The Gorge of Osiris

From England:
Full site-dig equipment for 40 diggers
4 pairs binoculars
1 disecting kit
Conklin’s Atlas
Medical Kit
Edison’s Encyclopedia
Magnifying Glass x2
Navigation Instruments
Rob’s Medical Book (+3 to 1st aid if not trained)
10 bear traps
100 sticks dynamite
20 Carbines bolt action repeaters (2 lost/broken; all 16 of Omar’s Riders gifted one and 100 rounds ammo each)
10 .45 revolvers (one gifted to Rider ldr plus 100 rounds, one to Afu, 3 to replace broken/lost)
20000 rounds of ammunition (-2252 as of nomad attack after leaving Aartuat, incl. those gifeted to Riders)
Millwright’s Compendium/Handbook

Egypt additions:
Tents for all diggers, guards and party
Spyglass x2
Carpenter’s Tools
block and tackle
20 snares
100lb carbide
100lb canned food
800’ of rope
3x Surveying Instruments
20 diggers from Thebes (1 killed in ambush at OP2 tombs in Gorge;1 by falling door in tomb;1 by demon behind said door)
At Gorge, 20 additional dynamite sticks from Sebastisn

Hired Men, England:
Horatio, photographer w/ lab DECEASED
-Doc Bryce, medical doctor; Ordinary Smart 2/Dedicated 2/Tough 1

Hired Men, Egypt:
Zakir Goldtooth, caravan and camp master/dragoman
Akhmed, strong ordinary 3, half Egyptian-half Itaian animal handler w/ 2 strong ord.1 assistants
2 surveyors (smart ordinary 1, each with 2 tough ord 1 assistants)
William Calvin Watterson-Hobbes, photographer and cinematographer(see Rick’s sheet)

Egyptian Guards/diggers (ordinaries):
Occupation: Military (+1 tactics,survival);Personal Firearms prof.
Base stats, but for scout:Str 15,Dex 14,Con 12,Int 10 ,Wis 10 ,Cha 8.
4th and above = +1 str.
Scout: str 14,dex 15, con 12, int 10, wis 10, cha 8

Commander Sala Strong 5 Toughness, Heroic Sanity,Imp.Dam.Thresh,Fearsome Reputation
Faruq, scout Strong 3/Fast 3 Heroic Sanity,Endurance,Run,Dodge
2 squad leaders Strong 3 Heroic Sanity,Endurance,Imp.Dam.Thresh
1 squad of 7 men Strong 2 Heroic Sanity,Endurance
1 squad of 8 men 5 as above, but 3 are 3rd level
_Deceased:_ 1x lvl 2(outside temple of Set);

Omar’s Riders
Arabs who join us on our way to Aartuat, riding from the recently deceased Omar’s former force:
All with bolt action repeater carbines(from expedition stock), their original 1-shot breech loader, and scimitar. Abilities on list stack from lowest level up. Maxed Ride, Survival.
Str 14, Dex 12 ,Con 15 ,Int 10 ,Wis 12, Cha 8; 4th-6th lvl = + 1 to dex.
Occupation: Rural(+ 1 ride and handle animal;personal firearms prof)
0x Tough Ordinary 2:,animal affinity
10x Tough Ordinary 3: wpn focus-scimitar
2x Tough Ordinary 4: +1 dex
1x Tough Ordinary 5:
1x Tough Ordinary 6: Improved Damage Threshold
Deaths: 2x lvl 2(saving Mundabi outside Aartuat;ambush from Aartuat to oasis).

Heneb Akhbar, horsemaster from desert temple. Fast Ordinary 4/Strong Ordinary 2 May join with the Rider’s and live at Gorge temple.
h6. Sacred Figurines from Khansu

God Carried By Opposing Figurine Found Location Found
Thoth Rick Scepter of Set 1st Tomb of Rehotep
Horus Mundabi ? Gregson’s satchel
Bastet Zakir Bloodied Moon Inside Pylon
Amun Tarr ? 2nd in Rehotep’s Tomb
Aten Billy 3rd in Tomb,coffin of vampire
Ptah Rick Cleaver of Set Temple of Osiris main level
Isis Tarr Book of Eternity Treasure Vault beneath Temple of Osiris
Osiris Spalding Blackened Sun underground temple beneath Temple of Osiris
Sekhmet Bryce Serpent Ankh desert cave on road from Aartuat to Oasis

The Serpent Ankh (1st one);Bloodied Moon (2nd);Cleaver of Set (3rd); Book of Eternity(4th); Blackened Sun(5th);? Gregson’s Satchel(6th); The scepter of Set(7th);?(8th) demon Rehotep’s sarcophagus;(9th) Utep Nabu’s coffin.

From Aartuat
  • The boy Hu, a natural stableboy. Great with horses, camels and mules. Does not trust Hepthait at all, says he’s evil. Lvl 1 or 2 if old enough. Taken in by Akhmed perhaps?
  • The beggar boy Hepthait, son of Gerhit. Attaches himself to Rick. Turns out to be evil. Does not like stableboy.
  • 18 yr old daughter of Hepfurah, who was in fear of her parents. Not evil. Taken in by Rick as patron, will send her to school in England;or she can go to work for Zakir.
  • Afu, 12 year old youngest son of Hepfurah. Feels same as his sister. Becomes Rick’s ‘Short Round’.

The Gorge of Osiris

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