Bishop, Nathan ‘Nate’: known by Somerfield; tried to steal jars on Nile, killed in the attempt; surprise extra sibling of Cassandra and Nathan; likely who poisoned Somerfield
Hesperus: steamship we took from England to Egypt for Gorge
Queen of the Nile: river boat we used to go from Cairo to Amarna


Bluker, Klaus: Berlin senior archaeologist; was going to Amarna; killed at Amarna by a deadfall tomb trap;
Fortiscue, Lord Edward: patron of Somerfield’s Amarn a dig. Wife Isabella, 8 year old son Charles; marriage was a scandal of London;
Fortiscue, Isabella: Lord Edward’s beautiful hispanic wife; channeled Nefertiti whom she is the spitting image of; former music hall singer; Iluminati; we believe Nefertiti in a past life; post hypnosis her link is gone forever
Omar the Great: old acquaintance of Rick, which is why we survived; bedouin leader; killed at Amarna by traitors; his people guarded the tombs; gave Rick an amulet of a sun symbol, hieroglyphs on the back read “sons of Re”;
Sanussi, Mohammed S.: worker for Somerfield who found the Nefertiti bust;


Akhmed: half Italian animal handler used by Fritz on several safari; Hu now works with him
Bedouin Sheik: saved his son from ‘vampiric’ visitor; owes us his son’s life;
Cafore, Dr.: short thin man; at museum, top floor office, works in Egyptian Magik; Ismael thinks while his work is important, does not equal real history; but predicted Clive mummy theft!; well schooled on Nophru/Nephrun Ka; authored The Occult History of Egypt which contains real incantations;
Clive: archaeologist funded by Penhue Foundation; digging at Giza;
Galloway: archaeologist working west of Cairo in desert; digging at ‘The Well’; attempted poisoning of his dig members; Gave Rick medallion of Cult of Light found at his dig; like a proto Iluminati symbol;
Gerard: frenchman; daughter Marie saved from kidnappers in Cairo by us; junior officer at French embassy;
Goldtooth, Zakir: dragoman, caravan chief, general supervisor from Cairo; a major Rick contact;
Grand Continental: the hotel to stay at in Cairo
Ismael: curator of Cairo museum; admits to having stolen canopic jars for a mystery buyer and hiring Sayida, was tricked and set up by Khareem so we kept it quiet; Offers us to visit him at home or office any time. If we require a permit for a dig, his office will get it done “you my friend are considered to be one of the foremost of your generation"
Khareem, Setekh: leader of Amun cult who set up Ismael and Rashid, taking the latter’s place; as we closed in on the tomb, the heart beating fiercely, his own heart exploded in his chest;
Omar, Sahid: antiquities dealer and owner of small shop in Cairo; Khareem palled around with him. Still needs investigating
Rashid: Somerfield’s dragoman who fell for Sayida; replaced by Khareem; innocent other than foolishness; got us out of pyramid alive
Salvatore, Marie and Francesca: Italian sisters and lovers of Rick; first met on Hesperus; agents of unknown party (Vatican?);
Sayida: DECEASED Cairo dancing girl hired to steal key to storage; used Rashid to do so; found dead at pyramid fight vs moron cultists;
Volkman, Dieter: young German archaeology student; also tinkerer; murdered in Cairo by cult for one of the jars; tried to meet us but too late;


Babet: one of the Rick dubbed ‘bitches of Set’, ages old, not undead but revived after centuries of sleep; killed at Set Temple preGorge.
Chafu: sister of Babet; one of the 2 ‘bitches of Set’; ages old, not undead but revived after centuries of sleep; killed in Set temple pre Gorge
Crodwell, Wilhelm: Belock like archaeologist; duped by sibling Daughters of Set; under influence of vile music blew his own brains out at Aartuat
Haroun, Lt.: Theben police officer, saw the fight at Crodwell’s vs ghouls and zombie; very amiable to what we needed done afterward; good contact in future
Sons of Re: all too small sect around Thebes, at least, who informed us to ‘consult Nefertiti’ and ‘look for sign of Amun’; upon our return to Thebes from Gorge, met them again telling htem of our success, and to combine with Omar’s Guardians of Osiris; they revealed their history;


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