The Explorers of Down Cthulhu

The Tomb of Akhenaten

We find the tomb and combat a bedouin attack

Aten diskWe arrive at Tel el Amarna, Somerfield’s dig for the tomb of Akhenaten. The tomb that he and his team has opened is . He believes the tomb of Akhenaten is here because of some clues he found at Thebes of a record of a great war between Akhenaten and Amun the Dark Pharaoh. Akhenaten died defeating Amun, and Somerfield believes the tomb he opened is that of Amun. That is the tomb in which he found the canopic jars including the heart of Amun. The tomb of Akhenaten has yet to be found. As discussed before, it is on the eastern side because Aten is the sun, so Akhenaten wanted his stuff on the rising sun side of the Nile, not the traditional setting sun side.
We receive word from Lady Isabella on the first day that she wishes to speak with us immediately. Rick, and Fritz meet her privately. She speaks of a society she belongs to and things she wishes to tell us. We flash the Iluminati secret signs and she flashes them back!! She asks us questions only members of the order know the answer to. Rick answers and we sit in her room. ‘First, you have no idea how close you were to dieing on the ship from Dover. I was 90% sure you were the enemy." Rick “US?! What would possess you to think that?” “Lots of the enemy are world renowned and I know an enemy has a high place in the expedition.” Rick “Really? It could not be Somerfield.” Her "I don’t trust Somerfield fully. I was the one who brought him some of the info that led him here. With what his expedition found in Thebes he should have already found the tomb last season. Instead he finds the evil tomb, loses the jars within, goes back to England for 2 months before he returns to uncover the good guys tomb." Rick “Well he did come back off-season to do this. We should be back at University.” Her “Yes, and you see I have yet to kill him so I am not sure. The reason I changed my mind is that they poisoned him. They obviously didn’t want him here.” She has no clue at all who the agent is. Rick “Other than Kareem.” Her “Who is Kareem.” Rick “An agent of the cult, I’m 100% sure he set up the fall of Rashid or swindled Ismael at the museum with Sayida.” Rick explains all that happened with that, leaving out the finding of the heart. Rick “What originally made you think an enemy agent infiltrated the dig?” Her “Somebody has been letting people know what has been going on since someone stole the jars. Of course, Kareem has to be … No, that can’t be the only one. Kareem was only hired after the jars were stolen. He can’t be the agent.” Rick “Sure he could. Getting rid of Rashid still gets him in the expedition.” Her “How did he know about the jars?” Rick “We know Sayida knew about them from Rashid. On the way down here, we were attacked but they did not know where the jar was. They even ransacked Kareem and Zakir’s room, which they would not have needed to do if they were in with Kareem. They would have known where it was because Kareem would have shown them” Her “You mean they could be with another cult entirely?” Rick “Yes. However, they did find it and it was indeed with Kareem. So he is the member of the other cult.” Her “Where did Kareem get it?” Rick “Men I know in NY dealt with some canopic jars, and I think it was there. Kareem’s cult must have taken it from them. The cult that attacked us on the Nile was the NY cult coming to try and get it back.” Her “Why Kareem bring it down here?” Rick “Not sure but we are working under the assumption that since Thebes was the center for Amun, they have some diabolical ritual plans there for which they need the jar.” Her “This runs very deep, Rick.”
The facilities here are classic archaeology, tent-living. Somerfield shows us around the dig of about 200-300 diggers in the rock valley digging into the cliffside. Many test holes and steps dug into cliffside. Buckets of dirt go down pulleys or chaingang down the steps. Only a couple wooden huts for supplies and artifacts. One native allocated to each of us as a servant, but Rick “Oh no, no one but Billy cooks my food.” Fritz “And no one but Mundabi cooks mine.”
That first night, we eat dinner at a long tressel table on sawhorses, but fine china and such in good Victorian English style! Somerfield “Let me read to you from my journal about finding the bust of Nefertiti.” Found in December by Muhammed S. Sanussi Room 19 grid P47. A shout brought all to a standstill. Somerfield had been napping but ran to it. They sifted for missing parts but the eye inlay never recovered, and closer inspection later revealed it had never been inserted. Rick listening intently, eyes closed. He presents the statue for all to see. After dinner, secret reveal to us after dinner by Somerfield: that markings on the bust’s ears were similar to Iluminati imagery of long ago! Fritz says “Look at the face, does that look like anyone? It looks the spitting image of Isabella Fortescue.” And it surely does. Rick inspects it closely, looking for the possibility of anything being contained within but he finds nothing. “Odd about the eye being missing and never applied.” That night we discuss where to hide the heart. It is kept in Rick’s tent under Mundabi’s guard, while Rashid, Zakir and our 20 soldiers guard Kareem locked in the supply shed. Rick comes up with an idea to put it in a crate, take it to the bank of the Nile a few hundred yards upstream under cover of night, and sink it. A rope will be attached and the end hidden in the reeds.
In the middle of the night, Mundabi and Billy prepare to sneak out the back of Rick’s tent and out of camp. Somerfield “Should we leave someone guarding it?” Rick “No, that would make it obvious if they are spotted that something is going on over there.” Fritz takes a stroll around the edge of the camp, leisure like, just watching for anyone/thing suspicious. He notices 4 arabs playing a game of chance outside. (Fritz thinks ‘Muslims don’t gamble’.) One gets up and walks away to relieve himself but does not return soon. Someone does return, but though they call him by the same name and act like he’s the same guy, he is not. Fritz goes back to the tent and reports. Rick sends Mundabi and Billy out armed but with a crate full of nothing! As they hed off the hear someone following them, and someone running in the opposite direction. Fritz goes back out stealthily and sees the original guy return to the gamblers, says something and they all get up and leave. Fritz tales them into the desert and they follow Mundabi/Billy. A few minutes later, Rick heds off alone with the actual heart-crate. He hides the heart successfully as planned and gets back without trouble. Fritz follows the 5 arabs who are trying to be sneaky but Fritz follows easily. It is pitch black out but for the moonlight, most following done by listen. Billy and Mundabi reach the bank and hear the approach. Fritz sees 6 men approaching and starts to close in on them from the rear as they pull long wicked knives. One opens a goard and poors something (poison) on their blades then tosses it aside. Billy, and Mundabi after sticking his spear in the ground next to him, starts digging with shovels as they are circled. Fritz sneaks up on one arab and strikes with his Khopesh-11 and the arab screams. 3 of the arabs charge, and 2 hesitate confused by the scream. Billy and Mundabi still see nothing. Billy pulls his kukri, Mundabe grabs his spear from the sand, and they ready their attacks still unable to see anyone. Fritz criticals his and kills him. The chargers move in on the savages. Mundabi does 6 and Billy 10. One attacks Mundabi and hits-5 but saves vs poison, Billy is missed twice. Mundabi misses, Fritz charges in hitting one on Billy for 12, Billy hits the other-8. The other 2 now rush in. Mundabi now flanked (no bonus with card) and is missed twice. One Fritz hit turns to him and misses, Billy flanked and missed twice; Mundabi hits-10, Billy hits-14 DEAD and Fritz-12. Mundabi hit by both-9 total and making both poison saves, Billy and Fritz are missed and Fritz’s yells “Hail Amun, god of evil!”; Mundabi hits-10, Billy and Fritz miss; Mundabi missed twice, Fritz is missed, Billy hit-3 and saves. Billy hits-10, Fritz misses and Mundabi fumbles. They all miss; Billy fumbles and Fritz hits-12 DEAD; Mundabi missed once and hit-4 makes save, Billy hit-4 and saves; Mundabi hits-7 DEAD, Fritz hits-7; Billy and Fritz miss, Mundabi(card) trips his and charges the other on Billy/Fritz hitting-14 DEAD; Last one gets up and heds into the dark past us, but Fritz(card) automatically heds him off and hits-12. Arab “Die, magician” and hits Fritz-5 and saves. Mundabi charges and hits-10 DEAD. Mundabi quarters all the bodies and we dump into the Nile. We bury the fake crate leaving some traces to fool enemies. We make all secondary saves. Back at the tent we find Rick asleep.
The next day, head foreman informs Somerfield of ‘desertions’ during night. He is going to send out a party. Rick “Maybe they were cultists.” Somerfield “No, if they were they would have tried something.” The search party finds a couple limbs of one, concluding they tried to cross the Nile and were attacked by crocs. We hed for the valley to begin our search. So far, 24 other tombs found. Rashid, Fritz and Mundabi guard Kareem and the heart. Billy accompanies Rick. Somerfield, Edward Fortescue and Klaus Bluker look also. Day one goes by with nothing. Day 2 of search we feel we may be getting close. About midday, a small arab dow arrives from upriver and Sir Sebastian gets off. Does not think much cult activity left up in Cairo, either dead or left. We tell him of boat attack. He feels there is something going on down here. When we tell him about the heart and Thebes he says “It’s not going to Thebes, if it was why would they bring it here?” Rick “They have to pass here.” Sebastian “So they wouldn’t have stopped here if you woundn’t have caught Kareem.” Rick “And where was the boat stopping after here? (a leading question)” Sebastian “(sigh) Thebes. Damn!” Rick “So where’s your flying ship?” Sebastian “That belongs to the royal navy so they kept it, they don’t feel the mission is worth it anymore.”

Third day of searching, Klaus claims he has found something big. A place where the remnants of a door become visible. Workers begin clearing it right away, and Somerfield works with him. Meanwhile, Rick thinks that is the wrong place and he and Edward continue. We find rubble underneath the soil, highest place on the cliffs anything has been found. Rick starts chiselling and finds hieroglyphics: cartouche of “Akhenaten”!! Rick starts clearing rubble himself, sending a worker to get more men…“and our photographer!” This will be TA26. At dusk, enough is uncovered to see more inscription describing the battle tween Amun and Akhenaten, who was mortally wounded in the struggle. Soon after, he died himself. We got it! We send for Somerfield and Fritz for the big opening. Lots of photos of Rick and Somerfield opening it. Somerfield offers Rick the honors, but Rick says we should do it together. They throw the last big boulder out of the way. They begin to pry the door open and just as it opens a crack, Somerfield hears a hiss and Rick says “STOP!” Together they yell “It’s a trap!”. As the photographer snaps a pic, 3 of the diggers with us pull their turbans and cover their faces as the noxious gas pours into the stepway. Rick and Somerfield back out in time but the 4th digger, following them, trips. The other 3 make their way out as Rick yells “Mundabi!” and covering his face runs into the cloud which is actually a cloud of acid. He and Mundabi pull the arab out as the photographer snaps a pic again, but Rick takes 26 damage and miraculously makes the threshold save with his Charmed feat, Mundabi saves for half. The arab that tripped saves for half and rolls 19 on the threshold save! He is into wound points but alive. “Thank you afende thank you thank you” to Rick/Mundabi. Many archaeologists feel these kinds of traps are of tech in nature, but some feel magic is at work. Somerfield “Well that was invigorating”. Rick “Right, let’s go.” Fritz “You guys are crazy going in these tombs. Give me a maneater any day.” We are about to open it when a digger yells from below that Klaus’ tomb says tomb of Akhenaten as well. Somerfield “You wanna open it with them or let them?” Rick “We should warn them of the potential trap.” We leave Mundabi and Fritz to guard ours with the diggers, and go to Klaus. He is waiting for Somerfield. Diggers attach a rope to the door and pull it open from a distance. Klaus moves in with a lantern, followed by Somerfield, Rick and Billy. Tome looks untouched inside for centuries. Klaus “The riches of the ages await. Come!” Rick “Carefully, Bluker.” Reach stairs that appear to go up into dark. “I can’t tell, they don’t seem to go…” as he steps onto the first step. Rick “Look out” as he throws himself back, pushing Somerfield back onto the groud. Rick tries to pull Bluker but only gets him back enough for Bluker to be crushed from the waist down by the falling block of stone. Klaus “My God, my God” he is in a total panicked shock of course, a dead man very soon. Rick “You’re done my poor man. Let it come” trying to comfort him. Billy runs back for the Doc Bryce. Gets there and gives him an OD of morphine to put him out of his misery. Somerfield “Poor man, poor man. Good instincts, Rick.” Back to our tomb.
Rick “Let me go first.” Somerfield with a pat on Rick’s shoulder “Only to happy my good man.” Steps go up 20-30’. Typical Book of the Dead type reliefs thus far. Somerfield and Billy follow Rick, with a group of diggers behind. Fritz watches outside, Mundabi runs to check on Rashid. Steps seem to lead to a deadend. Rick begins tapping on the plaster walls, which begin to fall away so he stops, searches for unnnoticed seems or shifting panels. Looks upward and sees a gap tween the wall and floor, same on the side. Obviously a block dropped in the way. Rick “There has to be a cavity above it from where it was dropped. Get the diggers to hack into the wall above it. No one is to enter though. No one. Just break an opening big enough for one man.” Rick stays with the operation all evening and late into the night. About 6" up still solid, and just as they are about to give up they break through. There was a 6" lip of the slab still into the cavity, so they must chisel upward a bit. Rick has a tent and cot brought outside by Billy and rests now. Billy and Mundabi take shifts guarding the entrance. Diggers work into the night so that it is ready in the morning. Photographer gets pics of reliefs thus far.
Next morning, one guy has been wounded slightly by a falling piece of stone but they have a mansized hole open. Rick “Great job men.” Rick gets on the ladder with his carbide headlamp and checks it out. He feels there is not another trap or it is the greatest job of hiding one ever. The stone above looks like part of all around it. So, no trap it seems. He carefully climbs in and sits, looking around and nothing happens, it’s safe. Rick gets out and diggers take turns pounding through other side. Early afternoon they are done. Digger “Offende you want me to go down?” Rick “No good sir, let me take the risk.” Rick sticks head through and carefully makes his way down. Looks like a long passage. Fritz comes now, with Billy and Somerfield. Tell diggers to wait. Rick and Somerfield lead the way checking out the reliefs. Photographer brings up rear taking pics.
Story on walls as we go reveal a great deal: Akhenaten some kind of sorcerer, killing an anthropomorphic being Amun. Talks of a quake at Memphis during last month of Akhenaten’s reign. Shows he actually had 2 wives, Nefertiti and another with kids from both marriages. Beloved by the people, aren’t they all. One side shows evil career of Amun, the other of Akhenaten. At the end, Amun’s life continues. Hmm. Somerfiels says “this is what would have happened had Amun won”. See Amun standing at ocean’s edge as a huge tentacled head rises from the water. Somerfiels “That is one of the strangest looking gods I’ve ever seen.” Rick “Good god”, calls Fritz up “he would have raised the Great Old One Cthulhu.” Next scene shows cities, one of Egyptian architecture, one Greek one Chinese. All are crumbling with people running and shielding themselves. Cthulhu trods upon all with Amun on his shoulder. Now we know for sure Amun is linked to the Mythos!!! See a creature nearby, human but with a huge red thing hanging from his face like a crimson, bloody tongue. Rick “Westinghouse in NY, dealt with a cult called the Bloody Tongue, and they are African in origin. Archimedes said the Bloody Tongue may be an aspect of Nyarlathotep. That name is of course Egyptian in origin.” Somerfield “What about the Dark Pharaoh mystery? He said he was connected to your Mythos as well.” Rick “And that was old kingdom, this is New Kingdom. A long reach for God sake.” Somerfield may be having a moment of realization about the Mythos. Walls narrow in at the end to an entryway to steps down with a ramp running down the middle of them. Rick examines the top area and says “something is amiss here.” Thinks a good spot for a pressure plate. Tells everyone to step around it carefully. An entryway is off to the right at the top. Rick “Where are all the pharaoh’s riches?” The room should be the chariot room, but instead the walls have obviously been repainted with scenes from the life of a princess, certainlyl before it was closed. Several places show underneath hieroglyphics of a chariot room. It is a daughter of Akhenaten’s from scenes of her sitting on his lap and such. Room has 2 exits. We go to first on the left and Rick leads all into a room with a small sarcophagus. The other entryway also leads into here. Cartouche is that of Maketaten, Princess of the Realm and Daughter of Akhenaten. Sarcophagus looks sealed. Some treasure in here, a nice find but not spectacular. An exit leads down to a room full of treasure! Rick and Somerfield start to move in, Fritz and Billy stay put with photographer. Somerfield excitedly picks up an urn, but Rick thinks something looks wrong with all of it: they are fakes. Many have seems, only foiled in brass with very little here actually gold, and what is is also only foiled within it. Rick stops Somerfield from hitting a trap in the nick of time. Rick grabs a staff and pushes a stone on the floor from the entryway. Spikes come out of the ceiling and the ceiling begins to lower crushing all within. Photographer gets pic of trap in action.Tombakhenaten
We go down the stairs now. Rick down the ramp, Somerfield on steps to left, Fritz and Billy on right followed by photo. At bottom, Somerfield looks down, pulls out magnifying glass “look at the scratches, the marks on the ramp. It looks like something heavy was moved on rollers down it. A huge sarcophagus maybe.” Grooves get deeper as they go. “But look here, the scratches go deeper back up again as if they brought something out.” Rick “That’s odd.” Somerfield “Well let’s go.” Corridor continues to steps down, and he excitedly starts moving ahead. Rick has to relax him “You don’t want to die man, remember before.” Rick pulls out a rope and ties himself to it. Fritz holds as Rick steps in, a 20’ wide part of hall collapses down about 30’ and Fritz pulls Rick up. We climb down this side and hammering pitons in, up the other. Bottom of pit is spiked. Only a short flight down on other side into a chamber. Somerfield “Got to be the burial chamber.” Hobbes “It’s getting late probably” Rick “Right, but let’s finish before the day is out.” No traps and inside is…dead empty. But there is a corridor. We study and pic the reliefs. Can see a place on floor where sarcophagus once was. In one corner looks like a half excavated room, likely for a queen. Rick sees dragmarks of multiple things heading back out. We follow them back up now that we know they are there and they leave the tomb entirely. Just then, hear a yell from some workers checking out walls in long corridor. They found a hollow spot behind. A long corridor twists past a few empty rooms to a final chamber. Was to be the room for Quees Tia but it is all empty. Rick says the only place would be under the initial slab, but that would have been logistically impossible to get the pharaoh’s loot into".
Somerfield is crushed, “I’ll be a laughing stock. I claimed to find the tomb of a lost pharaoh and it’s empty!” Fritz “You still found the tomb nonetheless.” Rick “Right, you have still added a light to an unknown part of history. So no tangible treasure, but previously unknown knowledge my friend, a forgotten pharaoh many laughed at existing. And you discovered the proof.” That perks Somerfield up, but we are still disappointed as far as more info on the cults and a secret to destroy the heart. Rick does a last pass for secret doors into the night but finds absolutely nothing.
That night, Sebastian comes to our tents telling of lights in the distance over the hills. Fritz and Mundabi trek out to investigate with a spyglass and see a camp of bedouin. While they are out they take a roundabout way to check on heart and it is fine. Rick “I don’t like this at all.” Sebastian “Me neither.” We get to bed.

Next morning a hurried conference. Diggers are panicking. With Somerfield’s 20 guards and ours we have 40. Sebastian is gone this morning, no one knows where he went. 2 of diggers gone as well. Another recalls Sebastian talking to the 2, and a small dow is missing. Not enough boats for all of us. We begin fortifying camp, as Fritz and Mundabi leave to check on bedouin again on foot. See an arab on a small ridge at a ways out. Just then, a shot rings out just missing Mundabi from another. Another arab lets out a “alilililililili!” Dozen or so arabs on horse start coming over the ridge. Mundabi “Let’s get outa here.” Fritz “Go, get help now” as he takes cover on a hillock, lieing flat. Mundabi races for our camp. Fritz starts firing as they shoot from about 200yds. He is hit for 11 by one. Fritz lets off his first shot, the Big .50, for 20 DEAD; He is hit once-10, Fritz hits-20 DEAD. They charge and fire on the gallop, all missing. Fritz does 15 DEAD; They miss, Fritz hits 16 DEAD; Arabs miss, Frits hits-20 DEAD; They miss, Fritz hits-22 DEAD; Now they are at 100’ and fire hitting twice-8,7; Fritz hits-16 Dead; They fire near bottom of hill and miss, Fritz hits-15 not dead; They reach hill and charge up. Fritz draws Khopesh 1 on 6. He crits one-19; They attack from horseback with swords hitting three times-5,5,4; Fritz misses, they hit once-4; Fritz crits-20 DEAD, they all miss; Fritz crits-18 DEAD, they hit twice-no damage after DR; Fritz hits-9, the both miss; Fritz crits-20 DEAD, last one gallops away. Fritz drops sword and pulls his carbine, missing 3 in a row. Picks up big.50 and just as arab gets to ridge Fritz misfires. The rest of the PC’s and our 20 guards get there and we all hed back with all the horses we could gather after a legendary performance.
We hear a scream in the distance and an arab attack charges toward us on foot, about 200 from about 300yds. We run back for camp as they fire some shots, hitting Rick-9, Mundabi-7,8,15, and 7 soldiers wounded. We make it back with Somerfield’s men lined up to volley. As we run in some of our troops run by to continue retreating. Rick and Fritz try to stop them, and Fritz(card) adds dex to diplomacy as he fires in front of them. This stops their rush, allowing Rick to order them into line with Somerfield’s men. Fortiscue will run the right wing, Rick the left. Fritz takes position on the right end.
Their first unit of 20 approaches. Our first volley drops 9. They charge closer with another unit behind them and we fire another volley: Rick’s side drops 9 and Fortescue’s 5, including 2 commanders; The remaining 6 of the first unit stop and fire as a third unit comes into view and the charges in with the remaining 2nd but miss; Rick’s side drops 7, Fort’s 10. Arabs now reach ourline, 19 on the left and 21 on the right. We fire at point blank range, Fort’s dropping 17 and Rick’s 11. Rick also hits one and Mundabi stabs one. 5 arabs fire to each side, dropping 3 soldiers total. Each of our sides drops 14 as another group reaching our front line. 120 some arabs involved so far, about 90some dropped. We fire again, Rick’s drop 13, Fort’s 17. 5 of ours drop, 4 from each side total now down. More arabs pouring toward us though we have dropped some 120 now. Rick’s side loses 3 men, Fort’s 3; Fort’s drops 11, Rick’s 13; A final group gets to us and all remaining arabs charge, we fire at point blank range: Rick’s drops 13, Fort’s 15. 22 arabs remain and melee begins. Fritz “All right men, let’em have it for Christ! Down with Alla!”(card) and the right benefits from aid another. Rick’s side forces 7 back, kills 4; Fort’s forces back 3, kills 6, 1 even; All surviving arabs flee and we send a volley after them, dropping all of them. Rick “Great job men, hell of a fight.” Each side had 7 dropped (5 dead), incl. 2 ldrs wounded on the left, 2 badly wounded. Edward is also at -6, Rick is wounded a bit. Problem is, still hundreds of them out there.
Workers digging trenches and such. On a hilltop, see an artillery piece being set up. Somerfield “This is outlandish! We are a British expedition legally here on an archaeological dig.” Fritz “I don’t think they care. This would be pretty far away for the Madi’s men but he does not like the English.” Suddenly we hear a ship’s horn toot and see the ship we arrived on pulling up to shore. It’s Sebastian on the Queen of the Nile. He starts taking charge of the defense now, having been a naval officer. Rick “We can’t fit all the workers on the Queen.” Rick looking through binos into their forward camp says (card) “Billy look at this, right there.” Billy “My goodness, is that..” Rick “It’s Omar!” Sebastian “Who?” Rick “We had dealings with him in the past. He may not be leading this whole thing but it gives us a chance.” Rick sends Billy mounted with a note from Rick asking to parlay, holding a big white flag with ‘Billy Fish’ in arabic painted upon it! A couple bullets hit the sand in front of him, but he keeps riding. Then the firing stops and a couple riders take him to see Omar the Great. “Ah, Billy Fish my old acquaintance. What do you do amongst these Christian heathens? If you are here then surely, if he still lives, Rathbone must be here too” Billy “Of course he lives, sahib Rathbone is here.” Omar “It saddens me he must die amongst the others then.” Billy “He requests you meet him face to face. Bring him here to my camp as soon as you can.” Billy leaves and he and Rick go to meet Omar in his tent. Lots of arabs with rifles on edge. He invites us to sit and have coffee, we do. So thick you can stand in it and sweet enough to rot your teeth. Rick “I can tell by your teeth you drink too much of this, old friend. Why do you attack this expedition?” Omar “You have trespassed on profane ground.” Rick “Why do you call it so?” Omar “For 3000 years the tombs in this cliff have been sealed. Did you not wonder why there was no evidence of robbers? The guardians of these tombs kill any who try to do so.” Rick “Why has Somerfield been able to do so?” Omar “The guardians are few and had to gather those allied for other reasons for re-enforcement, the camp was so large and numerous.” Rick “Who are these guardians?” Omar “Never you mind, Rick Rathbone. Evil has been unleashed from here and all must die.” Rick “You wouldn’t do that to your old pal. I would not be here for idle purposes, Great One.” Rick gives up the events involving Kareem, his capture by us, and his cult, as well as what we found and did not find in the tombs. Omar “So many of my men have been killed over a misunderstanding?” He sighs in exasperation. Omar starts talking to the others, and he argues with them about our fate. They think we may be sneaking away with unspeakable things. Omar tells them to be quiet. Rick “What is this thing that you don’t want out?” Omar “The very embodiment of evil, the first step in the subjugation of the world. The undieing heart of…” Rick “Of Amun. It’s already out, in the possession of the cultist Kareem we captured and we now possess it.” Omar “What do you intend to do with it, Rick Rathbone?” Rick “Keep it from the cult and find a way to destroy it, if it can be.” An arab says in arabic “It should be in our possesion, we need to control it!” Omar “Silence, the most important thing is it is destroyed, not that we have it.” Rick describes how it hurts those who hurt it. Omar “The guardians, perchance know how do destroy it, but it is a secret you can not know.” Several other sheiks continue pressing that they have it rather than infidels if it can not be destroyed. Omar “As long as i am in command it will be done as I say. Go in peace, Rick Rathbone.” Rick “Thank you Omar.” Omar “You have 2hrs to vacate this land. Go quickly.” We start to leave and Omar catches up to us and “Rick Rathbone, you like relics. Take this as a gift” and hands mean amulet. It is not ancient, but a few hundred years old though it looks like it was made to be ancient. A symbol of the sun, a la Re. On the back is a hieroglyph. Rick casually puts it away.
We gather what we can onto the Queen of the Nile. An hour later the artillery blasts, hitting inside the canyon to collapse it all and close the tombs. The deck is full of people and equipment and we are dragging dows filled with men and stuff as we hed for Thebes. Rick tells the Cpt to keep her close to shore as he safely can. We still must pick up the heart, so Rick tells the boat to stay as close to shore as it safely can. Rick looks back through binos to the arab camp and sees Omar argueing with several sheiks. Suddenly one pulls a sword, and a guard of Omar’s engages him. A fight starts tween Omar+guards vs Sheiks+guards. Omar fighting the sheik he was most arguing with at the meeting. Fritz readies his .50 and fires, but misses. Omar’s men killing 2/1 but outnumbered. Omar surrounded and though fights and kills valiantly, he takes a mortal wound to the neck from an enemy guard. Fritz hits the sheik for 22 and takes him down DEAD. Rick “Hell of a shot Fritzy!” The arabs start firing and ready the artillery. Omar bought us enough time though, and all shots miss from range. A few hundred yards upriver, we near where the heart is and lower a dow, Rick, Billy, and Mundabi in it. Unfortunately, someone amongst the arabs unluckily spotted us a few round after, and a party men are ordered to ride for us, a few at a time. We have a few hundred feet to get to shore and we are about half way to the heart once there first few get going at full speed. Fritz sees that they see us and readies the big .50 on the ship. The first 4 are at about 1400’ when he first fires: He hits #3 horse-57 DEAD, rider down; horse #2-35 DEAD, rider damaged/running next round; hits horse #1-42DEAD, rider dam/running; hits horse #4-27DEAD, rider dam/running; fires on 2nd group hits horse-DEAD, rider dam/running; crits horse-50 DEAD, rider dam/running; hits horse-DEAD, rider down. Two more groups, 2 and 5 strong, behind the 2nd group. We arrive at the heart. Rick jumps into reeds for the rope, will haul it up in 3 rounds. Mundabi gets out ready to defend, Billy turns boat around. Fritz drops another horse, rider killed. Rick starts pulling heart up, first 2 runners are on us: Billy hits one-14 DEAD, Mundabi hits 20 DEAD. Fritz hits another horse-DEAD, rider down. That’s both in the 3rd group. Billy at runner hits-19 DEAD, Fritz drops a group4 horse-53DEAD, rider(leader) running. Billy hits runner-11, Fritz hits horse-DEAD, rider running, Rick has the heart; Rick climbs into the boat, an arab rider reaches Mundabi who skewers him-21 DEAD and moves into boat, a second arab arriving criticalled by Fritz-DEAD. Billy starts rowing, then Mundabi joins him, Rick pulls a rifle. 4 arabs reach shore: Rick hits-12, Fritz hits another-20 DEAD. They fire and miss Billy twice, Mundabi missed. More arabs arrive to shore, and Sebastian gets some guards firing from the boat: Sebastian misses, 4 guards hit for 10-10-12-14, Rick hits for 9 more, Fritz hits the same for 15 DEAD; Fritz is hit-10&10, Billy missed twice, Rick hit-9, Mundabi missed twice; Sebastian hits-13 DEAD, 2 soldiers hit-3&7, Rick hits-6, Fritz hits-15 DEAD. 15 now on shore incl new ones: Billy missed, Fritz missed x4, Rick missed twice/ hit-7, Mundabi hit-3, Billy missed x2/ hit-9,missed by a leader; Rick hits-15 Arab Commander DEAD! Soldiers hit 3-14-12 and Fritz misfires, Sebastian crits-15 DEAD Lt.; They fire and hit Rick-7,miss x4; Mundabi missed x2; Billy missed/hit-8,10; Mundabi missed. 2 soldier hit-14 DEAD,14 DEAD, Sebastian and Rick miss, Fritz hits-20 DEAD; Fritz missedx4, Mundabi missedx5, Rick missed x3, Billy missed x2; Fritz crits an arab Lt-50 DEAD all others miss; Billy missed x5, Fritz missedx4, Rick missed x3, Mundabu missed x3. We reach boat and climb into boat. Our 6 soldiers all miss as does Sebastian. Fritz misses with one more parting shot. We make our way leaving screaming arabs. Rick “Thanks for showing up Sebastian.” Sebastian “No prolem”. Full steam to Thebes.
Lady Isabella is on deck, glazed look on her eyes "Your friend was doomed anyway, but he did not die in vain. Those others seek to control the heart, not destroy it. Omar was being duped. So they would have attacked nonetheless. At camp, the last of Omar’s men who won’t join the others put up a valiant fight but many are killed. Checking out the amulet, it says “The Sons of Re”. It must be the name of the order we should seek, the watchers of the canyon. They may know how to destroy the heart.


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