The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Triumphant Return to the Nile

May 12th, Morning

Approaching Thebes, we figue the main caravan may not even have made it yet. We send an Omar Rider, Walid Abu Hadba, in to check. He returns and reports they have not. We remain here, a few miles out, on the Farnoc Road. By mid day, our caravan comes into view!! It is quite a shock for Bromhead and his men, Sebastian, Zakir et al to see us waiting for them. It only grows the tales told in Africa about Rathbone and Goldstein.

The entire expedition, together, triumphantly enters Thebes!! Let the fame begin!
There is a wire waiting, from Archimedes, that materials await our return to Cairo.

We stay in Thebes a few days to prepare our travel down Nile with everything. Rick wires ahead to London to Wilhelm:

If in London please remain if possible STOP Have mummies with which require your assistance STOP Ask Atwater NY for his presence if he can STOP

This is about the full mummies, of the undead sort, brought back for careful dissecting to see if we can find any weaknesses or information helpful in fighting them in the future linked to the herbs, types of linens, wraps, insides, spells, etc, on and inside of them. Could be a dead end but worth looking into.
Some of the remains of Sekhmet and Abu Re will be ground down, for Tarr to make more of the arcane paste.

Word is sent ahead to Cairo about or arrival. Newspapers are go wild across the globe.

Rick wires to his solicitor in London to get Wilkerson over from Miskatonic asap for the summer, if he is willing, to assist with these translations of all the Proto History script Rick is bringing back himself. Wilkerson should be plenty enough excited to come post haste

By May 20, we are in Cairo to great fanfair!! Lots of press. Newspapers around the world going crazy for information. Somerfield is there to meet us! Rick begins the usual post expedition processing of all the artifacts and such; he and Fritz deal with the press.
Much of the processing assisted by Somerfield, Sala, Zakir, and other contacts.

Wang Nuyn meets Rick here as well, she has the Carlyle case file from Investigators. Rick gets started on reading it through while still here, and on trip home. His package tells him about some calendar, a scepter, copper bowl, tomes, etc. awaiting him in London. Wires Wilkerson again to come fast! Take semester sabbatical if possible.

Rick meets with an Iluminati Cairo agent, giving a quick report of the supernatural of the trip, who wires ahead to Paris and London HQ’s. Rick promises official presentation when he can.

Rick tells Somerfield he would like him to be a major player at the Gorge when the archaeology starts, the official on site overseer. Only Iluminati men are to be permitted to know about the tombs past the temple secret door, and no flying vessels will be permitted past the oasis. That will be the staging point for all supplies. This will be a huge research and dig project. Rick will begin setting all of this up once back in London. He will give him a detailed report on all things related to the geography of the Gorge; the Bast Cult; dangers like the treasure with contact poison still remaining, blasted ghoul tunnel, unexplored portions; etc. The Iluminati will also get a full presentation once Rick is back in London.

Sala’s and Zakir’s businesses are about to grow based solely upon the Gorge! The 2 of them discuss combining into one multi front business!

Rick speaks to the Frenchman Gerard about his new job at his embassy. Rick wants to use a local gov’t official contact to get his duty at the embassy moved to the division dealing with antiquities/archaeology etc. This will give us a trusted contact in the future, positioned in the perfect place, should we ever need quick permits and passes w/o explanation, smuggling of sensitive items, info, etc…
First thing Rick wants him digging, pun intended, into: Clive’s dig.

Much of the story to cover up things: the deaths are blamed on clashes with violent bandits linked to those at Amarna. Omar’s men are hailed by us as saviors, but we tell everyone the Gorge is under their protection; and they will only deal with Rick or those acting in his stead. This will give Rick considerable leeway in who will work there, and goes a long way toward scaring off robbers.

We spend a few days here getting the processing and the shipping of artifacts secured via steamship to London w/in the next few weeks. Rick wants to take an airship back asap. Zakir, with Somerfield, will finish all arrangements here. Feather, Spalding, and Tarr volunteer to take the leisurely steamship ride back to London with the shipments of artifacts, equipment, etc. Sebastian will return with Rick and Billy via the weekly airship run.
Fritz and Mundabi will stay here to help see to the safety of all our artifacts, with Sala’s men, until they ship out. Then, they will return to Fritz’s home for a visit before moving on to London to meet up with Rick.
All rubbings, negatives, film and artifacts having to do with Mythos/Hyborea will come back with Rick’s and Billy’s luggage on the air ship. As do at least some of the undead mummy remains.

May 24, Friday

Rick, Sebastian and Billy say goodbyes to Sala, Zakir and the others; board airship home. Somerfield is with them.

May 26, Sunday

Rick, Billy, Sebastian, Somerfield arrive London.


Lecture tour

Finish getting all details from proto history room, and one last secret door from hall of pleasures

At next meeting, Rick puts on a full presentation of the Gorge of Osiris and Forgotten Pharaoh Expedition for the rest of the characters. Somerfield does so for Amarna at the Adventurer’s Club. And for Iluminati.
Also, an abridged Gorge at the Adventurer’s Club Gala, if he can be there in December.
Abridged presentation for the public/museum officials/university history and archaeology and linguistics departments. Including Somerfield on Amarna

The Subterrainean Tunnels Revisited
True to his word as a gentleman, Rick honors his agreement to stop the mysterious murders in the valley of Bast

We spend April 29 resting and partying in celebration as well as pulling out and packing the last of the loot.
30 April is spent packing the remainder of the expedition and Zakir leads it out late that afternoon. Already provisioned from the oasis, he will drive hard, cutting the corner to Aartuat, then down the Farnoc road through Farnoc and to Thebes.

(It takes him 4 days to reach Aartuat, and 8 to reach Thebes).

Sebastian leaves with the expedition, saying that if he can procure and airship he will follow our path out to pick us up. We plan on crossing the desert ourselves, cutting the corner straight to Thebes from the oasis. Zakir and Rick calculate about 6 to 7 days for the party to return.

Bryce stays with us, as does Sala and his men, Tarr and Feather, and Spalding
We stay to finish our duty to the Bast cult.

Over those 2 days:
Rick goes to see the Bast cult and Ama. Ama says she must now show him what is on the walls heading to their sacred archives. It is a stairway going down, the middle of the steps worn from centuries of footsteps up and down. What they wish to show him is upon the walls, relief and writings they have never been able to pull meaning from. Rick gets to work and spends the morning working on it.
An assassin of Set killed the terrible priestess, not the Bast cult. However, the mightiest warrior of the sect, also her lover and personal bodyguard named Abu-Re, took there most devoted followers into those ancient passageways. For either 5 years or months, Rick is not sure,
(Rick found translation of the history of siege of Troy, turned out it lasted for 10 months not 10 year; have not brought that to public)
preparing the tomb. Body mummified in the embalming room we have already found, he killed anyone at temple who objected and tried to stop him, and created a ‘living mummy’. He bound mummies and lords of mummies to obey her. These he created from volunteers/chosen (unclear) to serve her in death as in life. Then a final step, the last of his followers mummified him so that he could serve her for all eternity. As the exited they set all the traps where they drank poison and died, leaving the temple abandoned until the current cult came closer to modern times.
Rick “Still, how to find her in there.”
Ama “There was a lowly scribe named Sinuay who had studied long and hard, and was touched by the gods so that he knew things. He lived at the same time, the only one left after the suicides. He left a treatise that told everything he knew which was unfortunately crumbled into dust long ago.”
Rick “So that’s useless.”
Ama “Except, part of it was copied by the priests of Osiris at the temple here at the gorge. They were returned when the origins of our sect took up residence here. I have a scroll that contains at least part of the information from Sinuay. But, it is written in hieratic which we do not know.”
Rick “I do, quite well.”
They bring the scroll from the archives and give it to Rick.
There are those who forsake all of eternity to exist amid the splendor of this life. Other bodies are preserved as husks to allow there ka to enter the afterlife. Other bodies are given the semblance of unlife through arcane rituals to move as if alive. Other bodies have unlife, a tiny portion of the spirit ka is left behind to animate the mummified bodies. These are Lords of Mummies, more powerful because the force is strong in them. But these bodies are prepared with mighty spells and the spirit ka is bound to it for all eternity. The mummies thus created are lords of the udnead. All of the lesser obey them. The ghoul, the walking dead, the wight, and the moving bones, and even lords of the mummies obey the LIving Mummy. For they have given the most to become the most powerful. And woe to you when the living mummy wakes from it’s long slumber. For then the earth will tremble in fear. For none can stop it unless these secrets be known. And therefore this message is left within the waiting place of such a one to help end its evil existance. Some of the mummies are ighty warriors, but others are weavers of mighty spells. Beware the magic of this creature, because they are not living weapons have little impact upon them. If you would make your weapons more effective you must coat your blades and arrows with a coating made form one part of those same leaves which gave the fiend life, crushed and mixed with 3 parts of dust from a destroyed mummy. To this mixture one must add blood from a living person of the race of slaves who worship the one god to make the paste.

Rick “Fritzy!”

The paste is only effective on weapons which penetrate the body of the Living Mummy. The bodies of mummies are brittle inside. Weapons most effective are weapons which pound its insides to dust. All but the most powerful of mummies fear fire, for it can consume them totally. I Sinewa the priest who has forsaken the gods of my people to worship one who is to come leave this statement: May the blessings of the sun god be with you.

Ama “What do you think.”
Rick “We have to make the paste with Rehotep’s dust and Fritz’s blood. That leaves where to find which leaves.”
Ama “Perhaps the pictures on the staircase.”
Rick Tarr double check it and sure enough, they are burning leaves at one point in the process. Rick and Tarr . Tarr recognizes them as an extinct Tana tree, gone for thousands of years."
Rick calls Ama and the priestesses.
Ama “Oh yes, we have plenty of those. Those are the sacred leaves.”
Ama allows Rick and Tarr to explore the corridors further, and Tarr comes across a relief of the making of the paste with hieroglyphs accompanying. Rick gets to work deciphering it, and its very mystical. A meeting of Rick, Tarr, Khansu (their arcane lore) and Fritz (his religious knowledge is helpful here) pieces together the proper ritual creation of the paste. It will require maybe 6 or 8 ounces of blood. Tarr still feels there must be a special way this needs to be done. Khansu says it is a ritual close to the Jewish god. For he is the god of life, and holds unlife to be unseen. The other gods tolerate it.
Fritz “If you’re going to do a blood sacrifice for Yaweh, there is a certain general prayer to go with it to shed that blood for God. We do need a bronze dagger, or even copper.” No problem there, we have such artifacts from all of the tomb loot.
1 oz will coat a blade, 1/10th for a bullet.
From the scribe’s information, we know to apply it to slashing and piercing weapons. So we want to make enough for Billy’s khopesh, Mundabi’s spear, and Rick’s khopesh and machete, and the rest for bullets.
So, Fritz says the prayer as he draws his blood into the bowl, Khansu mutters arcane words as he kneads the blood with the leaves and Rehotep dust into the paste. It creates 20 ounces of paste. That will cover the 4 melee weapons vs the priestess at least, then the rest in bullets and potential use in melee verses the mummy lords and lesser mummies.
Feather suggests we take a lot of the ammo breaking down bullets to create some primitive hand grenades. Sala’s men get to work, making 15 that do 2d6, but they weigh 1lb each.
While this is going on, Ama visits with a new find from Sinewa’s papers (see DM drawing): A crude drawing of the subterrainean passages! From it, Fritz and Rick decipher where they have been before. It seems we passed some potential secret doorways along the way which we need to find to reach wherever the undead lair is. Also, it has a tunnel to ghouls labelled (damn it); and one to ‘lizards and death’ (Hmm).
Rick, Fritz, Billy, Hobbes, Mundabi, Friday (carrying half the paste), Spalding,(with med. wounds), Tarr (carrying half the paste) and Feather, plus Sala and 4 of his men. Spalding, still hindered though he has healed from his heavy wounds quite quickly, refuses to stay behind.
We apply the paste to a bunch of bullets before we enter.

May 1

Bright and early, 5am, Rick leads the way in and down.
We take materials with us to make more paste if necessary.
By 6:00am we are 5 miles in, moving at a brisk pace to the pit room.
Note: Our general order in corridors is Rick in the front, Billy 10’ back and to a side, Fritz 5’ back and to his side, Friday 10’ behind Fritz; Tarr, Hobbes and Friday in the center; Mundabi, Feather and Spalding watching the rear with Sala and his men ahead of them.
Tarr after 6 miles “This is a good place for some breakfast.”
Rick “We eat on the move.” Fruits and vegetables from the Bast valley.
Tarr “Positively uncivilized!”
Rick “That’s the way we do things.”
Feather “But not unexpected from you, Rathbone. We understand you my good man, once you get moving it’s difficult to stop you.”
Mundabi “Rick is a man moving ever forward when things are happening. He’s not one to stop in Mombasa for a month for tea before he ventures into darkest Africa.”
Rick “I do still love my tea; and a drink and cigar.”
We continue to the circular room we visited before, with the pit in the center. Searching yields absolutely nothing.
Hobbes “That’s odd.”
Feather “What’s out next step.”
Rick “There has to be something. The hole.”
Secret stairwell going down.
Tarr “How did they ever excavate this so long ago.”
Rick leads the way, and decides to search the steps with a magnifying glass in detail. He notices that the stairs sound like there might be a cavity underneath.
“They move or shift in some way.”
On the right wall at the top steps he finds a faint crack. Looking closer he notices a hint of white, something stuck in the crack. He touches it.
“It’s soft, like material.” He is able to pull it out. “Ah! Linen mummy wrappings.” Now to find out how the wall opens. It does not push from. There are no handholds disguised as imperfections with which to pull, nor does it pivot on its center vertical or horizontal.
“There’s no hinge, so part of the wall must slide into itself. Help me push the extreme left, perhaps it will pivot.” Nothing. “Maybe on the side of the steps, near the floor. Something you can hit with your foot. And if it opens out, one would have to be on the top step to activate, because it would open across the next 2 steps.”
Sure enough, he finds a small projection!
Rick “YES!!”
He kicks it in and the wall pops out on the right, then slides into the wall on a slight angle toward the left on a slant all on its own.
Tarr “Amazing. A mechanism thousands of years old, at the push of a button. Arcane maybe.”
The opening is at an awkward position, raised from the steps but for the top one., yet off to the side of it. You would have to haul yourself up from the 2nd/3rd step, yet they seemed suspicious already.
Rick inspects further, and below the doorway a very small ledge is now projecting just an inch perhaps.
Rick “It must be a platform that slides out.” Along the side of the top step are tiny grooves, where such a ledge would slide through on its flank support. On the far side are small indentations now open, and tiny projections like pegs on the would be platform.
Feather “But why are the steps still hollow?”
Rick “The steps must be a trap. Drops you into a pit most likely.”
There is no obvious way too pull out the platform.
Tarr “Maybe something else around here changed, too.”
Pushing on the next step now, there is a slight give. Rick has Mundabi jam it hard with the butt of his spear and the steps collapse flat, making a slide into the depths. However, another tiny projection on the wall is new. Pushing that in releases the platform, but it only comes out 2/3 of the way before it malfunctions and grinds to a halt from age. Walking onto the platform, we stay close against the wall to keep the weight where there is the most support and round the corner into it.
Almost immediately in the cavity, by his carbide headlamp, Rick sees steps going down. He leads the way followed by Fritz, Feather and Spalding assisting Sala’s men in the rear.
Sinewa’s map is certainly not 100% accurate. Some things like the steps are marked only as if hallways. So some things may take a little figuring out.
The steps don’t go far, perhaps why they are not marked. It leads to a passage that goes about 4 miles where it turns right. Travelling for another hour and a half, now 11am. Getting close to tea.
Now turns left to stairs going up, and up and up and up for about a mile. A little rumbling in the ranks.
Rick “Just hold on men, there may be a room at the top.” At the top, to the left is a metal door with latch.
Hobbes “I don’t like that we are going toward the ghoul tunnel.”
Fritz listens at the door, nothing.
Rick “Everybody get back.” He is about to turn the latch when he stops and inspects the platform, seems fine. Now he pushes the door open into darkness, 2 eyes glaring in the light before he raises his lantern. It’s a huge cat, saber tooth, on a raised circular dais in the center of the circular room. It looks either fake or taxidermy. All around it along the edge of the dais are mummified cats, staring up at the big cat as if in awe. Door left and right, identical to the one through which we entered. We begin to enter. No writings on the dais, Rick has Fritz and Mundabi skirt the wall right, Billy with Rick along the left, making their way to the doors. The walls are plaster though. Spalding and Feather stand just inside the doorway.
Rick to those 2 “Keep you eyes on the cats. They may come to life.”
Rick orders a stop and complete quiet to listen, no noise. Rick moves to the dais, calling Tarr to meet him. Inspecting for writing and symbols, we find nothing, and nothing comes to unlife.
Spalding “Seems there’s nothing supernatural here for once.”
Calling Sala in, Rick orders him to start carefully peeling plaster while the rest of us stop for tea. Clearing the plaster reveals strange writings Rick and has never seen before as well as arcane symbols and writings. Also, among many things we don’t recognize are objects that look like space vehicles as well as a stylized and grandiose representation of a Pharaoh’s court, he wearing the crowns of upper and lower Egypt; but pharaoh has a tentacled face!
Sala, “Egypt was ruled by a tentacled pharaoh?”
Tarr “Not necessarily from what Rick is teaching me. There was no recorded pharaoh with tentacles certainly.”
So this is a mystery, like much all that is on these walls.
Although Rick “This could be Stygian, in any case Wilkerson at Miskatonic is going to love this place.”
Lots of pictures of lizard and snake like men. Also, perhaps a deity that is a huge snake, with arms that are snakes as well!
Rick “Some kind of super Set? A Stygian ruler?”
There is obviously no way to date these things currently, but Rick is certain that this also goes into the past far before ancient Egypt.
Tarr “It was surely covered by the Bast cult, but they didn’t write on it.”
Sala “Probably this Abu Re had much more important things to concern himself with at the time than art.”
Feather “Yet they must have felt that what was already here was wrong to leave in view.”
Hobbes gets pics of what we clean off.
After tea, Feather “If we’re worried about these cats coming to life we should destroy them.”
Fritz “I agree.”
Mundabi knocks one off the dais with its spear. As soon as it hits the ground, it starts to animate. At defense of 20 they are amazingly hard to hit, and Mundabi misses it. Then all begin to animate. Fritz fires at one-7 (after DR and half damage) but it is almost in pieces. Billy slashes one-8 DEAD. Spalding fires-4.
Sala retreats his men out the door we entered through.

Insert Battle pg 21 top 1:22:16

Through the left door into a room with no other exits. In the middle, a stone block with a sarcophagus atop. Everyone starts to enter, Rick inspects the center, the name of Horemheb inscribe. Underneath it says ‘Protector in death as in life of his priestess’.
Hobbes “That’s not his bodyguard.”
Fritz That was Abu…"
Rick “Abu Re.”
Mundabi “Nothing mentioned a Horemheb.”
Backtrack to the right room to get the lay of the land around us, which also easily opens to a small platform and steps going down.
Tarr “We should assume every mummy in here is undead.”
Feather “What’s the plan.”
Rick “We slide it open in opposite directions top and bottom, so it still rests on top. Be ready to fight. Dowse it in oil and light it. I’ll have the torch ready.”
Feather “I suggest dowsing it immediately rather than waiting to see if it comes to life.”
Sala and one of his men stand ready with the oil, Rick torch, Mundabi at the head and Fritz at the foot slide it open as Billy is ready with blade. The others stand back ready to fire. Peering in with torch, Rick sees the mummy, then its eyes open and the oil sprays. Rick drops the torch in and steps back as it ignites-8. The mummy leaps up to grab the lid and smash us with it! But it fails its str check and falls back into the coffin, the slab crashing back atop.
Rick “Stand back, watch it burn. As soon as it stands hit it!”
The pasted shells of Fritz-9 an 5 paste; Spalding-4 and 6 paste; Feathers bullet hits and does only 10paste. The paste now does 2d10 as it has build up! Billy fires rifle-3 and 17 paste.
The mummy picks up the slab again and tosses it at Tarr-10 and Feather-17 KO’d to negative 4. Mummy burns for 7 with a supernatural roar.
Spalding misses with his 2nd barrel as does Fritz. Billy’s shot hits-2 and 16 paste. Now all hits do 3d10. The fire does 6 more and it collapses destroyed. Tarr administers to Feather and he is able to get up with 1wp left. He now must continue on with heavy wounds!
The steps going down on the map are not these steps. We take the steps for now, goes 50’ and takes a right, now in the right direction.
Mundabi “This SInua’s map very crude indeed.”
As Rick reaches the bottom step, there is a clicking sound. Spalding, in the rear with Sala and his men ahead of him, tells Sala to stay.
“I hear something back here I’m going to check it out” and runs back into the circular room. Mundabi starts quickly making his way from the front to Spalding. Spalding sees a secred door has opened in the room and several mummies coming so he high tales it back, closing door behind him.
To Mundabi “We’re cut off and mummies heading this way.” They come back and report. Sala’s men line up at bottom ready to fire as soon as they see the first mummy. They are packing pasted rounds.

Insert Battle restart pg 21 45:38

We continue along corridor some 100 yards to another set of steps down 1/4 mile where the corridor continues 6 miles. We eat lunch on the move down this corridor. Now at least 1:30. T section, to left a passage, to right steps down. It looks like the steps, unmarked on map, should lead to ghouls.
Rick goes down a few steps and sniffs, smells like ghoul for sure. There is a x on the map at this intersection, which has meant a room thus far but no room here. We take the left passage. About 4 miles later turns left.
Rick pointing out the map to Fritz “Either we’re still in here and there is an unmarked passage going left, or we are at the marked left here and the straight path is the unmarked path.”
Hobbes “Great.”
2 more miles straight, to 2 miles of upward steps. We rest for a short bit before taking the steps.
The passage left is 20’ wide though, while the one we have been in is 10’. Rick steps in and the light immediately reveals a 10’ wide double door 15’ high, far sooner than the map indicated the tomb. Hieroglyphs are present, along with lots of relief. The excavation here is more primitive as you enter this wider passage, so the Bast cultists cut the existing older passage to be larger.
There was a seal on the door, which is broken.
Mundabi “Because it’s getting out. This mummy goes a long way each time it wants to get out of here.”
Spalding “It does only come out once a month or so.”
Hobbes “Even if t has another, secret way out behind here we are well into the canyon walls nonetheless.”
Rick translates the top The hall of pleasures. Upon the doors by the seal in large glyphs Thieves and villains beware, beyond lies death for those w ho would attempt to desecrate the living chambers of Sekhmet. These are the chambers in which she will dwell during her undeath.
Rick “We know there is still her and Abu Re, her bodyguard. And Sinua implied other lesser mummies. Be ready.”
Hobbes “Hopefully her and Abu Re are all that remains.”
Rick “The question is should we paste our weapons now? The melee weapons?”
Billy “Do you think we are truly near her?”
Rick “Looks like we are unless this is a trick, but the excavation of this hall is a bit much for a trick.”
We paste Kholan’s sword, Rick’s machete and khopesh, and Mundabi’s spear as well as more rounds.
Sala to his men “Be on guard men.”
The doors have handles, but checking closely Rick sees that the ground is dustless, traffic regular and recent says Billy. The right door has loosened over the years and scrapes the floor so leave it so as not to make too much noise. Mundabi pulls the left open, Rick standing with a bullseye lantern beside Billy at the ready. Fritz’s .50 trained behind them.
In the light we see what appears to be people as far as we can see.
Billy “Sahib!”
Rick pauses putting a hand up at Billy to stand ground “Bullocks.” He doesn’t believe it. Walking in, he can then see they are motionless statues, though very lifelike representations.
Rick “Everyone can breath.”
Billy “In my experience these always come to life. We should destroy them all.”
Rick “No, I think we’re all right.” He waves everyone in behind him, saying to fan out a little. Feeling a couple statues, Rick finds they are of plaster and terracotta, and the room is well lit not as lifelike as they seemed initially.
The room (see DM sketch) is quite large, wider than deep. The atmosphere of the scene is one of a great party and banquet of dancing girls, people drinking and eating, playing the game sennett, intimate moments on couches. The side walls recess into semicircular alcoves at their middle. In the center of the room is a large rug that was once of high quality, of cats and people living in harmony, flanked by fountains of Bast statues with only a trickle of water coming from them now. At the center of the far end off the room is a dais with a large statue of a great cat, highly lifelike. On the nearest part of the right wall is a closed doorway, still sealed. In each alcove are rows of warriors against the walls. The alcoves are otherwise full of the statues of cats and people playing together.
Fritz “Breaking it?”
Rick “Let’s check the statue yet.” Nothing strange about it, and a search reveals no secret doors.
Sala “You’ve had problems with stone statues coming to life before, Richard. Do we smash it?”
Billy “Yes?”
Rick “Yes?”
Fritz “Billy wants to destroy as much as possible down here, I think.”
Billy “I never trust these things now.”
Rick “If it is going to animate we aren’t going to be able to just break it. It will just animate once we hit it anyway. Best to leave it alone for now. Make sense?”
Billy is apprehensive.
On the right side Fritz sees that several statues are knocked over, especially in a few more crowded clusters. Rick comes over to see, and 7 in total are found. They have been knocked completely over. Rick starts to inspect them.Rick has a hunch there is a secret door at the top of the recess where there is a knocked over statue close to the wall.
Feather "Are we going to break the seal on this doorway and open it?
Rick “I’d like to check this wall out.”
Spalding “What makes you say that?”
Rick has followed the general path of the fallen statues from the entrance to the top of the alcove where there is a fallen statue right beside the wall. “I have a hunch there is a secret door right around here.”
Searching, he finds one! To the right of the statue on the ground. A sound of sliding and grinding gears as the wall pulls out a few inches then stops.
Rick exclaims in triumph!
Finding a catch in the wall, it pulls open revealing a corridor.
We refresh our drinking water at the fountains. Rick is still suspicious about the position of a couple of the fallen statues, being quite out of line to the entrance but decides to keep going for now.
2 miles and steps lead up to a dead end but of set stones.
Rick looking around “There are few dead ends. Only secret doorways and deathtraps. Everyone get back.” He searches, finding the dust well disturbed up to the dead end. Checking the end wall closer, finds grooves and false mortar in the shape of a square opening. He and Fritz push and a 4’ wide x 4 or 5’ square slides inward about 2" but then stops. At the top, he sees a crack into a likely cavity above. Checking the botton, there are ground out holes in the floor so as to life from the bottom. He figures it might be lighter than it looks but calls Billy and Mundabi to lift, Rick ready with light.
It’s not lighter, but it is counterweighted. We hear the clicking as they lift. Behind is a passage 8’ wide, 8’ high, 20’ long before opening into a room. We start moving in, Rick left Billy behind, Fritz right Mundabi behind. On the left, the floor starts giving way, splitting downthe middle. Rick and Billy jump right and barely make it. The pit is 4’ wide and 12’ long. Billy kneels at the floor and sees that at the 12’ mark, the dust is far more prevalent on ahead on the right side but clearer on the left ahead of the trap. So ahead of the trap, the other side of the hall falls in. You can go up the right side then must walk to left side to be safe.
Rick “Good spot, Billy. Direct everyone as they come in.”
Rick and Fritz lead the way into the room, trapezoid in shape, Mundabi next. There is a table against the left and right walls, and one in the middle, all running parallel to each other. They have loot on them! A bit past the middle table is a sarcophagus. Rick and Billy approach it. On the wall behind is a warning not to disturb the rest of Sekhmet, priestess of Bast. Friday and Sala’s men watch our rear just in case. The lid is not sealed, has definately been opened. Rick searches for secret doors, checking the floors for disturbances but finds nothing obvious, while the others watch the coffin. Tarr and Hobbes are just at the end of the corridor where the room opens, the others move into the room.
Fati of the sticky fingers, one of Sala’s 3rd lvl men here, passes Tarr trying to be inconspicuous.
Tarr “Hold on there, man.”
Hobbes moves to stop him as he picks up a statue off of the middle table “Fati, get back in line. Sala’s going to have you!”
Sala begins moving up the corridor, angrily. There’s a whipping coming. Sala is a professional, and does not suffer actions lightly. Hobbes grabs the statue and puts it back.
Rick “Put that back exactly where it was, Hobbey.”
Fati suddenly screams, clutching hand and arm (that which touched the statue) “Oh god, the curse of the old gods is on me! The curse of the mummy! AH EEEE!” falling to his knees in pain then onto his back.
Rick “Tarr see to him.”
Hobbes grabbing his arm, but not in such bad shape as Fati “What’s the matter with my arm?”
Contact poison.
Hobbes “Wash it off, wash it off!”
Rick “See to Hobbes first!”
Tarr dowses Hobbes’ hand and arm in water as Sala does the same to Fati. Hobbes take 2 str and 1 con damage, Fati 2 of each. Their right hands will be useless for a few hours as it will be swollen.
Mundabi “Maybe just what Fati needs to cure those sticky fingers.”
Sala to his men “Anyone else want to pick something?” then slaps him across face with a backhand “Now you learn boy!?”
Fati “But sir, I am crippled forever.”
Sala “Maybe, and you deserve it and worse!”
Fati “I can’t use my trigger finger.”
Sala “You had better hope you don’t have to shoot then.”
Tarr checks the statue, and the gold is missing where it was touched with wood underneath. Everything is the room is fake treasure. We set lighting up around the room.
We prepare to open sarcophagus. It is not sealed. We slide the lid as we did the last mummy, Fritz and Mundabi opening. There is more of the poison on the lid. Fritz’s gloves protect him and Mundabi saves but can feel minor pain from it. Tarr washes his hands off. After a minute, he starts to shiver a bit but shakes it off.
“I Mundabi the Masai will not be tainted by evil spirits of ancient Egypt.” Rick, who also has gloves, pushes with Fritz instead. Inside is a beautifully adorned mummy, without a deathmask. A couple seconds later, the eyes open. Feather unleashes a heap of oil onto her, Billy and Mundabi ready attacks as Tarr tosses the torch into the coffin and it lights-9. Fritz grabs his rifle, Spalding readies a shot.
She opens her mouth, followed by an inhuman roar.. The flaming mummy grabs the lid as she stands and picks it up. Billy’s AoO hits-8/7paste and his readied action-10/8 paste; Mundabi stabs-6/10 paste; Hobbes starts the cinematograph. She burns for 18 more and crumbles to death into the coffin.
Hobbes “There’s something happening here!” as the tables and sections of the floor directly underneath are raising. Underneath, in a cavity, we see 2 heads slowly raising underneath each. Hobbes grabs the camera and moves back into the corridor.
Rick “Grenades, now!”
From the point of view of the entrance, Rick moves to the middle and rolls one in-17/8, Billy follows and stands at the ready. Spalding rolls one to the left-5/11 and Feather the right-10/10. Mundabi readies to charge to the left as Fritz moves beside Feather.

Insert Battle pg 21 bottom 1:13:07

Sala brings all his men in, ordering them to touch nothing. We leave a couple men at a time to watch the corrider back.
Getting to evening now take a breather in this room and have tea. Rick begins searching for secret doors in the meantime while he sips, starts on the floor and wall behind her coffin. He then moves left.
Tarr approaches Rick “Rathbone, do you believe this was her?”
“I’m not so sure. It was too easy. I’m fairly certain she will be with Abu Re.”When he gets to the end of the first angled section section he finds one!
Feather to Rick “We’ve really been moving in here. You thing we should stop for an extended rest and enter that secret passage in the morning?”
Rick “My first thought is to keep moving unless anyone protests.”
Tarr to the PC’s “You are all walking alacrity.”
No one protests so after a rest we shut the secret door we entered. Checking this side of it, there are handholds on this side to pull it down, but only on this side.
Spalding “So someone had to be in here, alive and trapped, in order to close it.”
It comes down harder than up so Fritz and Mundabi do it, then has to push to click it in place.
A small platform before steps spiraling downward.
Feather “Are we taking everyone from here or leaving some behind?”
Rick “Everybody comes” but his question makes Rick think of “but we should take only an advanced group down the steps first.” Thanks Feather.
The 4 PC’s find a 10’ wide hall to the bottoom which turns to the right at about 30’ into darkness. We call everyone else to start down. About 100’ down it ends in a door, but half way down Rick notices an askew part of the wall. It is a secret door. We move to the actual door first. Here, Rick pauses, spidey sense tingling. He orders everyone else to back off.
Rick “I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about this.”
He sets down a lantern as well as turning on his headlamp. The door looks copper or bronze colored, hinged on this side at the right, handle on the left.
Rick “Looks like it opens out.” No writings around it nor in the hallway anywhere.
It just looks odd to Rick, so he pulls out the magnifying glass. Sala comes up and joins him at the door. They both notice, at the same time, that the ceiling has a groove running along all 3 sides of the ceiling all the way back to the secret door then crosses the hall. He runs down and gets a couple ment to boost him. So far as he can tell, nothing is holding the roof up.
Rick “There’s got to be something holding it.”
Sala “From above.”
Rick “Yes.”
Sala “There is surely something funny here, trapfinder.”
Probing and scraping the thin space between the door and wall he figures it out. The probing scraped the color off of the door, revealing bedrock beneath. Also, the door thin space between door and surrounding wall does not go all the way through but hits solid instead. The door is fake. The handle is a metal shaft though, and does go into the stone. No doubt the ceiling crushes all underneath as soon as one turns it.
Spalding watching “How does he know? How does he find these things?”
Billy matter of factly “Because he is Rick sahib.”
The secret door pushes in and slides to the side. Corridor 40’ to steps, but at 20’ there is an opening to the right.
Rick “This place is amazing. What possible use could this complex have originally been.”
Rick begins to wonder if we are on the wrong track. What if the Bast cult never came down here. They would have set off the trap if they did most likely.
Rick “I’d hate to keep going to nothing, but we can’t not find what we’re looking for.”
Tarr “Unless they made it.”
Sala “I assure you the craftsmanship here is of the Bast cult quality, not the masterful work of before.”
After this few minutes of thought and talk, we continue.
The opening 20’ down the hall leads to another passage with short flight of steps. At the bottom is a passage of short steps leading to a hall full of red sandstone rubble as far as we can see and a long corridor continuing past that hall. That leads to what is a trap. It splits straight and north but both turn toward each other at 20’ and meet. Rick smells a trap out, pressure plates just around each turn which drop blocks to trap anyone reaching the corner forever there.
Going back up the first steps there are stairs to the left and a straight corrider ending in a T. Atop the steps there is a dead end with centuries old pallets that was a rest area for diggers. The T goes right to steps down and the left turns at 10’ to steps down.
Hobbes “This place is absurd! We should capture Abu Re, imprison him in an Iluminati sub basement, and let him suffer for eternity.”
We go right, which then turns right to a dead end. There is an altar to Gast and real treasure! Rick notes that it must be checked for poison later. We go back to the other steps and it goes for a bit before a couple turns leads to steps into a large are with sleeping pallets and a table. Sitting there are 5 skeletons in priestly garb and one in priestess dressing, slumped onto the table, the food and drink they were eating in front of them. The hands of 2 are entwined.
Rick "They closed the area off, this is their last supper then they drank poison is my guess.
The final hall in this area leads to a room that is essentially a pit with a 3’ ledge skirting it all the way around, and a few stone bridges crossing it. On the opposite side is a corridor out. The 20’ pit is full of 5’ wooden spikes.
Rick "Would have been impossible to get anything heavy across here.
Sala confirms this is again Bast craftsmanship.
Tarr “They must have dug it out afterward.”
We decide to retreat now for an longer rest. It is very late into the night. We retreat to the octagon room, clearing the fake treasure and using table wood for small cooking fires. The rest passes uneventfully. Our rest is short however, only some 5 hours at most. Being in here so deep and so long has played with our bodies sense of time somewhat. That and Rick’s alacrity keeps us going.

May 2

We go straight to the pit room. Rick inspects this end of each bridge, checking underneath and stomping on the first couple feet. Seems solid. After considering risking a bridge or the ledge himself first, he thinks for a few moments.
Rick “Stakes are wood, probably weak.”
Tarr “Yes. What are you planning?”
Rick “I’d say, 5’ tall on average.” They are spaced extremely close together, tons of them.
Tarr “To anyone falling, almost certain death. You’d be implaled far down the shafts. Tips look barbed as well.”
Fritz “Spearheads look diamond shaped. 4 edges, all barbed too.”
Hobbes “Terrific.”
Tarr “More damage coming out than going in.”
Rick considers the possibility of the whole room being a trap, just to make people walk across in hopes enough fall to weaken numbers.
Tarr “So, what were you thinking?”
Rick “I’m thinking we have plenty of rubble in that passage back there. Let’s bring up enough small boulders up into this room to hurl them over the edge here until we bust up a patch just below big enough for a person. Then someone goes down and cuts us a path across.”
Sala forms everyone into a fire brigade line to bring boulders up efficiently. Fritz is lowered down with Mundabi’s orinoko club and crushes a path across.
Spalding “Now we can try to cross over the path.”
Rick “Don’t even have to.”
Feather “We walking across the bottom?”
Tarr “How are we going to secure a rope to the ceiling to lower us and climb back up?”
Rick “Don’t have to.” He gets a rope from Billy, ties it into a lasso, and whips it around the edge of the bridge, putting the end through the lasso and tightens it around the stone bridge. “We go down this. On the other side we’ll toss another up and over, secure it the same way, and climb out.”
Spalding “You want to figure out what the trap in here is?”
Rick “Not at this moment.”
We get across and up with no issues.

Corridor goes 40’ before turning north for 20’ to a 4 way. Straight is a door, left 20’ and turns north, right 40’ and turns north. Checking the 2 turns first, the left ends in 10’ at dead end with a sarcophagus there.
Rick “Odd.” As soon as he steps around the corner the lid is slid off and an angry mummy starts to climb out.
Rick “Billy, I need you!” as he backs to the corner. Billy appears instantly, Fritz not far behind.
Rick “No guns, no noise.”

Insert Battle bottom pg.21 2:57:00

Now the right passage, it turns a few times ending in another sarcophagus at a deadend. We leave that and turn back. As the group r everses, we hear a click and from the dead end another mummy begins to come out of the coffin and a secret door opens at what is now our front revealing 2 more! Mundabi, Spalding and Feather are at the front vs the secret door mummies; Billy, Rick and Fritz vs the coffin mummy.

Insert Battle bottom pg.21 3:06:15

Back to the straight corridor and the stone door. It pushes open into a large octagonal room, piled with treasure from the era of Sekhmet the priestess. There is a statue in the center of Abu Re, holding some kind of tube in his hands. We move in and around carefully, our lanterns casting an eerie glow about the room, the shadows of the treasures dancing along the walls as if monsters lurk around us.
Rick moves to the tube and looks through. There is a crosshairs in it, so Rick directs Hobbes to the spot on the wall and he marks it with chalk. Searching the spot close up with his glass, the mortar is fake and if you were to push the 4 stones tilt in.
Rick “This seems almost too easy.”
Rick gets Mundabi’s spear and pushes on the spot, opening a door right beside it. Rick peers into a hallway. Around us we hear a series of clicking, and from each wall a sliding spot of the wall opens with a mummy behind each!

Insert Battle; start of pg 22 octagon fight

We rest and make more paste, which we have run out of after this last fight. Through the secret door and shortly to a room, 1 exit at opposite end. A table sits in the middle, ancient artifacts on it from Sekhmet’s day including gold. The walls are plastered over again, Sekhmet age writings. Very likely more Proto History relief underneath!!
Rick starts peeling plaster off, and is immediately momentarily blinded by the flash of light from beneath.
Pyramid, the sphinx, people in Egyptian garb. Rick says the details are all wrong. Pyramid has big eye at the top of it. A head dress looks familiar, in an archive of Miskatonic, shown to him by Wilkerson who claimed it was a statuette from the Proto History, a priest of Stygia!! This priest is performing a sacrifice atop the pyramid. Thousands of years before Egypt.
We will clear this off on the way out.
Down another corridor to a metal door, latched. We open it into a 30′ × 30′ room, 2 other doors lead out. Room is empty. When the first couple of us step into another corridor a click and the door slams, the room begins to spin on a central axis, then stops. It splits the party. Serious trouble here!!
Mundabi and Spalding together are accosted by a mummy in armor leading a couple others.
Another group opens their door and gears grind again, things shift after all doors slam shut.
It takes almost a minute for Rick and Billy to straighten things out and realize how this is all working, making it to the mummy battle.

Insert Battle, pg 22. 0:43:00

Rick thinks this is a dead end as far as the Bast cult and Sekhmet. There is no way they built this, nor any way they would have brought their funerary procession this way. We get everyone together and backtrack.
The 3 mummies were guards under the Cpt of the Guard, came out of a secret room just to themselves, with treasures and their sarcophagi!
There must be some secret way we missed. Back in the treasure room Rick gets lucky, seeing something amiss with the floor underneath the table, the exact size of the table, leading to steps leading down into a rough hewed passage.
Down, straight, and up. We find the way around the spinning room. We leave the door leading to it alone. The Egyptians carved this out in order to bypass it.
Continuing on, no sound at all still, to a false door dead end. To its right, Rick quickly finds a secret door to a long corridor, one passage to right also down steps.
Tracking the disburbed dust and such, they pass multiple halls to another false door dead end. Again, secret door to its right.
Spears fire out at him, Rick hits the deck as the pass over his head. A block of ceiling drops on Fritz behind him, barely missing smashing his legs as he jumps.
Behind the secret door is solid rock. It was entirely a trap where Rick now is separated from the others.
The others take 20 to find a release catch. Eventually, after an hour, Hobbes finds it.
Tarr “I think the first secret door on the right of the false door was just to set us up for this one also on the right.”
Down real passage now to a stone door. Ahead, we find a Proto History door that had been ripped off. Then, a loud screeching sound like mechanical then momentarily a glow ahead of us in the room just beyond the torn open door.
The floor is covered with 10′ × 10′ stones in a checker board formation. Globes in the ceiling are glowing. The screech is now the hum of electricity. 10 copper points on one wall point across to 10 metal discs.
2 plaques, one in Aklo Rick does not know, another in Hieratic, a cryptic clue of the rooms workings.
Tarr is amazed at the technology. Repeating this is impossible for thousands of years ago. Using static to create electric bolts.
We get across quite easily actually, and through the door on the other end. The hum shuts down behind us.
Following a winding corridor to a door, scribed w/ Egyptian as the tomb of the high priest of Sekhmet. Bast is crossed out, and in its place…..SET!! She was a traitor, the tortuous witch. Worshipping Set in secret.
Within, beautiful ancient room from 800 years ago. This is it, the final confrontation.
We see 3 beautiful women before us.
The middle one, in lovely accented English “WElcome, I am Sekhmet. Welcome to my abode.”
We begin to enter, Rick and Billy leading the way. She points to delicious looking food and drink, beckoning us to sit and enjoy. She claims it has been the mummies, not she, who have been terrorizing the Bast cult. That she has indeed changed her allegiance to Set, and that is why Bast through her priestesses has sent us to destroy her. She has no control over the mummies out there. No one does. “These are my people”. Abu Re, she says, created them all to protect her. She calls him out, and a massive muscular Egyptian man joins us saying he had no idea they would begin attacking, that they care nothing for the people of the world, but also have no animosity toward them either.
She claims she tortured until Set showed her the error of my ways. Yeah, right!
She says Set has showed her that such a gift of causing pain should only be used to further the right cause.
She insists the we need not fight. Turned to worship Set after her internment by her love. He administered the poison to her, to bring her back, and see the great of the darkness of Set.
Rick “Then someday he will do evil.”
She actually confirms this. But tries to use the ‘a baby who will grow to be a monster is still only a babe". As if she is the baby. We don’t go for that.
Her flesh is cold to the touch as a mummy, no blood courses through her veins.
“Unlike lesser mummies, we can still feel pleasure and emotion.”
They have chosen the path of darkness.
Her “There is no persuading you? You choose to fight?”
Rick “All your mummies did was attract the wrong people, us, to enter here to destroy you.”
He admits that is his mistake.
They say they slept for hundreds of years before awaking. When? The time of the great war between men and evil has arrived. All the forces of darkness are being called for it. “Perhaps someday you and I will meet on the battlefield. But that day is not yet.”
She begs us to stay, feast one last night in peace, and then go.
She conjures out of thin air more fruit.
They are too powerful for us, she insists, her power beyond our comprehension. She calls Re Hotep a fool. She has no secrets stacked against him, no weaknesses. We can not win.
She asks for one last prayer “and then we fight”.
Fritz’s star of David around his neck begins to get hot. He pulls it out, and she and Abu Re hiss in fear “Get it out of our sight!”
She and Abu Re vanish, the illusion of the other 3 women does as well and the now rotted mummies attack.

Insert Battle 2:21:00 pg 22

Most of the mummies are burned up. Sekhmet and Abu Re Rick orders them alone readied to carry out. They will be great research on undead mummy creation and powerful dust for making more anti mummy paste.
We are very beat up. Sala failed a Threshold save to neg 1, couple people are down, few others just into would points. We spend the rest of the day and night resting here and eating their food/drink.

May 3

Another day of full rest. By evening though, everybody, even those injured, are just too eager to get out of here to stay here any longer.
We begin our march out. It will be straight through, with frequent short rests and a couple hours in each of the 2 main plaster rooms with the Proto History material underneath. We deplaster them completely, taking many rubbings and full pictures.

2nd room contains high and/or low Aklo! Johnny will give me a certain percentage depending on my roll. He has the translations. As we take it down further, Sala’s men get nervous as one wall glows slightly reddish. The scene is like a montage, which seems to waver at first. Stygia, other cultures architecture likely contemporaneous with it; Structures are falling in ruins, huge red orb in the sky, lots of flames, causing great destruction. Rick’s first thought is Cthugha. There is low Aklo script.
Looking closely at the scene causes Rick a sanity check which he makes. In the red, it becomes clearer. He begins to see outlines, like continents. It comes to look like an alien planet. A sound in his mind screams faintly in fear “The Red Eye of Azathoth!”
Clearing the last wall, Rick finds more script. He suspects it may be a cursive Aklo, like Hieratic is to Hieroglyphs. He breaks some of it down (Johnny has this file). Positive proof many of the gods of myth were real kings and princes and queens and such of Proto History! The numbers 11 and 56 may be there, and important. Still need a copy.
Fritz says that in Jewish Kabala numerology, these are not significant. But they share a mystic relationship. 5 and 6 add up to 11. The number of ways to express 11 in positive integers is 56. It’s an ‘abundant’ number. 56 is the eleventh abundant number.
Lots of pictures and rubbings taken including all the script!
Rick says he has heard of some formula, in arcanology, called the Last Theorum, that these numbers may have something to deal with. Understanding it drives one mad. Sounds apocalyptic. The key to understanding it lies in 2 specific numbers. If this is all true, we may have the 2 numbers!

About 20 hours later, we exit into the Bast valley!
We rest all through the remainder of May 4th and all of May 5.

May 6

Evening we move out, leaving the epic Gorge of Osiris behind. At least, for now. For without doubt Rick wants to return for the some of the full archaeological dig.
We are led across the desert by 3 Omar’s Riders, cutting the corner as planned to get to Thebes rather than following the caravan’s route south to Farnoc then East to Thebes.

We leave any few arcane rounds from Tarr, and extra paste we have, with Omar’s Riders.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 12

April 28

After 3 days of rest and Khansu performing the proper ceremonies, we make our move on the statue disguised serpent creature. Spalding and Feather still too wounded to join us. We pass out more magic bullets, and it’s a good thing we did. It has DR 12! Spalding loans his elephant gun to Sala who joins us with his men, the RC far too wounded.
The 9 evil objects are split between Khansu, Friday and Hobbes

Insert Battle at last session Restart

Mundabi lost 7 sanity in this fight, Hobbes 6. (what voice are we talking about at 1:27:?

At the back of the room we spring a trap, but Billy and Rick deftly spring back and avoid falling straight down. Hewn into the rock wall is a V shaped room. Rick finds a secret pivot in the floor leading to a 30’ drop. Carrying a torch Rick is lowered past beautifully colored reliefs the entire way down, but of dreadful scenes. Lovejoy now joins us for the final push.
There, is a room identical in shape ending in a large stone vault 5’ wide and high, the length of the 10’ east wall, sealed with silver salder.
Fritz lowers Billy down next as Rick begins a general search. There is loot too! Everyone gets down but for Friday bringing up the rear. As he tries to descend, he is blocked at the very top by an invisible field of force.
Rick “I think Rehotep only wants the worthy of sacrifice.”
Friday tosses his plus 10 AC statue down to us. Hobbes makes it through. The evil relics Friday carried are spit among Hobbes and Khansu.
We get the digging tools lowered to us and break the crypt open, but its empty.
Friday from above “Buana, the ceiling, the ceiling!” A triangular portion of the ceiling begins being driven down and smashes through the pivot. Before we could possibly get up the rope the top is sealed and rope cut. It’s now an emergency situation as the slab will crush the enire room.
Sebastian “I don’t think we can hope the vault stops it.”
Rick begins searching the vault in earnest, the others pounding on walls hoping to get lucky. Rick thinks he detects hollow wall. Fritz and Billy start trying to break through as Rick begins to search the walls around it. The vault pivots, dumping Fritz into darkness behind. A cavity! We quickly crawl in as the ceiling crushes all within the room. But, it does not seal us in for it is not as thick as the opening is tall We can climb atop the crushing ceiling to get out.

We are now in a hall ending in a dead end. On the end wall are relief carvings of 2 snaky demons. Pushing on the demons opens the hidden door into a room 30 × 30 × 30. A huge ornate door on the far wall is 20’ high and about 6’ wide. To the right, a 20’ wide alcove with 2 of the ugly green pillars in front of it. Incredible artwork covers the alcove which house a huge ornate coffin. As we stand and watch, the lid slides off effortlessly falling behind it. A 7’ tall muscular figure of Rehotep, recognizable from the relief, stands up in the coffin.
Rick “That door, the pool must be behind it.”
Rehotep “For ages I have waited for youcoming.” The 2 pillars begin to glow as he talks. “As you die, your souls will power my ascent.”
Rick “We are here with more knowledge than you realize.”
Rehotep “The items that you bring belong to me! Hand them over.”
Rick “Never.”
Rehotep “Then I and my minions will kill you.”
Rick “Let’s give it the ol’ British try.”
Rehotep calls “Utet Nabu! Bring your minions!”
The door opens quickly and the vampire stands there! It’s a tough spot. Beyond him we see what is surely the Pool of Eternity.
Rehotep “Keep these fools from the Pool of Eternity while I kill them one by one.”
Vampire turning to us “You fools believe you can kill him?”
Rick “We are here to destroy him utterly.”
Utep turning to Rehotep “Then die fool, and let me have my freedom!” He begins to turn to mist! He’s leaving! He has been trapped here for millenium and has freedom, but if Rehotep ascends he’ll go back to being his vampire lackey. He must not relish the thought and likes things how they are.
Rehotep with hatred to Utep “NO!!” then to us “Stop where you are! Any of you who move towards that door will die immediately.”
Rick “Bollocks!”
Utep suddenly ceases to mist and charges Rehotep (card)!

Billy’s first attack is with the frenzy of Khali herself(card).
Fritz’s first shot is crushing for Rehotep, lodging in his neck and (card) treated as continuous damage vs concentration checks.
An angel is surely above Fritz, as his gun is plus 2 for the fight (card).

Insert Battle 1st restart pg 14 bottom 1:00:00

Rehotep is destroyed. The rest of the day is spent resting and relishing victory.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 11

April 25

During the days of rest, seeing as Omar was somewhat ‘in the know’ about the arcane and supernatural, Rick asks Omar’s Riders to send most of their numbers out to find more of Omar’s tribe, the goal being to bring many back so as to guard the gorge from the evil nomads who had allied with the Rehotep priest. We assume we will be leaving soon, afterall. They agree wholeheatedly and depart.
Atmu is given a proper burial at the temple.

(see beginning of pg 14 bottom for Fritz’s love interest backstory!!)

Back into the tomb, straight to where we left off. It is all as we left it. Tarr is still making bullets interspersed with recuperation.
The Sgt and Lovejoy in charge of guarding camp. Lt Bromhead leads a squad of the 7 healthy Red Coats with us again.
Friday carries a 4 bundle of dynamite.
We recheck distribution of some of holy figurines:
Billy: plus 10 damage; can not be dominated
Rick: half damage
Friday: plus 10 AC
Feather: immunity energy drain
Khansu: nothing, we gamble that we can protect him

We check the doorways to the flanks first, plenty of lanterns lit. Billy, Rick, Sebastian, Hobbes to right; Fritz, Mundabi, Friday, Feather left; Redcoats in center of main room, Kansu with them; Spalding at rear.

Rick peers down passage, it goes furthur than can see. About 15’ there is an opening, about 50’ in there is an opening, and another at about 60 turning left. Fritz sees same but they all turn right. As we stand, Fritz sees a figure step out into the hall at almost the end of his light. Seems like a female wearing sheer, transluscent silk.
She cries out plaintively “Help me, save me!”
Fritz thinks ‘right, cause there are plenty of nude women in tombs trapped by ancient mummies’.
Then, at the opening 15’ in a huge 7’ tall figure emerges. Big and bulky, wrapped like a mummy, eyes glowing red.
It speaks in ancient Egyptian first, but Fritz can not understand.
Fritz in Hebrew “Who stands there?”
It responds in kind "Go back. Do not approach the brides of Rehotep.
A few more women step out behind it, and it turns its head and yells something sternly in Egyptian. The women scurry back from where they came.
Rick now sees women peering from the passages as well. Another huge mummy shows itself to him and says in ancient Egyptian “Do not molest the brides of Rehotep” before disappearing again.
Seemingly, they are not attacking. We decide to leave them be, we must be at full strength versus Rehotep. As we continue on some of the girls cry out too rescue them.
At the end of the main room, 3 steps lead to a raised end of the room 20’ deep and 60’ wide. Rick and Fritz slowly lead the way up. A rough hewn stone statue stands to each side of dark stone, probably basalt. They are not Rehotep nor Set, one is a hyena man, on the other a dog faced woman. Beyond them are 5 pillars, 2 larger than the other 3. They are reminiscent of those in the evil room we tore apart.
The male stature is of a gotesque gray basalt, with a somewhat deformed but muscular build. It is essentially like a werewolf, but hyena instead. It reeks of vileness to all who gaze upon it. The woman is a misshapen creature of the same stone. Herr face is as if it combines the worst features of women/baboon/canine. Truly beastial and of demonic appearance. The arms are a bit too long. They are truly horrific to look upon, likely demon creatures. Rick, after thinking for a moment, believes he recognizes the woman as a demon called Ghul, mother off the ghula. The man Gholl, the father of the ghula. Oddly, so far as Rick knows, they have nothing directly to do with Set.
We then detect a putrid stench, and see black passageways behind each statue from which it emanates. As we step slowly further up, our frontmost light reveals a huge statue behind the pillars of the otherworldly green stone. A serpent wound up, but 5 pairs of arachnoid legs, the top 2 of which end in pincer like hands. The head is that of a huge alligator at least 10 long and rests slightly open leaving its great fangs for all to see. The tail ends in the stinger of a scorpion.
Fritz to Rick “Look at that thing, past the head down at the body. Look carefully and keep your eyes in one place.”
It’s then Rick notices what Fritz did with great skill: the body very slightly expands and contrasts. It’s breathing though totally still otherwise!
Friday from behind whispers to Fritz “What are you going to do?”
Fritz “Nothing, unless Rick wants me to put a round into it.”
Rick gestures Spalding to the front with Fritz, hunting rifles at the ready. The RC form their firing line at the base of the steps.
Rick to the hunters at the top of the steps “Watch it for a second” and moves carefully toward the passage on the right.
Sebastian from behind “I’d bet the royal jewels that it will stay put, until the moment someone steps into its area behind those pillars.”
As he walks across, Rick can see a large statue of Set behind the snake, and the back of the room which is a long curved wall. The smell gets stronger as Rick moves closer, and now he recognizes it as ghouls the undead version. Then he hears movement.
To Fritz “Get ready, I smell ghoul. Watch that room to the left.”
Then the battlecry of a ghoul. Rick sees a horde of ghouls pouring toward him, and from we just begin to hear them further down. Billy prepares to spring into action after the first volley, planning to rush forward of our line to take advantage of his many AoO.
Feather to the RC “Do NOT wait until you see the whites of their eyes!”

Insert Battle pg 14 bottom from session start 1:05:50

A bad fight, most into wound point or negative, some RC killed.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 10

April 20

Knowing Khansu must make it to the end to perform the ritual, we leave him safely above. Very early in the morning, Rick enters the passage first. He makes the first turn, then another, to a long dark hall. Me calls the others forward as he continues. Far down it comes to a 10’ square plaform, stairs leading downward from it. Rick begins down the steps, Billy to his right and just behind. 10’ back follow Fritz and Mundabi, then 10’ from them Sebastian and Feather. On the platform gather Spalding, Hobbes and Friday ready to follow. Rick gets to the bottom to a room 30’ across, entering at a corner, darkness ahead. 4 statures of skeletons line each side of the room in Egyptian shields, armor and spears. He then hears a strange sound, like air at first, then perhaps water. Then he realized it sounds more like sand pouring within the walls.
Rick “That’s odd. I hear sand.”
Billy “Will we be filled in?”
Rick “No. it’s inside the walls of the stairway.” The wall feels and sound solid otherwise. Then a grinding sound above, stone on stone.
Rick “Everyone back up, go go go go go!” The 3 on the platform jump for the steps, all 3 safely making it as the sandstone ceiling above the 10’ platform drops quickly behind us. Rick assumes there was a slight trigger on the platform, and once several people crossed someone hit it. It must have realeased the sand in the walls as a counterweight let the ceiling drop. Now we’re trapped until Sala and his men can dig us out.
Feather “This is not good.”
Assuming we shall get help from above, as they surely heard it, we wait for word.
10 minutes after the trap fell we hear banging from the other side of picks. Then a sledge bangs out morse code:
“This is Lt Bromhead. What shall we do?”
Rick has Sebastian respond “We are here, safe so far. Figuring it out Wait for advisement.”
Bromhead “Would you like us to use dynamite?”
Rick “Tell him I think I have all that’s left.”
Bromhead “Should we use gunpowder? Will be slow going” (only a 5’ opening from their side).
We respond to get the diggers digging.
We can hear them pounding away.
We decide to continue on, having enough water and some rations. There are actually 6 statues to a side. At one point, the walls of the room slant outward slightly so it opens wider as it goes with pillars spaced periodically. (Johnny interjects here that we found the last evil item in coffin of vampire we destroyed). At this point the skeletal figures animate as automotons to attack! We see what looks like electricity running through their bodies.
Fritz “Throw water on them!”
Rick does so, splashing #1 with half his waterskin-6, but it seems to short out and is essentially held for 3 rounds. Feather does the same to #4-7 and 1 round. Spalding fires his elephant gun at their 27def-miss.
Rick “Brilliant Fritz!”
Hobbes hits #5 with water-10 and 1 rnd.
Rick “More water!”
Mundabi water hits #11-13 and 2rnd; Billy-13 to #8 and 4rnd;Fritz-14 and 1rnd to #12.
Rick is attacked by #2-miss/7; Hobbes attacked by #3-crit17/miss; #6 att’s Billy-miss/miss:#7 on Billy-7/miss;#9 on billy-miss/miss; #10 on Billy-miss/13.
Hobbes hurt and frantically empties his water #3-15 and 4rnd; Rick empties on #2-10 and 1rnd; Fritz fires his .50 at #12-17; Billy draws Kholan’s vs #8-27; Mundabi empties water on #10-7 and 1rnd; Feather empties water on #6-10 and 4rnd; Sebastian charges in and and sprays #4-9 and 3rnd; Spalding empties on #5-11 and 3rnd; Friday sprays #7-7 and 4rnd.

  1. attacks Billy-miss/miss; #12 attacks Fritz-6/miss. The rest are held.
    Sebastian empties water on #4 again-12 and 4 more rnds; Fridas moves and empties on #12-18 DESTROYED in a burst of sparks and a crash! Spalding empties on #5 again-11 and 2 more rnd; Billy hits #; Fritz shoots #11-15; Rick looks at #1 to see if there is any way to get at its insides while its paralyzed, but nothing so backs behind a pillar in the shadows and readies TNT; Billy hits #8-22 DESTROYED and cleaves #7-15.
  2. turns and moves in Rick’s direction but can’t spot him; #9 hits Billy-22 on 2 hits; #10 now attacks Billy-7/miss; #11 attacks Friday-10/7 into would points!
    Friday withdraws away. With Fritz just standing there aiming, Hobbes moves to him and easily takes his waterskin from his belt. Fritz fires at #11-22 DESTROYED; Billy hits #9-24; Spalding shoulders #5 to the ground; Feather hits #4 with revolver-8 ; Sebatian steps to the side and pulls his pistol and doubletaps #1 right to side of head-13; Rick, the skeleton just around the pillar now, reaches out and jams a 2stick of TNT into ribs at #2. He dives as it blows-16, but it also damages its mechanism and it stands still grinding.
  3. vs Sebastian-7; #9 on Billy-miss/miss; #10 on Billy-miss/miss.
    Rick comes up behind #1 and jams a stick into him-9 and 1rnd; Frits hits #10-23 as Billy hits it-22 DESTROYED; He cleaves #9 DESTROYED; Mundabi grabs Billy’s water and sprays #6-12 and 4rnd; Hobbes, with the last water dose, sprays #3-14 and 3rnd.
    All 7 left are grinding.
    Billy at #7-miss; Fritz shoots #6-12; Sebastian jams his gun into the hole in #1 and doubletaps-14; Mundabi sees that and wedges his spear into a whole in #5 jamming it around-18 DESTROYED; Spalding overrund #4 to the ground; Hobbes yanks #3 to the ground with the strap of his film bag.
  4. now moves to Sebastian-20; #7 on Billy-15 on 2 hits.
    Sebastian moves away to #2 and fires into the whole from the TNT-13 DESTROYED “Jolly good I got this one!” Spalding jams his elephant gun into #4-17 DESTROYED; Billy; Mundabi does the same spear jam attack to #3-10; Billy hits #7-21; Fritz fires and hits #7-20 DESTROYED. Rick moves behind Fritz. Hobbes gets the heck out of the way.
  5. attacks Sebastian-Well into wouldpoints now.
    Billy on #6-17 DESTROYED; Fritz shoots #1-miss; Spalding reloads; Mundabi charges #1 to try and save Sebastian-27 DESTROYED; Sebastian hits last-10 DESTROYED.
    Sebastian “I’m out for today, men” as he sits on the ground against the wall.
    Rick looks ahead and as the room continues further it is lined with sarcophagi!

We go back to trap, and hear Bromhead repeating “Please answer, please answer.”
He sends a report “At this rate, 2 days considering the slab”.
Feather reports “Sebastian hurt, all tired. No water.”
Rick “Ask him if they can tell how far the slab goes above the top of the entryway on their side?”
Response “An inch gap at best. Too small to see up. Do you want buckets of water spilled down side in hopes it will get to you?”
Rick “Tell him to chip away upward, you may find a cavity soon enough above the deadfall then come back down on our side from above us. Rather than cutting right through the solid block”
Bromhead “I will if you wish. If it is several feet up, or worse, it may take us much longer. It’s a risk.”
Rick examines his side and thinks it is not more than 3’ above on their side, but on our side barely above the top of the entry.
Rick “Tell him to do it.”
Feather taps “Do it.”
This cuts the time down considerably, and we will be out by the end of the day.
Bromhead “Brought several of arab riders inside as guards. What if vampire attacks? Concerned.”
Rick says respond “Give arabs enchanted shells Tarr has made thus far, just in case.”
It is a resounding success. Digging time reduced from the estimated 2 days to more like 6 hours. Bromhead posts his men and arabs as guards strategically back through tomb guarding diggers and entrance at the pit. Sala’s men guard camp, hired diggers digging us out with some of his men who have been sappers. He’s very scared of vampire’s potential attack.
Rick has Feather reiterate “Spread magic shells out among Riders. Do not hesitate to tell Riders to use them en mass on him. He will not be sure how many you have and will likely fall back against such numbers.”
The water is coming though well enough to help some. Finally, they start breaking through our side and we see the redcoat Sgt’s face peer through “We’re through sir” with a salute. Another few bashes as a big chunk falls.
Sgt “Is that you sir?”
Rick “It is, Sgt. Excellant job.”
He disappears and reappears a few seconds later “This might do you good sir” and squeezes through some skins, but they are full of gin.
Rick “Gin Sgt? Drinking on the job again I see.”
Sgt “Thought your men could do with a touch, sir!”
Rick “We could use some cigars.”
A few minutes later “Sir, could I have a moment of your time?”
Rick reaches up and pulls back a beautiful silver cigar case with ‘B upon it “Complements of Lt. Bromhead, sir” his family crest. They pass us some food as we wait. Finally a large hole is cleared. After the first 3 or 4 diggers pass through, Bromhead enters.
B “Well, glad to see you, sirs.”
Rick “We had quite the battle down here.”
B "I’m not crazy about being in charge of such a force when dealing with vampires."
Rick explains him we are going to need the redcoats down here as there may be heavy action just further on in the darkness. Sebastian insists on staying! Sala is left in charge of the rear guard.

We get plenty of light sources down, lanterns blazing for plenty of light. We recruit all 9 redcoats to join us now, plus the Lt and Sgt., and load them with magic shells with orders to use them at will if necessary. We make our way down the middle of the long room, 50’ wide at it’s end. About 50’ ahead we can make out a few steps to a platform perhaps, and dimly there is a large statue up there. About 30’ in there are entryways left and right. Once we get to about that point the sarcophagi burst open and we’re in for another terrible battle. 6 sarcophagi on each side = 6 mummies per side! The mummies emanated despair from their very beings so that even the stalwart British redcoats quaked. 3 of the 9 start paralyzed as the combat began. All using arcane bullets but Sebastian.

The redcoats form lines, 5 plus Sgt. left (3 are paralyzed) and 4 plus Bromhead right. They are packing 4 magic rounds each from Tarr. Left volley all hits-5/5/6;Right volleys on mummy7-7/5/4/6; Fritz with .50 hits M3-12; Friday rifle hits M3-16; Feather M6-5; Spalding with elephant gun on M8-7; Mundabi charges M12-9; Rick rifle M10-8.
The mummies lurch forward towards us. 3 get to Fritz, 2 can attacks-8/miss; 2 on Billy-miss/8; 1 on paralyzed RC4-miss; 1 on RC7-12; 1 on RC9-10; 2 on Rick-crit20/miss; 2 on Mundabi-8/miss; Sebastian pistol M8-3 “The normal bullets barely penetrate.”
Redcoats begin to open up and fall back 1 pace to fire: Sgt hits with AP M6-, his now 3 RC hit M6-10 total; Lt on M7-, his 5 hit 3 times M7-14 total; Mundabi hits-4; Fritz hits M3-14; Billy hits m4-13; Friday hits M3-5; Feather M6-2 “Take them down, men!”; Rick shoots M10-4; Spalding’s 2nd barrel on m8-9.
m1 on Sebastian-9; m2,3 on Fritz-miss/miss; 2 on Billy-miss/8; m6 on paral. RC4-miss; m7 hits RC7-11; 1 on RC9-8; Spalding hit-9, Rick hit-7, 2 on Mundabi-8/miss.
Our line has to spread more to avoid AoO. RC still concentrate volleyfire. Only RC4 paral now. m6 hit thrice-14 total DEAD; m7 hit thrice-12 DEAD but RC 9 hit with AoO-8; Sebastian steps back and fires 2 at m1-3; Billy hits m4-9; Fritz hits m3-8 and is missed with AoO; Mundabi hits m12-5; Rick moves and hits misses; Friday hits m3-4 DEAD; Spalding reloads. Feather hits m5-6.
m1,2 on Fritz-12/8; M4,5 on Billy-miss/7; m8 on m9-7 DOWN; m9 on Rick-9, m10 on Sebastian-12; 2 on Mundabi-miss/9.
The redcoats form a double line and reload but are out of magic, ready to all fire at 1; Mundabi hits m12-9; Sebastian doubletaps m10-10 and moves behind Mundabi; Spalding m8-7; Fritz hits m2-12; Friday misses; Billy m4-12; Feather shoots m4-5; Rick is trapped in spot and out of magic so total defenses.
Fritz hit by 2-20 total; 2 on billy-miss/11; m8 on Spalding-miss; m9,10 on Rick-miss; 2 on Mundabi-miss/8.
RC all unparal. and fire on m8-2/1/2/1/2; Sebastian doubletaps m10-4; Spalding hits m8-7; AoO on Frits misses as he hits m2-7; Friday m2-6; Feather m5-5; Billy hits m4-8.
2 on Fritz-18 total;2 on Billy-9/miss; m8 on Spalding-12; 2 on Rick-miss/12; 2 on Mundabi-21 total.
Sgt misses and Lt. hits-0; Rc on m8 again-1/3; Spalding reloads; Rick total def; Mundabi withdraws with 2 fat. left; Sebastian steps back and double taps m12-7; Fritz on m2 with last magic-11 but AoO hits-10; Friday m2-2; Feather last magic m2-5; Billy m4-8 DEAD, cleave m5-10.
m2,m2 on Fritz-miss/miss; 1 on Billy-miss; m8 on RC2-miss; 2 on Rick-miss; m12 moves to Rick, the other that was on Mundabi and Sebastian moves to the center.
Sebastian hits-6; Mundabi suddenly charges-miss; RC all fire at m8 with Friday now in their line but no magic-0/3 DEAD, m9-1; Friday m9-miss; Fritz draws khopesh m2-7; Billy hits-9; Feather fires m6-1; Bromhead “Keep plugging them men! You’ve taken 2 already you can do it again!”
2 on Fritz-21 total; Rick full def; m5 on Billy-11; m9 on RC-miss; m10,11 on Rick-miss; 1; Mundabi missed.
Sebastian reloads; Fritz m; Billy m; Spalding m9-4;Sgt and Lt miss; Friday m9-3; RC hit-6 total; Billy hits-5; Fritz m2-7 DEAD; Rick full def.
m1 on Fritz-miss; m5 Billy-8; m9 on RC-11; last 3 on Rick-miss/miss/8 (1 fat. left).
RC step back now and fire m9-2/2/3/1; Sgt and Lt hit-3/1; Friday m9-5; Spalding misses m9; Feather first aids downed RC; Fritz m1-6; Billy m5-6 DEAD; Sebastian m12-5 then steps up into fray to be another target; Hobbes runs up with Rick to give them a 2nd target; Mundabi charges again m12-5.
m1 on Fritz-7; m9 on RC-7; 2 on Rick-miss/miss, 1 on Mundabi-miss.
Fritz on m1-5; Billy moves to help Rick m10-7 ; Spalding reloads; Sgt and Lt-0; RC hit m9-5 total; Friday m9-3; Spalding reloads; Sebastian steps back doubletaps m12-8; Mundabi retreats.
m1 on Fritz-4; RC is hit-7 (4 wnd now) Bromhead to him “Private Jones, A. out of firing line!” (there’s a Robert Jones, too); 2 on Billy-miss/9; 1 on Rick-miss; Sebastian m12-3; Private Jones retreats; Lt hits-1; 3 RC hit-3/1/0; Spalding on same-4; Friday misses; Fritz m1-6; Billy m10-8; Feather misses; Rick total def.
m1 on Fritz-miss; m9 on RC-11; 2 on Billy-miss/12 (fat gone); 1 on Rick-7 (6 wnd now).
RC backstep m-1/1/4; Sgt and Lt hit-1/2 DEAD; Sebastian hits m 12 DEAD; Fritz m1-6, Billy m10-6 DEAD; Friday m11-1; Feather m1-2. Rick total def.; Mundabi charges again m11-6.
Bromhead yells for everyone to move back.
m1 Fritz-miss; Billy takes the hit meant for Rick-5 (just into wnd now).
We pull back toward entrance and ready attacks. Soldiers pull back and reload as mummies lurch for us. RC volley m1-1/0/2/3; Sebastian m11-?; Spalding m11-5; Feather-0.
1 on Rick still full def-miss; 1 on Billy-miss.
Fritz hits m1-8; Billy hits-13. Sebastian misses; RC hit m1-1/3/0/0; Feather m1-0; Friday m1-4; Fritz fires at m1-6; Mundabi m11-4.
m1 on Billy-7; last on Rick-0 (card).
Sebastian reloads; RC hit-2/2/4; Spalding m1-miss, Fritz hits m1-10 DEAD; Billy hits last DEAD.
Battle over.

It will take a few days of rest for everyone to be ready. By morning of 3rd day Rick is healed, by morning of 4th Billy is perfect.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 9

April 19

By morning, it is all gone, and all brick behind.
Rick “All that is left is the ceiling.”

Further questioning of vamp victims reveals than many know which gate they came through, so we can at least ID where on the earth they all go, but one: the one to the left in the skull room. Also, that a normal person passing through them is affected by sanity loss and some other sort of drain as well.
Khansu “It may lead to the rest of the tomb.”
From their kidnappings, it seems he has quite the network of aids, perhaps even other vampires, working for him. He throws a lot of parties and is quite wealthy.

The diggers begin at the corner to the left and across from entry, moving toward the crawlspace wall. Nearing the 2nd corner, a digger finds a hook screwed into the ceiling. A few feet further, he finds another. These are to the left of the crawlspace entry in the corner. That entire corner is cleared and there is a series of them. Rick thinks they were likely used to help secure ancient scaffolding, a clue that some construction not immediately obvious went on in that corner. Clearing some more of the ceiling to test, we find no more. They definately concentrated there on something other than plastering. Rick gets up with headlamp and mag glass but finds nothing suspicios about the ceiling, in fact it is solid bedrock sandstone, or walls of the corner from ceiling down. The hooks screw in about 18". Obviously, if scaffold was used whatever is there must be off the floor, so he orders the diggers to start breaking the 4 brick layers starting on the front wall at the ceiling.
5’ above the level of the crawl they break into a cavity!
Rick exclaims in triumph!
Clearing the brick further reveals a 5’ wide and tall passage that goes 10’ then turns!!
The day for many of us is spent resting and licking our wounds from the previous day.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 8

April 18

Rick has Hepfurah’s daughter, who he now finds out is skilled at sewing, start to work under the supervision of Tarr and Khansu at applying the proper arcane symbols to the blank robe that will be worn by Khansu for the rutual to destroy Rehotep’s relics.

Rick continues search of the pit walls. Sure enough, about halfway down the 40’ drop in midwall he finds a hidden, and opens an easily pushed, pivoting section of wall into a crawlspace!! If instead of skirting the corners, Billy had climbed down and up like the other pit, he may have pushed it open by accident on the climb up.
By after lunch, we are ready to continue on.
The space is 10’ wide and 5’ high. Rick with carbide headlamp on leads the way carefully, Billy behind and to his right. Fritz, Mundabi, Fride follow starting about 10’ behind; then the rest. The diggers and such stay up for now. Once the first room is secure we will begin to bring everyone else down. After about 70’ it narrows to 3’ high. Another 30’ on the roof tilts another 6" lower. Ahead it appears to end at a wall. So far, total silence. Roof tilts again and levels off to more like dragging ourselves along. It ends in a wall. About to investigate the apparent dead end, Rick hears a faint humming or buzzing sound. Almost like a horsefly, or flies. He calls Billy up who pulls out his kukri. Up from the floor of the tunnel rise several large scorpions, curiously winged and smelling of dead flies. They immediately fly for us aggressively. It’s a terrible situation for us, as we can barely defend ourselves or attack with much power.
h4. Insert Battle; pg 14, 6:15

We make it to the end. Near the end the walls, floor and ceiling turn into brick 4 lines long. Rick begins examing the bricks and finds that the bricks on the end do not feel like the floor. In fact it flakes off easily. It’s plaster perfectly painted to look as bricks. We try to start scraping but the leverage is too poor. Calling Fritz up, we come at it legs first and start kicking in usison with all our might.
Rick “1-2-3!” Nothing happens at first. After the second hit the deadeng breaks partially, now hanging quite loosely. About to hit it again, Rick stops the efforts. Instincts kick in, and he turns and examines the perimeter in detail with a mag glass. He does, in fact, find a trigger! He feels a latch at the bottom. He finds that the layer of brick sounds hollow to the tap, the disengagement of the latch likely causes the brick floor to shift into a ramp, sending all to about a 40’ fall, as he can now see, into the room.
First he recommends using poles from a distance, but Feather yells down the idea of tying someone off. Rick and Fritz secure Billy to a rope and brace themselves with it 10 back. Billy looses a final kick which finishes the job. The false-brick wall falls and the ramp drops sending Billy down as well. As he scales down, he is kicking some plaster free of the walls, seeing it is more brick behind it. Fritz and Rick lower Billy, now with a headlamp, down to the floor. Looking around, Billy sees that the room is 30’ a side with 50’ high ceilings. The entrance is 10’ below the ceiling. The entire room is plastered including the ceiling. Billy informs those above of the walls, so Rick busts plaster away below the opening, pounds 3 pitons into the mortar between the brick. After the depth of the first brick, it pounds into brick since the layers are offset. He attaches a rope to the triple-piton set-up so all can climb down safely. He starts to climb down.
An archway leads out of the room to his right, hieroglyphs above it. Billy yells up there is a light of some kind visible ahead. This room is utterly bare. When Rick reaches the bottom he and Billy look down with hall with lanterns. The passage goes straight, but also branches off left and right partway down.
Fritz now makes it down, and Mundabi comes next followed by Friday and Atmu. The 4 PC’s and Atmu start down the hall, Friday watching at the archway. Feather and the others start the decent, but Rick tells them to keep the diggers and redcoats above still so as not to clog the crawlway in case we need to leave.
They bypass the left and righ halls and continue straight to a room with pillars carved right from the bedrock floor to ceiling. On the other side of the room is a gigantic throne. Lit torches line the walls, which is worrisome. Looking in, at first they see nothing. After a few moments, Billy notices a shimmering about the throne like a desert haze. Rick however, sees a figure within the haze sitting on the throne. A huge, horned, muscled demonic figure, scorpion tailed, rings in one ear and nipple…totally still. Describing what he sees, he has Billy step in. Billy immediately sees it now (sanity checks all around as we enter the room: Billy loses the max 6), as do the others when they cross the threshold. The PC’s walk partway toward the throne as Atmu stands just inside the entrance. Then a deep rumbling voice speaks that all those in the first room can hear, itself causing sanity checks for them. It greets us arrogantly, saying Rehotep is a fiction frying in the demon’s domain.
Rick “Who are you?”
“I am Dispater. Demon of the lower abyss. I offer you to enter my service wheere you can be lords in hell. Give me your name that I may honor you.”
Rick “Oh no, we have dealt in the power of names already.”
Fritz, about to give his name, a little too trusty in his faith, is silenced by Mundabi’s hand over his mouth as Friday yells “Don’t give him your name, Fritz!”
“I am the father of darkness.”
Fritz “Why don’t you already know our names?”
“Do not question the ways of demons, and lords of the abyss. I ask you once more before you suffer my wrath. Tell me your names.”
Fritz “Why are you hear, have you been cast out? By God’s boot? How did that feel?”
“God may have the larger boot, but I have the larger c—k.”
Rick “You will not hear our names.”
After another round of insults and provocation from Fritz, testing the demon’s intentions, Rick asks “Do you simply talk or do you have power here?”
Nothing seems to antagonize the demon, which Fritz thinks is opposed to how he figures a demon should react. We begin to wonder about what we are actually seeing. We start approaching.
Billy “This demon is certainly a fake.” Atmu joins us.
The demon then stands up. It seems to begin to say, or possibly cast a spell, then hesitates in silence(card) as it stares down the Iron Jew. He now loses his temper “Who are you to try to resist the will of Dispater! Die mortal!” A bolt of electricity fires from his hands at Fritz. We see his fried, charred corpse hit the ground.
Rick “It’s not real!” afraid Mundabi is going to freak out. After a will save, we all see that it was an illusion and Fritz still stands unharmed. Dispater’s illusion disipates as well, revealing an Egyptian looking man in modern pants and a frock coat.
“So, you saw through my ruse. Leave now, reseal the tomb, or meet your fate.” He steps down carrying a gigantic mace, far too large for one of his size to wield though he does. “Who is the first to die?”
Rick “We will finish what we have begun. Is that you Utat Nabu?” He does not answer, but this seems likely it is Rehotep’s vampiric henchmen.
He attacks faster than we can react. Our line from left to right is Mundabi, Fritz, Atmu, Billy and Rick. He lunges 15’ straight at the Osiris Cultist Atmu as Mundabi yells for backup-15.
Insert Battle; pg 14 1:06:40 may12 entry(may be edited to 11th)

Atmu dies here.
Aside from Khansu, Fritz feels Atmu’s death particularly, having not trusted him for longer than anyone and fighting for him in the desert to the temple south.
His body disolves into mist and disappears into the walls behind the throne. The throne is set into the wall, so we have to bust it free which takes some time after Hobbes takes a good pic of it.
Rick finds and opens a secret door into a short 5’ hall which Rick, Fritz and Billy walk through into a long room lined all over with shelves of skulls. Likely his victims far back into history. Surely of many different cultures. At each side of the room is an archway construction set out from the wall. Probably portals/gates to somewhere; we know he uses them to get around the world. Rick thinks he hears a groan, maybe of pain, from somewhere though he can’t pinpoint it. Billy and Fritz standing watch, Rick starts checking the floor in the center of the room for a secret passage, that being where Rick was standing when he heard it. Mundabi stands just in the hallway. The other main characters are now in the throne room, the Sgt and redcoats guard the 2 halls we have not gone down yet.
Rick finds nothing, so they with Mundabi now begin removing skulls from directly across from the entrance. They quickly see 2 empty skull alcoves, separated by a skull, cobwebs filling the insides. Rick puts a rifle inside to clear it own, and it comes out covered in dangerouos spiders. He shakes them to the floor and they stomp them to death. Inside the hole is a latch. Reaching in, Rick pulls it and hears a clicking for a few moments but nothing happens. He does the same to the other whole and the wall, shelves and all, slides back and open into a room lit with a fireplace and torches. Furnished, including several coffins, and full of what are surely dead, partly alive, and living victims of the vampire.
Rick “Are there any British here, or even Germans?” as we walk in.
A German answers back in his native tongue just as several nude women run up to us “Save us! Save us from him!” A few others women stand in the room amongst the others.
Billy to Rick in his language “I don’t trust naked women in a vampire’s lair.”
A British man bravely cries out “Don’t trust them, they’re bloody vampires!” Of course, the Englishman has the guts to warn us ignoring his own safety. At that, the wives of death attack.
Rick to Billy “Save the Brit! Bloody vampires!”
Insert Battle; 1:52:55

Feather and Khansu start examining victims, Mundabi sent running for Doc Bryce. Bryce first heals Rick’s 2 wound points and Sebastian’s 2. There are also 4 gates in the lounge room!
Questioning the victims, they are from England, Germany, France, China, Egypt…. He is known in these lands and live quite a high live. His concubinens were evil surely, but in a state of slavery to him. Only he knows how to operate the gates. They recall feeling weak after being brought through the gates. They did not see him leave via a gate in the lounge, perhas a gate elsewhere leads to Rehotep’s final area. We start getting the vamp’s victims out, putting them on stretchers and pulling them out the crawl to take them to camp.
After these battles, we need to rest for the night. Rick, always looking ever forward, checks the 2 other halls with Feather, Fritz, Khansu and Spalding and they find 2 more gates. Rick stays late searching for secret doors, pulling all skulls and shelves off….
Rick “Wherever he went is where the passage should be, and he definately went into the skull room.”
Feather “He must have used a gate then.”
Rick “No, how could he have operated a gate in gaseous form.” To Khansu “Could he have?”
Khansu says probably not. Rick examines more of the floor in the skull room, and does finds a small area of holes deep into the sandstone. After putting diggers to work with picks, after 20 minutes it is abandoned. It is obviously solid rock, it could take months to dig to it even if a room is relatively close. But that was surely how he escaped. So where is the conventional way to the rest of the tomb complex?
So, Rick gets the diggers working in teams all night clearing the plaster from the walls of the first room as far as they can reach from the ground, after Hobbes gets pics. Fritz mentions checking the sandstone pillars, but nothing is found.
Sala reports nothing found, so Rick orders Sala’s men to set up an elevator platform or 2 with the block and tackle to clear plaster all the way to the ceiling.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 7

April 17,1890

We remove the screen and upon seeing the sarcophagus it practically blows open, doing minor shrapnel damage to all around. From it stands a huge demonic figure wielding a flaming sword, screaming at us “I am the Set-Rehotep and you shall answer for your temerity! DIE!”
It fires a bolt from its hand, exploding a small coffer of treasure which does more minor shrapnel damage. It then yells “Leave. LEAVE!”
Rick to Spalding “Give him a shot!”
Spalding hits, but the shell does nothing at all. The demon swings its blade at Rick 4 times. Each time it, it passes completely through him, feeling a terrible chill each time but doing no damage.
It then says “Return to me my sacred objects and I will let you live.”
Fritz “Those canopic jars could be the last of the phylacteries.”
Sebastian says “Try presenting your holy relics!”
All of us do so. He turns to Sebastian and says “Die fool!”
Rick quickly throws one of the 2 relics he now carries to Sebastian, who catches it just before the blade hits-31.
A rush from the relics comes over us, and we face them to the demon. Beams of force blast out from each.
Mundabi-10;Mundabi-15;Khansu-miss;Atmu-8;Sebastian-miss. With the relics, he can’t hurt us. And though we are damaging well, he is healing a bit.
It blows another coffer for shrapnel.
All of us now ready:
Mundabi-22 with his 2;Atmu-20 with his 2;Rick-17;Khansu-miss;Billy-18 with 2;Sebastian-4.
Another bolt blows up a coffer.
Rick hits-11;Mundabi-2;Atmu-18;Billy-20;Sebastian-miss;Khansu-8.
It falls destroyed, bursting into flame “You have destroyed the Set-Rehotep! Curse you forever!”
Billy “That’s the third time we heard that.”
Sebastian “I think the second.”
Searching his resting place, we find another of Rehotep’s phylacteries!

No where else to go, we search like crazy all morning and afternoon, finding nothing.
Feather “We’ve done everything we possibly can, but for the doors we think are traps.”
Partway through the day Fritz recommends checking the rooms ‘below’ again because of what the demon said, the loop/illusion area. He goes with Feather, Spalding and Sebastian do so while the search continues. They find many different rooms, but no one and nothing else. In every ‘room’ the door is where it should be.
We regroup outside on the ledge.
Fritz “The demon said go down below…”
Sebastian “…where you’ve never been. But where down below have we never been?”
Rick “The pit trap! At the intersection!”
Rick drops and finds nothing at the bottom. He gets strapped into a harness and starts a thourough search of the 4 sides. He gets 1 side done before its time to turn in, but finds nothing.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 6

We set the charges in the Mythos room and blow it. It’s a massive explosion and the entire tomb shakes. A terrible half human, half monstrous roar erupts from all around, angry, and dies out a quick as it began.
Rick hates sitting around, so he investigates the last way to go: The straight path at the origignal intersection. Rick goes first and searches the seeming deadend in detail. It is plastered over and he finds a secret door at the very end but can’t figure out how to open it. Underneath the plaster it says in hieroglyphs:
The might of the Set-Rehotep clouds the dull minds of those who seek to violate his eternal house and disturb the happy rest of his physical remains. Leave this place untouched or suffer my wrath. I warn you come no nearer.

He calls the Theban diggers in and after a minute they are doing nothing. Calling Billy and Mundabi, they do little more than a chip.
Pounding and picking away is obviously useless. Rick and Sala consult. Sala offers drilling holes and slipping some dynamite in.
Rick takes 20 on a search of the whole hallway, even inspecting the end with a magnifying glass. Along the bottom he sees scrape marks. Straight ones, not as if it opens to the side but as if it pivots out and upward. Pressure from the top, then, could open it.
Sala “How should we do that? We have a 30’ corridor to work in. Lots of room.”
Feather “Push poles?”
Sala “No, it’s very heavy. Lots of force.”
Sebastian “The block and tacklel again, then?”
Rick “Yes.”
Spalding “Or take the tripod apart and use them as pushpoles. Long enough to get lots of guys.”
Rick and Sala still think that’s not nearly enough force
Sala “Maybe set up the tripod as a crane. If we can get a couple screws into the bottom we can then lift the bottom” instead of pushing the top.
Rick “That should work.” Great idea, Sala.
Sala gets to work on that.
Meanwhile, Rick along with Feather and Sebastian with the Theban workers get to cataloguing artifacts/treasure, then getting portabe loot out and to the Osiris temple. That work continues into the night. Billy and the redcoats, and Sala-men not working, aiding and guarding the transportations.
The Riders continue to occupy the Temple of Osiris.

By the evening the door is open. It pivots in the middle and Sala’s men spike it open on the horizontal. They call Rick and Billy immediately.
Spalding “You want to wait until tomorrow to go in, with Fritz?”
Rick “I want to check out the first room, at least.”
Rick crawls through under the door and sees a group of huge pillars. Beyond the immediate pillar lies another tomb screen like before;canopic jars;treasures though not as much as from the rooms below.
Mundabi “No basin?”
Rick “No.”
Rick enters completely, followed by Billy then the rest. The room is 50′ × 100′! It has a bunch of loot, though not as much as below the statue. All treasure is real. Scouring for hidden stuff, Rick finds a secret door in the central 10’ wide pillar. Inside are winding steps going up. We ascend to the top, ending at a door with a latch at the top. Rick sends everyone out but Billy while he searches.
Rick carefully checking the latch “There’s something wrong here. It’s far too stiff, hard to move.”
Looking at the ceiling, it looks like its bulging down a bit.Pushing on it, it doesn’t budge.
Rick “It’s holding something up. Like rubble.”
We attach a cord to the latch, running it doown into the room and yank. Sure enough, a great load of melon-sized boulders pours down the steps.
We leave it at that for the night, to wait to have Fritz before disturbing the screen and whatever is behind it.

Tomb of Rehotep Day 5

Ready to investigate whatever in below the Set statue, we have Sala and his men go ahead in the moring to lower it. Descending into the tomb, we hear a loud crash from below. Rushing down, we find that it fell as they were lowering it, breaking into pieces. It was made as Rick had guessed.
Rick “What in the hell happened” as we see several workers being carried out, bloodied. As it lowered to a certain point, the base slid and the weight brought it down. Several of Sala’s men will be out for few weeks to longer, one with a broken leg. Under the statue is a stairway down. Bronze gears under the statue go into the floor toward the center. Probably, the dial would have opened it. Rick starts to push the dial. As he does it clicks at each number. Fritz and Billy watch the other rooms for anything else to open, while Sala watches the mechanism at the steps.
The dial only goes in one direction. Listening, there is a large ratchet under the floor. At first it seems like nothing is happening, but then Sala sees that each time it clicks 1/12, the gear moves about 1/60th of a circle. There must be an enormous gear under the dial. The statues was not fully connected, it likely would have fallen on those standing at the dial. It was nothing but an elaborate trap to crush those under the statue!! What a bastard.

Only the 4 pc’s and Hobbes descend the stairs. 10’ to a landing, turning right. Then again it turns right opening into a 10×10 landing which opens into a larger room. At the second landing Rick misses a trap. When we reach the bottom, 4 ancient iron portcullus drop. They would have broken us up into 3 groups but they malfunction (card) and each stop about halfway down. So, we continue into a long gallery, 6 statues of Egyptian warriors lining either side with 5’ tween each. There is a copper door at the end, and 3 stone doors along each side. We enter, and as Rick investigates one they all animate!
Rick and Billy are next to the 2nd on the left. Mundabi stands next to the first right statue just inside the room; Hobbes in the middle just ahead of him him with Friday and Fritz to his left;Sebastian at the left rear.
Insert Battle; 4:41:14 pg 14

The trap behind us broke free and the gates fell. There is now a cloud of poisonous gas flowing down into the room. As it starts to fill the room and rising, we get on top the pedastals hoping it won’t reach that high. It rises and rises, and Billy has to jump to Mundabi’s and get on his shoulders as he is short enough it still would have covered his head. About 10 minutes, Fritz is sure it seems to be slowly lowering. About 10 minutes later, Mundabi says it definately is. It has gone down a couple inches. About 2 hours later it’s at our waste. We wait another hour before we step down. It’s at our knees. The doors are locked or blocked, and we need equipment. We hear banging from above as Sala’s men are working to take down the first of the gates that fell. They attach the winch to it and start applying pulling force but its not enough. A 2nd winch each with 4 men pulling finally busts it up. It then will take them a while to set up the winches on the landings. 6 hours later, they will have all 4 busted up. When they can at least send one man crawling through the 2nd with equipment in case we need it to open the doors, he will pass equipment through to us.
Meanwhile, we are not just going to sit idle. After slump down atop the pedastals to rest for over an hour, standing for hours is quite exhausting, we try the copper sheathed door at the far end in the meantime. Break DC25. We could do that. Mundabi and Fritz pair up and rush it. First try, they get it exactly, and of course there are steps going dooowwwwwn.
The gas left starts flowing down but its quite low now.
Turning around, we take the first door on our right and start working our way around. The first breaks down after a few rushes. The first 2 are full of treasure! This must be Rehotep’s motherload.

The 3rd, however, has a devil looking demon standing on the other side.
It swings a sword at the unarmed Fritz-10, then yells “Free after 3000 years!”
As it stands triumphant, Hobbes snaps a fantastic picture from our rear! It then ignores an offer to make a deal from Billy.
Mundabi runs for his spear as Billy charges with Kholan’s sword-19 as Sebastian misses with a doubletap;Demon claws Billy twice-miss/5 and bites-5; Fritz draws his enchanted Khopesh and joins Billy in the doorway-16; Billy hits-17;demon hits with both claws to Billy-12/11 and bite-miss; Billy hits-21 and Fritz-16.
The demon staps back “Let’s talk over this.”
Fritz the Jew “That time is past!” The demon retreats to the back of the room and spiderclimbs to the ceiling.
Fritz “Friday!” who immediately hands him his Sharps .50.
Demon “I can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams,…”
Fritz “Too late.”
Demon “Anything you want can come true. I can give you palaces! Slave girls…slave boys!”
The .50 goes off undeterred and the demon’s head explodes from the magic bullet, the body crashing to the floor.
Rick “Good going, boys.”

Across the room, we are ready for another demon and indeed there is one. This one offer to leave us in peace, seeing the other room open. He offers us a hint in exchange for his life “When you have searched everywhere and are at your last legs, look below, where you’ve never been.”
Fritz is sure he is on the up and up, desparate to just get out of here. He gates away.
The last 2 doors are like the ones across from them, full of treasure! Mundabi is out of fatigue at this point so he heads out to camp. It’s about 3PM. We hed down the stairs.
Through an easily opened door at the bottom is a 30′ × 50′ room. Many scenes of Rehotep on the walls and ceiling 30’ above. 2 corridors off each side of the room. Taking the first on the left, it opens into a disgustingly purple room with a shallow water basin, empty. The other corridor leads here as well.
Fritz “Let’s not hang out here too long. Not without Mundabi.”
2 other equal corridors continue on across from the others. It leads to a room identical to the first white room with the Rehotep images. We turn back to the original room and take the opposite side. It leads to a gray painted room, it’s oddly full of a hazy mist as if a waterfall were there. 2 like passages continue on, and the other parallel to the one we took to get here enters here too, just like the other side.
So the middle room had 2 halls on each side.
Going back to the purple basin room, we move beyond to a black room, whose walls seem to absorb much of our light. Phosphorecent images seem to writhe on the walls as if in pain. Again, one hall backtracks while 2 others continue straight. Fritz says we should just get out of here.
We take the parallel hall back to the basin room, but from there we end up in the mist room, skipping the white Rehotep room!
Rick “What the….” The disorientations and rooms themselves cause sanity checks, Fritz failing and losing 2 more. Not a good day for Fritz’s mind.
Hobbes “This is preposterous.”
Fritz “I told you. I don’t like this.”
Hobbes “What the hell is going on?”
Rick starts thinking we are in a loop, Hobbes maybe that we were gated elswhere. We move on, getting to the mist room but leave back through the other entrance to see if we loop back, but we don’t. We enter a violet room with statues of Rehotep in the 4 corners. We continue forward to a balcony in the middle of space, a crystal bridge across to 2 other corridors. We cross the bridge to a palace-style room of lapus lazule. We hear music and female voices in the distance.
Fritrz My theory here is you’re getting us lost."
Rick “Possibly.” We take the opposite corridors back now, and end up in the mist then the purple room again.
Rick “Where is the damn white room?”
Fritz “We can’t get back!”
Rick “We must be able to somehow.”
Sebastian “Where would the door be? That we came in on?”
Rick “That wall there. Maybe we’re being screwed with by illusions. Maybe we’re walking into the same room every time, and each time it just looks different.”
Seearching where the original entry was, at first he finds nothing unusual. But Then Rick closes his eyes, perhaps his senses are lying to him, then immediately feels the door. Soon as he open sit everyone sees that we are in the white room.
Hobbes “Well, this looks pointless. It’s just a joke.”
Theis lower area being done, we hed back upstairs.
Fritz “I don’t know if I believe that, it’s just a joke. I think it must go somewhere.”
We go back up to the room with the statue, where we fought the mummies, and leave for Wadjat temple.


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