Proto History

Aklo: Supposedly the first language. When Adam named all things in the garden, for example, it was in Aklo, hence its the true name of any one thing. Later, it seems contempranious to Proto Historian languages. Wilkerson believes he has identified a high and low Aklo by the time of Hyborea. Low was a common language of communication between a certan caste, probably priests/sorcerers. High Aklo was a derivitive magical form used in the arcane and forbidden magical arts; has mystical powers. Can’t tell people words in High Aklo, any layperson could accidentally cast something.
High also opens doors inside the human mind. What this means specifically, not sure.
Either can supposedly give you power over things because you know their true names.

Matheson: pleasant man; group got lost in Arabia and found black stone ruin, far older than any other recorded; frags of reptilian humanoid sculptures; bedouin attacked before could explore futher; told no one out of concern for rep; but now believes in proto history; so read book of dzyan to furthur his knowledge; tired to read necro; still thinks mythos gods are “rubbish”; suffers from heart trouble, strenuouis activity difficult. Preparing to lead a greenland expedition after finding evidence of hyperborea in next year or 2; sent letter while on an expedition to Kenya (for what?)

His Letter Rick: prior to leaving for Gorge; tells Rick what he found in Arabia, possibly Irem; unsure where it exactly is; wants Rick to go with him to Greenland. Rick will recruit Wilkerson to go along; tells Rick about the statues, crazy things he read in necro and dzyan and that he believes none of it. Came to Rick first after learning of his work with Wilkerson at Miskatonic. Knows Rick believes same, but also won’t make public. If anyone should discover Irem, he wants it to be Rick.
Sent an expedition to Kenya prior to letter. For what? not stated in recording.
Rick thinks he’s not ready for such truths, but the protohistory needs to be investigated.
Rick replied in the affirmative. To send details when known to Rick care of British Museum.

Pre Campaign

In tomb in Egyptian: he found a book, written in a form of Aklo Wilkerson calls low Aklo, a simplified version of Aklo. Perhaps for beginners. Wilkerson believes each level of magic power adds complexity to the language. Found map (handout) hundreds of years old. Outlines of the continents of earth including coast of Antarctica without the ice. Found on same trip as book. Writing indecipherable. He is convinced that the tomb was not Stygian but a long lost kingdom of a transition period (lasting a thousand years or more) between Stygia and Egypt. He and Wilkerson disagree on this point. The book seems to be from this period.
Parts were written in low Aklo with other languages of that period side by side. Also, engraving of pic he found in another book, a translation of a translation of a translation into ancient greek, Chronicles of King Conan. Part of this book was in the Aklo book! That greatly aided the translation as it followed virtually word for word.

Subterrainean Complex, Bast Valley

Walls after entering: rubbings and sketches of it all, logging exactly where and the order he finds everything. SoMe of it is NOT from the Bast cult nor ancient Egypt. The characters looks the same as that at the entrance.

Main Entrance in Valley: text, in an unknown language, carved at the entrance. Could be closely related to Aklo, though little is known about Aklo to begin with. He makes a rubbing first. Still, he pieces together some potential letters at first then, faster than perhaps any man possibly could, from context and what is known of Aklo grammar he gets some educated guesses of potential words but nothing solid.

Just through embalming room door: mostly just bedrock. However, there are places where it is decorated with carvings and even tiled in a mosaic form. For sure pre Egyptian.

Circular room of undead felines: Walls had strange writings Rick and has never seen before as well as arcane symbols and writings. Also, among many things we don’t recognize are objects that look like space vehicles as well as a stylized and grandiose representation of a Pharaoh’s court, he wearing the crowns of upper and lower Egypt; but pharaoh has a tentacled face!
Dark Pharaoh, Stygian ruler?
Lots of pictures of lizard and snake like men. Also, perhaps a deity that is a huge snake, with arms that are snakes as well! Set? Stytian ruler?
Contains high and/or low Aklo! Johnny will give me a certain percentage depending on my roll. He has the translations. As we take it down further, Sala’s men get nervous as one wall glows slightly reddish. The scene is like a montage, which seems to waver at first. Stygia, other cultures architecture likely contemporaneous with it; Structures are falling in ruins, huge red orb in the sky, lots of flames, causing great destruction. Rick’s first thought is Cthugha. There is low Aklo script.
Looking closely at the scene causes Rick a sanity check which he makes. In the red, it becomes clearer. He begins to see outlines, like continents. It comes to look like an alien planet. A sound in his mind screams faintly in fear “The Red Eye of Azathoth!”
Clearing the last wall, Rick finds more script. He suspects it may be a cursive Aklo, like Hieratic is to Hieroglyphs. He breaks some of it down (Johnny has this file). Positive proof many of the gods of myth were real kings and princes and queens and such of Proto History! The numbers 11 and 56 may be there, and important. Still need a copy.
Fritz says that in Jewish Kabala numerology, these are not significant. But they share a mystic relationship. 5 and 6 add up to 11. The number of ways to express 11 in positive integers is 56. It’s an ‘abundant’ number. 56 is the eleventh abundant number.
Lots of pictures and rubbings taken including all the script!
Rick says he has heard of some formula, in arcanology, called the Last Theorum, that these numbers may have something to deal with. Understanding it drives one mad. Sounds apocalyptic. The key to understanding it lies in 2 specific numbers. If this is all true, we may have the 2 numbers!

Deeper room, soon before final fight:Rick starts peeling plaster off, and is immediately momentarily blinded by the flash of light from beneath.
Pyramid, the sphinx, people in Egyptian garb. Rick says the details are all wrong. Pyramid has big eye at the top of it. A head dress looks familiar, in an archive of Miskatonic, shown to him by Wilkerson who claimed it was a statuette from the Proto History, a priest of Stygia!! This priest is performing a sacrifice atop the pyramid. Thousands of years before Egypt.
This room needs fully cleared.

Electrode Room: 2 plaques, one in Aklo Rick does not know, another in Hieratic, a cryptic clue of the rooms workings. A bilingual!!

Tomb of Re Hotep

Zodiac Room: 30’ square room. A passage continues from the right wall. In the far left corner is a huge 40’ or so tall statue of set. In the middle of the room is a large dial of sorts made out of the floor. 12 sections are labeled with 3 cartouches each, as well as a zodiac symbol. Rick spends time deciphering it all, but the hieroglyphs are not actually ancient Egyptian words. Looking it over, Khansu proposes perhaps it is Stygian not Egyptian. The light goes off in Rick’s head, the Stygians may have worshipped Set, and he is able to make out enough from his raw knowledge of the related Aklo and Egyptian to determing the cartouches in each section are gods, each trio together having a representative of a dark, neutal, and good deity. Perhaps each trio is a precursor to a single broader Egyptian god. He lays it all out in paper on the floor. Discussion during this time leads to us not wanting to mess with it until we hopefully find more info about it somewhere in the tomb. It’s a mystery for now. The last trio of gods at 12:00 on the dial are Mitra-Crom-Set.

Rhon Paku New Orleans temple

Inscriptions on walls: a message hidden in the writings on the wall, 6 phrases from various languages (hindi, latin, german, greek, persian, hebrew) “Day of the Beast”. West. knows latin and German, Atwater Latin. Our stomachs turn. The lines are spread out, hidden in all the other stuff.
Faux old guy says ‘they are in the forgotten ancient language of lost Atlantis. It was so fluid, so many characters, some parts look like modern languages. Day of the Beast is the day the beast will be removed from ALL people. Some conjecture that is the advertised day on the pamphlet.’

Proto History

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