Plotlines and Loose Ends

At Large: Stanford (was he with Bishop; Easter Island?), Bishop (sucked to who knows where aboard the Dark Mistress), The London Mummy

Research: !!! must find G’Harne, Ihrem; learn the proto lang’s if ever possible

Gorge of Osiris: Digs will start there hopefully January 1891; Somerfield is the lead archaeologist

Matheson: pleasant man; group got lost in Arabia and found black stone ruin, far older than any other recorded; fragments of reptilian humanoid sculptures etc; bedouin attacked before could explore futher; told no one out of concern for his reputation, wisely so, but now believes in proto history; so read book of dzyan to furthur his knowledge; tired to read necro; still thinks mythos gods are “rubbish”, believes none of this cosmic monster ‘rubbish’ like Somerfield at beginning; suffers from heart trouble, makes strenuouis activity difficult, though otherwise appears in fine health.
His research has led to him preparing a Greenland expedition after finding evidence of hyperborea, in next year or 2;

His Letter to Rick (sent while he had an expedition in Kenya? For What? Recorning left this out entirely but for passing mention), sent prior to leaving for Gorge:
tells Rick what he found in Arabia, that it was possibly Irem; wants Rick to go with him to Greenland. Rick will recruit Wilkerson to go along; tells Rick about the statues, crazy things he read in necro and dzyan and that he believes none of it. Came to Rick first after learning of his work with Wilkerson at Miskatonic. Knows Rick believes same, but also won’t make public. If anyone should discover Irem, he wants it to be Rick.
Sent an expedition to Kenya prior to letter. For what? not stated in recording.
Rick thinks he’s not ready for such Mythos truths, but the protohistory needs to be investigated.
Rick replied in the affirmative, and to send details when known, to Rick care of British Museum.

Hong Kong museum: Rick promises to Squire Godfrey to send stuff to them to improve their collection and academics

Ponope Scriptures: book in Melbourne library that mentioned Ryleh, the Ponape Scriptures. Disappeared a few years ago. Had been loaned to a John Scott of Boston and never returned.
Scott, from the Silver Twilight! Investigators never found that book, so where is it? Did Stanford get it out?

Paku Feather and Tarr will be looking into this Paku character West/Atwater learned about in New Orleans while they are back in India.

  • Poisoning at Galloway dig. He said “If anything happens tell Miskatonic it was no accident”. We follow up upon our return from the Gorge, and all has been uneventful. But, see talk with Cafore. Galloway gave Rick a sun-symbol medallion, similar to Iluminati symbol, that was found at his dig.
  • Subterrainean complex in Bast valley, what was it, when exactly was it from? 1st possibility Rick thinks of after seeing the relief of what seems to be the destrucstion of civilizations under Azathoth: maybe this place was built/in the end used as a refuge from that destruction. Was Azathoth responsible for the fall of Hyborea/Atlantean age? If so, who/what stopped him from ruling/destroying the world?
    Wilkerson needs to get into Bast Valley tunnels for translations of Proto Historic lang’s with Rick!!!!
  • Easter Island!!: westerner at Ho Phong’s mansion heard saying his people were already there to await the rising. R’yleh? It was likely Stanford.
    Juan is gathering info of cults in Chile especially the unnamed island off the coast specifically mentioned. Santos is poking around across the specific in general

Dreamlands and time

Rick and Wilhelm want to gain a reliable way of visiting the dreamlands any time for lengthy research and reading forbidden tomes.
They will get word from investigators about the drug outlaws have
may also have a way via Sprecher of Clive’s dig.
Or the wine given to MH on the OE

Cafore Discussion

Our talk at the Cairo Museum upon our return from Gorge:

  • He shows us a tablet fragment ‘and it was then that Nephren Ka came to Egypt’. he says “This is what has confused us, caused so many of these inscriptions to be misread.” He compares that fragment to another “and the priest Nophru Ka led the people to Xois”. First one is surely 3rd Dynasty, but the 2nd is from teh 14th. People assume eash Ka is the same.
    He pulls out his masterwork, “the occult history of Egypt”.
    Somerfield requests some tea. When he runs out, we take a look at the papers. In there, are incantations as well. REAL SPELLS!! MYTHOS SPELLS!!
    Cafore returns. He says they have been confused for each, throwing dates out of wack because of the name confusion. Galloway thinks he is looking for the earlier Nephren, but he is digging at the Nophru sight. They found the Well.
    Cafore says: the earlier, Nephren Ka, came at the end of 3rd dynasty. Powerful sorcerer, bringing madness and death to his enemies. Could rip the heart from ones very chest. Came from an ancient city in Arabia called Irem, the City of Pillars. Same mentioned in Al Azif aka Necronomicon. He revived worship of a foul god of an ancient land knows as Stygia! The Black Pharaoh! Eventually Nephren Ka and BP became interchangable in minds of people and he bacame knows as Black Ph. War fought vs kingdom for many years. Sneferu arose finally, and with aid of Isis thwarted him and slew him. All record of him was removed. But I have found fragments, mentions, misinterpretations, that lead him to understand. Secrets are w/in his book. Eventually will publish it. He takes a few powder sniffs. I believe the BP’s body still contained potent magic. They built a pyramid to contain his body, which collapsed, at Medum. So built another, the Bent Pyramid , which he now lies under and sleeps indefinitely. Digs there have found nothing, so perhaps I am wrong. Also at Dashur is the Red Pyramid, also supposedly built by Sneferu, I beilieve to guard and keep Nephrun Ka from rising from the dead. His followers survived, trying to bring him back. Succeeded during Akhenaten’s time. And 6th dynasty Nitorcis, queen, failed, her body hidden w/in one of pyramids. With no record at all because prophecy said she could return and open way for Black Pharaoh, aka Nyarlathotep. Cafore has read Al Azif, a copy is here in the library. That prophecy says he will rise fingers and toes after the great good one. No one knows what that means. Followers of him claim 20 centuries after Jesus. That’s now! None would come here, I’m known as the crazy professor. He says he believes all of this magic is true. Claims to have watched the revels and sacrifices of their followers! Via spells. The places vary, only sometimes can he find them. The mummy that disappeard was Natocris (as we immediately thought). She is the first key. Those he sees at the revels are all kinds of man, as well as likenesses of the old Egyptian gods!
    2nd one, Nophru, worshipped the Black Pharaoh. Rick tells all he told the Investigators. I believe he came back in an attempt to bring BP back again. So Rick and this guy both feel Nophru was indeed Nephren. He claims there no way to stop it, it’s written in the stars. Agrees it is better to die attempting to stop it. He feels he can be the mind and us the physical behind the destruction of all of this!!
  • What Rick knew, and had told NY: Egyptian Nophru Ka according to Rathbone:
    A powerful leader and priest, early member separatist movement in Delta region, later known as 14th dynasty. He and followers worshipped Dark Pharaoh in secret underground temples and schemed against pharaoh aided by DP. Called for secret temples to chant, calling down star spawned monsters to create havoc in Egypt. When Pharaoh sent armies to deal with the menace, the cult would attack the infrastructure in the cities. Aided in all by DP, who had promised a messenger would be sent. Pharaoh Khasekhemre Neferhotep I learned of the plot and sent spies and assassins afar in search of Nefruka. Found hiding in underground temple in western desert known as The Well, a particularly sacred site to the cult. They found the priest in prayer and mortally wounded him, yet his followers countered and tore the assassins apart. With his dying breath Nefruka prophesized (what is unknown). By the time pharaoh learned of Nefruka’s death his body has been wisked away and secretly buried by his followers. All c.1733 BC. They then supposedly travelled to central Africa and G’harne (of the fragments), a ruined city of the Old Ones.
    The geography of where they fled does not match, but this sounds similar to the cult kicked out of Egypt in ancient times that then ran to Kenya presumably became the Bloody Tongue.
    In our Necronomicon:
    “And it was dreamed again of the priest Nefrukha and of the words he spake at his death. How the son would rise to claim the title, and the son would rule the world in the name of the father, and the son would then revenge the father’s murder, and the son would call the beast that is worshiped, and the sands would drink the blood of the seed of the Pharaoh and after this manner did Nefruka prophecize.”
    Son and father as Brady said; is the Beast Cthulhu?

Plotlines and Loose Ends

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