Fritz Goldstein

German Jewish Big Game Hunter


Tough 4/Big Game Hunter 4
Occupation: Adventurer (arch. wpn.;
Str 18
Dex 19
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 12
Beauty 16
Luck 14

Talents: Fire Res. 3; DR 3/-; Robust; Apoc. Resist.;

Feats: exotic wpn (custom rifle); Hunter; Natural Rifleman; Quick Reload; Wpn Focus (sharpe’s); Pt. Blank Shot; T2 Alertness; Dead Aim; Precise Shot; Gone Native; T4 Endurance; BGH3 Guide; Conviction


fritz is a large man with a large gun. he is a german-jew born in a small village in germany and his family spent much time in the wilds of africa where he developed a love of the he was always a big boy, when he became a big man he found he was better suited to the large elephant rifles. as a devout jew, he follows the laws of his people strictly…well, sort of strictly. and he dabbles in exploration, and seeks to one day find the lost ark of the covenant so his people may find renewed protection from god. now if only rick would tell him where he stashed it…

Fritz Goldstein

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