield, Martin: vindictive, tall, smug; well connected son of parliament minister. Always with riding cropp and revolver; brutal sex abuser of women; cultist of Netocris return;
Zehavi: a top priest at Mosque of Ibn Tulun; hospitalized after attack that brought mosque down;


Babet: one of the Rick dubbed ‘bitches of Set’, ages old, not undead but revived after centuries of sleep; killed at Set Temple preGorge.
Chafu: sister of Babet; one of the 2 ‘bitches of Set’; ages old, not undead but revived after centuries of sleep; killed in Set temple pre Gorge
Crodwell, Wilhelm: Belock like archaeologist; duped by sibling Daughters of Set; under influence of vile music blew his own brains out at Aartuat
Haroun, Lt.: Theben police officer, saw the fight at Crodwell’s vs ghouls and zombie; very amiable to what we needed done afterward; good contact in future
Sons of Re: all too small sect around Thebes, at least, who informed us to ‘consult Nefertiti’ and ‘look for sign of Amun’; upon our return to Thebes from Gorge, met them again telling htem of our success, and to combine with Omar’s Guardians of Osiris; they revealed their history;


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