Carlyle Search Party

Rick, Fritz, Billy, Mundabi, Friday, Hobbes, Spalding, Nuyn, perhaps Pena to lead a backup team

carbide headlamps for half the main PC/NPc’s
24 hrs carbide each lamp
lanterns and oil
50 oils for flame attacks
3 months of candles for tents for Rick, Fritz/ major NPC’s
camp torches pending on size of expedition
Mules, NOT horses!!!!!
extra revolvers and rifles
200 rounds ammo per man
20 diggers worth of digging equip(picks, shovels…), or just Sala’s men if they join us?
Saws and axes/hatchets (preferably a hatchet per most men)
Stanley’s How I Found Livingstone
Skinning/tanning supplies

Bromhead and men (using Rick’s local contact: Col. Brian O’Lockland) in disguise
Sala’s men perhaps? (they come with their own wpns and dig equip) in disguise
Skinning/hide assistants
survey team

Africa’s Dark Sects
Life as a God
Edison’s Encyclopedia
4 bino’s and 2 spyglasses
1 dissecting kit
2 sets shackles
cameras, film, night lenses, 2 hrs filmstock
tool set
millwright’s compendium/handbook
6 Carpenter’s tools
2 extra medical kits
Rob’s Medical book
10 bear traps
2 extra block and tackle
20 snares
digging equipment for 8
survey set
bock and tackle w/ 100’ heavy rope
tea, cigars, brandy

Maxim machine gun, 300 rounds

Expedition doctor

800’ rope
2x 100’ knotted ropes
climbing gear for at least 30
2 sets navigation instruments
300 TNT with 3 plungers and wiring
40 Covington Detonite

Carlyle Search Party

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