The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

Australia: Darwin, Port Hedland, Cuncudgerie

Arthur MacWhirr led expedition into interior years ago, prior to Carlyle exp. Took pics; eventually had to return.
David Dodge, Cowles and McKenzie all believe he found something.

Rick has wired Smith back and forth. He is sending Dodge to meet us in Darwin with “something we have to see”
McKenzie is lead prof in Port Hedland, guy every expedition goes through. Hedland is the place every expedition starts.
Mckenzie, Rick knows personally.

We take a small steamer to Darwin. Schuyler pays our way with Occult Sp. Services $.

Uneventful trip to Darwin. This is where the lead of Randolph Shipping takes us.

Oct 16

Arrive, Darwin.
Population of a few thousand, still biggest in over 1000 miles. Racially diverse. David Dodge meets us, dressed in expedition fatigues with hat, one side strapped up. SLeeves rolled, up, arms freckled like Cowles said.
He and Rick shake hands enthusiastically.
He has taken liberty to get us rooms at Bertram’s Outback Inn.
Rick “Sounds very local.”
“It is.”
We get a group pic, taken by Hobbes, before heading into the city.
We get settled in. He hands us the bundle sent by Cowles. WIlhelm takes it and unwraps. A 4×6 pocket diary, in pencil, MacWhirr’s diary.
They did indeed make it back, the pics did survive. Rick has seen the pics before, at Arkham. Ancient rocks glyphs, illegible picture quality, written upon them.

MacWhirr died a few years later under mysterious circumstances.
Rick remembers hearing about all of this when he was younger, as his parents prequented this area in their studies.
Mackenzie might know where they went. He always thought there was “something going on out there” in the desert.
None have tried to follow in his footsteps.
So, we need to look into Randolph Shipping, and gather general rumors and such.

Oct 17

Jeremy gets to work on the streets, asking about what the locals know about the desert.
He hears some of the Koori’s have ‘gone off the reservation’ as the Americans say. Bodies found over the last few years. Natives and others, found by drovers and caravans. Seemed to have a disease, coveredy by hundreds of tiny puncture wounds. Trail of such findinds mostly leads west of here.
“Talk to old Jenkins.” He lives in an old shack by the harbor. “Tell him that you want to talk to One Ear, he’ll like that.” Jeremy can tell he’s funnin’ him, this guy isn’t going to like being called One Ear. They insist he hates being called Jenkins. As Jeremy leaves, they get a good giggle out of the joke.

Jeremy visits him next. “Who the hell is it?!”
He’s a mean old bastard, 5’ 6" maybe, thin. Looks wirey strong though. Carries a walking stick that can easily double as a shillelagh. He raps Jeremy in the forehead, right off “Get off my property you bloody bastard, before I ram this stick right up your arse.”
Jeremy refuses to leave, and Jenkins gets so upset he’s dancing in frustratipn. He has one ear ripped off, and a big claw mark on that side of his head.
Jeremy gets into the desert problems.
“Who wants to know? Nevermind I don’t care, I’m not telling you nothin’”
Jeremy goes right for the truth, we are here to look into the issue.
“Well, don’t.”
We know there are evils living in the desert, and plan to put a stop to it.
“Oh, you mean you’re taking an army regiment?”
He says 10 or so guys go out looking for trouble, adn it will certainly find you.
“We don’t shy away for trouble. Can you give us any iformation?”
“You got any Gin?”
He finally invites Jeremy inside.
A friend of his, Chuck, has seen the Bat god. He says its not a disease, its the bat. A bunch of the Koori worship it, the worship is spreading. They say a white man leads the Bat Cult. A new Koori tale talks of a city in the desert, a great old man called Buddai sleeps with his head in his arms snorring beneath the city. The koori believe one day soon he will rise and devour the world.
Phat "I hope there’s not a gate to Ryleh in there.
Johnny Bigbush is the koori who told him that story, he works here in town for Randolph Shipping.
He didn’t tell how he heard the story.
They say visions of the city and the sleeping man come in dreams.
Johnny said Buddhi is dead, but alive.
All the gin is gone “I’m going to bed so get the &%#^ out.”
Jeremy tells him the men at the bar insisted he be called One Ear.
“Those bloody bastards!! You know I might have some information for you, stop back tomorrow. I have to fetch it. But, a pint ain’t enough.”
“I will get you whatever you want.”
“I want a quart of Gin.”
“That is certainly doable sir.”
Jeremy returns to the hotel.
We talk about going to Randolph, but this might be a place we just want to break into.
Jeremy, Rick, Schuyler, and Billy go to the area Randolph is in to get the lay of the land and take look.
Its on the coast, an allie from the front street goes to the loading dock. Large doors in front and back. Half dozen aborigine’s working.
Jeremy and Rick go in to ask for Johnny Bigbush. Boxes are piled everywhere. One room is an office, big fat man sits at the desk. He gets up slowly and greets Jeremy gruffly. Nose is bright red, bleery eyed, half drunk and smells like an alcoholic.
Rick says we are looking for Johnny, we have a mutual friend.
“Johnny ain’t here. He had a big mouth adn was a bad worker. Fired him couple weeks ago. Yeah, yeah, he’s gone. Think he went down south, maybe to his clan.” He’s wishy washy about it, could be dead.
Rick “You know where his residence was in town?”
Somewhere in Koori’s town, the native slum. A native with strange piercing eyes joins the fat man. “Now Billy here, is my boy. Billy takes care of problems. You’re not a problem are ya?”
Rick “No.”
“Billy, show them how you take care of problems.”
He reveals 3 knives under his shirt.
Fat “Ya know, people who ask funny questions tend to disappear in this town.”
Rick “Good thing we aren’t asking funny questions.”
He thinks there’s something sneaky and, something too polite.
Rick “I am British.”
Jeremy begins antagonizing him for his tough words. HIs Billy isn’t too quick on the uptake though “You mess with Toddy Randolph, your messin’ with the badass.”
Jeremy “Oh this is your shipping company, I’m surprised its still in business.”
“$^&*#^ off!”
Schuyler and Jeremy see a crate ready to go out labelled Penhue Foundatin London, with sign of the sandbat on it.
“Get out of my warehouse, now!!”
Jeremy “Ok fat man.”
Fatman pulls out a blackjack, then calls “Boys” and more workers come as we leave.

Rick and Billy go to the slums and find Johnny’s home. They find half dozen boys living there. Rick speaks to them in their native tongue. He has not been here for a while. Johnny told wild stories, out of the desert they thing, about an evil creature under the sand sleeping. “Saw something though, crate he was carrying at work broke open when he dropped it. WHatever was inside scared him a lot. Not quite himself after that.”
That’s it.

Jeremy and Phat keep and eye on the warehouse, all the boys leave that night.

Soon after, Fat and Billy leave for a pub down the street, through the dark back beach way. Phat keeps watch outside. Everyone else goes in.
We make our way under the dock, Wilhelm stumbles on a hand stricking out of the sand. We uncover the body of Johnny Big Bush.
We get in easily.
Inside the Penhue crate is a wooden idol, 3’ tall, Koori made covered in geometricl ines. Its Cthulhu’s bust. A card says Koori made statue of Buddhi. Bingo.
In teh desk we find the ledger, lots of shipments legit. Here and there is one with the sign of the bat next to it. To Phong in Shanghai, Penhue. Lates to Penhue is marked as 2 crates, so we search for the other.
Others to Mortimer Wycroft in Cuncudgerie! By coastal boat to Port Headland then inland to Cuncudgerie.
The second crate is found. Inside is a device of some sort. Its like it shimmers in and out of existence a bot. Rods, wheels, mirrors and an eye tube. 2’ high, 1’ x1’. Letter with it says it appears to be short term survey device employed by the aliens. Rick takes a look through it then sits back, falling into a coma like state. Wilhelm checks him out, can’t tell anything. Its as if his spirit is free of his body, and he’s shivering, swooshing through infinity. Suddenly, a pop. He is looking through other eyes, disorienting, can see in all directions at once. Very confusing. He looks down upon his new Yithian body. Finally, he wills himself back into his body with another Pop. 0 sanity losss after a brain shattering trip!! He still falls to the floor, taking a few minutes to recover.
We recall the investigators’ tale of a similar to fate of a man they know. Not good.
We are taking this thing and the statue and close the crates back up. Simon wants to put something else in there. We put rock/sand in the crates first.

Oct 18

Jeremy takes Rick, Wilhelm and Simon, with the gin, to One Ear.
No answer, Jeremy opens the door. There is blood everywhere, Jenkins is nailed to the wall.
Billy gets the poor man down. Rick and Jeremy start searching. Simon stands guard.
The remains of the stuff he was going to give us is in the fire.
Rick finds a list, well hidden, he had made of places. Directions in order of place. Starting at Cuncudgere and ending at Sahara Well.

Wilhelm says his death was long and painful. The bat symbol was carved in his chest. The knives holding his hands up are from Fat Man’s Billy.

Jeremy thinks we should kill them all at Rudolph’s. Simon concurs, wants to go immediately.
Schuyler figures if the rest other than he and Billy are cultists they’ll attack. If not, they’ll scatter.
Then we’ll burn the building down.

Rick and Schuyler go around back to cover the rear. Billy, Simon, RC, Jeremy and Phat walk through the front door.
Fat man is in the back of the warehouse, back to us. In front of him are half a dozen or so french postcards. He’s pleasuring himself.
His Billy “Eh, bossman, bossman!”
“Just a minute, I’ll be right there, I;m coming.”
In several moments he comes up to us. Words are thrown back and forth, Jeremy says he made a big mistake, shouldn’t have messed with Jenkins.
Fat’s Billy pulls his last remainign knives "I think old man Jenkins ‘borrowed’ a couple of my knives.
He calls all the rest of his men forward, carrying clubs with nails. Similar to the cult in Shanghai. Fat’s Billy picks one up as well. Rick and Schuyler see the men in view inside head to the front. They close in on the back door.
Simon “Ok boys, let’s clean this up.”
RC lets out his war whoop and the melee commences.
Billy Fish goes right for their Billy, Simon takes Rudolph. RC goes up the middle into the masses, while Phat and Paul attack their flanks.
At an opportune moment, Jeremy flanks fat man and stabs him with one of the knives left on Jenkins. He took both.
Billy slays evil Billy as RC has cleared them iddle and Phat their left flank.
Only one villain left at each flank. Then fat goes down adn Paul and Phat finish the last 2.

Now a full search of all the crates. Jeremy sets it up to look like an accident when we burn the house down.
Nothing else of importance is found in the search but for some ores that need worked. Rick takes that, in case it has alien metals. Jeremy does take a set of silver dinnerware.

Oct 19

A coastal boat leaves tomorrow for Port Headland. Dodge joins us.

Oct 20

Leave on the boat.
3 day trip

Oct 22

Arrive Port Headland.
Go to home of Robert Makenzie.
Makenzie “Rathbone, you were just a young whippersnapper when last we saw one another my boy.” He insists we all stay at his place.
Rick gives him much appreciated thanks.

Tonight we dine with him on prawns and whitefish with potatoes.
Then sherry and charoots. He asks what’s going on.
He says Arthur was absolutely convinced something was out there. He says Arthur’s notes are gone. Couple years ago, an American visited asking about the notes. He leant them to him, a Mr. Houston, went inland on expedition and never returned. We show him the Carlyle expedition pic, and he ID"s Huston.
Makenzie promises to supply us with the equipment we need, just stay here a day or 2 to get organized.
The place is 2 floors, pull wrap around porch on both floors. Easy to get into for cultist.
We definitely need guard teams.

First shift: Rick and Billy below, Brady and Wilhelm on 2nd floor.
Brady sees a person holding something, on the other side of the street in the shadows, watching the house. He stomps to signal. Rick stays put, assuming Billy will respond. Billy goes over and whispers up, Brady signals downward to him about the spy.

Billy hops the porch and walks toward him. The man walks away, Billy calls for him to stop.
“What is it mate?”
“I am wondering why you are looking at my building. What is your intent?”
“I just stopped for a minute to have a smoke. Look, mate, I know you wangers think you own the street but you don’t.”
“You let me tell you, there are noooo wangers in this house. I did not seea cig being lit, nor a prostitute nor alcohol.”
Now he says he stopped, realized he didn’t have a cigarette, so continued on.
Billy asks his name, he says Lester Mitchell. Long Lastin’ Lester. Billy lets him go, but then shadows him to a bar a block and a half down the street. He sits with 4 other men and talk a bit. With a last swig, they take their leave, running to Billy wanting to know why he was lookign in their window. Billy remains silent. One pulls out a sap. Another rises his 2 hamhock fists.
Billy remains silent. They invite him in for a drink. Still no response.
“You deaf?”
“You dumb?”
“You disrespecting your betters?”
“Hey, hoo rah!”
The rest of the bar comes out, and a few others nearby. Crowd of 20 drunks in the street now.
Again they ask him to come in for a drink. He then agrees and enters with them.
Bartender pours him a big beer. One of them gives Billy a “cheers, drink up my lad.”

Brady had informed Rick of Billy going down the street.
“Oh bloody hell.”
Rick and Brady start down the street.
They check the 3 bars on the row. The 3rs says a foreign man left with 2 others and a bucket of beer a short time ago, further down the street.
Otherwise, nothing.

Oct 23

Dawn, we are up. We are quite concerned. About 10am there is a crash, a vase shatters. A rock was thrown through the window with a note attached. Symbol of the sandbat on it. They have Billy, if we want him backthen pack up, leave, and do not return._ If you agree, one of you come to the town square at noon. You will be approached._

Noon, Rick is in the square. He says name Lester. Jeremy’s plan is to stick to us like glue. The others try to stay at a distance behind Jeremy.
Rick follows him to a bar and out the back door, down an alley, up a street, and so on.
Into a bar called the beared clam, the 2nd bar we visited last night. Through 2 doors to steps going down and he says “After you gent.”
Down are 3 rough looking characters, 2 are sailors. They grab Rick by both arms “Ok, now we got someone worth trading for.”
Billy is there, tied up. He was given drugged beer.
“All that crap about leaving,that’s not what’s going on here. An expedition the size of yours must have a lot of money.” They want 2000 dollars for Rick’s release, they’ll throw Billy in for free.
Another guy says he’ll head up to send the ransom.
One of the others calls Rick really dumb, having walked right into this trap.
Billy has slipped his bonds, and has been waiting for the right moment, figuring Rick would show up somehow at some point. He has been dishonored by being captured, he must redeem himself.
Rick “This is a trap all right. I have you right where I want you.”
This is just a gang of ruffians and thugs looking for a pay off.
The other 2 come down a few minutes later saying they sent word for the $ to be delivered tonight.
Rick is just keeping them busy talking to them. Billy leaps up, and in surprise 3 of them. Rick starts throwing punches. Billy starts wields a nearby chair. Both of them knock one out quick.
Billy takes down his second, then Rick finishes his last off. Right after, Billy takes the last down.
Billy looks for gold teeth. Finding none, Billy kicks the hell out of them. The head man he compound fractures his arm.
Gurka payback.

The law is called in and they are turned over.

Materials gathered.

Oct 24

Gathering materials.

Tents, shoes, clothes all appropriate. We got ammo and TNT in china prior to leaving. Proper rain gear as its the rainy season.
Gin, scotch, brandy, cigars, tea. Plenty of water and trail food.

Oct 25

8 hour trip there on the freight train on the evening train. We arrive 4pm.
Concudgere is a mining town, bustling even in the afternoon. 2 aborigines stand there awaiting Rick. He greet them heartily and warmly, the Bobby’s. Old Fella Bobby and Big Fella Bobby, father (old and wise) and son (big for a native, strong). Saw us in the dreamtime, knew we were coming. Been waiting here for 2 days.
Rick “Well I’m glad you’re here. Care to go on a trip?”
“That’s why we’re here, we go to the evil place. Spirits say we go, but not come back. Many not come back from this one.”
They tell Rick the old place he used to stay with his fam is burned down.

No morgue here, no library. There is a telegraph to Port Headland.

Rick is talkig to the head master and takes a punch to the side of the head. He sees stars for a moment. ALmost knocks him down.
Rick “That can only be one person.” Only medium size white man, but well muscled. Billy is about to cut him in half but Rick stops thim.
“Hello mate, home is the hunter, home from the hills.”
Rick “I was hoping you’d be here.”
“Haven’t found my pile yet, but that doesn’t meen I’m not looking.” The Bobby’s told him I was coming. Rick introduces him Bruce “Jack” Baugh.
He looks at Simon “Whoa, you’re a tall drink of water. Let’s be friends mate.”
Simon “I cand o that. If you’r e a friend of Rick’s you mujst know what you are doing.” They shake, he starts trying to crush Simon’s hand. Simon doesn’t even react.
“Well, that didn’t work out like I expected it to.” and gives Geste a meaty slap on the shoulder.
People call him Jack Bo.
Jack is a great guy to have arund but his practical jokes are inappropriate. Not bright nor wise though, but a good man, bit heavy just a tad. Rick warns Simon he’s going to be the butt of a bad joke that would otherwise piss him off. Jack is a good shot, not a great shot, not as good as he thinks. Great survivalist in the outback. He always thinks he can to the Dundee thing on animals but it NEVER EVER works.
Jack has some bad news. Steinmetz broke his leg in 3 places rounding up my animals, he was going to be my animal handler.
Rick “He’s still alive?”
“Yeah, its the weirdest thing. When you pull his pantleg up, there’s bones sticking out!”
“Why are you pulling up his pantleg?”
“Cause its a rile.”
Plus, the wagon is a piece of crap, the burrows haven’t been found, the camels haven’t been rounded up cause of the leg.
He thinks he can find a good animal handler, but not quite as good as Steinmetz. Hes at the Grand, biggest saloon. We’ll have to convince him to go, he’s trying to “drink away the ’frighftul (he says this sarcasticaly) things he saw in the desert.” Just recently. Name of Mad Ginger Muldoon, he’s Irish.
Deadfella Man owns the store, that’s what the natives call him. Skin is white, frame skeletal, etc. Name is really Mortimer Wycroft.
The receiver of Rudolph’s crates!!
Jack Bo “Don’t be put off by his look, he’s a good guy.”
Rick “You think everybody’s a good guy.”
Jack “There’s another guy I want you to meet, ‘cept ylyou cant cause he’s not here.” John Carver, does surveys and exploratory diggings along the stock route but he’s out there right now. Spends more time there than here.
Schuyler “Has it started raining yet?”
Jack “No, 3 weeks out maybe. If we hurry we can maybe beat it.”

He takes us to Hays boarding house once we get transportation there for our gear. Ran by Mrs. Hays. Late 30’s; a bit plump; extremely weird, acts like a victorian widow mostly, but takes a keen interest in local politics and in legends of local desert; bought place18 months ago; feels to some like she’s just biding her time until something.

We eat dinner at the boarding house, beef is the main dish. Coffee afterwards. As we are talking plans, she gets more and more interested to the point of staring intently at us as we talk back and forth.
Rick asks why the interest. She responds with clouded mind, she doesn’t know, can’t remember. Wilhelm takes lead now.
One day she was home cooking dinner, in England, the next minute I was wearing a black dress, I was in mourning, my husband had died.
“I missed 5 years. I was making dinner, it was 1883, then it was 1888. People say I had a breakdown and eventurally recovered.” Stayed married but spent all time at museum and library, then started to travel. Husband died, had been in mourning 3 months when she woke up. He was a successful business man in textiles. She sold the factory adn used the $ to keep travelling. So, came to Sydney first but felt it wasn’;t where she needed to be “I need to go out there” pointing to desert “I think I need to go with you.”
Simon is against her going. If she’s possessed by Yith, it could come out at the wrong moment.
The talk breaks up.

Jack Bo “Hey, you didn’t tell me you knew Carver.”
Rick is baffled, until he realizes its the Carlyle exp portrait he sees. He is pointing to Huston.

Jack takes Rick and Billy to see Muldoon. He says ‘any friend of Jack’s is a friend of mine’ and buys us a round. We hang for the evening with him. He laments there are not enough women to go around any more.
He keeps trying to get a girl named Bessie, but she keeps shooting him down. Pretty soon he’s going to fall off the barstool.
We bring up his horrible xp, and he practically leaps up out of the chair.
We tell him we;re heading out there and want to know what we are in for.

His tale: 4 nights ago he was in the desert, at Dingo Falls. Its a water hole, not ea falls. There’s a ghost there. I first came here 10 year ago. Went out 4 nights ago, 2nd person ever to go there on purpose, first was old Bill Buckley.
Rick kew him, like an older brother when he was here as a child. Good drinker, great harmonica player. Really nice one with his name scratched on it.
He though there was gold there. Everybody knows…..
Jack Bo interrupts to tell this part, he’s dead. Went out and never came back, body not recovered since no one goes there. He gives Rick his condolences.
So, at Dingo falls: now all I can do is drink to keep away the horror; Normally if you’re out that way for the night you go to Slattery’s waystation; I didn’t cause I don’t like them, old drunk man and his 2 crazy sons, they’re pederasts! So at the falls he made camp. Fell asleep and was woken up by a bright light. Was horrible, not human, form of a man glowing white and red, flesch falling off the bones, whites of the eyes cooking in the skull, mouth wide open, like he was on fire inside. I fought it for hours with a stick!! Then I ran off w/o even my belongings. Then the sun rose, I went back, got my gear, and left.

We thank him for relaying his tale and ask him to go, being the best animal handler in town.
We offer the silver dinnerware, worth some 40 pounds.
He sits back, rubbing his hands together. He heartily insists he is not the kind of man to turn down such a profit.
Rick buys his last round “We will see you tomorrow.” As we get up he leans back, chugging it, falls straight backward to the floor.
Hobbes “We’d better get you home friend.” He asks a Maggie O’ Toole if he can stay at her place.
Jack Bo takes him in for the night.

Jeremy is out to gather info on

  • People seeing more snakes than ever, lots of snake bites.
  • Near Dingo Falls, don’t go to Slattery’s, they are thieves and butt*$^#@@.
  • MacWirre expedition and general rumors. He had come through, claimed found big blocks of stone out in the desert. Had to have been telling th truth, he bought drinks for the whole pub.
  • American bloke too, took about 2 dozen out into bush. Had them dig 30’ deep tunnel then sent them off to Darwin to collect pay. None ever returned.
  • Now Carver is digging mine shafts out there, same American as that one!! His outfitting all done by Wycroft, none of it done on the coast both times.
    They’re “thick as thieves”. Speaking of Wycroft, over 20 men killed in a mine cave in or the like, all disappeared. One was Derby Dave the welshman. Used to work for Wycroft.
  • On the drover’s stock route, swear bears or something as big, no bears here, was killing beef. About same area as mine cave in, past DIngo Falls toward Sahara Well.
  • 3 huge birds way out in the desert.
  • Odd tribe of emmaciated aborigines, very tall though, in Sahara Well area
  • There were 2 other outfitters in town, one burned down the other blew up. Wycroft has a half track truck he takes out on expeditions, sometimes gone days or weaks. Schuyler remembers those guys. Good men the owners were. Wycroft’s is an old building on outskirts. He and his Abos live there.

Oct 26

Up bright and early.
Muldoon is in no shape to work until afternoon.
Ginger is in a terrible hangover state, moaning mercilessly. Staggering around groaning away.
We leave.He is yelling “Christ, Jesus help me!”
RIck yells to him over our shoulders “NOon, Muldoon, Noon!!”
“What time ist it?”

Most don’t like Wycroft. The Bobby’s say about him and his allied aborigines: Old Fella has seed Deadfella Man in dreamtime, he killed his friend Jackie Major. When I woke up, he was really dead. He’s powerful Juju Man.
Says to watch out for his Abos, they know more than they say. Speak a speaka and don’t you forget it.

Billy and RC guard our gear today.

Rick goes to Wycroft’s with Schuyler, Brady, Jeremy and Wilhelm.
We buy what else we need, mostly smaller stuff. His Abos have lots of tatoos. Arms are a swirl w/in which is the sign of the bat. He gives us a really good deal on a case of white wine. The bottles are capped by a crude wax blob.
Rick assumes poisoned or drugged.
Couple spiked clubs lying about.
He spends most of his time staring into space, his mind is very much gone. Like he barely recognizes the world around him. His boys do most of the work.
Rick tells Wilhelm to try to get anything out of him he can while Rick and Jeremy and Brady shop and keep the men busy.
When he’s in the desert, he visits his friend Huston “among the stones”. Discovering things. “If I could I’d stay there all the time, but I’m not allowed. Somebody has to be here as an agent, in charge. Some day, its going to be like this” makes a hand motion like switching minds with Wilhelm “and i’ll dwell forever with the great race!!” He loves them.
One of the boys comes over him adn says something to him. He replies “I’m not saying anythign I shouldn’t.”
“When I go there, its a religious xp. You go down into the depths of the earth and there you are amongst, their things, their pictures, everything that they were. Then we find secrets” he gives a short winy giggle at that.
They won’t let him have the tatoos.
Jeremy walks over “I don’t think they think you’re good enough.”
He scratches down his face in frustration “I’m good enough. Every time I come back, a little piece of me is gone. And now there’s nothing left. I must go back. I leave in 2 days. I’ll learn the secrets” the giggle again “Then when we set off the bomb, we don’t need no rocket, we got a doorway. Then we’lll set off the bomb. Its even bigger than the one in Shanghai. Oh yes, that radium bomb was nothing compared to this one. The Great Ones were, the Great Ones are, The Great Ones will be!! Cthulhu Ftagn! And Nyarlathotep will come forward and rule all!” They say they have everything we…….he drops over dead wth a momentary gasp. Behind him one of his boys cut his throat in one swipe down to the spine.
The other 2 in the shop hurl war boomerangs, poisoned, at Wilhlem and Jeremy. Jeremy squeels. Rick and Brady immediately hear it and see what’s happening. One hits Wilhelm, the other skims Jeremy’s shirt at the shoulder.
RIck draws his revolver crit DEAD on the throat slitter!
Jeremy fires his derringer, Wilhelm his revolver, Jack Brady attacks with is knife.
The 2 attack Brady with clubs.
Rick takes out another then Jack finishes off the last one with 2 gut stabs.

We gather what we want from the store and search the place. Find 60 Aussie pound ($300), shotgun, well thumbed book “Wonderous Intelligences” by 17 the century Englishsman John Woodville. 1st and only editon worth 500 aussie pounds.

Wilhelm checks the wine. There is a tiny puncture in each cork like a syringe.
Wycroft’s truck we heard he took into the desert full of stuff is missing.

We inform the authorities they went nuts and attacked us all, killing Wycroft.

Jack and Mulhoon have dragged themselves out and have indeed began organizing the expedition. Rick spends the rest of the day with them gathering stuff.

Rick and Wilhelm go through Woodville’s book tonight. Once had an ornate spine with a diamond shape.
Numerous woodcut illustrations of low quality. Testimony of Woodville’s dream visions and prophecies, esp his torture by demons; lots of sexual practices portrayed to protect one from such an assault; concludes with a prophecy of the devils downfall by shapeless and terrible angelic beings and the end of humanity from Ryleh!! Bringing about the downfall of abominable humanity.
Author claims his posession by a demon in his younger days. Interrogated in this world.
It describes his mind swapping by a Yith. It travelled widely then.
It predicts the rise of Ryleh and the Beast striding forth upon the earth.

Dodge says there used to be a book in Melbourne library that mentioned Ryleh, the Ponape Scriptures. Disappeared a few years ago. Had been loaned to a John Scott of Boston and never returned.
Scott, from the Silver Twilight! Investigators never found that book, so where is it?


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